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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 6, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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♪ everybody two seconds! ♪ "dear sebastian, after careful consideration of your application, it is with great pleasure that we offer our congratulations on your acceptance..." through the tuition assistance program, every day mcdonald's helps more people go to college. it's part of our commitment to being america's best first job. ♪ i'm yasmin vossoughian. new revelations shining a light on michael flynn and his ties to russia. reports say flynn was warned by senior officials when the trump administration about potential risks of having contact with the russian ambassador. but he did not heed that warning. also, hackers leak e-mails and sensitive documents from emmanuel macron's campaign with just hours to go before the final vote in the french election. could these hacks have a decisive outcome in this election as macron appears to be cruising to victory?
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and could it be the russians once again trying to meddle in another country's election? deja vu. back here at home, the health care battle heating up again. they return to their home districts to face certain conce americans, many of who are not happy abo t new health care plan. trump's transition team trying to wave mike flynn off the conversations that doomed his career. flynn's misleading statements about his contacts with russian ambassador sergei kislyak cost flynn has job after only 24 days. "the washington post" reports that officials were so concerned that flynn did not fully understand the motives of the russian ambassador that the head of the transition team asked obama administration officials for a classified cia profile of kislyak, the document was delivered within days but it is not clear that flynn ever actually read it. nbc's kelly o'donnell is near
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the presidential retreat in enginnew jersey. it seems like the trump team was of two minds about russia. >> reporter: we certainly see this was an influx of new people into the trump world. not part of the campaign operation. but during the transition, getting ready to establish an administration and a presidency. some figures with foreign policy and defense experience came into the transition and were concerned about what they saw with the retired three-star general michael flynn who had been a longtime adviser to the president about his approach toward russia. at that time, they had concern that perhaps flynn didn't understand the potential that the russian ambassador could be expected to russian intelligence and the risks that would carry for someone in the powerful position of advising an incoming president on national security matters. so they got that cia document. we presume that it reinforced their concerns but as the
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reporting indicates, we don't know if flynn ever saw it. the later part of the story that it ultimately cost him his job. traditional republicans were coming in to the trump operation. had a more wary view of russia and we know that the president had spoken about wanting to have a good relationship with russia and flynn had already had contacts, personally, with russia. so that might be the divide that you're talking about. what matters now is that a hearing is coming up this week which will get at some of the concerns that sally yates who had been acting attorney general, her concerns about flynn, what she learned through her position that she brought to the white house. she'll be appearing on capitol hill for the first time to say what she knew along with obama's former director of national intelligence to talk about these concerns as well. so that hearing could shed a lot of light on what the obama team knew, what they were worried about and what perhaps the trump team did not know about flynn that ultimately led to his
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removal from a key position around the new president. we don't know what the vice president or president knew at the time but this will certainly be an investigation that will have a shadow on the trump white house. at the same time, they're not commenting or talking about it. they say yates and clapper should testify. these investigations should proceed, and they think now that he's no longer in the white house that flynn is not their issue anymore. yasmin? >> certainly looking towards monday and hearing from sally yates. kelly donnell, thanks. have a great rest of your saturday. congress not in session next week giving members a chance to head home and face their constituents. republican congressman tom reed wasting no time. he faced a packed house at several events today. many angry over his vote to repeal obamacare. >> you cannot do this to us and to our children. you are doing a death panel. >> you're killing us. you're killing us. shame on you! >> i mean, i hear the question if you -- when you come out and say that the opium epidemic in
