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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  April 28, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> we all learned a lot. we learned a lot about loyalty. >> travel ban back lash. >> we'll have a very, very strict ad and extreme vetting. >> trump's order sparks nationwide protests. leaving at least 109 travelers detained at airports. they are blocked by federal judges. trump revises it but courts block it again. >> and finally a bright spot. neil gorsuch for supreme court justice. it is a campaign promise kept and a decision like toy affect americans for decades. >> and i got it double in the first 100 days. that's even nice. >> that will do it for this hour. i'll see you tomorrow morning on today. chris jansing picking things up right now from washington. >> thank you so much. emchris jansing and here are our
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top stories for the nin99th day trump's presidency. the president is talking guns to the nra. promising to protect gun rights but steering clear of the most controversial ideas. plus the most important judges of the 100 days, voters. a key swing state. wait until you hear what they had to say. and a surprise presidential h historyian. she just talked with president obama. that's coming up. >> let's get right to it. here to join us, jacob rascon, jake sherman joins us, a seniorer were at politico. okay. let's talk a little about what the president had to say. i'll tell you what struck me. est uns equi cal about his support of the second amendment. as far as the more controversial
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proposals, or comments that he has made that maybe deadly events wouldn't have happened if people who were there had guns. he seemed to steer away from those. >> that stuck out to me as well. last time he spoke at the nra, last year in kentucky, he talked about specific promises about getting rid of gun-free zones. he stayed away from that and he touted the eight-year assault has come to an end. you came through for me. i'll come through for you. it was anti-hillary clinton. this is what will happen to your guns if hillary clinton becomes president kind of an the event and he reminded them of that today. as i talked to people in the crowd, a lot of them said something similar. your family owns a gun store? a very strong second amendment supporter. what did you think? >> i thought it was a terrific speech. i reminded us of the things he's
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accomplished in the last one hunt days. a lot of great, we have a great supreme court judge. a lot of the nominations he's made rith wonderful. i thought did he a great recap of some of the things he's accomplished. making america great again. preserving our second amendment rights is the most important they know that we can do as americans. >> do you hold him to his promises? >> i think he will make the best decisions and he know that he always surrounds himself with very educated informed people. and i'm sure whatever decision is made, it will be the best for us. >> thank you for your time. like her, a lot of people i've talked to say look, the first time a president spoke at our event in more than 30 years. i'm happy with that and we'll see what happens. their just thrilled it is not
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hillary clinton. >> i don't think there's any doubt about that. the fact, and he made reference to that. he said if you had voted for the other person, hillary clinton wouldn't be standing there. this is a guy who after the paris attacks, after the orlando nightclub massacre said maybe these people would have been saved if others were carrying guns. lamented that there the were not others carrying guns. we haven't heard from him after the election about this. where does he fit in the pantheon of presidents? >> they don't have to do much by way of law. and president trump has a lot of priorities that he has to get to. he's laid out an ambitious agenda on tax reform, he has to fund the government. he is having trouble with the basics of legislating. and i think gun legislation is far off. and he has the canvas of law
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that he wants. >> it is interesting and worth noting that this is somebody who not only talked about. this when he was on the campaign trail, he was extremely critical of lobbying, the influence of lobbying on american politics and arguably, very few organizations if any have been as successful at lobbying as the nra. >> and chris, typically we've staenl nra forum be used by candidates. and as has been noted, not sense ronald reagan has a sitting president addressed the nra. for donald trump who is a sort of rule breaker, not go with the traditions, it shouldn't be a surprise. especially given their support during the campaign. he also acknowledged his son
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donne don jr. who has been an advocate for second amendment rights. he was there as well. so it was a chance to relive some of the highlights of the campaign. he would often recount state by state. we got a little of that. perhaps day 99 allowed him to have one more, moments the relive that. those were very successful in his success. it was also notable that he was now campaigner in chief in the sense of trying to protect the house majority. the republican majority by beginning very early in his remarks, noting karen handel, the republican for georgia 6. he will do a fund-raiser for her while in georgia. he is running for that seat against the dramatic upstart of the democratic side. so the president engaging in a house race is notable as well.
