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tv   MSNBC Joy Reid  MSNBC  April 16, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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. for one spring breaker at fox news the vacation may just best. bill o riley said he would be getting away. his choice of vacation days come shortly after the new york times revelation on april 1st that o'reilly and fox news have paid $13 million in settlements to five women who have accused him of sexual harassment.
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he's denied any wrong doing. ratings after his last pre-vacation show on tuesday suggest that his viewers have not abandoned him. his advertisers on the other hand have. according to variety, this past week his show featured ten national ads each night down from 33 in the month before the settlements news broke. he's scheduled to be back on the air april 24th but his long term future is less certain. the murdochs are weighing the pros and cons in the company including a protest at fox news channel against o'reilly this week led by one of the guests who is here with me now.
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thank you all for being here. i'm going to come to you first. i want to get updates on the o'reilly situation from you. is he coming back after the 24th? >> that's the big question. the murdoch family is debating. there's a split. rupert is inclined to treat him. they do not want to be told what to do by the new york times. there's a sense he doesn't want to be pressured into making a decision. his sons who are trying to take the company in a more forward looking direction say this is a stain on our name. we need to sort of move on. cut ties and try to bring in a new face. that's really the state of play. >> it's hard to imagine that inside of fox news. they do have female employees. is there no internal rumbling this is not a culture we want to portray to the rest of the world? >> there is. fox news is such a profit center and rupert says this is a business that makes me over a
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billion dollars in profit and some disgruntled employees will not pressure me into cleaning house. >> we have lawn unched two investigations. we file a complaint asking sec to investigate whether they filed loss filings with sec. that settlements were described as compensation. it's a false filing for stake holders. >> the settlement with victims were described as compensation as opposed to settlements. those are false filings. stake holders and shareholders need know the risk associated with this company. the filings that they made do not disclose this false information. >> i have to go to lisa on this. the idea that somebody could sue for sexual harassment and win, get a settlement and have that
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represented as compensation to them, i find that incredible. is that even legal? >> well, i think the investigation will have to determine that. hats off to leticia. thanks to what you're doing. i represent wendy walsh. we've had fox news launch an internal investigation in response to the complaint we called in a couple of weeks ago. we have been active giving them the information they requested, witness name, phone numbers, e-mails, giving them what they want and fully cooperating in their investigation. i think that's going to be very significant. >> i think what a lot of people when they look at fox news, they look at the culture that's going on there. it seems incredible to me that for years you can have harassment going on, complaints not just about bill o'reilly and roger ailes and have it go on for years and years and have
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o'reilly working there. it's seen as an attack on the man? what is behind the support they still get? >> i think it comes from the audience that fox news has. they feel if you speak out against fox news, you're speaking out against the republican primary base. the same base that swept dump into office. a lot of them are cowardly and not doing so. it's embarrassing so many people in public model who is are supposed to do the right thing and won't call out sexual harassment and would rather pander to their base. >> you are not seeing a revolt of even guests of elected
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officials not wanting to go on . people are still going on. >> we have a federal investigation into fox news. i've done more reporting on that as well. fbi and the u.s. attorneys office for the southern district of new york are looking into the claims about whether there's secret payoffs to women. anything to illegal surveillance of journalists, including myself who have reported on fox news. this is a possible legal and criminal mess for rupert and his company. >> when you say illegal surveillance, what do you mean? >> obtaining the phone records of journalists illegally by contacting a cell phone to get the records to see which employees inside of fox news they are talking to. this is a culture of surveillance and fear that roger presided over and that allowed people like be o'reilly to thrive.
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this is a culture of rupert murdoch looks the other way. >> is this also going to become a subject of the investigations that you're working on? >> i think it's important to understand this is the same investigation that he was working on when he got fired. th we have filed a complaint within the human rights commission. bill o'reilly is a cash cow and fox news has placed the interest of this cash cow over that of women. >> how are you able to launch an investigation? >> because i'm a trustee i can lawn unch investigations. the bottom line is they failed
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to disclose material information. it fails to present the risks to shareholders who invest in 21 century fox. that's going to have a major impact on shareholders as a hold. it's creating this climate and culture of discrimination against women and people of color. it should have an impact on their bottom line. >> there's a racial discrimination suit against fox news. >> which i hear more women are joining opini ing joining. that's expanding as well. sglo sg >> do these investigations impact your client's case or any other cases of women who might want to come forward and report instances? >> absolutely. i want to emphasize that my client is not asking for a penny. she has not sued. she's asking for accountability. we have asked for two additional investigations last week. one to the state division of human rights. i care about women. i don't care that much about fox news.
