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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  April 18, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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instagram, facebook and twitter. come hang out. we're having a discussion about big little lies. >> i thought that was going in a different direction. this show may be over but the fun n't because my friend ali velshi is here. >> also, that. >> you'll be playing on social media. i hope you're doing something other than going to a closed environment. >> we're watching the president get ready to take off for wisconsin. back on the road. feels like campaign time. >> sit in the sun. enjoy it. see you this afternoon. right now on msnbc, the georgia seat battle, voters head to the polls to fill a house seat. president trump jumping in with tweets and robocalls. does the democrat have a chance to win, and what does it mean for the gop and for 2020? and buy american, hire american. president trump heads, as hallie said, to wisconsin to sign a new executive order. part of his push to pull pifulf
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campaign promises. the cleveland manhunt is nationwide. more than 400 tips but authorities admit they have no idea where facebook murder suspect steve steercphens is ri now. they need your help to catch him. we begin with a special election going on right now in georgia. it is a huge test for president trump and the republican party. millions of dollars have been pouring in from all over the country, and the heated race for the sixth congressional district is tom price's old seat. he's the health and human services secretary. that is why this is no ordinary race. there are, look at this, 18 candidates vying for the district, which includes suburban atlanta. five of them are democrats. 11 are republicans. two are independents. republicans have held this seat for 37 years, and there is an all out war to stop the leading democratic candidate from taking it. president trump is intervening.
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in the last 24 hours, he tweeted at least three times, slamming o ossoff and voicing a robocall against him. >> if yodot te tomorrow, osso will raise your taxes, destroy your health care flood our country with illegal immigrants. >> democrats are all over the country are rallying for ossoff. he is scattering fundraising records and volunteers have been coming from as far as california to help the campaign. samuel l. jackson urged voters in the sixth district to vote for the democratic candidate. >> we have to channel the furious anger we have for this administration into votes at the ballot vote. do your friends and family a favor, hell, do yourself a favor, and vote. >> i'm joined now from kasie hunt in a suburb of atlanta. voting has been underway for four hours now.
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ossoff needs 50% of the vote today to avoid a june runoff. is that possible? >> i think they believe, based on internal polling that the campaign is seeing, that it is still possible, but it may be an optimistic read of the situation. i think there's been a sense that over the last couple of days, this race has gone national, to the point that it is a concern for the campaign. ossoff himself is trying to talk about how all politic it is local. they're trying to play up the local volunteer numbers. there are a lot of people from out of state that came in to help. $8.3 million has poured in from all over the country. this polling station has been very busy today. i have stood at polling stations in elections that were longer in the making or at a more traditional time of year and seen fewer people. this is a dense suburb of atlanta. i talked to a couple of the voters. 150 feet away from the polling place. i'll tell you that. we're not allowed to talk to
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voters in here. see what they had to say a little earlier. >> this time, i voted for john ossoff. there's a little message being sent by me and others. no question about that. i also do think there needs to be a check on donald trump. >> so there you have one voter i talked to who said, look, i want toe a check on donald ump. a lot of the voters i heard from today, they do cast this as a referendum on the president himself, on donald trump. several republicans i talked to said, you know, god bless donald trump. i will say, this isn't necessarily trump country. trump didn't win here by as much as tom price did, the congressman who was re-elected in 2016 by a 20-point margin. trump won by 1.5 points. at the same time, it does tell you potentially gives you a sense of the energy that the democrats have. that's what it is going to take if they are actually going to try to make a dent in the republican house majority in 2018. ali?