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so it is the politics of the moment, the lobbying aspect is something that he didn't acknowledge. they have been one of the most force envelop american history. and the president simply sees this group as being not just his base but active and willing to donate. willing to show support in very demonstrable ways. so i guess the tradition of sitting presidents not appearing before this body did not register with donald trump. not something that he cared to ten. the elder bush, george h.w. bush, later redescribeded his membership with the nra. so trump cutting his own path as he so often does. >> while he's talking about guns, still on capitol hill. health care, taxes, the budget, the continuing resolution. the president did an interview that just aired on fox business.
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he want to play a little him? ett of that. >> are you disappointed with how they've handled the big issues? there was some suggestion it might happen today but now it won't happen. >> i'll disappointed that it doesn't go quicker. i like them a lot. i have great relationships. most of them i didn't even know. like the freedom caucus, we love our president, we're doing this for our president. you look at the moderates. i'm disappointed. paul ryan is trying very, very hard. everybody is trying very, very hard. it is a very tough system. >> reporter: very tough system. i seems to be something like a lot of things he's talked about, came as a surprise to him. where are we on all these big issues? and frankly at the 100-day mark, the relationship between president and republican leaders on the him.
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>> we've hit pause because everybody has vacated this building for the weekend. they've basically punted the question of the budget until next week. they passed a one-week government funding bill to keep things running while they still negotiate behind the scenes. that does seem to be one of the things that has frustrated president in his first 100 days. and he is not the first president to be frustrated dealing with congress. president obama all but gave up on it in his final years in office. president trump has sold himself as the great negotiator. in theory, this is where the most important negotiations take place in washington, between the white house and the legislative branch of government. aid chance to sit down earlier today with the minority leader in the senate. chuck schumer. they thought he might speak
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trump's language. even though they come from different places, it's possible had donald trump would have found a kindle dread new yorker. i askedschumer whether he thinks the president has been successful in his first 100 days. >> he know you've pen on the phone with the president personally over the course of this spending bill negotiation. do you think he is a great negotiator? >> so far not. his forays into the congress have been bad. that's why i give -- his 100 days have been 100 days of broken promises to the working people. he campaigned as a populist. he said i'll be against the democratic and republican establishments. he is governing as a hard right special interest guy. so his health care bill failed because it was so far to the right. his attempt to force us to take
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the wall. nearly caused a government shutdown. his tax bill, they can't even say it will help the middle class at all and it helps the very wealthy. you cannot govern from the hard right and that's what he's doing. i don't know if it is lack of interest but the things he gets involved in thus far, he has just messed up. >> he said he thought it would be ethier than it is. >> that's all he would say about whether or not that was a difficult job. there are ways to get major things done in congress and the reality of the majority in the senate means that trump president trump does need a handful at least of democrats to do things. and i think that's the rub currently. there would potentially be ways to put chuck schumer and the
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rest passed. what we have seen are divisions within the republican conference as they've tried to pass it without democratic votes. don't forget, health care and tax reform, they've been trying to do with just republican votes using a technique called reconciliation that only takes 51 votes in the senate. so far they're not having very much luck with that. as we watch the next 100 days, the question is, does the president start to spent more time on the phone with people like chuck schumer? does he take a different approach to try to get democrats on board with his legislation? >> a great speaker view with schumer. i want to go back to you, jake. you have the budget. they only festival it for a week. health care. put that off. taxes. debate about that, what the effect will be on the deficit, what the effect will be on the economy. what are the next 100 days going to look like between the
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president and capitol hill? >> that's funny. paul ryan refers to it as the first 200 days because he understands washington in a way the president and his advisers don't. the president has surrounded himself with advisers who have never worked in washington. >> paul ryan also has 22% approval rating. >> details, details. i think the next 100 days, they have to fund government through october. that will be a very difficult they know. donald trump -- >> are we past talk of a shutdown? >> no. the government shuts down in a week if the government doesn't take any action. the tax issue will be a lot more complicated than health care. a lot more interests. every interest in america, every business interest, every organization -- >> the amount of lobbying on this is exploding already. >> it is. and you'll have everybody from home builders to wall street to hospitals, everybody. it is not leak you can just slam something through. this will take upwards of a
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year. they're going to come at health care again next week but it who is the get through the senate and you need democrats to get it through. so his frustrations aren't coming to an end. >> it is a complex city in the best of times. thank you. >> coming up, all options on the table. secretary tillerson trying to get north korea to dismantle its nuclear weapon program. >> the more we bide our time, the sooner we will run out of it. and the urinary symptoms of bph. tell your doctor about your medicines,
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the threat of a north korea attack on seoul or tokyo is real. it is likely a matter of time before north korea develops the capability to strike to u.s. main land. >> a forceful case being made by secretary of state rex tillerson on the 10:00 threat posed by north korea. he called for three new actions starting immediately, including more sanctions.
