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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  April 28, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> i realized, is there audio? >> yeah, there is audio. >> yeah. yeah, there is audio. for the whole long stretch of it. it is hard to drag the guy out of the house after you shoot him, right? it's the most inconvenient thing that does it for us tonight. >> acting is hard. it's hard. >> and action! >> should they have just moved her mouth without saying any words? >> no. they should have cut the audio. they can't use the audio in the commercials anyway. they can only use the video. but they left the audio up. the whole nose waxing. >> a treasure. a treasure. >> yes. >> thanks, rachel. >> thank you, my friend. well, we are two hours away from donald trump's 100th day in the presidency. are you happy? donald trump doesn't sound happy in an interview he did this week. he sounds, well, you be the judge. you listen to this interview. you decide what he is feeling. today he did sound happy.
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the president did sound happy when he was giving a speech to the national rifle association, big fans of his. he got a big, big cheer out of the audience when he talked about pocahantas. tonight we'll talk about a few things that donald trump and probably most of his audience today don't know about pocahantas. and later, 100 days of comedy. conan, seth, jimmy, "saturday night live," samantha b. everybody's take on the first 100 days. but first, where does the trump agenda stand at the 100-day mark? >> the grades are coming due for president trump after a historically dismal first 100 days. budget? f. creating jobs? f. draining the swamp? f. health care? f minus. >> i don't think anybody has done what we have been able to do in 100 days. >> he is acknowledging behind the scenes that what worked on the campaign trail doesn't
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necessarily work in the oval office. >> i'm getting a lot of things done. we are -- i don't think there has ever been anything like this. >> not a single major piece of legislation has made it through congress and on to the president's desk. >> they didn't fully appreciate the divisions within the republican conference on the house side. >> the next 100 days will be just like the first. a series of broken or unfulfilled promises and very few results for america's working families. >> i love my previous life. i had so many things going. i actually -- this is work work than my previous life. i thought it would be easier. >> what time did you get out of work today, friday? the house and senate quick work today before lunch. which is more work than they do most fridays this year. but this wasn't just any friday.
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this was the last day before the trump presidency's 100th day. and congress put in less than half a day because there is no trump agenda item alive in congress right now. there is no bill moving anywhere in congress now. no legislative vehicle that is a trump agenda item. we have never seen a 99th day like this for a president. every president's busiest legislative year is the first year. it's when their power of persuasion over the congress is at its highest. and it only goes down after that. what a president accomplishes in his first year is usually most of what the president will accomplish in his first term. this is so clear historically that when bob woodward chose to write a book entitled "the agenda," he decided to focus entirely on a president's first year. and he picked a president with a loaded first year agenda, bill
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clinton. at this point in bill clinton's first year, the congress was working overtime. at the same time, congress was working on nafta, a giant tax bill which was inside a giant budget bill. they were also working on a world trade agreement and the beginnings of both clinton health care and clinton welfare reform. along with little things like an emergency extension of unemployment insurance. some of those things made it all the way to the finish line and became law in the first year. some in the second year, and some not at all. but they were all important in the first year. they were all being worked on every friday afternoon of the first year of the clinton presidency. and i don't necessarily mean that the house and the senate were in session every friday afternoon, although they were a lot. what i mean is anyone casually following the news could tell you what the clinton agenda was and what parts of it congress was actively working on.
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that is not true tonight. well can't tell you that they're actively working on anything. republicans in the house have certainly wanted it to appear as though they're working on a health care bill. but when congress is really working on something, the house and the senate both have to work on it. notice that no one in the senate has been even pretending twork on a health care bill or consult with the house in any way on a bill that would have to pass the united states senate. so nothing about what house republicans are doing or have been doing on health care reform actually looks like a real legislative activity. and it certainly isn't real enough to keep them in washington after lunch on a friday, even though the trump presidency desperately needed some kind of legislative accomplishments within the first 100 days there is only one thing we can promise you about the second year of the trump
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presidency, and that is that the trump presidency will accomplish less in the second year than in the first year. and that is because all presidencies accomplish less in the second year than they do in the first year. because as presidents always discover, when congress enters an election year, congress does even less than congress did the year before. they don't take risks. that is just a fundamental rule of congress that has nothing to do with president trump. when you factor in how much time congress is going to take off this year for christmas, for thanksgiving, for the entire month of august, the fourth of july, memorial day week, donald trump is now more than a third of the way through his first year of dealing with congress. and he has nothing to show for it. less than any president in modern history. and that could be why he is saying things like this.
