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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  April 18, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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americans. what else do we expect? >> the president is here at snap on tools. their world headquarrs, a tool makehey're makes tools from the auto industry to aerospace. she here in the heartland, the state he won for the first republican since the 1984 election. this is his base. this is where he spread the message about populism and jobs and america first and american workers. that's what he is trying to do. he has credibility issues on businesses and criticism that he in the united states hired foreign workers. details on which we don't know a lot about. we have access and the financial records. a lot of that is being handled in the trust. he is here to sign the executive orders on stage in a public way. to galvanize his message that he is for american workers. the executive orders are
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complicated and they instruct the federal agencies to review laws that favor american businesses and american workers and everything from trade agreements to other situations where they are hiring. they are zeroing in on the visa. it's very popular with foreign student who is come to the united states to study and stay. the administration's argument is that this visa process has been abused by the tech industry and others to under cut american workers by hiring workers at lower wages and denying americans jobs. so the period who settle said he would eliminate that is going to announce major changes to that. what the net impact will be remains to be seen. that gives you a sense of what he is trying to do. talking about america first here in the heartland, an important part of his base. >> hold on for a second. let me go to you about this executive order that ron was laying out.
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i want to dig in on what it entail entailed. the first half is buy american. federal agencies are being told to find and flag waivers and exceptions that agencies use to get around current buy american mandates. the second half is hire american which calls on executive agencies to aggressively vet the way that guest worker visas are being used and make sure they are awarded only those determined to be highly qualified. this is calling for a 220-day review on those two things. what changes, do we think? >> we asked that question when i was part of a white house briefing with senior officials. they said the only thing that changes immediately is the culture. they recognize that a lot of this will take a little bit of time. they are trying to send a message that they are following through on the economic nationalism. like you said this is the start of a review process and they seem to have drawn conclusions.
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and in their view a lot of trade agreements included waivers that diluted the sort of buy american provisions that enabled countries and the u.s. and other foreign countries to get around the provisions or ignore them. there is a sense that the enforcement, some of which have been on the books since the 30s, the enforcement has gone away and they want to tighten it up as it pertains to buy american. on the higher front, this is the centerpiece of this. there 85,000 people who apply for and get the vis as every year to provide skilled labor for tech companies. there is more controversy around that. less broad support for that and question about whether the people as they contend under cutting americans and whether or not these people are needed by technology companies and without these visas, they are not going to be able to find the people to take the jobs.
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>> on that note, i want to turn to julia. you wrote in 2015 one of the pieces about dizzy me and something they did that got a lot of attention. they hired new workers and got rid of people and asked them to train the new workers who were taking over jobs in in many cases the new ones came from india from a company. there have been other companies that have done the same thing. does it make sense to reform the system? >> absolutely. this is a program that could be useful to some american tech companies. there is rampant abuse of the program. this has been used by outsourcing companies to bring in temporary workers mostly from india. mostly in the tech industry. there has been a wholesale replacement of middle class tech worker by the tech workers. they bring their people in and
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in some cases you see what happened to disney which is the americans have to sit next to the indian worker and train that worker to do the job as a condition of their separation agreement. this kind of displementf american workers has been happening this this program. among other things t makes it difficult for american tech companies that do need certain very highly skilled people to get the visas. >> that's what i was going to pick up on. ron insan a that was the point of the program in the first place. to help companies like the silicon valley companies that need high tech people and they argue that they need those folks. >> to a certain extent. a lot of this is blown out of proportion. there are 5.7 million open jobs in the united states right now. talking about 85,000 visas that include those graduate student visas as well.
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20,000 go to students. from a policy perspective to worry less about this than to make sure the workers who have been displaced or want to get into high tech fields want to get into education or retraining. whether in manufacturing or high tech. from my perspective, that misses the boat. this is not a real economic problem, but in some ways it's imagined. there are abuses, but the economy needs new workers. economic growth is a growing labor force and productivity. that equals gdp growth. unless we expand the labor force, we restrain our own growth. >> isn't that what we are likely to hear the president talk about when he stands up in kenosha. he is going to say jobs, jobs, jobs. >> which jobs do you want to bring back? we had a million coworkers and today you had 70,000. there are industries that in fact are growing that require skilled labor that need educated
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individuals to move the economy forward. we shouldn't be looking at going backwards and restricting the growth of the labor force in the united states which is integral to the growth of the economy. this is a small percentage of the workforce. 85,000 people a year when we are creating close to 200,000 jobs a month. this is political misdirection as opposed to economic reality. >> you wrote an article about immigration and just in the last couple of days about the administration tightening the grip on the border and you said the border is everywhere. the not just on the mexico line. talk about that and as it relates to what we are talking about with h 1 b. >> this is kind of a separate issue. i think that president trump has in the case of the h 1 brk program identified a program that there is actually bipartisan support for making changes in that program.
