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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  April 4, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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investigations into the russian attack on our election last year and the investigations into the possibility that the trump campaign may have cooperated in that attack somehow. now, obviously, this is a big deal because he's the former acting director of the cia. but it is also a big deal, because in the intelligence world was a russian specialist, so he knows of which he speaks on these matters. you're about to hear from him right now on this subject, he's joining lawrence o'donnel on "the last word" right here on msnbc. good evening. >> when you were saying all of that's i was getting ready to go, and rachel guess who my first guest is. she's going to love this who she hears who we've got. >> i'm inside your brain right now. >> you are. >> great. another great rachel and andrea segme segment. if you can just keep those coming? is that too much ask.
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>> for the rest of my life. >> thank you lawrence. >> thanks. >> well, with another missile launch in north korea and the worst chemical weapons attack yet in syria, the trump administration has taken no action of either of those things. the president has said nothing about it because the administration is very busy trying to prove a lie that donald trump tweeted a month ago. >> the allegation is that somehow obama administration officials utilitized intelligence for political purposes, that's absolutely false. >> i believe susan rice abused the system. >> she was abusing her job. >> i leaked nobody to nobody. >> she needs to be brought in and questioned under oath. >> is this chaos sustainable, especially when we're facing the threat of north korea. >> there's breaking news here, word that north korea has fired an unidentified project tooile
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the see. >> any miscalculation could result in a conflict that effects american troops. >> even on the scales this seems to be uniquely horrific. >> i'm not and i don't want to be the president of the world. it has now been one month since donald trump sent the most disruptive tweet of his presidency. it said terrible, just found out that obama had my wires tapped in trump tower just before the victory. nothing found. this is mccarthyism. that tweet has provoked investigative action by the house intelligence committee, which is in the hands of
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chairman devin nunes. he has turned that into a corrupting -- corrupt-looking gang that couldn't shoot straight if the underlying issues weren't so serious. president of the united states and/or his campaign team and/or his transition team being compromised by the russian government or russian agents. that is the issue that was behind that trump tweet. that is the issue, the house intelligence committee is suppose to be investigating. that is the issue, the senate intelligence committee is investigating. and most troubling for the trump white house, it is the issue the fbi is investigating. the trump tweet was publicly proven untrue by the director of the fbi and the director of the nsa. and all the president's men, which now includes devin nunes, everyone on fox news on this particular issue, rand paul, they all are now trying to say that susan rice did something
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wrong in her job as national security adviser when and if she examined intelligence reports on the trump team's interactions with foreign governments or foreign agents. hear what susan rice said on andrea mitchell's report at 12 noon today. >> the allegation is that somehow obama administration officials utilized intelligence for political purposes. that's absolutely false. i leaked nothing to nobody. there were occasions when i would receive a rep i which a u.s. person was referred to, name not provided, just u.s. person. and sometimes in that context, in order to understood -- understand the order of the report. request the information as to who that u.s. official was. >> there was no one moment in the trump presidential campaign
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where donald trump gave the slightest hint that he's capable of faithfully executing any of the duties of the presidency and there was no moment when donald trump said anything to indicate he understood the challenges an american president faces. >> aleppo was a disaster. it's a humanitarian nightmare, but it has fallen from any standpoint. what do you need, a signed document, take a look at aleppo. it is so sad when you see what happened. >> today it took the trump white house about 15 hours to issue a written statement about the worst chemical attack in syria in the six years of the civil war, at least 83 people, including 25 children died, at least 350 others were injured in the incident, senior state department official said the attack looks like a war crime. it comes less than one week after the trump administration said that president trump accepts the reality of president assad's continued control of the
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government in syria. here is what the trump white house said when it finally released a statement. >> today is chemical attack in syria against women and children is reprehensible and cannot be ignored by the civilized world. these heinous actions are a consequence of the past administration's weakness and ir resolution. president obama said in 2012 he would establish a red line against the use of chemical weapons and did nothing. united states stands with our allies to condemn this attack. in 2013 donald trump repeatedly tweeted that president obama should do nothing in syria. "president obama, do not attack syria. there is no upside and tremendous down side. save your powder for another and more important day. in the last hour rachel read you tweet upon tweet upon tweet from donald trump saying do not go
