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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  April 28, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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hundred days. "the 11th hour" with joy reed is next. office, donald trump, president, sounding more like donald trump, candidate for president, serving up red meat to his base at the nra. also, north korea's missile test less than 24 hours after trump says we could be in for a major, major conflict. tonight, the trump response. and what may be the single biggest failure of the first 100 days. "the 11th hour" begins now. good evening tonight from washington, d.c. i'm joy reid in -for-brian williams who has the night off. today was day 99 of the trump presidency. trump may have 99 problems but getting the love from his base ain't one. first up, a trip to atlanta for a speech to the national rifle
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association where trump the president sounded more like trump the candidate serving up that red meat to the crowd. >> november 8th. wasn't that a great evening? do you remember that evening? remember that? and remember they said there is no path to 270. for months i was hearing that. you know, they are trying to suppress the vote. i have a feeling that in the next election you are going to be swamped with candidates. it may be pocahontas. remember that. the eight-year assault on our second amendment freedoms has come to a crashing end. >> and trump followed that up tonight by granting an interview to his favorite cable news channel, fox, using the time to among other things blame democrats for his failure to pass any legislation. claimed once again that russiagate is fake news.
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and defend his golfing habit. >> are you disappointed with how the republicans have handled these big issues, health care went down the first time and there was some suggestion it might happen today. now it's not going the happen. >> i'm disappointed that it doesn't go quicker. i tell you paul ryan is trying very, very hard. i think everybody is trying very hard. it is a very tough system. and we are dealing with obstructionists. the democrats -- i don't have one democratic vote with the exception of fox. fox has been fair. but every network you see hits me on every topic, made up stories like russia. they do the russia. the faux russia. i call it the fake russia story. if i go to one of my clubs like in new jersey, they will say oh, he is going to play golf. i'm not going to play golf. i couldn't care less about golf. but i have a place there. that costs almost nothing because it's hundreds of acres and security and they don't have to close up streets, et cetera, et cetera. i like to do that as much as possible.
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>> let's bring in tonight's panel. john dean, former white house counsel during the nixon administration. sabrina siddiqui, and tim mack from the daily beast. i'm going to come to you first sabrina. he goes to a safe space, fox news, donald trump does, to complain about the same things he has been talking about the last 99 days. reading the transcript of that, before watching it -- what do you think is going on with donald trump at this point? >> i think this is a president as we know who is obsessive when it comes to following the media coverage surrounding his presidency the same way he was as a candidate. and he sees this 100-day benchmark and he knows he does not have any legislative accomplishment he can point to despite the fact that republicans control both chambers of congress. so he revisits a friendly crowd at the nra, tries to rile up his base. this comes after imposing a tariff on lumber from canada,
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harkening back to some of the themes he campaigned on, trying to push health care through, even though there aren't knthe votes, to at least give the appearance he is acting upon what he campaigned on doing. similar with tax reform. oftentimes of course there was no real plan just the salesmanship that i am trying but he can't escape the reality he doesn't have anything to show for his first 100 days. >> there is a bunker mentality feel to donald trump and his administration at this point. it's clear they must know they haven't gotten much done. it's being called the worst 100 days probably since it has been tracked, since f.d.r. it does feel like they are coming out of a bunker. can you talk a little bit about what that's like for a new administration coming in. they don't necessarily know what they are doing, but they haven't been able to get much done even with republican control. >> what they failed to do is bring in a staff that really knows what they are doing. there are a lot of people in washington who understand how the system works. they didn't hire people of that caliber or that nature.