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>> we'll be talking to you a lot throughout the course of the day. thank you for clarifying your interview was, what is it, 150 yards, 150 feet? >> i'm not sure -- forgive me because i can't see it. the bite you played may have been from the voter i spoke to yesterday. but any voters you're seeing today at this pollingdistant. >> they've been 150 feet from the polling station. >> kasie hunt can keep her job because she's not breaking any federal laws. joining me is john ossoff. congressman-to-be, or congressional candidate, thank you for being with us. this is an interesting thing for a lot of people in the country. you cannot -- you have to get 50% to avoid a runoff. your own polling is suggesting somewhere under that. where do you think things are today? >> hey, ali. thank you for having me. well, the atmosphere, the energy is electric in georgia right now. materially reports are that turnout is high. we're doing everything we can to
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encourage folks to make their voices heard and to make history here in georgia by flipping the sixth district. >> what are you feeling? what are you thinking is the likely outcome here? there is going to be a runoff? >> we're within striking distance of winning it today, but it'll come down to turnout. it'll come down to whether or not people make their voices heard and go to the polls. if turnout is high, we'll see that as a favorable indication. that's why we're encouraging folks to vote today. if i don't clear 50%, we' be ready to fight and win a runoff if necessary. >> as i was getting ready for the show, i was looking at social media. there was a discussion about you being in an interview where you were asked about not being able to vote for yourself in this election because you don't live in the district. can you explain that to me a little bit more? >> well, i grew up in this district. i grew up in this community. of course, no one knew there was an election coming. i've been by emory university, about ten minutes down the road, the last few years supporting my long-time girlfriend, alicia,
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while she finishes medical school. i'm proud to be supporting her career. when she concludes her training, i'll be ten minutes back up the road in the district where i grew up. >> you made a comment earlier, this race for the voters you're asking to come out, should be about economic issues in the constituency, in georgia's sixth, and it is less about national issues. tell me what you meant by that. >> well, there are certainly deep concerns here about the direction of things in washington and concerns about the administration. i share those concerns. but we're building a coalition that's about more than party and more than opposition to the administration alone. talking about local economic development. talking about shared values that unite people here in the community. courage, compassion, kindness and decency instead of division and fear. instead of partisanship and gridlock. i think the contrast between a positive, substantive campaign and the nonsense in washington is a good one and it is clear. >> john ossoff, we will catch up with you throughout the course of the day. you are going to go and continue
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campaigning for the congressional seat in georgia's sixth congressional district. let's carry on this discussion. i want to bring in rebecca, the executive director of the democratic party in georgia. good to see you. $14 million or so, we're learn, has been spent on advertising in this race. ossoff himself has raised a little over $8 million. let's just talk about how important this is nationwide. this election. >> i think this race is very important. folks are energized around the nation. beyond that, the folks heren georgia are more ergized than i've seen them in my 16-year career working here in georgia. people are knocking on doors for their first time. they're calling their friends and neighbors. they're volunteering their time and energy. they're giving small dollar donations. they're in it to win it. >> so just explain to me, sort of without spin, but help me with the math here. there are 18 candidates. a bunch are republicans.
