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tv   First Look  MSNBC  May 22, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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>> that's all for this edition of "dateline extra." . . . this morning, the president leaves the heart of the muslim world for israel. we are up early following his breaking traveling as he arrives in tel aviv. and the speech in saudi arabia drawing a line in the sand on certiterror. after years of slumming stock, the reports of ceo of ford is set to be replaced. >> good morning. it's a very busy monday morning. may 22nd. president trump is en route to
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israel expected to arrive in an hour in tel aviv to take part in a meeting with israel representatives. benjamin netanyahu had to order his ministers to attend the represent interception at the airport after a change of plans disinvited them from the tarmac ceremony. the goal to present a united government and the president to present a peace process. the new york times reports that netanyahu had to wrestle sunday in a closed cabinet meeting to win approval of modest gestures to encourage the palestinian economy and ease conditions in the west bank. donald trump is scheduled to meet with abbas later. >> joining us from jerusalem is correspondent andrea mitchell.
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andr andrea, what is in store for president trump? >> reporter: first of all, it is historic for him to fly on air force one on a u.s. military plane from riyadh to tel aviv. that is historic. no commercial flights. no military flights can go from riyadh to israel because of the 70-year emnity. there have been reports from y cairo to israel because of the peace treaties. none from saudi arabia. there is a break through in terms of aviation. i should point out the commercially chartered press charter for the white house press corps cannot fly directly. they have to take a lengthy hours long route and detour through cyprus and land in cyrus
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and rebooked and the aprirplane from cyprus to tel aviv. they do not have the same privilege that air force one. peace is not about to break out. the president in his landmark speech in riyadh said he is hoping for a break through. he is hoping for first by uniting the arab world and u.s. and arab leaders talking to israel and united against iran and they view as the common enemy, they can somehow later do the palestinian/israeli peace treaty which have alluded the united states for years. no one has been able to do the ultimate deal which donald trump says he believes may not be as difficult. that remains to be seen.
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>> andrea, it is historic. president trump received a warm welcome with the saudi traditions and fanfare. slightly different expressing they were on the tarmac, but not able to shake hands with president trump when he lands. let's talk about the elephant in the room. that is the revelations that president trump shared intelligence with the russians. is that at all playing out in israel? is that affecting the mood of the security establishment on the arrival of president trump? >> reporter: the intelligence community was outraged by it. these are the crown jewels. secrets blurted out to the russians in an oval office meeting. a meeting that was controversial back in the u.s. because of what he said about jim comey. particularly here in israel. it was isis and secret sources
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and penetration that is difficult to achieve in any of the terror networks. especially in isis by israeli source. the fact that it was blurted out to russia which is in alliance with the assad regime with iran against u.s. and israeli interests in syria and against isis is pretty extraordinary. that said, there is no rift with netanyahu and trump. president trump is the closest american leader to benjamin netanyahu of any of his predecessors. there was a terrible relationship with president obama who had a warm reception in israel. he spoke to student leaders. he spent several days cementing relations with netanyahu and others in israel. president trump will have a limited venue. he will give a speech in a few people museum.