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these are visas we didn't intend for those visas to be used to displace american workers which is what is happening now. i think with certain tech workers, this is going to resonate that president trump is bringing forward. on the deportation's front, he has eliminated most of the priorities that the obama administration brought to bear that spared families and people who have been here for a long time of deportation. on that front, there is a very significant change in the policy where practices by federal prosecutors that have been applied at the border to stop people who just came across the border are now going to be applied to families across the country. >> even in a place like kenosha, wisconsin, somebody who has been there for a long time and violated the law. >> it could happen. >> let me go back to you.
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i don't mean to ignore you. politically speak, why does he choose to go to wisconsin today. he has not been on a tour where he does a rally. >> he could have picked anywhere across the rust belt and ohio or pennsylvania to highlight this. this was really the sweet spot for his pitch during the election. the depressed blue collar communities and reagan democrats who people who had not voted republican in a while and felt like the party had forgotten what mattered to them a lost sight of their economic needs. trump's america first message was critical to winning the people over and giving this unconventional candidate a chance to govern. this is really him attempting to follow-through. as ron said, this may amount to a political misdirection, but political theater counts for a lot in this count culture and country right now. you have him touring a plant and talking about buy first, america first priorities.
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painting with a very broad brush. a week or so after he reversed course said china is no longer a currency manipulator. he needs to hammer the points home with the voter who is may have started to doubt whether he meant what he said on the economy. whether or not these reviews and this one executive order leads to tangible changes and improvements remains to be seen. in terms of buying him time and demonstrating to the country that he is following through on this commitment and this message, that's what today is meant to accomplish. >> i don't know if we god advanced remarks or script, but he is back stage touring the area? >> exactly. he is scheduled to speak at about 20 after the hour. we will see if he sticks to schedule. there is that uneasy nobody knows what's going on sort of thing happening and everybody is waiting and expecting the place
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to erupt when he arrives. this is not a campaign event. we are on the grounds of a company. these are employees for the most part and people from the community. there are people representing a community college to drive home the message the connection between this company and young people in america. vocational skills to essentially come back or come into this company or companies like it. one point on the visa issue. it's a very, very popular thing with students around the country. a few weeks ago, we did a story that aired on the sunday show about how there is a negative reaction. young people, to america and the trump administration pursuing this. for many young students, this is their route into america and how they see america. they see it as a negative thing. a protectionist thing and anti-foesher thing. there is that potential backlash. we are talking about hundreds of thousands of people who apply.
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this year there was a record number of people applying. they were concerned that the trump administration was going to end or alter the program in a way that was negatively impactful. he is playing to his base and that's more important to him. his critics are saying he is doing this because they lost health care and had to reverse on china and other issues. they have done these aggressive things and syria. the cruise missile attacks. he is here doing this for his base to drive home that message more than anything. >> i saw you nodding along. what it was meant to be. this is a program that is for
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those with masters degrees and has uses that are important for american companies. they get most of the applications and visas that go to indian temporary workers coming to displace the americans from their job. this is a community that will resonate with them. >> hoe how closely is wall street watching? >> not too closely. there are other issues whether it's north korea or european elections that are currently affecting markets. if you look at the evidence with respect to immigration and other types of economic competition, i
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will paraphrase for one second. there is a line i have to paraphrase. bill the butcher was complaining as the irish would come off the boats. what white natives used to do for a quarter. immigrants drive down domestic wages whether it was the irish or any group that has come. there is no data that suggests that is true. this is one of the stocking horses about others that you can blame the loss of jobs on. 90% of jobs that have been lost are to innovation. not immigration or globalization. that's the economic reality. >> ron allen and julia preston, thank you all. appreciate you being here. up next, the nationwide manhunt is over. steve stevens who cleveland police recorded himself killing an ellerly man and posted it on facebook ended his in his car across the ohio border in pennsylvania. we have the details about that showdown and the mcdonald's as
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>> the massive manhunt for steve stevens is over after a brief two-mile pursuit. he shot and killed himself in his car.
