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tv   Pulse of America  MSNBC  April 2, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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♪ hey, good sunday to you. i'm richard lui in new york city. welcome to "the pulse of america" where your voice can be heard. here are the stories we want your posts on today. our first pulse question g, is time to write off the house intelligence investigation of russia and the attempts to influence the election? a committee chairman is under fire and while the senate investigation chugs on on monday. then general flynn by donald trump's side in the campaign and the white house and then fired.
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he wants immunity before he opens his mouth. speaking of the white house, this question is having the first daughter in the official role the best thing for america? ivanka trump's new job at the white house raises ethical question. and mike pence said he won't do it, but would you? he won't spend time alone with the opposite sex. not for dinner. voice your opinions on the pulse questions. grab your phone or any digital device you have got. go to pulse.msnbc/com. you can vote as anymore times as you'd like. we'll share that data right here on the screen as question go. okay, let's start this hour though with three pressing questions faces the white house on a sunday. number one, did trump officials dig up intelligence reports related to incidental surveillance of trump associates? two, did those trump officials show them to the house intelligence committee chairman? then finally the big question, if so, why? the top ranking democrat on that
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same committee, adam schiff, offered his first on camera comments since viewing the said documents in question this past week. the white house officials tells schiff those documents were the statement ones viewed by house intelligence chairman nunes. a statement that for him doesn't quite add up. take a listen. >> how does the white house know that these are the same materials that were shown to the chairman if the white house wasn't aware what the chairman was being shown? it was told to me by the deputy assistant that these materials were produced in the ordinary course of business. well, the question for the white house and for mr. spicer is, the ordinary course of who's business? >> according to reports, three white house officials helped chairman nunes view the documents that we're talking about on the white house grounds. nunes calls those reports though mostly wrong. >> the challenge was was finding a place to be able to view this information, to be able to get my hands on this information so there were people that probably
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knew about this. knew about me being there. but the fact of the matter is, that doesn't make them the source of my information. >> all right. that brings us to the first pulse question of the day. do you agree or disagree -- the house skel intelligence committee's russia investigation should be halted over questions about chairman cnunes? let us know what you think. all right, let's go to kelly -- kelly o'donnell at the white house for us. as we were running through what has happened so far today, the question is what is next in the investigation? we're starting a new week. >> reporter: there will be some developments but they come from the senate side, richard. we expect that the senate intelligence committee which has a team of investigators, professional sfaf professional staff as they're known, will begin doing behind the scenes interviews. they have identified 20 witnesses and so the initial interviews will be within that group of individuals where they think they can get some information that will help shape
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their information about russian interference in the 2016 election. again, behind the scenes so it's a very early starting point. i'm also told by sources that house speaker paul ryan remains confident in the leadership of devin nunes to lead the house intelligence commit can tee. despite all of the controversy. and all of the attention he's brought on himself. so at this point, no expectation that the speaker who would have the power to decide committee chairmanships has any plans to make a change at house intel. when devin nunes talks about seeing the materials you were explaining in your opening piece on white house grounds that means the executive office building which is a tall building next to the white house, not in the white house itself. the 18 acres here actually comprises a couple of different buildings so he was in a different building there. same place that congressman adam schiff got to see the same materials where the national security council is located and where they have some secure
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facilities to look at intelligence types of data, materials, that sort of thing. that falls under different levels of classification. so he was nearby, but not necessarily inside the white house for that. and so this week expect the pressure to remain high. there's something talked about on the various russian aspects of this investigation, day by day. and the president keeps some of it alive by tweeting his objections to this, saying the real question should be in his mind about surveillance and a leaks and not about alleged ties to anyone associated with donald trump. richard? >> revisiting the wiretapping tweets he had made earlier. also "the new york times" is reporting that fired national security adviser michael flynn failed to report income from russian linked entities on one of two financial disclosure forms that were just released yesterday. now, the senate intelligence committee rejected flynn's request for immunity in exchange for testimony in their russian investigation and that happened
