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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  April 27, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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administration. plus, a vote on the legislation looming, we're heading to swing state ohio for what they're looking for in health care. and he is calling it a system failure. the much maligned ceo of united airlines about what went wrong the day after tha passenger w dragged violently off one of its flights. my colleague sat down for an interview. before we get to anything else, there's that big story to get you updated on. the new investigation into former national security adviser michael flynn. kelly o'donnell is at the white house to help us break that down. >> good afternoon. this is a case where the white house thought it was past the chapter of michael flynn but it is not turning out that way. the house oversight committee from the democrat side put out some information indicating that flynn had not been come plinlt in all the rules and requirements for sharing some of the income he earned by doing a speech for rt russia today, the
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network of russian television. it is a part of the russian government. as a flag officer retired, he was not able to receive any kind of compensation from a foreign government. that's what set this off today. so when sean spicer, the white house press secretary, was taken questions, there were plenty about flynn. one of the things he said was that the trump team had not needed to seek security clearance for retired general flynn because he already had it. he had a five-year security clearance that carried with him so he didn't need to put a whole new list of things for that process. that means it was under the obama administration. the implication was that somehow the trump team of today was saying the obama administration should have looked more carefully about flynn and his financial dealings and any contacts or conflicts we had the rules with respect to his russia
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visit. so here's how sean spicer tried to explain the fact flynn had clearance and didn't need a new one. >> general flynn was a career military officer who maintained a high level security clearance throughout his time in the military. his clearance was last reissued by the obama administration 2016 with full knowledge of his activities that occurred in 2015, as you point out. so the issue, he was issued a security clearance under the obama administration in the spring of 2016. the trip and transaction that's you're referring to occurred in december of 20 he 15 from what i understand. so you pointed out they're looking into it. we welcome that. but all of that clearance was made during the obama administration. >> and so sean spicer says that this was the bureaucratic procedure that was done under
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the previous administration. and did not need to be done again. and said if the inspector general, the department of defense feels it is important to investigate, they should. so this is a case where they didn't have anything to do with it. they say that the president made a decision. believes it was the right decision and stands by the decision to and for the resignation of flynn. today flynn's attorney said he had provided the proper information and there is information in redacted documents that they would like the see the full document released, which they claim will show that he did disclose his compensation and his trip to russia. there's a television image of that which shows him at the same table with vladimir putin and that was publicly known at the time. this continues to be a problem for the trump without. i can tell you during the campaign season and that time period, michael flynn was not vetted by the team that was
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doing the vp search where they would have dug down into all those financial documents, would have looked at the back ground. things like that which might have produced knowledge of this payment from r.t., russia today. he was not a part of that. did anyone in the campaign era of the trump organization actually screen, vet or interview flynn about potential conflicts or problems? he came in with security clearance. was that simply taken at face value? we don't have the answers. and the congress says it needs a better look at documents, even just for the three weeks that flynn was national security adviser. >> thank you. casey, this started when the ranking member of the intelligence committee at the house, elijah cummings, came out with these three documents. you asked him what a lot of people are asking. does this mean, does he think
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that michael flynn should be prosecuted for this criminally? what have you gleaned today? >> well, you've had democrats come out today and essentially say they feel like the white house has really changed their story on documents related to flynn and whether or not they existed, whether or not they're classified. we've heard from cummings today, and from other members of the oversight committee who went in to take a look at these documents today. we know that michael flynn has asked for immunity in these investigations which sent serious signals out of the gate. about where he stood in the context of all of this. i did and congressman cummings whether he believes at this point that michael flynn committed a crime. take a look. >> do you think michael flynn should be charged with a crime? >> that's not my decision.
