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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  April 25, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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entering the united states. there's a canadian read of the call. also a little color from the call. the prime minister refuted the baseless allegations by the department of commerce and the decision to impose unfair duties. that's the canadian read-out. here's the white house read-out. four sentences long. the first business is only says there was, in fact, a call. it goes on to elaborate they discussed lumber. it was a very amicable call. who knows if these two men were even on the same call, but we can't get any information out of our own government about it anymore. does that mean we're supposed to trust the foreign governments? that does it for us tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow. now it's time for "the last word with lawrence o'donnell." i hope you have enough softwood lumber stockpiled for your weekend do-it-yourself projects that you need that lumber for. >> i don't like to talk about it, but you know that i've been quite a hoarder when it comes to
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pine. >> price is going up. >> thank you, rachel. well, the resistance has stopped donald trump once again both in congress and the courts. and rush limbaugh, of all people, might be joining the right wing resistance to donald trump. >> we're going to build a wall. build that wall. build that wall. build that wall. that wall will go up so fast, your head will spin. >> i'm very, very troubled to have to pass this on. >> the wall delayed. >> it looks like president trump is caving. >> we have plenty of time. a lot of time. >> i was hoping that trump would throw this shut down thing right back in their face. >> the fact that the wall is now off the table, americans should breathe a huge sigh of relief. >> it's delayed for now? >> no one said delayed. >> the wall is going to get built. >> the same issues stopping it now are going to be stopping it
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later. >> it doesn't have to be a physical wall. it can be some fencing in some areas. >> it's going to be a real wall. it's going to be as beautiful as a wall can be, but it's going to be a wall. >> there's not a big appetite for that. >> the wall just got ten feet higher. >> boy, this week, the wall must have gotten 20 feet higher. the resistance to donald trump's wall has won again. the first person to stop president trump's dreams of a big, beautiful wall on the southern border was the president of mexico, enrique penieto who in the first week of the trump presidency said absolutely no to mexico paying for the trump wall. the president of mexico refused to even discuss it and canceled a trip to washington to meet with the president of the united states. the president of mexico humiliated the president of the united states over a wall.
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then last week, the trump administration insisted that at least a billion dollars in funding for the wall be included in the spending bill that congress must pass this week. the president's budget director mick mulvaney threatened his former friends in the house of representatives telling them they absolutely had to do it, but republicans cannot pass that spending bill without democratic support in the senate and the democrats said no to the wall. >> i'll caution, if the administration insists on poison pill riders or extraneous funding requests, then our talks could get sidetracked. particularly if the administration demands funding for a border wall. >> that's all it took. so what did donald trump do? did he hang tough and take the fight to chuck schumer? or did he follow the familiar president trump pattern of completely surrunderring in the face of legislative resistance. now there's no suspense anymore
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when you ask a question like that. everyone knows. everyone knows. of course donald trump will cave when he faces legislative resistance because if he doesn't, he will be crushed. that's his choice. cave or get crushed. that's what happened to him on health care. and now president trump is facing a problem that he has never, ever had to face before. he has a problem with rush limbaugh. rush limbaugh abandoned many of his conservative so-called principles in order to do what his audience wanted him to do in support of the candidacy of donald trump for president. rush limbaugh does not lead his audience. rush limbaugh very, very carefully an obediently follows his audience because that's where the money is. in maintaining that big audience, telling them what they want to hear. and so when rush limbaugh heard
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his audience support donald trump in the presidential campaign, rush limbaugh got right in line. you can just listen to him do it on his show. and now having listened to his audience for almost 100 days of the trump presidency, rush limbaugh is following his audience's lead and publicly expressing his disappointment with donald trump. this is what the beginning of the end will be for the trump presidency. if donald trump loses rush limbaugh, he will lose his base. he'll always keep some of them, but he will fall dramatically in the polls if rush limbaugh turns on donald trump. if rush limbaugh continues to talk about donald trump the way he did today. >> i'm not happy to have to pass this on. i'm very, very troubled to have to pass this on. and i hope my interpretation is
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wrong. and i hope this is not the case, but it looks like, from here, right here, right now, it looks like president trump is caving on his demand for a measly $1 billion in the budget for his wall on the border with mexico. >> and just to remind everyone that mexico is a sovereign country. theexican foreign minister agaitoday says that mexico would not contribute a penny to the wall in any form. and donald trump has been suggesting he'd find some indirect ways to force mexico to pay. of course, no such ways have been identified because they do not exist. and mexico is not going to go along with it. this morning, before the rush limbaugh show, the president tweeted this. don't let the fake media tell you that i have changed my position on the wall. it will get built and help stop drugs, human trafficking, et