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last week. the president tweeted his support for flynn seeking immunity calling the investigation a quote witch-hunt. and then this morning, he tweeted again saying that quote the real story as kelly o'connell is telling us is about surveillance. ted lieu said -- agents do surveillance on one, suspected agents of foreign power or two suspected criminal activity, which is it? thanks for being here with us. why did you tweet that, what did you want from that? >> thank you, richard, for your question. i want a full investigation into this issue because u.s. officials only do surveillance for one of two reasons. either there is a suspected agent of a foreign power or there's suspected criminal activity so let's find out what is there and by the way, the president himself can declassify these documents. if trump has nothing to hide he
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can show the american people what's going on. >> are you alluding to the documents that again adam schiff the lead democrat on the house intel committee is alluding to, also what we understand that chairman nunes had seen? is what what you're alluding to? >> yes. let me tell you how ridiculous chairman nunes' political stunt was. he goes to the white house and gets these documents from white house officials. the next day he's -- he calls this press conference saying i've got these secret documents showing surveillance and a i have to run back to the white house and brief them on the very documents the white house handed them the day before. chairman nunes needs to resign. this political stunt was designed to mislead the american people. >> so nunes is saying that is not the case. we're on the question if the house investigation is even worthwhile moving forward with at this moment, that we should be looking at the senate at this moment. >> right, if the white house wants to clear its name, it
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would ask chairman nuns es to resign because no one beliefs him any more. but he's entirely partisan, trying to mislead the american people. we cannot believe him anymore. >> what might turn this around? the senate said no, but if the house intel committee says yes to michael flynn which we're talk about a second ago and give him immunity, might that turn this around? >> the -- >> are you confident in the house effort right now? >> a great question, richard. as a former prosecutor myself, i know people who believe they're innocent typically don't ask for immunity. so this is a very huge news break that michael flynn is asking for immunity. it shows that he has information that he believes american public wants to see. this highlights why we need a special prosecutor because only the department of justice itself can decline prosecution over immunity issues. a congressional committee cannot
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offer that on behalf of the department and that's why we need to appoint a special prosecutor in addition to an independent commission to look at the issues. >> you know your constituents as well as constituents of republican members of congress, they want some progress here. they want to see something coming out of congress. just because the approval rating as was well know is not necessarily high on the hill. as question move forward to -- as we move forward to issues around the russia connection which is the tax and the budget, which we expect in the next couple of weeks to be hitting the house, what do you expect, what do you want from that piece of legislation? >> thank you, richard, for that question. let's take a step back and consider how shocking it is that the president's associates and maybe the president himself is under investigation by the fbi for possible collusion with russia. at stake is the legitimatesy of the trump administration. there needs to be a pause of what's going on. congress should not be voting on
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supreme court and lifetime appointments or on major tax reform. we need a pause and see where this fbi -- >> you're saying stop everything until we answer the questions about the russia connection question -- >> that's not routine, absolutely. we should make no major decisions because we don't know if we have a legitimate president. >> the country could be shut down because we don't have money. >> well, hearings on supreme court nominations and tax reform should not occur. >> when it comes to this yes. but -- >> obviously we need to continue to move forward on the budget. we don't know if our president is legitimate. >> all right. representative ted lieu from california, thank you so much, sir. >> thank you. >> all right. joining me to discuss this, betty woodruff, political reporter, and kevin cirilli. you heard ted lieu, one who is
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known for using expletives in his tweets. he's unsavory i should say with the president at the moment. maybe outtweeting the president in terms of the use of language. this is really what we're seeing on the hill, isn't it? a bitter separation of left and right. is this -- are we going to see any progress as i was just alluding to? we have a tax plan, we have a budget that's upcoming as well. >> i think it's extremely unlikely. nancy pelosi knows that her caucus is about as unified as it's ever been. as house republicans are at each other's throats over the affordable care act, the democrats have worked in lock step, working together, agreeing on basic policy issues, voting as a bloc. that's important. that makes democrats and -- it benefits them politically, of course. they can go home to their constituents and say they're fighting against trump to say their constituents like that, that's helpful. but it makes pelosi very powerful when the white house comes to her because she has that caucus so disciplined. i think it's unlikely we'll see
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democrats becoming more warm or more amenable to republicans going forward because there's not much in it for them right now. >> i'll get over to you, kevin, the relationship that speaker ryan has with leader pelosi. how do they get along? it's been talked about that perhaps you know speaker ryan may go to the other side of the aisle and say, i need help here. >> look, there's some evidence they have a cordial relationship but ask john baoehner when they go to the other side of the house. boehner broke the so called hastert rule that had the democratic support but didn't get the support of the republicans. so paul ryan is courting disaster potentially if he decides he has more luck reaching out to democrats than working with conservatives in his own conference. >> kevin, your thoughts? >> well, i think what's interesting are two things.