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for more, at the u.n. meeting today. always good to see you. i'm fascinated on hear what the reaction was. i want to hear about the three actions he wants to take. >> first, we call on you and member states on fully implement the commitments they have made regarding north korea. second, we call on countries to suspend or down grade diplomatic relations with north korea. we must increase the financial isolation. we must levy new sanctions on dprk entities and individuals supporting the missile programs and tighten those already in place. >> so what was the reaction to that? and what are the implications of it? i think for people who don't follow this as closely as someone like you, they've probably heard that north korea already has punishing sanctions. how many further can sanctions go? >> it was quite a shopping list that secretary tillerson laid
12:20 pm
throughout today and there are some surprises in it. we were expecting to hear him focus primarily on enforcing existing sanctions, as you note. there are really heavy sanctions on north korea already. a lot of critics. policy over the last couple of administrations have said sanctions haven't worked. what more could you possibly slap on them? and yet they've still managed to develop nuclear weapons and ballistic missile ts despite those sanctions. but did he indeed call for additional sanctions today. that was a surprise. and he really blamed other countries, including many representatives at the same table where he sat today, for not enforcing the sanctions already there. and he went further. he said stop all trade with north korea that might in any way support the missile and nuclear programs. the he noted that there's a guest worker program that allows
12:21 pm
cheap labor. he asked for that to be cancelled. and then significantly he called for other nations to do what the united states has done. to either cancel or down grade diplomatic relations with north korea. so it was a big ask. >> then you have what a lot of people are working at with arched eyebrows. you have rex tillerson talking about the possibility of face to face talks. then you have president trump saying there could be a major, major conflict with north korea. and then the question becomes, is this just that? tough talk trying to put pressure on the united nations to do more of these things to avoid that problem? does he understand the implications? i wonder what the reaction has been around the united nations, what they've been hearing over the last 24 hours or so from the united states? >> there's definitely a little surprise in retook tillerson today. again, i think people were not
12:22 pm
expecting him to go as hard as he did. remember that the united states has a real problem in any venue like this because they're really talking to a couple audiences. the remarks from president trump and some of the remarks from tillerson today about we'll use force if we have to. we don't really want to but basically don't make us do it. that's aimed at north korea and at china, as its protector. and then everything else tillerson said today about diplomacy and being willing to sit down and talk on north korea. that's newly precise for this administration. all that is aimed at u.s. allies and other countries that the u.s. would need if it does want to pass new international sanctions. >> the final thing i want to talk to you is something else the president said today. i guess late yesterday in his interview with reuters. it was something we've heard him talk about before. his relationship with china,
12:23 pm
even as he talks about the possibility of a major, major conflict. he talks about the relationship with president xi. how much confidence is there that china can be depend on to be this diplomatic broker? >> i think there's more confidence than there was in years past and for a couple of reasons. china is signaling really strongly that it too is fed one north korea. north korea has embarrassed china couple times. gone around china, defied when it it was given direct requests to do things or not do things. so china is fed up. and secondly, trump and xi seemed to have developed a very good rapport. and trump did a 180 from his campaign days, going all out to
12:24 pm
try to get china on board with him. and that's gone over well in china and gals to see you. thank you so much. >> up next, shutdown averted. for now. closing out a tumultuous week on capitol hill. they try to hammer out a deal through the end of the year. we're live overlooking to white house right near washington, d.c. hey, the future, what's her problem? apparently, i kept her up all night. she said the future freaks her out. how come no one likes me, jim? intel does! just think of everything intel's doing right now with artificial intelligence. and pretty soon ai is going to help executives like her see trends to stay ahead of her competition. no more sleepless nights. - we're going to be friends! - i'm sorry about this.
