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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  April 21, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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attacker. who he is, where he lives and how all of this will affect this weekend's presidential election there. plus the impact here at home. and back here, the white house is kind of doing a health care double take. looking for a win as the president barrels towards day 100. now, he's out with a new demand, a downpayment on that border wall with the deadline creeping closer. jeff sessions is down at the mexican border today for a tour of an immigration center in the golden state. he's in hot water in the aloha state. terrorism analyst and kelly cobbia in seoul and here in washington, big team, big day. first to paris. matt bradley is there. talk to us what we know about the person behind this attack and how the investigation is broadening out into other terror cells. >> well, thanks, hallie. the latest information is the
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name. that's shirfi 39 years old and authorities are saying he is the one that kill ed killed three mf his family were arrested at his home outside of paris in a late-night raid last night. and we're starting to see more and more of that. of course, some witnesses said that actually there was a second man in the car with cheurfi. they told that to french media. not clear where that part of the investigation is going. but there could be further arrests. hallie. >> talk about the impact this might have in the first round of voting in the presidential election this weekend. movement yet? what is going on? >> we haven't seen any movent in the polls. just too soon. it's been not even 24 hours since the attack itself. but we do have polls that came out just before the attack and that shows marine le pen considered the donald trump of france. and a close second to emmanuel
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macron and marine le pen at 22.5. the widely praised centrist and offered his tentative support. there is some across the atlantic support for liberal candidates coming out there. hard to see exactly which way this attack will tip this very, very close race. now, the campaigning ends tonight at around midnight. and it looks like all the candidates are looking to get in their final punches. marine le pen has actually called on french authorities the current government to close all the borders of france. now, that's a populous move that seems unlikely that the government would actually take that up. but, the current prime minister has accused marine le pen in a rare wading into politics of exploiting the death of a policeman and a terror attack for political gain. so, it's unclear whether marine le pen in light of the death of
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a french police officer. but, again, all coming to a head on sunday. and this is going to be, probably the closest race in recent memory here in france and will determine the future of this country and the future of the european union as a whole. hallie? >> a big effect here in washington, too. we're talking about that later in the show. matt in paris. thank you. also overseas james mattis is in syria and he is confirming definitively damascus has more chemical weapons. traveling with secretary overseas and joining us from israel. >> hallie, a stark an knowledgement from mattis that the assad regime still pozssesss chemical weapons. should they use those weapons likely be a response from the united states and allies in the region. now, he didn't get specific on just how big the stockpile is, but he said there's simply no
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doubt. >> i can say authoritatively they have retained some. it's a violation of the united nations security council resolutions and going to have to be taken up diplomatically and they'd be ill advised to try to use any, again, we made that very clear with our strike. >> the defense secretary also said it appears as though the assad regime dispersed its airplanes. asked whether or not they moved that airplane to a russian base. looks like syria has dispersed them. remember, there's a brutal war taking place there. you have the u.s. and coalition fighting isis. you have the russians and the assad regime pushing up, also attacking some isis positions. now, throughout his visit here in the middle east, mattis has warned continuously about iran. that was a message well received here over the defense ministry as well as the prime minister's office. after this trip, hallie, then heads to djibouti just across
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the water from that war in yemen. you can expect more action in yemen and more u.s. action helping the saudi-led campaign. hallie? >> hans, thank you. a flash point and msnbc terrorism analyst. i want to get you on both of these stories. let's talk paris first. your assessment that police can't get a handle on the issue of continued terror attacks or potential terror attacks? >> well, look, it seems that france and other european countries are really embattled. they're really trying to get a hold on this rise of extremism and the potential attacks from isis, whether directed or inspired. it seems ever since up january 2015, france and specifically paris has not had a moment to breathe from the attack after another. so, the likelihood is that france is going to stay on a state of emergency, especially as it goes through a pivotal moment through this upcoming
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elections. i don't think that the french authorities are really subsiding this investigation. the likelihood is that they're going to continue investigating probably a wider network of individuals to see who these individuals are connected to. are they connected to isis central directly or directed to launch this kind of attack or not. so, investigation is really ongoing. >> let's talk syria, right? they have the civil war and turning out isis fighters. how do you counter the isis anger and clamp down on assad and chemical weapons. what is the line here? >> look, i mean, it looks like secretary mattis' visit to the middle east has a lot more to do with iran than isis. i mean, isis seems to be more of a secondary issue to discuss given the country he is visiting. he is not visiting iraq, jordan or turkey. key countries in the fight against isis. rather, he is really discussing
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iran largely with saudi arabia and israel, you know, who share iran as a mutual enemy. it seems, also, this has a lot to do with the regime given a key ally of the syrian regime. how would that affect isis on the ground? it is unclear it is not really battling isis effectsively. the biggest fight against isis is really coming from rival rebel factions rather than the syrian regime itself. >> thank you for that perspective here. appreciate that. we're also following more developments overseas with the u.s. military monitoring the korean peninsula. no surprise here. american spy planes are flying over this snipper aircraft that can detects nuclear explosions. high alert now for nuclear tests for north korea. after new satellite images suggest that could happen maybe at any minute. ken is here with us, our intelligence and national security reporter.