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he will meet with the heard lea the west bank. the western wall and holy place in judaism, the site of the last surviving temple is not part of israel. that is controversial. i have to say there is not real tension between the israeli leadership and trump to the contra contrary. one of the problems with the cabinet ministers, they wanted to meet president trump and he wanted to be the only one in the pictures. >> we are awaiting his arrival. andrea mitchell. thank you. we will check back in with you. now to the president's speech in saudi arabia yesterday. following a tell proeprompterte president struck a conciliatory tone when he routinely used the
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phrase radical islamic. >> i stand before you as a representative of the american people to deliver a message of friendship and hope and love. i also promise that america will not seek to impose our way of life on others, but to outstretch our hands in the spirit of cooperation and trust. we are not here to lecture. we are not here to tell other people how to live, what to do, who to be or how to worship. instead, we are here to offer partnership. based on shared interests and values. >> president trump also called on muslim nations to not allow terrorists which he called foot soldiers of evil to have access to
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religious leaders. >> terrorists do not worship god. they worshipping death. this is not a battle between different faiths or sects or different civilizations. this is a battle between good and evil. the nations of the middle east cannot wait for american power to crush this enemy for them. the nations of the middle east will have to decide what kind of future they want for themselves for their country and frankly for their families and for their children. a better future is only possible if your nations drive out the terrorists and drive out the extremists. drive them out. drive them out of your places of worship. drive them out of your communities. drive them out of your holy
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land. and drive them out of this earth. >> and there were other orders of business on the agenda. chief among them, a massive arms deal worth $110 billion. effective immediately with another 3$350 billion coming. >> yesterday, we signed historic agreements with the kingdom that will invest almost $400 billion in our two countries and create many hundreds of thousands of jobs in america and saudi arabia. this landmark agreement includes the announcement of $110 billion saudi fund. we will help you get a good deal from our great american defense companies. the greatest anywhere in the
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world. >> the president also was awarded saudi arabia's highest civilian honor and sparked controversy when appearing to bow. something that trump criticized president obama for doing in the past. then there was this along with king salman, trump seemed to channel his inner lord of the rings unless you feel it was part of the global center for combating extremist ideology. staying in the region, ir iranian president is promising a moderate outlook after the victory. rouhani got 50% of the vote. he beat out his opponent who
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received 39% of the vote. this should allow the president to transition the factions in the country. that could include a continue the push to expand personal freedoms to outside money. iran was a focal point of the donald trump speech in saudi arabia. he signalled his intention to end engagement with iran. >> for decades iran has fueled the fires of sectarian conflict and terror. it is a government that speaks openly. among iran's most tragic and destabilizing interventions. you have seen it in syria.
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bolstered by iran, assad has committed unspeakable crimes and the united states has taken firm action and response to the use of banned chemical weapons by the assad regime. until the iranian regime is willing to be partner for peace, all nations of conscious must work together to isolate and deny it and funding for terrorism cannot do. pray for the day when the iranian people have the just and righteous government they so richly deserve. >> joining us from tehran is ali. you are hearing donald trump there yesterday talking about how all nations must isolate iran. iran's people are the longest suffering victims of iran's regime. how are people reacting and how
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is the government reacting to what he said? >> reporter: it certainly looks like renewed heightened an attention with america and complete reversal of the obama approach. the kmentcomments are not going well here. they are hostile. people are calling it a plot to destabilize iran. setting the staplige for antagom with iran and u.s. he said iran fresh from elections attacked by potus in the democracy in moderation. foreign policy are milking $480 billion. another stinging comment. he suggested that president trump discuss how to avoid
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another september 11th attack. he said you will really find out who knocked down the world trade center because they have papers and they are secret. you will find out saudis are behind this. iran's deputy minister of military here also had tough words of secretary tillerson. dismantle ballistic missile program and offer proxy in the region. he said secretary of state rex tillerson's he cexpectations of iran. he forged ahead. >> ali is live for us in tehran with that outcome of the elections. let me ask you quickly. we have seen the sharp rhetoric of the americans and saudis over the course of the week. iran was having historic elections. what is at stake for the government arres they look acro? they just elected a moderate reformer.
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he is now under the gun to deliver or to at least be confrontational to the pressure out of the west and saudis. >> it is difficult. you have the supreme leader. rouhani and the nuclear deal with the united states. the people electing rouhani because of the nuclear deal saying they want to be part of the international economy. now they have rhetoric coming from the saudi arabia out of the u.s. and saying to ice rasolate. now coming out hard against saudi arabia. >> trolling social media. >> this is a difficult time. >> thanks for the insight. a breaking story to tell you about. "the new york times" reporting that ford motors replacing mark field. officials were briefed on the move. set to replace him is jim
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hacke hackett. ford stock has dropped off precipitous precipitously. the company slashed 10% of the work force. mostly salaried workers in north america and asia. nbc news has not independently verified this report. all right. still ahead, we are awaiting the arrival of trump. and bill karins has a check of the weather. keep it here, everybody.