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we are expecting a news conference from the pennsylvania state police in just a few minutes. on sunday, police in ohio said that stevens recorded himself shooting a man and uploading that video to facebook. for more, i want to turn to jacob rascon who is following the developments from cleveland. the most interesting thing i have heard this afternoon is how this all went down in erie, pennsylvania. a bunch of employees at a mcdonald's made the call. >>. >> reporter: right, it looks like the outreach here in the police department paid off. they held a lot of press conferences and really wanted everybody not just in cleveland and ohio, but the surrounding states and beyond to be on the look out and that paid off. hundreds of tips over the last couple of days when they made it a nationwide search last night. in the end it happened at a mcdonald's near erie, pennsylvania. what we understand is they got a tip from a sides who we know is
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an employee at the mcdonald's there. this is stevens we are talking about. he had gone through the drive through to make an order. at that time an employee noticed him and called police. it was right as he was taking off that police arrived. as you said, just a short two-mile pursuit or so. after that they tried a pit maneuver to get to him and turn the car sideways. they did that and after that happened, stevens took a hand gun and shot himself in the head and killed himself. as far as pennsylvania state police knows, no one else was hurt. with the owner, they describe what happened. >> i came through the drive through. they placed an order and got to the first window where we pay. the drive through employee working at the time recognized him or thought or noticed that of car was ohio tags and a white fusion.
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took his money and he pulled to the next window and meanwhile she stepped out and called the state police right away. i pulled my front drive through girl out of the window and had myself and my supervisor present at the window and basically told him it was going to be a minute for his fries which it wasn't. we were trying to make sure he got in contact with the state police. he didn't want to wait for the fries and he took the-piece and didn't want to wait for change. he turned right on buffalo road and the police were right behind him at that point. >> as was mentioned, the pennsylvania state police will hold their own press conference. not to be forgotten is the initial victim on easter sunday. robert god win who was taking a walk while his family was preparing the easter dinner. he was just chosen at random, we understand. he was shot on the spot.
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a father of nine and grandfather of 14. his family has been stunned and reeling and just very emotional. in fact they spoke out i believe it was last night and said they have no room in their hearts for hate and forgave the person. >> i'm sorry. i don't mean to cut you off. we want to go to the president speaking in kenosha, wisconsin. >> that is sweeping across our country and even greater than the great day in november when i won the state of wisconsin and when we won the presidency. that was a great day. that was a great day and thank you, wisconsin. no administration has accomplished more in the first 90 days that includes on military and the border and on trade or on regulation and law enforce am. we love our law enforcement. and on government reform.
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today we are building on that optimism. i'm proud to announce we are about to take bold new steps to follow-through on my pledge to buy american and hire american. i can't think of a better place to make this announcement than right here at snap on. i just took a tour of the company. good place, by the way. doing well too. standing among the workers who make the tools that will rebuild our nation. your craftsmanship is incredible. it's a pleasure to see my good friend governor scott walker. he has been such a big help. he has been so incredible. stand up, scott. governor walker. as well as senator ron johnson. we worked hard together. thank you, ron.
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and although he could not be here today, my thanks go to speaker ryan who has represented the city for nearly two decades in congress. you know where he is? he is with nato. he has a good excuse. i said ron, make sure these countries start paying their bills a little bit more. they are way, way behind. i'm going to talk to you about that, ron. but paul, you are over with nato. get them to pay their bills. you have to work on that too. scott, you are here, you don't have to bother. we will keep you here for a little while. also with us is a famous local resident, the pride of kenosha, reince priebus, my chief of staff. where is reince? what a good man. there he is.
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in fact we flew over his house on the way up and he got excited. he was taking pictures of it. reince went to school right here just about a mile away where he took his wife sally to the prom. that was a match made in heaven. very nice. i also want to thank treasury secretary steve mnuchin who is working to put together a tax reform plan to make the industry more competitive and also to provide a level playing field for our workers. we don't have a level playing field. you will have one very soon. the tax reform and tax plan is coming along very well and we are working on health care and we will get that done too. our education secretary betsy devos is also here. where is betsy? she is around here somewhere. thank you, betsy.
