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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  May 23, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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♪ now through june 11th, save $600 when you buy select tempur-pedic adjustable mattress sets. find your exclusive retailer at this morning terror in the uk. 22 people dead. some of them children. one person believed to have set off an improvised explosive device. as thousands left an ariana grande concert. >> plus a message of peace. president trump meets with top palestinian leaders as his trip through the holy land presses on. >> taking the fifth, michael flynn resists subpoenas and we'll have the latest whether the trump white house pressured intel agencies to pushback on reports of collusion.
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>> good morning, everyone. it is a busy tuesday morning, may 23rd. we are awaiting live remarks from president trump and president abbas in bethlehem. >> first we're following breaking news out of manchester england where british fasoffici blaming a terror attack at a concert. they were leaving a show, ariana grande when the unthinkable happened. the explosion hit crowds of people exiting manchester arena near the victoria transit station. the attacker was among the dead. it was a chaotic scene to say the least as people raced to escape jumping barriers and making their way to an exit. british and u.s. law enforcement officials say they believe they have tentatively identified the bomber but are withholding his name. another 59 people were hurt in the attack.
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the con sta the. >> terrors will attempt to create distrust and fear in our communities. we have a long history here in greater manchester of our community standing together during difficult times. in the coming days we will working closely with community leaders to address any issues the community may have. it is important that we all continue to remain vigilant. >> a terrifying scene waking up this morning imagining that something like this has just taken place in your town and your community and not knowing if something else is going to happen. >> that's the question the challenge for authorities. they're waking up trying to reassure the public the situation is under control. but working on this investigation to try to determine whether or not there is another round of attacks or somehow a connection to last
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night's attack that could play out in the coming hours. it will be interesting to see how that plays out. >> we are learning place found a suspicious package but it was determined to be a package. >> broken from the bottom of my heart. i am so so sorry. i don't have words. white house officials tell nbc news that president trump has been briefed and his national security team is providing updates on the situation. joining us live from london matt bradley. matt, what more are we learning about the attack and the suspect behind it? >> reporter: the information that we're getting with consistent with what you just reported. this is all kind of unfolding in the same way the west minister attack happened a couple months ago. five people were killed and the perpetrator makes six. this was a much more sophisticated attack simply because it had a bomb. the police seemed to know the identity of the perpetrator, but
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they're not releasing it yet and they're going to be trying to figure out what went wrong and how many people were killed by the bomb itself and how many people were killed by the st stampede. >> we're following this other breaking story, president trump's trip to bethlehem where he just concluded his meeting with president abbas. they are making their way to the podium. we do expect president trump to address the attack last night in manchester. we are going to take a listen to these two remarks by the
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leaders. { speaking foreign language } >> translator: my warm c condolences to the prime minister of britain. your excellency, meeting you in the white house early this month has given us and our passing in people. has also given all the nations across the region so much hope and optimism of the possibility
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to make true a dream, a long awaited dream, an ambition and that is lasting peace. our palestinian people's attainment of their freedom and dependence is the key to peace and se vil tcivil teity so that of palestine and -- our commitment to cooperate with you in order to make peace and forge a historic peace deal with the israelis and we would like to reassert our willingness to continue to work with you as partners in fighting terrorism in our region and in the world. in this respect, i commend the importance of the holding of the arab islamic american summit and
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its findings and out comes and conclusions. your excellency, mr. president, once again, we reasesert to you our positions of the two states along the borders of 1967, the state of east jerusalem living alongside the state of isreal and peace and security and good neighborhood as well as resolving all the entire final status issues based on international law and internationally the determined resolutions and expecting signed agreements which sets the tone for the impli -- implementation of what has been reaffirmed in the most recent arab summits in jordan. your excellency, as you have witnessed during your -- as you
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saw yesterday during your historic visits of holy sites and occupied east jerusalem and today in bethlehem, the conflict is not between religions, for respecting religions and prophets is an integral part of our religion and faith. we are keen to keep the door open today with our israeli neighbors from all walks of life in order to boost confidence and create a genuine peace opportunity. our fundamental problem is with the occupation and settlements and failure of isreal to recognize the state of palestine in the same way we recognize it which undermines the realization of the two state solution. the problem is not between us
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and judaism. it's between skpus and occupati. i would like to draw the issue of our palestinian prisoners who have been on a hunger strike for more than one month meters away from here in the i have -- vicinity and everywhere. these prisoners suffer from being denied visits to their children and their demands are humane and just. i demand the israeli government to meet these humane legitimate demands. and continue building in the spirit of tolerance and existence and a culture of
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peace, nonviolence, and building bridges instead of walls inside our lands. once again, i greet you with the warmest regards, your excellency, the president and our accompanying -- i welcome you to the holy land wishing you success in your important tour which will lead you to meeting his holiness the pope francis and whose efforts, whose dedicated devoted efforts for peace we appreciate wishing you and our people a lot of time and health and happiness.