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welcome back. you are looking at pictureses o the city of jerusalem. the president of the united states giving a major speech to muslim leaders. >> we are up early awaiting arrival in israel as his foreign
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tour continues throughout the middle east. i want to get a check on the weather with nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> good morning. we need a lot of umbrellas. the gulf coast and eastern seaboard. if we have weather issues today, we will be in trouble with people with water along the gulf coast. the showers have building through east texas and during the day. they will spread in the gulf coast region. this is the rainfall forecast. the one thing is a lot of thunderstorms. it is not a widespread rain. that is 4 to 5 inches along the i-10 corridor. that is where greatest flood risk is. this is a new map. we show you the thunderstorm risk areas. we have a new product to show you who is likely for flash flooding. flash flooding kills more people than thunderstorms do. the area is a moderate risk of flash flooding from southern louisiana to biloxi.
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this is where you deal with rising stream levels. the forecast for today, heavy rain and flood threat along the gulf coast. we will see downpours from d.c. from philadelphia to baltimore. nice weather from st. louis to chicago. as far as the severe weather threat. 2 million people at risk. amarillo to abilene. large hail is the big risk. we will time out the rainfall throughout the morning and let you know when it will dry out. it will be a while. back to you. >> bill karins. thank you. we have a lot to talk about overseas. still ahead, the streak ends for cleveland cavaliers in the nba playoffs. >> if you don't know by now, we are live and up early this morning and awaiting the arrival of president trump in israel. back in a moments. much earlier than usual. t it too r rns out it wasn't the machine, it was our detergent. so we switched to tide turbo clean.
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unlikeso babies can sleeppampers stasoundly all night.s drier, paers. welcome back. time for game three where two blowout losses and isaiah thomas stunned for the season. celtics seemed to be on the ropes. the cavaliers built a 21--point lead by the third quarter. then celtics rallied back to even it up. the final seconds of regulation. >> five seconds remaining.
1:25 am
one tenth of a second remaining. >> and bradley knocks down the game winning three-pointer with less than a second on the clock and boston ends the 13-game playoff win streak 111-108 victory. on the ice, blowout in game five of the conference final. penguins came out and scored four in the first period in the 7-0 shutout against the senators. pittsburgh as an edge in thor cy the series. to a story overseas where ynez cantor was held in an airport after the passport was revoked by turkey. >> we are in romania. they canceled my passport. the issue is my political views and the guy who did it is the
1:26 am
president of the turkey. you know he attacks the people in washington. he is a bad, bad man. he is a dictator. >> kantor is the outspoken critic of erdogan. he was eventually allowed on a flight to london. he landed back state side. he tweeted hello the most beautiful country of the world. >> glad he made it back safely glch. >> that got a lot of attention over the weekend. still ahead, the president tries to make a mark in the middle east and bombshelled that overshadowed his trip. and north korea test fires another missile. we will get a live report as tensions are frayed. first, a live report from andrea mitchell as she awaits the arrival of the president on his
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middle east tour. back after this.