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time for a look at the other stories we're following. good news for former president george h.w. bush. he was released from the hospital this morning. embattled airlines ceo oscar munoz will testify on capitol hill tuesday. he'll be joined by ceos of other airlines, all under pressure. and pope francis met weeks after two christian churches in
12:29 pm
just a minu egypt. republicans will not go to repeal obamacare despite the urging of the president. they didn't have the votes to pass it. but congress the avert a government shutdown. for now passing a short term funding bill for one week. joining me, brenda lawrence, good afternoon. >> good afternoon, chris. how are you? >> good. let's start with the 10:00 resolution. you voted yes so the government gets on stay open another week. how confident are you that you'll have a budget deal next week that will keep it open until the end of the year and what are your concerns? >> there are a number of concerns. you've seen the skinny budget the president presented which would slash and cut so many programs that's the core to what we value here in america. taking care of those, our children, head start, afterschool programs, insuring
12:30 pm
that we have environmental protections, insuring that we are keeping our promise to the american people. so the republicans are in a tight place right now. do you know that they held the vote open for 48 minutes. a 15-minute vote. because they were trying on persuade some of their republican colleagues the change their vote to a yes. so if it were not for the democrats, they would have shut down the government. the republicans. >> what do you think the chances are that it will shut down next week? >> i would love to be a fly on the wall. they have not come together on issues. the reason why i was able to vote a yes was because the affordable care act was able to continue to receive funding, it was the same funding that we received at the end of the last
12:31 pm
session. over i was confident to give another week. the republican party must learn how to lead. we see it repeatedly. that they knew how to attack, how to criticize. but now they must lead. now having this need to budget and plan a budget for our government is becoming extremely complex for them. >> another big complex issue you're facing is about the froox pose always by the president. i want to and you specifically about the big tax cut for businesses. it is for small business owners in particular that i've talked to, for them, they're looking at it as a big boone. and you are on the house small business sub committee, i think it is. is this something that you're willing to support for michigan small businesses, or is that over, is that benefit do you think overcome by the fact a lot of people say it been fits the rich, not the poor and will increase the deficit?
12:32 pm
>> when you go into office, you take an oath to serve and protect. that means all the american people. yes, we need to look at the tax code and revisions. you can't cherry pick and benefit one group. where is the money coming from? right now, it is a trillion-dollar question. if you cut the tax rates for that 1%, for corporate america, which i'm not demonizing that, but where is that money going to come from? are you taking it from the core values that i spoke about earlier? what is important to america? what do we value? do we value that children will be fed with snap programs? do we value that we will have afterschool head start programs? do we ensure we'll have health care? are we going to ensure that we have opportunities for small bits as well as those large corporations?
12:33 pm
>> are congressman brenda lawrence from michigan. thank you for your time. >> thank you. after the break, my conversation with north carolina voters from both sides of the aisle. from shining glimmers of hope to deep seated disappointment. their take on president trump's first 100 days. ready or not, here i come. ♪ anyone can dream. making it a reality is the hard part. northrop grumman command and control systems always let you see the complete picture. and we're looking for a few dreamers to join us. at planters, we put fresh roawhich has its, guys, know anything about this missing inventory? wasn't me! the cheeks don't lie, chet... irresistibly planters.