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a bunch of them are democrats. in 2016, tom price won re-election by more than 23 points, in what is thought of as a staunchly conservative area. president trump only won the district by 1.5%. tell me why you think it is likely or possible that john ossoff can win this? >> yeah, those numbers were pretty striking to us after november. what we saw was a move away from this new republican party led by donald trump, and a move to something more moderate. value that is the democratic party have been talking about for years. we're seeing folks that are really unhappy with the direction of that party, and they're given a really great alternative by the democrats that are in this race and by the leading democrat that's in this race, john ossoff. we're seeing folks that maybe aren't your always regular voters going out to the polls that are feeling the fear, the discontent, the unhappiness that
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this new, sort of national politics place that we live is causing them, and they're channelling it into political activi activism. folks are really feeling this decision is important for themselves and their families. and they're working to make the right one. >> all right. rebecca, good to talk to you. thank you for being with us. the executive drelirector of th democratic party in georgia. right now, i want to bring in the co-founder of the progressive change campaign committee. it is a grassroots organization committee that helps candidates and committees. >> good to be here. >> i want to go over the math. why is a constituency that tom price won by 23% competitive for democrats? >> that was an early indication that even in this district, people weren't buying what trump was selling, even in november. the resistance is strong and that's what this race stands for. as someone who communicates with 1 million activists every day,
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it was unfathomable in january that we'd see this continued energy four months later. the tax march is this weekend. this vibrant campaign today. we'll see what happens tonight. this is one domino to fall within many in the next couple months. >> that's the language we use on the day people are trying to get out to the polling places. if it doesn't go that way and there is a runoff, does it weaken the argument that everybody is mad at trump? >> if john ossoff comes in first in the ruby red district of georgia six, it'll strengthen the argument. we have another election in june. we have a special election in montana. no matter what happens to wanig it'll feed the energy for the other races. >> let m ask you about people likelizabeth wren, massachusetts senator. your group has done a lot of work with her, with keith ellison, with very, very
8:12 am
progressive members of the democratic party. what messaging are you hearing? what response are you getting from people? >> the beautiful thing, when elizabeth warren and bernie sanders challenge corporate power, establishment power, that's a message that plays well in the red states. bernie sanders goes to west virginia, holds town hall meetings and has the crowd applauding for medicare for all. you don't need that populus messaging to win in a blue state. it's bonus for them. for people running in red states in particular, our advice is lean into economics. even republican voters are willing to cross economic lines if their family's economic interests are there. >> these populus economic messages don't sound dissimilar, whether you heard them from donald trump, bernie sanders or elizabeth warren. it's the working person against the establishment and institution. >> it is important to have heros and villains. donald trump's villains tend to be minorities and other people. in a more democratic or progressive narrative, we're
8:13 am
talking about what corporate power is. we're talking about when corporations pay 0% in taxes, your family pays more. if the insurance company is ripping you off, you have less health care and higher prices. both are aimed at speaking to the economic anxieties of people. it's just, who do you blame and who are the heros in your story? elizabeth warren and bernie sanders are making a case for government taking on corporate power. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> adam green, the co-founder of the progressive change committee. the georgia race isn't the only thing president trump is talking about this morning. he's talking about foreign issues. among the issues, north korea. he was asked whether u.s. sabotage was responsible for north korea's failed missile test over the weekend, whether he ruled out a military strike against north korea. >> i don't want to telegraph what i'm doi or what i'm thking. i'm not like other administrations, where they say, we're going to do this in four weeks.
8:14 am
doesn't work that way. >> did w sabotage the north korea strike? >> i don't want to comment on it. >> what happens if north korea launches another missile? >> we'll find out. >> msnbc's chris jansing joins us live now from the white house. hi, chris. along with north korea, the president lashed out against those who say that he has softened his stance on china. >> yeah, he says he didn't change his chance at all. he said it is all good. he had the meetings at mar-a-lago with president xi. subsequent phone calls. this relationship is, in fact, going to be a positive. when he was asked specifically about changing his stance, here's what he said. >> nobody has ever seen such a positive response on our behalf from china. then the fake media goes, donald trump has changed his stance on china. i haven't. china is trying to help us. i don't know if they'll be able to or not. do i want to start heavy trade or currency manipulation
8:15 am
statements against somebody out there right now trying to stop what could be a very bad situation? >> that bad situation, of course, is north korea. but on currency manipulation, as you well know, ali, he did change his stance. >> of course he did, yeah. >> there is good reason to do it. china is no longer a currency manipulator. >> maybe they're manipulating it the other way, trying to raise the currency. maybe he thinks it is manipulation. who knows what the deal is. thank you so much. >> thank you. up next, day three of a desperate manhunt that's expanded nationwide. officials are stepping up the search for a suspect who murdered an elderly man on easter and posted the video on facebook. authorities are asking the public for help. >> we're getting people as far away as texas. they're saying, hey, i just saw him in a walmart. they're calling the tip line. if you think you spot him or the vehicle, call 911. your local jurisdiction so they can get officers there right away. >> someone out there has a key piece of information that could help us resolve this matter. they just might not know it.