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they are paying the price. they have not filled any of the subcabinet posts where they can generate a lot of activity within these agencies and departments. so it's total incompetence is what we're seeing from mr. trump. and it should be no surprise that he is accomplishing nothing. i think what he likes about the job is the attention on him. he doesn't like to have to succeed in the job. he just likes being in the spotlight. >> yeah, clearly. and tim, you know, he keeps on calling the russian investigations fake news. it's a story that you've been covering a lot. it doesn't seem they have much more of a response to what is truly the biggest scandal since watergate. watergate plus russia, with the foreign power involved in it. do you get the sense from sources inside the white house that people beyond donald trump understand how serious this is? >> it's really serious. subpoenas may soon be issued. there is nothing fake about an fbi investigation into your campaign's activities and your
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associates. there is nothing fake about the house or senate intelligence investigations into your activities. but when you get the -- over the last hundred days, what you get a sense of from this president is that he's much more happy talking and being on the campaign trail. we just saw that video of him at the nra convention. he is much happier talking than acting. >> clearly he needs the recharge of being around people who unquestioningly adore him. before we move forward i want to give you a rundown of in case you have forgotten the last 99 days we have got highlights to jog your memory. take a look. i donald john trump do solemnly swear -- >> this american carnage stops right here. >> i have a running war with the media. they are among the most dishonest human beings on earth. >> this was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration,
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period. >> sean spicer our press secretary, gave alternative facts to that. >> do you believe that millions voted illegally in this election? >> the president does believe that. >> as of today we are officially putting iran on notice. thank you. >> putin is a killer. >> there are a lot of killers. we have got a lot of killers, you think our country is so innocent? >> go buy ivanka's stuff, i hate shopping but i'm going to get some myself. >> the powers of the president to protect our country, are very substantial and will not be questioned. >> general flynn does enjoy the full confidence of the president. >> president decided to ask for his resignation and he got it. >> general flynn is a wonderful man. i think he has been treated unfairly by the media. the leaks are real. the news is fake. i'm really not a bad person by the way. tomorrow they will say donald trump rants and raves at the press, i'm not ranting and raving. i am just telling you you are dishonest people. i'm the least anti-semitic person you have ever seen in your entire life.
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>> the president said the deportations under his watch are a military operation. >> the president was using that as an adjective. it's happening with precision. >> nobody knew that health care could be so complicated. >> does the president believe that barack obama committed a felony? >> when i say wiretap, those words were in quotes. >> he said he meant it. he put it in quotes, it was very broad. that's what he meant by the use of the term. >> i never said repeal it and replace it within 64 days. >> doing big things is hard. >> i want to have a great health care bill and plan. and we will. >> you had a, you know, someone as despicable as hitler who didn't even sink to using chemical weapons. he brought them into the holocaust center. i understand that. >> we are sending an armada, very powerful.
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>> the president said we have an armada going to the peninsula. that's a fact. it happened. it is happening. >> i'm not really an ideologue. i am a person of common sense i think more than anything else. >> i'm exhausted. if you had to pick out of all that has happened, sabrina, a low light or a highlight of the first 99 days of the trump presidency, what do you think it would be? >> i actually think that donald trump was very clear about who he is during the campaign. so there is no real surprise that he hasn't pivoted at all. the people around him, however, the fact that his aides are fundamentally unwilling to challenge his decision to remain in this orbit of conspiracy theories and unfounded accusations and taking no real efforts to try and rein him in, i think that is actually the low light. because sean spicer gets up on that podium every day and cannot still speak on behalf of the president he serves, which then of course is a disservice to the american public because they
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can't actually take seriously anything that is actually coming from the most senior administration in this white house. >> do you think that is sort the challenge now? it isn't necessary to take this president necessarily so seriously. his pronouncements don't necessarily carry the same weight. but at the same time they have the potential to get us into tremendous trouble. the stuff about north korea could be tremendously destabilizing. is donald trump still taken seriously on capitol hill, for instance? >> we've been incredibly desensitized over the last hundred days. there are four years in a term. we are 100 days through it. and you know, what he has done over the last hundred days is he has kind of indicated that the president's word can change from time to time. his campaign promises don't really mean a lot in the oval office. he's had a lot of -- he's had a lot of scandals over the last hundred days. and we are all just trying to scramble to keep up with it. i mean -- >> yeah. >> you think of how remarkable it is that the fbi has openly announced that it's investigating the president of the united states, the sitting president of the united states and his campaign.