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>> well, i loved my previous life. i loved my previous life. i had so many things going. i actually -- this is more work than in my previous life. i thought it would be easier. i'm a details oriented person. i think you would say that. but i do miss my old life. i like to work. so that's not a problem. but this is actually more work. >> okay. that's amazing stuff. could we just replay the middle of that. >> i thought it would be easier. i thought it was more of a -- i'm a details oriented person. >> more of a what? i thought it would be easier. i thought it was more of a -- and then he does that donald trump thing. he cuts off donald trump. he doesn't let donald trump finish donald trump's thought. that's the most important sentence in what he just said. i thought it would be easier. i thought it was more of a --
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feel free to tweet me your guesses about how he was going to finish that sentence before he decided that he shouldn't finish that sentence. whatever he was going to say, donald trump himself decided he shouldn't say it. it was against donald trump's better judgment. imagine, imagine what it had to be for donald trump to think oh, better not say that. he thought it was going to be more of a what? the president gave that interview yesterday. he knew congress would be gone less than 24 hours later, and he would be stuck with his 100 days of zero legislative accomplishments on the donald trump campaign agenda, which was supposed to be the trump presidency's first year agenda. some of it was supposed to be the trump presidency's first day agenda. but just about all of it was supposed to be the trump presidency's first 100-day agenda. a deadline that the president himself imposed.
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>> that's why i proposed a contract with the american voter. it's a set of promises for what i'll do in my first 100 days. it includes getting rid of immediately obamacare, which is a disaster. >> and now he misses his previous life. did you hear the way he said that? he sounded like the narrater in a british novel looking back on his previous life from his now much more troubled, tragic life. >> well, i loved my -- i -- i love mid previous life. i loved my previous life. i had so many things going. >> has there been a more poignant line uttered by a president in his first 100 days? i loved my previous life. did you hear his voice completely fall out when he said i had so many things going.
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on the word "going" when you listen to that again, on the word "going," he just sinks. the man has never been more publicly self-aware, more publicly introspective, which isn't saying much because introspection isn't donald trump's thing. ask yourself how happy is your president. >> well, i loved my -- i -- i love mid previous life. i loved my previous life. >> had so many things going. >> so many things going. in a speech to the national rifle association today, the president once again revisited his glory days. actually, it was his glory day. >> what fun that was, november 8th. wasn'that a great evening? you remember that evening? remember that? [ cheering ] remember them saying we have
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breaking news. donald trump has won the state of michigan. they go michigan? how did that happen. >> he goes on and on about it. you've heard it all before. he was supposed to be telling them about how he dramatically to everyone's surprise pulled off a victory in getting obamacare repealed and replaced when everyone said he couldn't. but he doesn't have that story to tell. and so he tells his favorite story, the election night story. and now in interviews he is looking back plaintively at when he thought it would be easier. >> it's so much easier to be presidential, because i don't have to use any energy. >> you know, being presidential is easy. much easier than what i have to do. >> you're going to have such great health care and a tiny fraction of the cost. and it's going to be so easy. >> the wall is peanuts. that's going to be one of the easy negotiations, believe me. >> we're going to make america great again. it's going to be easy. >> joining us now, nicholas kristof, pulitzer prize winning
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columnist for "the new york times." charlie sykes, editor-in-chief of write wisconsin and an msnbc contributor. nick, the one contribution i had to campaign coverage when it would come to a trump speech or debate or something is to simply say that's not going to happen. get rid of nafta, that's not going to happen. coy rattle off all of the things that weren't going to happen. i did expect the big tax cut to happen. republican presidents get elected, they cut taxes. there is a way to do that. george bush did it right away. so i'm sitting here not having come close to predicting they would get zero on the tax cut. but i don't have any other surprises. are you surprised where we are in the 100 days? >> i think i had more faith than you did in the president's incompetence. >> okay. >> it seemed to me doubtful he would manage to get these things through. and i'm indeed, i don't think he is going to get a health care bill through. i don't think he is going to get a tax bill actually passed. and i doubt he is going to get
