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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  April 17, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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want from their president? really? the trial is expected to last a couple weeks in austin, texas. i wonder if the president will weigh- weigh-in? watch his twitter. that does it for tonight. rachel will be bk tomorrow. good evening, lawrence. >> hey, joy. speaking of performance artists, that is actually my excuse for everything that's gone wrong on this show. and there have been many moments over the last whatever it, six or seven years. i calk it up to performance art. performance art gone wrong. >> we love you just the way you are. >> and don't make me say that phrase again because with a
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boston access it is wicked hard to say performance art. don't make me say it again. >> excellent point. >> thanks, joy. >> well, the verdict is in. and republicans on the house intelligence committee agree that susan rice did nothing wrong. and the president now says he is not going to be tough on china because china is helping with north korea. and republicans who thought the day after easter would be a safe day for town halls, mmm, they had a pretty rough time today. >> we're right on track. >> lock him up! lock imhundred. >> -- him up. >> i want to know what you republicans are going to do to try to control our crazy president who thinks he can just shoot off bombs. >> behave. >> the era of strategic patience is over. >> is the president going to release his 2016 tax returns given we can assume those themselves are not under audit? >> no, you can't. they are. >> no more secrets! no more lies! >> i'm wondering if you will take the initiative to have him release those returns. >> as far as i'm aware the president says he is still under audit.
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[ booing ] >> at times they want, the president will never release his tax returns? >> we'll have to get back to you on that. >> i mean, really? >> really. >> so he may? >> no. i said i'd have to get back to you on that. >> this weekend, president trump said he is not labeling china a currency manipulator because china is helping to solve the north korea problem. this weekend, the president held out hope for a peaceful solution to the north korea problem. and that hope was that china would do the job. china would solve the problem. yesterday the president tweeted this. why would i call china a currency manipulator when they are working with us on the north korean problem? we will see what happens. well, one reason why you would call china a currency manipulator is that you said you were going to do it on day one of your presidency.
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>> i'm going to instruct my treasury secretary to label china a currency manipulator. the greatest in the world. >> that was a broken promise of donald trump's. and last week donald trump actually said to "the wall street journal" china is not a currency manipulator. those are his exact words. "china is not a currency manipulator." he didn't say anything about i'm not calling them a currency manipulator because they're helping out with north korea. just china is not a currency manipulator, and that's true. most experts believe that china has not been manipulating its currency for some time now. so there really is no justifiable reason for trying to label china a currency manipulator. but yesterday, the president felt the need to link his acceptance of the truth about china's currency to china's efforts with north korea. now, if you're a trump voter, and you want to believe that,
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what you have to believe is that the promise donald trump made to you to bring back american jobs from china by forcing china to stop manipulating its currency is being abandoned so that china will help stop the madness in north korea. by trump logic, the president then is giving up american jobs to china, just letting them keep those jobs to get help on north korea. in the campaign, donald trump promised voters that he would force china to control north korea, and, and, he would get american jobs back from china. it was not either or. the strong man would do both. >> you look at north korea. we're doing nothing there. china should solve that problem for us. china should go into north
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korea. china is totally powerful as it relates to north korea. >> tonight the trump administration is threatening action in north korea. >> the era of strategic patience is over. >> now, this kind of talk is costing the president in the polls. a new gallup poll shows that 45% believe that donald trump keeps his promises. that's down from 62% in february. the resistance took to the streets this weekend over a violated promise by donald trump. >> if i decide to run for office, i'll produce my tax returns, absolutely. >> he of course went from saying he would release his tax returns to then as a candidate saying he would release his tax returns after an audit was complete, even though he has never provided any proof of that he was being audited. and then he stopped saying that he would release his tax returns under any circumstances. and it has now come to this. >> is the president going to release his 2016 tax returns, given that we can assume maybe that those are not themselves
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under audit? >> no, you can't. they are. >> you always talk about under audit. the president says under audit. is it time to say once for and for the president is never going to release his tax returns? >> we'll have to get back to you on that. >> you want -- i mean, really? >> really. >> so he may? >> no, i said i'd have to get back to you on that. i think that he is still under audit. the statement still stands. >> of course, every president who has released their tax returns has also been under audit because it's irs automatic policy to audit the president and the vice president. we'll have more on that later in this hour. in over 150 cities this weekend, the resistance to the trump presidency march to e demand that the president do what barack obama did this time last year and release his tax returns. the president, along with vice president biden released their tax returns showing all of their
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income, all of their charitable donations. there was nothing unusual. it's what every president and vice president has done since richard nixon. this weekend's marchers did not expect donald trump to release his tax returns today. but they refuse to allow donald trump's abnormalities as president to become normal. and the resistance continues to show up at republican town halls held by senators and members of congress. and they're not just talking about the affordable care act. here is republican dean heller in martha's vineyard today. -- nevada. >> do you support doing away with funding planned parenthood. do you commit to the women and to the people of nevada that you will protect the funding at the federal level? >> at the federal level? >> yes. >> yeah, we'll continue. we'll continue to look at this issue -- >> no! [ booing ] >> how many russian spies do we have to have in the white house before you'll investigate it? [ cheering ] >> when i hear that donald trump wants to severely cut the epa budget, i'm angry.
