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tv   First Look  MSNBC  April 10, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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the air base is back open for business. meanwhile the verbal attacks heat up with the secretary of state in moscow at odds. plus, terrorist attack on palm sunday. twin blasts shake the christian community in egypt. green looks good on everyone. sergio garcia wins in the masters. takes home very first major win. good morning. everyone. april 10. well, this morning secretary of state rex tillerson in through
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for the g 7 as tensions with moscow heighten. president has called for reconciliation with russia when possible. on sunday tillerson blasted the kremlin as incompetent for allowing syria to hold onto chemical weapons. meanwhile, resuming operations at the airbag base that was the target of u.s. missile strike. that came in response to chemical weapons attack by bashar al-assad. russian tv aired this taking off from the air base. the video also showed some of the damage from those strikes. and it appears the forces resumed campaign of air strikes against rebel forces over the weekend. according to the syrian observatory for human rights, a serious of strikes on saturday killed at least 18 people and five children until the rebel controlled province.
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president trump does not seem to deterred syria president. according to state media, assad called the u.s. strikes a failure. a navy admiral tells ri s reutee strike droid the means to deliver chemical weapons. mapped out the next steps in bringing an end to syria's civil war. reflected on the timing. >> i think you saw with the strike, there has to be a degree of simultaneous activity as well as sequencing of the defeat of isis first. what you have in syria is a very destructive cycle of violence. perpetuated by isis, obviously, but also by this regime and their iranian and russian sponsors s we have to be able t work together with allies and partners no help resolve this conflict. the resolution of the conflict will entail each of the elements
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you're talking about. the defeat of isis. and halls has to bealso has to t change in the behavior of the regime. >> do you think the administration did anything to encourage the behavior by saying the syrian people would determine asaturdsad's fate and removing him. >> i think it was probably partially to blame. taking this action, i support and was important, but we've got to have a plan and strategy to follow through. one-time deal is not going to be productive and saying we're only going after chemical weapons areas ignores the enormity of the problem. >> accelerate the demise of isil. i've never been more encouraged by the trump administration than i am today.
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ambassador haley just said on your program, you'll never end the war with assad in power. that means regime change is the policy of the trump administration. that's what i've heard. you need more american troops to accelerate the demise of isil. we're relying on the kurds. more american forces. five or 6,000. >> president trump responded to skepticism over the effectiveness of the strikes. president trump tweeted saturday the reason you don't generally hit runways is they are easy and inexpensive to quickly fix. fill in and top. meanwhile the administration sent mixed messages. in late march, sec taf of state rex tillerson and ambassador to the united nations said the united states was no longer focused on removing assad from power which was stated goal of obama administration, but after last week's chemical attack, tillerson said steps were
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underway to form an international coalition to push assad from power. the hands off policy has not changed. warning of consequences from regime change. regime change was the only option for the country. >> the syrian people have no way to remove asaid. that's going to take greater pressure from the united states. >> we've seen that what takes when you undertake a violent situation in libya. libya continues to be chaotic. the life of the libyan people is not all that well off today. any time you go in and have a violent change all the top, it is very difficult to create the conditions for stability longer terms. >> sounds like what you're saying right now there is no real change from united states
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military syria from what it was last week. >> that's correct, george. >> is it the position of the trump administration that he can no be ruler of syria anymore, regime change is the policy. >> well, regime change is something that we think is going to happen because all of the parties are going to see assad is not the leader that needs to be taking place for air issia. this isn't about policy or not. this is about thoughts. look at the thoughts. there is no political solution sha any of us can see with assad at the lead. >> at least 43 people are dead and more than 100 wounded after two bombings after churches in egypt packed with worshippers packed for palm sunday services. some of the footage is disturbing. the first bombing struck the church. then just hours later a second blast outside of saint marks cathedral in alex sand right kneeia. this video captures the moment of the attack.
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look at quire singing when sound of blast rips through the church killing the video signal. see that in a moment. shows apparent suicide bomber being denied entrance into saint marks before blowing himself up. isis has claimed responsibility for the attacks. egyptian president has declared a three month state of emergency. >> joining us now from cairo egypt. nbc news matt bradley. good morning to you. these attacks come less than a week after president trump hosted president here at the white house. somehow that playing out there now with this tragedy. >> reporter: good morning. yes, as you mentioned. it was only a week ago that president was in washington and all reports show that was a very warm meeting between president and trump. jed tweeted condolences and said he was supporting president.
