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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  April 24, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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thanks for watching this hour of msnbc live. i will see you tomorrow on at 9: 9:00. have are a great day. right now on msnbc, president trump reaching the final stretch of his first 100 days in office and facing a record low approval rating amid new challenges at home and abroad. at this hour he's holding a rare meeting with members of the u.n. security council as tensions rise with north korea. plus congressional lawmakers are back this week after their
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recess, back on capitol hill as the deadline looms to overt a government shutdown. it's setting up a potential fight over everything from health care to the president's border wall. are they going to be able to reach a deal by friday? and he's back. former president obama returns to public life, set to deliver a speech in chicago in the next hour. is he going to touch donald trump's agenda? we'll see. i'm ali velshi at msnbc headquarters on what promises to be an eventful week. the possibility of a federal government shutdown looms on friday. a day before president trump marks his 100th day in office with a rally in pennsylvania. before that, the president will be signing new executive orders aimed at helping rural america and energy policy. the president promises town veil his tax reform plan on wednesday even though no one has seen what is in it yet. and he addresses the nra's annual leadership forum on friday. wow, busy week. right now he is getting ready to welcome the 15 members of the
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united nations security council which includes u.s. ambassador nikki haley. they are coming to the white house for a rare meeting there, this the as north korea issue as new threat and takes another american citizen into custody. as we all -- as this is unfolding, let's begin with kelly o'donnell at the white house. good morning. let's start with the government shutdown looming on friday. one of the potential sticking points is that the republicans are looks to include funding for the border call in a new spending bill and democrats are say nothing way. >> reporter: democrats have long opposed the idea of a border wall and even more broadly, you find some republicans are also concerned about its cost and would it really be effective when across the board in both parties there are concerns about things like spending money on infrastructure and that kifbd thing. f for the president, it's a signature issue and he's brought twitter into the negotiations, as well. and he's using his tweets to try
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to make some of his points as these negotiations continue. he tweets today, the wall is very important tool in stopping drugs from pouring in to our country and poisoning our youth. and many others. that gives you an idea of how the president is mindful of the environment of these negotiations where new york senator and top democrat in the senate chuck schumer spoke with reporters and said it's a nonstarter for democrats in getting a deal put together. of course we're focused on friday because that is the deadline as it stands now. but congress has a lot of tools to try to prevent a shutdown. so one of the things that we may see them opt to do is an extension where both parties without really much political pain agree let's give ourselves some more time and that would overt a shutdown. sometimes it's a week or two week, whatever they think need to make substantive progress. at the same time when you take the deadline of on the table, you reduce the urgency to get a
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deal. so i've been talking with those who have been participating in the negotiations. there is real work going on. it is a sticking point for the white house, but there is a bit of room in the area of border security, not specifically the wall, but other tools of border protection and reinforcement. and those kinds of concerns where funding could go to that and the president might be okay with it. >> all right. let's switch to north korea now. north korea now threatening to sink an american aircraft carrier, it's also detained an american professor just as he was about to leave the country on saturday. he's identified as tony kim. president trump talked with china's president last night. what do you know about that? rfs trt >> reporter: a late night call to accommodate for the time difference and we know what what they are choosing to read out about that call, they did speak specifically about the belligerence was the word use of
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north korea, want to go find ways to continue to work together and so farther bhous has been publicly praising president xi for his potential to try to really put the north korean regime in place because of the dominant relationship china has over north korea. when we also saw that the president spoke with the prime minister abe, very few comments about what was said in that call. but the white house choosing to tell us that there was a lot of discussion about north korea in the call with china's president. >> kelly, thanks very much. kelly o'donnell at the white house. joining me in new york is a former spokesperson for the u.s. mission to the united nations during the obama administration andor former ambassador samantha power. good to on see you. >> thas for having me. >> so we're calling this a rare meeting where the security council members go to the white house, but in fact on your watch this has happened before, the security council has actually gone to the white house. how come nobody seems to have heard about this?
