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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  April 28, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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ali verb she picks up the coverage right now. >> thank you, sir. good morning. i'm ali in for stephanie ruhle live overlooking the white house on day 99 of the trump presidency. breaking overnight to the brink, president trump startling new words on north korea. >> there's a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with north korea. absolutely. >> the secretary of state chairs a special u.n. session on it this morning. health care halted. republicans hit the brakes on obamacare repeal and replace in a last minute attempt to avoid a government shutdown as they attempt to scramble to get the votes. >> the bill in its original form was not ready for prime time. plus reality check, president trump opens up about his new life and what he's learned in 99 days in office. >> this is more work than in my previous life. i thought it would be easier.
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we begin with the showdown over north korea. secretary of state rex tillerson about to kick off urgent meetings at the united nations as diplomats try to find a way to force kim jong-un to give up his nukes. great team to break it down. jeff mason, one of the reuters correspondents, who spoke to the president and mike panel, evan mcmull lin an cia operative and ran for president in 2016, bob url lick, a congressman from maryland and steve clemens at the atlantic and an msnbc contributor. good morning to all of you. jeff, let me start with you with this interview with donald trump. everyone is focusing on the remarks he made about north korea. he said it's -- there's a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflictithorth korea. absolutely. jeff, how did you hear those remarks? is it a warning? was it a threat? >> well, it's a good question. it's hard to say whether it was
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a warning or threat. it was certainly an acknowledgement of the fact that president trump and his team are seriously considering military options. it's not their first choice. he did say that he would like to pursue diplomacy and that's clearly something that they have laid the groundwork for this week. but then when we asked him about that as a follow-up question he said, we would like to do diplomacy but it's hard. so clearly this is something that he's taking seriously and that is a serious option. >> he's done something else when asked about north korea and leader kim jong-un, he said basically running a country, quote, is not easy. i'm not giving him credit for not giving -- or not giving him credit. i'm just saying it's a very hard thing to do. what was that about? was he praising kim jong-un? >> well, it sort of sounded like it. i asked a follow-up question and said do you want to give him credit and he -- that's when he said i'm not giving him credit or giving him credit or not giving him credit but he was trying to sort of acknowledge the fact that this was a man who came in and took over the regime
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and he used the word regime as a young person when his father died, and he said that was hard. it's just interesting to be making that comment about someone who is a dictator and who you're also talking about potentially taking military action against. >> jeff, i mean, you need a little empathy, it is hard to be a dictator. donald trump said a lot during the campaign about how he's going to do this, do that, and it's being to be easy. a number of times in this interview he said, it's hard. in fact, he said, that life in the white house is a lot more work than he thought it would be. that's not what he said on the campaign trail. in fact, i want to listen to what he told you on thursday. let's listen to it. >> you're going to have such great health care at a tiny fraction of the cost. and it's going to be so easy. >> it's going to be so easy. >> so stupidly, so easy to solve. >> nobody knew that health care could be so complicated. >> trade is so easy for me. >> it's so easy. >> this is more work than in my
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previous life. i thought it would be easier. >> presidential is easy. presidential is -- i walk on -- >> jeff, what do you make of that? i mean we all heard him say everything was going to be easy. then we heard him say health care was complicated. then we heard him say north korea was complicated. does he seem legitimately surprised being president is a hard job? >> yes. and i think that that is a reflection of the difference between being a candidate and being in office. of course donald trump was a very successful businessman but he had never held elected office before. the first office he's held is this one. president of the united states. certainly as a candidate he sold himself as somebody who could do things very quickly and he portrayed it as being easy and then he has come here and found that is not the case. what's remarkable really, is that he is open about that. and saying that this is just not what i expected. >> jeff, he showed you some maps. what was that about? >> he did. we were in the middle of a
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discussion about china, actually, and his relationship with president xi and he just kind of stopped interrupted himself and handed out to the three of us, my colleague steve adler and steve holland in the room, an electoral map which he said had the latest information from his victory in november and it was filled with red representing the states and parts of the states that he won and he was very proud of it. it just sort of came out of nowhere, which reflects how much the election remains on his mind even five months after it happened. >> all right. jeff standby. i want to bring my panel in. governor urlic, former governor of maryland you're the only -- you both are elected guys. this is kind of crazy. the degree to which reporters continue to say they're in the middle of a conversation with donald trump about some substantive matter and he makes a reference to his electoral victory often an erroneous reference, this providing of documentation is a new one? >> there's a refreshing aspect