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an infrastructure bill, which is really the lightest load of all. actually through. i think that's why he is so plaintive. i thought he thought this was going to be like being america's homecoming king, all cheers. and in fact it turns out to be about policy which he is not interested in and about msnbc and "the new york times" saying he hasn't accomplished anything. >> right. and charlie, i get the feeling that the president thought i get to be popular by being president. that yes, it will be great if i have a bunch of accomplishments in the 100 days. but if i don't have a bunch of accomplishments, don't i still get to be popular? >> i think there is a lot going on there. you're right. this is the most poignant and revealing and defining point of his presidency. you unbutton it a little bit. what he is basically acknowledging is how manifestly unqualified and unprepared he was. he had no idea what it was going to be like to deal with congress. he had no idea what it was going to be like to deal with a
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federal judiciary. he didn't understand the constitution. he had no idea how complicated the executive branch was. and frankly, he obviously had no idea the gravity of the decisions he would have to make as president of the united states, including on international affairs and trade. but what an amazing thing for him to sit down and go yea i really had no idea what i was getting into. and when i promised that everything was going to be eds, easy, i really didn't have a clue. remarkable. >> and it is semi public information. once you're elected president, to your surprise on november 8th, you have time to grab bob woodward's book "the agenda." it's not a long book. it's about the first year of presidency. it's the single book to read if you're president. you'd pick up a lot. george mitchell would come to trump tower, and he would tell you here is how it works.
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he would happily tell you that, if you just took the time during the transition to have this kind of inquisitive mind what is it i'm getting into. >> i don't think he has that inquisitive mind. i don't think there is any national politician i've ever known in my journalistic career who has been uninterested in policy or as ill informed about policy as president trump. and i think this was compounded by the fact that he essentially wanted to blow up system that he didn't understand and was trying to recruit allies who also wanted to blow it up because they had that instinct were unfamiliar with what they were trying to blow up. that's why he indeed of the top 550 positions of the administration he has only nominated 10% of them. he doesn't have allies around the gofrt. >> 200 vacant jobs at the state department. charlie sykes, the incoming presidents have all somewhere been on the scale of egomaniac to go off in that direction in the first place.
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but they have all had some measure of humility, varying measures of humility as they enter this transition into the presidency where you can see them and they will report this to people and to friends feeling the enormity of it and feeling daunted by how much homework they have to do before january 20th and how much homework they're going to have to do every night after that. >> yeah. it's one thing to have a great ego. but i'm not a psychologist. i don't play one on television. but donald trump is a narcissist in the classic term. if the normal range of ego is here, he is over here, unburdened by not an inquisitive mind, unburdened by much introspection. and obviously has no sense of humility. so i'm actually not thinking that that admission he didn't know what he was getting into means that you know what? i need to study more. i need to think more, i need to listen to more intelligent people.
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here is a man who came into the presidency and surrounded himself with the clown car of staff, many of them still there. >> when he was asked what made your job harder than you thought. >> mr. president, day 99. what's made your job harder than you thought? >> we're moving awfully well. we're getting a lot of things done. we are -- i don't think there has ever been anything like this. it's a false standard, 100 days. but i have to tell you, i don't think anybody has done what we've been able to do in 100 days. so we're very happy. >> nick, i agree with him it's a false standard. but it's a standard he laid down for himself. but a first year is not a false standard. and when you're more than a third of the way through your first year and you have zero, it's worth talking about. >> yeah. it's a lot more -- whatever everybody is talking about is no significant legislation passed, and that is true.