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>> i think at the time it wasn't big news. the meeting that happened -- last meeting that happened was december of 2015, am bass der samantha power took the counselors down to washington to meet with president obama and susan rice did the same thing a few years before that. and it just didn't make news -- >> because the obama administration did not really take a stand that felt that the united nations was wasteful and ineffective. >> right. on the contrary, obama administration viewed mul multilateralism as a corner stone to its objectives. >> so the u.s. ambassador to the united nations is actually proving to be quite a force when it comes to foreign policy until we started hearing from rex tillerson in the last week or so, we were actually hearing more from nikki haley. >> that's right. she's quite a communicator for the administration and this meeting proves that she has president trump's support, that
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what she says president trump knows about and it's coming from him. and that she has a direct line to him. so if anybody wants to convey a message to him, they can go through her. so it speaks volume. it's also important because it reflects that the trump administration uses the united nations to achieve its own goals. this isn't about greater engagement or something that is lovey-dovey. this is about if we're going to prove to the world that if we can't do something through you, we've justified unlateral action. >> but they sometimes don't like the security council even more because it's the place where sometimes good ideas go to die because of the number of permanent members on the united nations including schochina and russia, which means you can't get agreement on things like north korea or syria. what is the aim in today's meeting? is there a specific goal with respect to north korea or syria? >> my belief is that president trump is probably going to convey his messages very clearly and say this is what we're planning do, this is what we would like to achieve in north korea and syria in particular.
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if you're with us, that would be great. and if not, we're not afraid go alone. and i think that speaks volumes. but that being said, i do think that the u.n. security council and its shortfalls speak volumes to the need for u.n. reform and president trump might mention that as well. >> he doesn't tend to shy away from those things. okay. thank you for clearing up that these meetings do happen. ahead of leading the 14 other security council members to the white house, nikki haley had a message this morning for north korea. here she is speaking first on the "today" show. >> what we have said from the beginning and what i'll continue to say is the united states is not looking for a fight. so don't give us a reason to have one. we're seeing the need that we have to show force when we have to show force and i think what we've seen the president do is say that he's not afraid to make a decision, he's not afraid to
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act and he will change with the circumstances. >> however, ambassador haley headed it's a new day with the u.s. and china work together to contain north korea. joining me now is senior fellow with the asia pacific security program at the nonpartisan center of a new american security. good to see you. thank you for being with us. there are signs that north korea is either preparing for another nuclear test, there is certain saber rattling talking about sinking an american ship, they have arrested and detained another american citizen. at some point someone willush somebody to do something. and weust don't know where that push is coming from. is your sense of where things stand? >> certainly it's a deeply tense time on the korean peninsula and frankly the months of march and april are fwrerequently tense because of the military exercises. but as you said, there is a good chance that north korea will conduct a sixth nuclear test soorn. we' soon. we've seen it's ready to go.
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and even more than that is the sense that this situation is really coming to a head with north korea increasingly close developing an enter con enter continental #blacklivesmattconiy india ballistic missile and so it may be too late. >> but this is something that the u.s. has been thinking about since the nixon administration, how to contain north korea. at some point is this north korea angxiougling for a barb g it looking for a dealing or war? >> north korea has been looking for a deal for the last successive u.s. administrations. everyone from the clinton administration to the george w. bush administration attempted to engage with north korea and essentially pay it off. the obama administration took a slight lie different tact on that. but there actually are no signs that north korea is intent on
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giving up nuclear weapons. nonetheless the trump administration as i think any administration would have at the outset has decided to try to put more pressure on the situation to see if it can intervene. the problem however and the reason why i think we're seeing unusual amount of bluster and saber rattling is because the united states has been doing quite a lot of saber rattling, too, threatening unilateral military action. >> unlike other parts of the world where people want the united stas to get involved, this is one of those instances where the united states needs china to get involved and do some of its bidding. >> but if it hopes to change north korea's kalg could ycalcu validity and desire ability of continuing to pursue nuclear weapons, it will have to figure out how to put more pressure on north korea. the trump administration seems to be taking the tact that muscle flexing and threatening unilateral military action is the way to do that, but there are other tools available such as more aggression are siesanctd
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eventually diplomacy. ultimately no country has given up nuclear weaponing without coming to the negotiating thiem table. still ahead, could his low approval rating hurt his chances on a compromise for health care? a new report suggests that some senior republicans are increasingly wary of the president's influence on upcoming races. plus -- >> every day shocked, surprised and also i say to myself, oh, yeah, okay, this is probably what i should have expected. >> as the president finishes up his first 100 days in office, prominent progressives are weighing in not only about the president but about the future of the democratic party. (counting for hide n' seek.) ready or not, here i come. ♪