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secretary devos is working to ensure that our workers are trained for the skilled technical jobs that will in the future power our country. i'm excited to be joined today by students from gateway technical college and remember the college president ryan al brikt. thank you. great job. thank you very much. thank you, thank you, brian. your partnership with snap on is a great example of why vocational education is the way of the future. when i was growing up in queens, we had vocational schools. they were great. we don't have schools like that so much anymore. we are bringing it back. vocational schools. these are very talented people that love that type of work. it's great work.
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it really is great work. so vocational schools will be a big factor in the trump administration. together we are going to do everything in our power to make sure that more products are stamped with the wonderful words. made in the usa. the old days, we used to use it. we don't anymore. we will start using it again. for too long we watched as our factories have been closed and our jobs have been sent to other far away lands. we lost 70,000 factories since china joined the world trade organization. you have seen that. you heard about it. 70,000. the world trade organization is another disaster. this election, the american
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people voted to end the theft of american prosperity. they voted to bring back their jobs and to bring back their dreams into our country. that's why i'm here today. in just a few moments, i will be signing a buy american and hire american executive order. you haven't heard about this in a long time. we are sending a powerful signal to the world and defend our workers and protect our jobs and finally put america first. i see all the make america great again hats. those are good hats. through the years, snap on tools have been at the center of our industrial life. your tools that fix the cars our families depend on.
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they sail with the fleets that patrol the oceans and the planes that cross our skies. snap on tools reached the heights of space used by astronauts to carry out their very, very important work. i don't know if you know this, but recently i signed a very big order to spend again on nasa. that's something we need and we need it psychologically. it will be very exciting. for decades, this company served the needs of american workers. it's time we had a federal government that does the same. the buy and hire american order. it will protect workers and students like those of you in the audience today. this historic actio declares
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that the policy of our government is to aggressively promote and use american-made goods and to ensure that american labor is hired to do the job. america first. you better believe it. it's time. it's time, right? it's time. first we will fully monitor, uphold and enforce our buy american laws which we haven't done. buy american laws require that when the federal government buys, builds, or funds a project, domestic goods and products should be used. over the year, the buy american standards have been gutted by excessive waivers and reckless exemptions. the result has been countless jobs and countless contracts that have been lost to low
12:31 pm
quality foreign goods. i am directing them to uphold our buy american laws and to minimize the use of waivers and to maximize made in america content to all federal projects. it's time. and for the first time ever, we are going to crack down on foreign bidders that used dumped steel and other goodings to take contracts from workers like you. they take them away and they have been doing it for a long time. not going to happen anymore. we are finally standing up for our workers and companies. in short, this order declares that american projects should be made with american od
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no longer are we going to allow foreign countries to cheat our producers and our workers out of federal contracts. everyone in my administration will be expected to enforce every last buy american provision on behalf of the american worker. and we are going to investigate every trade deal that undermines these provisions. secondly we are going to enforce the higher american rules designed to protect jobs and wages of workers in the united states. we believe jobs must be offered to american workers first. does that make sense? right now widespread abuse in our immigration system is allowing american workers of all backgrounds to be replaced by workers brought in from other
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countries to fill the same job for sometimes less pay. this will stop. american workers have long called for reforms to end these visa abusers. today their calls are being answered for the first time. that includes taking the first steps to set in motion a long overdue reform of h 1 b visas. right now h 1 b visas are awarded in a totally random lotte lottery. that's wrong. instead they should be given to the most skill and highest paid applicants and never be used to replace americans. no one can compete with american workers when they are given a fair and level playing field which has not happened for decades. we are using every tool in at our disposal to restore the american dream. when it comes to wasteful
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destructive job killing regulations, we are going to use a tool you know very well. it's called the college hammer. that's all we are going to use. we are going to stand up for our dairy farmers in wisconsin. and i have been reading about it. i have been talking about it for a long time. and that demands really immediately fair trade with all of our trading partners and that includes canada. in canada, some very unfair things have happened to our dairy farmers and others and we are going to start working on that with ron and with scott and with paul and with all of your representatives. what happened to you is very,
12:35 pm
very unfair. it's another typical one-sided deal against the united states. it's not going to be happening for long. scott, you and ron and myself and paul and everybody else will get together and we are going to call canada and we are going to say what happened? they might give us an answer, but we will get the solution, not just the answer. we know what the solution is, all right? maybe we will bring reince. we better bring reince back. we will get it done. we will work on it very hard and immediately starting today. -it's a terrible thing that happened to the farmers of wiscons wisconsin. the fact is nafta has been a disaster for the united states. a complete and total disaster. we will do some things and we have all sorts of rules and
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regulations that are horrendous. we want to start to negotiate with mexico immedly and we have these provisions we have to wait long periods of time. you have to notify congress and after you notify congress you have to get certified and then you can't speak to them for 100 days. the whole thing is ridiculous. nafta has been very, very bad for our country. it has been very, very bad for our companies and our workers and we make very big changes or we are going to get rid of nafta for once and for all. it cannot continue like this, believe me. big things will be happening on trade. with other countries over the coming months. i mean very big. we are also working with congress on tax reform and simplification and we are on time if we get that health care
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approval. press every one of your congress men or everybody. we want to get that approval. it just makes the tax reform easier and better and steeper. it will be bigger. that's what we want to do. we have to get the health care taken care of. we are going to march very quickly. you will watch and it will surprise you. right, steve? secretary of treasury. i see shawn. stand up, shawn. i had no idea. he is like a world champion climber. he climbs and after that i look every time.