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you think about how remarkable it is that the national security adviser resigned in disgrace after the shortest term of any national security adviser. there are -- to go through obamacare. you go through the judicial rulings on the immigration executive orders. it's been a disastrous hundred days. >> yeah. >> you wonder how can we keep some objective view over the next four years and not lose track of what scandalous what is not scandalous what's truthful and what's not truthful. >> same thing to you john dean, there's been a lot of commentary on the narcissism of donald trump, the lack of depth on policy. what do you think is the biggest detriment to him being able to succeed? the first hundred days that's a honeymoon, the highlight, when you can get the most done. he has gotten nothing done. generally downhill from here. what is the biggest detriment to donald trump? >> one of the things that tim just touched on and you had in the clips, steve miller touched
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on is this attack of the judiciary that's been going on. i think that's going to hurt him in the long run. he's making no effort to show any kind of comity in his cobranch in the federal judiciary. rather he's continuing and most recently attacking them on the sanctuary cities ruling. so that's going to hurt him. and that's going to play out over a number of years. and i think that will be one of the lower points of his presidency. >> would you be surprised john dean if donald trump attempted to pardon some of the figures involved in russiagate, namely people like michael flynn? would that surprise you? >> not at all. there is precedent, of course. george bush one did it for a number of people he was involved with. and some thought he got off himself as a result of the pardons he issued late in his term. gerald ford of course did it for richard nixon.
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that's the exception. but self pardons are very rare. i wouldn't be surprise if -- particularly if his family is in any way tainted or were ever indicted. he would tell them right off -- you can pre-pardon somebody before they're prosecuted, as we saw in the nixon case. and that is probably the most unchallengeable power that the president has, pardon power. no way to check him on that. >> well, these three are going to stick with me, because we have a lot more to talk about. less than a day after donald trump says there's a chance of major, major conflict with north korea, that country test fires a missile. trump's response when we come back.
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welcome back to "the 11th hour." underscoring the huge diplomacy in foreign policy challenge that north korea poses for the trump white house, north korea has again tried to test fire a ballistic missile. a south korean military official tells nbc news the test failed exploding just after launch. u.s. officials say the missiles was short range capable of hitting the south korean capital, seoul. and that it didn't leave north korean territory before exploding. with me to discuss this, former spokesperson for the state department under president obama, and in new york, former north korean analyst for the cia. >> sumi, i want to start with the significant of this test. does it feel like this is a back and forth between the president trump administration and north korea or north korea independently trying to get the world's attention? >> this was entirely expected. north korea has always tested --
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this is his 75th missile test since kim jong-un came into power. and ninth test under trump's administration. this is expected. now that it is a second failed test this month, i think they have to continually test. and we are probably looking at another nuclear test down the road. and possibly even an icbm test. >> you don't think this is a response to donald trump making that out of the blue statement that we could have major, major conflict with north korea? >> well, in a way, because kim jong-un cannot back down and look like he is caving under pressure. but this is also north korea, as i said. in five and a half years he conducted 75 nuclear missile -- nuclear -- missile tests, excuse me. >> one of the strange thing that happened is over the course of the 99 days donald trump haas -- has gone from being the biggest attacker of china and critic of china to sort of having this bff relationship with the president of china.
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he tweeted this tonight. he said the following. north korea disrespected the wishes of china and its highly respected president when it launched though unsuccessfully, a missile today. bad. what is going on here. >> what is going on is you are seeing a president who is understanding foreign relations really for the first time. it's not something he understood in the diplomatic context. he's only seen them as business deals before. so he would threaten and bully people into getting to the points he wanted them to. he took a phone call with the head of taiwan, which sent china up into twitter. and after a meeting with china over chocolate cake. >> the most delicious chocolate cake. >> the most delicious. they explained north korea to him. thank god somebody got through about that. now you end up with a complete reversal where he is not going to take another call from the head of taiwan. this is not a president who has any strategic objectives other than well, i was in front of
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somebody who gave me information that i liked and i understand it in my most basic way. we saw this also with nafta. in a few hours, he was going to threaten to tear everything to pieces and then he gets on the phone with leaders and then it wouldn't be nice to treat them this way. >> it's nice to have the every man presidency, but it has its limits. donald trump's understanding of these issues does not feel like it is much above the level of every man, of the ordinary person. tonight on fox news, donald trump, who is president of the united states, seemed to have trouble separating his understanding and his comments about china and north korea and really the trade agreement with china, what was going on. let's listen to donald trump on the. saw on the show the other night, we were talking about there has never been any kind of a relationship that we've had with china. look at what china is doing. they are turning back the coal ships from north korea. their putting pressure on north korea. i speak nicely about china because i really do believe they are trying to help out with respect to north korea. but the trade deficit with china is hundreds of billions of
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dollars. the world i would like to use is reciprocal. if we had a reciprocal nature to our trade deals it would be a whole different ball game. >> did that make sense to you, we have never had any kind of relationship with china? >> we did. after nixon who open the doors and we had relationships with china and actually had a long standing trade and business relationship with them. again, the president is starting to understand what that diplomacy is not just one-sided -- it's complicated. there are many layers to it. you can be friends on one issue and be enemies on another. you have to find the compromises and move forward where you can. and sumi, the other thing to happen today, "the washington post" reported that donald trump made comments about our trade deals with south korea and it set off alarms. and said at one point donald trump threatened to terminate a u.s. trade deal with south korea on friday night staying the accord deal was a horrible deal.