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cetera. and then when rush limbaugh said exactly what donald trump was attributing to the fake media, that he changed his position on the wall, which he did, donald trump panicked. someone who probably looked a lot like sean spicer rushed into the president to tell him that they were losing rush on the wall. imagine the panic level in the white house. and so during a photo op when the president lately has avoided saying anything, he very deliberately went out of his way to take a question on the wall so that rush limbaugh will be able to play this to his audience tomorrow. >> will you sign a cr to continue funding the government -- >> the wall is going to get built. i will say secretary kelly, formerly general kelly is doing
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an incredible job. i was with him a little while ago and he saide definitely, desperaty need the wall. and we're going to have the wall built. i don't know what people are talking. i watch these shows and the pundits in the morning. the wall gets built. 100%. thank you very much. >> as i tried to tell donald trump voters during the presidential campaign. the wall is not going to get built. the wall is not going to get paid for. there is not going to be a wall. but donald trump has to continue to say there is going to be a wall. the question is, how long will it take for his voters to catch on? when rush limbaugh took phone calls about the wall, the bad news for donald trump got worse because rush limbaugh's callers are the most solid wall of defense donald trump has ever had, and now that wall is
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cracking. listen to tim from detroit, and this is a very, very important minute of your life to get an insight into the world of the trump true believers. 96 days into the trump presidency. >> detroit, tim. you're next. great to have you on the network. how are you doing? >> caller: i'm doing fine, rush. i've been listening to you for 20 years in my truck. i want to thank you for the entertainment and education. donald trump, my son -- i took my son max toterling heights to two rallies. my son also worked the phones for donald. one of his main topics was building the wall and stopping this illegal immigration. i believe he will be making a grave mistake if he compromises on this. >> now, wait -- he's not compromising on the wall. he's saying he'll delay funding until september. so as to avoid a government shutdown. does it matter to you when he
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does the wall? >> caller: yes, it absolutely does because, rush, you know it's never going to be a good time to do this. i've been listening to politics all my life. it's the same thing. let's kick this can down the road. >> exactly. every delay is a further nail in the coffin. >> joining us, gene robinson. senior fellow at the ethics and public policy center. also maria tracy komar, an msnbc contributor. gene robinson, rush limbaugh, 96 days in, we're talking about nails in the coffin. >> yeah. he's right about that. every delay is a nail in the coffin, but that coffin was sealed with super glue from the beginning. it wasn't going to happen. just the logistics of building a 2,000-mile long, 30-foot high wall along the u.s./mexican
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border which is what he says he's going to do are inconceivable. it is simply not going to happen. and it never was going to happen. and, you know, very slowly, he's going to have to acknowledge that. he'll continue saying we're going to build it. we're going to build it. but it just won't happen. >> my impression about this, having talked to a tiny group of trump voters over the campaign out there was that it's not so much that they believed he would get the wall. certainly they didn't believe mexico would pay for it. they just believed he'd be ugher on the southern border than anyone else. when i listen to tim from detroit, he meant it. he was taking it literally. there's going to be a wall, and he doesn't care who pays for it because, obviously, he's not complaining about mexico not paying for it. he's now complaining about the president not being willing to fight for the money from congress. and to hear rush limbaugh and his audience taking a stand over
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this, 96 days in, it can only get worse from here. >> that's exactly right, lawrence. this was his signature immigration program for his presidency. there's not an american that does not know that he stood for building that wall. so the reperkugsss that will have to be large because he's going to start losing credibility with his base, with folks like tim. but what i don't think that trump realized was that his biggest resistance are fot just the democrats but plenty of republicans in these southern border states that don't want the wall. they recognize it's bad for business and bad for their constituency. so he did not have this political calculus of folks within even his own party. >> peter, you worked in republican presidential administrations where spending on the southern border security went up and hiring of border patrol agents went up. but they did not go about this crusade for building a big, beautiful wall from one end of
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the border to the other. now we're getting estimates about what this could cost. homeland security sayin that the wallould cost $21 billion. donald trump is insisting i could be done for less than $10 billion. there are democratic congressional estimates saying this could cost $70 billion. i guess depending on which description of it you accept, whether it's a virtual wall or a fence or the big, beautiful wall. what changed in republican politics that suddenly it is the party of the wall or at least the presidency is? >> donald trump tapped into some of the quarters, a negative sentiment. in order to pursue that, some people jettisoned a commitment to fiscal responsibility. so, look, republicans have hitched their wagon to donald trump, and they are in trouble because of it. i want to underscore, your lead-in was exactly right.