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to this too, by the way. he says what he thinks at the time. which is not how this town operates. everybody is used to -- everybody wants script and the pup dises telling you what to say. so there is a refreshing aspect. with regard to his job he's not used to balancing interests. i think coming into politics all the republicans think this way, democrats think this way. i came the here 94 with the contract of america, everybody thought that would be easy. because there's a republican majority didn't mean there was a conservative majority, for example. i think he's getting used to whip counts and the fact that everybody these days, because of cable tv and talk radio, is a free agent. much easier in past days to get coalitions together as opposed to today. >> when you're talking about things as serious as north korea, the things we're doing with syria, i'm not worried about domestic politics and economic stuff we can fix that, but there is a danger of narcissism coming in the way of good decision making. >> i don't mean to sound harsh about this, but i think that people's fears about donald
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trump is he's sort of a 70-year-old impulsive adolescent and they hope things like north korea and others are helping him to evolve to mature to get more serious and more measured. and so we saw that in the interview with reuters is that he had a lot of elements of control and focus and then he broke out of. it there's a little bit of both sides of that and it's what make people wonder whether he's got, you know, the patience and seriousness for the job in the long run. i was impressed with his -- how measured he's been at various points with north korea provoked him. i remember when prime minister abe was down in mar-a-lago and they had the first thing. the first time i saw donald trump actually come out and be measured. he didn't overreact. there was sort of a hope there that the impulsive adolescent wouldn't go crazy and i think that's what's interesting, whether it's about election results or how many people showed up at his inauguration which he seems to be obsessed with, we need to know that he's processing other serious things in a way that's not being disrupted. >> we have north korea on the table. and, in fact, that may have been
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artfulness on donald trump's part where on one hand he's saying we're ready to go to war with north korea if we have to, on the other hand, kim jong-un is complicated too. things are complicated for him. is this art or a misunderstanding of north korea? >> the latter point about kim jong-un could be an artful set of commentary or artful comments from president trump. i will tell you this comment about the possibility for major, major war, with another nuclear power, that's the kind of commentary that needs to be very, very calculated and planned out with advisors. it may have been actually. i tend to doubt it because of the way we know donald trump is. but there is a risk of miscalculation, as we ratchet up the pressure on north korea, i'm by the way in favor of taking a harder line with north korea, but as we do that, there is greater risk for miscalculation and so those kinds of comments need to be really planned out. >> steve, i want go back to this
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and play part of an interview that npr did with rex tillerson who is taking the lead on north korea today. let's listen to rex tillerson and steve. >> do you intend to direct talks with north korea? is that your goal? >> obviously that would be the way we would like to solve this, but north korea has to decide they're ready to talk to us about the right agenda. and the right agenda is not simply stopping where they are for a few more months or a few more years and then resuming things. >> so steve, this is interesting, because on one hand we're -- >> totally. >> president trump is taking a hardline view talking about serious war and on the other hand we are opening possibly a road to direct negotiations with north korea. >> what you saw was classic good cop/bad cop. the president saying i'm serious, this is a serious moment and rex tillerson saying some incredibly fascinating things that haven't said before. before this we said we're not interested in talks. >> right. >> talk is over. we're done with talking. somehow north korea had to
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self-select to capitulate and get rid of everything on its own. no place for north korea to back into. mentioning talks. saying in this interview we don't want regime change. i don't think i've heard a presidential administration say that. this is clear signaling about both resolve but here's rex tillerson playing good cop, here's a structured way to do this. >> very trump-like. the art of the deal. carrot and stick. punish and reward. you see a lot -- >> right. that was okay with canada on lumber and nafta. this is actually a country that has nuclear weaponry. >> you see it on almost every issue. >> he's okay with that when it comes to war. >> that's the m.o. you have to be very careful. but again this story could have run the last four administrations. >> of course. yeah. >> at some point we have to draw that line. >> one thing they did lose the carrier strike force and where that was as they were building this up. >> and something important to keep in mind as people make parallels between negotiating with north korea and iran on iran's nuclear deal. our intelligence, u.s. intelligence, on iran was