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this morning, we're hearing new audio from chilling 911 calls in the brutal easter sunday facebook killing in cleveland, ohio. >> oh, my lord have mercy! oh, my god! >> ask him if he's breathing. >> is he breathing? no breathing! >> those calls made just moments after a suspected gunman, steve
8:20 am
stephens, leapt from his car and shot 74-year-old godwin, at random, and posted the execution style murder on the social media site. the manhunt for stephens is nationwide with a $50,000 reward offered for his capture. jacob rascon is live in cleveland, where authorities gave an update earlier this morning. what is the latest on this? >> so they announced they received almost 400 ts nationwide. that's an impressive nuer. that's as far away as philadelphia, near a school where the police were searching there. or texas at a walmart. so far, none of those tips have proved to be credible, or they haven't found anything because of those tips. they're urging the public to please continue to talk. please continue to look out. if you have any information that might lead to them finding him or the car, call the 1-800-call 1-800-call-fbitip line. if you see the white ford fusion or the man himself, dial 911
8:21 am
wherever you are. there is a warrant out for his arrest. any jurisdiction where he might be found, the police there are able to apprehend him based on the warrant. so what the theories are, because that's all they have right now, the u.s. marshals, the fbi were asked what they think happened. how long they think this will take. they said, look, from a couple of days from a couple of weeks to a couple of years. and the head of the u.s. marshals or the person in charge of the investigation from that standpoint here said, look, it's quite possible that either he's already dead or there is a friend helping him out. so the bottom line in all of this is they don't know where he is. they need the public's help. >> thank you, jacob. we'll continue this story closely. secretary of defense james mattis is in saudi arabia. mike pence is in japan. more on the nuclear threat from north korea when when e come ba. started eating beneful.
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top officials from the trump administration are fanning outs across the globe this manning, visiting crucial allies. james mattis is in saudi arabia right now. his first stop on a week-long
8:26 am
tour of the mideast and north africa that includes visits to egypt and israel. among the main topics he is expected to discussion, syria and president assad's future and the battle against isis. on the flight, secretary mattis also talked about north korea, telling reporters the country's unpredictable leader, kim jong-un, quote, again recklessly tried to provoke something with his failed missile tests over the weend. vice president pence is in japan. he had stern words for pyongyang. >> the united states will continue to work with japan and with all our allies in the region, including south korea, to confront the most ominous threat posing this region of the world. the regime in north korea. all options are on the table. >> not to be outdone, north korea is issuing new threats and accusations. janice joins us live now from seoul, south korea. good to see you again. what are north korean officials
8:27 am
saying now? >> well, there was sharp reaction to what vice president mike pence was saying yesterday, when he was here in south korea. in giving the ironclad american commitment to south korea in facing the threat of north korea. suggesting that north korea could get the same treatment as syria and afghanistan if it didn't halt its nuclear programs and stop its weapons development. that was reason enough for the message to go through diplomatic channels with the regime. not coming from pyongyang as much as new york. with the deputy ambassador to the united nations suggesting that donald trump was responsible for the escalation in the region. accused him of gangster type logic in creating a situation where thermo nuclear war could break out at any moment. here's more of what he had to say. >> if the united states dare to opt for the military actions,
8:28 am
the crying out for preemptive attack and the removal of the headquarters, the tprk is ready to react to any act of war desired by the american. >> there is also the vice foreign minister in pyongyang saying that missile tests will continue every week, month, year, at the time of the regime's choosing. so there is this building up of even bolder rhetoric on both sides. this is what mike pence took into the meetings today with shinzo abe in giving those security assurances to japan. ali? >> janice, thanks very much for the constant updates from you in seoul, south korea. let's bring in two experts on this. lindsey ford served as senior adviser on asia policies during the obama administration at the defense department. now in the asia society policy institute. michael allen was in the george w. bush white house for senior counter policy and a staff for
8:29 am