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the danger here isn't fiscal for donald trump. it's perceptual. it's not only that he's backing away. it's how weak he looks. there's a kind of trump two-step here which is, he's all bluster and then backs down. and what happens in politics is, if you begin to govern in a way that goes at the core of the narrative that people believed in, and if it begins to shatter that core belief, then the whole thing begins to come apart. we're beginning to see it. and the stunning thing here is that this kind of chaos and ineptitude is happening in less than 100 days. that to me is the most striking thing. there are already cracks in the personality as it relates to trump. >> let's look at the scene this creates in the white house briefing today when sean spicer was asked about it. i guess we don't have it. gene, spicer is being asked about this today. he's saying, no, there's not going to be a delay.
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we know there's going to be a delay. so to peter's point, you have not only a weakness in the presidency but you are seeing this kind of comical inability to even find the words to address what's happening this week. and when your circumstances change, you have to find the language for it right away. and you have to figure out what to do about that word delay when the president says september is okay. that's a delay. >> that's absolutely a delay. and i think peter makes a great point because sort of the -- the mythos of donald trump, what he's supposed to be great at is making deals. so, you know, you stake out a maximalist position and you are really tough. the next step is supposed to be you meet somewhere in the middle hopefully closer to your point of view than to your counterparty's point of view.
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but trump said so far it's a stake out of a maximalist position. and he says, okay, gee, i'm vi on. and i juston't think that's going to continue to play. that's not fighting for the issues he told people he's going to fight for. he fights for five minutes and then he says, well, okay, you know, we'll turn the page. his people are very forgiving, and they continue to forgive him, these transgressions, but they add up and they will add up. it's just inevitable. >> let's take another peek over the wall as it were into the trump supporting world where rush limbaugh today told his audience in effect, coach limbaugh telling president trump this is what he should have done. let's listen to this. >> it's a golden opportunity for trump to giant foot stomp these people and end this crap of a
7:17 pm
perennial never-ending government shutdown paralyzing anything sensible being done. wipe it out. the democrat party is going to be wiped out now. wipe out this press that the government shutdown shuts down life. show people that life goes on and everybody prospers fine if the government shut down for a couple of days. it's never totally shut down anyway. >> maria, there's coach limbaugh's advice. >> i mean, i don't think he recognizes the united states government is the number one employer. he talks about shutting down, you're talking about more than 20,000, 30,000 jobs. so he clearly is disconnected. but i do think this idea where he says, we'll worry aut it in september, we'll build the wall then, folks know the republicans know that the closer you get to september, september is the eve of midterm elections. no one is going to want to touch that. no one wants to go back to their constituency and their base and say now we're not going
7:18 pm
physically irresponsible. it doesn't -- it's almost as if he has not had a taste of how, one, the government works, how politics works and more importantly in this case he doesn't understand the basic game theory. it's astounding. >> just -- go ahead. let me interject for one second. republicans control the white house, they control the house and they control the senate. i even donald trump understands that it's probably not great to be, you know, the first president to preside over a government shutdown in which the same party controls all the branches. that would be an astounding thing and would certainly indicate, once and for all, this party is not ready to govern. >> peter, is there any move that the -- white house can pull off in regarding the spending bill that can somehow reverse the perception that this is donald trump caving to the democrats and the congressional system? >> no, they can't because it's reality, he is caving.