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impeccable. u.s. intelligence on north korea is nowhere close. it's a much more sealed operation than iran was. >> that's right. and so we actually don't have that great of an understanding for the way decisions are made for who the power brokers are within north korea, for kim jong-un and his personality itself, which is really the main determinant of decisions in north korea. so because of that, again, i keep going back to this idea of miscalculation. as you ratchet up the pressure, especially as you talk and position yourself for potential warfare, the danger of miscalculation becomes greater, especially when you don't know who you're dealing with. so although again i support a stronger line, i think we have to be very careful. >> if i might on the intelligence front when we had the briefing or trump had the briefing for the 100 u.s. senators and there's been some discussion about this missile that was launched and whether or not we modified that and put worms into the process, and u.s. senators were told at that meeting or given a description
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of the intelligence, not the intelligence, but the -- our ability from above essentially to place cyber worms and mall ware that we have a high degree of confidence we can shut down north korea. i know this was told to the u.s. senators. it's another part of the picture that i don't think has really been discussed publicly. >> quick question, governor. this business about it being easier than -- it being harder than trump thought it was before he came in. >> i think out there between the coasts, a lot of people say yeah, i like that sort of thing. he's being honest about it. so i really believe he brought a degree of naivety here. not being in a board room or cutting a state deal. it's complicated. >> but we knew that! we knew that! why are you cutting him slack for that? >> you did that as governor you would be in trouble. >> you're right but there are different standards here. a guy that's not a politician, didn't pretend to be a politician, ran as the anti-politician, ran as a guy who would do this stuff and
6:13 am
that's why he won. >> you're okay learning on the job? >> learning on the job. >> well i would say barack obama learned on the job too. >> we're going to continue this discussion even if we take a break. coming up next 15 hours from a possible government shutdown. republicans holding off on health care to get a deal done to keep the government open. the big question this morning is do they even have the votes for health care. check out jimmy fallon talk about how president trump has decided not to pull ot of nafta after taking to the leaders of mexico. >> many say trudeau and nieto are some of the best looking leaders. take a look at this. ♪ to do the best
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we would love to have had a vote in the first 100 days. i can tell you i was on the phone until almost 11:00 last night. we're just a few short. we're going to continue to work today and tomorrow. i fully anticipate that we'll have a vote in the coming days. >> so president trump is likely not to get a health care vote in his first 100 days unless something changes today but if you believe freedom caucus chairman mark meadows it should come soon. capitol hill correspondent kasie hunt joins me now. what's the latest? >> well, ali at this point we know they will not be voting on
6:18 am
health care this week here in the white house of representatives. instead, they're just going to punt that government funding question with a one-week temporary bill that will ultimately lead to, they hope, an agreement next week to keep that running and in the meantime leadership is scrambling to see whether or not they eventually can get these votes together. according to our latest whip count there are 17 moderate members who have said that they are opposed. there are 10 who previously said that they would support this who are now undecided. republican leaders can only lose 22 members, 23 no votes, would mean that they don't have what they need to go forward. so this is still kind of in the pressure phase from leadership. and this group of moderates look, they are people on the whole want to be with speaker ryan. they want to be able to say yes when he comes with an ask. that's not true of the freedom kau muss members who killed this the last time around. to a certain extent the bigger
6:19 am
problem is solved but at the same time it's a really tough political ask for the speaker to say to some of his potentially most vulnerable members, a lot of members are in districts where they face real democratic challenges, potentially, when they're up for re-election, in 2018, so it's a little bit of a difficult scenario. there's a lot of pressure coming from the white house to try to get this done and get this on the floor. house leaders say look, we're just not going to do it until we have the votes and as we laid out it's not clear they're going to get where they need to be. >> i want you to give me a little more on this. you and i are going to spend a lot of time on tv today so i want to ask the right questions. where are we with respect to a government shutdown? we are not going to completely take it off the table but we are delaying it? >> look, the government at this point there's zero appetite for a government shutdown. there never has been. there were questions about the president and his unpredictability as it relates to that. democrats were a little nervous he was going to push on something that they, you know,