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welcome back. good morning on this extended coverage of morning joe. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ahmed. the president party is expected to arrive in an hour in tel aviv where the president will take part in the bilateral meeting
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with the president. the nation's prime minister benjamin netanyahu had to order his ministers to attend the reception at the airport after a change of plans disinvited them from the tarmac ceremony and reinvited them. only to view the greetings from the sidelines. netanyahu's goal is present a united government to a president hopeful restarting the peace process. the report is netanyahu had to wrestle a closed cabinet meeting with the members of the coalition to win approval of modest gestures meant to encourage the economy and ease conditions in the west bank. president trump scheduled to meet with abbas tomorrow. we saw them heading the flight for israel. >> andrea said this is historic flight as he makes the journey without stopping in another country. joining us from jerusalem is chief foreign affairs
1:32 am
correspondent andrea mitchell. andrea, good to hav youack with us. the second leg of th tour. slightly different than what we are hearing from saudi arabia which dealt more with extremism and economy and bilateral relationships. this is focused on trying to jump start the middle east peace process. a massive undertaking. talk about what is on the president's schedule for the next 48 hours. >> reporter: he will be doing a number of symbolic visits. the western wall, the church of the holy sepucar. and the meeting with netanyahu. tomorrow is bethlehem and the meeting with be abbas. this is mostly for show. it is diplomacy, but not the hard necessity gosh ygotiations
1:33 am
take place for a breakthrough. it was difficult enough for netanyahu who had a hard line on the palestinian issue to persuade others part of the coalition government to agree to any economic concessions to the palestinians. nothing is as important to pulling back on expanding the settlement. something that previous american presiden oose but president trump has not taken a position on. president trump said he will not live up to the campaign promise to move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. that is off the table for prior presidents. many promise in campaigns and all of them have decided not to do it once they become president and realize how difficult it is to do given jerusalem is the heart of the dispute between israelis and palestinians and
1:34 am
that would be the end of long negotiations. to move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem is acknowledge jerusalem as the capital of israel. taking one side of the dispute. that would be really dangerous as far as any relationship with the arab world or palestinian world. this is the first trip abroad. how is it being received so far in israel as you have been talking to people there? >> reporter: i think the verdict here in israel remains to be seen. president trump very close to prime minister netanyahu. israeli politics are so fractious, it is hard to find agreement with trump. once people see interactions with the leaders, it will be safe to judge that.
1:35 am
already there is a lot of tension with the identifisraeli community because of his sharing of the cly guarded secrets with the russian notis in the o office meeting. that upset the security contingent here. that doesn't spread in the leadership who will bend over backwards to make this trip successful. they view donald trump because he is against iran as the closest leader of any that have been elected in the united states for many years. >> andrea, let me ask you this. the accomplishments and expectatio expectations. when the president was in saudi arabia, his administration likes to talk about wins. the president was able to go to saudi arabia. he signed deals for hundreds of billions which are good for the american economy and defense industry. talk about israeli side.
1:36 am
on this part of the trip, what expectation does the president's team have for him in israel over the course of the next 36 hours in the west bank and israel? what are the tangible wins out of the trip? >> reporter: it is much less clear here. the u.s. under president obama did little. what they did in riyadh was to accumulate a lot of things in the pipeline from the obama years and put it together and put a bow around it and claimed they achieved it. certainly the gulf leaders who assembled were happier to see him than to see president obama because of the hostility of president obama's posture toward mubarak an the nuclear deal and what they had done with the red
1:37 am
line against assad. they welcomed him with much more than anyone could have expected. red carpet. in israel, it will be much more complicated to have a deliverable in that context. the only real deliverable here is peace or breakthrough on the palestinian track. president trump said it is not as difficult as some thought. that is what they want to accomplish. it is difficult to see. you know this can happen given this prime minister and this american president. >> we have to see how 36 hours unfold. nbc's foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell. >> the reach deliverable. taking a break from the middle east. north korea launched another ballistic missile yesterday. the test near the city of
1:38 am
pukchang. this one traveled around 300 miles before crashing into the sea of japan. the launch of the medium-range missle was overseen by medium r. kim jongn watch and approved the missi system for deployment andass production. the regime released dozens of images of the earth taken from a camera that was installed in the missile to show off the technology.