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into syria. do not go into syria. of course the president was prepared to use force in syria. it was congress that refused to authorize it. but president had plenty of free time on his hands today to actually speak about syria, say something, or even tweet about it, but this is what he was doing instead. >> they would say, there's no way to 270. but there was a way to 306. but wasn't that an exciting one. huge disadvantage electoral college, very tough. they say almost impossible for republican to win. >> here is what candidate trump said about containing north korea's nuclear ambitions. >> you look at north korea, we're doing nothing there. china should solve that problem for us. china should go into north korea. china is totally powerful as it relates to north korea. when they made that horrible
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deal with iran, they should have included the fact that they do something with respect to north korea. >> of course, he'll be saying all that this weekend in his summit with chinese president. a senior north korean has told dirk ta dictator. he fired a medium range ballistic missile into the sea off the korean peninsula according to the military. this weekend, the president will be meeting for the president of china starting on thursday. president trump recently told the financial times "if china is not going to solve north korea, we will." meanwhile, isis has made its first official reference to president trump. an isis spokesman released this statement. america you have drowned and there is no savior. there is no more evidence than the fact that you are being run by an idiot who does not know
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what syria or iraq or islam is. joining us now, former acting director of the cia. thank you very much for joining us tonight. i just wanted to go, first of all, to the susan rice situation. and is there anything that you've heard in that story as it's unfolded today. including what susan rice had to say about it. that gives you any concern or is there any point that you think we should be focusing on or elaborating on in that story? >> what i would say based on susan's remarks today and it accords with my experience and judgment. she was merely doing her job. what happens there is that she's delivered each morning a series of reports, occasionally they referred to foreigners contacting americans about something and she has the option of asking the fbi or the national security agency to --
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if it can be justified to let her know who those people are and often to protect them. sometimes you want to go to an american and say, you should know who you've been in contact with, do that quietly. it's not spread around the government. but, essentially, this is -- and this is something that isn't done casually. the people who make decisions about, as they say, unmasking someone, have a very high bar for doing that, so i think -- she was basically just doing her job, as she should have been doing it. >> the -- there seems to be something about susan rice with republicans in washington, we saw lindsey graham come out and say we should find out what she was up to here. lindsey graham have been comments. as soon as the name susan rice gets mentioned, rand paul is jumping in and saying there's something suspicious about this because the name susan rice is in involved. do you have any guidance you can
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give us about why that name sets off republican washington the way it does? >> well, i think, i don't have to tell you, lawrence, we're living into an extraordinary partisan time. if anything the partisanship has deepened in the trump administration as a result of all these controversies. it may be related to the lingering controversy over benghazi. who knows exactly why she sets off these reactions. what i can tell you in this case she was simply doing her job and it would have been, frkly, irresponsible to not take a look at some of these communications in part to -- remember this, too. we only have one president at a time. during this period of time, the obama administration was still in charge and in an unusual transition, the trump administration, to be, was actually conducting foreign policy, recall the phone call that trump made to the leader of
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taiwan breaking with the one china policy that had been followed for years. now it's been repaired of course. so for that reason alone, someone in the white house might want to know, is there something going on here that effects our conduct of american foreign policy. but to return to my basic point. she was just doing her job here is what any national security adviser would have done in the same circumstance. >> what is the statement that rex tillerson issued tonight. the statement says north korea launched yet another range ballistic missile. the united states has spoken enough about north korea. we have no further comment. and that is the single most extraordinary comment i've ever heard a secretary of state make. i did not know that there was a limit to what should be said about a particular country,
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especially one at this particular point of tension. they've done five nuclear test, three of them under the current leader. last one in september had he yielded about the same blast that went off in world war ii. they probably have between 12 and 20 nuclear weapons. as i followed it. they've been working since 1995 or thereabouts on an icbn that could reach the united states and they made enough progress on that. . i think it's fair. i have said and written that it's likely that within the term of this president, the first four year term, this president will have to deal with something that no previous president has had to deal with, and that is an intercontinental ballistic missiles in the hands of north korean leader, who in this case,
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much stable leader than his p-- pred -- people who met the father say he was able to understand the world and had a fairly good understanding of what was going on internationally and if not rational was certainly not mad man. this current one is ill disciplined person who doesn't work very hard. who is emotional, who has carried out purges at a level exceeding anything we've seen before in north korea. i think it deserves not only a en but careful consideration of policy, we'll have to deal with it. >> whe you look at the overall state of the information that's available now about what was going on between the russians, russian agents and their attempts to influence our