6:20 am
with regards to their liberal base they were not going to be able to accept. that officially the border wall funding is off the table, there's still border security money. this is really an issue of trying to kind of resolve -- you know how this is. it's like playing tettris. fix one thing here you have to adjust over here. they're in the process of working those things out. they are going to put it off another week. some of that is related to how long it takes simply to write the legislation they need to right. people should not be worried that the lights of the government are going to go off right now. >> you can't be old enough to understand that tetris reference you made. >> i was born in the '80s. okay. >> working this hard ever since actually. kasie, we'll chat with you later. >> thanks, ali. >> evan with me, ran for president and a form cia operative. he can kill me as fast as looking at me and former maryland governor bob you arelick. >> he's not going to kill me. >> i should have had you sit next to me. >> that was great report, by the
6:21 am
way. >> kasie's report is always accurate which is why i like to have her near the top of the show so i can sound smart. here's the thing, they took a bill that was very, very unpopular, the health care bill, with the american public, the assumption was that obamacare was unpopular until they introduced a more unpopular bill. >> three cycles. >> they won on the idea that they're -- >> easy to throw spitballs -- >> a bill a lot of americans will find worse than the first introduction and having trouble passing it through the house. >> that's a -- i'm not sure that that's true. >> which part? >> your premise. >> that the other one was -- >> 17%. >> everyone will hate this bill. everybody knew what was in that bill. i was a former whip in the house and -- >> they might need your help there too. >> kasie's report is all these votes come down to moderates against -- when i was there it was the cats and now it's the freedom caucus. the numbers reflect with regard to the ten previous yeses, if
6:22 am
you were a previous yes, you're a likely yes in the future. this is all negotiation. again, it's what donald trump i think did not truly underand the interests here coming into politics the way he did. i've been there, done that, seen it. i figure we'll get a bill out of the house. that's the end of the first quarter. we're not at halftime. but the house vote will be important. i think the 100 days by the way thing with regard to the vote is irrelevant, who cares. >> evan, you ran as an independent candidate but you're a republican. how do you think this should go down, this health care vote? as the governor points out it is far easier to throw spitballs. now we need legislation and guess what, like president obama said about it and president trump said about everything else it's hard. >> yeah. it is hard. one thing i would like to point out here is the interesting negotiating dynamic between the different republican blocks within the house republican conference. so you have the freedom caucus, they come from districts where people really want to see the aca repealed and replaced or
6:23 am
just repealed. but then you have the tuesday group, the moderates, they come from districts where obamacare isn't so unpopular. in a way because of that, they have a certain leverage that the freedom caucus doesn't have and so i'm interested to see how that plays out going forward. i agree that we're likely to see a bill out of the house. the republicans have been promising this for so long. for them not to deliver something for the vast majority of their base, would just be suicide. so there will be a bill, but i'm just very interested, right now, i think the moderates have more leverage than they're being given credit for. >> moderates always have the leverage. >> you were governor and a representative so you know both sides of this thing. >> yeah. >> when you're a governor getting the legislation done is the aim. which means thinking it through and making sure you can actually -- >> getting the legislation done as close to over 50% as you can. >> right. >> in other words if you get 67%, sign it. go for it. if you're getting 42%, you're
6:24 am
not so happy. >> don't you injure yourleself and you shoot yourself in the foot every time you don't get 50%. >> this will pass the house but as i said -- >> i thought the last time was the last time until they knew they had 50%. >> that was sort of a no count by the way. the freedom caucus didn't get -- how much market prices are going to dictate the end result is what they're about as you know. as far as the moderates, they come from -- i mean everybody knows the affordable care act has a real problem. one third of the networks, one carrier left. leave it to its own devices it's going to die and wither. something has to be done. with regard to the moderates they come with districts with a lot of democrats. democrats have bought into obamacare even though it's bleeding. they have to go home and explain to people well, it's -- it's really problematic, but this is what i voted for and here's why. it's tough. >> whatever one's criticism of obamacare is, if one wants to
6:25 am
repeal and replace it one has to have something empirically better and that's not clear we have that? >> not at this point. we don't know what we have right now. >> got it. thanks a million. stay there. coming up nexow president trump is going to pay foris massive tax cut. >> growth. >> you'll see the growth. the growth is going to pay for it. >> well the numbers are out for first quarter in his office. is it good? we'll find out. first yesterday was your -- take your child to work day for some people it's more than just a day. >> today was take your child to work day. way ahead of you said this guy. ready or not, here i come.ek.)