7:19 pm
you can't hide that. i think what we're seeing here is a massive collision of the trump presidency in reality. you know, he got away during the campaign with during theater. he was able to fool some of the people some of the time. you can't suspend the laws of physics and governing. in the end when you're president, you're judged on results. what we're seeing here is that the curtain is being pulled away. he's not a wizard of oz and we're seeing that every day and every week. and it's going to get worse and worse and you're doing to see an imploegs here. >> peter gets the last word. thank you all for joining us tonight. >> thank you, lawrence. >> coming up, donald trump met another big line of resistance today in court and it's because ofomething said in an interview with bill
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when he asked for our security clearance, that application will tell us whether he reported getting money from the russians, its contacts with the russians and, again, the republicans that is president trump's administration will not give up one shred of favor, not anything. okay, let's go. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. that's amazing!
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this is why we have courts, the over reach of president and attorney general who don't understand the constitution or choose to ignore it. >> the federal judge in california today delivered the legal resistance to president trump's executive order to withhold federal funding from sang ware cities. he issued a nationwide injunction against enforcement of that executive order. in his opinion, the judge wrote federal funding that bears no meaningful to immigration enforcement cannot be threaten merely because it is because of the president was proved. attorney general jeff sessions justice department argued that the vagueness of the executive order meant that the city and the county had no reason to sue because there was no reason for them to assume that the
7:25 pm
executive order applied to them. trying to defend the constitutionality of an executive order by saying the executive order is so vague, no one knows what it means, therefore, how can you object to it, is the new low in legal pleadings filed by the justice department, but such is the legal reasoning of jeff sessions. the judge found that the vagueness of the executive order was one of its major problems, saying that no city or town could know if the executive order applies to it, because the order doesn't define what a sanctuary city is. the judge wrote, the result of this zits frschizophrenic appro this order, the counts reasonably fear enforcement of the order. the judge cited statements that donald trump made to bill o'reilly as reasons for every city and town and county to fear the trump executive order.
7:26 pm
>> as you know, i'm very much opposed to sanctuary cities. this breed crimes, if we'll have to we'll defund. >> you're going to defend. >> california is in many ways is out of control. i don't want to defund anybody. i want to give them the money they need. if they're going to have sanctuary cities, weayave to do that, cerinly that would be a weapon. >> joining us now, he's the mayor of providence rhode island. he's a constitutional law professor at roger williams university, school of law. >> kevin deleon is the democratic state senate leader. senator, i want to ask you this case that got the injunction today as a california case. when we saw that a federal judge in hawaii ruled against the immigration order, jeff sessions said how can a judge in the middle of the pacific do that. i'm waiting for jeff sessions to
7:27 pm
say, how can a judge, in a place that use to be mexico, issue a ruling like this. what are you expecting as the justice department's next step? >> well, i can tell you, lawrence, the last time i was with you, i said very clearly that any attempt to coerce state governments and local governments to be an extension of the federal immigration authorities to be caught in a trump deportation machine will be met with legal resistance. this is a huge victory of the county, santa clara in the state of california and for all americans who believe in justice, this is, again, another attempt my president trump as well as sessions to threaten local cities and states throughout the country. and once again, they have tripped over the constitution. now, jeff sessions had been making threat after threat after threat to california and to other municipalities throughout the country. threatening to withhol federal dollars, needed dollars to do
7:28 pm
their job to protect and serve ourcommunities. moneys that are needed for human trafficking, moneys that are needed for drug trafficking, as well as terrorism. so by threatening cities and states because we don't want to be a -- caught in the trump deportation machine, is both illegal, as well as unconstitutional. let me say, it's un-american because what you're doing is you're putting states and local municipalities in harm's way, in a dangerous position by withholding these questions that our police officers need to protect and serve our communities. >> mayor, i want to call on you now as professor as a constitutional scholar, couple of things, one is -- since there was no definition of sanctuary city in the executive order, how would you have interpreted in rhode island, had there been no injunction. secondly, is providence a sanctuary city, how do you
7:29 pm