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i care about the ongoing culture and pats earn and practice of sexual harassment at fox news. i sent the letter that's posted on my twitter asking them to do an investigation. i sent a letter to a uk regulatory agency that is currently considering whether fox news parent company, 21st century fox can buy out sky tv and bring fox news to the uk. there's a lot of activists who don't want that. they reached out to me. i've connected to them and sent them the information about the sexual harassment scandal at fox news which is much bigger than bill o'reilly this week. i know that's being kred in the uk. >> one of the women who make these allegations aren't long. they are not on tv anymore. >> it speaks to this culture that if you speak out, they will retaliate against you and try to
4:10 pm
take actions that will harm your career advancement. if this culture is really going to change, it's pattern behavior. we're going to need the people at fox, the people in front of the camera and the men, the sean hannity, tucker carlson, chris wallaces' to take a stand and say that do not support this. they do not want to be part of a company that treats women this way. at some point everyone has culpability. it will be really something if these men who work there would say we're not a part of that. >> any chance of that? there's men and women who have said nothing. >> we have seen glimmers of it. shepherd smith came out and said, i think the quote was sickened by the allegations. we have seen signs of people trying to say the right thing. it's this culture of fear and frankly an authoritarian culture where employees are afraid to
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break ranks. >> we'll stay on this story. i'm sure you will as well. keep us up to date on your investigation. thank you very much to both of you. up next, our panels respond to trump's generals on the sunday morning shows. stay right there. ♪ hi, i'm frank. i take movantik for oic, opioid-induced constipation. had a bad back injury, my doctor prescribed opioids which helped with the chronic pain, but backed me up big-time.
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[ [ screams ] ] [ shouting ] brace yourself! this is crazy! [ tires screeching ]
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whoo! boom baby! rated pg-13. [ screams ] this fits into a pattern of provocative and destabilizing pattern. the president has made clear he will not accept the united states and allies and partners in the region being under threat from this hostile regime with nuclear weapons. >> the military option is still on the table? >> all options are on the table.
4:15 pm
>> donald trump may have campaigned on the america first platform, but lately, he's been looking beyond u.s. borders and taking action. perhaps he's learned that war provocation are the way to get the headlines and phrase, particularly from the state of conservative media. trump is all about the ratings. which is why it all boils down to messaging. depending on the way you get your news, you'll either get the generals or the colorful characters of trump. joining us back here. thank you all for being here. i wanted to show you the contrast. i think it's interesting that the administration sounds very different depending on what channel you're watching them on, john kelly, homeland security secretary.