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welcome back. i'm ali in for stephanie ruhle. everything you need to know to start your day on day 99 of the trump presidency the house will not vote on a health care bill due to a lack of republican support. representatives will vote to keep the government running another week as talks continue on the budget. if that doesn't pass trump's 100th day could be the start of a government shutdown. president trump speaks at the national rifle association convention this afternoon, the first sitting president since ronald reagan to address the
6:30 am
nra. pope francis landed in cairo for a historic two-day trip. trying to mend ties with christians and muslims. the vatican is downplaying security concerns that come with the trip. arkansas executed a fourth last night. witnesses say kenneth williams was convulsing and jerking during the process. the drugs used were set to expire in three days. williams' lawyer is asking for an investigation. united airlines has reached a settlement with david dao, the man dragged off a flight on april 9th. both sides said it was amicable. >> the opening bell rung at the new york stock exchange one day after the nasdaq closed at record highs. one of president trump's tests came about an hour ago with quarterly gdp estimate for the first quarter coming in at 0.7%. the estimates showed that gdp, this is the weakest quarterly showing in three years. i will talk about this in a second. my panel back, evan mcmullen and
6:31 am
governor bob ehrlich with me, jared bernstein joins me as well the former economic adviser to former vice president biden and also an msnbc contributor. the marketsave opened just a little bit lower, about flat. but jared, 0.7% sounds terrible considering what we have been hearing, we need 3% growth or we will get to 3% growth but there is an asterisk here. >> problem with first quarter data in recent years, technicalities like seasonal adjustments that i won't get into on this beautiful seasonal day here, but the way that you get around that is you look at the year over year growth number, that's the less noisy, more indicative number, that's -- >> what we were this quarter versus what we were a quarter a year ago. >> that's 1.9% trend gdp growth is 2%, we're basically on trend. that said, no white house likes a 0.7% print. that's the quarterly number, annually -- at an annual rate. no white house likes that number. get into the guts of the report
6:32 am
there's one thing you can see if i were the white house i would be concerned. as inflation has picked up blue collar wages have not really kept pace. on average wages are doing pretty well. that means that high end is doing better than the low end. that's a problem. it's yet another example of kind of the gap between a lot of donald trump's rhetoric and policies and the people who put him where he is. >> a little weakness in consumer spending on this one too. >> look at the quarterly numbers you see a pretty weak consumer spending quarter. some had to do with the warm january. >> right. >> sorry, very warm february and that meant less gas and oil consumption. >> that counts as consumer spending. that's also consumer spending. let's just call it 2% to get into our heads. that's where we are. >> correct. >> the white house says its tax cut thing it has proposed, i'm not calling it a proposal because it was on one piece of paper, is going to generate 3% gdp growth, roughly a 50% increase where we are now. that's kind of the holy grail.