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{ spoking foreign language } >> thank you very much. as president of the united states, on behalf of the people of the united states, i would like to begin by offering my prayers to the people of manchester in the united kingdom. i extend my deepest condolences to those so terribly injured in this terrorist attack and to the many killed and the families, so many families, of the victims. we stand in absolute solidarity with the people of the united
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kingdom. so many young beautiful, innocent people living and enjoying their lives murdered by evil losers in life. i won't call them monsters because they would like that term. they would think that's a great name. i will call them from now on losers because that's what they are. they're losers. and we'll have more of them, but they're losers. just remember that. this is what i've spent these last few days talking about during my trip overseas. our society can have no tolerance for this continuation of bloodshed. we cannot stand a moment longer for the slaughter of innocent
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people. and in today's attack, it was mostly innocent children. the terrorists and extremists and those who give them aid and comfort must be driven out from our society forever. this wicked ideology must be obliterated and i mean completely obliterated and the innocent life must be protected. all innocent lives. life must be protected. all civilized nations must join together to protect human life and the sacred right of our citizens to live in safety and in peace. i want to offer my deep appreciation to the palestinians and president abbas for hosting
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me today. it's an honor to join you in bethlehem, the city that is precious to people from all over the world. precious city. as i discussed with president abbas in washington earlier this month, i am committed to trying to achieve a peace agreement between the israelis and the palestinians and i intend to do everything i can to help them achieve that goal. president abbas assures me he is ready to work toward that goal in good faith. and prime minister netanyahu has promised the same. i look forward to working with these leaders toward a lasting peace. i also look forward to working with president abbas on other important matters such as unlocking the potential of the palestinian economy which is having a very rough time.
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and building on our very positive counterterrorism efforts. several days ago in saudi arabia i met with the leaders of the muslim world and arab nations from all across the region. it was an epic gathering. it was a historic event. king salman of saudi arabia could not have been kinder and i will tell you he's a very wise, wise man. i called on these leaders and asked them to join in a partnership to drive terrorism from their midst once and for all. it was a deeply productive
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meeting. people have said there have really never been anything even close in history. i believe that. being there and seeing who was there and hearing the spirit and a lot of love, there has never been anything like that in history. and it was an honor to be involved. but great things can come from that meeting. i was gratified that president abbas joined the summit and committed to taking firm but necessary steps to fight terrorism and confront its hateful ideology. and it's so interesting that our meeting took place on this very horrible morning of death to innocent young people. peace can never take root in an
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environment where violence is tolerated, funded, and even rewarded. we must be resolute in condemning such acts in a single unified voice. peace is a choice we must make each day and the united states is here to help make that dream possible for young jewish christians and muslim children all across the region. in so doing, we will all enjoy a safer and brighter future and a safer and brighter world. in this spirit of hope, we come to bethlehem asking god for more peaceful, safe and far more tolerant world for all of us. i am truly hopeful that america
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can help isreal and the palestinians forge peace and bring new hope to the region. and its people. i also firmly believe that if isreal and the palestinians can make peace, it will begin a process of peace all throughout the middle east and that would be an amazing accomplishment. thank you very much. thank you. [ applause ] >> hearing a joint address from bethlehem in the west bank between the president abbas and of course united states president donald trump. both touching on the manchester bombing suicide attack giving our thoughts and prayers to the family and the people of manchester. also talking about the peace agreement as well. president trump not necessarily laying out what he believes or what the peace treaty to look
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like. abbas saying that he sees a two-state solution, he sees east jerusalem as the capital of palestine which is a sticking point in the peace agreement. something that has been a sticking point wanting to go back to 1967 as well and saying the fundamental problem in the peace treaty, abbas saying this, was the occupation -- is the occupation and the settlement. settlements being something that has been talked about between netanyahu and president trump as well. president trump asking netanyahu to dial back settlements recently which was somewhat controversial because earlier on he had said -- he had not said that so that was sort of a sticking point between the united states and netanyahu as well. i want to bring back in andrea. weigh in first on president trump's comments on manchester saying that people there were murdered by, quote, evil losers. i believe he used the word losers four separate times and he said he's not going to use