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this is not acceptable. we cannot go backwards. okay? [ chanting ] >> i'm a native nevadan. i'm one of your constituents. and quite frankly, you don't really represent me. >> here is arkansas republican senator tom cotton today in little rock. >> i think you read "the art of the deal" because you got more contributions from the telecommunications industry. therefore, you sold us out when you canceled the fcc regulations that ensured my privacy, keeping my -- and selling my browsing history. i think it's time to repeal and replace you in 2020. [ eering ] >> i'm wondering if you could kind of define where you think our president's foreign policy is going?
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and i realize -- i realize it's difficult. and i realize there has been some changes. but some of his decisions have been a little concerning to me. >> what does it take to get y'all to vote across the people lines and not party lines? [ cheering ] >> i have no doubt that some in kansas benefitted from obamacare. many more were hurt by obamacare, though. in the form of higher premiums. >> do your job! do your job! >> joining us now, maya harris, attorney and civil rights advocate. she is a former policy adviser for the clinton 2016 campaign. david corn, msnbc political analyst. maya, those town halls are not getting any easier. it's fascinating to see the
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issues expand. now that the threat to the affordable care act has softened, it doesn't seem like it's over. but it seems like that legislative chapter is behind, but the turnout is still there. >> there is no shortage of energy and intensity among the progressive base around any number of issues. i mean, we saw this last weekend. as you said, dozens of rallies, tens of thousands of people turned out to really hold trump accountable for breaking his promise to release his tax returns, which he did repeatedly. he promised in 2014 and then throughout the campaign. you know, failed to deliver. and it's something that presidents have done for the last 40 years. we still don't really know the full extent of his business ties of his conflicts of interests. and it's a real problem with transparency, you know, in this white house with a most recently have said that they're not going to release the visitor's logs. so i think it's an ironic turn of events given the ct that he waolng president obama for
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any number of months and years on this issue of transparence it is. it really begs the question what does he have to hide. i don't think we're going see this issue going away any time soon and certainly not see any diminishing of the energy and enthusiasm among the base to really turn out and call him on the carpet on issues both that he talked about during the campaign and the things that he is rolling out now as president. >> david, one of the things i found so striking about this weekend's marchs is i don't think there is a marcher out there who believes they will probably ever see a donald trump tax return unless more pages get leaked and end up on rachel's show, which we can all wait for. but they're there to make the point that this is abnormal, and we have not forgotten. >> well, that's true. and i think that's something that needs to be remembered, if not every hour, certainly every day. and i think the tax return issue
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is sort of a stand-in for the larger issue of his financial conflicts and his -- his claim that he was going to drain the swamp when indeed what we seem to have is nepotism in the white house. now not yet kleptocracy, but close to that. we don't have the most basic financial transpareny which is the release of the tax returns. we have story after story. we've been doing this at mother jones for over a year. other people have been doing it too. his financial conflicts of interest, whether it's with deutsche bank or the biggest bank in china, you know, some unsavory characters around the world that his family and he has had financial contacts with. now the tax returns won't answer a lot of these questions. but if you're not going to get that basic document, you're certainly not going to get the answers to the other questions as well. >> there is a very troubling information in the new polls,
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including that his approval rating continues to be the lowest of any new president, 39%. 54% disapprove. there is a particular question here that was asked of republicans in a poll. and that is do republicans in congress have an obligation to pport trump's policies? 43% of them say yes. a big majority of republicans say. no 55% of republicans, this is a republicans only poll. 55% of republicans saying no. republicans in congress have absolutely no obligation to support donald trump's policies. and maya, that has to be very reassuring to the freedom caucus, who apparently already knew that when they stood in front of donald trump and stopped his health care plan. >> yeah. i think you really have to look at these issues not just through the lens of how are they going to impact or not impact donald trump. the voters are actually going to hold a republican congress accountable for what they do and they don't do.