4:16 pm
on "meet the press." >> he's got to change from relative to everything from democracy to how they live their lives and somehow get our arms around this issue of opportunity in the middle east. it's probably not really our problem. or our job. it's the job of those countries in the international community to help. it's not an american job, necessarily. >> i don't think there are very many americans who disagree with that. it sounds reasonable. and it's not our job. let's listen to what who is now the ambassador instead, and she's on fox news talking what
4:17 pm
about is not the responsibility of the american government. it turns out what she thinks is not the responsibility is battlefield decision, take a listen. >> it's about the commander's decision to make. and we do not have a president who is sitting out there picking out bombing charges. he's left that up to the military. so far, the military has been terrific. look at the syria attack on the airport that was used by the syrians to deliver those chemical weapons. is that was done completely successfully. it was done quickly. and it was done with enormous
4:18 pm
effect, i think. >> and, you know, the message is to clearly understand the audiences, right for mainstream audiences, they're putting on kelly, and madison. >> and the challenge is, yet this is not just a domestic narrative anymore. everything the president says, everything that is said on u.s. cable news is received internationally. so, you have people overseas who are watching cnn. watching fox. and looking at the tweets and making the decision accordingly. and it's not just presidents, it's foreign leaders. and also a president who is so driven by what he sees on cable news. the reality show president is actually dealing with reality. he doesn't have the basis of history or foreign policy or any of the strategy to really help boost's image and america's security overseas. >> and one of the other challenges, of course, with one of the challenges that donald trump watches any more than the other is to please him. so the message that he wants to see that is actually being reflected back to him is from fox news. i want to play something that i thought was extraordinary and not in a good way this week. this was after the moab drop on target in afghanistan. this is what fox news did on friday. ♪ feels like the whole world is raining down on you ♪ ♪ ♪ courtesy of the red white and blue ♪ >> that's obviously a 21,000
4:19 pm
bomb explodes in afghanistan/pakistan region where at least 36 isis fighters have lost their life. welcome to the final hour of the weeks on "fox & friends." guess who is here geraldo rivera. >> that is what freedom looks like. >> one of my favorite things in the 16 years i've been here on fox news is watching bombs drop on bad guys. >> first of all, i'd like to remind people, geraldo rivera dodged the draft. so he could have watched there. >> and the president of the united states dodged the draft. >> that kind of jinglism, to your point to viewers at fox shoes, that can go around the world and project the image of the united states? >> what the person basically before stressed the commander in chief advocating when we should choose to bomb.
4:20 pm
that should send chills over everybody. ultimately, we're going to promote war and we're not going to have our commander in chief decide when that happens, and that's basically what she was saying i think that makes everybody profusely uncomfortable. the military should be uncomfortable as well. he doesn't have the depth to make military decisions. >> kurt, at the same time, you've now had what appears to be a takeover or at least a foreign policy of this white house by the general. people not in the school of bannon and who really probably dislike it. i want to play one of them, h.r. mcmaster, the guy who largely ousted steve bannon from the principles committee. this is him on "this week" earlier this morning. >> this is one who has
4:21 pm
demonstrated his brutality by murdering members of his family. by imprisoning large numbers of people for horrible, political reasons. so this regime has given the world reason for concern. and that includes -- that includes the chinese people, the chinese leadership as well. >> of course, he's talking about north korea there. but at the tail end of that comment, there's a sense of working with the chinese. and how is that message going to go over with that bannonized base on their sidelines with people like mcmaster and sort of internationalism push forward? >> well, i think part of the reason why you're seeing this narrative, a change in rhetoric, change in tone and strategy, coupled with something additional, dropping the mother of all bombs. that's something that trump can point to that plays up on fox,
4:22 pm
like a propaganda video with that toby keith "red, white and blue" song playing in the background. what they're seeing bombs being dropped against our so-called enemies. on the flip side of it, on every other channel. you're seeing people who spent a lifetime in career and military service who understand the gravity and the complications of these situations. they're going to speak responsibly to it, while they feed up propaganda to their base. >> this might actually flip on the base. forgetting in all of this, the number of men and service women for 16 years. the same amount of time that geraldo rivera has been on tv talking about dropping bombs. they want to know what was the purpose of 16 years in afghanistan if we're still not done? >> right. >> cool heads are prevailing, we need to have diplomacy. wolf blitzer was on, saying we need diplomacy, war should be the last option.
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>> thank you very much, my guests. thank you very much. up next, a sneak peek at the new landmark cover.
