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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  April 28, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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good friday afternoon to you from msnbc's world headquarters in new york. i'm craig melman. any moment president trump set to appear at the national rifle
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association in atlanta. a live look at the stage there. the nra, of course, played quite a pivotal moment in trump's election, pouring roughly $30 million in his campaign in the beat hillary clinton program. meanwhile, talking tough on north korea. the trump administration's top diplomat leading a special meeting of the u.n. security council, racking up the pressure on pyongyang. >> north korea pushes northeast asia and the world closer to broader conflict. it's likely only a matter of time until motor vehicle reaches the capability to strike the u.s. mainland. and former president obama's wall street paid speech.
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they criticize him for making about $400,000 on a speaking gig. more on that in a moment, but we return to president trump's speech in atlanta. reinfluencing the big group that became one of his big supporters, one of his early supporters as well in 2015. he reversed course on a number of campaign promises. we'll get to those broken campaign pledges in just a moment, but jacob rascon is in atlanta where that speech will take place any minute now. also washington bureau chief susan page and white house reporter for the "washington post," ashley parker. a big thanks to all of you. jacob, let me start with you there inside the room. what are folks there hoping to hear from president trump? >> reporter: i'll tell you, craig, that the president will
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take the stage in any moment. lee greenwood is singing behind me singing the song that introduced a lot of his campaign events. people here are thrilled, and when they endorsed president trump, it was an anti-clinton, this is what will happen if hillary clinton takes office kind of event. the trump campaign warned that if she were to take office, she would take away all the guns, destroy all the magazines and put everyone on an administration. he talked about how proud he was of neil gorsuch and about how proud he was of general mattis and the other appointees of president trump. that's what i heard from a lot of people, a couple dozen of them, before the event actually started. they said maybe they'll see more action on the second amendment going forward, but right now they're just happy to have a president speaking at their event for the first time in 30 years. craig? >> what about the protestors
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outside, jacob? we've seen a number of folks outside that venue protesting. >> reporter: there have been a couple protests planned today. one of them, i think, had 200 people or so. they, of course, are not happy with the president coming here, they're not happy with the nra generally and everything they stand for. the nra, the way that they talk about what they're doing here and the president coming, this is a war, they call it, between conservative and liberal, a war over truth, they call it. they say the only thing they can do is fight with a clenched fist and that they're proud to have the president having their back. >> susan page, my apologies in advance if i have to cut you back if president trump takes to the podium there. again, this is a group that embraces the president earlier than any candidate for president in the history of this organization, and to the tune of roughly $30 million. has he done enough so far to return the favor? >> reporter: you know, and remember also, this is a group
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that supported him with political action committees who were not enthusiastic about donald trump the candidate, so they have some big things. already president trump rolled back the gun legislation for some americans who don't handle their financial affairs. they're looking for more action on the part of the administration for things like regulations of purchases like silencers and other things close to the heart to the president of the national rifle association. >> there was also that reverse the obama-era rule that would have required the social security administration to at least provide information for folks who are mentally ill for background checks on gun purchases. kelly o., here we are on the eve of 100 days, and kelly o., i should probably not even bother getting to this next question. let's save this for after the
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address. president donald trump getting ready to address roughly 80,000 people at the national rifle association's annual gathering, shaking the hand there of wayne lapierre who, for a lot of folks, is essentially the face of the nra, the executive vice president and ceo. he has been with that group for decades, but as we've been talking about, this is a friendly crowd for the president. it remains to be seen whether he will stay on script. you see the teleprompters there. so we know that there is prepared text. will he stick to that text or will he do what donald trump has been known to do from time to time? let us listen in as president trump addresses the national rifle association. >> thank you, chris, for that kind introduction and for your tremendous work on behalf of our second amendment. thank you very much. [ cheers and applause ] >> i want to also thank wayne