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our county is a number one priority and yet you vote for a law that takes that out in the mandate that they don't have to provide it. explain that. >> pretty intense town hall session there. beth fouhy is there where he just wrapped his third town hall of the day. many more trump supporters there. so how did that change the atmosphere of that town hall? >> yeah, that hinsdale one that just wrapped up had a number of trump supporters attending in addition to those folks who were constituents of congressman reed but very upset about the new health care plan as you describe. that first one we went to this morning was almost entirely critics of the new gop health care plan. critics of trump, skeptics of congressman reed. this afternoon, a lot of folks came in with their make america great again hats. there were some clashes and friction between folks living
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right here in the same community but just see these issues so differently. the maga hats, supportive of congressman reed in sticking up for him and his assertion this new gop health care plan would be better than obamacare and those folks who were fans of obamacare not wanting to hear it and there was a real friction between them. >> earlier today when you were at the town hall that we saw the sound bite from, when you spoke to in of those people, did they express they had some issues with obamacare? >> not in the morning meeting but th afteoon, a fellow got up who, just a family man and he said, i don't want to get in a fight over this but the affordable care act isn't working for me right now. his family was paying $1,000 a month premium and that he had an $11,000 a year deductible. he said this just isn't working for me. this is not health care i can use. he did bring that voice into this discussion. just because the obamacare plan does do lots of good things for
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many of these people and many of these activists that were standing by it the point was there are still problems with health care even as it is now. things need to get fixed. maybe the republican plan that was just passed has big problems, too, but everybody at this point is looking for some solutions. >> it's interesting because it's obviously such a personal fight here, health care peek a personal fight. you have to give some credit to tom reed for holding town halls in spite of the wrath he's facing that we've seen in some of that sound. other gop congressmen have not been doing the same. how does this feedback help him, if at all? >> you know, that's really true. he was the one congressman, republican member of congress we could find who was doing any town halls this weekend. so good on him. and there was one moment that we'll probably see a lot. he'll see in his district as the month goes by where he was gronted by a 14-year-old boy who has diabetes, who said how can you promise me that i'll still be able to afford my medicine if this plan goes through. i'm really afraid that because i
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have a pre-existing condition, my parents won't be able to afford my health care and i could die because i couldn't have this medicine. that was a touching moment. i asked congressman reed later, isn't he worried about how this is all going to go down and affect him going forward in the district. this is what he had to say. >> this isn't a polling issue to me. this isn't about looking at numbers. this is about looking at real people. a young man like that come up and talk about type 1 diabetes, i'm a human being and i want to make sure people understand i'm committed to finding solutions and solving these problems that we face. especially in health care. so hopefully we demonstrate a sincere -- because i believe in it. that's the way you represent pele. >> yeah, and so you hear it there, congressman reed also has a son with diabetes. these issues are personal for him. whatever happens with this health care plan is going to be personal for him, too, and one would think all these republicans going forward with so much power over health care are going to be thinking about those people's personal stories as they make their decisions about what to do next.
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>> and hearing him say that, saying, hearing people's personal stories and seeing that reflect in his earlier town halls and how those people were so personal and so angry about the change in health care policies going forward as well. it's got to be tough for him. beth fouhy, thanks. i want to bring in yahoo! news national correspondent hunter walker and jennifer epstein to talk more about all about this. hunter, i'm going to start with you. let's play a bit of president trump from thursday's rose garden ceremony, and then we'll talk. >> as far as i'm concerned, your premiums are going to start to come down. we're going to get this passed through the senate. i feel confident. >> there are a lot of questions about this. it could lead to some interesting, internal fights within the republican party. people like rand paul and ted cruz who really wanted a full repeal of obamacare, and they don't think this went far enough. at the same time you have other