1:39 am
this all fitting into the puzzle of the ramped up testing. it is launching more frequently and an number of locations. suggesting it is testing developmental advances in technology, but trying to train military units in using this technology. so there really is the sense given the test last weekend when experts said there was significant process in north korea's program. that kim jong un is pushing toward the goal of the intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the united states. yasmin. >> and watching this ballistic missile test. janis, thank you. news broke over the weekend that the day after president trump fired james comey. he spoke about it in the oval
1:40 am
office. quote, i just fired the head of the fbi. he was crazy. a real nut job mr. trump said. faced great pressure because of russia. sean spicer said in a statement by grandstanding the investigation into the russia actions, james comey created than unnecessary pressure. yesterday, john mccain talked about it. >> i'm almost speechless. i don't know why anyone would say something like that. i know this, mr. lavrov is the stooge of a thug and murderer. he had no business in the oval office. if a president to putin engagement in the meeting, that is under the right circumstance that might be okay. not this stooge lavrov who is nothing but a propagandist.
1:41 am
>> h.r. mcmaster was asked about the report. here is how he responded. take a listen. >> i don't remember exactly what the president said and the notes that i apparently have do not relate a direct transcript. the president feels as if he is hamstrung inability to work with russia to find areas of cooperation because this has been so much in the news. that was the intention of that portion of the conversation. >> in the fallout continuing from another scoop from the washington post. the paper reporting that the federal investigation looking into the trump coordination with moscow identified a current official as a significant person of interest. the newspaper sources people familiar with the matter. it does not identify who that person could be saying only it is someone close to the
1:42 am
president. the paper reports that the probe is still interested in former officials, including national security adviser michael flynn and campaign manager paula m manafort. the white house again said a thorough investigation would reveal there was no collusion. and president trump is expected to unveil a budget proposal that includes massive cuts to medicaid and other programs. the proposed cuts to medicaid would come in at more than $800 billion over a ten-year period. the congressional budget office says that could cut off benefits for 10 million people over the next decade. according to axios is cutting s.n.a.p. and c.h.i.p. and ssdi. also known as disability insurance. graduates walked out of the
1:43 am
commencement at the university of notre dame in protest of vice president mike pence. they originganized the walkout. the vice president did not address the walkout, but did touch on president trump's speech earlier that day in saudi arabia. >> just as notre dame stood fors those percent caugurse cute per faith, the president spoke out. on the world stage, he condemned the murder of innocent muslims and oppression of women and slaughter of christians. >> notre dame usually chooses newly elected during their first year in office. after students and faculty signed a petition, the school went with the president.
1:44 am
we are following a breaking story. ford motors replacing the ceo mark fields. the officials briefed on the move and reportedly set to replace him is jim hackett. ford stock has dropped off precipitously during field's tenure. the company slashed 10% of the work force. mostly salaried in an attempt to jump start the stock. that did not work. nbc news has not independently confirmed the report. still ahead, we are awaiting president trump and air force one touching down no tel aviv. and the final curtain call for the ringling bros. and barnum & bailey. the greatest show on earth. we're back in a moment.
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welcome back.
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the president trump continues his first trip abroad. up early this morning if you have not figured it out following his travels as we await his arrival. >> looks like a beautiful day in jerusalem. we will have more on the president's trip in a moment. first, a family received a scare when a young girl was snatched off the pier by a sea lion. i man jumped into the water to rescue her. the sea lion grabs her. the child appears to be fine and the girl is quickly ushered away by her family. those watching the animal from the pier were said to have been feeding before the snatch. i don't know if there is a lesson to be said not to feed the animals. >> usually they say don't feed the animals. >> you never know. scary moment for the parents. let's get a check on the weather with nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> you go to seaworld and the
1:49 am
sea lions are sitting this happy. as far as the rains, it is raining in the southeast and mid-atlantic. the gulf coast is the threat area today. we will have life threatening flash flooding in east texas or mississippi or louisiana. all of the thunderstorms off the coast will come back onshore throughout the day in louisiana. 8 million people at risk of flash flooding. montgomery and central greorgia under the flash flood watch. this map shows flash flooding risk. flash flooding kills more than severe weather. biloxi to galveston in the moderate risk. we have rain in the east and low ceilings with the low cloud deck. that causes problems in new york today. possibly d.c. and boston and baltimore and philadelphia. beautiful weather back from chicago to st. louis.