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and called him later that night and redoubled expression of condolences and support. sisi is now coming under fire. turning anger toward the government. as you mentioned presidency si has been taking action. declared three month state of action. knows states of emergency. liv lived under a state of emergency for nearly 30 years. just yesterday, presidency sisi actually fired a top official where that first church bomb in occurred. can't be overstated just how devastating this attack was. this was the deadliest attack targeting christians. largest christian minority in the middle east in nearly half a century. now presidency st sisi.
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deadly truck attack until stockholm was supposed to leave the country back in january after being denied request for permanent residency. authorities say the suspected driver and unidentified 39-year-old national has been arrested also expressed sympathy for extremists groups. friday's attack on busy shopping district left four dead and 15 more injured. second suspect has also been arrested. yesterday thousands gathered near the sight of the attack paying tribute to the victims. follows similar truck attacks in the past year. anymore wee janua anymore wee januanorwegian off police arrested a 17-year-old russian citizen who according to
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reuters moved to norway in 2010 seeking asylum. teenagers lawyer said his client is not a terrorist and the incident was just a prank. local media reports looking into any connection with the sweden attack. supreme court justice anthony kennedy will provide over the ceremony. marking first time justice will serve alongside former clerk. fills the seat of antonin scalia. so far the president has struggled to push agenda like implementing travel ban. gorsuch is swearing in today marks a big political win for his administration and congressional republicans. "washington post" reports the newest justice could have immediate impact as the high court is considering whether to hear two cases that could potentially expand the breadth of the second amendment. now to political story getting traction this morning. two senior white house aides
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held length thiy meetings in mar-a-lago. change in staff is imminent. ordered senior adviser jared kushner and steve bannon to meet and work this out. white house chief of staff reince priebus organized the meeting last friday. priebus told the two advisers to stop the back biting and if you don't like it, move on. whether the meeting allowed the two to smooth things over remains to be seen. one source told nbc news that bannon's message was quote, democrats will never run the white house. that comment apparently refers to both kushner and senior economic adviser who is are both believed to be bannon's rival for power. he reportedly named them the west wing democrats. tornado sirens in texas hacked going off throughout the night. first alabama governor em boiled with impeachment
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hearings. later on meet a man with ice in his veins. plunges into the freezing water to save his dog. i would do that, wouldn't you. >> i would. >> good. those stories and check on weather when we come right back. look closely. hidden in every swing, every chip, and every putt, is data that can make the difference between winning and losing. the microsoft cloud helps the pga tour turn
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welcome back, everyone. amid a scandal that has brewed for months. impeachment hearings are expected to begin today. alabama supreme court ruled the proceedings can move forward. nbc sara has more. >> reporter: what began as an alleged affair between alabama's governor and an aide is now at is the center of an effort to impeach him. sex scandal engulf of mexicoed administration last year. graphic recordings of phone conversations between the governor and top aide rebecca mason came to light. >> i stand behind you.
2:16 am
and i put my armsarou around yo >> the governor denies for having a physical affair with the woman. he apologized vowing to remain in office. >> i do not plan to resign. i have done nothing illegal. >> two separate investigations by a legislative committee and state ethics officials found probable cause that bently violated ethics and campaign law by using state law enforcement officers and other resources to try to keep the recordings from going public. >> but seeing this embarrassment to our state right now. >> reporter: if he's found guilty. ninth governor in u.s. history to be removed from office. fate now in the hands of the alabama legislature. investigating a hacking.