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that left america destroyed. your thoughts. >> i think this is wrong time to picking a fight with a key ally in the region, particularly with north korean crisis escalating. trump has made number of comments, not only saying he's going to rip up the free trade deal, he also said south korea should be paying the billion dollars for thaad deployment. and he said in his ten minute conversation with xi jinping he learned a lot about korean history. and that korea was part of china, which got a lot of koreans riled up. this is a key moment where we need to have a close relationship with seoul. this is not looking good in this regard. >> donald trump and his team need a crash course in everything. thank you both very much. >> thank you. coming up, the story that plagued the trump white house since day one. new details on the russia investigation, including attorney general jefferson sessions' role when "the 11th
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hour" continues. ♪
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i do feel badly for him. he served the country. he was a general. but just remember, he was approved by the obama administration at the highest level. and when they say we didn't vet, well, obama, i guess, didn't vet. because he was approved at the highest level of security by the obama administration.
11:27 pm
so when he came into our administration for a short period of time, he came in, he was already approved by the obama administration. and they had years left on that approval. >> donald trump echoing his press secretary on former national security adviser michael flynn saying the obama white house should have vetted him better. i guess besides firing him. questions about flynn continue to plague the trump white house. he is at the center of several investigations. two a $45,000 payment from rt, the kremlin-financed cable tv news channel. naira, tim, and john are still with me. john dean, would it make any sense to you say if during the nixon administration an official should have been vetted by the johnson administration and they could have picked him up wholesale and add him to the nixon white house? would that have made sense? >> not at all. that's not the way it works. we inherited many people, and they were revetted particularly for cabinet posts and what have
11:28 pm
you in a very thorough new investigation. fbi background investigations are very narrow, very thin. they look at the people on the application and talk to them. they don't go in depth. excepting when you're at the white house level and do a vetting, you go much deeper. and typically, particularly someone like a national security adviser, you don't rely on old background investigations. that's really just weak on the trump part. >> tim, especially because this is somebody who was fired as head of the defense intelligence agency. all the reporting on general michael flynn is that for most of his career was a respected military man, respected intellect within the defense community. but then he was fired. wouldn't that have raised red flags before one would make him their national security adviser? >> for a lot of people up until and during his time as the head of the dia he was considered one of the most promising officers of his entire generation, deeply respected.