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first and foremost, look, the house freedom caucus led by mark meadows whatted a victory of sorts -- had a victory of sorts as any derailing any advancement of the obamacare and now comes the hard work. who in the white house is going to be negotiating with these tea party members, with people like senator ted cruz and rand paul whom the president spoke with recently? that remains to be seen because house speaker ryan is in charge of whipping in the house and he was unable to do that. let's look behind the scenes, the second point i'd make, who exactly are house republicans negotiating with in the white house? is it the former chairman of the republican party, reince priebus or do they have another alley in the vice president's office in mike pence? to the broader point of whether or not democrats are going to get on board with this, certainly not in the house. but look at senators who are up for re-election in red states, people like senator heidi heitkamp and joe manchin, those are the type of democrats who
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might work with republicans on energy in particular. >> betsy, you heard the comment by adam schiff. he said i did see the documents, the documents that were allegedly in question here. but he also cast some doubt are those the actual documents that chairman nunes had seen? what is the next move for the lead democrat in the house intel committee investigation? >> we can expect him to put significant pressure on nunes to be as prtransparent about this investigation as possible. the way that the republicans has handled it has undermined a lot of confidence in the house intel committee. one thing of course that's important for context on this, is that michael flynn's request for immunity which was major news story could be a bit of a head fake. alex whiting a harvard professor wrote about explaining that often when folks like flynn ask for immunity publicly it's more of a pr campaign than an act
12:15 pm
chu -- actual indicator he has information. if he could take down prominent members of the white house, he would be negotiating privately with folks in the justice department to hammer out a deal. the fact that him and his lawyer have gone public with this immunity request means that it's more likely that itrethey're tr to stir up pressure to give him immunity from whatever prosecution could end up happening. i think it's important not to overstate the significance of his request there. >> kevin, to you here. the things we're looking forward to this week, we have obviously have gorsuch. one of the topics we have been talking about. china, a meeting with president trump there in florida. and of course we have the senate investigation as a -- as they do some 20 different interviews this week. what are you watching? >> take your pick, right? look, i think from the economic standpoint, president trump's meeting with china's president xi jinping is going to be fascinating. last week he started to tweet
12:16 pm
out, it will be a tough conversation given how can critical he has been on china and of course on the trade agreements. let's all -- it will be interesting to see whether or not this meeting yields any significant results on trade when they head down to the club at mar-a-lago to have their big two day summit. >> i think they're both wondering what the other is like. what are they like and how they communicate. >> who knows? >> what's the bedside manner. we'll talk about that in the next hour in fact. thank you. >> sure thing. >> for the first pulse question, agree or disagree, the house intelligence committee's russia investigation should be halted over questions about chairman nunes? first overall, look at the numbers it is 83% saying yes we should halt that process. and then when we look at political breakdown, it's pretty much the same over democrats, independents and republicans. agreeing that it should be halted. then when you take a look though
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overall, strongly agree when we look at male versus female, and some slight variation seeing those are female strongly agreei agreeing. 81% agrees. 19% disagreeing. he could be the man that could make the break the russian investigation wide open. why were senate investigators so quick to turn down general flynn's offer to testify in exchange for immunity? your chance to weigh in on that. the next pulse question -- agree or disagree, mike flynn should be given immunity to tell everything he knows in the russian investigation. log on to because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat.