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my part is to look at i, present it, and let others make those kinds of judgments. but i have to tell you, i'll go back to what i said before. you cannot allow situations where the congress requests documents and basically the white house says denied. that's simply unacceptable. and in a sets a very dangerous precedent. >> reporter: so i asked whether he thought michael flynn's attorney misrepresented it. and now we have a statement from flynn's attorney after the news of today and he says in part that the department, meaning the department of defense, was fully aware of the trip that michael flynn was taking to russia. we urge the dia and the committee to release the full unredacted letter i know what
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the documents in the general flynn provided to dia during the briefings and details. essentially saying that the general went and talked on dia officials and they are claiming that there are documents that will show that took place. of course, what we have seen from the oversight committee to this opponent doesn't seem to back that up. >> elijah cummings was very careful to say we have not seen any evidence that -- let's break this down a little more with matthew miller, a former spokesman for attorney general, former director for the office of public affairs. thanks for being with us. i'm trying to make sense of this. is this an oversight? let's take it at face value. that they told michael flynn in 2004 that he can't take money for these things tlflt does not appear to be any evidence contrary to his claims that he asked permission to do this. so he took money from a foreign
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government or an agent of a federal government without permission, having been warned. >> i think it is hard to believe it is an oversight. especially if you look at the statement by michael flynn's attorney. i know him. he is very careful. he said that we discussed this trip, this speech with the defense intelligence agency. he never says that they told the dia that flynn was going to be paid or that he got permission for it. i think you can take from that that he didn't. if it's true that he was going to make that speech and didn't tell them he would be paid, it is hard to see it as anything but a willful omission. >> so michael flynn is not a regular guy. he is a military guy and he happened to work -- i got somebody talking on me here. he is a military guy and he worked in intelligence.
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what does the law think about the fact that he would have actually known that there would be some problem with taking money from a foreign government? >> that's exactly right. if you look at the kornls that elijah cummings released today, it is very clear. and this is kind of thing, if the department of justice would bring, that they would show that he got this letter that was very explicit, once he left the government, if he was going the take money from a foreign government, he needed to receive advance permission. it is absolutely clear. when you come to look at criminal prosecutions, the key document people will see is the sf 86. it is what you fill out every time you get a security clearance. and sean spicer said his security clearance was renewed in 2016. did he disclose that he was paid for the speech? if he didn't, that's a crime for which he could be prosecuted. >> we've heard the t word being thrown around. from everything about michael
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flynn's actions, i'm trying to get a sense, is this the kind of they know that falls into the category of treason? or what is it? >> i don't know if it is treason. i think he was making a buck, a foreign government, the government of russia that's hostile to the united states and failed to disclose it. and then i have even more concern that's the white house, if you take sean spicer at his word today, the fact that he got a security clearance at the beginning of 20 will 16, if you take sean spicer, they didn't -- the white house did no additional vetting before he entered the government. that's not the way it worked in the obama administration where i worked. they look at everything you've done up until the time you enter government. that raises questions not just about michael flynn but he have other person who works in the white house today and whether they were properly vetted before joining the government. >> thank you for joining us. a former spokesman for eric holder at the department of justice. as we keep an eye on that story,
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there are other important developments to tell you about. particularly the latest in what the administration is calling the biggest tax cut in history. joining me to help out on this one, the white house reporter for the "wall street journal," and the founder and ceo, thank you for being here. diane, let me start with you. if you were putting out a tax cut, that could stand on its own. but steve continues to say two things. one, it will create lots of jobs and two, it will get us to 3% economic growth. explain the road to 3% economic growth and how this fits in? >> we can't. the math doesn't add up. we looked at the other tax plans which had a little more detail. and tax cut, tax reform, let's decide. tax reform we desperately need and there's a lot of agreement about it. there's even a chance of
