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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  April 16, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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east. just about 9:00 a.m. out west and day 87 of the trump administration with new word from the president today about those tax marches that happened across the country, president trump asking who paid the protesters. a new report from the west coast anti and pro trump supporters ending in a bloody mess. boarder wall with earth day ahead. the impact othe wall if it's built. plus. >> happy easter. all right. get out of here. get out of here. go. get out of here. all right. shut up. >> don't go anywhere. we'll have more from that snl spoof with an easter bunny theme. we begin with new reaction from both sides of the aisle urging president trump to lean on china so it can stop north
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korea from building its nuclear program and launching another missile. >> china is the key. they can stop this if this ey w to because of their control over the north korean economy. this may be the first test of this presidency, but china can shut them down and we should be whether their currency m manipulators or not. >> i think president trump understands dealing with china, the partnership with china and the countries in that region is what we have to focus on. >> if china does cut off all transactions with north korea, we'll be in a position where once again the dictator will not be able to pay his generals. that's what happened the last time we had these kinds of sanctions imposed on chinese banks. >> president trump tweeting this morning why would i call china a currency manipulator when they're working with us on the north korean problem. the first on camera comments
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coming from vice president mike pence who described the failed missile test as a provocation. the vice president arrived in south korea hours after the launch and he spoke to the troops before celebrating easter dinner. >> this morning's provocation from the north is just the latest reminder of the risks each one of you face every day in the defense of the freedom of the people of south korea and the defense of america in this part of the world. >> we are in seoul with more for this. janice, hello to you. >> reporter: good morning. hours after a massive military parade showing off missiles and hardware, north korea carried out that missile test firing what's believed to be a medium range or submarine launched ballistic missile from the east coast. u.s. offls confirming it failed. they detected it and traced it and it blew up almost
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immediately. this is a deep embarrassment for kim jong-un as u.s. war ships are heading to the region. north korea firing something is not a surprise. there's been speculation for weeks that a nuclear or missile test was in the works. what isn't clear is the reaction or the extent of it, at least from the u.s. president trump had said that north korea is a problem that will be dealt with, but so far he's been silent on this. only a brief statement acknowledging the test and its failure and that coming from the defense secretary general james mattis. vice president mike pence is now wading into this heightened tension in the region. he's on a ten-day tour in seoul, south korea right now, but the vice president has barely acknowledged this test, which suggests to us this is now the official white house policy, at least for the time being is not to give north korea the sort of attention it's seeking. >> all right. thank you for that. let's turn to west palm
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beach florid beach, florida. let's talk about what we're hearing from the president or the administration today. >> reporter: they have been notably quiet about this with respect to north korea and it has been part of a strategy we've seen play out over the early months of this trump administration, not wanting to validate north korea's aggression or its nuclear capabilities by adding attention. so while the administration is looking at ways to try to blunt the ability of kim jong-un to expa expand or take these saber rattling efforts, they want to make it not more of an event by drawing his interests and adding oxygen to the conversation. right now the president and his family are at church here in palm beach where they're celebrating easter and the president will head back to washington later today.
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his top advisor on national security general mcmaster made a trip to afghanistan and talked about how the president is viewing north korea. here is h.r. mcmaster. >> we're working together with allies and partners and the chinese leadership to develop a range of options and the president has asked the national security council to integrate the efforts of the department of defense, state, and intelligence agencies so we can provide options for him if the north korean regime refuses to denuclearize. >> reporter: trying to contain north korea has been of grave concern for the united states for years and former president obama had spent some of his transition time with donald trump urging him to take this
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issue seriously when. it comes to the president's rhetoric on trade, that has been perceived to be helpful in getting china's support and saying that the u.s. with allies will act with or without china, but the president wants china's involvement. this will be an ongoing test for the administration and some experts say because the president used military force in syria and afghanistan, that sent a signal to north korea that the president is willing to take steps to keep north korea in line. >> all right. kelly o'donnell there. thank you so much. we're going to continue the conversation now. joining me from the brookings institution, an expert on the asia-pacific region. welcome to you on this sunday. let's get to it because the official statement released last night from the u.s. government to north korea's missile launch comes from james mattis who wrote the president and his military team are aware of north korea's most recent unsuccessful
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missile launch. the president has no further comment. you've written, you've studied this region extensively. how do you interpret this response? >> well, i think part of the reason is that north korea undertakes so many efforts at ballistic missile launches and the question is whether you want to react to them. north korea does because it wants to be on the radar screen and the decision made in the administration i think wisely has been to low key this. don't feel compelled to react or overreact to every specific behavior that north korea undertakes. >> you may have heard the congressman roy say that sanctions imposed on chinese banks worked in the past. is that a viable option since the president is making nice with the chinese? >> well, the reference goes back to 2006 when a chinese bank was specifically sanctioned because that was an area or a bank that