the intelligence committee. he's managing director of the homeland security advisory firm, beacon global strategies. between the two of you, you've had a lot of experience in this. it is interesting to note how the american administration is talking about this. lindsey, vice president pence told north korea when he was in japan and in south korea the era of patience is over. yet, the current policy doesn't look all that different from poet the obama policies and the george w. bush's policies on these. >> yeah. there is actually a fair degree of continuity here. we've heard the era of strategic patience is over. there was a question mark of, what era are we in now? really, some of it remains the same. we're talking about increased economic sanctions, talking about making more pressure on china to se if w can get china to ratchet down on north korea. that's similar to what we've been doing for quite some time. one thing that is different is
8:30 am
the degree to which we see this administration openly discussing that military options may be on the table. they've always been on the table. i think they are certainly making that far clearer. >> let me ask you this, michael. when you look at this, and i don't like to make too many comparisons to iran because they are different, but there is the idea you can make no deal and keep things going the way they're going. there could actually be somebody attacking somebody. nuclear war. or there can be some kind of a deal. in a deal, north korea gets something out of the whole thing. this is the same struggle we've had since about the '60s in america when it comes to north korea. is there something different now? >> i think there is. i think we have a new president who is largely a question mark for much of the world. he's definitely trying to change the strategic calculus of china. we tried this in the bush years. i know the obama folks did, as well. president trump is trying to ramp it up. i think he's trying to say to the chinese, look, i know you'd rather not deal with this, but this is a serious issue.
8:31 am
it's no longer -- north ykorea s no longer just a regional power. they're improving the baa bl ballistic missiles. we can't track them like we used to. he's saying, the era of strategic patience is dpoeover. we have to get in the game and do, like in regard to iran, iranian style sanctions to get to diplomatic solutions. >> the thing about iran -- and the reason i don't make the comparison is because iran, prior to sanctions, during sanctions and since, it is a big, robust economy that does deal with other parts of the world. it is not a hermit economy. for a strange reason, north coll korea, and maybe because it is isolated, managed to survive in the face of horrible sanctions. the country is broke. it is very, very poor. about 90% some of the businesses are with china. >> it is true.
8:32 am
i think there are important differences between the iranian case and the case we see in north korea. one, economic. two, political. i think at some point, you have to believe you had iranian leadership you could deal with. we're not there with north korea. you have to test that. but, you know, also, there was a wider degree of international ability to pressure the iranian regime. what we're looking at in the north korean situation is different economic pressure points and different people who have the pressure points. it is the chinese. >> china and china. >> not us. >> right. >> when your strategy is a bank shot off the chinese, it's much more challenging to believe you can execute it s. >> but it is an important bank shot. if the chinese decide to help out in this, they can. they do -- i guess the question is, do they really exercise a great deal of influence over kim jong-un? and all of the foreign trade is with china. >> they definitely have a lot of
8:33 am
influence over north korea's economy. i think it is a question mark whether they have direct influence over kim jong-un. he is an independent operator. i think in the past, even his predecessors showed a little bit of a reluctance to always do what china says. >> right. >> at the same time, there's not another card to play. this is a very big card. i think all of us come to the same conclusion, that going to war would be a disaster. what we have to do is increase the pressure to enable serious diplomacy. we've sort of been in a cycle of failed diplomacy for decades now. >> the unintended winner in this might be china. president trump campaigned, and appointed, certain officials on the basis that china is economic enemy number one. currency manipulator. he is going to balance out trade with china. china might say, we can help you on this north korea thing if you stop calls us a currency manipulator, stop doing things. donald trump already said he's
8:34 am
kind of going down that road. >> i think there are potential concerns about the approach he's taken there, of you help us on north korea and i'll make a deal on trade. one is the message it potentially sends to other countries in the asian region. the question is, okay, is everything now transactional for the united states? >> right. >> if it is, what else might they be willing to trade? the fear here has always been, the u.s. and china go to a side room, cut deals amongst themselves and what's that mean for the rest of snus? domestically, this is a president who campaigned on china, huge economic threat, massive problem. it is a big part of what got him ele elected. for domestic constituencies, how do they read this, what it means for their interests? >> great conversation. thank you for joining me for it. >> thank you. still to come, in a few hours, president trump is going to sign a new executive order that makes it harder for companies to hire foreign wo workers. we're live with what that could mean for the american work force.