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he is very help. thank you. thank you. we will be making investments in rebuilding and repairing our badly depleted infrastructure. that will happen toon also. infrastructure. big infrastructure. probably use it with something else that is harder to get approved in order to get that approved, but infrastructure is am can be and coming fast. new ships, bridges, tunnels and airplanes will be constructed. with american hands and american steel and yes, american tools. as we work to restore the american dream at home, we work to restore america standing abroad. that means strengthening partnerships and ensuring that friends and allies pay their fair share and that includes as
12:39 pm
we said in my little statement to paul, it also includes the nato companies and countries. we don't want people taking advantage of the united states. that is not going to happen for so much longer. everybody is going to be paying and we will be a happier country and a happier world. america's strength must be unmatched and the first priority, the safety and security of our citizens. this is the surest path to the more prosperous world for us all. we can build a better future in the spirit of this company's earliest days.
12:40 pm
great company. i recently learned that decades ago in the 1920s, when your sales m salesman entered a repair shop, a stained garage floor, he would find a spot to lay out a beautiful green felt mat. the people of the company know what that means. on that green felt mat, he would place a gleaming set of new snap on tools. the founders of this company wanted their customers to know that the tools of the mechanic were just as important as the tools of the dentist or the business leader and his craft was a noble craft. as noble as any. this is a noble story about the company and wisconsin heritage and wisconsin has a great
12:41 pm
heritage. it's a story that we love about the american spirit. we honor work and great. we honor craftsmanship and the men and women who turned dreams into reality with their own two hands. we honor all of you. we are a nation of builders and we are the country that dugout the panama canal and put a man on the face of the moon and that link our cities with majestic railroads and curving highways. we are the country that is always on the cusp of the next invention. but we can only get there with all of you. we can only restore the nation by working and building with all of you. we can only get there together.
12:42 pm
we are the one people sharing one destiny saluting one great beautiful american flag. i'm thrilled to celebrate our great american heritage and to proudly embrace our great american future. i want to thank the people of wisconsin for doing so much for me. not just with the company, but the people of wisconsin. you have been so incredible. me and my administration. we will never ever let you down. god bless you and god bless the american worker. god bless the american dream and god bless the united states of america. a tremendous honor. thank you, thank you very much.
12:43 pm
>> president trump speaking in wisconsin at the headquarters of snap on tools. he might sign this executive order that he was just talking about, an order that call buy american and hire american. there it is. let's listen again. come on up. >> who should i give the pen to? i think one of them should get it.
12:44 pm
>> this is an honor for me. the only choice is who gets the pen. paw. >> president trump signing the executive order in wisconsin meant to try to promote the federal government buying more american productions and hiring more american through the visa program ordering the view of that to make sure that people
12:45 pm
who are brought to the country and given that visa are actually high tech skilled workers. more on that in a minute. i want to pivot to other breaking news this afternoon. pennsylvania is where the man who everyone has been looking for from cleveland earlier this afternoon killed himself after pursuit from police. let's listen in on the state police in pennsylvania. >> i will say this and ask the lieutenant as well. right now we have search warrants on the vehicle. they are mapping that and do you meaning everything. that's in the process. it's very new information. it's the technique to stop the
12:46 pm
movement to the vehicle. they make sure it's in a safe location and they go to utilize that to stop the fleeing suspect. we knew that mr. stevens was wanted for homicide from cleveland. and did the pit maneuver ends the investigation. >> did you sign that mcdonald's restaurant? >> this was several miles down the road. you want to elaborate on where the maneuver took place? the school where he was stopped? one of the things the pit maneuver stopped, it happened to
12:47 pm
be an abandoned school. he chose that location. you only have one choice and we are not going to rush and thank god we have the whether in our favor. he pulled the weapon out and shot himself in the car. could you repeat that, please? >> we have videos of people we should have. as a rule we don't release that, but we have that. >> how relieved are you?