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put this into context for us. we think north korea could be preparing for this first nuclear test under the trump administration. sixth nuclear test overall. what could really happen in the next 48 hours? what is your reporting? >> my reporting, hallie is that the intelligence community believes this test could happen at any time with no warning. you're absolutely right. the military has deployed a number of air assets to the region in recent days, but consistent for the past few weeks and months even. one of them is the u2 spy plane that is a high-flying, single engine jet that can collect imagery and air samples and another is that sniffer plane. a large boeing jet called constant phoenix. it would detect evidence of a nuclear explosion. it is post test. there isn't a lot of sensor data that would tell them when the test would happen. this is an underground situation. although, interestingly, imagery showed some north koreans were playing volleyball at the test
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site and some people read into that that north koreans are aware that they're watching this site. >> blowing up our weekend plans here to keep an eye on north korea? what do you think? >> certainly a sense that things are imminent, but just a sense. no specific information and we just keep hearing the same thing over and over. we're watching closely and it could happen at any time with no warning, hallie. >> ken, thank you very much. i want to bring in now our panel on set. white house report carol lee and senior correspondent for bloomberg news. lots to discuss, yet again. let's start with foreign policy. you have no deputies. the pentagon, the state department. you have understaffing issues in some of these agencies that are going to be crucial as the administration try to get a hanld on foreign policy. how do they do and go forward here? >> what we've seen so far they're operating based on what they have. this is also an administration and a president that seems to be
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centralizing his foreign policy. a lot of it. you see this a lot, presidents will operate out of the white house and that's primarily where foreign policy has developed. this one, in particular, because they don't have the positions filled is really relying on the people inside the building, as well as the secretary of state and the secretary of defense. that's kind of the main way that president trump is approaching this. >> there's so much, right? always crises in a presidency. north korea, syria, iran with the nuclear deal discussion there. how do they juggle all of this, margaret, in a way that will reassure our allies overseas? >> this is the special challenge in the state department in terms of staffing and signaling. there is this split. a broad consensus and you saw it in panetta's remarks recently. brought on board to do national security policy mcmaster or mattis and that it's the signaling that is confusing. that starts at the top. does rex tillerson speak for the president?
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does h.r. mcmaster speak for the president? does mike pence speak for the president or does the president speak for himself? on top of everything that is the core foreign policy challenge. >> responded to the vote in turkey where the state department said something different from what the president said. there was a lot of confusion about that. >> i was thinking yesterday's press conference where the president talked about, for example, not a u.s. role in libya and even special forces on the ground there. >> let's be real. throughout his entire candidacy and even in his administration, he's been the one. >> i think with rex tillerson earlier this week when he had to certify that iran was complying and the next day this surprise news conference that the scheduling keeps sliding all afternoon and kind of imperative for this, obviously, being driven out of that kind of, the trump part of the white house foreign policy shot saying we need to remind both the core part of our base and the conservatives and the rest of the world that we get it. we're stuck with the iran deal
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but that we still reserve the right to completely blow it up, if we want to. >> so, a lot happening on the foreign front. but also here at home with domestic policy. not today but most certainly next week when you have the border wall hard ball game that they're playing. we're talking about that coming up after the break. just a week before the deadline to essentially try to keep the government open. it's creeping closer and closer and we have a report on that, next. it's time for you and your boys to get out of town. (laughing) left foot. right foot. left foot. stop. twitch your eyes so they think you're crazy. if you walk the walk you talk the talk. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico. hide the eyes. it's what you do. show 'em real slow.