11:29 pm
leaving the dia doesn't make you suddenly suspect. but traveling to russia, not saying that you're accepting payments from a body that obviously has ties to the russian government, that's what makes you suspect. >> we are hearing also the fact that he left angrily. suddenly saying he was the first american intelligence -- military official let into the intersanctum of the gru, sitting at vladimir putin's table with jill stein and others. these activities should have raised red flags, one would think and then he is doing business with foreign governments. the idea that he should have been -- his previous vet before he was fired in 2014 is what should stand, it seems absurd to most people. >> that's not how it works. when you leave your security clearance doesn't carry over into the private sector. even if you do get an extension for retired military, it's for two years with a bit of a
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re-investigation. and during that period, we already know that the pentagon warned him not to do some of these engagements. he did not have approval to do these. especially as he is being considered in august of 2016, that two years had expired, that's well into the middle of the campaign. should have launched another investigation, quite in detail, fbi, cia, and doj get involved for that high of a level. for him not to disclose his engagements and for the white house to not have done a deeper dive into his activities shows that either there are people in the white house who are not qualified to be in these positions of senior intelligence, or they're giving intelligence to people who blatantly have been engaged as foreign agents with foreign countries. >> sally yates the acting attorney general went to the white house in january or february and said, there's something going on here, there's something wrong with this
11:31 pm
person. >> it's not just flynn. this is a pattern of folks in senior -- a couple of feet away from the president who do not have the proper security clearances. they cannot be doing national security work. seb gorka is an example. he has nazi ties, sits in the white house right now. supposedly working on counterterrorism issues, but does not have the appropriate clearances and has raised flags for people. >> let's talk about the attorney general of the united states. because this is another unusual situation among many for this white house, one in which their attorney general had to recuse himself from the investigations into russiagate because he himself had meetings with the russian ambassador sergei kislyak. let's take a listen to sessions on the "today" show with matt lauer talking about his role in an investigation of michael flynn. >> you have already recused yourself from investigations involving any coordination between trump associates and russian officials. does that recusal extend to this area, to general flynn? >> well, my recusal deals with the campaign issues. but i would expect not to be involved in this one.
11:32 pm
>> you would recuse yourself from any decision dealing with general flynn? >> yeah, and i really don't know whether there is an investigation or should be. and we don't confirm investigations you know in the department of justice. >> john, give us historical perspective here of how unusual it is for a sitting attorney general of the united states to have to walk away from an investigation of this nature and magnitude. >> well, we haven't had any investigations of this nature or this magnitude. what happened during watergate the attorney general didn't announce his recusal, but for all practical matters, the man who had been appointed by higgs predecessor john mitchell, because john mitchell was at the outset suspect in watergate. he stayed away from it and turn it over to the head of the criminal division to run the investigation.
11:33 pm
that's not unusual either. reporting up typically to the deputy attorney general. in this instance we have a former prosecutor who is going to be deputy attorney general. that's going to be advantage to -- a disadvantage to the thorough investigation. he is not likely to be very corruptible and will probably make a very hard honest decision on some of these criminal prosecutions that may come along. >> drip, drip, drip, it's going to keep going for this white house. thank you to my panel. coming up, trump suffers defeat yet again at the hands of his fellow republicans. back after this.
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on my first day, i am going to ask congress to send me a bill to immediately repeal and replace disastrous obamacare. >> and despite that tough talk, the bill to repeal and replace obamacare will not happen in donald trump's first 100 days in office, much to the relief of many americans who have insurance thanks to the affordable care act. round one of the fail came last month after both freedom caucus conservatives and suburban republicans tanked the president
11:37 pm
and paul ryan's plan after a mere 18 days. now the supposedly new and improved version of trumpcare has failed, too. two swings, two misses. despite republican control of the house, the votes just aren't there. sabrina is still with me. i want to welcome former republican congressman from florida david jolly, and janel smith, senior correspondent. thank you all. david i want to start with you. i need somebody from the republican side of the aisle to explain to me this determination, this zeal to repeal and replace obamacare. obama is gone now. so you don't have him now to be a foil. why are republicans so determined to do this thing that will destroy them politically? >> they ran on repealing obamacare. and they have struggles with the individual mandate and the employer mandate and so forth. listen, joy, to your point, republicans are in trouble. they really are in trouble now. they have failed to honor the promises to their base, to repeal obamacare, to build a wall. yet they are not going to get credit from the left simply because they left obamacare in
11:38 pm
place and they failed to build a wall. this is a historically bad government right now. and the only reason they are protected is the president has three more years and congress is insulated by super majority districts, by close primaries and by campaign finance rules that protect incumbents. this is a complete failure of the first hundred days. no historian would tell you this has been a successful hundred days. >> do you think there are actual voters, republican voters not the ideologues of the freedom caucus, not elected members who have this ideal opposition to any federal intervention in telling insurance companies what to do. we get it. they want unfettered insurance companies. there are voters out this saying i want to lose my health care, i want to lose it and have the freedom to go bankrupt? is there a constituency for this? >> obama created winners and losers. i mean that objectively. i was a republican member who heard from small businesses about increased premiums.