8:35 am
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8:39 am
talked a lot about it on the campaign trail. what it was designed to do is bring in highly skilled workers from other countries, mostly into the tech industry. this is very important, for example, to silicon valley. but what critics say it's actually done is allow those workers to be brought here, be paid less and keep americans from getting their jobs. so what will this do? well, nothing this year at all, to be honest. the program is already underway. in fact, it won't do what the president said he was going to do, which is get rid of it all together. what it will prompt is a sort of review that they'll have to prove these companies that the workers they're bringing in are necessary workers. it will not touch some of the other programs, some of these other worker programs. for example, the h2b program is designed to bring in seasonal workers. the keend thind the president, example,mar-a-lago. they would not be affected. >> thank you. as president trump prepares
8:40 am
his executive order this morning, the acting director of citizenship and immigration services is being pressed about one part of the order. the h1b visa program. nbc spoke with him this morning. good to see you. >> we had rare access into the department of homeland security. uscis. i asked what they're doing about the h1b visas. 199,000 applications have been received. that's the lowest in four years. as the organization tries to figure out what to do next, i asked, how are they trying to fight fraud and what are they trying to do? this is what the acting director had to say. >> the message from the department of justice recently on emphasizing the message on enforcement is helpful to us on the anti-fraud efforts. as we investigate and work with our other partners, we need all of the different input and those actions across the whole spectrum. to, in other words, what we find that we think needs enforcement action, definitely appreciate that being strengthened and
8:41 am
supported by the department of justice and others. for those that are, to your question, raise concerns or feel uncertain, i'd say this. the h1b program itself, passed by congress 27 years ago, has standards and guidelines we've been abiding by. our emphasis right now is really on anti-fraud. really, if someone is in all faith and cantor, providing all the information they should, there shouldn't be a concern on that front. our efforts are really focused on cracking down on those that are abusing the program. certainly, it disadvantages u.s. workers. quite frankly, it would also be disadvantaging those that are well-intentioned in using the h1b program itself. >> the priority is fighting fraud. the issue is acoeos are concerned about the talent pipeline coming from overseas for the jobs that are specific
8:42 am
i -- specialized. one tech firm said we want to expand hiring because we don't know what is going to be next. they're trying not to be political but the controversy is swirling. >> thank you. tax day is here. this day, in particular, putting president trump under more fire as his refusal to release his tax returns are having an impact on his efforts to overhaul the tax code. this morning, the "new york times" reports democrats are uniting around a pledge not to cooperate on any re-writing of the tax code unless they know specifically how the revision would benefit the billionaire president and his family. congressional republicans, meantime, are getting backlash from their constituents back ohm as they try to defend the president's refusal to release his tax returns. this is senator cotton of arkansas yesterday. >> i'm wondering if you'll take
8:43 am
the initiative to have him release those returns so we can see what kinds of connections he has with different countries around the world. >> as far as i'm aware, the president says he's still under audit. >> financial times reports the administration's timetable for a tax reform hit a setback. the treasury secretary, steve mnuchin, is pushing back the target date of august, calling it not realistic. joining me the founder of americans for tax reform, an organization that opposes all tax increases. good to see you. >> good to be with you. >> the issue of tax reform, there was a sense after health care failed and they said, we're moving to tax reform. i thought, if you thought health care was hard, taxes aren't easier politically. >> i'd argue it is. you have a consensus among the house, senate, white house, the corporate tax income rate at 35% is out of line with the rest of the world.