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lapierre for his unflinching leadership in the fight for freedom. wayne, thank you very much. [ cheers and applause ] >> i'd also like to congratulate karen handle on her incredible fight in georgia's 6th. the election takes place on june 20th, and by the way, on primaries, let's not have 11 republicans running for the same position, okay? it's too nerve-shattering. she's totally for the nra and she's totally for the second amendment, so get out and vote. you know she's running against someone who is going to raise your taxes to the sky, destroy your health care, and he's for
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open borders -- lots of crime -- and he's not even able to vote in the district that he's running in. other than that, i think he's doing a fantastic job, right? so get out and vote for karen. also my friend. he's become a friend because there's nobody that does it like lee greenwood. wow. [ applause ] >> lee's anthem is the perfect description of the renewed spirit sweeping across our country. it really is, indeed, sweeping across our country. so, lee, i know i speak for everyone in this arena when i say we're all very proud, indeed, to be an american. thank you very much, lee. [ cheers and applause ] >> no one was more proud to be american than the beloved
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patriot, and you know who i'm talking about. we remember on gatherings like today your former five-term president, the late charlton heston. how good was charlton? and i remember charlton, he was out there fighting when maybe a lot of people didn't want to be fighting. he was out there for a long time. he was a great guy. and it's truly wonderful to be back in atlanta and back with my friend at the nra. you are my friends, believe me. [ cheers and applause ] >> perhaps some of you remember the last time we were all together. do you remember that? we had a big crowd then, too, so we knew something was happening. but it was in the middle of a historic political year, and in the middle of a truly historic
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election. what fun that was, november 8. wasn't that a great evening? you remember that evening? [ applause ] >> remember i was saying, we have breaking news. donald trump has won the state of michigan. they go, michigan? donald trump has won the state of wisconsin. whoa! but earlier in the evening, remember, florida, north carolina, south carolina, pennsylvania, all the way up we ran up the east coast, and, you know, the republicans have a tremendous disadvantage in the electoral college, you know that. and tremendous disadvantage. and to run the whole east coast and then you go with iowa and ohio and all the different states, it was a great evening, one that a lot of people will never forget. a lot of people.
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not going to forget that evening. and remember they said, there is no path to 270. for months i was hearing that. you know, they're trying to suppress the vote. so they keep saying it so people said, you know, i really like trump. he loves the second amendment, he loves the nra. i love him, but let's go to the movie because he can't win. hundreds of times i heard, there is no route. they would say, there is no route to 270, and we ended up with 306, so they were right. not 270, 306. that was some evening. big sports fans said that was the single most exciting event they've ever seen. that includes super bowls and world series and boxing matches. that was an exciting evening for all of us, and it meant a lot.
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only one candidate in the general election came to speak to you, and that candidate is now the president of the united states standing before you again. [ cheers and applause ] >> i have a feeling that in the next election, you're going to be swamped with candidates, but you're not going to be wasting your time. you'll have plenty of those democrats coming over and you'll say, no, sir, no, thank you. perhaps ma'am. it may be pocahontas, remember that. and she is not big for the nra, that i can tell you. but you came through for me, and i am going to come through for you. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> i was proud to receive the nra's earliest endorsement in the history of the organization. and today i'm also proud to be the first sitting president to address the nra leadership forum since our wonderful ronald reagan in 1983. [ cheers and applause ] >> and i want to thank each and every one of you. not only for your help electing true friends of the second amendment, but for everything you do to defend our flag and our freedom. with your activism, you help safeguard the freedoms of our soldiers who have bled and died for us on the battlefields. and i know we have many veterans in the audience today, and we want to give them a big, big,