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so, t-minus one week until a deadline for congress to pass a temporary spending bill or else the government will shut down. right now the white house behind me right now and democrats are remaining kind of at odds. listen. >> we have our list of priorities that won't surprise anybody what some of them are. we want more money for defense. we want to build a border wall and want more money for immigration enforcement. law enforcement. if they tell us to pound sand, i think that's probably a disappointing indicator of where the next four years is going to go. >> it is a waste of money. his own secretary of homeland security has rejected the idea of a wall from sea to shining sea as he has put it. and that money could be better spent on other forms of border security. >> our next guest is writing about this budget showdown in "washington post" this morning and, plus, the white house push on health care.
7:17 am
we're talking about both of those things with kelsey snell and back with me carol and margaret with bloomberg news. kelsey, let's start with you. who is going to blink? what is happening here? is the fight over funding the border wall going to derail budget talks? what do you think? >> the thing i keep hearing from republicans in congress is that they need somebody to sign whoever they pass. they need to get in there and talking to the white house and making sure whatever goes through congress actually gets signed. the reality is that congress could pass a spending bill that doesn't deal with the border wall but president trump decides he doesn't like it. i think a lot of people in congress and they are tire offend being told what to do. >> especially after the health care failure earlier this year. that fits into the whole budget fight, right? you write about how the white house is ratcheting up the pressure on congress. let's listen to what president trump had to say about this in the last 24 hours. >> this will be great health care and evolving. never a give up.
7:18 am
the press sort of reported there was like a give up. there's no give up. the plan gets better and better and better and it's gotten really, really good. and a lot of people are liking it a lot. we have a good chance of getting it soon. i'd like to say next week, but i believe we will get it. >> two quick questions, kelsey. next week. really? >> virtually no chance. when i talk to people in the speaker's office and people across the hill, they say there is almost no way they could get a whole total repeal and replace bill through all of the mechanisms that are necessary to get a vote next week. plus, there's just not political will for it. when the president says that people were reporting that there was a give up, it was because he, himself, said that they're moving on. so, people moved on. and there was an expectation that they would get these spending bills done because in reality it would be nice for the republican agenda and get repeal and replace done. but passing a spending bill is
7:19 am
completely necessary. they have to do it. >> explain the nexus between the budget fight and the health care bill. seems like the white house is saying, hey, we'll throw you some bones when it comes to subsidy if you go along with the border wall, right? >> well, you know, democrats are saying that they need some assurances that the government will keep paying their part of subsidies. and they're saying that they want to have that done in a spending bill. the white house is saying, well, you know, you could have that maybe, but zee to get this border wall money. but the thing about the border wall is it's not that popular in congress. even among republicans. and there's not a great sense that they're willing to make this the hill that they die on. they create a government shut down on. the idea of doing repeal and replace in the same week is actually pretty dangerous. the spending bill needs democrats to vote for it. if they get mad at republicans for forcing repeal and replace this week, they may not show up to vote for that spending bill. >> kelsey snell over at the "washington post" headquarters. next time we'll make you come on
7:20 am
set. i just got a text saying the language circulating and no real blow back so far. seems as if the white house is desperate to try to show that they are doing something to get health care done before that 100-day mark given how it flopped earlier this year. what is your take? >> several things. one, nobody likes desperation. that's a really bad place to be in politics. >> sure. >> it doesn't get you what you want. and i think people do think that this is all driven towards the fact that this president does not have any significant legislative accomplishments at his 100-day mark. they really want something. you know, talk about making things that are already hard harder to try to jam this through in a week when you have government shutdown looming at the end of the week it's -- congress doesn't move fast on a good day, yet alone and a scenario like this. >> what is the strategy of trying to cram the plate full here? >> we are talking about the inside game and we're talking about the outside game. particularly his base and people who voted for him and supported
7:21 am