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♪ i'm hoping awoke means you take it upon yourself this is something that needs fixed. i need to be part of the solution. >> the other thing, doing that, knowing you can fix it, whatever your platform is. >> yeah. >> people get thinking i'm not on tv and writing a book. actually, you can just do the little thing of walking outside of your apartment and walking into the street with a protest. when you're part of it, you are an activist. >> for the first time "essence" magazine has compiled a list of
4:27 pm
100 woke women taking a stand against injustice. and continues look for equality. now included michelle obama. and look, me, right here. joining me with an exclusive look at the new cover, editor-in-chief, vanessa luke. >> i'm excited to be here. >> it's really exciting. how did this idea, this issue come together? >> well, you know, we were thinking about like the aftermath of the presidential election, a lot of people were feeling powerless, a little numb. and we thought what better time for an anniversary issue to remind people that the role that women of color have always
4:28 pm
played for pushing forward justice, are for legislative justice. we play a role in all of those platforms. so, this 100 woke list, it just to kind of remind you we do have power, women of color. >> i love the fact it's a collective group of women. not just activists but people in the entertainment world. and that's an important dynamic, why did you include that? >> because we understand that entertainers have an incredible platform. people on our list, like zendaya, so many other women who are young and speaking out about what's going on. pointing a finger to injustice that they see, and encouraging all of us, as we just saw in the video that we all can play a role in determining our future. >> one of the things i think has happened and the shock that the election has produced people are
4:29 pm
returning a legacy -- sort of legacy pieces. right. sort of sustained, particularly with women of color over time. looking back, hey, we do need a civil rights group. to kind of re-establish what it means to be a '60s throwback. but also are people coming home for these kinds of magazines for that comfort? >> i believe so. we're definitely seeing people wanting to be engaged. not wanting to be distracted by everything around us. making sure that they are getting alternative facts and that's something that we've always been able to provide. advocacy is part of the "essence" dna ever since its inception. making sure that our voice, especially voices of women are color are not squashed down that they're given a platform. extraordinary women like michelle obama, april ryan, congresswoman maxine waters.
4:30 pm
we're doing the critical work. every single women, 12 on the cover, yourself included. and the 88 inside which will be revealed on tomorrow. wherever they live, whatever the space they occupy, they're making sure they're raising their voices, speaking up for us, advocating on our behalf and making sure that our concerns are not ignored and that's critical especially at this stage right now. >> as magazine editor of a magazine of women in color, do you think it's shock or is it sustainable? >> i think it's sustainable. after we saw the organization of all of those women for the
4:31 pm
women's march. jenica, jenay, people realizing hey, we have enthusiasm. that actually ignited that sense of purpose. to make sure we don't just sit back and accept what's being put in front of us. the more united you are. you talk about intersectionality, this is a demonstration of that. us coming together united can be a powerful force. >> when can we get it? >> on newsstands friday. actually more to come, we're going to have more. stay tuned for that. >> i've got my copy right now, and i'm keeping it. >> this is really exciting. thank you so much for joining us, vanessa deluca. it hits the newsstands friday, april 21st. join us with the #woke100. when we come back, trouble
4:32 pm
in the unfriendly sky. we'll be back in a moment. anyth. do you play? ♪ ♪ use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before. you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next.
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but we can protect your home and auto.
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what happened to my dad should have never happened to any human being regardless of the circumstance. we were horrified and shocked and sickened to learn what had happened to him and to see what had happened to him. we hope that in the future nothing like this happens again. >> that was the daughter of kentucky doctor david dao this week after her father was violently yanked off a flight on sunday. dao was forcibly removed when an airline needed four seats for united crew members and dao was taken out of the seat as he was taken screaming down the aisle. photos show dao with a bloody face.
4:36 pm
and they've apologized and changed their policy on removing passengers on a full flight. but the incident with what rules passengers agree to when they purchase the ticket and how the airlines enforce them. back with me civil rights attorney lisa bloom and richard lui. and nbc anchor. this is an incident of an asian-american man brutalized on the plane. but then they dig up dirt on his background. this is his attorney, dr. dao's attorney on thursday, real blaming the airline. take a look.
4:37 pm
>> for a long time, airlines united in particular have bullied us. they have treated us less than maybe we deserve. >> he's talking about the bully of the airline. but there was a bigger bully of dr. dao by the media. >> i think there's several ways to look at it. the asian-american community, one of our own is now in the lime light and not in a good way. mistreated very quickly from zero to 100 quite quickly in the videos. secondly, this community has seen a lot of hate crimes. l.a. county, for instance, just in a study last year saw hate crimes for asians were full. and the third item i'd like to bring up in communities across the country, asian towns or china towns, if you will, they're seeing asian-americans being targeted as sport. being beaten up. being taken down to get into a gang.