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bipartisanship. something unheard of to. say this is a tax growth that will produce growth. they had tenths of a percent, not percent. at a time, we're seeing wages pick up and some labor market conditions. we want that. we want a little warmer inflation west don't want a flare. so you think about, what does this mean for overall growth? what does it mean for inflation and over the long haul for the deficit? you can get negative consequences by blowing a hole in the deficit. we call them expenditures. tax cuts are great to run. on it is like santa claus. but they don't exist. >> tax cuts are remarkably popular. there's nobody who doesn't want to pay less in taxes. how will this go over with these
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conservative republican who's have already said no to the first health care plan bauts they are fiscal conservatives? >> right. and if you care about this, you won't just take mnuchin at his word and say 3% growth sounds great. what i think we saw yesterday, these good guidelines. we'll move in the same direction but these are broad guidelines. and that's what they are. they're so broad, they're creating unanswered questions and confusion. we heard at the briefing that sean spicer seemed to case that 401(k) deductions are going away. and that would have amounted to a five-alarm fire if we believed that's what he meant. there's so much gray area when you draw tax reform on a napkin like they did yesterday. and there aren't a lot of details and when you go to capitol hill, they send mike
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pence to the hill to talk about it. it is difficult when they communicate to the lawmakers, this is what the president wants. the president is so erratic, so all over the map and changing what he wants here and there. we saw it on health care. we'll probably see he it again. >> so in that press conference, what americans want is job crease. gdp growth is something you and i talk about but more americans want to talk about more jobs, better wages. that's something steve mnuchin said this is designed to do. so draw me the line between tax cuts, you're trying to stimulate demand so companies hire more people to satisfy the demand. >>or you're trying to change behavior and get people to work more with lower tax rates. you go from 90 to 80, people work more.
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so there are some thresholds. there's nothing in this plan. as he pointed out, it is on a napkin. for all the time they spent on it, it is less than we got last time. what we know is if you have a tax holiday, historically that has present profits come back and go into tax buybacks, dividends. that's increased profit share. that doesn't increase the size of the economic pie. and i think that's where we don't know. we don't know the details of how to make it more efficient, competitive and get that job creation. on top of it, they're at a cross roads. you say you want to create jobs but eliminate good part of work force, legal or illegal. and you're not willing to train the workers to bring them up to speed. and then you have an aging labor force on top of it. all this together, you get sense
12:16 pm
that there is not an understanding that the economy and the tax system all an ecosystem. we're part of an ecosystem and there isn't a sense of one thing interacts with the other. if a butterfly flaps its wings on one side of the world, you can get a tornado on the other side of the world. that's not going through. the economy is very light. >> these are massive issues. one might have thought after health care didn't work properly, they would say tax reform isn't actually easier than health care. why not really do what she talked about? connect the dots? think about it in a more holistic fashion. >> we're going to get that obamacare repeal vote by tomorrow. that won't happen. congress barely has the band
12:17 pm
width to keep the government up and running. so they'll put them on duel tracks. both are really complicated. as you know, tax reform hasn't been done since 1986. there's a reason for that. so they may understand the complexity and they may underestimate it to a large degree. a lot of these things, to say we started this. sean spicer said that. look where we've started. that's where the goalposts are. they just wanted to show that they're serious about making progress on these issues. they probably do understand that it will be a long time coming. at first they were talking about august. >> i wanted to add. why did they take the affordable care act first? they wanted to save a trillion from the affordable care act to be able to fund tax reform. deline it aing it.
12:18 pm
what i fear is we'll end one some low watered down tax cuts in 2018 rather than real reform. >> that's a very, very important discussion. tax reform is a much bigger, much more comprehensive thing. the founder and ceo, and the white house reporter for the "wall street journal." when we come back, we're heading to ohio, a county where donald trump got sfunl% of the vote. what is concerng tm most ♪71% of the vote. what is concerning them most? at lincoln financial, we get there are some responsibilities of love you gotta do on your own. and some you shouldn't have to shoulder alone. like ensuring your family is well taken care of, today and tomorrow, no matter how life unfolds. visit today to learn how we can help you plan to protect your family's financial future.