define sanctuary cities and is there a way to define them constitutionally. >> well, that's what we've been asking for for the past several months. now, let's please give us some clarity. let us know exactly what you mean when you say sanctuary city. the term has been used so much as a political term and we're using the same words, but it's almost as though we're speaking different languages and it's impossible to have a sensible conversation when you don't define the terms precisely. so we've been asking the administration and a group o mayors met with aorney general jeff sessions today and we asked them exactly that. >> so mr. mayor, so you had a meeting with jeff sessions today? >> we did. >> and it was before the judge's ruling, wasn't it? >> it was before the judge's ruling. what we got from that meeting was, as close to a definition of sanctuary city as we've heard and it was defined as any city that doesn't comply with section
7:30 pm
13-73, which basically requires cities to communicate they have about immigration status with i i.c.e. i know of no city that doesn't comply with section 1373. by their own definition of sanctuary city, there is no sanctuary city in the united states. so what we continue to ask of them is, please give us clarity. let us know what we're talking about and then we can figure out where we stand and don't stand. perhaps most importantly, how we can work together. for example, we all have an interest, our main responsibility as mayors is to make sure that we protect our communities and provide public safety. at the federal level, they also say that's their exact priority. that's their same goal. let's figure out how we can work together to make that happen. if they're insisting that we turn our local communities into federal immigration agents. well, that's taking precious resources where we can be
7:31 pm
investigating serious crimes and diverting it to areas that just aren't a priority. a person that forgot to put their turn signal on is just not a priority in the same way we have serious criminals. to the extent tha you're chasing people under grod and they're afraid to report crimes, they're afraid to step forward as witnesses to crimes, that makes us all less safe. let's figure out what our priority is and how we can work together to focus on serious criminals. >> when you hear the mayor describing how toothless this executive order was, it starts to sound like it was just a stunt for the trump base for him to say, look, i delivered on what i said i would do with bill o'reilly. >> well, i'll say this, i agree with mr. mayor from providence 100%. i remember that interview it was on super bowl sunday, when he said california was quote/unquote out of control. they're empty threats and it's empty rhetoric to perhaps get up
7:32 pm
his far right-wing base. the reality is this when you do make threats against cities, states, counties, it's very un-american, that's not who we are as a great nation. it tears up the fabric of who we are as a city. it's political empty rhetoric. you should separate children from mothers and it's un-american, it's not who we are in the great state. these executive orders actually put americans in a much more dangerous situation because it will actually increase crime because police officers will be required, if in fact, to abandon their duties and responsibilities to go help i.c.e. ages set up a perimeter around an elementary school waiting for mothers to pick up their children. that's who we are as a great city or as a great state or country. >> the leader of the california state senate gets tonight's last word on this, providence mayor jorge, thank you, for joining us
7:33 pm
tonight. appreciate. thank you to both. >> thank you. >> thank you. coming up, did donald trump's former national security adviser, michael flynn, commit a crime when he applied for a security clearance? republican congressman said today, there's no evidence that he did not commit a crime, so you figure it out. ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm dr. kelsey mcneely and some day you might be calling me an energy farmer. ♪ energy lives here. this scarf all that's my left to rememb... sayonara. what. she washed this like a month ago!
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the republican, under line republican, chairman of the house oversight confined no -- find no evidence that michael flynn complied with the law. in other words, no evidence that michael flynn did not commit a crime when he applied to renew his security clearance in 2016. he also said that he may have inappropriately accepted payments from companies linked to russia before getting the required approl from the pentagon and the state department. here is the chairman with the ranking member oversight committee. >> general flynn had a duty and an obligation to seek and obtain permission to receive money from foreign governments prior to any engagement with them. it does not appear to us that that was ever sought nor did he ever get that permission. as a former military officer, you simply cannot take money
7:38 pm
from russia, turkey or anybody else and it appears if he did take that money, it was inappropriate. and repercussions for the violation of law. >> i see no information or no data to support the notion that general flynn complied with the law. >> we need to have the opportunity to ask general flynn directly why he concealed these foreign payments from the defense department. he was to get permission and report it and he didn't. >> when is the last time you saw those two guys having a pleasant bipartisan public comment session. eric, member of the house intelligence committee will join us next. okay let's call his agent i'm coming over right now.