6:33 am
doesn't matter if you're a republican or democrat you want more economic growth. >> sure. >> it's hard to get to. >> you're not going to get there with tax cuts. you're simply not going to get a 50% increase in the growth rate of gdp through this outline or, quote, plan whatever you want to call it. even a more specified tax plan historically won't get you there. when thinking about the impact of taxes on growth, think to the right of the decimal point. think in terms of what we call basis points. hun dreadths of a percent. you might get a little bump, sometimes temporary, you're never going get kind of a lasting increase of that magnitude sustained in gdp growth from the kinds of tax policies they're talking about are frankly almost any kinds of tax policies i can imagine. that said if we were to do more infrastructure investment, i think that would lastingly help growth. if we were to do more investment in human capital i think so as well. it's not going to get you from 2 to 3%. the 2% trend growth rate is baked in the cake based on ongoing trends in demographics
6:34 am
and productivity and demographics in particular are not going to change because of tax breaks. >> governor, government executives don't like to hear that. >> let me say this, the golf between the blue collar and upper middle class is the reason donald trump won. quite frankly. the lack of growth. i think it would be unfair to say his policies, has been here 100 days, he doesn't have any policies yet. that again explains why he won -- >> i'm saying that's a problem for him. >> yeah. i agree. >> going forward it's much more of a fair measurement. >> guys, thanks very much for joining me. i appreciate the conversation. coming up secretary of state tillerson is at the united nations right now meeting with his counterparts from japan and south korea. as the president says a major conflict with north korea is a very real possibility. plus, the good, the bad and the ugly. we're going to break down president trump's first 100 days in 360 seconds. what if technology gave us the power to turn this enemy into an ally? microsoft and its partners are using smart traps to capture
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this is your new house. and a perfectly inconspicuous suv. you must become invisible. [hero] i'll take my chances. there's a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with north korea. absolutely. >> that was president trump speaking about north korea in the oval office yesterday. secretary of state rex tillerson is at the united nations this morning meeting with the foreign ministers of both south korea and japan, two key u.s. allies, just a day after president trump warned of a possible, quote, major major conflict with north korea. joining me is republican
6:39 am
congressman francis rooney of florida. good to have you back on the show. thank you for joining me. i want you to listen to secretary of state rex tillerson in a new interview released from npr. >> do you intend to direct talks with north korea? is that your goal? >> obviously that would be the way we would like to solve this, but north korea has to decide they're ready to talk to us about the right agenda. and the right agenda is not simply stopping where they are for a few more months or a few more years and then resuming things. >> congressman, both of those statements contradictory and at odds with u.s. policy, the idea of going into a major, major conflict with north korea is stronger language than we have heard from the last several presidents. and the idea of direct talks with north korea is something that's been off the table for some time. what do you make of these two comments? >> well, i think that when we were strong, before obama got into office, president bush held direct talks with north korea even to the point to take them
6:40 am
off the terror watch list. hopefully what secretary tillerson is saying resuming direct talks with a group of nations that have interests in the area, hopefully involving china, which is critical to solving the problem, will avoid a serious problem like a war. >> well, what do you think should take precedence here? is it the idea of a serious threat with north korea motivating the direct talks? >> i think that we should try to draw in the same community of nations that president bush drew in with secretary rice and start offer dialog to them as an alternative to something much more disastrous and continue to work behind the scenes with china, the same way the bush administration did before. >> let's talk about health care. you do support the latest version of the gop plan to replace -- repeal and replace obamacare. house republican leaders are working to assess the number of votes they have for right now. they seem to be short of votes at the moment. do you think you will get enough republicans on board with this
6:41 am
new program? >> well, remember, as a contractor and a business guy i'm an optimistic person. i'm for the bill. i think it's by far and away the most conservative free market states rights option we're ever going to see. i hope enough of my colleagues are going to come across and help take this thing through the goal post. >> we haven't really had a lot of success with absolute free markets in the health care system. that's kind of why we got obamacare in the first place? >> i think we have a great opportunity now, by instead of imposing top down mandates to isolate high risk, pay for high risk in a separate pool, and allow the insurers to underwrite the broad mass of americans on terms and conditions that are affordable and relate directly to the tax credits. >> all right. so the initial repeal and replace plan, was largely unpopular. we saw, you know, we saw these ruckus town halls the last time republicans tried to push that health care bill. are you concerned now that some of those already unpopular things seem to be in this bill
6:42 am
and maybe some more unpopular things that you're going to see a backlash from constituents with the latest version? >> no. i think i can explain to my constituents why this is a better option like i did in the town halls a couple of 700 person town halls which many people sought to disrupt but they're not going to get me off message and i'm not worried about disagreeing with people over fundamental policy. that's what the first amendment is all about. >> i understand the benefit of the first amendment but as a representative of your constituents, are you willing to listen to consti wepts who think that you're making the wrong decision? >> absolutely. i met during the break with medical people several times and i just got off the phone with one of our representatives from lee health in fort meyers, lee county, talking about how the tax credit mechanism works an some of the things that and some of the things i got answers to when i got back this week. >> let's talk about the government shutdown threat. if a one-week continuing resolution is passed today are you concerned lawmakers are
6:43 am
postponing a government shutdown by a week or do you think the outstanding matters will get resolved and we'll be able to get on with the business of government and not shutting it down? >> we need to pass the cr, have that week to continue the discussion of what's going to go into an omni bus bill and how this works the procedures are new to me, but i don't want to shut the government down and hopefully our republican conference will unite itself around a more conservative approach than would be necessary if we can't get all the republicans to support the more conservative agenda. >> and before i let you go, you are a member of the foreign affairs committee. what is your take on the michael flynn investigation right now? >> well, i've said before, to some of your colleagues, that if general flynn was on the payroll of turkey or ukraine and receiving classified briefings and working in the white house, i think that's a problem for me. >> how did that problem get resolved? we sort of -- we have a lot of people in agreement it's a problem. what happens?
