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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  April 18, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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capitol hill, it would be the chief of staff. >> uh-huh. >> he's not making that call. >> we leave you with a glimpse at what the president was doing and the vice president was doing yesterday. a little bit of a split screen for you. who do you think is in the bunny outfit? that does it for us this morning. >> the question hangs. the pregnant pause. and now we pass it along to stephanie ruhle. >> thank you. >> thank you. hi there, i'm stephanie ruhle. i will missed you i cameack because it is tax y, as americans pay up, many are pleading with the president to put up and show his taxes. the answer -- >> i think that he is still under audit, the statement still stands. >> president trump signing a new executive order today making it harder for companies to hire foreign workers. and the battle for georgia rages on. the biggest raw political test
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for president trump. polls open now for a special election. the unknown democrat on the verge of taking the reliably republican seat while the president is going all-in to save it. >> liberal democrats from outside of georgia are spending millions and millions of dollars trying to take your republican congressional seat away from you. >> plus, manhunt goes nationwide. police ramp up the search for the facebook killer as his friends plead for him to turn himself in. >> i know you are in pain, but brother, you got to turn yourself in because you've already hurt other people. >> we begin this morning with president trump. americans across the country are filing their taxes today, and democrats are ramping up the pressure for the president to release his. and they're holding his tax reform plan hostage to get them. i have a team of correspondents and guests to help me and i want to take you first live to the white house where nbc's chris jansing is standing by.
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chris, no surprise, the white house is getting a huge amount of questions today, specifically about president trump and his taxes. has the answer changed in any way? >> yeah. it's changed, of course, it's changed over the course of many months. look, let's go back to when he was on the campaign trail and there was this heavy push on the other side to get him to release his taxes and he said look, i'm under audit. it came out quickly that made absolutely no difference. he could be audited and choose to release his own taxes but th been sort of the explanation that they'veeen using. then, more recently, after the election, he seemed to express some sort of consternation about why in the world anybody would be interested in this. in fact, very recently he said look, i won the electoral college, why are we still talking about this. then yesterday, sean spicer pushed again, in the press briefing had this to say. >> you always talk about under audit the president says under
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audit. is it time to say once and for all the president is never going to release his tax returns? >> we'll have to get back to you on that. >> you won't -- you seem -- really? >> really? >> so he may? >> no. i said i would have to get back to you on that. i think that we're -- he is still under audit and the statement still stands. >> so the question is, will he ever release them? there's no question, stephanie, that the pressure is building now more than a dozen republicans on the hill have said he should release them and why? they're getting pressure as we've seen in the town halls back home, we saw tom cotton, the senator, being pushed really hard getting booed when he used the same line he's under audit. one of the key questions being asked by critics of the president and people in those town halls is, as the president files his own taxes if we don't see them, how do we know that tax reform, that he is proposing, isn't going to benefit him? that it is not in some way designed to help him and his own
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circumstances? that's a question that they have yet to answer and, in fact, we are not going to have a formal briefing today but because the president is heading to wisconsin, there will be a gaggle on the plane. you can bet that question will be asked and one more point, there's a lot of concern now by people who want tax reform that this is going to hold it up. until he releases his tax returns, the democrats are going to say, how can we have tax reform when we don't know how it's going to affect the president's own taxes. >> i'm going to bring m panel in to break this down. this topic has me bothered. msnbc contributors mike and josh, also with me, the founder of d.c. and columnist for "the daily beast" david k. johnston and the author of "the making of donald trump." david, i have to start with you because just a few weeks ago, you revealed a portion of president trump's 2005 tax return on msnbc. it was extraordinary how many people were interested. now there wasn't any massive