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did a lot of transactions with north korea. it seemed to do a lot of good. the dill mau is that the banks don't corporate with north korea. it's the smaller banks that are prepared to take bigger risks. you could try to control them, but it wouldn't have the same impact obviously if you had china in a major, major way in this still very very isolated economy. >> if you look at the military force that was demonstrated in syria and afghanistan, does that have any exact on north korea. you heard that some have suggested that. >> i'm skeptical. the north koreans take note of it. they've made mention of it. but the reality is that the korean peninsula is one of the most heavily armed places on earth. you have seoul, a city of close to 20 million people within 20 to 30 miles of the boarder. south korea's vulnerable under
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any kind of circumstances, so always what is inhibited the united states from thinking about other options is precisely the consequences that would follow, even if w were to act against some kind of immediate target. add to that north korea is now a nuclear armed state. >> to what extent, how successful do you believe north korea could actually be? we saw the attempt and it failed miserably on the first attempt this weekend. we've seen recent ones that don't really go anywhere. how close are they to having an intercontinental ballistic missile that could reach us that would be armed with something nuclear or something that would be able to get to south korea much closer? >> icbm doesn't reach south korea. arrtillery will reach there.
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>> you can speculate about that, but it would seem overkill given the other kinds of options they have and given the targets they have in south korea that you can hit with on conventional weapons. i know the nuclear reactors, there are plenty in south korea. how close is north korea to an icbm capability, this is something that people debate a lot. i think they've got a long way to go. the failed missile test yesterday was most likely of a solid fuel rocket. they've had one or two partial successes of that and that's significant and important, but most of their tests end in failure, but then again this is rocket science. it's not easy. so you've got to look at the building blocks for which you would need a true long-range missile that north korea claims that they are working on and claims they will build.
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we've almost been promised a launch. kim jong-un said as much on new year's day, but not so far and we're trying to keep it that way. >> was there anything you saw in that vast military parade that they just held a couple of days ago in the honor of the say of the sun? was there anything there you see because experts say they did see new material. is there something there that concerns you? >> we saw some large cannisters. if something's in the cannisters that might represent a new missile, but the reality is north korea has never attempted an icbm launch, but they want us to believe that they have that capability or will have that capability soon. i don't want to say it's for purposes of deception or show, but a lot is for domestic consumption in north korea and so to that extent, they have no
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incentive to convey weakness or vulnerability. they want to convey great strength in the face of american opposition and in the face increasingly of chinese opposition, but there's a world of difference between being able to parade missiles down the street and to actually have ones that work. >> is there really anything different that therump administration can do that the obama ministration did not do? >> the policies that the trump administration are following are actually very very similar to what the obama administration did. and i would note, though, at the end of the obama administration the language and the statements from the obama administration were getting much much tougher. they knew they were coming to a fork in the road, but president trump listened carefully to president obama when he was president elect and president trump has taken it very seriously and in doing so you realize the options here are
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decidedly unpleasant. anything that you consider. what he has tried to do and i think he deserves credit for this is to begin to work much more actively with china. the chinese are deeply offended by north korean behavior and it may be that the chinese themselves now are at a turning point in their own policies towards north korea in a way that if we can work jointly with china, we're going to be in a much better position to really inhibit and constrict what north korea hopes to be able to do. >> thank you so much for your time. >> thank you. next, is it all about the polls? a new theory about the president's new focus on foreign policy next. way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced, our senses awake, our hearts racing as one.
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this is really very serious. this guy in north korea is not rational as his father and grandfather were much more rational than he is. >> senator john mccain calling this the first real test of the trump presidency after the failed missile launch this morning. >> guys, welcome to you both. glad to have you. you had both john mccain and bernie sanders, both of them praising president trump's negotiating with china over north korea. is that the general consensus on the hill or are some worry about aggressive action escalating the crisis? >> i think both are true. everyone recognizes that china has some leverage over north korea around it's in the interests of the united states that they use it. on the other hand, you've had the president strike a pretty
9:18 am
aggressive tone and he plainly has enjoyed the aftermath of the strike in syria, the dropping of that very large weapon in afghanistan and so ihi given the irrationality that senator mccain was talking about and the inclinations as donald trump has expressed them, there's concern about the things escalating out of control. >> what about politically speaking, because you have democratic congressman who suggested all this saber rattling by donald trump is a ruse to attempt to raise his poll numbers. it does distract from some of the problems that the administration has had. are these politics at play here? >> i would caution against making a tsimplistic action against the foreign policy and politics at home.