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there's a lot we need to learn from other witnesses but i start off with a healthy skepticism. >> that is how the top democrat on the house intel committee said he's approaching mike flynn's immunity request. he is saying here it's too early in the investigation to consider that. the lawyer for president trump's former national security adviser said his client has a story to tell. no one has taken him up on that story yet. this was the reaction from the kremlin's spokesperson. >> you yon certained about anything he might say about his contacts with russia? >> no, we're not. any blamings that russia could have been interfering in domestic after fafairs of the u states is slander and it has no evidence at all. >> that brings us to our second question of the day for you. agree or disagree -- mike flynn should be given immunity to tell everything that he knows in the russian investigation. you can go again to
12:22 pm now let's bring in msnbc chief legal correspond end ari melber and the author of "how to catch a russian spy." you've been digging deep on this and what's the downside from the senate or the house granting immunity here long term? >> immunity can mean more than one thing. one is the congressional committees using their authority to grant immunity for the testimony that's provided basically saying whatever you say won't be held against you. remember that's the opposite of what you see on the crime shows. whatever you say can be and will be held against you. the other one is the other one that prosecutors provide. that is where you actually say, you're going to immunize someone for potential prosecution for cooperation. participants under the law are granted immunity for testifying for the federal government and that refers to the idea that the
12:23 pm
fbi or doj might say you're turning someone in. we're nowhere near that, because nobody is taking flynn up on any of this right now. >> which do you think is more likely? >> i think -- >>if it were to happen. >> based on what we know at this early juncture it is unlikely to anyone will hand out immunity because he's a senior figure. when you talk about collaboration immunity, people think about it, again from the big movies. a low level drug dealers turns on the high level mafioso. the national security adviser is a senior position so to the extent he needs immunity from something he may have done in the eyes of the law, i don't think that's going to be cleared away any time soon. >> naveed, one intdz mated that the -- intimated that the conversation went like this, what kind of fish can you bring me? who is bigger than the national security adviser? was she alluding to the president? >> i think that is the big quesonnd look, the other thing we don't know, richard,
12:24 pm
what does the fbi have? i mean, it may be possible that what the fbi has, they don't need general flynn to corroborate. they may have enough evidence to pursue charges without flynn's offer of testimony here. so we don't know yet. it seems like a very early, early offer in an investigation which is probably still in its -- you know, fairly early stages here. i'm not sure exactly what the intention of flynn was to come out so early off and say this. you know as previously you reported i think it may be a head fake a bit here. >> a head fake. ari, what are the processes like? how does this happen? because we're hearing from the lawyer openly, at least that there was a story to be told. how does this request for immunity happen and then how does the reaction happen? >> the short answer is not like this. >> right. >> because -- >> i would like immunity, please. >> and a big dramatic letter. hey, i have a story to tell. i have been impugned. there's a showmanship that
12:25 pm
jumped out to everybody. very specifically and privately a discussion with again either granting entity, the congress or a prosecutor saying we know what you'll provide. we know where it's going. the lawyers don't typically ask questions they don't know answers to in the open court or hearing. and here we'll immune use on the fact that you have something to provide. either because you're turning somebody over bigger or a larger example we need it. let me give you a positive example. you could imagine after the 9/11 event that the country might care more about getting all the facts than whether anybody broke some misdemeanor. so you could imagine a scenario where an nsa or a cia agent who saw something go wrong is granted immunity saying oh, you know what, if they put the classified information in the wrong pile and they didn't translate this material in time and that was a contributing factor to why we were caught off guard we care about getting the full story than we do about prosecuting one individual. there are certainly times that
12:26 pm
the national interest is greater than the individual prosecution. but is this one of the times? we don't know yet. >> naveed, you heard what the kremlin spokesperson said. they're not worried about this at all, if an immunity is granted or not. what's your thought on this spokesperson speaking out on national tv here in the united states, a very uncommon situation. >> if they're saying they're not worried they're worried. you know, look, this is -- we're talking about flynn, talking about a connection to trump but we're not talking about what the russians did. i think there was a very clear and deliberate and planned out operation and i think that operation really consistented of two parts. the second part was a very concerted effort to recruit u.s. persons. i think, you know, we talk about the house, we talk about the senate, we talk about the fbi investigation. i think that question of what exactly the russians did, how they were able to, you know, potentially pitch which is the beginning stages of recruiting u.s. persons i think this is something that both republicans and democrats should rally behind. this is a big, big problem.