4:38 pm
to get into a fraternity, quote/unquote. that's why the asian-american equivalent of the naacp, just this year, ajac started to get more data because more data is needed. >> and is there a belief that dr. dao would not have been treated this way if he were not asian? >> exactly. asian-american male, by stereotype, potentially seen as an individual that might not fight back, may be an individual that would be in a situation and not file a suit. but according to what united airlines is saying, it was by their computer system the way they selected. >> the way they select people, ali velshi, i have this graphic
4:39 pm
here that my team printed out for me. and it talks about passengers being bumped off flights in 2016. united airlines is really towards the bottom. it's clear that all airlines do this. you look at the voluntary versus the involuntary. southwest jumped up quite awe few involuntary. 15,000 people. how is it legal for you to buy a ticket for you to be bumped offer the flight? >> so, lisa is more the expert on this. but i'll tell you what people don't understand, your contract is for carriage from one location to another within reasonable parameters. you don't actually buy a ticket for a seat on a plane. even though that's what we believe. the contracts vary from airline to airline. southwest is 20 odd pages, united is 50 odd pages. it's detailed and we don't read it. more importantly, lots of people get bumped from planes. lots of people say no and they get paid some money. i've been on a delta flight where they're offered $1350. they're not authorized to give $10,000 because nobody wants the
4:40 pm
nonsense that united brought upon itself. so the idea that you're then sitting in a seat and then bumped off is ridiculous. so the compensation should be big for that. i don't know where the aviation officers came from. he's got a broken nose, damaged sinuses and possibly missing two front teeth. united took years to build up its reputation and sort of got rid of it like this. this is a colossal mess. they need to be looking at that contract of carriage and making sure customers know what they're entitled to and treating them fairly. >> lisa, people are shocked to find out that there's a type of police that can drag you off a plane and treat you as a regular police officer. who are the aviation police? and what is their authority? >> they do authority to enforce the laws and rules in airports
4:41 pm
and airplanes. unfortunately, united does have the right to tell even paying customers that they're not going to take that flight of course as ali said, they should be offering money and higher amounts and higher amounts until people do it voluntarily. they did have the right to ask him off the plane. they certainly didn't have the right to beat him or drag him. this is part of police vial violence that we see. i think it's absolutely appalling. i'm glad he has an attorney. i think they're going to do very well if in terms of getting a substantial judgment if they take the case to trial and make a case of this for their shabby treatment. >> and there was an african-american woman dragged off a delta flight in december that doesn't get as much notice. for the united policy, we issued an updated policy to make sure
4:42 pm
crews traveling on our aircraft are booked at least 60 minutes prior to departure. this ensures situations like flight 3411 never happen again. the other thing that is brought up, the tier system, the class system in the skies, the people who get bumped go to the rear of the plane, quite frankly. >> this has been one of the most successful programs of the airline industry. the mileage programs, these class systems. in some cases a fourth class where you're just a basic ticketholder. and you have no opportunity to move up, quote/unquote, to a normal economy seat. and a middle class that may be a comfort seat. this system, it's very interesting when -- with the story and you get in there, and immediately, do i go next?
4:43 pm
do i go next? what's your status? that sort of gaming that we see in the system has been so profitable for them so they're only doubling down on it. with united airlines, with the gargantuan merger, with the culture of everything we're seeing today so delta and northwest, a little farther along. doing better, more profitable. >> ali, you know, it's not only a fight from luggage, whether or not you have to check your bag or whether you can get that precious overhead space. but at the same time, they're also cramming more seats into the plane almost as if you're flying cattle unless you're in an upper tier. >> and i will tell you this when you look at it over time, airfares have not experienced a great deal of inflation. one way that airlines do it, they charge for other things. but they also sometimes overbook a flight.
4:44 pm
joey, you could get on a plane and there were empty seats. that's why airplanes fill up. that's do that, i get it. all they needed to do is keep going up there. all the changes to crewing, checking in 60 hours ahead of time, that's all fine. we need to find out who decided to call the cops on to the plane because there shouldn't have been police there. with it wasn't a safety or security issue. there's no idea to have police. ultimately, who decided to have the hand-fist approach that united has taken. these are easily solvable problems. everybody involved was a mess. i feel bad for united that they happen to call a couple of cops on there. offer a little bit more money, everybody will be happy. >> and oscar munoz on wednesday after coming around to finally apologizing said the use of law enforcement on aircraft has to be evaluated. well, good.
4:45 pm
all traveling, all flyers here today. thank you very much. thank you, guys. up next, what's in your wallet?