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we've just learned that a settlement has been reached between united airlines and dr. david dao. he was dragged off the united flight earlier this month. it went viral. tunneled agreement the settlement includes a provision that the amount of money remains confidential. but the lawyer for dr. dao has issued a statement where he says mr. munoz, the ceo of united said he would do the right thing and he has. in addition, united has taken full responsibility for what happened on the flight without attempting to blame others, including the city of chicago. for this acceptance of corporate accountability, united is to be applauded. united also released ten changes that it will make to its overbooking or its crew
12:23 pm
reallocation activities to avoid ever having to deal with a situation like this. the answer of, the anchor, lester holt, just interviewed the ceo of united airlines. he will join me in a few minutes with more on their conversation. back to the 100 days. republicans are revig their efforts to repeal and replace obamacare. it will have the backing of a key conservative group known as the house freedom caucus. >> whether it has the backing of the american people. particularly those who have placed all their hopes in donald trump. and rehema ellis joins me from canton, ohio. you spoke to a number of reporters there, that was a strong county you're in for donald trump. what have you taken away from it? >> what i can tell you is that
12:24 pm
annul of people were not aware that the kind of health insurance xonch ey're getting at this facility, they didn't realize it was under obamacare and this medicaid expansion program is possible. but right now, no matter what you call it, they don't want those benefits to be taken away. life can be charming but it is often marred by tough decisions. >> sometimes you have to make the choice, do i buy medicine or go to the doctor? >> parents of four, they voted for trump hoping to change obamacare. >> do i think we need to get rid of it completely? no. but i think there are lots of improvement that's need to be made. >> reporter: even though republican health care plan failed in the first 100 days, they still believe what the president says. >> the plan gets better and better and better. and it has gotten great wefl a
12:25 pm
good chance of getting it soon. >> player witness three children, robin also has mixed feels about how trump is handling health care reform in his first 100 days. >> the fact that he hasn't been able to replace it or appeal it is good. least we're status quo. >> clinics like this one are funded in part by medicaid expansion allowing some patients to pay on a sliding scale. before this, a health care center was an hour away. for many, the only time they saw a doctor was in the emergency room. under the new gop plan still being hashed out on capitol hill, facilities like this could lose funding. if that happens, she homes her family will be able to afford insurance. >> let's say for the three of us, it is $250. that's least half of one of my husband's paychecks. >> i don't think anybody wants to necessarily have a free ride. but make it where it is
12:26 pm
affordable. >> for now this farming community that planted its home in addition trump presidency is still giving him more time deliver. let me tell you what this had facility says. there are 13 facilities like the in western ohio. they say if proposals are passed, they stand to lose about $5 million in federal funds would keep services available for those who have not went able to afford services on their own. they say it is not hyperbole to say for some people, it is between life and death. >> we're enjoying following this story with you. i want to get back to the story we just told you before the we just learned that an agreement has been made between united airlines and dr. dade dao. coming up, the interview. what he says went wrong before the video went viral.