9:19 am
foreign policy is easier for donald trump to handle. you have easily identifiable opponents in assad and syria and in the case of north korea s, b you have immediate action that donald trump can take. you can launch a bomb and fire missiles. you can do something immediate that the people can see and there is a comfort dealing with military generals. he has a number of them in the administration. he's obviously relying on them to take action overseas. there's a surprising level of comfort he has in dealing with these issues, but i would caution against making it too clear a direct analysis this, he's doing this to avoid poor opinion polls. he's disregarded as fake news a number of accurate stories. i think there's a number of things at play here. >> i want to talk about that special election in georgia that's under way two days from. you have democrat ossoff.
9:20 am
democrats are hoping they can take this red seat and turn it blue. what do you think the chances are of that happening? >> i'm going down to cover that race tomorrow. i've been talking to people on both sides and both sides agree it is possible that john ossoff can get to the 50% he needs in order to win that election on tuesday. but there's no guarantee of that at all and his chances are diminished if it gets to a june 20th run off. you have a divided field with republicans who are trying to as a party rally their base so he can't get to 50%, but a tremendous surge of activism by democrats who are unhappy with donald trump. huge amounts of money. he's raised an extraordinary $8 million for this race. he has a shot to do it. special elections are unpredictab unpredictable, but there's a high level of awareness by
9:21 am
democrats if they can take this seat that has a lot of college educated voters that are the least sympathic with trump this would send a huge mention to trump. >> hard to predict at this point, however if ossoff were to win how big a sign would this be ahead of the mid terms next year? >> it would be a jolt for democrats. they came close in kansas special election. republicans won it by 7%. it was a district that donald trump had carried by 27%. again, just like john said, special elections are special indeed. you can't read too much into any single one of them, but if you have replins narrowl winning an area thatrump won and if you have them cing up close in georgia, you're giving democrats fuel and energy they need to go into the mid terms. >> speaking of that situation in kansas, they weren't able to take it. if they're not also successful in georgia, what does that say? >> it says that the tide at this
9:22 am
moment is not overwhelming for republicans. if ossoff wins, you'll see a lot of panic among republican house members. it will change the dynamics of trump related to congress. that will calm down if he doesn't win. we've seen in the past in bill clinton's administration there was a special election in a similar situation in 1993. his defense secretary had given up a house seat. democrats survived that election just barely won it, but they got slaughtered the next year. it would be -- republicans very much want to win that race, but if they win it that doesn't mean they're out of danger for next year's mid term. >> can i ask you what's happening with regard to the visitor logs at the white house and the lack of transparency there? >> sure. >> what is that about and what do you think the ramifications of that may be? >> so the trump administration has declined to bring forward or allow reporters to see who is coming in and who is coming out
9:23 am
and it's a change of policy for what happened in the administration's past andt seems like a very clear case of this white house not enjoying the coverage they're getting, wanting to act at least like they're hiding something and this is an administration that is very much built their mist eek around people not understanding that and people not really seeing inside the palace and if they control more of the information about who is coming in and out it's better to be able to control the narrative. >> i think the term for that is cover the swamp. >> i was going to say i guess that's one way to look at it. all right. listen, good to see you both. thank you so much for your time. have a happy sunday. >> happy easter. the easter edition of an snl spoof, what spicy had to say about this controversy next.
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welcome back everyone. at the half hour here's what we're monitoring for you.