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people who recognize that obamacare is quite popular right now. polls show its popularity has only been growing, and you know, they are worried that this won't fill the gap. they're worried this $8 billion tacked in won't adequately cover pre-existing conditions. so, really, you've got two different sides of the senate that might not be as ready to jump on this plan as president trump indicated they will. >> lindsey graham tweeting out about that house vote suggesting it was rushed through and should be viewed with caution. what do you think that the senate is going to do here? jumping off of the question i just asked. can they come together, really? >> you've seen a lot of leadership in the senate, cluding john cornyn and the chairman of the health committee, lamar alexander. both made clear this is going to be a process that takes weeks and weeks in the senate. the senate will work in a deliberative process and not try to rush something through to
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give the president a victory that this for them is about actually putting through a bill that at least the republican majority feels confident in. and as hunter pointed out, some of these people like ted cruz and rand paul in particular have strong views on health care. have put forward their own bills. have shown that they're willing to use senate procedures to hold up bills they don't like. and i think what you're going to see here is a much longer process that's going to be reminiscent of the year and a half that it took to pass the affordable care act. >> when the cbo reports that 24 million people could stand losing their health care under this bill, they haven't necessarily put out their reports on this new amended bill but many experts suggesting it's going to be the same numbers there. how do republicans defend this considering 24 million americans could feasibly lose their health care under this new bill? >> after that rose garden ceremony i was talking to steve scalise, the majority whip, who is one of the key people that
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got this through the house. and, you know, he basically denied that anyone would lose coverage. he pointed to this $8 billion from the upton amendment and said that was going to fully cover people with pre-existing conditions. but most of the -- >> not to interrupt you, but what about medicaid as well? there's a problem there as well. so how can you deny that 24 million people coming from the congressional budget office could feasibly lose their health care under this? it just doesn't make sense. >> the republican line right now is to say that everyone is going to be adequately covered. and it really goes back to a corner that trump painted himself into on the campaign trail. when he came out and said he was going to repeal obamacare and he also said that people were going to have better and cheaper health insurance. so he needs to do both of those two things while also saving money to fund his later goals of a tax cut and infrastructure spending. >> democrats are not holding back atall. they see this as a christmas
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gift, shall we say. let's take a listen to how they're reacting. >> right now, the republicans are like searching for a unicorn. what can make the far right wing freedom caucus in the house happy while at the same time making moderate republicans in the senate happy. good luck in finding that political unicorn. i do nod thit think it is possi. >> ed markey doesn't think we'll find a political unicorn and you saw democrats reactions to this. ♪ na, na, na good-bye on the floor after it passed. do you think it's going to help or hurt them here? >> right now they feel like it's helping them. we already saw, you know, $4 million that was raised in just a day by a couple of groups using the act blue platform. and, you know, they see it as a way to excite their base. and midterm elections are generally base elections. if that excitement, enthusiasm
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continues, we're talking about another year and a half until we get to next election day for congressional seats. but it's still a sign that the democrats need at this time when they can be despondent and dejected that this resistance movement has this other thing, this thing that will keep them alive and keep them excited and enthusiastic and you have to remember that there were 23 house members, house republicans whose districts hillary clinton won. who voted for this bill. those are places that democrats already see as really clear, potential wins come 2018. >> i certainly think that those republicans are probably pretty nervous right about now. we'll have to see how this landscape plays out when those midterm elections do come up. hunter walker, jennifer epstein, thank you both. more on the health care battle ahead. i' be joined by steve kohn of
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tennessee who opposed it. on the eve of france's presidential election, allegations the russians hacked into e-mails to help score an upset for an underdog from the right. sound familiar? we'll look into that.