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bombshells in those two pages. but if we saw the full report, what is it that people are looking for in your opinion? >> well, i actually think there were very revealing things in his tax document. if donald trump's tax plan to the extent that he's outlined it had been in effect in 2005, he would have paid a lower tax rate, less than 3.5%, than the lower half, the lower 50% of all american taxpayers who pay a little more than 3.5%. he would do that in almost $3 million a week of income and the lower half's average income is about $302 a week. that's a very important development. donald trump thinks he should live like a king and pay taxes like a pauper. trump and the white house will not even give us a copy of the audit letter an innocuous document. i don't think there's reason to believe donald trump is under audit if they won't produce audit letters. >> and president trump isn't alone in wanting to pay the
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lowest amount of taxes possible. anybody would. >> sure. >> anyone could say, guess what that makes you clever for abiding by the law, by paying the least amount of taxes but let's walk through what the president agreed to. the president said, i am under audit, when that audit is over i will release my taxes. and based on the tweet he put out over the weekend he said i had an electoral college win that no one thought i would. now you're bringing up my taxes. so, that's not the case. president trump agreed to release his taxes when the audit was over. if now he's saying i'm president, i won, i don't need to release them and if he had lost, he probably would be saying well i lost i don't owe you anything, in what scenario, josh, would the president be releasing them? >> you're going to make yourself crazy if you're looking for a logical answer. donald trump has no intention of releasing his tax returns. he will not release his tax returns unless he's put in a position where he must do so or it's in his best interest to do so. hard to see what that situation will be. he will say whatever he can say at the time about why he's not
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releasing them. during the campaign when he signed the pledge to support the republican candidate and when he thought he wasn't going to win the primary he said the pledge doesn't apply because they treated me very unfairly and when he was going to win the primary the pledge was back on and very inappropriate that other candidates were talking about not supporting him. a commitment from donald trump doesn't mean anything. the promise he made about releasing his taxes was inconvenient and he will not abide by it unless forced by la to release the returns. if democrats take back the congress they can compel the release. some state legislatures are looking at laws to require him to disclose his taxes to allow him to be on the ballot in 2020. he will not release them voluntarily and that's all he means when he offers 8 million reasons why he can't. >> why do republicans continue to protect the president if this is such, dare i say, a ridiculous claim on his part that he doesn't have to? i want to share what tom cotton received in his town hall just yesterday.
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>> as far as i'm aware the president says he's still under audit. and said he's going to -- >> why does it make sense? why does it make sense for tom cotton to put himself in that position and continue to represent -- well, he's under audit when the white house won't show the audit letter? >> well, first of all, it's clear that this audit, if you follow trump's thinking on this, is going to have a longer run than like "mt the press" has had on nbc. he's used it as an elaborate cover. guys like tom cotton in the short run still think it benefits them to align themselves with this president. but that reaction isn't going to be the last that somebody from this senate hears from his constituents. the idea that he is still hiding behind this audit, we're going to find judge crater before we see donald trump's taxes.
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>> okay. david, one of the issues is simply transparency. if president trump would share more information, people aren't necessarily saying there's definitely something nefarious in there but won't the transparency make people feel better. the ap is reporting ivanka trump's company received three new trademarks from china that she could be selling spa services, jewelry, handbags, on that same day that evening, ivanka and jared being the son and daughter -- daughter and son-in-law of the president and being two of his closest advisors, well, at mar-a-lago they sat next to xi jinping and had dinner with him. this list that's going higher and higher, the lack of transparency, possible conflicts, when does the rubber hit the road here? >> well, it hits the road when the republicans decide that it is not in their interest to keep supporting trump. the demonstrations, more than 100 peaceful demonstrations over the weekend, were not focused on trump. he's never going to change.