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you saw that in today's town hall with tom cotton who was called on the carpet over this very issue around the tax returns. you know, the voters who are there, his constituents who were there, they weren't having any of this oh, he is under an audit. he'll do it after an audit. they're not going for that. so in addition to republican votesue continue to animate the progressive base and animate in a way that is not just around the policy issues, but we're seeing that it is powering the resistance. and it's translating into quite a bit of intensity and enthusiasm and activism around electorals. individual elections. we saw that last week in kansas, you know. we're seeing that in georgia. so i don't think that these issues are going to go away any time soon, let alone the way that it animates voters either who voted for him and feel that he is, you know, not needing the ideals that they thought he would, but also a progressive base.
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and i think that we're going see that have some consequences in 2018. >> david, there is a republican resistance in that poll number. 55% of republicans saying that congress does not have an obligation to support trump's policies. those are republican voters saying in some ways they are part of the resistance to donald trump. >> phaps. it depends whether ty want him to be more conservative or less conservative. and a lot of voters out there like to think of themselves as far more independent than i think they actually are. you know, if a lot of republicans still ended up voting for donald trump, even if they didn't like him because they saw him as the leader of the republican tribe. i do think it's going to be interesting to see, not just through these town hall meetings, but as approval numbers stay in the 30s, and maybe get to the mid 30s or they drop lower, will there come a
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point in time when republicans in the congress do take a more oppositional stance. other than health care, we haven't seen a lot of that yet. i think republicans are still weighing their future and the future of their relationship with donald trump. >> david corn, maya harris, thank you both for joining us tonight. really appreciate it. >> sure. up next, the president accused susan rice of committing a crime. and now republicans say that president trump is wrong. and the many stories, the many, many stories that donald trump has told about his tax returns.
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10:21 pm
devin nunes shows no inappropriate action by susan rice or any other obama administration official, republican and democratic congressional aides who have been briefed on the matter told nbc news. one u.s. official who reviewed the documents in question told nbc news, quote, i saw no evidence of any wrongdoing. it was all completely normal. a senior republican aide who declined to speak on the record agreed with that assessment. joining us now, michael isikoff, chief investigative reporter for yahoo news. also ned price, senior director and spokesperson for the national security council. he resigned from the cia because of president trump. taking over. and he is an msnbc contributor. ned price, i just want to get
10:22 pm
your reaction. this is basically sounds like it's coming from a house intelligence committee staff, possibly members. democrat and republican, they've all now had access to the information that sent devin nunes on his trip to the white house a couple of times we now know. information that he in effect claims shocked him, susan rice looking at intelligence reports involving american persons and wanting to know the names of those american persons. by the way, susan rice has not confirmed any of that. but what we're hearing from staff looking at all of this is they certainly have seen nothing wrong in anything susan rice was described as doing by anyone. >> look, lawrence, the fact of the matter is we knew how this movie would end because we've seen it before. in fact twice. we've been watching what is essentially has been a trilogy unfold over the past couple of months. in the premiere, you had donald trump issue this baseless wiretapping claim against his predecessor that was roundly debunked by both democrats and republicans. in the sequel starring the hapless devin nunes, you have the white house attempting to launder intelligence through him
10:23 pm
until they were caught and this whole ruse was exposed for what it was. and then in what i hope is a final installment of all of this, you have the republicans in the white house now turning their ire to susan rice, who as you know has been their favorite antagonist in recent years. and they're going back to their playbook. look, when this story first came out, we heard from both democrats and republicans, national security veterans of all stripes who were familiar with unmasking and its procedure, including the rigorous checks that are in posed by the intelligence community. all of them said that there was no there there. and now that we're hearing from both republicans and democrats on the house intelligence committee, that people have actually seen what devin nunes got so excited about a couple of weeks ago and ran to the white house in between two press conferences to brief the president on, everyone, including the congressional staffers are saying there is no story. once again, these wild accusations, baseless accusations have been entirely debunked. >> and michael isikoff, we know
10:24 pm
if the republicans could find anything in there to be used against susan rice in any way, that would be their goal. they would love to be up there kind of leaking opposite bits of information. >> sure. but, look, in some sense, this has already served its purpose for the white house. if you go back to when this all began, february 4th, saturday morning, early saturday morning tweet storm by the president, that was a moment when there was a lot of controversy and attention on jeff sessions. and whether he misrepresented or lied to the senate judiciary committee about his contacts with the russian ambassador. and there was a furor about that. look, i spoke to a white house official not long after who sort of mentioned, look, at least people aren't talking about jeff sessions anymore. this was a diversionary tactic that got people off what a lot of people were excited about at the time on to a side issue. and, you know, it derailed the house intelligence committee.