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>> is there any way you give full immunity to testify. >> there's no way? >> no, i don't see the need for any type of subpoena process. when we are interested in having individuals in for interviews, we'll go through the process of invite them and working with counsel and try to accommodate the needs. >> from lock her up to having his lawyer now begging for immunity, the story of michael flynn. joining us now is democratic congressman eric swalwel he's a member of the house select committee on intelligence. i want to get your reaction on michael flynn and jason chavis in particular i think a lot of people are surprised to see out there leading an assault on the white house on this today. >> lawrence, good evening, i'll leave the criminal decisions to the fbi and department of justice, which is hard as a
7:43 pm
former prosecutor, i'm interested in some of these legal issues. my job on the house intelligence committee is to get to the bottom of what happened with russia's interference and tell the american people whether any u.s. persons were involved and from what we already know, general flynn, after he left the defense intelligence agency, person who should know better wentver to russia, sat next to vladimir putin, took a payment from russia today, which is directly connected to russia's intelligence service. and looks like, from these report, didn't tell anyone he was suppose to tell about it. being a member of the trump transition team is intimating to russia's ambassador, don't worry about the sanctions president obama put on you, we'll make those go away. that's a big problem and that suggest to me a convergence of russian's interference that people on donald trump's team had with russia. >> i want to listen to more with
7:44 pm
jason chavis had to say today. let's listen to him with gretchen earlier tonight. >> you can't do this. there's nothing specifically with mr. flynn, or general flynn, it has everything to do with former military officers, they can't go and take money from a foreign government. you can't get a direct payment like that because, former military office can be called up and into duty at any time. how did he get a security clearance if he did all of those things and we could easily figure that ut, how did he get a security clearance? >> we have not bring jason chaffetz bringing this kind of energy to these issues before. is this related for his decision not to run for re-election, i think, meaning he's liberated now. the white house can't call him and threaten him about re-election because he's not running for re-election. >> i hope he's doing, lawrence, because he's putting his country over his party and i hope he'll
7:45 pm
join us in calling for a independent commission. i'm going to find him tomorrow at the judiciary committee which he and i serve on and see if he'll be the second republican to join that call. lawrence, this actually, i think, raises the issue that there are a number of people on the donald trump transition team who are members now in the administration who had prior undisclosed contacts with russia. they also include not just the attorney general jeff sessions, but also jared kushner who did not disclose, who had been reported on his forms. i think that, you know, really requires a review. >> thank you very much for joining us tonight, really appreciate it. >> my pleasure, lawrence. did ivanka trump seriously expect to international panel discussion and not get humiliated? ♪
7:46 pm
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merkl invited ivanka trump to a panel dcussion that ivanka made the mistake of attending. he made the calculation while visiting the white house that one way to have better relations with the very rude president of the united states is for the president's daughter to say nice things about you to the president. that's one way of looking at what happened today. another way to look at it, this is angela's revenge on donald trump, getting his daughter humiliated in front of the world because her father is utterly indefensible. >> long before he came into the presidency, including the primari primaries, he's been a tremendous champion of supporting families and enabling
7:50 pm
to -- the new reality -- >> you hear the reaction of the audience, i need to address one some attitudes towards women your father has publicly displayed in former times might leave one questioning whether he's such an 'empower for women. how do you relate to sthat? are things changing? >> i certainly heard the criticism from the media. that's been perpetuated. but i know from personal experience and i think the thousands of women who have worked with and for my father for decades when he was in the private sector are a testament to his belief and solid coiction in the potential of women and their ability to do the job as well as any man. so i think in my personal experience, and you're asking me
7:51 pm
about my role as daughter as also adviser, as a daughter, i can speak on a very personal level knowing that he encouraged me and enabled me to thrive. i grew up in a house where there was no barrier to what i could accomplish beyond my own perseverance and my own that nasty. and i don't take that lightly as a parent now myself. that's not an easy thing to do and he did that and provided that for us. there was no difference brother. as a business leader you see that and as a president you see that. >> yeah, we saw that on the access hollywood bus. we'll be back with more on this. i know a bunch of people who would love that. the internet loves what you're doing... build a better website in under an hour with... ...gocentral from godaddy.