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they were focused on congress and saying you -- members of congress if you want to stay with trump you're going to get voted out. what we're seeing going on in the white house now, is a total lack of transparency. they tightened up on releasing information, they're not going to release the visitor logs, all sorts of federal agencies have stripped data that's no longer readily available, and what you're seeing is, a third-world sort of government in the making where the ruling family, the trumps, are exploiting their position in the government for their personal benefit. >> and when does that become -- >> the richest man in the world is vladimir putin. >> that's a good point but when does that become not okay? every day we could say we're offended and this is ridiculous but the beat goes on. >> it takes time. things have to work in the consciousness and the narrative and the news has to reinforce what's going on. takes time. >> since my name is stephanie,
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not sheila, i have to end the segment with you. i had hours left but it's over for you, my friend. i will see you on another day. we have to move on. president is heading to wisconsin today where he will be signing a new executive order, he loves signing those, seeking to hold true to his america first campaign promise. i want to take you back to the white house where nbc's chris jansing is standing by. chris, president trump loves to talk about buying american, hiring american, though he doesn't necessarily do that. so what's he doing in wisconsin? >> well, that's exactly what they're calling the executive order buy american, hire american. the second part he's talking about the h1b visa. how critical he was on the campaign trail these were designed to bring in highly skilled tech workers, mostly for high tech companies in the united states. 85,000 of them every year. he said he was going to get rid of the program because critics say all it did was bring in people who were taking american jobs. well this doesn't do that, but
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it does require them to prove that they are bringing in only the most highly skilled workers. it does not affect other visas like h2 b which would be seasonal workers the kind that work at mar-a-lago estate down in florida. the second part of that, the buy american, will affect agencies that directs them to give priority to american companies, to american goods, when they're making theirs purchases, but it doesn't go into specifics like a lot of these executive orders, it leaves it up to the cabinet secretaries. >> okay. so this executive order to chris's point like so many others, sounds great, but it doesn't actually change anything. and though h1bs are for highly skilled workers the sentiment is the same, president trump'suy american, hire american, manufaure here, at mar-a-lago, specifically, they're continuing to hire foreign workers. president trump's son eric trump filled out paperwork within weeks looking to hire pickers for their winery in virginia, saying that there are not americans who want those jobs
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and you know both president trump and ivanka produce, manufactured their namesake goods overseas? >> you know, what we've seen over the first 90 days or so -- >> 89 days. >> yeah. it seems like longer. >> one more day things will change. >> hold on, stella. and so -- he likes hiring american as long as it's extremely rich white guys or family members. >> i hate calling these executive orders because what this does is directs the commerce secretary to produce a report about what they can do. the changes that trump wants to make will require changes to laws. all this report says is find a better way to enforce what you're doing. one case send your report by thanksgiving about what we can do on this. if the story was just trump is asking his commerce secretary to figure out what we can do that wouldn't be a news story. they slap the executive orderer label on it it becomes a story because donald trump is doing
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something about employing americans. all it does is generate a report. >> these work in terms of the news cycle, a trump-style rally when he goes to a place like wisconsin and people are saying yes, this is the president i voted for, but when does the rubber hit the road in terms of, signing these executive orders that don't do anything, when you're one of those forgotten americans who lost their job and president trump said he was going to help you get that job back, how much time does he have to do that? these executive orders aren't going to do that. think of the keystone pipeline we will get the pipes here,ost of the pipes were purchased and that program isn't even part of this? >> i think it's not ultimately about what the specific orders do. it's the broader economic numbers. the biggest driver of a president's approval rating is the job market, whether wages are rising and people employed. if those are good trump will be popular, if they're bad he will be unpopular regardless of the specific effect. >> when he starts getting responses like cotton got yesterday, from his airplane hangar crowds maybe then the rubber will hit the road.
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>> what about when his team he when you have steve mnuchin and gary cohn is talking us back saying tax reform might not happen until august, if you can't get health care or tax reform on the docket when does your team say am i going to get to do what you hired me to do? >> mnuchin is saying he doesn't think august is realistic for tax reform. this is why trump does the things that make noise because it looks like action. over time i think, you know, i think he already took a popularity hit over not passing a health care bill. that's i think the number one disappointment of his base. he and all the republicans promised over and over to repeal obama care and couldn't do it, pretending they're going to rework the bill and get it out but the fundamental problems remain. over time that becomes a drag on the presidency. this guy who was supposed to be a man of action hasn't gotten a lot done. >> all right then. coming up any minute now authorities in cleveland, ohio will give an update on the nationwide manhunt for a man suspected of murder. steve stephens is the 911 calls are released.
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>> oh, lord have mercy. oh, my god. ask him if he's breathing. >> is he breathing? no breathing. >> my goodness. we will bring you that press conference live as soon as it begins. plus it is election day in georgia. will democrats be able to flip a red state blue or are we headed for a runoff? president trump is going all-in to save that seat. so tell us your big idea for getting the whole country booking on choice four words, badda book. badda boom... let it sink in. shouldn't we say we have the lowest price? nope, badda book. badda boom. have you ever stayed with choice hotels? like at a comfort inn? yep. free waffles, can't go wrong. i like it. promote that guy. get the lowest price on our rooms, guaranteed. when you book direct at book now.