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in 1865, the civil war drew to a close, president abraham lincoln established the friedman's bank, a institution to create financial independence for formerly enslaved african-americans who would for the first time have wages to spend. the friedman's bank eventually closed in 1874 amid political opposition to post civil war reconstruction. but at a type the bank had deposits totalling more than $57
4:52 pm
million. the bank's mission of financial inclusion remains a worthy goal that my next guest is committed to fulfilling. joining me now, john hope bryant, ceo and founder of operation hope, msnbc was proud to be one of the media partners of the organization's 2017 hope global forum this week where i just saw you recently. so good to see you again. >> you came to atlanta, i come to new york. >> absolutely. i appreciate you being here. so let's start by talking about the fact that you were able to convince the treasury department to rename the friedman's bank building as of last year, the treasury annex building. what was the importance of doing that? >> because the perception that african-americans were not -- were not industrious was wrong. we put almost $100 billion into that bank. frederick douglas ran it after lincoln was assassinated. we were proud to be associated even though the nation didn't
4:53 pm
treat us right, we treated the nation right and i wanted that honored, i wanted that recognized. >> you have a theory that financial literacy and getting on firm financial footing is the biggest engine that could drive improvements in everything from the black psyche to, you know, sort of rates of social issues in communities. explain. >> i think it is a new civils rights issue. without that, we wouldn't be here. you know your history. ambassador andrew young, there with dr. king on that balcony, said to live in a system of free enterprise, not to understand the rules of free enterprise must be the definition of slavery. so i look at these communities as a math class and i say, look, neighborhoods, black and urban or white and rural. that's our problem. and 700 -- they go shopping. there has never been a -- in american history. so if we can raise credit scores, you can raise self-esteem and confidence and
4:54 pm
get depression alleviated, hope restored, we're raising credit scores 120 points in 24 months. nothing changes your life more than god or love or moving your credit score more than 120 points. >> if you have that 700 point credit score and able to buy a home, it would alleviate some issues. we have stats on black and brown folks and white americans, according to the institute for policy, it would take black families 228 years to earn the same amount of wealth that white families have today, you could get home ownership rates, 71% of white americans own a home and one more, having a bank account as of 2015, 3.1% americans lack a bank account. how does that hold someone back, not having a bank account. explain for those who can't imagine. >> without a bank account, you can't get access to mainstream financial services and you're being taken advantage of.
4:55 pm
there is more payday lenders in the state of alabama than the entire nation combined. they're preying on the financially illiterate depressed population who have learned to survive out of slavery, but not to thrive. we didn't get the memo. there is a memo on money. there is a memo on free enterprise and capitalism. we're not dumb and we're not stupid. it is what we don't know that we don't know that is killing us. i grew up in compton, california, south central l.a. the only way to change the statistics is to build something for yourself. can't get a job, create a job. i employ 250 people. i got operations in 80 countries. >> explain to me, in the break you were saying you describe it as the starbucks of financial literacy. explain what you're doing. >> we're going inside of bank branches and getting the bank out of the no business and into the yes business. let's get the answer -- banks want to say yes. you find it hard to believe, but a bank -- that's the only way to make money. help them say yes. they'll never say yes to a 550
4:56 pm
credit score customer and they'll tell you. so we just partner to work inside the bank branch to get them out of that no business, get the credit score up 120 points and at 680, 700, you're not black, you're not brown, you're green. >> right. >> and we have increased one bank's bank referrals 500% in one year. not even worried about foreclosures, now you're your own best consumer protection, you're empowered. the definition of freedom in the 21st century is self-determination. self-determination. i long at yok at you, i see selm and confidence. not just the justice department protecting you, you are your justice department. >> your goal is to have a thousand branches by -- how many have you got so far? >> 435. >> you're making progress. and the goal is a thousand by when? >> by 2020, to finish with where they started in 1865. >> john hope bryant, thank you very much. thank you so much for what
4:57 pm
you're doing. appreciate it. where can people find you online? >> operation >> that's our show for today. thank you very much. be sure to join us next weekend for more "am joy." up next, more from msnbc. (vo) pro plan bright mind adult 7+ promotes alertness and mental sharpness in dogs 7 and older.
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