10:25 pm
it led to devin nunes having to step down. you know, we spent weeks talking about it. so from as a purely political matter, this was quite an effective diversionary tactic by the trump white house with the cooperation of devin nunes. it didn't advance the ball on the core investigation of the russian interference in the election. but if the goal of the white house is to keep us off that ball, i think they, you know, played it. it served their purposes. >> ned, the diversionary tactics do not serve the white house or the president well in terms of the public's view of him.
10:26 pm
we have a new poll saying 36% now, 36% say that donald trump is honest and trustworthy. and in february, before all of this stuff started, 42% said he was honest and trustworthy. so whatever he has been up to in the -- over the last month or more has only taken that honest and trustworthy number down. and that would include accusing president obama of having committed that crime of wiretapping. >> well, that's right. and look, those numbers are important in a couple of different regards. one of course politically, domestically they're especially important. we're going to see how that place out in places like georgia's sixth congressional district over the next coming months and even years. i think we need to be more concerned with the president's credibility in the international
10:27 pm
community, how he is viewed by his counterparts on the world stage. if the president is viewed as someone who cannot keep a promise or does not know what he is talking about on a regular basis, that has dire national security implications for our country. and i think were now getting to a point where we have seen the president make statements, even in terms of national security, with this wiretapping claim and elsewhere that we'll start to have those implications, and i think we'll start to see world leaders question even more the extent to which they can press -- they can trust president trump. >> and michael, china discovered it takes all of ten minutes to completely reverse donald trump's thinking on issues involving china and north korea.
10:28 pm
and that was a message heard around the world. >> sure. but, look, i mean there were issues that the president was dealing with with china because he was focused on north korea and trying to get chinese cooperation in dealing with the very pressing issue of north korea's nuclear program. so i don't know that we should be too harsh on the president for not pushing his china agenda as articulated during the campaign right now when there are more pressing issues. >> it's not a matter of being harsh. it's a matter of what are world leaders and what are other countries learning about trump on a daily basis. and one is he is willing to openly confess to rank ignorance involving the dynamics of china and north korea and say that in ten minutes, he can be told by the head of state of another country some things that completely reverse his thinking. the details of that aren't really what is at issue here. other leaders and other countries can think about how they would use their ten minutes with donald trump. >> fair enough. fair enough. but i don't think we should like minimize just how pressing that north korean issue is. and if that's what general mcmaster was telling him he needed to focus on, i'd give him some slack on that. >> michael isikoff and ned price, thank you both for
10:29 pm
joining us tonight. really appreciate it. >> sure. coming up, mike pence was in south korea on monday talking tough while the president's national security adviser was sounding like every other national security adviser, talking to every other president who has dealt with north korea. so who should we believe? donald trump, mike pence, h.r. mcmaster? this could be life or death for millions of south koreans. ah. when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. awww. try this. for minor arthritis pain, only aleve can stop pain for up to 12 straight hours with just one pill. thank you. ♪ come on everybody. you can't quit, neither should your pain reliever. stay all day strong with 12 hour aleve.