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only you can stop the super liberal democrats and nancy pelosi's group and jon ossoff. if you don't vote tomorrow ossoff will raise your taxes, destroy your health care, and flood our country with illegal immigrants. >> president trump is pulling out all the stops including a ferocious last-minute attack with that robocall you heard to keep a georgia house seat firmly in gop hands. in fact, the president unleashing this tweet a short time ago. quote, democrat jon ossoff would be a disaster in congress, very weak on crime, and illegal immigration, bad for jobs and wants higher taxes. say no. well, today's epic showdown is one of the first major referendums on the trump administration. i want to go straight to georgia where voting is under way. kasie hunt is live at the polling location in the city of
6:21 am
sandy springs. president trump is blasting jon ossoff in this special election. i know you spoke to him. how is he responding to all this? >> well, stef, jon ossoff, i asked him when i talked to him whether, you know, he felt like he was carrying democrats' hopes and dreams on his shoulders in this special election and he said yeah, you know, things may have gotten a little out of hand as far as how the national narrative is kind of focused around the special election and what's going on today here in cobb county and, of course, the fact that the president of the united states is mentioning a -- one of 18 house candidates in a special election by name should tell you something about where ossoff has put himself in this race. i asked him what he thought of president trump's tweet, what he thought when he looked at his phone yesterday morning. take a look at what he had to say. >> i appreciate his interest in the race. i think he's misinformed about my views and my priorities. i'm focused on local economic
6:22 am
development in metro atlanta. >> i will say ossoff is very focused on the talking points he has been sort of giving over the course of this race. he's taken some criticism from republicans for not living in the district. he lives a little outside of here. his response to that is i grew up in the district, i've lived here and plan to move back as soon as he has a girlfriend who is in medical school. they also seem to have gotten caught up in the idea that the money, the volunteers, everything is coming from outside of the state of georgia. his campaign says that for every one volunteer who's from out of state they have ten who are from here in georgia helping him out. of course, a lot of that money that he has, he's raised over $8.3 million, has been coming in on-line from people all over the country from democrats who really want a chance to take on president trump. this is really the first serious test of that. this district is historically conservative. it was newt gingrich's seat and
6:23 am
tom price, the hhs secretary seat, until recently and ossoff has taken republicans by surprise, but in some ways this district may not be the perfect test here because price, when he ran for re-election in 2016 he won by over 20 points. donald trump beat hillary clinton here by just 1.5 percentage points. >> if only 1.5 percentage points is how president trump won, in terms of president trump's message how he describes ossoff being a super liberal, he wants to raise taxes, floods of immigrants making their way into the georgia area, what does ossoff represent? who is this guy? >> ossoff is -- he's a millennial, 30 years old. he's a little bit of a wonk. a congressional aide for a while hp he got made fun of in a republican ad for having dressed up as hans solo in college singing in an acoustic group. i recommend that ad if you had a
6:24 am
second to take a look at it. p i asked him if he thought gredo or hans solo shot first and he wouldn't answer that question which i was bummed out. somebody who has captured the -- he isn't necessarily somebody who has a standout record in the way we think of other candidates or anything along those lines but he clearly has captured the imagination of democrats across the country. >> let's talk about that. i want to bring my panel in. in terms of how high these stakes are for democrats and republicans the fact that president trump is weighing in in such a big way seems like he's on his toes here. >> yeah. he's done everything except call him crooked ossoff. he doesn't know anything about this young man's politics. you know, i'm interested to see if tonight which -- you know the democrats are going to treat this like it's omaha beach, tonight, even though this has been a historically conservative republican district. as this thing goes forward i wonder if he will be hurt by the
6:25 am
fact that a lot of people in georgia are looking at him like a candidate who just came from a democratic fund-raiser, at david geffen's house in los angeles. >> if you're a local in georgia saying who is this kid getting a zillion dollars from hollywood you think that could hurt him? >> yes. here's what i've thought since trump took the oath of office. the democrats and particularly the people who label themselves as a resistance, they got to know which hills to fight for. i understand this is a big hill to fight for, but they can't act tonight as if they win, that this is some huge referendum in a district that, you know, trump won by 1.5% and if they lose tonight, it doesn't mean that there isn't a groundswell of opposition to this president. >> well, i don't think that is what people think. we saw the special election in kansas last week in a district normally very strongly republican, you would expect a candidate to win about 30 points, the republican wony 7. and that's not significant
6:26 am
because next year when there's a midterm election democrats will pick up seats in wichita, kansas, and things like that. it shows great under performance by republicans. trump won by more than a point, rom by more than 20 points. we'll see if people in districts like this turning away from the republican party or particularly turned off by donald trump and will go back and elect republicans to congress. >> we have to leave it there. many people voted for president trump because they said this is a man of action and want to see things get done. here we are day 89 and not much has gotten done. any minute now authorities in cleveland, ohio will update us on the manhunt for steve stephens. we'll bring it to you live as soon as it begins. you totanobody's hurt, new car.