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in burlington, north carolina, a key swing state president trump won, the divisions are as deep as elsewhere in the country. i sat down with four vote here's are deeply divided on how donald trump is doing. >> in a couple words, i think unl under the circumstances, i would give him a good. he got the supreme court justice. >> if i could put in it one word, it would be troubling. we are focusing on keeping people out of our country when that is indeed the foundation of our country, right? >> janelle? >> my word would be hopeful. very hopeful. i think he is been very focused on america first. on american business and small businesses. >> total disappointment. as a prior military man and a disabled vet and a war man, i am insulted. i know some of the bravest men
12:38 pm
in my life, they weren't big mouths. they were brave men. talking and doing are two different things. >> how is he doing on foreign affairs? >> i think he is coming across as strong in protecting our country and our people. >> i have difficulty answering that question. i don't think his foreign policy is good. i don't think he has developed an effective plan in order for us to be able to come to a plausible opinion. >> i think he surrounded himself with a lot of military people in his cabinet. and i think he is depending on them. and i think that he will not be the time of president that tells everything we're going to do. put it out there. >> i'm starting to see that there are a lot of people nowadays who are looking for the tiniest thread to hold on to. >> do i like everything about him? no. but nobody and nothing is all good or all bad. >> this country belongs to all of us.
12:39 pm
not just a portion of us. all of us. >> i agree with that. >> i think that's a good reflection of the current state of the political climate just ahead of president trump's 100th day, tomorrow. let me bring in a former senior adviser of the national committee. also with us, michael steele, former adviser to jeb bush and house speaker for john boehner. and i want to bring up two exam wills of a time when i think our country was really divided. i'm going to start with you, doug. i was talking to andy card who was chief of staff for george w. bush. this country was extremely divided. his take is that social media, just pronls of information that is out there has in many ways escalated the tension. escalated the division. where are we as a country? >> we're still really divided and i don't think donald trump has done much to bring the
12:40 pm
country together. i think what we're seeing with his trip to the nra, i think his strategy is really double down on his base. his approval numbers in your own poll have him around 40%. that's the true believers now that are sticking with him. everyone else is starting to fall away. so he will try to keep those folks together with him and that's why he is continuing to push for the wall. he is going back to repealing obamacare. some of the things they want. i can't think of the one democrat who can say that donald trump or his administration has truly reached out. >> i think i've done three of these. new york, los angeles, and then obviously north carolina. i've been traveling the country for most of last two years and my thought about it is, everybody is frustrated, they're united at the inability of washington to get anything done.
12:41 pm
when you see 22% approval rating for paul ryan. john boehner must be having a maitai somewhere and saying have a great time. what do we do for those people out there? i've been saying it well before the election. we have to stop demonizing the other side. these are gall people that i've been talking to. they just have really different opinions. how did we get to this and how do we get away from it? >> that's what we need to and. as a proud north carolinian, i'm glad you have that great conversation and a little end 50ous of the barbecue that i'm sure preceded it. >> you should be jealous. >> he's been shoring up his support among the people already with him. doesn't seem to see a lot of opportunity to reach out to democrats and i think that will be the case as long as democratic leaders in washington
12:42 pm
are enthralled to an extremely angry base of their party that is furious over the election. contemptuous and unable to work together. >> i don't think he's really reaching out to moderate republicans right now. i mean, i think he's doing some things really putting them in a bind. so that's what i mean about his true believers. i think he is putting a lot of moderate republicans up for re-election in 2018 in a real bind with some of the positions he's taking. >> the difference is he has two years and 265 days to worry about getting reelected. there are folks already running for re-election. >> did i and, what did they want to see? by the end of the year, what would you like to see accomplished? >> i would like to see this tax bill get passed. i think it will be a great thing. and i would love to see the
12:43 pm
health care refined. reformed. >> i would love to see the house and the senate come together. so he can show what he can do. >> i have time for a quick answer from both of you. when we were going into this presidency, there was a lot of talk about the possibility on agreement from infrastructure, tax reform. doug, what do you think can get done over the next 265 days? >> i think tax reform and infrastructure. >> you think it is still possible. >> i think republican cosmetic do tax reform. i think infrastructure is something democrats want to do with republicans. >> is this a congress that in an election season, and the election season practically goes for two years, can get those things done? >> absolutely. i think that they're making steady progress on repealing and replacing obamacare.