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any message for north korea? >> behave. >> on north korea, what's your next move? >> you'll see. >> the vice president was in south korea on monday visiting the dmz and meeting with other acting officials. while in south korea, the vice president delivered this message from president trump. >> just in the past two weeks, the world witnessed the strength and resolve of our new president. in actions taken in syria and afghanistan. north korea will do well not to test his resolve. strategic patience has been the approach of the last american administration and beyond. over the past 18 months, north korea has conducted two unlawful nuclear tests and an unprecedented number of ballistic missile test, even conducting a failed missile launch as i traveled here for this visit. the era of strategic patience is over. >> vice president pence is now headed to japan where the prime minist is urging north korea to abandon nuclear missile
10:34 pm
development anrefrain from taking any further provocative actions. here is what national security adviser h.r. mcmaster said yesterday about u.s. allies' role in reducing the threat of military action. >> it's time for us to undertake all actions we can short of a military option to try to resolve this peacefully. and so we're going to rely on our allies, like we always do. but we're also going to have to rely on chinese leadership. so in the coming weeks, months, i think there is a great opportunity for all of us, all of us who are really under the threat now of this unpredictable regime to take action short of armed conflict. >> joining us now the senior director of the korea society and an adjunct professor of korean politics at columbia university. professor, when i hear h.r. mcmaster saying in the coming
10:35 pm
weeks or months, it sounds like he knows nothing is going to happen any time soon. >> let's hope that's the case, because certainly with the level of tensions right now, we need to find a way to de-escalate. so he has opened the window there. and hopefully that will guide us forward, especially allowing time for coordination with the allies as he suggests. >> now the presumption in the past has been strategic patience was the only option because any military strike on north korea would instantaneously produce massive casualties in south korea. is there any reason to doubt that? >> no. there is no reason to doubt. >> would north korea take a military hit from the united states and not retaliate towards south korea in any way? >> that's unlikely because they have a large disposition of artillery, tens of thousands of artillery that are pointed towards seoul. that's a population of about 25 million people. furthermore, we don't know in the event of a military strike if they're able to take out all of the facilities because many of those are under ground. that many of the reasons you've seen south korea and a japan
10:36 pm
show some reaction. >> they told him they needed a message of reinforcement. that's what i think he was trying to deliver. his father is a korean war veteran. and he was signaling something about the u.s.-korea relationship, the strength of that and the resolve. but he took that a step further and talked about the resolve of his boss and president trump's inclination and suggested don't challenge that. >> did the south koreans tell him don't risk our lives? >> they said that in so many words. it's a time of political transition. they have an election on may 9th. and they want to stem any type of concern there is large scale public concern this last weekend that the u.s. can go it alone. it was meant to signal that. >> is there any faction in south korea that says yes, do a military strike of north korea? >> oh, there is a very small, small minority. >> willing to take that risk?
10:37 pm
>> that would be willing. but that's a minuscule number. and the vast number of koreans have lived with the north korean threat and are used to it. but they're concerned about the escalation. they know an unpredictable kim jong un. but they're not certain now about the united states. >> what does it feel like now to have an unpredictable president of the united states? >> that's really caused them some worry. they need to hear the message reinforced that the u.s.-korea alliance will still strong. but that the u.s. will consult with south korea and japan, its other ally. >> when we were hearing what sounded like combative sounds from mike pence today, you were hearing something else. you were hearing something more traditional, in fact? >> i heard something traditional in terms of the reassurance of south korea. and that is what his visit to the dmz also signals. he was clearly trying to say strategic patience is over as did rex tillerson earlier. and was trying to say don't mess with donald trump on this. he was signaling a harder liner line than any other
10:38 pm
administration. >> professor, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you, lawrence. it's donald trump versus donald trump on donald trump's tax returns. that's next. ♪ he's told that joke a million times. and you always laugh like you're hearing it for the first time. at lincoln financial, we get there are some responsibilities of love
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10:42 pm
54,000 fathers, husbands, brothers and sons gave their lives in the war effort. thousands more came home wounded. that was a different time, of course. the current tension has to do with nuclear weapons. a young unstable leader in a volatile neighborhood. a political novice in the white house, and a high risk of miscalculation. the harshest, darkest rhetoric did not come from the american president or the white house. it came from north korea's representative to the united nations here in new york. >> the united states is disturbing the global peace and stability. and insisting on the gangster like logic. it has created a dangerous situation. the nuclear war may break out at any moment on the peninsula. and poses a serious threat to the world, the peace and security. >> thermo nuclear war could break out at any moment. mike pence who is the son of a korean war combat veteran was in the air enroute to the peninsula during the failed missile test by the north. he visited the dmz, where he repeated the warning to the kim jong-un regime.