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beautiful round of applause. [ cheers and applause ] >> and like i promised, we are doing a really top job already. 99 days, but already with the veterans administration people are seeing a big difference. we are working really hard at the va, and you're going to see it and you're already seeing it. it's my honor. i've been telling you we're going to do it and we're doing it. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> the nra protects in our capitols and legislative houses the freedoms that our servicemembers have won for us on those incredible
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battlefields. and it's been a tough fight against those who would go so far as to ban private gun ownership entirely. but i am here to deliver you good news, and i can tell you that wayne and chris have been fighting with me long and hard to make sure that we were with you today, not somebody else with an empty podium, because believe me, the podium would have been empty. they fought long and hard, and i think you folks cannot thank them enough. they were with us all the way right from the beginning. [ cheers and applause ] >> but we have news that you've been waiting for for a long time. the eight-year assault on your second amendment freedoms has come to a crashing end.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> you have a true friend and champion in the white house. no longer will federal agencies be coming after law-abiding gun owners. [ cheers and applause ] >> no longer will the government be trying to undermine your rights and your freedoms as americans. instead we will work with you by your side. we will work with the nra to promote responsible gun ownership, to protect our wonderful hunters and their access to the very beautiful outdoors. you met my son. i can tell you both sons, they love the outdoors. frankly, i think they love the outdoors more than they love, by a long shot, fifth avenue, but
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that's okay. and we want to ensure you of the sacred right of self-defense for all of our citizens. [ cheers and applause ] >> when i spoke to this forum last year, our nation was still mourning the loss of a giant, a great defender of the constitution, justice antonin scalia. [ applause ] >> i promise that ifd that if ei would nominate a justice who would be faithful and loyal to the constitution. i even went one step further and publicly presented a list of 20 judges from which i would make my selection. and that's exactly what we did. and, by the way, i want to thank, really, heritage, and i
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want to thank also all of the people that worked with us. where is leo? is leo around here? where is he? he's got to be here. where is he? he has been so good. but from -- and also from heritage, jim demint. it's been amazing. those people have been fantastic. they've been real friends. [ applause ] >> the federalist people. where are they? are they around here someplace? they really helped us out. i kept my promise, and now with your help, our brand new justice, and he is really something very special, neil gorsuch sits on the bench of the united states supreme court. [ cheers and applause ] >> for the first time in the modern political era, we have confirmed a new justice in the
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first 100 days. [ applause ] >> the last time that happened was 136 years ago in 1881. now, we won't get any credit for this, but don't worry about it. the credit is in the audience, right? the credit is in the audience. all of those people, they won't give us credit, but it's been a long time and we're very honored. we've also taken action to stand up for america's sportsman. on their very last full day in office, the previous administration issued an 11th hour rule to restrict the use of lead ammunition on certain federal lands. have you heard about that, folks? i'm shocked to hear that. you've all heard about that. huh, you've heard about that.
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on his first day as secretary of the interior, ryan zinke eliminated the previous administration's ammunition ban. [ cheers and applause ] >> he's going to be great. ryan is going to be great. we have also moved very quickly to restore something gun owners care about very, very much. it's called the rule of law. we have made clear that our administration will always stand with the incredible men and women of law enforcement. [ applause ] >> in fact, countless members of law enforcement are also members of the nra because our police know that responsible gun ownership saves lives and that
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the right of self-defense is essential to public safety. do we all agree with that? [ applause ] >> our police and sheriffs also know that when you ban guns, only the criminals will be armed. [ applause ] >> for too long, washington has gone after law-abiding gun owners while making life easier for criminals, drug dealers, traffickers and gang members. ms-13. do you know about ms-13? it's not pleasant for them anymore, folks, it's not pleasant for them anymore. that's a bad group. not pleasant for ms-13. get them the hell out of here. get them out. we are protecting the freedoms of law-abiding americans, and we