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the tornado sirens went off repeatedly until 2:00 a.m. authorities believe the hack came from someone local to the dallas area. they have asked for help in determines what was responsible. dramatic rescue caught on camera. man jumped in freezing cold pond to save his dog. didn't hesitate to rescue his dog after it broke through icy pond in alberta canada on saturday. in the video see them plunge through the ice once more. struggling to keep heads above the water. once safely out of the pond, dunkin said he hoped most people would do the same for their dog. that's a really nice story there. let's get a check on weather. bonnie, looks like there's some storms in the midwest. warm weather here in the
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northeast. that's right. looking at big changes. first of all, powerful storms in wisconsin, northern michigan. unusual for this time of year to see such large hail in wisconsin. take a look at where the other threat is. 28 million people at risk. highest threat in the afternoon. this is into texas. hail and damaging winds. the main threat for severe weather. then if you're flying for example to chicago. may have airport delays. expecting strong storms and risk for tornados this afternoon into illinois. back down to texas where the rain will accumulate. flash flooding is possible to austin. be watching areas like i 35 into the overnight period. mentioned the warm weather. what a difference a couple of days make. just talking about how cold it's been. not anymore. monday and tuesday. temperatures 20-25 degrees above normal for this time of year. that means that in new york city we'll be climbing into the mid 70s this week. you'll be hitting 80s in northern virginia and pittsburgh 78 today. open up the scope for tuesday,
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even milder. 38 for richmond. that's high temperature. warm into indiana and cleveland. look at rest of u.s. most of us enjoying temperatures above normal. atlanta into the 80s. getting cooler towards the end of the week in new york. still above normal. nice pruf of what's to come in may. >> i wish i could show you his face. he's like, yes. >> finally. it's about time. still ahead, russell westbrook, incredible season puts him in the history books. we are going to say good-bye to an old friend named joe in detroit. first, a tradition unlike any other for serge yo garcia in augusta. taking home first jacket and first major win. highlights from the masters after this. we can't stay here!
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in case i decide to go from kid-friendly to kid-free. now i can start relaxing even before the vacation begins. your vacation is very important. that's why makes finding the right hotel for the right price easy. visit now to find out why we're booking.yeah maybe the best of all. what we've seen so far. russell henley at the fifth. yes. it's in. >> just a moment ago, matt kuchar. matt is a seminar. that was a gaze.
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[ applause ] >> that was an ace. he signed it. there you are. >> welcome back. that was some of the excitement in yesterday's final round of the masters. russell henley dunking approach shot for eagle on the fifth hole and matt kutcher with par and handing ball off to young patron. got to love that. day would belong to sergio garcia. garcia was two shots back entering final five holes. a birdie on 14th and rolled an eagle on number 15. parred the next three to force a playoff against justin rose there. when rose found himself in trouble off the tee on the first extra hole, garcia finds the green with a chance to birdie.
2:24 am
after so many years. closes out with 15 foot birdie putt. securing title. playing 73 major championships without a victory including 18 appearances at the masters. congratulations to him. it was his time for sure. turning now to nba where in hom city, russell westbrook rewrote history grens the nuggets yesterday. >> matt west brook trying to get by. this could be it right here. that is it. russell westbrook has passed his way into nba history. with his 42nd triple double. >> west brook has nba mark for the most triple doubles in a single season at 42. trailing in the final seconds. west brook wasn't finished.
2:25 am
>> westbrook punctuates with a buzzer beating three-pointer. 106-105 win. that is one cold ending to the nugget season there. to atlanta where the hawks stunned the cavaliers last night. coming from behind with paul millsap forcing overtime at the buzzer. finished the game with 22. despite 45 from everybodying and triple double from lebron james. atlanta wins it 126-125. defending champs drop into a tie with bostonen celtics. atop the eastern conference. finally on the ice last night in detroit, fans say good-bye to joe louis aradiothat. 35 octopuses. 35 octopuses out on the ice. tradition for the red wings fans. dating back to 1952.
2:26 am
detroit beat the devils 4-1 in final game at historic arena scheduled to be demolished. moving to nearby facility they will share with the pistons. >> i spent a little time in detroit growing up used to go to detroit red wings game. it was an amazing place. definitely going to be missed as a sports venue. >> fill. live report from cairo after deadly bombings on palm sunday. and collision course, the secretary of state brands russia incompetent of keeping chemical weapons out of the hands of syrian government as he preps for first meeting in moscow. >> first now under investigation. that and check on other stories driving the markets when we continue. ) at farmers, we've sn almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a coupe soup. [woman] so beautiful. [man] beautiful just like you. [woman] oh, why thank you.