him that even if congress doesn't act and even if the republicans on the hill, you know, can't get in line that he and his team are doing everything they have to do to make this a priority. i think that's the messaging, really. when it comes time for the roll out of next week's 100-day accomplishments and what the white house is getting around is a lot of planning for it. see kind of the schedule that unfolds in the next few days. a big part of that messaging has got to be that he has embraced his commitment to repeatedly continuously push for a resolution on health care. >> even if congress isn't necessarily working with him here. flash ahead to next friday. i, as a reporter, hate being asked for predictions about things. next friday a government shut down because the budget deal couldn't get done because a couple weeks ago this was to the fall. >> the problem is that if you have republican control of the house and the senate and the white house, it's hard not to own a shut down. >> i, i would bet against a shut
7:22 am
down only because have to get this right. they have to get this right. >> margaret, carol, thank you. i want to go now as we watch the drama on capitol hill. more drama about potential conflicts of interest involving president trump's mar-a-lago's estate. you've seen it because it's getting a ton of buzz. "the herald" report he met with two presidents in mar-a-lago. right into the middle of, "an ugly power struggle in latin america that threatens to undermine with rebel leaders." kristen welker is right behind me at the white house. these meetings have not been talked about before. not clear these presidents were having these meetings but the white house is saying, it really wasn't a meeting. what can you tell us? >> you're right, hallie. knocking the substance of the report down saying, look, these
7:23 am
two former presidents of colombia were at mar-a-lago. according to a senior official they were invited by a guest who has membership at mar-a-lago and they bump under to the president, shook his hand, said a simple hello. i am told that that exchange only lasted a few minutes and that was the end of it. but, of course, in terms of that "miami herald" report they actually talked politics. the future of colombia. when i pressed the official, look, this was a very short exchange. no time to discuss politics on that level. but, to the broader point here, hallie, the fact that the president was able to meet or greet these two past presidents and the press didn't find out about it until days later really raises questions about mar-a-lago, how much access the public is getting to some of the discussions that he's having there. now, of course, if you had two past presidents coming here to the white house, likely, they would be seen by a reporter or someone else. it wouldn't take a few days to
7:24 am
seep out. so, this is creating what some are calling a mar-a-lago loophole. when i pressed the official on this very point, the response was. look, the president can bump into people including top officials in various different locations. this just happened to take place at mar-a-lago. hallie, this is going to continue to get a lot of debate and attention. we talked to sean spicer about access at mar-a-lago in recent briefings. >> i want to stick with the white house for a second. another meeting happening with the egyptian prisoner who had been freed. what can you tell us? >> this is significant. the trump administration was able to secure the release of a 30-year-old egyptian american aide worker. a woman by the name of aya hijazi. she and her husband were released and brought back here and landed at about 10:00 at andrews air force base. she has been held captive, hallie, for three years since
7:25 am
may of 2014. the obama administration had also pushed to get her out. what is the difference here? the obama administration had a very different relationship with the egyptian government. the president of egypt had been barred from visiting president obama because that administration had of his human rights abuses. president trump trying to reset that relationship. he invited president to the white house at the beginning of april. the thinking is that pace paved the way for the white house tout as a victory as the president approaches that 100-day mark that you have been talking about. this reset with egypt has already been the topic of debate and that is going to be a conversation that continues. we know that she is going to be here at the white house a little bit later on today to meet with the president, as well as jared kushner and ivanka. trying to nail down the details of when that meeting will take place. >> kristen, thank you. we are talking about the man who used to live in the white
7:26 am
house. former president barack obama new details on his first and our exclusive access as i.c.e. agents patrol for undocumented immigrants. we're heading live to the u.s./mexico border, next. ♪
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we are back and guess who else is back. former president barack obama making his first public appearance as an ex-president monday in chicago. this is just into our newsroom. i'm reading it to you essentially off the comments that we're getting from his office. part of the president's post-presidency goal they say to encourage and support the next generation of leaders by strengthening communities around the world. all about community organizing and civic engagement and will be in his hometown of chicago. also be just under that 100 day mark for president trump. interesting timing here marketing, carol. what do you make of this, margar margaret? >> just a coincidence. i don't think it is just a coincidence, by the way. what is interesting we have already seen president obama weighing in on a couple things and we saw him making a phone call to the frontrunner in the presidential race who is not marine le pen candidate and there is this growing demand among some democrats to see