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the word monsters because the word monster is what, in fact, be what these people wanted to be called. weigh in on your thoughts on what he said on the manchester terror attack. >> reporter: this was a combination of the sober statement that you would expect from an american president offering condolences to the people of manchester and standing in solidarity with the people of the uk and classic donald trump. saying that they were losers as you pointed out. saying that four times. i'm not going to call them monsters because that would give them too much credit. that would dignify to paraphrase. this is the way donald trump speaks. it had the authenticity of having his style. it may not be your traditional presidential statement but that is the way he feels. he spoke very warmly about the palestinian aspirations and his personal commitment to help
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isreal and palestinians achieve peace. but he ignored what abbas had said outlining the historically agreed upon outlines going back to 1967 and then codified in cam david in 1979 and in a number of u.n. resolutions following as well as agreements between previous u.s. presidents. so he is not committing himself to any of the outlines of the original 67 boundaries to east jerusalem as a capital of a divided jerusalem. c to the contrary, he is holding out, staying sort of out of those specifics and holding out for what isreal will most likely insist upon which is a very different preliminary agreement but not a final agreement with the palestinian state according to the outlines that abbas referred to.
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he did the president and also abbas refer to the summit and the president said it was historic, unprecedented. i'm not sure that's accurate but he spoke of king salman as wise certainly restoring the saudis to the leadership of the arab world in a way they have not been for a number of years while they are engaged in what many see as saudi arabia's vietnam which is an ongoing conflict in yemen, a conflict they are by no means, from at least outside observers, winning. >> andrea, let me pick up on that point with the parameters. we are seeing this play out. we saw it with the palestinian president in washington when he was standing alongside trump and articulated what a palestinian state would look like.
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as you mentioned, you have a very novice president when it comes to foreign policy, particularly on this issue. you have a secretary of state tillerson who was there as well, also very new to this issue. jared kushner who is also very new to this particular issue. where is the trump administration devising its policy on trying to bring these two sides together? who's the go-to when it comes to how do you narrow these gaps between the ispreraelis and palestinians? >> john kerry with 30 years experience knowing every detail, every per am ter was unable to accomplish this with his negotiator and previous u.s. presidents, those with military experience like colin powell and dealing with at the time sharon, the leader here and others who have had far more experience have had no luck in bringing
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these two sides together. now you have an aging weak palestinian leader and a historically maybe not strong politically but adept politically prime minister of isreal who has managed to out flank all of his challenges and opponents. hard to imagine. i was really struck by something. you know this region so well. i've visited it for decades. my first assignment at nbc news was covering the camp david accords back in 1978 and 1979. and i know it's before many of you were born. something that comes with experience. it's just stunning to me that the secretary of state on air force one flying to isreal was asked if he'd been to isreal before. he's not a young fellow. he's an experienced man who's spent four decades in the oil patch.
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>> he knows the broader arab world very well. >> very well. said it's not his first sword dance in that same air force one conversation. he was asked about the fact that he knew the sword dance in riyadh and the president sort of swayed. well, he said he'd never before been too isreal. >> remarkable. >> that is stunning for someone who is an american secretary of state. contrast that with john kerry who had been the care man of the foreign relations committee and joe biden and certainly bill clinton and his relationship with rabine, he viewed him as a father figure and wept at his funeral. the experienced people haven't been able to do it. >> i guess that's what everyone is hoping for, that the fresh pair of eyes can bring new blood and try to resolve this conflict for once and for all. >> wonder figure the current administration will understand the emotional implications to
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this entire process. still ahead, we're up early this morning as the president travels through the middle east. >> plus we are following the latest developments in manchester england where 22 people have died in an ied attack. back with those stories next. finding time to get things done isn't easy.
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and the bill you need to pay? do it in seconds. because we should fit into your life, not the other way around. go to . i would like to begin by offering my prayers to the people of manchester in the united kingdom. i extend my deepest condolences to those so terribly injured in this terrorist attack and to the many killed and the families, so
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many families, of the victims. we stand in absolute solidarity with the people of the united kingdom. so many young beautiful innocent people living and enjoying their lives murdered by evil losers in life. i won't call them monsters because they would like that term. they would think it's a great name. i will call them from now on losers. because that's what they are. they're losers. and we'll have more of them. but they're losers. just remember that. >> president trump there in a joint press conference with p.a. authority president abbas commenting on of course the attacks in manchester.