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welcome back. i'm stephanie ruhle. you're watching msnbc. any second now officials in cleveland, ohio, will update us on the nationwide manhunt for suspected murderer steve stephens. we will bring that to you live when it begins. before then i will give you your morning primer, everything you need to know to get your day started. the supreme court blocked arkansas's request to carry out the first of eight executions in ten days. the court did allow the state to move forward with the remaining
6:31 am
planned executions. in polls in georgia's sixth district, have just opened for today's special election to fill the open senate seat left behind by hhs stary tom price. democrats hope to flip the state blue. they need to win over 50% to avoid a runoff. vice president mike pence arrived in tokyo this morning for the second stop of his ten-day asia tour. he met with the japanese leaders reassuring them that the u.s. stands 100% with them to resolve north korea's nuclear problem. in an unexpected address this morning uk prime minister theresa may called for a special early election to take place on june 8th, less than halfway through the government's current term. may hopes to capitalize on recent momentum to gain a stronger mandate in brexit negotiations. and yesterday's marathon lived up to the motto boston strong. governor charlie baker captured the moment as a group of men carried a struggling runner
6:32 am
across the finish line and veteran earl granville who lost his leg in afghanistan, decided carrying the flag off the finish line wasn't enough so he decided to pick up his friend and carry her across as well. i love this. that is a great american. congratulations all of the participants in yesterday's marathon. now we take you back to cleveland, because we are expecting to hear from cleveland police about their search for the so-called facebook killer. a $50,000 reward is offered for anyone who helps police find and arrest steve stephens. police say stephens shot and killed a man at random and then posted a video of that killing on facebook. nbc's jacob rascon is live in cleveland. have police received any useful tips so far? >> you know, they've had hundreds of leads they say, they've had possible sightings in philadelphia, handing out flyers in new york, put all of the state's surrounding ohio on
6:33 am
alert. but they say nothing credible has come in so far. the last time, in fact, that anybody saw him, was here in cleveland, after that murder and, in fact, as we know, police talked to him on the phone, after that murder and tried to get him in vain to turn himself in. that was the last time anybody saw him confirmed, according to police. and i talked to them again this morning and as far as i know, there are no major developments. so even though they've had all of these tips come in, because, of course, the video is on facebook, people trying to help, trying to notice maybe the white ford fusion. >> jacob, we're going to now dip in right now to that press conference taking place. >> on easter sunday and i want to start off by really thanking the godwin family, and those of you who have watched them as they've gone through this tragedy, how they've handled themselves, the messages that they've been giving, they ought
6:34 am
to be commended and thanked for their leadership in this because they have demonstrated even in this tragedy, this personal tragedy to their family, that they have forgiven and that they have come together in a way that they've asked us as a community to forgive and to begin to heal because what happened on easter sunday was traumatic. it was traumatic to the godwin family, but it's been traumatic to cleveland in particular, but with social media, this has gone all over the country. and people are having the same kind of response and reaction to this of how the loss of innocence has affected them. so i want to say to the godwin family that we are proud of them and that we really thank them for showing us the way in this
6:35 am
situation. the chief and our federal partners will begin to talk about some of the things that we're doing. a lot of -- there may not be a lot of new stuff but there will -- what we want to do is keep you informed so that the facts will be the facts, not anything els okay. chief? >> thanks, mayor. good morning. just a couple of things. first and foremost, we have not located steve. we're still asking the public's help in that regard. just a couple little technical things for the community to understand. this is currently a nationwide search and we are getting calls from all over the country. as far away as texas. if there is a perceived sight of steve or this vehicle, we want you to dial 911 right away.