8:44 am
taking it to 20% or 15% solves problems in terms of inversions. also, we have a problem where a lot of pass through companies, smaller businesses, subchapter s cha companies, their rate is over 40%. cut it to 20%. make faster depreciation. these are the big picture items that, quote, unquote, cost the mote. everybody agrees on those. you can argue about different things. they don't, in the present effort, fix the problem for americans who live overseas and work erseas. >> ght. >> they get double taxed. they'lfix it for companies but don't have plans to fix it for individuals. i hope they can get it done. >> let me show the viewers what the blueprint talks about. we're using 20% as a number because repeatedly, we've heard from the white house, it is going to be hard to get to 15%. >> consensus right now. >> cutting rates to 33, 25 and 12% eliminate the alternative
8:45 am
minimum tax and the estate tax. while there may be consensus on this, there isn't with democrats. when you're talking about comprehensive tax reform, does that matt centner. >> -- matter? >> no. gra grasshoppers, squirrels can't vote on it. we're not voting for anything unless we get this. they're not voting anyway. they're opposed to any reform on obamacare. never mind repeal. no reform. they fought us all the way since they put it in. they're not part of the discussion. you need 95% of democrats to agree, but there are no democrat votes for health care or tax reform. there may be at the end of the day a couple of democrats in completely deep red states who vote for a tax reform once it already hits 50 votes. >> are you worried about the freedom caucus people not liking something in this tax reform bill? >> less freedom caucus. they announced any gain of 25
8:46 am
could walk out the door and hold everybody hostage. they created a gang of moderates and appropriators. you always have this situation. you have multiple gangs now because the freedom caucus okayed the other gangs. they'll tell you, no, no, if everybody gave us what we wanted, everything would be fine. well, other people can have that opinion, too, and do. it will come together because the pressure on anybody who wants to be a holdout is so strong because the tax code is so out of whack. the rates we have now, the double and triple taxation of inme becomes indefensible. and the business company and the stock market priced in the stocks that something like this is going to happen. pull that rug out from underneath -- >> started to happen. softened things up, asth mnuchi talks about taxes not going through. border tax. businesses aren't liking the
8:47 am
idea. a lot of people say, this is going to affect retailers, consumers, going to affect businesses unfairly. what is your take on it? >> all taxes affect consumers and hit consumers. at the end of the day, all taxes are taxes on consumption, even on investment. the only reason you invest is you plan to consume in the future. >> arguably, the wealthiest among us, all taxes are not consumption taxes. if you only spend a portion of what you earn -- >> well, if you never spend it, i guess you're sitting on money you invest in other people's businesses. >> right. >> if you spend the money, yes. so what we're looking at here with the border adjustable tax is that as one of the pay force. the overall plan is a $2.5 trillion cut over a decade. everybody is going to see dramatically reduced taxes. as you move stuff around a little bit in the tax reform part, the border adjustable feature of the corporate income tax, not new income taxes but a feature, it allows you to have a territorial tax system like most
8:48 am
other nations do without setting up a police state overseas, which is what other efforts had to do. if you want to replace the border adjustable feature of the corporate income tax, you have to come up with a solution, how you don't have money recognized overseas that isn't taxed at all. >> right. >> and you have to come up with about $1 trillion over a decade in reducing some of the other tax cuts or some other tax cut. that's what's -- the burden is now on the critics of the dat to say, what's the alternativesome. >> we'll have a good conversation just on that, to discuss what the alternatives are. good to see you. president of americans for tax reform. president trump congratulated turkey'sresident on this week's referendum. the expanded presidential powers is seen as a blow to democracy in the region. what the president's call signals about white house priorities in the fight against isis when we come back. a less . so it has the bad breath germ-killing power of this...