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so they did it. obamacare is finally officially dead is something they can say once the bill goes to the senate then gets out of committee is debateod the floor where amendments can be added then the senate votes on their bill which is sent to conference committee where the difference between the two bills ironed out and voteod again and then sent to the white house to re-sign which is why republicans were chanting we're number one ---third of the way through a complex process. >> he's been saying a lot this week. there's much truth spoken in jest. although republicans have now crossed that bridge they're waiting to find out what's waiting for them on the other side. >> the insurance company gets to
2:20 pm
social sizthr losses and privatize their gains and those those are things i still don't like about the product. >> i do believe we need to reach a conclusion because we promised the american people and i promised the people of arizona we'd repeal and replace obamacare. >> at the end of the day, i think there will be a senate bill and those two bills at some point will have to come together. >> joining us now, representative steve kohn who voted against trumpcare. he has a pre-existing condition as a polio survivor. thanks for joining me. >> happy to be with you. >> so you saw how some senators reacted to the health care vote this week. what was your reaction? >> i thought it was one of the most mean and cruel, harmful things that congress has ever done. they repealed a bill that gave a lot of people health care, will take 24 million people off of health care, will give a billion
2:21 pm
dollars in tax breaks to the richest in the country and take nearly a billion dollars out of medicaid that gives health care to the people who are the poorest among us. this was just disgusting. it's not what america should be doing in 2017. it's not what america should have been doing in 1817 when we had slavery and women couldn't vote. this was going back toward that era. giving to the rich, taking from the poor, not giving health care the traditions in my mind of lyndon johnson and hubert humphrey and even richard nixon who was for national health care are still good values and we ought to finally get in tune with the rest of the world. we're the last industrialized country in the world without health care. if it weren't for the patient protection act, the republicans wouldn't be taking it up now. they know it's popular. they know they have to do something. they've not been for national health care even though this plan we passed, the affordable care act was mitt romney's plan
2:22 pm
in massachusetts drawn up by the heritage group. it's a conservative plan that takes democratic values of giving people health cend republican ways of doing it by subsidizing insurance companies and keeping the private sector in. personally, i'd like to have a single option. medicare for all. that would take care of it. >> but you have senators who are saying they're going to rework the plan once it hits them. >> they have to rework the plan. it's just awful. >> what do you want to see? >> well, what i'd like to see them do is go back to affordable care act and make it to where it's more affordable. you can do that. there are high risk quarters that republicans didn't fund that can see that insurance companies that have great losses because the areas have such high health problems that they are given more federal money and subsidized to where it makes their entry into those markets financially reasonable. there are ways to make the affordable care act more affordable and more workable. the basic mechanics are good,
2:23 pm
and the republicans know that. that's why they've kept people being allowed to keep their kids on their insurance up to 26. something they never thought about. that's why they talk about pre-existing conditions but their plan will mean people with pre-existing conditions, such as me if i was in that same situation, and i enemy that situation, where they can say anything polio related, they wouldn't deal with. in the south particularly where states have really hurt poor people a lot over the years, and not cared about the least of these, you're going to see states do waivers that put people who -- insurance lapses and all, or people who have pre-existing conditions and put them in high risk pools that will not be funded enough. this $8 billion was a tiny fig leaf. just a tiny fig leaf. couldn't nak on instagram. they'd take it off. it's just wrong. >> i want to take a listen to tom price, secretary of health and human services and his reaction to all of this.
2:24 pm
and then we'll talk. >> under obamacare, the older folks and sicker folks pay -- could pay three times more than the younger folks whereas under this plan they might play five times more. that's going in the wrong direion. >> is pricing for what individuals health status is. and that's important to appreciate. somebody is going to pay for health coverage for the american people. >> so someone has to pay, but what if that someone doesn't have the money? what about the elderly folk? >> exactly. and the people -- not even elderly. people 50 years and older will pay that five times as much as others and it will go up -- definitely go up. it's a big hit for people 50 and over. i give the republicans credit. they are looking at the people who mostly vote. people over 50. that's a high voting group. and looking at people middle income and are having trouble with this. it's going to affect their ability to make insurance payments which is their base and they're saying the heck with you. we wanted to get this passed
2:25 pm
because the president told us he wanted it passed. paul ryan had to get it passed. they didn't care about the substance. most of them don't know the substance. there was a cbo score. the amendment was not debated. there were no amendments allowed to the bill. there were only 40 minutes of debate allowed. they just said we take it up where it fell off a month ago. should have been debate on it. fullsome debate. there wasn't. and they don't know what's in it but they'll have to be responsible for it in 2018. they voted to take people with pre-existing conditions and possibly cause them a death sentence. >> i want to clarify what you said to vote on this health care bill. last time in march, we saw the congressional budget office report before anything hit the floor and in that report, it said 24 million people would lose their health care. many experts saying this would prove to be the same. representative steve cohen, thank you.