12:27 pm
i think that it emboldens pure adversaries like china to look at this as a mode that's successful. i'm concerned that we have senior members in the trump cabinet that were approached with an intent -- a clear intent to target them for recruitment. that concerns me greatly and i think that when it comes to investigations that part of what russia did is something that needs to be focused on. >> naveed and ari thank you. don't miss ari by the way, growing up trump. a special segment of ari's show "the point" tonight. 5:00 p.m. ari will talk to young people across the political divide about what the trump era means for their generation. all in the studio right here. that's tonight. 5:00 p.m. eastern. thank you. we have been asking you by the way, agree or disagree, mike flynn should be given immunity to tell everything he shows in the russian investigation. this is what you're saying so far in terms of the overall tug
12:28 pm
of war. 94% of you disagree with that. then we look at age, people 18 to 34 are neutral. people older than that disagree with that. that he should be given immunity. and looking at the graph of the political breakdown we can see here that republicans in most cases are neutral. independents, democrats disagreeing. 88% disagree that mike flynn should be given immunity to tell everything he knows about the russian investigation. thanks for doing that. we'll have another question for you. devastation in colombia. surging rivers there trigger mud slides. the death toll now above 200 and climbing. the latest on rescue efforts next.
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well, as reports have it ivanka trump officially now works as an unpaid federal employee this week. she'll serve as assistant to the president, ergo her dad. she's now bound by government ethics standards. this prohibits conflicts of interest and unpaid employee was her designation. we have more and savannah, tell
12:36 pm
us about the new role that ivanka has. >> as you mentioned she's become official. she is not taking the salary that she is actually eligible for. but i wanted to know what real americans thought. it sparked national debate, is this okay? or is this crossing the line? is this nepotism. let's take a listen. >> i don't really have an issue. many times in the past that's been done in other administrations. >> i think it's nepotism at the highest level. if i took one of my two daughters over there and i said, hey, we're going to give her a job it would be wholly unappropriate. >> at the end of the day, i think he can have -- he can do what he wants. he's the president. >> daddy, can you help me? >> it seems problematic, what are her qualifications to be adviser to the president? >> it was extremely divided and they were from all over the country. what's interesting is that first daughter and first son influence
12:37 pm
is not new. it's not always official as icaiva ivan ivanka's role is, but not unusual. i spoke with national first ladies library historian karl anthony and he pointed out many first children with big roles. going back in history a little bit, julie nixon eisenhower. she was instrumental in the re-election campaign in 1972. she spoke at rallies and she was tasked with interpreting her father's message. there's recordings of her and her father speaking on the phone after that. and anna roosevelt. she was even chosen even when first lady eleanor roosevelt could travel. sometimes her father would choose anna to go with her, for example, to the conference in yalta. john eisenhower, he was a first son. this in an official kastcapacit. he did accept the salary.
12:38 pm
but historian anthony said there's a recent and more relevant example of this. >> the most relevant parallel here between ivanka trump having an official office in the west wing and having an official title is actually to the example in early 1993 of first lady hillary rodham clinton being given a west wing office and being tasked with heading president clinton's health care reform effort. >> so as karl anthony just said they're very similar. west wing office not accepting the salary. a lot of people are upset because ivanka does not have government experience. she's just a business woman whereas hillary was a government servant. something that is actually unprecedented here is that both ivanka and her husband both have official roles within the government. that's the first time that's ever happened. there have been three first daughters married to government
12:39 pm
servants but did not actually have official roles. so the real issue, hillary, was the first lady. and ivanka is the first daughter. but this gets at nepotism. looking at where the u.s. lands in nepotism, we are in the middle. i want to point out that enormous influences is down here at 1. and no influence is over here at 7. so in finland, not prevalent at all. in zambia, very prevalent. we fell into the middle of the scale. one of the things that's very interesting to me when i was speaking with the people a lot of people said what upset them is that this wouldn't fly in the real world. for them they couldn't give their son or daughter a job in the way that president trump has with ivanka. but i went through some census data. i found out that 22% of americans by the age of 30 will be working for the same employer at the same time as their father. and in addition to that, 6% will work at a company that their parent recently left.