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7:54 pm
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today hallie jackson asked ivanka trump why she was invited by angela merkel to an international forum in berlin. >> you were on that stage with chancellor merkel who invited you here. there's been talk that she is using your relationship to the two of you to establish a back channel to the president. do you feel that she is. >> i don't think she's using the relationship. i think she sees me as a woman
7:56 pm
who's aligned with her on many issues. and i think she has a great relationship with my father. >> aligned with her on what issues? ivanka trump has never specified where she is on any issues. joining us now, a washington columnist for the boston globe. she's also with the pointer institute for media studies. it's so fascinating that angela merkel invited her. there's a variety of theories for it. do you have one? >> yeah. angela america sl a smart lady. savvy. she knows when she was at the white house recently she was seated next to ivanka trump, which is no accident. a lot of people in the american media pointed it out at the same saying that's odd because ivanka trump did not have a formal white house role. it seemed sexist, why put a daughter next to the chancellor
7:57 pm
of germany. and blood is thicker than wer and she has a lot more to gain by getting good bwnie points and a good relationship with the first daughter than she would with ten equivalent meetings with secretary of state rex tillerson. i think she knows if she gets a good relationship with ivanka trump and ivanka repeats that to her father, that's going to help the so-called chemistry that donald trump was talking about recently where he claimed to despite his refusal to shake her hand in public was that was construed. >> ivanka trump talking about her issues, do we have any idea what ivanka trump's position is on any governing issue? >> well, she has publicly during the campaign and since said she's a champion for equal pay, a champion for paid family leave and all of these issues. but these are not issues that her father has taken an outright
7:58 pm
stance on or championed for that matter, even though she claims that he's a champion. what was so interesting to me about this meeting today is that she was up there on the stage as what they were calling the double u 20. a women's leadership part of the g-20. and i have actually attended some of these meetings before when i used to cover secretary of state hillary clinton because she was involved in these similar summits held ae all over the world with women leaders. it was fascinating how the moderator of the summit said, well, please explain to us, we're not familiar with a first daughter. what do you do and who are you advocating for, your father, the american people, your business. and ivanka trump immediately said certainly not the latter. i'm learning my way around the role. but what's fascinating is when she started to talk about her father as a huge champion of women's rights in the workplace and in the family, there was a lot of iteringgroaning from
7:59 pm
the audience and the moderator said how do you respond to this because your father was certainly -- you know, had expressed some attitudes i the past is how she put it delica delicately, in reference to the access hollywood tape that came out where he was bragging about sexually harassing women. and so she said how can you defend that. and what ivanka trump, her response was incredibly revealing. he said well i've heard that criticism from the media and it has been perpetuated. but you knnoknow that's not the father i know. wow. she's pinning what he said and what we all watched with our own eyes and ears, she's saying that's a criticism by the media that was perpetuated instead of acknowledging what was said. >> most people in that room know that donald trump defended bill o'reilly just before bill
8:00 pm
o'reilly got fired by fox news and said he didn't think bill o'reilly did anything wrong, in effect denied for o'reilly the accusations of the women or accepted the accusations of the women and still thinks that's not wrong. all of that is in that room and watching ivanka trump pretend it doesn't exist was something to see. thank you for joining us tonight. appreciate it. the 11th hour starts right now. tonight, did president trump's most senior national security official break the law before he was fired? also, another legal blow to this president and his hard line approach to illegal migration. and ivanka trump makinger debut as a white house adviser on the world stage today. but not everyone liked what they heard. "the 11th hour" begins now. good evening once again from our