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are going after the criminal gangs and cartels that prey on our innocent citizens, and we are really going after them. [ applause ] >> as members of the nra know well, some of the most important decisions a president can make are appointments. and i've appointed people who believe in law, order and justice. that is why i have selected, as your attorney general, number one, a really fine person, a really good man. a man who has spent his entire career fighting crime, supporting the police and defending the second amendment. for the first time in a long time, you have a pro second amendment tough on crime attorney general, and his name
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is jeff sessions. [ cheers and applause ] >> and attorney general sessions is putting our priorities into action. he's going after the drug dealers who are peddling their poison all over our streets and destroying our youth. he's going after the gang members who threaten our children, and he's fully enforcing our immigration laws in all 50 states, and you know what? it's about time. [ applause ] >> heading up the effort to secure america's borders is a great military general, a man of action, homeland security director john kelly. [ applause ]
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>> secretary kelly, who used to be general kelly, is following through on my pledge to protect the borders, remove criminal aliens and stop the drugs from pouring into our country. we've already seen -- listen to this -- it never happened before. people can't even believe it. and by the way, we will build the wall no matter how low this number gets or how high this number gets. don't even think about it. don't even think about it. you know, they're trying to use this number against us because we've done so unbelievably at the borders already, they're trying to use it against us, but you need that wall to stop the human trafficking, to stop the drugs, to stop the wrong people. you need the wall. but listen to this. we've already seen a 73%
11:25 am
decrease -- never happened before -- in illegal immigration on the southern border since my election. 73%. [ cheers and applause ] >> you see what they're doing, right? so why do you need a wall? we need a wall. >> build the wall! >> we'll build the wall. don't even think about it. don't even think about it. don't even think about it. that's an easy one. we're going to build the wall. we need the wall. i said to general kelly, how important is it? he said, very important. it's that final element. we need the wall. and it's a wall in certain areas. obviously where you have these massive physical structures you don't need and we have certain big rivers and all, but we need a wall and we're going to get that wall.
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>> i'm behind you, i'm behind you! >> and the world is getting the message. they know our borders are no longer open to illegal immigration and that if they try to break in, you'll be caught and you'll be returned to your home. you're not staying any longer. and if you keep coming back illegally, after deportation, you will be arrested, prosecuted and you'll be put behind bars. otherwise it will never end. [ cheers and applause ] >> let's also remember that immigration security is national security. we've seen the attacks from 9/11 to boston to san bernardino. hundreds of individuals from other countries have been charged with terrorism-related offenses in the united states.
11:27 am
we spend billions and billions of dollars on security all over the world, but then we allow radical islamic terrorists to enter right through our front door. that's not going to happen anymore. [ applause ] >> it's time to get tough. it's time we finally got smart. and yes, it's also time to put america first. [ cheers and applause ] >> and perhaps i see all those beautiful red and white hats. but we will never forget our favorite slogan of them all, make america great again.
11:28 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> keeping our community safe and protecting our freedoms also requires the cooperation of our state leaders. we have some incredible pro second amendment governors here at the nra conference, including governor scott of florida -- where is governor scott? where is he? great guy doing a great job. governor bryan of mississippi. what a wonderful place. governor bryant is here. thank you. governor diehl of georgia. and we're also joined by two people that -- well, one i loved right from the beginning. the other one i really liked, didn't like, and now like a lot
11:29 am
again. does that make sense? senator david purdue. he was from the beginning. and senator ted cruz, like, dislike, like. good guys. good guys, smart cookies. each of these leaders knows that public officials must serve under the constitution, not above it. we all took an oath to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the united states, and that means defending the second amendment. [ cheers and applause ] >> so let me make a simple promise to every one of the freedom-loving americans in the audience today. as your president, i will never, ever infringe on the right of the people to keep and bear
11:30 am
arms. never, ever. freedom is not a gift from government. freedom is a gift from god. it was this conviction that stirred the heart of a great american patriot. on that day, april, 242 years ago, it was the day paul revere spread his lexington alarm, the famous warning that "the british are coming, the british are coming," right? you've all heard that, right? "the british are coming." now we have other people trying to come, but believe me, they're not going to be successful. nothing changes, right, folks?