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election, especially what could be their contacts do you have an overall assessment of what you think we're looking at. >> it would be irresponsible for me to speculate about the level of collusion or not and people who have looked at it who are privy to all of the classified information are hesitant to draw conclusions about that as you've seen in comments from the senate and comments from the director clapper; before he retired. but what you see here, though, is we have to remember, this is the core of the problem. this is why we have all of this controversy now. we would not be talking about 80% of what we're talking about here in terms of controversy regarding the trump administration, had these things not happened. what happened, well, the russians, without question,
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hacked into the dnc server and strategically placed information that was detrimental to the clinton campaign using wiki leaks as its intermediary and hacked into the e-mail and released those things strategically as well. i think it's fair to say what's going on here something that russia has always done. years ago they would have had to do this through access agents and physical presence. now, they have the marvelous tool of the internet and social media and trolls they use to market this material around the world they have an administration that seems more vulnerable to this in the past. they tried to do this in the reagan administration. they didn't have the same tools
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and they didn't have what seems to be a vuner ability ral abi-n the trump campaign. were there americans, any americans implicit in what they were doing. we need to get the focus back on that as opposed to all of these other things that have arisen, largely flowing from the president's foolish tweets some weeks ago. there's a inability, i was thinking today, what is it that's striking about this administration, there are three or four things that hit me. the seeming inability to connect one thing to another. i mean, when he did that tweet, i immediately called a friend and said, okay, we're looking, now, at weeks, possibly months of turmoil based on something that was a foolish action. and that has, in turn deepened partisanship between the two
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parties and i don't think it's much of a stretch to say it's made it hard for the administration to do everything it wants to do in the domestic areas such as tax reform. this inability to connect one action to another is kind of astonishing. >> before you go, can you just give us one more incite reference. what would be examples of what they were trying to do then in our elective process. >> el wiwell, all they were tryo do then was portray reagan. they were trying to say, if he's elected, this will be bad for the world because we will be edging towards war and that's essentially what they were doing with hillary clinton, as well. i was in russia in october, before the election. and if he were to look at the press then or the media. the message going to the russian public, if hillary clinton was elected, prepare for war.
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>> thank you very much for joining us again tonight with your invaluable insights on this. really appreciate. >> good to see you, lawrence. >> thank you. >> coming up, donald trump's polling hits an all-time low. and the poll indicates, among other things, for some reason people just don't believe the guy. and trump best friend bill o'reilly lost some crucial support today with at least 14 advertisers removing their ads from o'reilly show after more information continues to come out about sexual harassments settlements which amount now to at least $13 million. i'm going to ask for your help later in the program to help communicate to bill o'reilly and fox news, how you feel about that. that's coming up. i've gotta hit the loo. we can't stay here! why? terrible toilet paper! i'll never get clean! way ahead of you, big daddy. aww
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7:24 pm
>> some associates would wind up in jail. >> if i was betting, i will say yes. >> he said he would not be surprised of people ended up going to jail. i will be surprised if people don't end up going to jail. >> joining us now, judge marshall, the founder and editor of "talking points memo" also with us, former cia operative and former presidential candidate. he's the cofounder of stand up republic. what do you make of the situation, as it is today and now we have democratic members of the committee saying that based on what they know, they smell criminality, to put it mildly. >> well, i would stop short of g that far. they have access to infmation that i don't, obviously, but i think those are the kind of statements that -- those are big statements they may be true.
7:25 pm
i guess i wouldn't be surprised, either. i think we just need a serious investigation and we need to go where the facts lead us or the investigators need to go where the facts lead them. i, as i've said, many times do not believe the congressional investigations so far are serious. >> why are they not serious. >> because neither of the intelligence committees have received any additional resources. they have no additional staff they have no additional funding. if we think back to the benghazi committee, there were about 40 staffers, millions of dollars spent on that. this russia intervention in our do mock k do de -- democracy. both of intel committees are extremely busy and very short sta staffed already. they've got very full plates. and so to put this on top of that and expect it to be a
7:26 pm
serious investigation, i think is imagination. >> i want to take a look at what happened to the polling for donald trump's approval and disapproval. he has a 35% approval now. 57% disapprove and then there's this question, how often do you think that president trump and his administration make statements without evidence to support them, very often, somewhat often, only 73%. not so often at all, 24%. and so these numbers are very important to have as kind of the wallpaper of this investigation that we're talking about. and you can sense that on the democratic side, what i heard those comments to be when they start talking about people going to jail, is impatience. they are impatient with the way this process is going.