12:48 pm
>> clearly no investigation is 100% complete until the investigation is done. to the best of my knowledge and we will let everybody else join in. our concern is he was everywhere over the last several days with the sway that s harboring him, whether he was under a bridge somewhere, i don't know. i would say i feel better than i did prior to 11:00. i would feel that the tension is all less now than it was earlier. >> what message would you have for the tuesday? >> thank god. without the public, we would be nowhere. it's important to any investigation that the public step in and help us.
12:49 pm
every station receives several tips that we follow-up on. they are instrumental. i thank them with all my heart. it's nice when you get that information. my response is thank you very much. it is appreciated. >> with this investigation. >> he ended his life here today. we have been in touch with cleveland and the other homicide on this end. we have the investigation here and a suicide of a person. we do our own investigation and we will try to find out where he was. >> how many were interested?
12:50 pm
>> a couple. >> four cars with five members and the pd had from wesleyville? >> did they see him commit suicide? were they that close? >> i know the one trooper i spoke to who did the pit maneuver saw him pull the gun out and shoot himself. i can't spkor the others but at least the one trooper did. >> they didn't have to draw their own weapons as they approach or? >> again, sir, it happened so fast, i don't want to speak -- i don't know if they did or not. my guess is they probably did not, however, if they did see him pull his gun and shoot himself, you don't know what the outcome of that was. personally if they did drop the weapon, they are entitled to do that. >> was it a shot to the head? >> again, i think it's safe to say it was a shot to the head, yes.
12:51 pm
>> what you want them to learn from this incident? >> can you repeat that question, sir? >> would you like to tell the people of cleveland, what do you like them to learn from this incident? >> the only thing i would like the people from cleveland of ohio to know, we're right across the border from cleveland, ohio. but as far as law enforcement concerned, we work as a family. we help them and share their information. they need to know just because somebody commits a crime in cleveland in ohio or anywhere else and they come to another state, we're certainly not going to tolerate -- we'll do everything we can to solve the case if it happened the same way in pa [ inaudible ] >> sure. what i'm saying is we have no
12:52 pm
firsthand knowledge of a ping. we, meaning pci or troop e, we do not do a ping. there are a lot of things on social media that weren't performed but as far as a ping, we have no firsthand knowledge. >> but you are on alert because -- >> it was all over -- we were on alert because we watched the news and talked to cleveland and it was all over the place, let's face it, that's a heinous act, to shoot at the 74-year-old man on easter and what we do too is to bng closure to victims like that and again, that was just a terrible, terrible crime. and so as far as what i said, we have no direct knowledge. social media information we did get from cleveland, that corroborated that. >> where was he? obviously you can't answer that at this point, but using your expertise, how difficult would it be to get that from -- no one
12:53 pm
spotting him? how would you go about doing that? a lot of people are saying how do you get from cleveland to here with nobody seeing you. >> a lot of luck, to be honest with you. if anybody else wants to chime in. there are back roads and a lot of ways to do it. i won't educate future criminals out there but it happens. [ inaudible ] >> i will say this, ma'am, right now we're not aware of any. >> sir, cleveland pd receiving 400 tips the last 48 hours or so since it happened, as it got out in media, are you able to -- >> i don't have direct knowledge. >> i do not have it. >> it's a fresh incident, we're getting tips. it's more important to make sure they are signed and followed up on. i don't have a number right now.