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welcome back, everyone. start you off with morning top stories. >> secretary of state rex tillerson in through this morning. expected to meet before highly anticipated trip to moscow wednesday. expected to meet with lavrov. told a meeting with vladimir putin has not been ruled out. much more on the moscow talks in just a moment. >> today kneel kbneil gorsuch w history. today kennedy will have the honor of conducting today's swearing in ceremony at the white house rose garden. gorsuch was confirmed on friday
2:31 am
after a bitter bipartisan battle which resulted in unprecedented rule change. >> convicted charleston church shooter is expected to plead guilty in the case brought against him. according to associated press, guilty plea will be in exchange of life sentence. the deal would spare the families of the nine victims another trial while sparing roof a potential second death sentence. firsthanded down by federal jury back in january. operations at the syrian air base which was the target of last week's missile strike have allegedly resumed. over the weekend, russian state tv aired video of jets taking off from the air base which was hit by nearly 60 missiles thursday. meanwhile reported out a fresh round against rebel sources. according to human rights, at least 18 people including five children were killed by those strikes in the rebel controlled through province. we mentioned secretary of
2:32 am
state rex tillerson in russia. this as tensions continue to escalate following syrian strike. president trump has called for reconciliation with russia when possible, secretary tillson took a hard line. slams vladimir putin for allowing syria to hold onto chemical weapons. tillerson's criticism comes after russia condemned the strike. calling it an attack on ally. operating other syria. meanwhile u.s. ambassador to united nations. this following a u.n. security counsel meeting on friday where she focused on russia's role in syria maintaining a chemical weapon supply. let's think about the possible reasons for russia's failure. it could be that russia is knowingly allowing chemical weapons to remain in syria.
2:33 am
it could be that russia has been incompetent in it's efforts to remove the chemical weapons or it could be that the assad regime is playing the russians for fools. telling them that there are no chemical weapons all the while stockpiling them on their bases. the world is waiting for the russian government to act responsibility the world is waiting for russia to reconsider misplaced alliance with bashar al-assad. >> turned compassionate supporters into critics. accused of breaking proposition to keep the u.s. out of another conflict in the middle east and criticizing him about law fiunc the strike without congressional approval. egypt. two bombings in chujs pa church
2:34 am
packed with worshippers. the first bombing struck the saint george in the tanta and hours later in alexandria. this shows the aftermath of the attack in tanta. on the tanta tanta. joining us now, matt bradley. matt. good to have you back with us. what are you hearing about the latest developments in the investigation and the claims of responsibility. >> reporter: thanks. here in egypt, they're literally picking up the pieces from this terrible attack that just happened yesterday. one of the most deadly attacks against this christian minority. largest christian minority in the middle east. funerals have been running all day. among them a female police officer, all of these police officers are being held as heros. this is apparently the first female police officer in
2:35 am
egyptian history to have been killed in action. day of devotion turned to horror. the crowded palm sunday mass in saint george's church north of cairo ripped apart by what police believe was a bomb placed under a pew. hours later a suicide bomber at saint marks church in alex sand right knee why. blowing himself up just feet away from a playing child after police stopped him from entering the church. that officer now hailed as a hero. the twin bombings have left 43 dead. more than 100 injured and the middle east largest christian community in shock. many of the dead are children. the situation is pain. . a relative of one of the victims said. why weren't proper measures taken to protect the people. isis quickly claimed responsibility for both attacks. fulfilling a pledge to target
2:36 am
egyptian christians. egyptian president met with president trump just last week. the two leaders pledged to fight isis terror together. >> i just want to say to you, mr. president, you have a great friend and ally in the united states and in me. >> mr. trump tweeting after today's attacks, he has great confidence in the egyptian leader. experts are not confident in what so far appears to be president trump's unclear middle east policy. >> isis and its affiliate attacks against the two churches really show the inability president trump to understand the complexity and the gravity of the crisis in the middle east. >> a vulnerable minority for who isis remains the top concern. and now a lot of that scrutiny and fear is moving east to egypts border with israel right along the peninsula. israeli government has shut the border and asked all citizens
2:37 am
many of whom vacationed in the sinai to return to israel. >> we should talk about this a little bit. chilling to the christian community. you have the president coming back from his visit with donald trump and that's going to be a bit of a high. there was a good warm relationship there established. now what? how does this affect his government. >> definitely undermines his central message. if you recall, sisi came into power and has been governing under the mandate he's restoring law and order and security to ordinary egyptians following the te multiwould you say transition period from 2011. he's a good champion of fights isis and fighting the terrorist organizations that are becoming
2:38 am
more potent in egypt. he also had a message for the minority community. met with jewish and christian faith leaders in washington and ensured the state of egypt was going to do a lot to protect minority rights because they've been coming under attack by isis and other groups. now you see attacks. there have been several church attacks in egypt. have to start questioning whether or not the state is competent enough to protect the churches and the community there. i think a lot of people are questioning whether the state is doing enough. there is security at churches, but clearly even in incidents like this, people are still losing their lives. a lot of questions surrounding this and compense of government. >> it istence of government. >> it is. kt mcfarland being reassigned. likely to be nominated as ambassador to singapore. brought on by michael flynn, forced out in february.