7:27 pm
>> when there's a lot there, it will come out. the president can kick up a lot of dust and do sorts of things and have diversions. it keeps coming back to the essential story. i'm pretty optimistic she all wants to come out a matter away. >> clearly the most empowered investigation is the fbi and their reporting tonight that they have set up a special unit with extra resources, as you were talking about, the commune committees don't -- committees don't have. but that one is the one from which there are no leaks so far, there will be no public moments other than indictments and if there are indictments.
7:28 pm
>> there in lies the problem with just putting all of our eggs in that basket. i have confidence that the fbi will conduct a thorough investigation, but the fbi is going to be looking at this from a criminal perspective. so they may reach a situation in which they're not going to move forward with any criminal charges or they may, there's a lot of smoke here and it's very dark and thick. i'm not prejudging at all. i think, you know, there's a lot of work for them to do and they'll be busy for a while, likely. but we need a more -- a broader investigation that isn't only focused on activity that may have been criminal. but just as important for the american people to know, how do the russians engage to influence our election. we know a lot about it. there's a lot more to learn. we need to know what kind of activities any americans may have, what kind of role any americans may have made, even if it doesn't rise to criminal activity. it may be politically
7:29 pm
significant as they weigh who they want to support as leaders in our country. we need a broader investigation and that's the kind of investigation that congress needs to offer, i think, through a special select committee. >> judge marshall, we'll need you in another one. coming up some republicans continue to pretend that they're actually going to repeal and replace obama care. paul ryan, he's not really pretending that good. he's - he's the worst pretende in all pretenders on this story. and later, on this day in history, martin luther king, jr. will get tonight's last word.
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tonight, vice president mike pence and senior administration officials are on capitol hill, once again, meeting with republican house members in an effort to revive legislation to repeal and replace obama care, they say. its unlikely anything will be done before congress leaves for its easter recess later this week, unlikely, meaning, absolutely impossible. here is what house speaker paul ryan said today. >> right now we're just at that conceptual stage about how to move forward in a way to get everybody to 216. it's important that we don't win of one group, that we get the votes of 216 of our members. that's where we are.
7:34 pm
we don't have an agreement yet. >> oh, no bill. just a con sensual stage. 55% approve up from 42% after the 2016 election. this is also the first time majority of americans have approved of the health care law since gallup first asked about it in november 2012 and republican lawmakers try to come up replacement health care law, shows that 70% of americans disapprove of the way of republicans and congress are handling their job. joining us now, political reporter for the guardian, back with us, josh marshall, only 70% disapprove of the way congress has been handling their jobs and now they want to be secretly in the back room pretending they're coming up with a new obama care repeal and replace. >> well, nothing has really changed with respect to the reality that it doesn't look like there's any agreement on
7:35 pm
bringing both moderate republicans, as well as members of the house freedom caucus on the same page when it comes to a plan. the conversation from the white house is very much they're looking for a potential proposal that will weaken protections, allow states to opt out of essential health benefits under the health care law, which is to try and corral the house freedom caucus behind a piece of legislation. all of that, once again, will be a nonstarter of republican conference. it's hard to see there's a realistic effort to get to 216 votes. >> well, the reports we're getting right now. breaking news reports saying that the meeting just ended and that no text of any legislation was handed out, josh, to any of the people at that meeting. he's trying to say, there's nothing to talk about. i think rhinos you can only move one train on the tracks at one
7:36 pm
time. he wants to move taxes, the big tax cut, which they will call "reform". heds these people to get over this stuff. trump wants to pretend, i haven't quit yet after the day he publicly quit. >> i can't figure out whether they're trying to fool us or trump is fooling himself here. there are three moving parts for us to do thchlt there are the right wingers, moderates and then there's the senate. >> and you ever -- >> that's sort of what they need to do here. and it's no easy -- if anything, it's probably harder to put it together than it was a couple of weeks ago because the bill is actually getting more popular. and there's lots of people -- >> meaning the affordable care act. >> if it's in place. >> and there are a lot of republicans in swing districts who are like, we're not doing that again. we're done.