11:31 am
nothing changes. they are not going to be successful. there will be serious hurt on them, not on us. next came the shot heard round the world, and then a ragtag army of god-fearing farmers, frontie frontiersmen, shopkeepers, merchants that stood up to the most powerful army at that time on earth. the most powerful army on earth. but we sometimes forget what inspired those everyday farmers and workers in that great war for independence. many years after the war, young men asked, captain levy preston, age 91, why he fought alongside his neighbors at concord. what it the stamp act? was it the tea tax? was it a work of philosophy? no, the old veteran replied. then why, he was asked.
11:32 am
young man, the captain said, what we meant in going for those red coats was this. we always had governed ourselves, and we always meant to govern ourselves. [ applause ] >> captain preston's words are a reminder of what this organization and what my administration are all about, the right of a sovereign people to govern their own affairs and govern them properly. we don't want any longer to be ruled by the bureaucrats in washington or in any other country, for that matter. in america we are ruled by our citizens. we are ruled by each and every
11:33 am
one of you. but we can be complacent. these are dangerous times. these are horrible times for certain obvious reasons. but we're going to make them great times again. every day we are up against those who would take away our freedoms, restrict our liberties, and even those who want to abolish the second amendment. we must be vigilant, and i know you are all up to the task since the first generation of americans stood strong at concord. each generation to follow has answered the call to defend freedom in their time. that is why we are here today, to defend freedom for our children, to defend the liberty of all americans, and to defend the right of a free and sovereign people to keep and
11:34 am
bear arms. i greatly appreciated your support on november 8th in what will hopefully be one of the most important and positive elections for the united states of all time. and to the nra, i can proudly say, i will never, ever let you down. thank you, god bless you, god bless our constitution, and god bless america. thank you very much. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> it was a wide-ranging 27-minute speech. president trump there in atlanta, georgia. the president ending with a bit of a history lesson, starting with, perhaps, a predictable reflection on election night, once again reminding the folks in that room that he was the only candidate to address that group a year ago. also take them back to election
11:35 am
night in michigan and iowa and how he defied the odds. it has become a familiar theme. president trump there embracing one of his sons there, also wayne lapierre we just saw as well. president donald trump going from there to a fundraiser for karen handle who also got a shoutout, handle, of course, in that runoff election down in the atlanta suburb, run to go replace the president's health and human services secretary tom price, saying that she's opposing the democratic nominee. mr. ossoff was big on open borders and crime. the first sitting president to address the national rifle association in -- since 1983. shannon watts is the founder of moms demand action for gun sense
11:36 am
in america. rick tyler, msnbc political analyst. also former spokesman. not too long ago he was -- today a very smart guy. shannon, let me start with you. obviously the nra has the ear of the president. what did you hear in that speech? >> well, i think it's interesting that donald trump avoided talking about some of the nra's most extreme ideas, like guns in schools, concealed carry reciprocity, making s silenc silencers more available. he really steered away from their ideas, and i'm hoping that's a good sign, that he doesn't support their idea of guns anywhere, any time, no
11:37 am
questions asked. >> he also addressed the appointment of neil gorsuch to the supreme court. but he also, and one would assume this was something that wasn't scripted, this was something not in the prepared text. he went on this bizarre tirade, and once again referred to senator elizabeth warren as pocahontas. why do that here? >> i don't know. look, when you go to the nra, you're definitely going to have a friendly audience and they're not going to like elizabeth warren. one of the things donald trump lacks is his ability to reach toward the middle. recent polls show about 96% of trump supporters are still with him, and another poll 7% said they wouldn't, but basically he has his base. if he wants to keep that for reelection, he's gt ot to learno reach out to someone besides people who voted for him. >> this is all just a part of what the president said a few moments ago. take a listen.