6:44 am
do we have to get a special investigators? is the house and senate intel committee enough to handle this? >> i think the house and senate intel committee which are bipartisan and led by strong people, democrat and republican, can take the ball a long way. i also think the defense department announced that it's going to take a look at it. >> congressman, good to talk to you. thank you for joining me. representative francis rooney, republican congressman from the 19th district in florida. thank you. >> thanks ali. that u.n. meeting is in 15 minutes. we'll bring that to you when it happens. tomorrow will make president trump's 100 days in office. before he reaches that milestone a look back at the biggest moments of the first 99 days. >> according to a new cnn poll, 44% of americans approach of the job president trump is doing as he approaches his 100th day in office while the other 56% said it's only been 100 days? with unitedhealthcare, you can get rewarded for all kinds of things... like walking. hey, honey.
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>> i, donald john trump, do solemnly swear. the washington monument was packed. >> this was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period! >> sean spicer our press secretary gave alterna facts. >> i think sometimes we can disagree with the facts. >> 3 to 5 million people voting illegally? >> i think we'll see where we go from here. >> we are going to get the bad ones out. >> president of mexico canceling his planned visit to the united states. >> it's banning muslims. >> no ban no wall. >> we put the seven countries initially into the executive order. >> the justice department would not defend the new trump muslim ban. >> donald trump tonight has fired the interim attorney general. >> we had a monday night massacre. sally yates. >> would not defend the trump administration's travel ban. >> nominating judge neil gorsuch. >> we are officially putting
6:50 am
iran on notice. >> the mu president attacked the australian prime minister. >> judge rowbart's decision puts a halt to president trump's executive order. >> this is soapy water and i'm washing this is soapy water and washing that filthy lying monut. >> you can choose your plan. you mow what this plan is. this is the plan >> don't buy ivanka's stuff. >> the powers of the president will not be questioned. >> donald trump and shinzo abe holding a meeting with their aides in the outdoor restaurant. >> national security adviser l flynn handed in his raze nation. >> there's a trust issue. >> we're going to make a deal. >> the art of the deal. >> first solo press conference. >> delivered an epic rant today. >> i inherited a mess. it's all fake news. not good. quiet, quiet, quiet. the biggest electoral college
6:51 am
win since ronald reagan. >> everybody who is here illegally can subject to removal. >> people who are illegally. a military operation. >> the mission was successful. >> everything that is broken in our country can be fixed. we will never forget ryan. >> he became president of the united states in that moment. >> i never had meetings with rush hand op tiffs. >> now accusing his predecessor of wiretapping him at trump tower. this is one of six tweets that president trump fired off. >> there was no such wiretap activity. >> travel ban 2.0 is out today. >> president trump hard sell on behalf of the american health care act. >> focused on repeal and replace of obamacare. >> are we going to do what we said we would do. >> the white house has accused president obama of getting
6:52 am
britain's spy sergeaagency to p trump on notice. >> as far as wiretapping. we have something in common, perhaps. >> there is circumstantial evidence of collusion. >> the fbi is investigating the russian government and that includes investigating the nature of any links between individuals associated with the trump campaign. >> seems to me to be some level of surveillance. >> do you feel vindicated by chairman nunz. >> i do. >> the republic plan to get rid of obamacare failed today. >> it would be wise for the chairman to recuse himself. >> michael flynn is requesting immunity. >> president trump goes off the freedom caucus. >> neil gorsuch will be confirmed this week. >> 60 votes. >> i leaked nothing to nobody, never have and never would. >> when you kill innocent
6:53 am