6:36 am
if you think you see steve out there, or if you think you have spotted that vehicle, we want you to call 911 right away. if you think you have information that may lead to steve or that vehicle, then that's what that fbi tip line is all about. we're getting people as far away again as texas, that are saying hey, i just saw him in a walmart, and they're calling that tip line and then we relay that information and then we have to get back to that jurisdiction to have boots on the ground right then and there going to check that out. if you think you spot him or that vehicle, call 911 in your local jurisdiction so they can get officers there right away. if you think you have information that may lead us to him or the vehicle call the fbi tip line. there are a cup things floating around out there as far as us tracking this vehicle through some kind of gps or vehicle locating system.
6:37 am
that vehicle is not equipped with any of those systems. of course that's the first thing that we looked at from the dealership aspect and also from ford motor company itself. the vehicle is not equipped for that type of tracking. but again, we're still asking the public's help in locating steve. we have received to date almost 400 tips nationwide on this. so we encourage people to keep sending in those tip with that, i'm going to quickly turn it over to steve anthony from the fbi. >> thanks, chief. just a quick follow-up, you can't overemphasize that point enough. look, someone out there with 100 years plus experience of the u.s. marshal and fbi and state local and federal agencies told us someone has a key piece of information that can help us resolve this matter, they just might not know it. when in doubt, they have to make the call as the chief said.
6:38 am
911. 1-800-call fbi. we don't call. call someone and let law enforcement follow-up on that. as you know, we have a $50,000 reward out there that was announced yesterday by the mayor. of course that is still out there. we do -- we have issued the u.s. marshals and the fbi an unlawful flight to avoid prosecution warrant based upon the underlying murder warrant filed by the city of cleveland. all that does is, again, lets everyone know very clearly, every federal agent, local agent, state agent, that there is a -- that there is a federal warrant issued and again, any individual across the united states could act on that warrant, execute that warrant, to resolve this matter and to take steve into custody. also as you know, we have billboards up throughout the country. again, in the effort to make sure that steve's face, his vehicle is out there for the public to see. we can't thank you all enough for making sure that's out
6:39 am
there. we definitely believe that that will be critical in resolving this matter. again, as i know the marshal would agree and he'll stand up here in a second, is that what we're trying to do, again, is sort of close the aperture and narrow the space. we wish we could provide more information and more narrowly focus the search. obviously if we had that information, you would know about that. and again, we hope we get to that point so we can share that with you, and again, try to illicit the public support to resolve this matter. with that, again, just to reiterate, 911, 1-800-call-fbi, see something, say something, when in doubt call i with that marshal elliott. >> thanks. >> we're very fortunate here in cleveland, with our partners, because i really believe our strength here is in our partnerships together, so we have our task forces nationwide on this investigation, across
6:40 am
the country, not only within the marshal service but within the fbi. you know, i made the comment the other day i think we're -- we are going to get this individual one way or the other. we've seen a lot of cases through here, through northern ohio, over the last ten plus years, some have run for a couple days, some have run for a couple years, some have killed themselves after they ran. so at the end of the day, we're going to use all our resources, put everything together, not only locally but nationally, and fol wi follow up on every single lead no matter where it takes us within this country or other countries. so, you know, i'm very proud of all our partners here on both sides and again, you know, i'm very optimistic that we're going to bring closure to this. thank you. >> if i may add one more thing, over the last few days we've been talking to a lot of the
6:41 am
clergy in regards to this, and they've asked us to communicate to steve stephens that they are available to him if he needs their help, in particular, one of the pastors, pastor vernon, he had been talking to him early on even before the incident occurred and so they -- the clergy wanted me to mention that they are available for him if he, in fact, needs their counseling or feels that they could be of assist tons him in turning himself in. all right. >> chief, do you believe the investigation has stalled? given so much exposure why aren't we seeing more developments? >> i don't think the investigation has stalled. you know, like the marshal says, these things seem to take two days, they can take two weeks or two years. it depends on the individual that's out there, depends on
6:42 am
their mindset and what they're planning on doing. like i stated yesterday, depends on if they're getting assistance or not. when people go on the run, like this, at some point in time, they need help. and we're telling people, you know, the only assistance in this case is to call us and let us know where this person is so that we can resolve this. >> when is the last time anybody has had any communication with him? can you pinpoint that time frame for us? >> as far as we can tell, it was the day of the actual incident. >> are you sure that he's still alive? >> we're not sure,o. >> has he been added to the fbi's mos wanted list? >> that's been reported. that is not accurate. he is, you know, an extremely wanted fugitive by the u.s. marshals and fbi but he's not on the top ten list. >> top ten. do you have some level below that you call most wanted?