2:26 pm
the french election now in the final stretch. emmanuel macron with a huge lead over marine le pen with just hours to go. as the final vote nears, macron's campaign says he was the victim of a massive hacking attack. sensitive documents were leaked. what we know so far, that's next. to dig a hole to china. at&ts working with farmers to improve irrigation techniques. remote moisture sensors use a reliable network to tell them when and where to water. so that farmers like ray can compete in big ways. china. oh ... he got there. that's the power of and. hi, i'm frank. i take movantik for oic, opioid-induced constipation. had a bad back injury, my doctor prescribed opioids which helped with the chronic pain,
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find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. that's amazing! we're following breaking news. the u.s. olympic committee says bobsledder steve holcomb has been found dead. he was found in his room in lake placid, new york, this morning. no further details are available. he was at the winter olympics in vancouver in 2010. our thoughts are with his friends and family today. turning now overseas. voters in france tomorrow will choose a new president while dealing with allegations that emmanuel macron was hacked. his campaign says there were leaks of e-mails, accounting information, contracts and false documents online ahead of the election battle with the far right candidate marine le pen. it happened just before midnight in france. a blackout prevents macron from
2:30 pm
talking about the hack. it's similar to the russian cyberattack of the 2016 u.s. presidential election. matt bradley has more from paris. >> thanks, yasmin. the release of those hacked e-mails last night have dealt a surprising blow to the campaign that many french people had already thought was deeply divisive and acrimonious. we don't know exactly what is in all of the e-mails because we're not sure if all of them have been released yet. it seems as though most of them are genuine. and now there hasn't been much of a whiff of scandal in any of them. it's a little like the e-mails that were released after the dnc hacking last summer. if you're determined to find a scandal or conspiracy, you'll be able to find them in those e-mails. if norkts they'll look like the mundane discussions of campaign and party officials trying to go about the business of running a presidential campaign. and that's exactly what most of those e-mails say. some discussion of money.
2:31 pm
some discussion of buying dinner. some comments about the weather. it's all pretty mundane for a campaign that's been anything but mundane so far. now, of course, suspicion has focused initially on the russians. a japanese security firm that just a couple of weeks ago released a report that named macron's campaign as among those entities that have been hacked by russian group coziber. which is known to have connections to the russian intelligence agency. we'll have to wait until tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. to see just whether that's had an impact or not. >> matt bradley for us. thank you. i want to bring in andrew shapiro and former stuftant secretary of state for political and military affairs in the obama administration. thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> does the hacking in france surprise you at all? >> no, this is part of a pattern that we're seeing where western
2:32 pm
democracies are being attacked via hacking to sow confusion and undermine democratic political institutions. we had the 2016 hacks of the dnc and john podesta. the french hacking now. just two days ago, the head of domestic intelligence in germany reported an up surge in hacking attempts in advance of the september elections in germany. >> so are you advised, andrew, as to what to say and what not to say in e-mails when working on a campaign or in the government in general nowadays considering the environment, considering what happened in the 2016 election and also seeing what's happening now? >> you have to strike the right balance. obviously, you want to make sure that anything that you write would not appear in "the washington post" or "new york times" or online in an embarrassing fashion. you also need to be able to have the types of discussions, confidential discussions that
2:33 pm
make government function. so finding that right balance is difficult, and now people are less willing to put things in e-mail because of the fear of hacking. >> do we need to assume going forward that everything is going to be hacked? whatever election we have going forward. midterm elections in a year and a half going forward. a lot of those seats up for grabs considering the vote on the health care. is this an assumption that most americans need to make? >> this is the pattern that we're seeing. and given the results of the 2016 election, given the havoc that it's wreaking in the french election, those who are engaging in the hacking are pleased with those results. so they'll continue to do so. and the question is, what do western democracies facing this hacking do in response to send the message that this type of behavior is not acceptable? and it's something that western democracies have to address. >> if it is the russians, are you surprised that they would have done it again? also considering the fall out
2:34 pm
from all of that. >> i mean, i think from their perspective, their hacking during the 2016 election was very successful. and now the hacking that they're doing of the french elexs, it may not sway the election results but it will cast doubt. it will sow confusion and undermine democratic political institutions and that's in their national interest. >> andrew shapiro, thank you. the ongoing open carry debate in tennessee has a new bill that would force communities to make a tough choice that some say could compromise public safety. we'll break down the bill and what it could mean for those on both sides ofdebate. and be sure to watch former president barack obama receive the profile in courage award. our coverage starts at 8:00 p.m. eastern time hosted by our very own chris matthews. i let go of all those feelings. because i am cured with harvoni.