11:39 pm
it was the lie of the year by politifact that you could keep your employer. but the reality is, it did provide health care coverage for a lot of people so the simple repeal plan doesn't work with a lot of constituencies, you're exactly right. so instead of trying to take the hard right approach to this, they should fix it. democrats have said they will work with republicans. i told republicans ask the democrats what their plan is. that is a legitimate question because there are people who have lost but there are a lot of people who won under obamacare. and that's who republicans are losing right now. >> donald trump doesn't seem to understand the complexity. not only did they put 18 days in the first time, now they've lost again. but he keeps saying they're going to do it. they keep not talking to the folks on capitol hill but saying we are going do it. this is donald trump again talking to fox news, his favorite news outlet, saying there could be a vote next week, and then saying they don't have the votes, et cetera, et cetera. >> when you ran, you said i'm going to have great deals with
11:40 pm
congress, have great relationships on capitol hill. are you disappointed with how republicans have handled these big issues? >> yeah, i'm disappointed. >> health care went down the first time and there was some suggestion it might happen today. but now it's not going to happen. >> i am disappointed it doesn't go quicker. i like them a lot. i have great relationships. don't forget most of them i didn't know. many of them -- like the freedom caucus, i see them saying we love our president, doing this for our president. you look at that, you look at the moderates, same thing. we love our president. they have different views. i have a party that's covering a lot of territory. they have different views. i'm disappointed. i tell you paul ryan is trying very, very hard. i think everybody is trying very hard. it is a very tough system. >> to bill, we love our president. what he is focusing on is that he feels that what they are saying on capitol hill is not we can't pass this thing that is going to take health care away from 20 million people. they are talking about how much they love donald trump? can you make sense out of this? >> look, here's the thing, he's not paying attention to the
11:41 pm
people who have been crowding these town halls, berating the congressmen saying we want to actually keep our obamacare because we didn't realize maybe before the election just how badly it would affect us. and so it's really interesting to see a bill put forth that is actual crueller than the first one and actual continues to skew things in favor of young people who actually don't really support donald trump, don't love donald trump, and actually continue to undermine older people who have actually supported him. >> but i mean, do you think that democrats -- and i'll ask you this, sabrina. do you think there's any chance that democrats would put this out of its misery and actually agree to go to the white house and say, look, if you'll do a save obamacare, you'll get credit for saving obamacare and fixing it, would democrats do that deal? >> well, you know, inside a lot -- there's a lot of pressure on democrats not to work with this legislation.
11:42 pm
and certainly, i think that they don't necessarily want to hand him any legislative achievements. but they have always maintained, even under obama, when there was a whole for example, fight over the government shutdown that they are open to fixing the existing law. to jamil's point. polling shows that a majority of americans, including independents and increasingly more republicans believe that congress and the white house should just work with the existing law. it's too late to repeal and replace. i think that the challenge is that this is a president who when we were talking about the low lights earlier in the program, has shown zero interest in the process of governing. so he seems to think that he can just bully republicans into pushing through this plan that would have catastrophic effects on them because he wants some kind of accomplishment. you had reince priebus calling house republicans in the last few days asking them to schedule a vote. after they had to cancel a scheduled vote because they didn't have the votes. they are not going to do that again. >> jamil, at the same time you have people like matt bevin in
11:43 pm
kentucky putting forward their own ideas, essentially saying that people have to clean the side of the road to get health care. what is going on in the republican party that they seem to believe it's popular -- a popular idea, to take people's health care or make them, you know, clean the roadside in order to get a dentist appointment? >> well, i think that donald trump taught them that cruelty wins elections. so you see people like matt bevin exercising a particularly draconian style of government. that's just one of the many things that he has done that continue to alienate not only the liberals that are continuing to voice their passion in these town halls but also the moderate republicans who, yes, they may have signed up with donald trump just because he has an "r" next to his name, but they're not for having any policies that undermine their own particular health care or their -- any aspect of their lives. >> yeah, all right. well these guys are going to stick with me. coming up, tweeter in chief, donald trump has fired off more than 400 treats as president.