6:43 am
>> mr. stephens is a most wanted. he is a -- >> does that trigger something in the fbi? does it change anything -- >> he has been -- steve has been a huge priority of everyone up here from day one. nothing has changed, sir. the emphasis, the priority to resolve this matter, could not be at the higher level. rest assured law enforcement does not hold any tools its tool bag, we're playing everything, using everything we have, but in this circumstance as the marshals have said we need the public's help. again, we're using every tool in our tool bag. rest assured we're doing that. again, the fact that he is not a top ten or a marshal's top 15 doesn't change any of the facts that he is a wanted fugitive and again, this information is getting out across the country and quite frankly, across the world. >> for us in northern ohio, he's our highest priority. at the end of the day. >> does your experience tell you anything about how this plays
6:44 am
snout i mean he's been, you know, on the lam as it were a couple days now. do you think he's alive? >> well, i can only give you my personal opinion based on the past. there's two things. either he's dead somewhere or someone is holding him up somewhere else in a house. so we've seen a little bit of both. again, over the years. this isn't our first rodeo. we've seen a little bit of everything. so it's -- we're not going to get into some of the investigative things that we have knowledge of. but rest assured, we are following up on every single lead. tons of manpower, not only locally, but nationally. we have pretty much everybody working on this investigation in this case. so again, i'm very confident and optimistic that we'll bring closure here. >> do you think he could be outside the united states? >> are you asking me? anything is possible.
6:45 am
anything is possible. so again, we would be giving personal opinions on that. anything is possible. >> but is the border police involved in this? >> yes. yes. we've -- rest assured we've taken all precautions to do everything we can -- >> that is the press conference taking place right now in cleveland, ohio, the manhunt continues for steve stephens, the man who shot and killed a 70-year-old and then posted a video of it on facebook, claiming he was going to shoot more people. he remains on the run. we've heard there from the mayor, the chief of police, the special fbi agent, and the u.s. marshal, all who basically concluded they've received more than 400 tips from around the country, but at this point, they have not been able to find the location of this man and they're asking the publi to pase help. ey shared their tip hotline. i want to share that,
6:46 am
1-800-call-fbi if you have any information about where this man might be. please, dial that line. i want to bring in now msnbc contributor and former fbi profiler clint van zands and nbc's jacob rascon who is outside in cleveland, ohio. clint, i want to start with you, we're dealing with a guy who allegedly killed a man at random, recorded the killing and posted it for millions of people to see. how concerned are you that he's going to try this again? he said he's going to kill more people but we haven't seen him since easter? >> well, he's indicated he would kill again until caught, but realize he also indicated he had killed at least a dozen people prior to the easter incident and so far law enforcement has not verified that either. so, you know, i'm still in the camp of somebody who's angry, frustrated, raged, full depressed. this plethora of emotions that many of us feel but we don't act in this way, but i think in this
6:47 am
particular case, he may be trying to punish his girlfriend because she broke up with him. he may be trying to punish the people who had put him out of his apartment because he didn't pay his rent. but we see law enforcement, they're reaching out, they're reaching out through friends, they're reaching out through his pastor. realize he was at church and then he came and committed this terrible act on easter sunday. so, they're trying to use a lot of different avenues to try to find him, but i think what's significant, having participated in a lot of these fugitive hunts, we don't have any evidence of preplanning. in essence, this kind of seems like it was somewhat spur of the moment. even though we know he's practiced with a gun, he picked his victim at random. if there was no preplanning that means he may not know where he's going to go, how he's going to get there, what he's going to use for money. all of these lack of planning simply tell the fbi and the
6:48 am
marshal service, there's a very good chance of running this guy down and catching him. notice the marshal said. >> this guy has potentially committed suicide or held up some place, a friend helping him hide. that's the two track investigation going on right now. >> well to the marshal's point he said they are using every tool they've got. clearly this situation has garnered national attention. but how important is that nuance, whether or not mr. stephens is on the fbi's ten most wanted list? >> yeah. i've put people on the ten most wanted list. i mean it's nice. it gets public attention. you and i don't walk in a post office anymore and look at those ten pictures. everything is electronic on the internet. but at this particular point, all of the federal agents, the local agencies, everybody, they're spending as much
6:49 am
manpower as much money as they need to. it would be nice publicity, perhaps, to say he's on the ten most wanted list, but i would suggest that at this moment he's probably one of the most wanted, most sought-after fugitives in the country and there's probably few of our plus or minus 1 million police officers in america that don't know what this guy's face and automobile look like today. >> all right. everybody knows what he looks like. if you have any tips call that hotline. clint, thanks so much for joining me today. jacob, thank you. we will take a break. next, money, power, politics. my favorite subject. president trump heading to wisconsin today to sign an executive order promoting hiring american workers. the co-founder of one of the country's biggest internet companies joins me on how realistic that plan is for the president. you're a brave man, mr. stevens. your testimony will save lives. mr. stevens? this is your new name. this is your new house. and a perfectly inconspicuous suv.