2:39 am
since then, there's been an ongoing severing of flynn's ties to national security counsel. what has been called a flynn eraser led by hr mcmaster. now comes just after white house senior counselor steve bannon lost his seat on the national security counsel. yesterday said the decision to take bannon off was not significant. >> the president can get advice from anybody he wants and he does that. he asks a broad range of people who he trusts and steve bannon is one of them. about policy decisions and about the risks and opportunities involved with each of these. none of that has changed. >> do you think it was inappropriate to have a political adviser in that role. >> no. i think what is appropriate to have in that role whoever the president wants in that role. i think steve bannon provides the president will advice on a
2:40 am
broad range of issues and will continue to do so. >> the administration source tells nbc news mcmaster is looking around widely for new deputy. >> mcmaster defending the decision to send the strike group to sea of japan. yesterday mcmaster called the move prudent considering north korea pattern of provacative behavior. adds the move is meant to maintain readiness and presence in the region. north korea has conducted four missile launch tests this year alone and rocket engine test as well. >> let's turn to business. ceo of barclay'ss under investigati investigation. siting concerns about a senior executive. bring in cnbc nancy hungerford live from london. take us inside this case. whistle blowers are usually protected under law. >> reporter: that's right. the ceo of barclays is being
2:41 am
investigated. trying to reveal identity of a whistleblower. hiring senior executive. has apologized for this and the bank in return says it will make significant changes to the compensation. variable compensation that is paid out. the shares of barclays slugging the news off. elsewhere the u.s. department of labor is accusie ining google o shortchanging women. according to court documents seen by the guardian. u.s. department of labor spoke man says across the board they've seen disparities against women. the company strongly rejects allegations. look at own reviews of pay, simply is not so. they do not see a gender pay gap. out getting ready for a flight this morning, keep an eye on delta. the airline says it is trying to make changes. getting ahead of the disruptions we've seen since last week. more than three and a half
2:42 am
thousand fights cancelled after severe storms hit the base at atlanta airport. now the company says they could have had a better response here, but did say sunday would see the final step in getting flight schedule returning to normal. guys, back to you. >> nancy, thanks. still ahead, the severe weather threat continues into the week. can you believe that. lovely weather. surveillance video released over the weekend shows a moment the tornado hit parts of illinois there. look at that. scary for those residents. tell you where the threat is today, next.
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no we're celebrating these cultures. we're celebrating black culture. oh. got it. just kind of using them. to sell a soda. >> let's invite kendall to set. >> no, no. >> well, i've got to go. on the set of my pepsi commercial. i stopped the police from shooting black people by handing them a pepsi. i know, it's cute, right? >> that is snl's take on pepsi
2:47 am
commercial starring kendall jenner that got pulled last week. >> that was kind of perfect. let's get a check on weather now with nbc meteorologist bonnie snider. >> good morning. we're looking at the threat for storms. powerful ones overnight with large hail from nebraska all the way to wisconsin. look at the storms rolling into which i will go rig chicago right now. if you're there watch out the rain is going to come down heavy and hard. severe threat from areas of country. 29 million people at risk for severe storms. been an active period so far. expect more of that into began. rough go of it as we go through a good portion of the afternoon. on the flip side, looking at very warm conditions from pittsburgh to boston. temperatures 20-25 degrees above normal and not just for today, we're going to see this warm weather stick around for tuesday as well. we're high temperatures in richard monday virginia climbing to 80s. 20 degrees above normal.