10:18 pm
but if you look at the cabinet, he has one of the least impressive cabinets one has seen. he has appointed the least number of people to the administration of anybody recently. he has the worst approval rating of any new president in polling history. and there is really nothing on the horizon that would give one reason to think that things are going to get better. i mean, it has to be said that bill clinton had a somewhat rough start, not by these standards. john kennedy had again a somewhat rough start and they both managed to overcome that. in the case of president trump, though, he has -- he comes at it from so much more difficult position. in foreign affairs, i must say there has been a real improvement by getting rid of mike flynn, bringing in mcmaster. he has switched positions on one issue after another and brought himself much closer to the traditional conservative republican position. and there is certainly much more of a reality-based posture in
10:19 pm
foreign affairs now than there was at the beginning. >> charlie, your final word on the 100 days of president trump. >> well, the good news and the bad news for donald trump is that he has that echo chamber that no matter how bad he does, he has the alternative media reality machine that is going to beef him up. the bad news for him is it's going to insulate him and he is not going to hear what he needs to hear. i think that the one thing that is probably the most troubling development is, and i know this word has been overused a lot. as we near the 100 days, how much of his behavior has been normalized? how much we have absorb and normalized his approach to the truth, how much we have normalized that he continues to use slurs like pocahantas. the bizarre erratic nature of this presidency. and i think that's something that we were concerned about at the very beginning. but look, there is huge steaks for everybody, for conservatives, liberals, democrats, republicans in at least stepping back and going okay, we got to put the country
10:20 pm
first. we're no longer in the "the celebrity apprentice." this is tougher than reality tv and the stakes are a little higher for all of us. >> charlie sykes gets the last word in this segment. nick kristof, charlie sykes, thank you both for joining us. coming up, it is trump versus ryan. it really is. the back stabbing backstage between president trump's staff and speaker paul ryan's staff, and how paul ryan became the most unpopular person in american politics today. okay let's call his agent i'm coming over right now. the newly advanced gle can see in your blind spot. onboard cameras and radar can detect danger all around you. driver assist systems can pull you back into your lane if drifting. bye chief. bye bobby. and will even help you brake, if necessary. it makes driving less of a production.
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press secretary sean spicer now says that president trump didn't literally mean that president obama wiretapped him. he also said donald trump didn't literally mean for people to vote for him.
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60% of women are wearing the w...experience leaks. introducing always my fit. find the number that's right for your flow and panty size on the top of any always pack. the better the fit, the better it protects. always. are you disappointed with how the republicans have handled these big issues? health care went down and there was some suggestion it might happen today. but now it's not going to happen. >> i'm disappointed that it doesn't go quicker. i like them a lot. i have great relationships. don't forget, most of them i didn't even know. >> right. >> but many of them, like the freedom caucus, i see them we love our president. we're doing this for our president. you look at this. you look at the moderates, the same thing. we love our president. i'm disappointed. i tell you, paul ryan is trying very, very hard. i think everybody is trying very hard. it is a very tough system. >> the attempt to repeal
10:25 pm
obamacare is doing damage to paul ryan. he is now the most unpopular politician polled in the nbc/wall street journal poll. the number of americans who have are positive view of paul ryan has dropped from 40% to 22% with the number of negative views of paul ryan has climbed to 45%. according to a new fox news poll, democrats hold a five-point advantage on a generic congressional ballot. the latest gallup poll shows obamacare has an all-time high approval rating for obamacare of 55%. last night at an event in new york city, president obama pointed out that the affordable care act has never been more popular than it is now. and it is more popular than the current president. according to gallup, donald trump's approval rating is at 43%. joining us now, evan siegfried, republican strategist. joining us karine jean-pierre for and josh barrow,
10:26 pm
senior editor for business insider and an msnbc contributor. i was struck by the president going out of his way to say nice things about paul ryan in the interview we just heard because let's listen to this quote in "time" magazine. this is from an adviser to speaker paul ryan who says it's all about the show down there at the white house, says an adviser to speaker of the house paul ryan. they want the trailer, and we're trying to make the ken burns documentary. karene, i have not seen the adviser to the speak ever make comments about that about the white house when they're trying to work together. >> yeah, that's about right with this administration, with this presidency. i mean, look, lawrence. what you have is the most unpopular president of this time in our modern history and unpopular now.