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two u.s. service members were killed last night in afghanistan. pentagon officials stay service members were working in
12:31 pm
coordination with afghan security forces when they came under attack noox russ isis fighters were killed during the fire fight. this unfolded in the same valley where the u.s. dropped the so-called mother of all bombs two weeks ago. secretary of state rex tillerson is set to chair a meeting tomorrow morning to discuss the growing threat of north korea. the administration, it comes after top administration officials gave a rare and classified briefing on the topic to members of the senate last ght. a settlement has been reached between united airlines and dr. david dao. the passenger who was forcibly removed from a flight nearly three weeks ago. he lost two front teeth, suffered a broken nose and a concussion during the deal. the settlement will remain undisclosed. the settlement announcement comes just after lester holt of "nightly news" sat down and
12:32 pm
spoke with oscar munoz. >> he told me it was a system failure in as much as they dealt with this sort of thing before where a plane was overbooked. they needed to get passengers off the plane. they even called law enforcement and it worked. it didn't work this time and they realized they never provided the tools on think outside the box, if you will. they are announcing a series of changes, teams that will offer creative solutions. people will be trained differently in how to deal with different crises. but he said everything didn't work that worked before because of outdated rules. >> you needed to get that crew on that airplane to cover another flight. looking back, was there another way? could you have hired cars? >> absolutely. that's the common sense process that i have failed our company. we should have double that immediately. in hindsight, of course, it is
12:33 pm
crystal clear. it just wasn't embedded into policies and procedures. to get people off. and those were the policy that's we have to continual to work on. >> could more money, more compensation have avoided this in this case? >> it is hard to say but i suspect possibly. again, i think the combination of financial recompense, how do i get to where i want to go? we'll get the customer at the center of everything we do. that's the fundamental thing we have to understand. somebody to your point earlier, paid for a seat to go from the point a to the point b. we have to get them there. >> he is clearly owning what happened. taking full responsibility. and they offered up to $800 to get someone to give up their seat. the airline has said it will go as high as $10,000 to give us
12:34 pm
the seat. >> at some point you'll get people to take it up. they said no one is getting fired over this but he has taken a hit. he was set to take over as cheryl of the company. >> what he said was he was supposed to get the title of chairman next year. he told me it was his call. he said he called the board and said it doesn't make sense right now under the circumstances. it was him taking responsibility and informing them that he didn't think it was appropriate to move to that position. >> i read the document that they released to the senate who asked for it. we're very critical of united and its handling and it was deservedly so. what they have done in the last 24 hours has gone a long way. >> you can see more at 6:30.
12:35 pm
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ sfx: engine revving ♪ (silence) ♪ president trump making a frantic last push for what has eluded him. a major accomplishment. a major tweet storm, accusing them of blocking coal miner's
12:39 pm
health care. new concerns the tax plan may increase some taxes on the middle class. press secretary sean spicer saying 401(k) deductions would be gone. an hour later saying no, they won't. joining me, charlie sikes. and steve mcmahan. let me start with you. i listened to this thing yesterday ten times. gary cohn and steve mnuchin said everything is going away except the charitable deductions and the mortgage rate deductions. so you could be forgiven for thinking the 401(k) deduction was going awa too. they said it was and then wasn't. so the conversation is difficult because we don't actually know. >> and that this is not a bill. it is basically a press release. there is no meat to the substance. you've had people who have been working for years on revenue
12:40 pm
neutral tax cuts. and clearly with a the trump focus have decided, they'll shove all that aside and start from scratch. i'm a supply side guy but i don't think there is a way to argue that number one, this is a middle class tax cut and number two, that it won't blow an enormous hole in the federal deficit. based on what we know right now, we could be seeing the elimination of being able to take your employer's tax, health care benefits and not to have pay income on that. the earned income tax credit to go away. the child credit could go away. state and local taxes deductions could go away. and while they're keeping the mortgage deduction, we don't actually know. these things middle class use. >> it is what they use and count on. >> rich people don't need these.
12:41 pm
it is going to be a huge windfall for the upper class. if you run a business and you can run your income through that, then you'll benefit enormously. what we have is a press release. we don't have details. i would suspect like you saw today with sean spicer, every single one of these things, as popular as they are, will be trotted up and walked back. i'm guessing the wealthy will get the tax cuts. >> at some point don't people see through this? don't they say, you rushed something out on a piece of paper to claim you started it in the first 100 days. tax reform is really hard. there's a reason why everybody hasn't done. i everybody in america wants lower taxes for themselves. >> this is donald trump the marketer. you have the impression of
12:42 pm
dramatic change. the first 100 days i've done this and that. then you say, okay, there was nothing done here. just the impression purpose doing something. you've asked the good question. at what point do people say, where's the beef? when are you going to get something done? so far we've seen that donald trump's base is sticking with him. when he says he will do something, they believe it even though evidence suggests that it might not happen. but we're having this mad scramble. you won't get a vote on health care before the 100 days. this plan is nowhere near ready. not even close. >> the first plan is like don't just assistant there and look busy. the trump administration has looked busy. a lot of executive orders. when it comes to real meat, the things he's promised his voters, he hasn't delivered on anything legislatively and it looks like he's taking some things away like health care.