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there appear to be new concerns over how the trump presidency could affects the 2018 midterm elections. a new piece out this morning on politico claims that senior republicans are worried about the president's lack of legislative accomplishments and overall dysfunction in the white house among other things. it even points out senate majority leader mih mcconnell is warning associates that trump's unpopularity could weigh down the gop in the election. seems to being the midterm election he's talking about. joining me now to talk about more of that is the writer of that article. alex, thank you for being with
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us. this 100 day thing, some people say there is a lot of time for the administration to get things done. are we really being premature by talking about the effect it will have on the 2018 midterm elections? >> perhaps. and it is early. but if you're a republican strategist or donor or an operative or party leader, you're starting to think ahead about these things and the president's approval rating is at near record lows so you're saying what do we need to get this up because the reality is, and this is what mitch mcconnell is warning people, that republican candidates will run awfully close to whatever the president's approval rating is. that is sort of the history here and it will track very closely. so they really want to see president trump's approval numbers rise in the months to come. >> however a new poll from the "washington post" and abc news shows that among trump voters, only 2% regret supporting him, 96% say it was the right thing to do.
8:18 am
is there a concern about among the gop about getting beyond the president's base? >> perhaps. and what there is proudly a concern about is really trying to demonstrate that there are actual accomplishments here, that the president and the republican congress can actually get things done and follow through on the things that they promised do in the campaign. that is really the sense of what they will be judged by when the election season heats up really next year. >> we have recently seen two special elections, latest one last week in georgia where a democrat forced a runoff election, republicans are watching that one very closely. should they be worried about the so-called enthusiasm gap which now seems to have shifted -- enthusiasm seems to have shifted to progressives and democrats? >> it's a really good point because that's what republican groups, republican strategists are really starting to take a look at. doing really deep dive polling in that special election and in some others really trying to get a sense of where are the
8:19 am
different parties in terms of voter enthusiasm. and some republicans are fighting that the democratic base is actually much more motivated, much more mobilized right now than the republican base. and that is something that republicans are concerned about to some degree at will this junk xhur. >> a number of crises president trump is facing, including potential government shutdown, increasing tensions with north korea. how do republicans position themselves to start thinking about winning in 2018 in a crisis environment? >> well, it's a good question and what republicans are trying to figure out is what is the trump presidency about, what is the identity about. and it's interesting because that really goes to the heart of how republicans are going to position themselves and run in 2018 and it's something that they are asking themselves how do we want to present ourselves to voters when we go to the ballot box in less than two
8:20 am
years from now. >> all right. alex, good to talk to you. i want to bring in republican congressman done bacon of nebraska, member of the armed services committee. a retired air force brigadier general. sir, thank you for joining us. you dweetsefeated the incumbent democrat in your district last year. you're already fundraising for next year. in 2016, nebraska went for donald trump 59%, 34% for hillary clinton. historically we know midterms are tricky, begin what has happened during the first 100 days, how are you thinking about whether you align yourself with donald trump or something else in order to win again? >> for me it's simple. it's about doing the right thing and about achieving results. so we have about 20 more mths to achieve results and we better do so if we want to do well in the midterms. we need to fix a health care problem where people on the individual market is r. paying
8:21 am
$30,000 a year before they get a penny from the obamacare insurance. we have to get tax reform done and we need to restore military swrenk. if we can do those basic things that we commit can dorksding i think we'll do fine. but if we don't, we'll fail. >> there is a bit of a process problem. health care got dropped on congress withouten a understa a understanding of who is supporting it, and now tax reform. these are massive issues. you don't just sort of tell someone that you're showing up with it on wednesday and hope you get something done in the first 100 days. you're not getting things done because it's not being handled properly. >> i think we didn't handle health care right. we have to take our time and get it right. and i think we're doing that right now. but i think that is also very important to get that done so we can do tax reform. i j came back from the united kingdom with the speaker. they are lowering their corporate taxes to 17%. ireland is at 13%. canada has theirs at 15%. we're at 35%. and one of the very few
8:22 am
countries who tax overseas earnings twice. most countries do it just once. we have to help our businesses compete on a level playing field and our own government has our businesses running uphill with a lot of weight on their backs. we have to restore that. if we can get health care reform, tax refornlgt i think we' form, i think we'll do well in the midterms. >> i hear you on that. ireland and the uk and canada have lower corporate tax rates, but everything pays it. you don't have the tooblt have companies pay zero tax like you have in the united states. but even still, isn't it range to hear that you're getting a bill dropped on wednesday on tax reform which is again one of the most difficult and hardest things do? when you say we have to do health care right, you have to do tax reform right too. i worry that it will meet the same end because nobody knows what is coming. >> it needs to be done through regular order is what we've called that.