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-- 400 tweets as president. we'll walk you through the good, the bad, and the ugly after this.
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this gas pipeline ruptured in san bruno. the explosion and fire killed eight people. pg&e was convicted of six felony charges including five violations of the u.s. pipeline safety act and obstructing an ntsb investigation. pg&e was fined, placed under an outside monitor, given five years of probation, and required to perform 10,000 hours of community service. we are deeply sorry. we failed our customers in san bruno. while an apology alone will never be enough, actions can make pg&e safer. and that's why we've replaced hundreds of miles of gas pipeline, adopted new leak detection technology that is one-thousand times more sensitive, and built a state-of-the-art gas operations center. we can never forget what happened in san bruno. that's why we're working every day to make pg&e the safest energy company in the nation.
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>> are you going to be tweeting and whatever you're upset about just put it out there? >> i'm going to do very restrained -- if i use it at all i'm going to do restrained. >> well restrained he certainly was not as donald trump threatened see you in court after his travel ban was blocked. he called the failing fake news media the enemy of the american people and falsely accused president obama of wiretapping him. back with our panel is david jolly, sabrina siddiqui and jemile smith. david, we went through and the number of trump's tweets were quantified and the things that he said the most were spelled out. number one word, great, number two, america, american, number three, news, slash media. can you discern what's going on in this white house? donald trump definitely seems to be obsessed with a few things. what's happening?
11:48 pm
>> i can't let that last segment go. the president says moderate republicans love him. mr. president, i'm a moderate republican and there are not many of us who love you. >> ouch. >> you need to realize you lost the popular vote. but let's go to the tweeting. several talked about it this way. donald trump on twitter is like the high school football mvp who is using that as a pickup line in college. nobody cares anymore. nobody cares. you won the election. you got it, you won it. nobody cares about your twitter. here's a challenge for us as a country, certainly the media. at some point a narcissist will always be a narcissist. a liar will always be a liar. at some point we have to look past it and start judging the president on what he does. he is not doing a lot but we are caught up in the cult of personality and it's bringing down the country every day that we follow him on twitter. >> that's from a guy whose last name is jolly. when you lose jolly, that's tough.
11:49 pm
>> i still believe in america, though. >> absolutely. jemile, you know, the thing that's also happened, it used to be you had republicans who were afraid of donald trump tweeting at them. there was a sense he could destroy you politically with a couple of tweets, enforce -- enforced a sort of discipline among republicans. you are starting to see this utility of his tweets, the power of them diminished over time, no? >> no. indeed. i think it's evident in how he field to destroy the one politician that bothered him the most, that's barack obama. you see not just the wiretap tweet fail miserably. also what we really need to look at is the fact that people use twitter, not all people, but a lot of people use twitter for self-validation. here's a guy who is president of the united states, you don't need more attention than the president gets. people are frankly not turning to his twitter feed to see what he says anymore. they are really actually looking for him to govern and he's surprised by that.
11:50 pm
>> there is something very odd, since twitter has been a thing, president obama used it. actually got more retweets for his tweeted things than donald trump does. but there is something odd about having a president of united states that you can directly troll on twitter. and he may read it and retweet it. is it diminishing the presidency itself that this is the kind of president we have? >> absolutely. and there is no recognition of the responsibility that comes with the power of the presidency. especially when you have trump tweeting for example, as you mentioned unfounded accusations against his predecessor to criticize president obama for a criminal act, which is what it would be and it's not even remotely true, shows that he has no intention of really taking seriously the office that he holds. i think that it was an effective tool for him to communicate with supporters during the campaign but the campaign is over and now people are expecting results. i can tell you even trump supporters, some of the loyal ones i've spoken to, they too
11:51 pm
wish he would stop tweeting and just get to work. they are waiting -- whether their priority is the wall or whether it's jobs, to see us pull back from trade or whether it's to see the replacement for obamacare, whatever their priorities might be, they're not really interested as much in the personality. >> absolutely. all right. thank you sabrina, david, and jemile. thank you all. coming up, he may not be attending this year's white house correspondents dinner, but the show will go on without donald trump. let the comedy begin. "the 11th hour" is back after this. shoulders don't just carry pads.