12:40 pm
richard? >> i guess that means i'm going to become a pastor. i don't know. >> very interesting. >> it's a sunday, why not? very interesting stuff. savannah sellers, thank you. all right. let's bring in political analyst robert trainen and a democratic strategist. thank you. ivanka reacted to the criticisms and she put out a statement. she said this heard, i have heard the concerns some have with my advising the president in my personal capacity and volunteering complying with the ethics rules and i will instead serve as an unpaid employee. robert she was saying i'm no longer the unpaid adviser, i'm the unpaid official employee of this great country. does that relieve some of the concerns that you might have here? >> yes, it does. because the reason why she just said it. she now is is an official government employee. so what does that mean, richard? it means she has to fill out
12:41 pm
ethics forms and she has to be transparent. it means she needs to use a government e-mail. it means that in fact she could be subpoenaed before congress if need be. it means just that. she's a government employee whether she's making 1 4u00 $10 year or $1, she has to abide by every single ethics law that every single government employee has to abide by. thing is a good thing and kudos for her for proactively doing this. >> you heard savannah describe the precedence here, right, that we have seen before in the history of our great country. does that make this okay, another chapter if you will? robert says things are on the up and up. >> no not for me. america kicked aristocracy to the curb over a hundred years ago for a reason. i think there are thousands more capable conservative women who could have taken this role and denied that role simply because she's her father's daughter.
12:42 pm
that's the very definition of nepotism. you know, she has always been an informal adviser to her father and any of his work, whether it be in business. and when he was running the presidential campaign. that's not a surprise. but she can continue to have that influence doing her work, her women at work policy stuff she's been doing through her business. and not necessarily in the white house. where there's more experienced individuals who have a lot of great credibility who could be doing that work for donald trump. >> speaking about business, the financial disclosures on friday, the white house releasing over a hundred of them. big numbers here, righ jared kushner and ivanka trump worth over $740 million. i think it's not the quantity, but the potential congliktflict interest of the countries they're doing business in and what the deals might be going now and forward. >> that's good question. i don't think anybody is surprised by the number, at least i was un't.
12:43 pm
i looked at some of the comments, people weren't surprised. i think the question is whether or not there's some congliktd of interest and whether or not you can recuse yourself given the broad portfolio you may have in the white house, ie, jared kushner. when you look at his business in terms of the real estate dealings it's impossible for him to recuse himself because there are so many things there. i think that's a deeper question that quite frankly the american people need to ask the president is whether or not that is appropriate because i think that's a legitimate question to be raised. >> the question we're asking here is ivanka in the white house good for the president, good for the country we? we are seeing a white house in turmoil right now. your thought as a progressive here. >> yeah. here's the thing for me. i don't think we should be in the business of putting children in the white house specifically to run policy. either he's doing this because a
12:44 pm
lot of the gop, talented conservatives out there who have worked on presidential administrations for years don't want to work for him. certainly having several appointments open indicates that might be the case or he's grooming the family to take over a throne. amanda carpenter, a conservative commentator wrote for k cosmopolitan, this unpaid job gives off the air of a royal princess. not that she thinks she is one, but it looks like this. and if hillary clinton did this for chelsea there would have been a lot of screaming and appropriate for that. what is not the country we have been. republicans always talk about meritocracy. we have prided ourselves on being the country that people work for what they get. this is not an example of that in any way, shape or form. >> i know you have no reaction, but we'll get you next time. thank you both and have a good sunday.