8:23 am
i'm a frer mshman, but it needs go through the process and we need to have a debate. and i think we should do it with all of our bills. so right now we'll have this discussion on continuing resolution. i believe we should have a short term continuing resolution, but in the end we have to get a budget through regular order so we can fund the military and all the domestic spending. so i'm for regular order. so i degree with you there. >> if the military ran the way this congress is running, we'd be in it disasters. you have to actually have some plan, everybody involved has to know which direction you're moving in and which way to shoot. so do you have an opportunity to tell your leaders in congress can we slow down, let's talk about everything, think about it, put the sunlight on it and make some some good decisions? >> i believe that is the plan for tax reform. the president will drop it into the congress. but, yeah, we'll still debate it and do regular order through the ways and means committee on all the other committees that have a piece of that legislation. so i think in the end congress will do this through regular
8:24 am
order and it needs to be. we need to do the sage thime th with our budget. we've had eight years of no budget because we can't agree on military spending and we have as to hash that out. we had the chief of staff of the army saying if we do another continuing resolution, that would be political and professional malpractice and people will die. we have to fix that. >> one obligation you have in congress is appropriations. so let's hope we get that done. sir, thank you for joining us. voters in france are sending a resounding message in e first round of the presidential election. ouwith the establishment. two outsiders with vastly different messages came out on top setting up a major showdown over the future of france and the european union. the markets are responding. we're live in paris when we come back. can a toothpaste do everything well?
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in france two candidates in attack mode with just two weeks until the second round of the election. far right leader marine le pen is calling her opponent emmanuel macron weak for not having a national plan to deal with what she calls the danger of islamic
8:29 am
terrorism. after this weekend's vote, le pen and macron will space each other in a runoff election on may 7. the two are not only polar opposites, but both outsiders. results are sparking a rally in the market. u.s. dow sewoaring more than 20 points in a relief rally. joining me now from paris is christopher dickey. chris, good to see you. mckr macron seen as the favorite. many think that le pen won't appeal to more than her right wing conservative base to pull off a win. but we've seen the dangers in underestimating these types of movements and le pen does very well with young disaffected voters. >> yeah, there are a lot of different things at play here. if there is a terrorist incident for instance and that is perfectly possible, we saw one just last thursday, that could help her especially if it was
8:30 am
really a bad one much would you say than the one that killed one police officer back here behind me. that is the kind of thing that i'm not saying she's hoping for that to happen, but her campaign is built on fear. and if there is anything that heightens that fear, it will work to her benefit. she's got a lot of support among young voters for a couple reasons. one, just impulse among the young to say let's throw everything up in the air, let's have a radical change, let's see what happens. but also because her economic policy, her social policies are policies that say basically the state will support you. you can retire at 60, you will have a job for life, you will have all these kinds of things that every french government for years has been trying to cut back on because they are hugely costly and make this a very inefficient workforce. so those are the kinds of things that she has that appeals to people. and macron appeals because he will say i will prepare to you live in 291 1 the 21st century.