7:37 pm
so i don't -- i don't know what they're thinking. i think it's -- the best i can figure. this is an attempt. it's very damaging for trump that he, after, you know, all of this, he failed to appeal obama care. he controls the entire government, what happened. if you look at the fall in his leadership numbers, i think it's that. to some extent this is what they're trying the to do here, we didn't fail. we're still working on that. >> you're never suppose to admit you quit on legislation unless congress runs out and it's election time. whenever these things happen, no one ever gives the, "i quit" statement. they always pretend we're going to keep trying and then they stop talking about it and no one ever catches them quitting. >> i think that josh's point is important, because the fact of the matter is, that the more time that passes by, the more popular the affordable care act becomes.
7:38 pm
there's actually a new poll out this evening showing that three quarters of the american public believe that the republicans and donald trump should just work with the existing health care law, that includes a slim majority of 51% of republicans. that's striking when you think about how much republicans have made repealing and replacing obama care, a centerpiece of their agenda. where they're actually losing their own constituents when it comes to meeting that goal. you have the fact, you know, the white house has come back into the table after donald trump was threatening members of the house freedom caucus just days ago on twitter. so he doesn't exactly have public opinion on his side nor has he really built relationships on capitol hill to actually have the kind of support that he would need to move something this big as with health care. >> well, let's look at what happened to his leadership polling, all voters, 40%, now, only 40% say that he has good leadership skills. 55%, no.
7:39 pm
that's basically reversal of back when he was a candidate, 58% said he had strong leadership skills. 39% said that he didn't and certainly losing the health care bill is part of the collapse of those leadership skills. josh marshall and sabrina, thank you both for joining us, i really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> coming up, more advertisers abandoning bill o'reilly amidst this flood of accusations about sexual harassment cases and how fox news and bill o'reilly have combined to pay at least $13 million in settlements to his accusers and now o'reilly is threatening one of those accusers. we'll see how you feel about that. ♪ you might not ever just stand there,
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susanester became the main woman to get the title campaign manager. and unlike kellyanne conway, she actually was the campaign manager of michael dekakus. she ran an honorable campaign for an honorable candidate. now she's doing something else. she is running the campaign to keep roger ailes out of jail. he was sued for sexual harassment and won a quick of $20 million. susan called the accusations baseless. fox news is now being investigated by the justice department for possible criminal violations in disguising millions of dollars in settlement payments in sexual harassment cases against roger and bill o'reilly. her job now is to say things that she cannot prove about women who make sexual harassment
7:44 pm
claims against roger ailes. she uses words like "hogwash" she could reasonably provide public statements made by roger himself denying the charges, but susan goes way beyond that. she claims personal knowledge that she does not have, that the charges are untrue. when megan kelly said that she was harassed by roger ailes, roger has never sexually harassed. susan estrich does not know that. mark fabiani is one of the lawyers defending bill o'reilly, another, most political operatives are for sale. wendy walsh told her story of harassment to the "new york times" on sunday because she has
7:45 pm
not sued bill o'reilly and therefore it has not signed a settlement agreement for millions of dollars that prevents her from speaking about o'reilly. today another o'reilly lawyer tried to shut her up. attorney frederick new man threatened to sue wendy walsh for "defamation of mr. o'reilly's character." as if mr. o'reilly had not already defamed his character enough on television, as if mr. o'reilly had never been accused of brutality by his wife in divorceproceedings. let's send o'reilly's lawyer a message about what the jury pool might look like if he ever wants to put bill o'reilly's character on trial. i'm going to send a tweet right now, ready to go, that i'd like you all to retweet so that o'reilly gets the message.
7:46 pm
it's going to say "hey, o'reilly, please, please sue me, too. because i believe wendy walsh. retweet this, if you agree. all right, here it goes. there it is. gabriel sherman is going to join us next with the latest case filed against fox news today. welcome to holiday inn! ♪ ♪
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with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your walt? well o you're reelly moving this thing. we've got 12,000 retweets in three minutes on this tweet that i just sent, which is hey, bill o'reilly please sue me, too, because i believe wendy walsh. we have to riley factor on that tweet. it will get to bill o'reilly. he's going to see that number. bill o'reilly is running scared tonight and advertisers are running scared from the show.