2:48 am
nice little kind of taste of may in april. >> keep the warm weather coming. one more for you here. fans line up to pay respects to legendary musician chuck barry. four hour public views. he died at the age of 90. funeral held in st. louis where he often performed. kiss singer james louis spoke emotionally about the profound e effect his music had on his life. >> barriers nobody suspected. he changed more little white boys and white girls lives than all the politicians with their big talk and stuff just by making them move like this. when the beelts came and the stones came and jimmy hendriks
2:49 am
came and everybody started to talk, look how cute they are. stuff like that. look at that music. what are you doing. they would all turn arnold humbly and point to the king, chuck berry. without him. they wouldn't be there. >> chuck berry. there will never be another like him. one more story that might make you smile this morning. clint spent time with predecessor this weekend. didn't go empty handed. tweeted this photo. great to spend time with george h. wmplt buw. bush. we caught up. president bush looking good there after that bout of pneumonia back in january. >> i love their relationship. >> it's actually emerged to be one of the best in terms of former presidents. >> all right. still ahead, mixed messages from the trump administration on whether assad must go. >> what the secretary of state is saying now compared to just ten days ago. we're back in a moment. ♪when you've got...♪
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g 7 gathering. this video came in just a few moments ago ochl tillerson laying a wreath to mark the 1944 massacre. nazi troops rounded up and
2:53 am
killed more than 500 civilians. joins us now from through, nbc claudia. welcome to you. syria at the top of the agenda. made it clear this morning during that laying of the wreath you just mentioned in your intro because after that, he said that that particular monument shows inspiration to us all. monument to one of the worst war crimes committed at the end of second world war. 560 innocent italians were killed by german troops. we dedicate ourself to hold into account any and all crimes against innocence anywhere in the world. clear reference to syria there.
2:54 am
it's role in. hand over and destroy the stockpiled chemical weapons back then after another chemical wea. the chemical attack during that year. some of it was left behind. see whether he was going to use the same terms here and also of course tomorrow when he meets lavrov in moscow. also will be interesting to see whether what his view is on syria. he's gone back and forth on assad in the past few days and weeks as you can hear now. >> i think the status and the longer term status of president assad will
2:55 am
people. >> assad's role in the future is unclear certainly. with the acts he has taken, it would seem there would be no role for him to govern the syrian people. >> will you and president trump organize an international coalition to remove assad. >> those steps are under way. any time you go in and have a violent change at the top, it's very difficult to create conditions for stability longer term. >> sounds like from what you're saying right now, there's no real change in united states's military establishes with syria from what it was last week. >> that's correct. >> official in four hours, we'll see what he says. all eyes on his trip to moscow where he finally meets the foreign minister there, sergey lavrov. >> interesting to see how russia acts, complicit or incompetent. coming up next on "morning joe," much more coverage on
2:56 am
crisis breaking out across the globe, strikes in syria, latest terror attack in egypt, moving the fleet into waters outside of korea. joe and mika, cory gardner. nbc white house correspondent kristin welker joins us with details. "morning joe" moments away. t it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. it delivers a whole mouth clean with a less intense taste. zero alcohol™. so it has the bad breath germ-killing power of this...
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before we toss over to morkz, stories ahead. winners of 101st pulitzer prize announced today. categories of journalism, drama, music will be honored. meanwhile impeachment hearings for robert bentley are expected to begin today. the republican is accused of violating ethics and campaign finance laws. he has vowed to stay on in office. >> neil gorsuch set to be sworn in as associate supreme court justice in just a few hours. >> "morning joe" starts right now. no way do we see peace in that area with assad as the head
3:00 am
of the syrian government, and we have to make sure we're pushing that process. the political solution has to come together for the good of the people of syria. >> all right. ambassador nikki haley over the weekend on her approach to syria. but does that match the rest of the administration? good morning. it is monday april 10th, the day after joe's birthday. with us on set veteran columnist and msnbc contributor mike barnicle, senior political analyst for nbc news and msnbc mark halperin, and president of the council on foreign relations and author of "a world in disarray" richard haass. did you have a good birthday, joe? >> i did. >> i have a present. my chickens laid eggs yesterday. isn't that sweet? open them up. aren't they pretty? happy birthday. >> these are from now on going to be given away as the parting gifts


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