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in tennessee voting through a house bill that could force cities and counties to choose
2:38 pm
between funding security measures like metal detectors. the bill also expands protect n protections for gun rights groups allowing them to sue on behalf of those who feel wronged by local gun restrictions. opponents say it will burden local authorities but many republicans and the nra say it holds local governments responsible for keeping their citizens safe. joining me is the spokesman for the spokesman mad releine roher who opposes the bill. on wednesday, gabby giffords who survived a 2011 tucson mass shooting said this. >> stopping gun violence takes courage. the courage to do what's right. the courage of new ideas. i've seen great courage when my life was on the line. now is the time to come together. be responsible.
2:39 pm
>> do you think this bill is responsible? >> no. we don't think this bill is responsible for a couple of reasons. as you mentioned, it makes it easier for anyone who feels aggrieved to file a lawsuit against the local government claiming abridgment of second amendment rights. it also creates the possibility for them to create triple their attorney fees and damages if they prevail, which we are worried that that's going to prompt a lot of frivolous lawsuits and it could kind of start a whole new sector of lawyers looking for a way to, you know, make a buck by suing cities, claiming second amendment abridgment and the second part is this requirement that we inall metal detectors and aed guards and other security measures in public buildings where we've never had any incidents or problems. these are areas already safe and we don't believe allowing people to bring firearms into those
2:40 pm
places is going to make anybody safer. >> do you think there's a compromise here? >> well, we think that these decisions are best made at the local level. we are the local government. charged with public safety in our public facilities and we've been providing that. reliably for years and years. we have never had an issue. one of our big concerns here is this might require us to allow people to bring handguns on to our public buses and we don't allow our drivers to carry so much as a mace can because in a contained space like that, we don't think that introducing weapons into any situation is going to be safe for anybody. so we think the compromise is, let local governments continue to provide public safety the way we have been. >> how much could this feasibly cost you? >> if we had to install those levels of security and all of the facilities, especially if you had to do it on buses, you're talking about millions of dollars in taxpayer funding and it would be completely impractical. >> this is a really interesting stat. the pew research center has
2:41 pm
tracked shifting public attitudes about guns over the past 20 years. as of december, 52% of americans, they supported gun rights compared to 46% to want gun control. what do you make of this shift? >> well, i think there's been a lot of conversation, obviously, about second amendment rights and the nra and various other groups have done a very good job of driving the public conversation. certainly in states like tennessee. they have a lot of political clout and they do a lot of lobbying. they spend a lot of money. one thing that we see at the local level is that every year they've already passed a lot of legislation making it legal to bring guns into just about every place you can imagine. they're sort of runng out of places to mandate guns be allowed. obviously, they're still raising money and they're still lobbying. so they have to keep finding new
2:42 pm
places to force guns into and we just don't think this is a good idea. >> the governor says he's going to refer to the legislature's decision on this. do you want any action from the governor? what do you want him to do here? >> the reality is the governor has been very supportive of cities. the governor has -- the former mayor of knoxville. the city actually restricted the carrying of guns -- understands this issue. he's in a situation where even if he vetoes something the way our state constitution is the legislature can override him with a simple majority. it wouldn't be very effective. and so we appreciate the support we've had from the governor on this issue in the past. and this is really up to the legislature. >> i just want to note that we did invite people on that did support this bill because we wanted to hear their side of things, and no one agreed to come on. it's important to note that. jesse, thank you for joining me. >> thank you.