7:50 pm
the latest count is at least 1,500 have abandoned bill o'reilly's show. about the $13 million in settlements paid by fox news and bill o'reilly in sexual harassment cases. they're calling on fox news to fire o'reilly and for the network to launch an independent investigation into its culture of sexual harassment. for the second night in a row, the famously combative thin-skinned o'reilly was too terrified to say a word about the two days of extensive reporting in the "new york times" about his costly behavior in the workplace. joining us now, the man who wrote the book on fox news, gabriel sherman, editor at msnbc contributor. he's the -- the new legal
7:51 pm
filings today. >> there was amended court filing where a third african-american joined a racial diskrem nation case against fox news. what was so explosive about this the case against fox news. in this filing, monica douglas, the employee, alleges that diane brandy, the fox news general counsel knew of this racial discrimination taking place and instead of firing the supervisor who was doing it she told the employee we can't fire her she quote knows too much. this was a case where the general counsel of fox news was not pursuing action against an employee to protector, ultimately to protect roger ailes when he was the ceo of the network. this was a case where the culture of fox news allowed bias and discrimination to take place in order to protect roger ailes at the top. >> this is a sidebar from the sexual harassment enterprise that was running over there. and it looks like bill o'reilly and roger ailes were the biggest
7:52 pm
participants in the sex harassment settlements that fox news was constantly paying out. >> yes. that is what ist justice department is looking at. fox news is a public company f. their executives and anchors are paying women to settle these claes and not disclosing them to shareholders that could be a potential violation. this to me 13es about a larger culture where the men felt they could act with impunity. women felt they had to conform to the male dominated culture. now we are seeing the consequence of that. almost a year after roger ailes's ouster we have not seen a wholesale housecleaning or culture change at fox news. >> o'reilly going with the trump technique of threaten the women. threaten the women. he is now threatening wendy walsh. she is one of the women who was not sued donald trump, therefore she was able to speak. the others are bound by their
7:53 pm
settlements not to say anything -- sorry. o'reilly. although i'm not sure what the difference is. o'reilly and his lawyers trying to threaten wendy walsh, scare her into staying quiet. >> that is true. what i find striking is while o'reilly is making noises the network is not necessarily standing lock step behind him. we've sort of luke warm dchss of o'reilly. rupert murdoch and the parent company, 21st century fox hasn't rallied behind him. i think you see -- i'm writing a piece about this now where you see the network hemming and they want to see where this is going. >> when a guy is making $18 million a year every day that you don't fire him is rallying behind him. that's what his bank account thigs. gabe sherman thank you for joining us. coming up, dr. mart mart jr. will get tonight's last word.
7:54 pm
7:55 pm
another few minutes, another $10,000 retweets. we now have over 20,000 retweets
7:56 pm
of my tweet saying "hey, bill o'reilly, please sue me too, because i believe wendy walsh". retweet if you agree. wendy walsh needs this kind of support, and i really appreciate you showing her this. this is an o'reilly tactic, threatening her with suing for talking about his sexual harassment of her. keep this public support going. that tweet is going directly to bill o'reilly. he's on that tweet. he's going to see it. he's going to see exactly how many of you deliver this message to him. we'll be right back.
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robert walker andeckel cole were sheltering to a pounding rainstorm the only way they could. they huddled inside the scoop of the garbage truck they were riding on. that's not them. but that's a photograph of the way that sanitation workers in memphis guilty dealt with the rain in those days. but the compressor suddenly malfunctioned and robert and eckel were swallowed in the body of the truck. their bodies were crushed and broken up amid all of the garbage that they had thrown into that truck. they were killed. the horror and degradation were unbearable for their coworkers. they all walked off the job. they demanded the right to join a union. their slogan resonated with black and poor americans everywhere. it was simply, i am a man. that's why martin luther king
7:59 pm
jr. was in memphis on this very day in 1968, the last dave his life. dr. king flew in and out of memphis several times during the sanitation workers' strike. the day before he was assassinated in memphis, dr. king returned to memphis to lead a protest march with the strikers. he told the story that night before his last day -- he told the story of how he almost died years earlier when he was stabbed at book signing in new york city. he spoke to a huge audience that night, and he told them about the airline pilot on his flight from atlanta that morning who told dr. king that the plane had been thoroughly searched for bombs because they knew he was reserved on that flight. the pilot told dr. king the plane was guarded all night. and then, the night before the last day of his life, dr. king spoke his final public words.
8:00 pm
>> we as a people will get to the promised land. so i'm happy tonight. i'm not worried about anything. i'm not fearing any man. mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the lord. >> the reverend dr. martin luther king jr. gets tonight's last word. "the 11th hour," with brian williams, starts right now. tonight, devastating new numbers in the wake of confusion and distraction in the trump white house, including the percentage of americans who now say they are embarrassed to have donald trump as president. susan rice becomes the newest target of the trump effort to run down all the ways in which the