10:27 pm
unpopular speak over the house who have teamed up to get exactly nothing done. they haven't been able to accomplish anything in this 100 days. and the thing about it is that the republicans have the largest majority right now currently in the house since 1928. and the only thing they were able to do was fund the government for another week. and now they're learning that governing is indeed very, very difficult, beating up on obama was easy. saying no was easy. but when it comes to getting things done when they actually have the majority and all of the three branches, they can't get it done. >> there is another quote in "time" magazine that is kind of extraordinary. another statement says more than once, white house officials have told paul ryan that his role as speaker may be in jeopardy if he does not do more to help trump. it's jekyll and hyde with this guy one ryan adviser says of the president. but we're talking about him. so that must mean he is winning. evan siegfried, i'm amazed to see white house officials thinking as they appear to threaten paul ryan that they
10:28 pm
could get him removed as speaker. that possible? >> no. the house republican conference can have him removed as speaker. >> i know technically how it happens. but does the white house have the power to get enough republicans in the house to overthrow paul ryan? >> what we're seeing here is a white house and a president who misunderstands the fundamental function of what congress is. they are a separate but coequal body. and you see the president in how he has handled legislation, especially in the ahca. it was like the ceo mentality and congress are the middle managers who get things done. and president trump comes in and fixes it. the president needs to actually be working with congress. because congress, if he keeps treating them like this, they're going to slow walk the legislation just to remind him he has power and congress is 435 people with very big egos. >> what is your reaction to these statements from paul ryan
10:29 pm
people from his team about this kind of friction with the white house? >> i think there is a reason this stuff is showing up as anonymous grumbling in press rather than open warfare which is that both trump and ryan need each other, much as they may dislike each other, to the extent that ryan and his caucus hope to get anything done, they will need to rely on donald trump not only to sign it, but to put his political capital behind whatever fairly unpopular thing republicans in congress might like to do on health care or tax. i think they're not going to get it done anyway. but they have less chance of getting it done if they were in open warfare with the president. and i think people in the white house know that it's not really paul ryan's fault that they can't get votes for these things. they can't get votes for these things because they're very unpopular, and because trump lacks the skills in the political capital to gather the votes for them. and if they caused some chaos and tried and maybe succeeded to push ryan out of his speakership, not only would that weaken the president's relations, whoever replaced ryan would probably be even less
10:30 pm
effective than ryan in the role. so none of them like the situation they're in, but none of them can improve their situation by actually going war to the other. so they just complain about each other to the press. >> according to a new politico article, there are at least some people in the white house who think they have a better idea than dealing with paul ryan. and that's on the tax bill. we have one of them saying we aren't listening to anyone else on taxes, says one senior administration official, referring to ryan. it's our plan. karine, that's not the tax plan that paul ryan has been talking about. if they think they can go it alone on a tax plan without the speaker of the house with them, that's going absolutely nowhere. >> that's exactly right. i mean, look. when you go back just a few years ago with president obama and nancy pelosi, they actually had a wonderful working relationship.
10:31 pm
and nancy pelosi was able to deliver for president obama because she understood and he understood how the government worked. and this you don't get -- you don't see this at all in this relationship when it comes to paul ryan and donald trump. and if the administration decides to go that route, they're going to lose. >> josh, the comments you see in the "time" magazine article show you that there is a war going on here that is incredibly unprofessional. and it sounds like the ryan people have just abandoned the norms of professionalism in order to mount public defenses of paul ryan. >> well, i'm sure they're exasperated. and wouldn't you be? i don't think they intended to be in this position where they were relying on donald trump. they thought they would have a sort of normal republican like marco rubio in the white house who would be more helpful in gathering votes in congress, more engaged in the policy process and less embarrassing in their public comments. so i think it's only human to find this situation untenable and awful.
10:32 pm
but i do find it funny, describing themselves as trying to make the ken burns documentary. >> yes. there. >> have been an audience at both ends of pennsylvania avenue. and a lot of the blame for what has gone wrong in these first 100 days does lie with republicans in congress. i don't think it lies so much with ryan personally. i think the republican party as a whole was nowhere on health care policy for seven years. all they knew is they hated obamacare and it was inevitably going to blow up in their faces when they had to make policy on it themselves. long before donald trump was a politician for real. >> thank you for joining us tonight. really appreciate it. >> thanks, lawrence. coming up, donald trump, what he said about michael flynn tonight in a new fox news interview. left, when he resigned, you said these birds once affected by oil