7:31 am
obama engaging in state legislative races and building up the bench from the bottom up and now him dipping in five days before the first 100 days. a good cover for him. but, look, everybody knows he is going to be asked to comment on trump's presidency so far and we'll see how he handles it. >> anything he says, even if he doesn't directly mention donald trump's name, it will all be read in that name. i'm going to do the george bush model and stay on the sidelines. if this comes up and that comes up and now we're seeing him do it before the 100-day mark. just having trouble staying quiet. >> trump is being assessed in his first 100 days and you are seeing democrats assess president obama on his legacy. >> what he did for the party. >> or didn't do. >> and i've got to think that is factoring to some degree how he wants to kind of recast or at least do what he's doing now. recast the way his past work or focus has been seeing. >> chicago is the natural place
7:32 am
for him to -- >> community organizer, his hometown. and he will be talking about all of the things that we have been talking about one way or another. i think as margaret said, defending his legacy in some ways. >> do you think president trump will be watching? >> later today we're watching action that is hang down along the border. jeff sessions and john kelly checking out operations for the second day in a row. border immigration operations. immigration and custom officers now guided by the new enforcement policies are carrying out a string of operations this week alone. an inside look inside this operation. tell us what you found out. >> yeah, hallie, we're expecting the attorney general and the secretary of homeland security to continue that tough talk on immigration. over the last few months, we have seen a number of immigrants related to i.c.e. and most of those are tlults he results of
7:33 am
enforcement operations the same kind of operations that we saw happen under president obama. show us how they work. they said they were targeting immigrants with criminal histories. while we were with them we saw one immigrant family use an immigrant rights card to turn agents away. take a look. on any given day in los angeles, the first immigration arrests happen before the sun comes up. nine teams like this one spanning southern california with lists of immigrants with criminal histories targeted for deportation. >> we don't do raids or sweeps. what we're doing, again, what you've seen that is happening all this morning. targeted enforcement operations. >> reporter: i.c.e. agents waiting for this man to walk out the door before moving in. >> i go to work. >> david is a field office director for i.c.e. and enforced immigration laws under four presidents. if you're here in this country
7:34 am
illegally, you should be deported. >> reporter: at the last house, agents try knocking on the window. but a woman inside flashes an immigrants rights card like this one saying they will not cooperate without a warrant. and the agents stand down. >> she basically showed you a card from an attorney that says don't talk to i.c.e. i'm not going to let you in. of course, we're going to abide by that. >> reporter: back at the processing center the men rounded up are waiting to call their families. rodriguez is a felon with a history of burglaries and drugs. >> no one's perfect. everybody's made mistakes. >> reporter: he tells us his wife has cancer and he has five children. >> he says he doesn't know what's going to happen. he doesn't know what is going to happen with his wife. he takes care of his wife and he doesn't know what is going to happen with his daughters. >> reporter: santiago convicted of selling drugs and he's been deported four times. >> he says that the reason why he keeps coming back is because
7:35 am
of his daughters. what are they going to do. >> reporter: i.c.e. says they would have rather detained these men when they were in jail, but many law enforcement agencies won't hold after judges have ruled in several cases their use was unconstitutional. >> our preference would be to take these individuals into custody in a secure environment at a jail or some other law enforcement facility. so, instead, arrests happen at their homes in public or at work. in the immigrant communities, news of any deportation leads to fear. high-profile removals who was deported in front of her kids or this week news of a doca recipient being sent back to mexico. families terrified that minor criminal offenses or those with no criminal record could be deported. >> what about people with families here. >> that's an unfortunate consequence of our immigration law. but we don't make immigration laws. our job is to enforce them. >> reporter: marin says the laws are the same, but this administration is bringing change. including more resources and
7:36 am