12:44 pm
on tax reform. the president's announcement, and i agree that infrastructure will be a priority. >> it will be good to see if something can get done, if the two sides can agree on. have a good weekend. thank you. up next, on the heels of her interview with president obama, sizing up president trump's first 100 days. and coming up, sir richard branson joining chuck todd for a wide ranging exclusive interview tonight at 5:00 eastern only here on msnbc. to progress. to not just accept what you see, but imagine something new. at invisalign®, we use the most advanced teeth straightening technology to help you find the next amazing version of yourself. it's time to unleash your secret weapon. it's there, right under your nose.
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(vo) purina pro plan bright mind. nutrition that performs. we're now just one day away from president trump's first 100 days in office. on air force one, sean spicer said the president has had an incredible week. chuck schumer had this assessment of the president's progress. >> i mean, his forays into the congress have been bad. his 100 days have been one hunt days of broken promises to the
12:49 pm
working people. >> they love it, they hate but it is a traditional bench mark since fdr. joining me, doris kearns go goodwin. here's a question i haven't heard answered. is the 100 days a predictor of how the presidency will go? >> i don't think you can predict it from the content of what happens in the 100 days. look at jfk had the bay of pigs. yet he learned from the mistakes of the bay of pigs which did him in great stead with the cuban missile crisis. so can the president have self-reflection? can he acknowledge what went wrong? does he grow in the job? does he have humility? did he make good impression? did he expand his base? it is deeper questions than how many bills did he get through or how many executive orders which is what we tend to focus since fdr.
12:50 pm
a somewhat unfair comparison. >> you can't just look at raw numbers. having said that, one thing that binlds all the presidents all the presidents understanding once you get into the job it's a whole new ball game, right? the pressures that you feel, the breadth of the responsibilities you have, no matter how much you think you're prepared for it, if you're a senator or governor or a vice president, it's different when the buck stops there, but it has been striking how much this president has talked about how surprising it's been for him. i want to play a little clip of what he said. >> this is more work than my previous life. i thought it would be easier. i thought it was more of a -- i'm a details-oriented person. i think you would say that, but i do miss my old life. this -- i like to work, so that's not a problem, but this is actually more work. and while i have very little privacy in my old life because, you know, i've been famous for a long time, i really -- this is
12:51 pm
much less privacy than i've ever seen before. >> as a historian, doris, what struck you when you heard the president say that? >> well, first of all, it's pretty honest on his part, i think, you know, to be talking openly about how difficult and how wistful he is in some ways about the previous life he had. surely no president is prepared but clearly he came into this office without ever having had political experience, without ever having military leadership. so that gap between his previous life and this is greater than ever before. it's interesting, they all miss that sense of being able to walk outside by themselves, without secret service following them in the same degree. they miss not being able to drive in an open car. it's a certain humanity about all of them when they get out, they talk about that's what obama talked about, so great to think about being able to drive in an open space. so great to be able to think i can walk around with a baseball cap on, nobody will notice me. so, whether that ever happens or not, there's a certain commonness about this job, it's
12:52 pm
a splendid mystery. it's the best job in the world as fdr said, teddy roosevelt loved it with every fiber of his being. i have to hope president trump mixes that sense of wistfulness with more and more liking. you have to like the presidency to get through the tough times. >> and you had an opportunity to talk to former president obama who's talked about all of these things in many ways in the past but not since he left the presidency. he's been largely quiet. what's the big takeaway from your conversation with him, doris? >> well, it was interesting because it was a question and answer series, it was after a small talk by him, and it was a private event, of course, which has leaked out, but the takeaway mostly was he was in great spirits. that he seemed to be enjoying his life now and look back mostly on what he did, what he hoped he might have done, what he's going to do now. he didn't talk about the present day very much. he did mention that the approval ratings for obamacare were greater than the approval ratings for president trump. just that little bit of dig. mostly, it seems to me he's