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left, when he resigned, you said he was treated horribly and you felt bad about that. given what we now are seeing on the payments from turkey and russia, would you stand by that comment? >> let me just tell you, i do feel badly for him. he served the country. he was a general. but just remember, he was approved by the obama administration at the highest level. and when they say we didn't vet, well, obama i guess didn't vet because he was approved at the highest level of security by the obama administration. >> joining the discussion now,
10:37 pm
rick stengel, former undersecretary of state for public diplomacy and public affairs. he is also an msnbc political analyst and evan siegfried is back with us. rick, the president said i do feel badly for him. what does -- he fired him. what does he feel badly for him for? >> i don't know. >> okay. so i'm not the only one who couldn't follow. >> yes. i'm not even interested. >> what about the obama administration approved his security clearance? >> well, it's absolutely absurd. the obama administration fired michael flynn in 2014 for all kinds of reasons. now if donald trump, i believe he was in the private sector. if you're hiring somebody from a competitor who was fired, wouldn't you check him out a little bit so they didn't do -- they didn't do their due diligence on him. what he doesn't understand is the fact that all of these things that flynn did, he did during that period between when he was fired in 2014 and when
10:38 pm
trump had him as national security adviser. and bringing in a national security adviser requires a much higher level of vetting than just to look at classified documents. that's pretty easy. >> evan, the president fired the man for lying. and the president says he was treated horribly. is there some translation here that we're missing? >> i'm sure there is in trumpese. the president is now saying i am being saladed with this and he is trying to blame president obama. the truth is nbc news is starting to report the trump administration or the transition team also did their own vet of michael flynn. so if they didn't catch this, it was an incompetent vet, and we have to look at other areas. if they did catch this, that is even more worrisome because they looked the other way there is a real problem going on here. >> rick, the -- on the vet, let's say you've decided we want this fired general from the previous administration because he says things that we like. you still have that vetting responsibility that evan was
10:39 pm
just talking about. >> again, the vetting is done by the civil service, by the fbi there is an fbi background check. they have to do that for every new person coming into the administration. they call your second grade teacher. they call your neighbors. they the all of those things that is done. that is one of the permanent functions of government. >> i just -- i just don't get what -- what is he clinging to here? when he says he was treated horribly, what is his objective when the president says that? he is the one who fired him. >> i think that the president feels any time the military is disrespected in any way, shape or form in his mind, that it's absolutely horrible. and yes, we should respect. >> actually, isn't it that he feels that he had to fire him because of what the press did to him. >> right. >> so he is indirectly blaming the press. >> would he have not have fired him if the press didn't reveal he lied. all right. we have to take a break here. evan siegfried, thank you for joining us. coming up, what donald trump doesn't know about pocahantas.
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...or breathtaking style... ...there's a c-class just for you. decisions, decisions, decisions. lease the c300 sedan for $389 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. here is donald trump today speaking to the national rifle association. >> i have a feeling that in the next election you're going to be swamped with candidates. but you're not going to be wasting your time. you'll have plenty of those democrats coming over, and you're going to say no, sir, no thank you, no ma'am. it me pocahantas. remember that. >> that is the name that donald trump uses for senator elizabeth warren, to the delight of people who think pocahantas is a disney character. pocahantas was real person. born about 1596. she extended her personal welcome to the english settlers who arrived at jamestown,
10:44 pm
virginia when she was about 19 years old. captain john smith wrote a praise-filled letter to queen anne about pocahantas saying pocahantas saved his life when his father was to be have him executed. pocahantas laid her head on his chest so smith could not be beheaded without pocahantas suffering the same fate. in his letter to the queen, john smith said she hazarded the beating out of her own brains to save mine and not only that, but so prevailed with her father that i would safely conducted to jamestown. pocahantas was not her real name. she and her tribe decided to hide her real name from the english settlers. william stiff was born 100 years later and became an historian.
10:45 pm
he wrote a book titled "the history of the first discovery and settlement of virginia." william stiff explained why pocahantas hid her real name from the english. it turns out although she bravely welcomed the english, she and her tribe didn't trust them. william stiff wrote her real name it seems was originally matoax which the indians carefully concealed from the english and changed to it pocahantas out of a superstitious fearless they by knowledge of her true name should be enabled to do her some hurt. and tonight 400 years later, the president of the united states is trying to do elizabeth warren some hurt by throwing a name at her that was invented by native americans to protect a woman.