2:43 pm
following the shooting death of a 15-year-old black teenager in texas, the officer accused of killing him has turned himself in and is facing murder charges. the latest on the investigation just ahead. i was really surprised that i wasn't finding all of these germans in my tree. i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. the big surprise was we're not german at all. 52% of my dna comes from scotland and ireland. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at what in real time?stomer insights from the data wait, our data center and our clouds can't connect? chael, cane get thisataomer insightsto...?the data
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talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ welcome back. the officer was charged with murder as the young man's family is saying good-bye. >> reporter: hours after investigators in texas issued an arrest warrant, former balch springs police officer roy oliver was booked into a dallas area jail for the murder of 15-year-old jordan edwards. >> the news that the man responsible for their son's death was properly charged with murder is a big deal to the family. >> reporter: according to the arrest warrant it awl begin last saturday night when police
2:47 pm
responded to a call about noise at a house party. oliver and another officer responded. and while at the home, their police body cameras captured audio of what sounded like gunfire coming from outside. they went to investigate and spotted a vehicle. first seen slowly backing up, and then driving away. investigators say oliver fired his patrol rifle into the car several times. jordan edwards was in the front passenger seat. the freshman honor student and football player died from a gunshot wound to the head. >> i loved that kid. it hit home. when i heard it, it hit home. >> reporter: initially the balch springs police department said the car edward was in had moved in a threatening manner toward the police officers but body cam footage showed that was not true. the police chief later apologized for the misinformation and the department fired oliver. >> this is a horrific tragedy. we know the edwards family is grieving. we're in a lot of pain over here, too. >> oliver's attorney would not
2:48 pm
comment on the officer's arrest. the family of jordan edwards has filed a wrongful deathlawsuit. >> the family is in it for the long haul. proper charges for murder are great biwhat tare hoping to see is a conviction. >> reporter: a former police officer now finding himself on the other side of the law. as a family prepares to bury their son later today. maya rodriguez, nbc news. >> certainly thinking about that family today. coming up, the undeniable impact of the gop health care bill. millions of people are concerned about how this could alter health coverage for years to come. one family with a lot to lose shares their story, next. l nigh. she said the future freaks her out. how come no one likes me, jim? intel does! just think of everything intel's doing right now with artificial intelligence. and pretty soon ai is going to help executives like her see trends to stay ahead of her competition. no more sleepless nights. - we're going to be friends! - i'm sorry about this. don't be embarrassed of me, jim.
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2:51 pm
the next step for the gop health care bill is the senate. patients are worried and confused, especially those with pre-existing conditions. gabe foot areas spoke with one family facing a major obstacle involving their toddler son.
2:52 pm
>> emerson is 18 months old. full of energy. and he has his parents scared to death. >> it is so helpless. you almost have to let it go. >> he was diagnosed with simic fibrosis. >> how hard is to it keep him alive? >> it is a lot of work. i know that never in a million years did i think i would have a kid with a fatal disease. and then it happened. and i have to handle it. >> one medication alone is $1,200 a month. >> if i don't have access to insurance, to keep my son alive, i need to find a job where i make a million dollars a year. >> ready? >> elizabeth fuller says after she heard about the house vote, she cried. >> i just hope that absolutely none of them have a child or a grand child, or a family member born with a pre-existing condition. >> republicans say their plan
2:53 pm
will cover pre-existing conditions. >> if you have a plan today and you have a pre-existing condition, under our bill you'll be protected forever. >> but the bill would allow states to permit insurers to charge people with pre-existing conditions more. to help cover those increased scots, states could set up high risk pools. the federal government could set up 108 billion over nine years to help pay. they said high risk pools can work but only if funded properly. >> the republican bill did not set enough money aside to cover the cost of high risk pool coverage for the people who could find themselves surprised out of affordable coverage in the private market. >> as the bill moves forward, the fullers and many others will be watching. >> kansas city, missouri. >> joining us now, joe walsh, a
2:54 pm
democratic party pollster. thank you both for joining me. i have to start with this. you tweeted it out so i'll bring it out which i'm sure you expected me to. jimmy kimmel a couple days ago talking about his son's heart condition. and you tweeted pout his sad story does not obligate to you pay for someone else aets heah insurance. is it the same what is we just showed? >> it is good to be with you. the problem is this. and i'll answer your question. health care is complicated and it is bankrupting this country. my beef with jimmy kimmel was, and god bless him and his son and i hope his son lives a long, healthy life. but the country reacts to jimmy kimmel crying on late night tv and somehow that will dictate our health care policy? look, the republicans made a problem. the democrats guaranteed pre-existing conditions. everything will be covered. and the republicans passed a bill yesterday that nobody,
2:55 pm
nobody really he understands. it is a bill that will hurt them in 2018. >> so nobody understands? even the republicans? they don't understand it themselves? >> yes. >> does that make sense? >> no. it makes no sense. they rushed through a bill. >> but that was the democrats. we're talking about the republicans. you're saying they didn't whanlds they passed and they passed it nonetheless. do you think no one should pick up the bill for this poor kid who was born with cystic fibrosis. >>? they will all be covered. jimmy kimmel's and i had this other child. republicans should have said, of course every child will be covered in an emergency. by law we have to do that now.