12:43 pm
>> this is what republican dozen. they cut taxes. it is what they're born to do. knits their dna. >> one thing republicans don't like to do which steve is more comfortable with is letting the deficit increase. here's how it will pay for itself. listen to it in his words envelop this will be paid for by a combination of economic growth which will be around 3% or slightly higher and a combination by reducing massive amounts of deductions and special interests. >> i never want to scare my viewers away by talking about gdp growth. i understand everybody doesn't want to talk about it. right now, in 2016. the growth was 1.6%. steve mnuchin is talking about 3%. almost doubling the growth. you need some big outside event to cause gdp growth to double.
12:44 pm
often it's a war. >> the cut in the rate will generate more re new and economic growth. it will add something to that growth rate. but i think it is naive to think it will be enough to pay for the entire tax cut. that's pretty obvious. the reports we have that trump said, push this out. i don't care about it being revenue neutral. i don't care whether it will blow up the deficit. so talking about the wealth. will they offset it with cuts? also the loopholes. everyone of those loopholes has a constituency. all of those were popular to somebody. unless you list them all. you started off by listing some of the more problematic ones. i don't see how politically this happens other than to show
12:45 pm
they're looking busy in the first one hunt da100 days. >> thanks to both of you gentlemen. after the break, we're taking you to the most pro trump the county in america. maricopa county in arizona where trump got nearly 750,000 votes. >> c plus, b to c plus. >> how would it get to an a? >> just keep trudging away. he'll get there, i think. lilly.
12:46 pm
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and we're looking for a few dreamers to join us. the house freedom caucus said it would support the republican plan after an amendment was added. democrats said they would oppose even a one-week extension on keep the government operating past friday if republicans bring up a bill to repeal obamacare this week. at this point it is not clear when that bill might come up for a vote. for more, i want to bring up dan donavan of new york. >> what's going on? why this dance about health care? it is complicated. the first attempt was wildly
12:50 pm
unpopular. why not get it right? why does this have to fit into the first 100 will days? >> it is a big piece of legislation. it is taking big piece of legis passed. i think took jimmy carter nearly two years. the president has a very ambitious schedule, a very ambitious timeline and very ambitious jaepagenda, wants to health care, tax reform and infrastructure. the way things go in congress and beuse of the implications of one that will have on the other, we have to do health care before we get to the other two. so, you know, i think it's courageous, i think paul ryan isn't being treated fairly. he's being criticized. i think the speaker is just trying to get our health care system repaired. i'm a no vote on this, but i credit him for trying to do something to repair our broken health care system. >> what would make you a yes vote? >> i mean, there's a lot of things, ali, that -- there are deficits and harmful to the people i represent. there's an amendment in there that relieves the upstate
12:51 pm
counties of new york from their responsibility of paying their share of medicaid. and that burden then would fall on new york city to people i represent. the tax credits that are put into place in the plan to help people pay for high premiums, they're not available for the people who live in the state of new york. right now, the law allows insurance companies to charge senior citizens three times as much as they charge a healthy young person. the new proposal would allow those insurance companies to charge up to five times as much. at a time when many of our senior citizens are living on limited incomes and are probably in more need of health care than they were in their early years. these are a number of the things i would like to see addressed before i could support a plan to repair our health system. >> congressman, based on what you're saying, versus what the freedom caucus wants, you sound like a left-leaning democrat in the stuff that you just outlined. >> no, i sound like someone who's responsible and looking out for the interest of the
12:52 pm