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8:53 am
on facebook the killing of an elderly man, posting it on facebook getting millions of views. the people have been asking for the public's help locating this man, reports coming in from all over the place. and now we have resports that he has been found dead in erie, pennsylvania. the governor of pennsylvania is thanking the police for their help in this investigation. and is reporting that no one else has been hurt as far as they know. we will continue to cover this for you once we get more details, jacob roscon is in cleveland covering it for us. and right behind us, the president's helicopter has
8:54 am
landed. he is tarking a trip to talk about american jobs and buying american. the other breaking news that we're following, i'll ask for our control room when they have more on that to let me know. in the meantime we're going to go on to a big story we're covering -- i guess not. we have pictures that i don't know where they're from right now. once we get more investigatifor will tell you about that. that is apparently erie, pennsylvania where the accused killer has been found. you're seeing now police, the ford fusion is the car that police were looking for. it went out on the lines as the car they were hoping people would report if they saw it. he was in or near the ford fusion in erie, pennsylvania. authorities will be speaking very shortly in the next five or six minutes.
8:55 am
we will hear from authorities about his death, the man sought in the facebook killer. near areay, pennsylvania. not sure if it is in or near erie, but somewhere around there is what we're looking at congra >> they told the observers to "talk to the hand".
8:56 am
steven cook is joining me now what is your read on this referendum and the power it's gives erdogan. >> as you said, it is a referendum that gives him sweeping new spours. he will enjoy powers that no turkish leader has enjoyed since the end of the ottoman empire. >> this is a turkey that until a few years ago was going in a different direction. part of that is europe igalled it was not all that interested in getting turkey into the european union. >> yeah, they invited them to begin members, but shortly there after, they shut down negotiations and they have been in limbo ever since. the turks turned inward and decided to work on their own project, and president erdogan wants to change it in a
8:57 am
prosperous -- >> steve, stay right there, we want to just go back to jacob rascon in cleveland. >> we're in cleveland and authorities are planning a press conference in a few minutes but we already nose because pennsylvania state police told us that steve stephens, the alleged facebook killer is dead. it happened after a short police pursue in erie, pennsylvania. he shot and killed himself, we're told. less than two hours from cleveland. we know that on sunday, ether sunday, he killed a man at random in broad daylight, and then posted a video of the crime to facebook. it turned into a nationwi nationwidnationwide man
8:58 am
hunt. now we know, and this just happened, that pennsylvania state lis were pursuing a white ford fusion, and then he shot and killed himself. that is the breaking news. >> as you said, at noon eastern time police will be holding a press conference out of the city hall. they will be updating us on more investigation, based on what you said, that his body has been found. do we know, jacob, whether or not he confronted police or if they found his body dead already? >> what we have been told is there was a police pursuit, and that he shot and killed himself at some point during or after his pursuit. we don't know anything further but we expect to find out. >> all right, we will continue to follow this story.
8:59 am
the press conference will start very shortly. steve stephens is dead in erie, pennsylvania. that's it for us, we'll go to andrhe news. >> good day, i'm andrea mitchell. the man hunt for steve stephens is over. he recorded the murder of robert godwin and then posted it on social media. he shot and killed himself after a police pursuit in erie, pennsylvania. joining me live now is jacob rascon in cleveland with the latest. >> we were following developments from our affiliate, we were waiting for confirmation. we know that police were
9:00 am
pursuing this white ford fusion that everyone was looking for, and we learned moments ago that it is steph stephens in that car, and that at some point during or after the police pursu pursuit, he shot and killed himself. he had at least one weapon, the weapon that he used inhat facebook post. he uploaded that video on sunday of him shooting at random. this man, robert goodwin, while his family was preparing easter dinner. it turned into a nationwide manhunt. we know that nearly 400 tips poured in. what we hope to learn is whether or not it was a tip that lead police to this white ford fusion and thousand all worked out. we know theyff