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this is a standard scarf. >> sure. >> this is good, okay? this is good. not good. okay? not good. good. not good. okay? all right? fun. scary. that was comedian hassan manage poking fun at the trump travel ban. he'll be heading the dinner tomorrow night. donald trump will not be there. he's holding a rally in pennsylvania instead. a presidential attempt at trolling, perhaps. he's written this piece in the daily beast and he's the host of his own show on sirius xm. why do you think donald trump is scared of being at the
11:56 pm
correspondents dinner this year? >> donald trump hates a lot of things. he hates fake news, the media and follow-up questions. but he really hates being laughed at. and this predates him running for president. in 2011, last time he went to the dinner, what happened? seth meyers and president obama destroyed him and he got very upset, called seth meyers different names. in 2013 when john stewart went after donald trump, he called him overrated. he sued bill maher in 2013 for a joke he told. and donald trump has asked for "saturday night live" to be canceled in october of last year. he does not like to be mocked. he's narcissistic. he hates it. i think, frankly, he's got a dictator quality about him. i performed in the middle east where you cannot make fun of the leaders there. the leaders want to be feared. they don't want to be laughed at and here's the last thing. he'll be compared to president obama who was the best comedian of any president. in delivering jokes, i said that
11:57 pm
objectively, as a comedian. he was the best, obama. you know trump doesn't want to be compared to the comedian in chief, barack obama. >> every time they've been compared, president obama has come out on top statistical on all these things you mentioned the 2011 dinner president obama making fun of donald trump that a lot of people prompted him to run for president out of revenge. i want to play a little bit of that correspondents dinner in 2011. comedian in chief, president obama. take a listen. >> just recently in an episode of "celebrity apprentice" at the steak house, the men's cooking team did not impress the judges from omaha steaks, and there was a lot of blame to go around, but you, mr. trump, recognized that the real problem was a lack of leadership. so ultimately you didn't blame little john or meat loaf. you fired gary busey. and these are the kind of decisions that would keep me up at night.
11:58 pm
[ laughter and applause ] >> meat loaf. dean, the thing about that is it was sort of poking fun at the frivolity of donald trump as the guy from "the apprentice" as opposed to the seriousness of being president. does it feel to you like donald trump is still looked at as that frivolous guy and he hasn't gained the gravitas that he probably thought he would by being president of the united states? >> i think there's so many -- for so many communities, like mine, the muslim community, and latino, and lgbt, it's so personal what he's done to demonize thesecommunities, whatever humor he had before, it's gone. it's replaced by a sense of concern and deep fear. that's why hassan is perfect. the only thing better would be a latino muslim woman who's disabled comedienne. all that rolled into one to
11:59 pm
taunt him. donald trump is really fearful. hassan's a great comedian. he's going to rip into donald trump having a muslim, a brown muslim guy, the son of immigrants take on the president who has demonized these communities is perfect. >> and do you think the media -- should the media cover this and not be tempted to run to pennsylvania and follow trump? >> of course they're going to cover that. that's an earlier event. because donald trump said he was not going to this dinner because he was going to focus on making america better, apparently making america better is having a rally to congratulate yourself for a failed hundred days. the media will cover both, but i hope they cover hassan, he's going to be great. >> dean, thank you very much. appreciate it. thank you. that does it for this edition of the 11th-hour. you can catch me tomorrow morninga a.m. joy right here in washington, d.c. for the white house correspondents weekend. have a greet weekend, everyone. ten hours from now. see you. good night.
12:00 am
>> this is more work than in my previous life. i thought it would be easier. >> tonight, as the president revives a favorite slur. >> it may be pocahontas, remember that. >> 99 days of trump with filmmaker michael moore. plus about that swamp. >> i said drain the swamp. they went crazy. >> why the president's biggest 100-day accomplishment may be his personal fortune. plus after ailes and o'reilly, why the legal and now perhaps criminal problems for fox news are just beginning. and clearing up a conspiracy theory in a very special thing 1, thing 2. >> all i did is point out the fact that on the cover of the "national enquirer," there was a picture of him and crazy lee harvey oswald having breakfast.


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