2:56 pm
but health care is bankrupting this country. let's have an adult conversation about it. instead of reacting to a late night comedian. >> i don't think the republicans are necessarily reacting to a late night comedian. i want him to weigh in. he's been waiting patiently. this is dividing line. the real difference between republicans and democrats, showing this sayin this shouldn't be about politics. we should have the right to have health care. but this is really the dividing line between republicans and democrats and what they think the government should get involved in. >> i agree. i think health care is complicated. i guess not only republican congressmen but also the american people don't know what was in the health care bill passed last week. >> but isn't that shocking?
2:57 pm
>> to me it was a rushed solution in search of a problem. and i think, sorry to keep agreeing congressman walsh. i think this presents a big problem for the republican party in 2018. >> so let's talk about that. so congressman walsh, what do you think? you have 2018, a year and a half out. a lot of people's seats up for grabs. people voted in favor of the bill in the presidential election there. they have to be shaking in their boots right now. >> they all have a huge target on their backs. look, i got elected if 2010 because of all the democrats who voted for obamacare and a grassroots movement got angry. there is a grassroots angry movement on the left. and what the republicans did friday is going to anger them even further. and lith help get democrats to control the house. >> how do you see this going forward? >> i hate to do this.
2:58 pm
>> you did not come on here to agree. we want to you butt up against each other. it looks like i'm the only one that's an interrupter here. >> this will go a big problem for republicans. democrats to have take oh a lot of seats the get majority back. so congressman tom reid in new york at a town hall earlier today. i want to take a listen to him. >> i'll let the politics take care of itself. we know that the affordable care act is collapsing as we speak. i know it is going out in our community in the next couple of weeks. we know that people aren't having access because the co-pays and deductibles are going up. at least i can look them in the face and say i'm trying to be part of the effort to fix this.
2:59 pm
i'll have you weigh in first. when the cbo reports that 24 million people could lose their health care. >> i think congressman reid has a substantive argument for a bill that really has no defense. i think 24 million people kicked off health care. basically trump's no pun intended, anything a republican person could say. what the democrats the with obamacare, it is easy to understand. nobody understand what's the republican does on friday. and that's really going to nail them next year. >> we'll have to wait and see. actually, i've got one more question. what is it going to cost in the house, do you think? and literally 20 seconds. >> there is a decent chance. i think there's the potential for a huge democrat wave just like there was in 2010 that sent no congress. the left is really angry.
3:00 pm
>> we'll have to wait and see. thank you both for joining me. that wraps it up here. stay with us for updates and breaking news as it happens. joy reid is next. have a fantastic night. welcome to the beginning of the send of obamacare. >> you guys are the best. >> mr.president, they all voted for the bill. >> a president. can you believe it? >> he with want to brag about the plan. this plan, really. oh-oh! wel well. >> congratulations on a job well done. >> good morning, welcome to the a.m. joy. this was scene