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north korea's failed missile launch is drawing more reaction from elected officials. the test came a day after the country put its arsenal on parade. chair of the house armed services committee says the u.s. needs to beef up its presence. >> the most important thing we can do is increase our military presence, especially our missile defense in that area, because we cannot rely on his good judgment to prevent a war. vice president mike pence is in south korea. violence breaking out of supporters and opponents of president trump faced off in a california park. it happened saturday in berkeley. here is part of a report just as a flash bang exploded and a warning the following confrontations may be a bit
9:32 am
upsetting to watch. >> reporter: an explosive fireworks flying into the crowd. one woman sprayed a trump supporters in the eyes with an arr arrow i sol spray. >> katie, good sunday. how did this get started. >> reporter: this started as a patriots day rally that was organized bymp tru supporters not intended to be violent. police put up orange barriers around the rally. protesters showed up and the two sides began to clash. items were thrown over those barriers. cans filled with cement and fireworks and later those barriers were breached entirely as protesters in clashed in violence and assault. there have been 21 arrests and 11 people injured yesterday. they say several people were
9:33 am
taken to the hospital to be treated. they say that their investigation is far from over. their task is going to be review any surveillance video they can find, including video on social media. they're trying to find people that were involved in these assaults and this is really becoming a pattern in berkeley. this is the third violent incident that has erupted there in the past several months. all stemming from protests and demonstrations and i think the police, even though they did take precaution this time, definitely want to hold the folks accountable seen in these videos. they do expect more arrests to be pursued here as they continue to investigate. protesters very violent as you can see in the video and very defensive of their positions. emotions were flying high yesterday. take a listen to what they had to say. >> these people don't belong in berkeley. they're not from berkeley. they're coming in to start
9:34 am
something. >> this is cowards that want to wear a mask. they're full of rage. >> reporter: police tell us they are pursuing all leads to try and track down the people in this video that they have seen causing this violence and they do suspect that more arrests will be coming they shortly here. >> i think this is not the last we will see of demonstrations like this in berkeley thank you. let's get new reaction from the president to those tax day protests. his reply, i did what was an almost impossible thing to do for a republican, easily won the electoral college. tax returns are brought up again? someone should look into who paid for the small organized rallies yesterday. the elections are over. let's bring in the former dnc chair and contributor. happy sunday. appreciate you being here. we're going to get into this.
9:35 am
is the electoral college beside the point. >> he probably should have stopped after his first tweet this morning which said happy easter, everyone and left it at that. that being said, he has folks on the political side who can be surrogates on these issues and that's what he should be focusing on. right now -- he should be -- that's what they should be focusing on. right now he's dealing with north korea, syria, afghanistan. let's leave the political talk to the outside surrogates. >> he's making a tweet that someone should look into who is paying for the rallies. do you know who funded them? >> i don't think anybody funded them. i suspect they were organized the same way the women's march was organized. trump has managed to break all the rules in politics so maybe he'll get away with this, but he keeps harming himself. he is dealing with major
9:36 am
worldwide issues and we can debate on how he's do that, but those issues are really big issues and the fist fights and that stuff and the tax day stuff is annoying to him, but it's not on the same scale as what's going on in north korea and afghanistan. so he's just lowered himself into a debate that he didn't need to lower himself into. i think he's got to stop doing this to himself. it does not help the respect that people have for him and that's why they don't respect him. >> just put the phone down. okay. susan, we have this "new york times" article which has a new article on the rising influence of jared kushner and ivanka trump and the white house after steve bannon's role was minim e minimized. several administration officials said the couple's move against bannon was less by policy than by addressing what they view as an embarrassing string of failures that may damage her father personally as well as the trump family brand.
9:37 am
does that surprise you? >> not at all. we know that obviously the president's daughter and son-in-law are very protective of him and steve bannon has become a problem for donald trump. not just in the fact that he tries to get press like the cover of time magazine, but also of the way he conducted himself especially on the health care battle. going into members of congress and trying to threaten them was just a really bad mistake and a misplayed hand and that delivered a huge loss to the president and that's what i think hit ivanka trump and jared kushner have a bigger problem with. >> what about the democrats, are they looking at the rising influenc of jared and ivanka? >> i think anything that gets rid of steve bannon is a good thing for trump and it's a good thing for the country. the guy is a white supremacist. he hates jews. it's ridiculous to have somebody
9:38 am
like this in the white house and it's a distraction for the country. it's not clear to me that ivanka trump and jared have a lot of influence on their father. ivanka keeps trying to be nice, let's do something about climate change and then her father apoints this guy to the epa that's a climate denier. it's not entirely clear to me. i think he feels comfortable with them because they're family, but it's not clear they have a lot of influence. >> but should they have any influence at all? i'm going to question the extent of influence that ivanka has because there was word that she got so upset by seeing the syrian children gassed with chemical weapons and she was talking with her father about it and then he acted. that may have helped influence him. is that right, should she and her husband have the kind of influence that they may have the president? >> should or shouldn't is a different question. they do and that's just the fact that we have to deal with. when it comes to ivanka trump, there's also -- this is a
9:39 am
difference in having children advising you who never worked with you before. don't forget, she worked in the family business with donald tru trump. she knows how he operates and how he thinks and the best way to approach him. what really needs to happen in the white house is we -- reince priebus needs to be the sole entry into the white house, into the oval office, and not have so many different factions trying to get in to see the president. >> howard, if you had a thought to share, go ahead. >> i'm not -- this is not my issue. people are always influenced by their families in the white house whether they're on the payroll or not. if it's not illegal, it's -- presidents have always been interested influenced by their families, by the people they trust. they've always had those people around him. wilson's wife ran the country after his stroke. this is not the issue that
9:40 am
upsets me is that they're. what upsets me is that bannon is there. ivanka, who is i think more moderate seems to really not have influence when it really matters like the cutting of funding of planned parenthood and beginning the gop war on women like all the stuff that's going on around the climate change issues. she's supposed to be a moderating influence. there's no evidence that trump is moderating on these issues. >> i mentioned the syrian chemical attack. your comments last week on the democratic congresswoman made a lot of buzz. you compared her reluctance to blame bashar al assad for the syrian chemical attack before hearing evidence for trump making evidence to putin and said she should not be in congress. have you been hearing from democrats who agree with you? >> yes and there's some that don't, of course, as well.