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let's talk money, power and politics. president trump is signing an executive order today called buy american, hire american, aimed at reexamining the h 1 b visa program for workers. the goal is to discourage hiring low wage workers but tech companies which rely heavily
6:54 am
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6:56 am
test test test. 78% going to. how do we level the playing field? it's an issue that i think president trump should lead on and this whole rise of the rest can benefit from things like the investing in opportunity act, introduced last year in a bipartisan way to create incentives. looking at tax reform. figuring out way is to innovate across the country. >> many business leaders have said they're positive on this administration because they are excited about tax reform, you know, they like to see all the changes. do you believe that tax reform can happen without the president showing his taxes? >> i do think tax reform makes
6:57 am
sense. and simplifying taxes makes sense. we also need to make sure we are not just focusing on the fortune 500 companies but the needs of start-ups and entrepreneurs. they're the job creators. all the net job creation comes from the young, high-growth start-ups. if we want more jobs in areas of the communities that feel left out, we have to use the tax code to incent for investment to the middle of the country, what some call the flyover country not just the capital on the coast. >> how does your restart program work? >> the book came out about a year ago. today the paperback is shipping. i added a new chapter after the election of president trump, reflecting on some of the lessons learned from that and laying out a seven-step plan that i think can help us lead the way in the future. and some of it relates to these tax incentives. some relates to reimagining our
6:58 am
education system. some does relate to immigration. how to win the global battle for talent. encouraging a network effect in the cities that need to support entrepreneurs, getting companies engaged with start-ups. that's going to be a big theme in the third wave. >> i like this theme. "the third wave." if you got it last year, get it again. there is now a new chapter. thank you so much. appreciate your time. you know i like to talk business and great women. this last one is just for me. the first woman to officially run the boston marathon 50 years ago. she was back at it yesterday. kathrine switzer made history when they ran the marathon on april 19th, 1967. now, at age 70 she celebrated the 50-year anniversary of the run by running the marathon again. she wore the same number yesterday as five decades ago. 261. they retired it.
6:59 am
she stopped at every water station, took pictures, did interviews and still completed the race in under five hours! 4:44:31. if that doesn't make you feel inspired, it should at least make you feel lazy. that woman blows my mind. when she first ran the race, an official tried to tear her off the course. she didn't fight back. she just kept on running. gentlemen, thank you. i love that woman. that wraps us up for the hour. thrilled to be back. thank yo thank you boys. i'm stephanie ruhle. now down to.c. where hallie jackson has more. in honor of running i'll pass you the baton. >> keep on running, girl. all the political action on this tuesday morning is happening outside the beltway with the polls up and running in georgia. democrats hoping for a win deep inside gop territory. we're live on the ground. in wisconsin they're getting ready for a visit from the
7:00 am
president. the bigger hieadline for him. taxation without publication. breaking overnight, the nationwide man hunt expands. the search for the subject in the facebook live killing. $50,000 reward being offered with tips coming in. facebook, by the way, under fire. we have a team in to cover all of this. kasie hunt in georgia, chris jansing at the white house. economic policy reporter for the n "new york times," allen rapaport and heidi przybyla. and matt viser. kasie hunt in suburban atlanta. let's talk about the special election. typically they're kind of under the radar, an afterthought. this is the opposite. what are you seeing? what are the candidates up to? >> reporter: that's right. i have to tell you that the activity around this race does not feel like one


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