8:31 am
and if you want to be an entrepreneur and compete with the world market, then macron is your man. >> that is interesting that the center left candidate is sayinging that and center right is giving a message that usually comes from the left. but when you talk about immigration as it was in the referendum in the uk, two reasons. one as le pen says to sow fears of radical islam and terrorism, but the other one is they are taking your jobs. that led to a vote against trade deals because in the uk, they conflated the two. what about that in france? is there some fear that a vote for le pen may be a vote for frexit or getting france out of the european union? >> absolutely there is a fear that that is what that is about. it isn't so much about immigrants taking the jobs, it's about the jobs leaving france as part of the european union. yes, there are foreign workers who come here from other parts of the european union, but i think one of the things that will probably continue to hurt
8:32 am
le pen is that even though there is still a big refugee and migrant influx into iltitaly an other places, you don't have the spectacle that we had during the run up of the brexit vote where you had huge lines of refugees amassed at the borders of eastern europe and this idea that they were just going to somehow overwhelm western europe. >> always great to get your analysis. thank you for joining us. chris dickey joining us from paris. and joining me now is the french ambassador to the united states. ambassador, good to see you. you id recently the french and american political systems are comparable right now. lots of countries experiencing some kind of voter rebellion. how do you explain this election where these two outsiders polar opposites come in the two top spots? >> well, first, we had the rebellion in the sense that you had marine le pen far right, but
8:33 am
also a far left candidate. actually who got 20% of the voters. in a sense we have our trump and our sanders. but the difference with your country is that we had also a centrist populist. obviously mr. macron has never been elected, he's 39 years old and he has campaigned against the system. but yes, campaigned on the sort of optimistic liberal platform. and apparently he has been very successful. >> what has happened here is there has been a call by those who are not on the far right to join forces to defeat le pen. now, if you are a french voter and you are voting against the establishment, doesn't -- everybody though it's a call for unity behind mckracron, doesn't that hurt him because now if you're anti-establishment, your only choice is le pen? >> i think you have a point. and actually i'm sure that made
8:34 am
d le pen will say that, that supported by the outgoing president. but there is a difference between france and u.s. and uk. it's because of the second world war in a sense that we have been vaccinated against far right. so there is also this fine wall in our country. as has been said for my generation, it's obviouslyever the far right because of the war. but for the youth obviously, they don't have ts memory and so they are more sensitive to the propaganda of the far right. >> what sort of comparisons can you make between marine le pen and donald trump? terms of their populism? >> well, basically first there is a very strong anti-immigration stance. secondly there is nationalism in the sense of against free trade saying that the free trade
8:35 am
agreements have destroyed the industrial bases of france. there is also the element of identity. i think there is basically we are supposed to be sort of white judo christian country and now we have the muslims arriving and we are losing our identity. >> ambassador, thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much. still ahead, here is a live look, we've had it in the corner at the bottom, but the stage where at the top of the hour, president obama will make his return to public life speaking at an event at the university of chicago. while the main focus will be on civic engagement, there are questions about whether there will be any mention of president trump. we're going live to chicago next. ♪ ♪
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new roads and bridges. new mass transit. new business friendly environment. new lower taxes. and new university partnerships to grow the businesses of tomorrow today. learn more at ? just a few minutes, former president barack obama will make an appearance speaking to young leaders about community service and service engagement at the university of chicago, that it at the top of the hour. last night, he visited a program called chicago cred on the south side which mentors at risk young adults and helps them with job skills and employment opportunity. ron allen is live in chicago. students will hear from president obama, they will also be able to ask him questions.
8:40 am
president trump, his name or some reference to him likely to come up. what do we think president obama will do? >> reporter: that is the million dollar question, how will president trump's name come up and what will president obama say about him. because that is what everybody wants to know. the obama team is signaling that he is not going to take on president trump directly, that that is not what this is about, this is about former president obama sitting down with young people talking about civic engagement, getting involved in their comnity and so forth. but obviously we're in some until chartered waters here, a very unusual situation. you have a very popular former president who is just 55, planning to get out on the public stage in some way and you have president trump whose administration is so die m diametrically opposed dismantle li ing obamacare and policies on the environment.