9:41 am
i think it's very dangerous to defend -- assad is a butcher. he is a murderer. he may not be murdering on the scale that hitler did, but he is a murderer and he's murdered hundreds of thousands of his own people. there's no question that he used gas. he's used gas for a long time. he's been using chlorine gas and barrel bombs for a long time. for any member of congress to question that puts them in the same league of donald trump cozying up to putin. it's frightening to have somebody of what her status used to be doing something lik that. it's clear you can't get away with that in the democrati party. >> good to talk ywith you guys. president president trump's policy and the effect on the environment. the new attack by democrats accusing the president of breaking political promises in
9:42 am
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the american people need to understand what kind of involvement trump's business dealings have abroad and what kind of leverage those dealings may have on his policies. >> and that was senator bernie sanders today on whether president trump's tax returns should be subpoenaed in the ongoing senate russia investigation. his comments come a day after thousands participated in so-called tax marches ahead of tuesday's filing deadline demanding the president release them. joining me now is associate professor of law at the university of chicago. with a welcome to you, i'm goca explain why some of the efforts we're seeing in states will likely fail?
9:46 am
>> well, so legislators in more than 25 states have proposed bills that would require any presidential candidate in 2020 to release his or her returns as a condition for getting on the ballot. are promising efforts, but there are a few problems. this wouldn't let us see president trump's tax information until 2020. that's a long way away. second, so of the states in which these laws might pass are states he's unlikely to win. connecticut, hawaii, california. trump might just decide if a state like that passes this sort of law, he won't run there in 2020. >> look, i'm looking at the op ed you right now and you say that new york governor cuomo has the power to make the tax returns public. what is stopping him from doing
9:47 am
that. >> this april president trump if he's fulfilling his tax obligations, filing returns with the irs, he's a new york resident. he'll be filing state tax returns with the new york state department of taxation. those new york state returns contain most of the same information that's on his federal returns. so new york state could pass a law -- it wouldn't just be governor cuomo who would have to be on board with this. they could pass a law directing the department of taxation to disclose the president's state tax returns. >> how unique would that be and would there be problems as a result of that? >> i don't think it would be unique in that presidential tax transparency is not unique. in the scheme of american history it's not unique at all. if you go back to 1862, we
9:48 am
published everyone's returns on the courthouse doors. the supreme court suggested that was okay in 1925. we have a history of tax transparency in the united states and i think this would be consistent with elements of that history. >> i know you're aware that sean spicer said this week he was telling reporters you can pretty much forget about ever seeing the president's tax returns. i want to get your take on how we went from his excuse you'll see them after the audit is finished to don't hold your breath. >> perhaps he'll change his tune again. it seems that an overwhelming majority of americans, republicans and democrats, be want him to do what jimmy carter and ronald reagan did, disclose their tax returns. hopefully a president who has flip-flopped a number of times will flop back towards tax transparency. >> you talked about the president if he were to run the
9:49 am
states that could pass laws you said washington, you said hawaii, really? you think the president would run again but not run in those states because of a tax law? >> so these two proposals can proce proceed on parallel tax. my idea of getting new york state to disclose his tax returns we could see his tax returns on may 1st. would trump keep his name off a ballot because he doesn't want to disclose his tax returns? i don't know. he keeps talking about how he won the electoral college. he doesn't seem to care about the popular vote. i think he would keep his name off a bat ballot if he keep his returns private. >> appreciate your time. >> thanks. the boarder wall and its impact on nature, what president trump's planned wall could mean for endangered species. g you ba? break through your allergies. try new flonase sensimist instead of allergy pills.