12:53 pm
following president bush 43's decision to give space to the new president. maybe someday he'll start talking out more openly about what's going on now, but mostly he was just feeling good about where he was, what he was hoping do with young people and not really real reflecting on any of the problems of the trump administration. >> you're not getting any sense that he's chomping at the bit to get involved in the conversation because it is so heated, he is someone i can say, a person who sat in on press conferences over the years, other events with him, he loves to get into the conversation, loves to dive deep into policy but he doesn't seem to miss that at all? >> i don't know how long he'll keep this idea going that he wants to give space to the new president, but it seems like that's almost like a decision he made because he never really pushed to go in that direction. and of course, i think you're right, there must be 100 times he's wanted to say, what are you doing? this is what i might want to do. i think it's that ex-president's feeling of respect for the
12:54 pm
president cy that's governing h right now. it's a pretty special guy, these guys who have been ft.s, there's a desire to let him have his chance. he had his chance. there will be a moment i'm sure he wants to speak out if events make it necessary or he's alive for a long time, he may have four, five presidents. it's hard to imagine him not being part of the conversation for a very long period. >> yeah, he's only 55. i'm sure we're going to hear a lot more in the future. doris, always good to see you. >> you're welcome. up next, we're back with the check of the markets now just minutes away from closing. it's time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the week. marlena stell was a teacher who loved makeup. he started creating youtube tutorials for her friends and they spread like wildfire. she quit her job, started makeup geek, created a product line and today does more than $20 million
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president trump's first 100 days is ending with some not so great economic news today. first quarter gdp showed the weakest economic growth in three years. with just minutes to the close, the dow was down slightly. about, well, 40 points. somewhat shrugging off that disappointing growth. joining me now, cnbc's brian sullivan. brian, i guess the report not a great start for the trump administration, but is it as bad as the headlines might suggest? >> reporter: no. in a short one-word answer, chris. i'll tell you why. okay. do we grow very slowly? yes, we did. slowest growth for a quarter in three years. we get that. however, it is seen primarily as because of a drop-off in consumer spending. some of which may be temporary. the first quarter is always this
12:59 pm
weird quarter because it follows the holidays, people are a little bit short on cash. it's the always the anomaly quarter for gdp that we get as our own steve liesman as cnbc pointed out. here's the thing, too. home sales are very strong. car sales are very strong. so, if people are buying all these big-ticket items, homes, cars, those take a lot of your money. it may not be a surprise that so-called traditional retail might see a bit of a hit. so the stock market probably going to fall about 40 points today. overall we're up nearly 2% for the week, chris. the market has been shrugging this off. the dow is up about 5% so far this year. so we continue to hum along in the stock market. we're now 15% since the election, despite that weaker number. >> brian sullivan, always good to see you, my friend. thank you. and that's going to wrap up the week for me. thank you so much for watching. look for me at twitter. @chr @chrisjansing. have a great weekend. up next my colleague, steve kornacki. hey, steve. >> hey, chris. thanks for that. good afternoon, everybody, live in new york, i'm steve kornacki.
1:00 pm
day 99 of the first 100 days. . topping our agenda right now, going back to the base. >> only one candidate in the general election came to speak to you and that candidate is now the president of the united states standing before you again. >> president trump painting one picture of his first 100 days in office. how does that line up with his accomplishments, though? also on our agenda, the shutdown averted for now. >> i'm a little disappointed that we're just kicking the can down the road. >> congress voting today to keep the government open, but only for one more week as they continue to debate a new spending bill which republicans are going to need some help from democrats if they want to get passed. are they going to be willing to compromise? we're going to talk


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