people that i represent. i'm a rarity in congress. i'm a republican who represents -- i'm a republican who represents an urban area. >> right. >> and, you know, i have many people who have benefited from the expansion of medicaid, and you know, my goal throughout all this, ali, has been to try to help the people who were harmed by the affordable care act. many families, hardworking families were paying astronical premiums, deductibles and co-pays to their insurance and help those people without harms the people that were helped by the affordable care act. >> so how do you square that? because the fact is, by making the changes that it made a wildly unpopular reform to obamacare less appeals to a lot of people, you get the freedom caucus onboard and lose guys like you. where do we go with this? keep going back and forward and back and forward, nothing changes and obamacare remains the law of the land for the next two years? >> what happens, you fry try to some compromise in between. one of the criticisms of the affordable care act, it was passed without one republican
12:53 pm
vote. all republicans voted nr it. not one republican voted for it. without democratic input into the repeal and replacement plan, we're going to have the same thing, we're going to pass something with only republican votes. if you keep doing this, every four, eight years when administrations change, the american people are going to have a different health care policy. >> yep. >> that's not their to patients, that's not fair to health care providers. i think you need buy-in from both sides of the aisle in order to get an american health care plan. not a republican one, not a democratic one but an american health care policy. >> congressman dan donovan, always good to talk to you. thank few you for being with us. >> thank you for having me on. we headed down to the trump yef trumpiest county in america to see what they think of the president so far. maricopa county, arizona, is home to phoenix where zrdonald trump made campaign promises, gave him 7,000 votes in the election, more than any other county in the united states. nbc's jacob rascon is on the ground in phoenix.
12:54 pm
jac jacob, what are you hearing? >> reporter: so we've gotten a lot of bs, even a couple cs but generally the people say they are thrilled with someone with no political experience going in andy s they say attempts to do everything he promised to do. they said he's run into road blocks wit congress, they blame congress. he's run into road blocks with the travel ban. they blame the judges. generally they're thrilled. we're here at t.p.'s mexican food restaurant, a local hot spot. it's busy all the time. and somebody here, james, he's a real estate developer, somebody who voted for donald trump. i'm not say what you're going to say here, with haven't talked beforehand, what do you make of his first 100 days? >> it's a "b." i'm happy with his efforts. he's a political novice. only so much he can expect. didn't understand the blow-back he was going to have from his own party. paul ryan. those kind of guys. so i think it was a wake-up call for him. he understood a little bit how deep the swamp was.
12:55 pm
i'd give him a "b" overall, mainly because of not taking care of some of the things he inherently in the system that were giving him problems he should have known that were going to give him problems. >> reporter: anything you're particularly excited about? >> foreign policy. the status he's given to the world, the leadership he's given. that's been lacking the last eight years. you knew somebody was going to test him, always test a new administration. he handled it right, knew what was going to happen. showed the world, look, you have a new guy town that's going to take care of business differently. are. >> reporter: thanks for your time. appreciate that. it's been interesting here and in michigan earlier this week, most people top of mind, they say they're very excited about how he's handled syria and north korea. so you might think they want to talk about jobs or the border. a lot of people want to talk foreign policy. ali? >> all right. jacob rascon, thank you for that. jacob for us in phoenix, arizona. we're going to be right back. today, a quick programming
12:56 pm
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thank you for joining me, again, this hour, of msnbc. i'll be back tomorrow, day 99 of the trump administration, at 9:00 a.m., and 11:00msnbc.
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always find me on twitter, instagram, facebook, @alisvelshi. coming up next, my colleague, steve kornacki. it's day 98 of the first 100 days. topping our agenda right now, under investigation. >> the pentagon's warning to general flynn was bold, italicized and could not have been clearer. >> the department of defense opening its own investigation into fired national security adviser michael flynn. democrats say they want answers from the white house. the white house says a lot of the questions actually go back to the obama administration. we're going to dig into that story just ahead. and also on our agenda, where are republicans on health care? >> we want to go when we're ready do to go. this hasee


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