10:46 pm
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tide and downy together. today north korea launched its ninth missile since president trump took office. according to u.s. officials, the short range missile exploded midair shortly after takeoff. tonight president trump tweeted north korea disrespected the wishes of china and its highly respected president when it launched though unsuccessfully a missile today. bad, exclamation point. this missile test comes one day after president trump said this. >> there is a chance that we would end up having major, major conflict with north korea. absolutely. i'd love to solve things diplomatically but it's very difficult. >> rick stengel is back with us. rick, the president's tweeted reaction to this, basically saying how could they possibly disrespect china. >> uh-huh. well, he's trying to show the world that he formed a romance
10:50 pm
with president xi. of course what he is realizing about diplomacy is it is a multilevel chess game, you have to rail against china for a balance of chad but work with them on north korea. you have to work that balance. >> he doesn't seem tosy say that he completely surrendered all positions he has in regards to trade saying of course i'm not going to talk about currentsy manipulation because he is helping us with north korea. it doesn't seem like he is trying to balance owes things. >> yes, i guess he is folding his tent on that already. and maybe he made a distinction that this is more important. obviously it is very important. china has the most leverage with north korea. more than we do. all of north korea's trade passes through china. even the talk of new rounds of
10:51 pm
sanctions which i support is a little bit toothless because there is hardly anything to sanction there. they have an economy the size of maine's. >> they have apparently figured out how to live with deprivation. >> they figured out how to live with deprivation in order to have a nuclear program. the nuclear strategy is their strategy. you have a leader desperate for attention, i know that sound familiar, and the way he does that is through the nuclear strategy. >> the president leaning entirely on the chinese is one part of it. the other part of it is he raises his rhetoric to a combative level, the trump rhetoric that we've never seen in an american president before. >> it's entirely irresponsible. it's tactical impatience to contrast with secretary tillerson obama's strategic patience was the wrong thing. this good cobb cop/bad cop thing is reversed. the secretary of state is supposed to be the bad cop. the president is supposed to be the bad cop. >> the -- where do you see this going?
10:52 pm
president trump's rhetoric can't get any more heated. >> he is escalating the rhetoric. people around the word are saying we have to deescalate this. trump is single handedly escalating it and turning it into something that kim jong-un wants. he wants attention and this tension of world war three going on. >> coming up, a hundred nights of late night trump comedy. ♪ ♪
10:53 pm
i'm dr. kelsey mcneely and some day you might be calling me an energy farmer. ♪ energy lives here.
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10:57 pm
and is a now a master class in a hundred days of comedy. >> in honor of our new president -- >> dress rehearsal's over guys, the tragedy has begun. >> he focused on the size of his crowds, the size of his ratings, the size of everything. >> instead of the cia he should be talking to a cichiatri serks, the. >> if you want to make people safe, stop making them walk this the streets. >> big news out of the kremlin -- sorry, misread that, the white house. >> when asked if the allegations were true, sessions said absolutely niet. >> i can't believe jeff sessions lied to america. especially after this country spent so many years buying his cookies. >> trump would like us to focus on his scandal about obama wiretapping him.
10:58 pm
>> trump said it was upsetting because he is a private man who likes to keep his thoughts to himself. >> where did trump get the info, from the cia, the fbi, out of his a-s-s. >> the chairman is killing it, it, being the trust in his investigation. >> didn't literally mean that prep president obama wiretapped him. he also said president trump didn't literally mean for people to vote for him. >> bad news, mexico didn't give us cash for the wall? good news, we have new hands. >> $400 million tax break to the rich and the poor will receive a box of band-aids and airborne. >> you can't tear your eyes away from sean spicer. it's like watching a car crash that knows nothing about the holocaust. >> hoentlely, though, are you okay. >> are you kidding me.
10:59 pm
>> job approval rating is at just 36%. trump was confused. he said, how can they disapprove of a job i'm not even doing. >> done, that's enough fun for tonight, can i have my desk back. >> yes, of course, mr. president i'll go sit at my desk. >> president trump on friday walked out on an oval office signing ceremony without actually signing his two executive orders on trade. that's literally our best hope against the trump administration, him forgetting what he came in the room for. >> president trump recently bombed syria while eating the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake america has ever laid eyes on. that's a fact. >> you don't know what cakes i've seen. >> these hundred days have been such a success. and i'm so sad my presidency is coming to an en.
11:00 pm
that is the last word on the hundred days. "the 11th hour" with joy reed is next. office, donald trump, president, sounding more like donald trump, candidate for president, serving up red meat to his base at the nra. also, north korea's missile test less than 24 hours after trump says we could be in for a major, major conflict. tonight, the trump response. and what may be the single biggest failure of the first 100 days. "the 11th hour" begins now. good evening tonight from washington, d.c. i'm joy reid in -for-brian williams who has the night off. today was day 99 of the trump presidency. trump may have 99 problems but getting the love from his base ain't one. first up, a trip