11:38 am
>> we have news that you've been waiting for for a long time. the eight-year assault on your second amendment freedoms has come to a crashing end. [ cheers and applause ] >> you have a true friend and champion in the white house. no longer will federal agencies be coming after law-abiding gun owners. >> shannon, what's the next frontier for organizations like yours? >> well, we're continuing to grow. we've grown exponentially since the election. we're on the ground in d.c. and state houses and boardrooms. we're here in atlanta this weekend because we absolutely oppose the leadership of the nra's extremely dangerous agenda. and 30 years of the nra
11:39 am
essentially writing our nation's gun laws has gotten us the highest rate of gun violence of any developed nation. and we know that it's time to play defense, particularly at the federal level, against things like concealed carry reciprocity which would weaken our nation's gun laws and make it even more dangerous in this country. >> for folks who aren't familiar with concealed carry reciprocity, what exactly is it? >> it's the nra's dream and it's the public's nightmare. basically it eradicates all states' rights and makes every state follow the weakest link for gun laws. for example, in alabama it's very easy to get a gun and you might only be 18. and suddenly that law applies throughout the country in places like times square and washington, d.c. and other important city centers. so these are dangerous laws. it's a law that the nra is waiting to go and be signed by republican congress and the president, and we are going to fight it tooth and nail every step of the way. >> susan, let me bring you into the conversation. i just want to pin you back on
11:40 am
something rick tyler just said, obviously the speech there meant to be red meat for the base, if you will. this notion that donald trump has to reach across, or actually reach to the middle, if he hopes to maintain a republican house and a republican senate, is that accurate? i mean, here's a guy that managed to defy the political odds and really did not do that by growing the base, he did it by turning out the base like no candidate in modern political history. >> it's certainly true that one of donald trump's greatest political strengths is that he continues to have the really solid support of the people who voted for him. and that's something that gives political leaders, presidents a floor that they can rely on, and it looks like these are voters that donald trump can rely on. but we think it's about 40, 42% of the electorate. and that is not enough -- that
11:41 am
is not a majority of the americans. it's not even as much the same proportion of the electorate that he won on election day last november. so i think this is one of the challenges for him. if he succeeds in having a political strategy that focuses only on his core supporters, it will be a test for what we thought was true, which is that you need to expand your support. it's certainly a different approach than every other modern president has taken. other modern presidents since world war ii have tried, during their opening months in office, to expand their support, to win over some of the voters who didn't support them in the election, and that is not the course that donald trump has taken. >> no, no. instead he decided to devote some time this afternoon in atlanta to calling a senator pocahontas. you would think that by now someone would have said to the president, you know, mr. president, that's a derogatory term and perhaps you shouldn't use it in public. but either no one said that to him or the president of the united states just doesn't care.
11:42 am
karen handle off the top gets a shout-out. we know she's got that runoff here in a couple of months. it would seem to me, ashley, that this is a candidate who has decided to align herself with this president is something that is going to be more of a positive than a negative. >> i think she's absolutely decided that. i believe when she sort of finished second in the runoff, she did not mention the president that night, but she immediately mentioned him the next day. and i think the calculation on her end is probably correct. it is a very red district. it's been one that's been held by a republican back to the carter era and embracing president trump is a pretty smart play to energize all the voters, because the democratic base is certainly energized. >> she's certainly been able to raise money as well and her opponent has raked in cash from all over the country. jacob rascon was in that room. he heard the speech just a few minutes ago, and he has some
11:43 am
guests. >> i do, and they were standing. it looked like everybody was standing. the nra said they think about 10,000 people were in the room and every seat was taken. we have here buck and his son. you've never been to an nra meeting. what did you think? >> it was amazing. i think at one point we had some goosebumps here. >> reporter: what makes this special for you? >> it's a crowd that fills me with patriotism. the kind of catch word has been freedom, and the usa. so it's kind of fun to come together and hear that. >> reporter: and you heard president trump. what did you think of the speech? >> it was good. like freedom, which he kept mentioning over and over again, and protecting the second amendment. >> reporter: his first 100 days, have they been better than expected for you, worse than expected, as expected? how would grade him?