8:41 am
but the signal is that he will not get involved in the day to day give and take between president trump. he doesn't want to set himself up as a foil for president trump. but again, his supporters,s advocates, those who back president obama, they really want to hear from him. democrats are feeling somewhat desperate you might say. demoralized by the results of the election, they see a hero in president obama and the question is whether he will play that big role, that big opposition leader role that somg of his supporters want. >> ron, good to talk to you. we'll look forward to hearing from president obama at the top of the hour. one of the big questions president trump faces this week is how much he's accomplished in his first 100 days. after analyzing his key public pledge s an analysis finds the president has not made progress on more than half of them. ari melber joining me now. great to see you. president trump has made many public pledges. give us the numbers. >> and he makes more especially on twitter than other
8:42 am
presidents. we counted 35 public pledges since he became president. and 18 of them he made no effort for any sort of public actual follow-through. so 17 we found some kind of action even if he didn't ghesly succeed, and then on the bills signed in about to law, we analyzed every sink good he will o single one. 28 signed, 13 were efforts to nullify obama rules, nine were symbolic. only six had legislative substance. >> and what are some of the examples of things he has delivered on? >> well, regulations on immigrations with executive orders. where he's come up short is we can show tweets that he put up very glat tick and he made no effort to do anything. for example he said if chicago doesn't fix the horrible carnage going on, 228 shootings in 2017, 42 killings, i will send in the feds. that has not happened. another one, i will be asking for a major investigation into voter fraud including those
8:43 am
registered to vote in two states and those that are illegal. and else have a new commission and pence would share it e things are not happening. so we can see over time a difference between the things he is pursuing, immigration, supreme court, and things that he gets a lot of attention for and makes no effort to actually do anything about. >> what about how he compares to other presidents. >> this is the most i think interesting part. he has struggled with congress and he has not followed through. but he has been more effective, more productive with executive orders than the last two presidents. barack obama had 11 executive orders at the 100 days, george w. bush only seven. donald trump 25 and another one scheduled for this thursday which beats the 100 day deadline. that is a larger shift as we know where presidents have leaned harder on the executive power as congress has generally been less productive, but you can't say donald trump has had zero action in the first 100 days. you can series he's had almost zero legislative action.
8:44 am
>> but these executive orders, yes, they might be a counter balance to the fact that congress is less productive than we'd often like them to be, but they don't face the scrutiny of a bill, of a legislative effort. >> they don't face that scrutiny. judicial review comes later and we know the travel ban situation is up and blocked. and some we don't know exactly how they are working. in other words, he did one order that said every new regulation you have to get rid of two, and then we looked in to it and we found out there are exceptions for national security foreign affairs and organizational executive rule making. so the order is not as big as it sounded. >> great to see you. in anticipation of the first 100 days of president trump being in office, we are talking to people all officer tver the and they are sharing their i impressions. chris jansing joining me. you have spoken with prominent political celebrity and community voices in los angeles. what did you hear? >> donald trump has lit a fire
8:45 am
under the democratic base. you see it in the hundreds of thousands who have come out for the protests including the one over this past weekend. you see it in donations to democratic causes and candidates. and when i talked to these five power players in los angeles, they also affirm what we hear from president obama later today that xhun bei community actity critical, but there is no easing over the anger. >> so is the trump administration presidency better than you expected, worse or what you thought it would be? >> are you kidding? >> i'm serious. >> i'm every day shocked, surprised and also i say to self, oh, yeah, okay, this is probably what i should have expected. >> it has been unbelievable the disregard for even the extveneef
8:46 am
civility and human rights, disregard for -- the veneer as disappeared. >> i'm amazed at the dishonesty. i think i expected -- actually, i didn't xeexpect this. >> is it okay if your leaders lie to you? like we really have to decide as a country which is crazy that now we're really being asked this question, that are we going to accept our leader lying to us on a daily basis. >> it's about the lying about the lying. it's donald trump's biggest contribution to the country in his first 100 days of the presidency is alternative facts. he's been so ineffective. legislative proposals? not nearly the ones he promised. good thing for us. >> it's going to take a hero to begin standing up. and i keep looking to john
8:47 am
mccain and believe it or not, i keep looking to lindsey graham. >> the people that we never thought those would be our heros right now. >> ples stries priest step plea. because i do believe that they have a genuine love for it this country. so will they say it's enough. >> real heros have been the ordinary person who has said no, not really. >> and that is the slifrd ver o what has been good in my pin join for the past 100 days. >> so it is interesting to look at what we will hear from president obama today. that group by the way is mixed about whether or not the democratic par needs a leader president obama to step in. they're not so sure that they are not the power players in the democratic party now. and we should say that across the week we will be talking about the 100 days to people from all stripes, including some
8:48 am
republican voters in michigan mitch tomorrow. >> looking forward to that. thank you so much for that. still ahead, while president trump's approval hits historic low, there are still good news for him when it comes to his base. mark murray joining me next with a deep dive into our new polling on the commander which chief and his agenda.