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earth week is under way as activists ramp up awareness for various environmental causes leading up to earth day on saturday. one of these causes is the dangerous impact construction of the proposed border wall will have on wildlife and habitat. joining me now is jeff corwin, wildlife biologist and host of "ocean mysteries." always good to have you, jeff. i want you to get right into it and explain what scientists are predicting if this border wall gets built. >> well, alex, if this border wall actually happens, it will be an environmental catastrophe. essentially what it's doing, alex, is cutting through nare's bridge, which connes central america to north america and south america. wildlife have been using this natural corridor for millions of years, and essentially what this administration wants to do is put a 1,200-mile-long barrier right through it. think of all the different species and creatures that migrate for resources, for
9:54 am
reproduction, for seasonality. many of the animals, alex, that live in north america evolved in south america and migrated along this natural causeway, so it would be absolutely devastating. there are over 100 bird species that migrate, that will be critically impacted by this, and there are nearly 90 endangered and threatened species, some of which could very well be pushed to extinction because of this proposed wall. >> yeah, i know one of the most concerning ones is the mexican gray wolf, which you also talked about the jaguars, mountain lions, white-tailed deer, among so many others. what are you hearing, jeff, from your friends in the conservation community, especially those in government? any word on where this is going and the concerns they have with this administration? >> well, a lot of folks, alex, are terrified, because the models and the tools that we use to manage wildlife in the united states, to manage habitat, match ral resources in a pragmatic,
9:55 am
common sense way, is based on science, and it doesn't seem like this administration cares about science. for example, their dark age denial of climate change. when you take their viewpoint on climate change, you mix in the border wall, and you take how they are basically castrating and decapitating the governmental institions like the epa, the department of the interior, the national oceanic atmospheric administration, the u.s. national wildlife service, which they are decapitating and castrating, it's a brilliant strategy to wage a war on wildlife, but this is the strategy that this administration has taken. they castrate because they remove the fuel and the resources to do the job, and they decapitate by deregulating the missions of these organizations. and it's the wildlife and ultimately our children that will pay the price. alex, the way i look at it, the
9:56 am
resources that we use today, we don't inherit from our ancestors. we borrow from our children. and when it comes to nature and wildlife, the trump administration is preparing to rob the bank. >> wow. i know, jeff, that you took on the george w. bush administration for the efforts to roll back the endangered species act, also their climate change policy. give me a grade on what you're seeing with the trump administration so far. >> well, right now, you know, when i'm looking at the trump administration, alex, you see scott pruitt, the head of the epa, a climate change denier and person who does not believe in conservation based on what i've seen, that's like having the fox in the hen house. you look at all of these things under way, and basically i give this administration an "f," and that's an "f" for frightening. >> jeff, i know you've reached out many times to the trump administration trying to get word and speak with them. hope that they hear you and give you ahearing, if you will.
9:57 am
i'll let your thoughts be heard. that would be great there. thank you, jeff, for sharing things with us. i appreciate it. a retired four-star general will tell us forget about stopping north korea from developing a nuclear missile to hit the u.s., america needs to develop a defense system instead and soon. that's next. managing blood sugar is not a marathon it's a series of smart choices. like using glucerna to replace one meal or snack a day. glucerna products have up to 15 grams of protein to help manage hunger and carbsteady, unique blends of slow release carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes. every meal every craving. it's the choices you make when managing blood sugar that are the real victories. glucerna. everyday progress. "how to win at business." step one: point decisively with the arm of your glasses. abracadabra. the stage is yours. step two: choose la quinta. the only hotel where you can redeem loyalty points for a free night-instantly and win at business.
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thithis is the new new york.e? think again. we are building new airports all across the state. new roads and bridges. new mass transit.
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new business friendly environment. new lower taxes. and new university partnerships to grow the businesses of tomorrow today. learn more at hello, everyone, i'm alex witt here at msnbc world headquarters in new york city, where it is 1:00 in the east, 10:00 a.m. out west, and here's what's happening. president trump is wrapping up his eastern weekend at mar-a-lago and touting the military just a day after north korea launched a missile, which failed. the president tweeting this morning, "our military is building and is rapidly becoming stronger than ever before. frankly, we have no choice." also new today, republican senator john mccain on whether the u.s. military might have played a role in the failure of the missile. here's what he told my colleague chuck todd this morning. >> do you buy the sabotage thing? do you think our program is good enough to do thingsik


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