11:44 am
>> i would probably be a terrible person to grade because washington to me has been and remains a mystery and an enigma. i feel like we're going in the right direction, though. that's all i can say about that. >> thanks very much, buck and buckley, for your time. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> reporter: as i said, they were all standing. you heard president trump reliving some of the campaign. you heard him talking about the supreme court. you heard him talking about the state department and the justice department and the appointees. that's what he's touting and it was received very well. craig? >> jacob rascon inside the room there in atlanta, georgia. jac jacob, thank you. shannon watts, susan page, rick tyler, thanks to you as well. we're getting a tweet from congresswoman gabby giffords, o
11:45 am
co-founder of that gun violence prevention organization, americans for responsible solutions. this was her tweet posted just a few moments ago. "we need a president who is serious about addressing our nation's gun violence crisis. that is not the president we saw today in atlanta." former president obama, meanwhile, cashing post-presidency. two speeches cashing in nearly half a million dollars apiece. that leads to our microsoft pulse question. should former president obama accept big fees for corporate speeches? that was the question. so far 95% of you, an overwhelming majority, say yeah. that's fine. the pulse is still live. it's when a critical patient is far from the hospital, the hospital must come to the patient.
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what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. former president barack obama is being criticized by some for receiving $400,000 from a wall street firm for a speech on health care scheduled for the fall. >> i think at a time when people are so frustrated with the power of wall street and the big money
11:50 am
interests, i think it is unfortunate that president obama is doing this. >> president trump also, perhaps not surprisingly, weighing in o the foreign president speaking fees as well. and we're learning the former president spoke at a history makers luncheon on a & e network taking in another $400,000. i'm joined by the former chief of staff and senior adviser to the george w. bush foundation, and democratic strategist, terra. let me start with you. do you see a problem with former presidents making a few hundred thousand bucks in speaking fees once they leave office? >> well, you know, i don't have a problem with them getting a job after they leave office. i think we're used to seeing this with many of our form he
11:51 am
presidents. i can see where people are a little concerned about the fee. it is higher than anyone i have seen in modern times. that's for sure. >> as he great speaker. >> and there's a great deal of interest. >> especially now. 100 days out. i want to remind people, what president obama said about wall street over the course of his presidency. >> i did not run for office to be helping out a bunch of fat cat bank orders wall street. >> what we've seen so far is an army of industry lobbyists from wall street to sitting on capitol hill to try to block basic and common sense rules on the road. >> how pits somebody could propose that we weaken
11:52 am
regulations on wall street. have we really forgotten what just happened eight years ago in. >> so here was a president, and we could have done this for another 45 minutes. he now looks hypocritical. >> here's the point. he was the president. the point is he's not the president of the united states anymore. he is in fact a private citizen and as he private commit will never hold public office again. so it is not like he's a senator who left who may seek another office again. as he private citizen and he has every right, in the interest of being open. i run the service job. is it a $four hunt,000 job? >> it is if you're someone of his stature.
11:53 am
you said it was one of the higher fees she's heard. actually, president bill clinton got $1 million for a speech. so in terms of his status, he is getting a lower rate than other people have gotten in the past and they're people you've never heard of who get $50,000 for a speech. if i said who they are, you the wouldn't know who they are. i want to raise another important the point. this is a president who passed the toughest laws against wall street regulations since fdr. some people say those laws weren't strong enough. he passed overtime rules that the business industry had a problem with. he can't have a problem taking on these interests. if you read the hedge funds and wall street guys, they don't like president obama.