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briefing on politics. new polls show president trump isolngn his base as he nears his 100 days in office. what about everybo else? joining me now nbc news senior political editor mark murray. you're there with the big board which means you've got numbers. take us through the poll. >> absolutely, ali. our poll asked respondents how do you consider the first 100 days of donald trump's presidency. you have a plurality, 45% believe it's off to a poor start. when you add the other 19% who think it's a fair start, that's 64% who end up giving it either poor or middling marks right now versus 35% who say the president is off to either a good or great start. overall, president trump's an probable rating is at 40%. that's four points lower than
8:53 am
what we saw back in february. with 54% end up disapproving of his job. let's put that into important context. 40% we've seen before but never this early in our poll at this same point in time. barack obama was at 61%. george w. bush at 54% and bill clinton at 52. you ask is our poll different than the other polls out there, the answer is our poll is very similar. you have a minus 14 rating for trump. the minus the margin between approval and disapproval. "washington post" abc it's minus 11. gallup minus 14. then we look at how the base is performing. the good news for president trump is, the trump voters and republicans seem to actually, they're standing with him. you end up having democrats and clinton voters against him. the bad news for him is the independents. he's at minus 23. this is a similar situation that barack obama was in but not
8:54 am
until right before the 2010 midterms. and then when you look at some of president trump's qualities where he is still, you have 50% of amecans song marks for being firm and decisive. seven points less than whe it was in february. on changing business as usual in washington, just 39% give him high marks. that's down six points from february. so good news but also some really tough news for him, as well. >> the president noticed there was good news. he tweeted this morning two fake news polls released yesterday, abc and nbc while containing very positive information were totally wronging in general. which i thought was a great hedge of a nasty tweet. reince priebus says there's not going to be a government shutdown but this border wall debate could derail this. >> that's possible although reince priebus when he was talking about it on "meet the press" ended up talking about they want border security. maybe there's a semantic way to get away from the border wall, just more money from border
8:55 am
security to stave off any government shutdown. as president trump's tweet about our poll, our final poll before the election day had hillary clinton it up four points nationally. she ended up winning the popular vote by two points. it wasn't off that much. >> thanks so much for joining us. always enjoy that. we'll take a break. we'll be right back. hey, honey. dad, where's the car? thought we'd walk. he's counting steps. walk, move and earn money... goal! dad... hey, we wanna welcome everyone to the father daughter dance. look at this dad, he's got some moves! money you can use on out-of-pocket medical expenses. he's ok, yeah! unitedhealthcare
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and thank you for watching this hour of msnbc live. find me on twitter facebook and
8:59 am
instagram at ali very. right now kristen welker hosts "andrea mitchell reports." >> thank you. he's back. for the first time since leaving the white house, former president barack obama takes the stage this hour. so why is he speaking out now? >> i want to be quiet a little bit and not hear myself talk so durn much. as i said before, i'm still a citizen. and good day. i'm kristen welker in for andrea. two presidents in the spotlight this hour. president trump here in washington at a drit cal meeting with the united nations security council to discuss international concerns over north korea's missile program and in chicago, former president barack obama making his first public appearance since leaving office. any moment now at the university of chicago where he once taught. and we have pictures of him arriving right there.
9:00 am
joining me now to discuss all of this, nbc's ron allen in chicago. msnbc ctributor jonathan capehart editorial writer at "the washington post" and josh earnest press secretary during president obama's second term. thanks to all of you for being here. josh, what is a really big day for former president obama, what are your expectations? we've talked a lot about the fact that we don't expect him to engage president trump. what are you expecting? >> kristin, who says you can't go home again? president obama is going home again both to the community where he got his start in public service and back to the issues that really animated his calling into public service. he's going to have a conversation with young people talking about what they can do to be engaged in their community and particularly in a community struggling economically right now. this is how he got his start in public service. he's going to go back. >> as we've been talking about, the wildcard in all of this, he's going to speak and take some questions from some of these young people. they may ask him about president trump's record so far on things