more leeway to agents on who should be targeted. >> with this current administration, we sort of shifted in that spectrum of criminality. now, includes everyone that's not only been convicted of a crime, but those that have entered here illegally. whether they've been convicted of illegal entry or not. >> does that mean i.c.e. is prepared to go after everybody? >> that's not necessarily what we're doing right now. are we prepared? if we get that order and that's what we're going to do. >> reporter: leaving undocumented families living under contradiction. a nation of laws and we are a nation of immigrants. >> and since president trump took office, we have seen over 16,000 immigrants with criminal histories arrested. we have also seen 5,000 immigrants without criminal histories arrested. those numbers are higher than the last two years. when you compare month to month, but they are still not as high as 2014 under president obama. and, of note, this week the
7:37 am
inspector general just came out with a report that is raising some very serious questions over whether i.c.e. has the staffing or the training to deal with the high levels of cases that they already have on their radar. those are some of the questions that are going to be asked of the secretary of homeland security and the attorney general a little bit later today. hallie, back to you. >> live for us there in san diego. thank you. and in the next hour, my colleague ali velshi talking with jeff sessions along with john kelly as they take that first-hand look at border checkpoints and procedures. that is happening in just about 30 minutes from now. stay tuned. also stick around because coming up president trump is calling the first 100-day mark ridiculous this morning. so, we decided to see how he stacks up to his predecessors. that and more in our friday fact check. let's take a look at some numbers:
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7:42 am
court, media would kill." mark murray over at the big board. so, mark, the president has eight days to go before day 100. walk us through how he really stacks up to his predecessors. >> hallie, when you look at simple pieces of law signed in. 28 pieces of legislation, which is the highest mark since harry truman in the 1940s. on that measure, he is actually stacking up pretty well. as you and i know not all pieces of legislation are not created equally. president trump sign under to law and another congressional review act and regulations that kind of roll back president obama's legislation. but on the big ticket items, hallie, when it comes to health care and tax reform and right now that has not gotten off the ground and presidential historian douglas brinkley has said the worst 100-day start in american history. >> i want to talk about strong
7:43 am
words from someone else on the other side of the water. maxine during that interview with craig melvin earlier in the week when she back tracked off those called to impeach president trump. >> i have not called for impeachment. >> that's what you tweeted. >> here's what i said. here's what i've said. i said that we need the information. we need to connect the dots. we need the facts in order to do the impeachment. >> so, mark, she's become kind of a vocal voice for this impeachment call. you heard what she just said. is she splitting hairs? >> more than splitting hairs. here's what she tweeted in the past. she's going to fight every day until he's impeached. then you end up having another interview that she had where she said get ready for impeachment. i also believe that we have sound of her using the i word not too long ago. >> impeachment 45.
7:44 am
impeach 45. >> impeach 45. >> and, so, hallie, you can be pretty clear she has called for president trump's impeachment there. >> i think that does clarify it, mark, thank you. the president, let's get to number three. taking aim at "new york times" tweeting failing "new york times" calling me wrong for two years got caught in a big lie concerning new england patriots visit to the white house. who is right? is the president? >> so, here is what he has tweeted, hallie. let's look at the photo. what ended up happening in 2015. barack obama, a much bigger crowd of new england patriots versus the 2017 with president trump earlier this week. some important context that even "new york times" later acknowledged that many people in the 2015 were part of the support and personnel office. kind of the coach's support structure. those people were in the audience for trump. however, hallie, it is important
7:45 am
to note that there were more players that showed up in 2015 rather than 2017. >> let's go back to the easter egg roll. the cameras were rolling when melania trump nudged her husband to put his hand over his heart. that kind of got us warning. i don't think a lot of people know the official protocol for the national anthem. give it to us straight, what is the protocol? >> here is the protocol and it is the code and when you end up having -- when you are not in uniform and there is a flag, you end up directing the flag and put your hand, your right hand over your heart. if you are in military uniform, you just end up saluting. but that is the code that's there and pretty clear in that photo, president trump was a little slow to getting the hand over the heart. >> well, that's kind of a moment with his wife giving him the nudge there. thank you for that fact check on this friday morning.