11:54 am
>> you just mentioned bill clinton receiving $1 million. bill clinton, 100 to $175 a speech. what a lot of people had a problem with was this was one of those issues wthat defined who e was. it was part of his dna. that's why we saw bernie sanders and elizabeth warren taking him to task. can you see that part of it? >> i can see that part of it but we don't know what he's saying to wall street. none of that is disclosed. we know with hillary clinton, she didn't turn it over either. they may be asking him questions in these off the record
11:55 am
conversations. so i think that's very likely. >> is it likely to pay him and have him criticize the people in the room? >> he's a former president. he is someone they want to have speak. if i ran the organization that could afford to pay president obama what his fee is, i would absolutely have him at my event as a small business owner. we can't afford those rates. but who cares what he's saying? he's the former president. there's nothing he can say that will help wall street. it's not like donald trump is listening to president obama on policy. so who cares? he's a private citizen speaking and i don't think it is a big deal for a private citizen to make a speech. the bigger issue is that we have elections where people can contribute money and influence our current set of politicians. that's what people should be
11:56 am
outraged about. >> it sounded like you were trying say something. >> i think even though as he private citizen, he is in a unique position as one of only 45 people who have run this country to talk about the decisions they've made and why they did them. it is a very unique role and that's why he is being paid as much as he is. >> and it sounds like you think this is just the beginning. the $400,000 fee that we're hearing about is probably a drop in the speaker's bucket. a big thanks to you both. here's katy tur with ten big moments from donald trump's presidency so far. >> ten big moments of the first 100 days. at number ten. congressional address success. in his first speech to a joint session of congress, president
11:57 am
trump gets positive reviews and a $two-minute standing ohation when he recognizes the widow of navy s.e.a.l. ryan owens, the first combat death of his administration. >> ryan's legacy is etched into eternity. thank you. number nine, alternative facts. >> you're saying it is a falsehood and they're giving sean spicer our press secretary gave alternative facts to them. >> senior adviser kellyanne conway defines the white house' definition of the truthful. >> eternal i have the facts are not -- alternative facts are not facts. they're false hoods. >> jerel an chancellor angela merkel comes to washington and gets a cold shoulder. >> they weren't asking them to kiss. >> at seven, mar-a-lago again and again and again. >> everybody always wants to go to the southern white house.
11:58 am
>> today trump has the spent nearly 30% of his presidency at his resort inviting foreign leaders to the club. mingling with the members and playing plenty of golf. >> this is part of being president. >> number six, the strike on syria. >> tonight i ordered a targeted military strike on the air field in syria from where the kept attack was launched. >> it was a symbolic strike, meant to send a message to the world. even beautiful babies were cruelly murdered in this very barbaric attack. >> at five, wiretapped. in early morning tweets, trump accuses president obama of snooping on trump tower. exclaiming, this is mccarthyism and calling the former president a bad or sick guy. but the fbi finds no facts to back him up. >> i have no information that supports those tweets and we
11:59 am
have looked carefully inside the fbi. >> number four, fbi bombshell. >> investigating the name of any ling between individuals associated with the trump campaign and the russian government and whether there was any coordination between campaign and russia's efforts. >> the fbi investigating and they've been doing so since july. comey testifying moscow did try on interfere in the election to help donald trump. number three. health care fail. >> nobody knew health care could be so complicated. >> trump learns that governing isn't the same as campaigning. >> we will be able to immediately repeal and replace obamacare. >> his attempt is unsuccessle. he tries to cajole and even intimidate members of the house freedom caucus but it does not work. speaker paul ryan pulled the
12:00 pm
bill. >> we all learned a lot. we learned a lot about loyalty. >> travel ban back lash. >> we'll have a very, very strict ad and extreme vetting. >> trump's order sparks nationwide protests. leaving at least 109 travelers detained at airports. they are blocked by federal judges. trump revises it but courts block it again. >> and finally a bright spot. neil gorsuch for supreme court justice. it is a campaign promise kept and a decision like toy affect americans for decades. >> and i got it double in the first 100 days. that's even nice. >> that will do it for this hour. i'll see you tomorrow morning on today. chris jansing picking things up right now from washington. >> thank you so much.