children, innocent babies with a chemical gas, that crosses many many lines. >> how intelligence chairman devin nunes will step aside from the russian investigation. >> tonight i ordered a targeted military strike on the airfield in syria. >> the united states will no longer wait for assad to use chemical weapons kout any consequences. >> the show of force by president trump does not seem to have deterred syria's president. >> if you gas a baby, put a barrel bomb in, you will see a response from this president. >> associate justice of the supreme court of the united states. >> hitler who didn't even sink to using chemical weapons. i made a mistake. >> a change of heart when it comes to nato. >> i said it was obsolete. it's no longer obsolete. >> the u.s. dropped the mother of all bombs. >> we are so proud of our military. >> a show of military might, a massive public display, a high
6:54 am
profile missile failure for north korea. >> strategic patience is a failed approach. >> it looks like another terrorist attack. >> guarantee that there will not be a government shutdown? >> i can't guarantee. >> the white house appears to be backing down from demands that the president's proposed border wall be funded immediately. >> the wall gets built, 100%. >> a federal judge blocks the president, michael flynn is feeling the heat, house republicans trying to figure out a way to repeal obamacare. >> this is going to be the biggest tax cut and the largest tax reform in the his friday of our country. >> i had so many things -- i actually -- this is more work than in my previous life. i thought it would be easier. >> and the big question is what do we edit on to that to make the 100th day. we're dealing with a possible government shutdown, a health care bill, north korea and tax cuts. the michael flynn investigation
6:55 am
and the investigation into the ties between the trump administration and russia. lots more to come one day left. coming up tonight on mtp daily, sir richard branson joins chuck todd to discuss his decision to fund an anti-brexit campaign and more in an exclusive interview tonight at 5:00 eastern. any minute now were democrat leaders will hold a press conference marking president trump's first 100 days within including their thoughts on the new republican health care push. >> he's asking them to vote for a bill that's wildly unpopular in the country, the wrong thing to do first and foremost, is going to be doodoo stuck to their shoe for a long time to come. and with terrible consequence to the american people. (laughing) left foot. right foot. left foot. stop.
6:56 am
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bryan denton: we spent almost the entirety of the next 10 hours under fire. you know, everybody was very focused, looking out the window, scanning for car bombs. being outside of a vehicle was suicide.
6:58 am
to say that i wasn't operating at a constant level of fear, i'd be lying to you. if i didn't believe in the importance of journalism, i wouldn't be able to continue to do this work. ( ♪ ) i'm bryan denton, photojournalist for the new york times. hey you've gotta see this. i'm bryancno.n.n, alright, see you down there. mmm, fine. okay, what do we got? okay, watch this. do the thing we talked about. what do we say? it's going to be great. watch.
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remember what we were just saying? go irish! see that? yes! i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. all right. that wraps up this hour. i'm alley velshi. kind of pointless telling you that. you want to stay in touch with me, you can mitt me up on twitter, facebook and snapchat at ali velshi. if you like snapchat, just v velshi. time to hand it over to my good friend chris jansing. >> a glorious day until about 1:00. a lot to cover this hour. let's get right to it. alive look at the united nations where secretary of state
7:00 am
tillerson is chairing a meeting of the security council this hour. the u.s. is flexing more muscle toward north korea. overshadowing president trump with some ominous words for pyongyang. >> there's a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with north korea. absolutely. on capitol hill, lawmakers scrambling for a budget deal. republicans forced to put health care on hold and government running 0 it of money tonight. plus, that very revealing interview with president trump. what he's admitting about the job, what he misses about life before 1600 pennsylvania avenue why he shifted on campaign promises like nafta. a lot to cover on the eve of the 100-day milestone. andrea mitch el, hans nick al


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