12:54 pm
every station in troop e received tips? i don't know. today at least for today. >> would you say at least -- >> that would be an assumption on my part unless someone else has information. >> i don't know. >> what time did this call come in? >> 11:10. [ inaudible ] >> the autopsy is tomorrow morning here. sorry about that, thank you. good catch. thanks. any other questions? >> i understand you spoke to officers under your command spoke to the individual who works at mcdonald's. can you talk at all about their demeanor? i think there's a lot of interest in this concerned citizen who really all be it a small act, it's a huge act and
12:55 pm
courageous act. can you tell about their demeanor and how they described mr. stephens when he was right in front of them? >> are you talking about? >> the mcdonald's employee. >> i believe my response was a concerned citizen on buffalo road in harbor view township. i don't think i ever said mcdonald's. >> the person that was the concerned citizen, it's my understanding you have spoken to him. >> i have not. >> no one in your command has spoken to them either? okay. very good. >> any other questions for anybody else from our -- >> my name t-e-p-e-r, major, area one commander. >> one last question. >> yes, ma'am. >> to sort out whether -- this
12:56 pm
man had been here, there was a ping, the associated press or ping police put out yes, there was a ping in erie, but you're telling us here that you don't have that information? >> i'm telling you what we knew ma'am. as far as notifying the public, did a great job notifying the public. because of the close proximity to cleveland and we have a casino here in our area, you know, it's not rocket science. so i think that media did a great job in notifying the public. makes our job easier and probably the result we had today was because of the coverage of it, concerned citizen sees him and recognizes not only him but the car and that's why we're here today so -- that's the best i could -- anybody else? thank you very much for coming. i appreciate it. >> thank you, sir. >> we have been listening there
12:57 pm
to major william teper with the pennsylvania state police based out of erie, pennsylvania, that's an hour, 45 minute from cleveland ohio. it is the scene of where they found the man that everyone has been looking for over past three days since -- two days since easter and that horrific crime that was broadcast then put up on facebook. gabe gutierrez was at the press conference. gabe, a couple of things caught my attention, they said they were on alert in erie because they have casinos there and this man had a history of liking gambling and maybe he would head that direction. >> reporter: that's exactly right, that's what the pennsylvania state police just said, they would not confirm those reports of a ping we've been hearing about for the next 48 hours or so even though cleveland police chief did mention that earlier on today. but the pennsylvania state police says it was due to a citizen basically calling 911 and reporting this tip today and
12:58 pm
wouldn't go into detail about that but we do know it was an employee at this mcdonald's, not far from where i'm standing that apparently recognized steve stephens or his vehicle and called 911 and according to the manager of that mcdonald's, that employee held -- withheld part of his order, french fries that steve stephens had ordered and called police and steve stephens pulled away from the drive-thru and led police on this short case, about a two-mile chase. the state police trooper here just said that there was a pit maneuver used in order to mobilize the vehicle. something else we just learned, steve stephens did not point his weapon at state troopers. instead when his car was immobilized, according to one of the troopers at the scene, he turned the gun on himself and took his own life. the investigation continuing here in erie, pennsylvania. also, continuing back in cleveland, a multistate
12:59 pm
investigation at this point and what they are saying now, they need to execute search warrants on the car and try to figure out exactly what he was doing here for the last 48 hours, whether he may have left somewhere else or the erie pennsylvania area through the 24 hours. >> that is the biggest mystery. we heard the troopers say they don't know of any accomplices who helped him over this two-day stretch but they are not sure. gabe, do we have any more clarity whether there were in fact any other crimes? because remember mr. stevens on sunday claimed to have murdered other people and so far there's no evidence of that, right? >> reporter: yeah, that's right, that got a lot of attention off the bat when the video was posted on facebook, stephens' claim that he had multiple victims after he shot 74-year-old robert godwin, as of now they have no evidence to support that claim and they are investigating to see whether he
1:00 pm
had any accomplices or anyone harbored him over the last 48 hours. no evidence that there were any more victims in this case, kate. >> thank you. as the state trooper just said, he said a feel more comfortable now than i did prior to 11:00 a.m. this morning. i think that is the sentiment from a lot of people in this country. that wraps up a busy tuesday for me. seal you s see you back here tomorrow afternoon. up next katy tur picking up our coverage. >> good afternoon. i'm katy tur filling in for steve kornacki. the facebook murder has wrapped up and we'll have more on this story live and how the manhunt unfolded coming up in the hour. topping our agenda, buy american, hire american. >> no administration has accomplished more in the first 90 days. >> president trump is trying to set the tone getting ready for first 100 days milestone. signed a new executive order in


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