10:43 pm
>> as the president's made very clear, either china will deal with this problem or the united states and our allies will. it was a period of strategic patience. but the era of strategic patience is over. president trump has made it clear that the patience of the united states and our allies in this region has run out. and we want to see change. >> at this morning's public event. the annual easter egg roll on the white house lawn. the president got close enough who is the leader of the party? are you going to defend president trump? are you going to defend paul ryan? where do you fit in this? and this is what we're trying to figure out as republicans right now. >> do people have to watch who supports them? the rap on ossoff has been, he has half of hollywood writing him a check. >> all politics are local.
10:44 pm
he's not even running his campaign right now. there is so many millions of dollars coming in, that are defiing him and the republicans that are out of his control. i live through it, by the grace of god. >> harold. >> these elections are reactions brian, here's where i think the trump administration is on this tonight, they have concluded internally, the window for diplomacy has closed. i think internally, they have decided that they will not be able to convince china to put the screws to north korea, they have offered this deal to kim jong-un many times. basically, you can feed your people or have a nuclear weapon, you can't have both. i think the trump white house in
10:45 pm
the next couple weeks is going to be outlining what precisely they want to do militarily, against this regime, and then we are on the brink of war on the peninsula. >> that is chilling. nicolle wallace in detroit it's special procedures for handling the president's tax return. to be kept in the orange folder at all and they have to be locked in a secured drawer or
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happy easter, everybody. by the way, the president's probably going to bomb north korea tonight. okay? got to hipty hop and deliver these eggs. you eat as much candy as you want, because this is probably our last easter on earth. [ applause ] ♪
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remember what happened the last time people stayed home. we got stuck with trump. we have to channel the great vengeance and furious anger we have for this administration into votes at the ballot box. do your friends and family a favor. hell, do yourself a favor and vote on april 18th and make sure to vote for the democratic party. >> samuel l. jackson actually doing a commercial for free. using his powers for good and urging democrats in georgia's sixth district to get out and vote in tomorrow's special election. joining us now david nir, the political director of daily coast. and you guys were there from the start on this candidacy, getting his funding supercharged. you delivered about a million to
10:58 pm
this campaign? >> that's right, we did. we endorsed jon ossoff very early on. we were really impressed by the fact that congressman john lewis endorsed him and the community responded. the grassroots responded like gang busters. we raised over $400,000 for him in the first week. it's a sign of the enormous enthusiasm for his campaign. >> how do you account for the other seven million that poured in? >> i think there was this positive feedback that our initial injection of money helped earn ossoff attention. >> there are more republicans polling there, and they pull up around 40% to his 45. what is surprising is we don't see a little crowd of democrats creating a problem to have one of the democrats emerge. did other democrats just get out of the way and let him go? >> you know, this are a few other democrats running. but the party really united around ossoff. he presented a really compelling figure. and the grassroots really felt that he was the perfect guy to channel their feelings about
10:59 pm
what is going wrong in this country. the party is united from top to bott behind him. >> and donald trump is jumping in now, rocalls, tweet, multiple tweets today on this. surely there will be some tweets tomorrow. >> oh, yeah. he was trying to set expectations, like you said. i think it's amazing that he is even trying to do that. the fact that we're talking about a runoff is amazing, that the notion that that's the upside for republicans. this shouldn't even be competitive for democrats and republicans. >> just trying to get to a runoff in a district they have owned for 38 years. >> it's truly remarkable. like the kansas race that we saw last week where they desperately had to jump in at the last minute. republicans definitely should not having to sweat these slam-dunks, and yet here we are. >> ossoff as a candidate, you have been watching him more than the rest of us have. how is he performing? >> i think he has done a stellar job. he has done an amazing job of both channeling this energy from the grassroots and also delivering a message that really resonates with his district. i have no complaints, particularly for a first-time
11:00 pm
candidate. i think he is great. >> you watch that response to trump today. you can't shake him. >> absolutely not. he definitely has a tremendous voice. >> david nir, thank you very much for joining us tonight. i really appreciate it. david nir gets tonight's last word. "the 11th hour with brian williams" starts right now. >> tonight the man still new on the job comes to grips with the dangerous force and limits of u.s. power as north korea warns of nuclear war at any moment. also tonight, why so many voters say they don't believe their president and why so many members of congress are feeling it at town hall meetings back home. and after a weekend of marches, are we ever going to see the president's tax returns? the question came up at the white house briefing again today. we're happy to report they're going get back to us on that. "the 11th hour" begins now.