1:50 am
if we have severe weather today, y i don't think we will see tornadoes, but large hail and wind damage from amarillo to lubbock. an isolated strong storm. tomorrow, more of the same. the front stalls on the east coast. one round of rain today. more rain developing tonight over the carolinas. that comes up the east coast through tuesday. the grass and flowers will get plenty of rain and rain water this week and your umbrella will be needed. this is the timing. 6:00 this morning, heavy rain in virginia. that works up to new york city for lunch hour at 1:00. that is the timing of today's rain. an umbrella day for the east and gulf coast. >> bill karins. an audience treated to seeing the greatest show on either for the final time. ringling bros. and barnum & bailey held their final show in uniondale, new york. the family who ran the circus is
1:51 am
closing shop because it is no longer profitable. activists protested the circus until the last moments picketing on the highway asking people not to attend the event. the circus was an applauded when it retired all elephants to a sanctuary in florida. the final run will happen and the animals will go on to perform in europe or retire. and coming up, a search for a peace deal. the president is expected to arrive in tel aviv at any moment. our special coverage of his foreign trip is continuing after this. keep it here, everybody.
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in sheer numbers, the deadliest toll has been exacted on the innocent people of arab, muslim and middle eastern nations. they have borne the brunt of the killings and worst of destruction in the wave of fanatical violence. some estimates that more than 95% of the victims of terrorism are themselves muslim. we face a humanitarian and security disaster in this region that is spreading across the planet. >> all right. that was president trump yesterday speaking to leaders from across the muslim world in
1:55 am
saudi arabia calling on them to work together to put an end to terrorism. this morning, the president on the way to israel where he is expected to land shortly. we are up early awaiting arrival. we have a lot of coverage to go through as he continues this foreign tour. it was interesting to hear that statements. i was talking to folks, particularly muslim-americans and leaders here. they said that speech had really positive messages and important notes. particularly the one you heard that 95% of the victims of terrorists are muslims. they are saying it came too late given the rhetoric on the campaign trail where he demonized muslims and a registry banning muslims and calling for a ban of entry into the united states. they are saying all of that campaign rhetoric does not get deleted by what he said yesterday in that speech. >> i agree. i was surprised to hear he said the majority of the victims of terror attacks are muslims. it was good to hear that. you have iran which is a huge
1:56 am
player in the islamic world. he is saying this country did just elect a moderate leader as the president of their country which is disheartening someone in iran to hear that. >> this is also the question when it comes to american foreign policy. you look at iran with the past and history and civilization and it has the elections. a lot of criticism is levelled against iran, but at the same time, you are looking at the countries in the middle east that don't have elections and elections are questionable. it is a fine line. the president is there. we are not here to lecture you. we are going to tell the iranian people we are not or calling on the iranian government. >> or not criticize the government which was hosting him. >> the complexities of the middle east. >> this speech was written for israel and the gulf states. he did a good job. we continue to follow breaking news this morning.
1:57 am
air force one. carrying the president and first lady expected to arrive from ri. and this is expected to be the first air force one flight between the nations. we have andrea mitchell with more on the historic flight coming up next. "mmm fresh" " in th washer wi unstopables in-wa scent boosters by downy. because this scent lasts up to 12 weeks, which is longer than any relationship i've ever been in. freshness for weeks!
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somehow escaped thursday elive and on friday the president took off for a nine-day overseas trip. but the wheels of air force one had barely left the ground when this happened. >> according to the white house document, president trump in the oval office told russian officials james comey, the fbi director, was quote a nut job. >> in trump's defense, i can kind of see where he's coming from. the guy keeps hiding in my drapes. that same document that the white house did not deny gave the even more concerning detail that trump told the russian guests i just fired the head of


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