7:46 am
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we made it to flashback friday. joining us the panel is ned ryan, ceo of the organization american majority and former writer for carol and margaret are also back with us. let's start in hawaii. attorney general jeff sessions talking about the ninth circuit challenge to president trump's revised immigration ban. here's what he said. listen. >> we are confident that the president will prevail on appeal and particularly in the supreme court, if not the ninth circuit. so this is a huge matter. i really am amazed that a judge sitting on an island in the pacific can issue an order that stops the president of the united states from what appears to be clearly his statutory and constitutional powers. >> the doj is responding in a statement. quote, hawaii is, in fact, an island in the pacific. that is true. adding, it's a beautiful one where the attorney general's
7:51 am
granddaughter is born. the problem is there is a problem when a flawed opinion by a single judge can block the president of the united states's congress constitution n constitutional rights. >> we're talking about a 90-day temporary ban on six countries, some state-sponsors of terrorism. it's not a muslim ban. there is also a pause on the refugee program. let's go back to what we're discussing. at the end of the day, i think the american people will side with trump and the supreme court will, as well. >> you're taking it back to the policy. >> yeah. >> a ban on the countries. mostly muslim countries. should jeff sessions have said island in the pacific? you know who didn't like that? the senators from hawaii. >> of course he could have been more articulate. again, take it back to the issue. people want to say it is a muslim ban. nine of the ten countries with the largest muslim populations aren't on the ban list. it's nothing to do with the
7:52 am
muslim religion, islam. there are questions about the six countries. it is a 90-day, temporary ban. let's have a look at this. we don't want to be france. we don't want to be germany. let's have a hard look at who we're letting in and do the process better. >> are the democrats jumping on this inappropriately? a senator said, attorney general's comments are ignorant and dangerous. >> it clouds the issue for sure. it's a distraction. they're not talking about the actual issue. and it was a weird thing to say. it made hawaii sound foreign, when it is no more foreign than new jersey. >> i mean, that's exactly what -- you saw some of the former obama guys go on twitter, making comments about kenya and stuff like that. it did suggest that hawaii n't really coun it's not a real state, or it's a state but less of a real state. that may not be what he meant at all. may have been speaking off the cuff. but it is a gaffe and certainly not going to lend to the idea of
7:53 am
bipartisan support for his position. >> eye bro brows raised over thd something else. a senator said, quote, of the supreme court, i would expect a resignation this summer. a resignation for one of the justi justices rumored. this would be monumental this true. >> i was calling this in february. there was rumors one of the justices will step down. >> which one? >> kennedy is one of the names mentioned. this, to me, is a little bit of a head scratcher, that the democrats did what they did and pushed the envelope with the nuclear option. now it's not on the table. you have trump, who will probably put out another federalist society rock star judge to replace kennedy or whoever it is. democratsactical mistake, in my opinion. i think the base was pushing the democratic senators to make a bad decision. you had a scalia for a scalia.
7:54 am
now you might again a prior. >> what do you make of this idea there could be another opening this summer? grasse is not the first one who, wink, wink, nudge, nudge, this could happen. the white house has been preparing for this. they're ready for a second one and think they actually might get one. >> it's interesting that senator grassley is talking in this way, just because nothing has happened yet. >> right. >> the fact they did change these rules in the senate, to require a simple majority, means that democrats could wind up swallowing a much more conservative judge. >> grassley is old school. that's not an old school thing to say. it'd be interesting to see whether we see more rhetoric like that in the coming months. i think some of the change of social media or trump rhetoric or the changing times or whatever is beginning to filter even into the senate. maybe the nuclear option is opening the flood gates to that. maybe we'll see scrappy, crazy
7:55 am
comments from people who always played it safe before. >> let me touch on this. we talked earlier about the mar. loophole. some wish the president would spend more time in washington, d.c. 55% of the voters think the president spends too much time at his trump properties. is that a valid concern, or is it overblown? >> overblown. we're not 100 days in. let's see where he spends most of his time in the next three and a half years. if he spends a lot of time down there or up here. there's question marks about who is he meeting with. foreign policy or national security, you know, we don't have to know about all the meetings. >> transparency, as reporters, is an issue. >> here's the issue, the issue is you hear the white house saying, oh, he bumped into these colombian former presidents at mar-a-lago. it's not his fault. what's the difference? if you have someone come into
7:56 am
the white house, you can't claim you bumped into them. it's the intention of a meeting. this gives them the space to say something that was a substantive meeting wasn't and we don't know. >> i agree with carol. i think the issue is also about the folks who have access who are the mar-a-lago members themselves. it's not golf. it's not taking a break. i don't think any reporter who does this for a living begrudges how tired presidents get, how important it is to have time to yourself, fresh air. it's about having transparency and awareness of the connections that lead you to have access to the president. >> ned, carol and margaret, thank you for being with us on a gorgeous spring day in washington. much more ahead on msnbc. >> announcer: it's time for the your business entrepreneur of the week. marlena was a teacher who loved makeup. she created tutorials for her friends and they spread like wildfire. she quit her job, created a product line and today does more
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that wraps up this hour of msnbc live. thank you for joining us. ali velshi, over to you. >> we'll watch up with you later, hallie jackson. military moves. u.s. intelligence officials expect a nuclear test from north korea in the coming days. the u.s. and china are mobilizing resources for a potential military response. we'll have a live report from seoul. on the border. attorney general jeff sessions and john kelly taking a firs first-hand look at border checkpoints and procedures. i'll speak with both of them live this hour about the tour and the controversial remarks they made, including hawaii as some island in the pacific. attack in paris. a gunman opens fire


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