12:45 pm
>> thank you. >> now we have been asking this question, agree or disagree, ivanka trump having an official job at the white house is it good for the country? this is what you're saying so far. 98% say no. not good for the country. then when we look at the educational level, pretty much everybody is saying no. not good for the country. except high school is slightly different. statistically again, very, very close. then finally here, you get the picture here. a lot of folks strongly disagreeing on this should ivanka trump have an official job at the white house, 97% disagreeing. thank you all for participating. we have another question for you coming up. every marriage has its rules. like do not put an empty carton back in the fridge or don't touch the thermostat after we agree on the correct temperature. one rule followed by the vice president and his wife has social media on fire. is a rule of not being alone
12:46 pm
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i will tell you one thing he is one hell of -- he has one hell of a good marriage going. >> my wife karen she's sorry she couldn't be with us today. she already had dinner plans. >> well, it all started with a "washington post" profile on vice president pence's wife karen pence which he was alluding to the vice president. it said this in part, in 2000, mike pence told the hill he never eats alone with a woman other than his wife and he will not attend events featuring alcohol without her by his side either. critics called this sexist. one woman who worked for him in congress, said his personal decision no tot dine alone with -- to not dine alone with female staffers was never a hindrance and never kept me from reaping the rewards of my job,
12:50 pm
end quote. do you agree or disagree, vice president pence's rule of never eating alone with a woman other than his wife a good idea? here to talk with us is liz from is it sexist? >> yes, but a different kind of sexism than we're used to seeing. we have two men in the white house, one of them has bragged about sexually assaulting women and the other one says he does want don't eat alone with a woman. it's benevolent sexism. it comes off as a compliment, but it's sexism with a wink and a smile. it's still basically saying that women and men are different and that women should be or can be excluded from very important parts of society because they are women. >> would it be different if he was -- he's not in the sales
12:51 pm
position specifically let's just say, but let's say he worked in sales for a larging the company he had to -- for a large tech company and this was part of what he did day to day, is that a different policy? you can't do it? >> imagine if he was a woman. could a woman -- could i do that if i was in that position? exclude men -- >> from any gender. >> exactly. so it's wrong. and it's not something that women can do. obviously it's also a reflection i think of the antiquated why and the antiquated view that a lot of members of the gop have of women. if you look at the way that mike pence and donald trump have conducted themselves in the white house, you know, signing executive orders restriction -- restricting women's reproductive rights and restricting access to -- >> a good point. by itself, yeah, you can have that role and you can be a feminist and you can do your job well, but amongst everything around that's been happening with this administration, it fits in with a bad thematic.
12:52 pm
a badnary gi narrative. >> where are the women in this administration, there are some, but not a lot. it's one of the most white and male administrations that we have seen in a very, very long time. so are we going forward? are we going backwards? >> i can see where across the generational lines those who are younger would go, i don't quite get this. it's very different when it comes to those who are having the younger perspective on the way equality might or might not exist. >> republicans need the young voters. >> so do the democrats. liz thank you some, his plank with thank you. still time to weigh in, agree or disagree, vice president pence's rule of never eating alone with a woman who is not his wife a good idea? the results, next. an... except for every ladies' night. only glad has forceflex to prevent rips, leaks, and punctures. so whatever you throw in the bag... stays in the bag.
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okay. now to our final pulse question of the day.
12:56 pm
we have been asking you, agree or disagree, vice president pence's never agreeing to eat dinner with a woman other than his wife -- 81% said that's no a good idea. break it down by gender. pretty much the same. there was no difference here and then look at the age breakdown. it's actually 55 and older we have been seeing trend as a hey, this is not a good idea which is not necessarily what the stereotype for you. the final scoreboard, 81% disagreeing that gets the big red square. yes, you can eat with a woman or individual of the opposite sex. thank you all for taking part in our "pulse of america" and we have the latest fallout in the russia's medali delling in the . election. ces you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag,
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city. the ranking democrat is skeptical of mike flynn's request for immunity saying it's unclear if flynn can add anything to the investigation of russia cease interference in the 2016 selection. committee chairman nunes blasted today by john mccain who says that nunes has killed any heart of a bipartisan investigation. >> this is why we need a select committee, martha. every time we turn around, another shoe drops from this. >> plus the senate judiciary committee they're set to vote on the nomination of neil gorsuch to the supreme court. that's going to set the stage for a showdown between republicans and democrats on the senate floor. >> neil gorsuch will be confirmed this week. how that happens depends on the democrats friends. >> it's lightly unlikely -- highly unlikely he'll get 60


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