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welcome back everybody. that was president trump. like i said just a while ago commenting on the terror attacks in manchester england. >> we're following the latest on that that has left 22 people dead, some of which are children. people were attempting to leave a show of star ariana grande when the explosion happened t. hit crowds of people near the transit station. place say the man was among the dead after implementing an explosive device. it was a chaotic scene inside the scene as people reacted trying to make their way out and get to a safe spot. british and u.s. law enforcement officials say they believe they have tentatively identified the bomber but are withholding his name. police say another 59 people were hurt in the attack. speaking earlier this morning the mayor of manchester discussed the heart ache now
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facing this city. >> after our darkest of nights manchester is waking up to the most difficult of dawns. these were children, young people and their families, those responsible chose to terrorize and kill. this was an evil act. >> police later detonated a suspicious package but it was later determined to be just clothing. following the attack ariana grande tweeted broken from the bottom of my heart. i am so, so sorry. i don't have words. joinin joinings us live matt bradley. what are authorities saying as they begin the hunt for clues and more importantly, do they feel that there are any other potential attacks out there? what are they telling the public to do at this stage? >> reporter: amber rudd has come out and advised the british public to call in if they notice
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anything suspicious and to remain vigilant but not to particular hysterical. that's one of the things the british are trying to get out to the public. be mindful, but not take matter sb s into your own hands. it's about keeping a stiff upper lip and that's what people in man tes ter a manchester are trying to tell the public. this country has been stung by terrorism in the more recent past. there's still an investigation into the perpetrator. the british police know the identity of the perpetrator or so they say and they haven't released his name yet probably out of an abundance of caution. this is exactly how the investigation played out a couple month ago when a lone world attacker killed several people in front of westminister in downtown london. what we haven't heard is whether or not there was anyone who was complicit in the attack or whether or not there will be a
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claim of responsibility. as you know, isis in the income several hours, if it was an isis-inspired attack, will be claiming responsibility. police are trying to see whether this was indeed a lone wolf attack. >> i've been following some of the isis chatter online and there hasn't been any official confirmation on their official channels, but certainly some of that chatter to begin it may have been linked to some terrorist organization. we'll wait for that confirmation. >> as we see that on repeat of witnesses inside the arena, you can't but think of how chaotic it must have been for people trying to escape. what's also startling for me is sort of understanding how young a lot of victims were and hearing those screams. those are objectnot the screams adults. those are children. talk to me a little bit about how witnesses are describing the attack. i also know you ven terrtured oo a hotel and saw some of the
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people that had attended that concert that were in t-shirts just hours later. >> that's right. i just ducked into a hotel down the street for a cup of coffee. the entire lobby was filled with young women who were still wearing their ariana grande t-shirts with their parents. they were watching on the bbc the coverage of this incident and some of them still in tears over it. it's likely to leave quite a scar. of course, we didn't shove cameras into their faces, but you can imagine the devastated looks on some of these very young girls faces as they're watching this rolling tv coverage that's still going on just a couple of hours after they witnessed this attack. let me give you a sense of where i'm standing right now. the arena is behind me. this wasn't the main point of egress for a lot of the people who were leaving this concert, but there were what i -- what was zwriebdescribed to me by pe who live around here thousands of young women and their parents running through this street,
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down this street for several hours after the attack occurred. so if you can imagine, this was a 21,000 seat arena. we haven't been told exactly how many people were here. but there were obviously tens of thousands of fans. so it took quite a while to clear all of them out. there's going to be a lot of questions about whether or not this was managed properly. not just the investigation following the attack, but whether the minutes after the attack occurred whether this was managed. there was this initial bomb blast that likely killed quite a few people, but there will be questi questions as to whether a lot of them were also killed in the stampede that followed. >> certainly a developing story as we hear more and more exactly about what happened. matt, we'll talk to you later in the show. thanks for joining us. >> the manchester's attack is the uk's deadliest in decades.
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the -- one a british national from jamaica who had converted to islam. two months ago three people were killed when a man rammed his vehicle into a bridge in london before stabbing a police officer who tried to stop him from storming parliament. that suspect i should say also british born was then killed by officers. and last year there was the murder of british labor party member joe cox who was shot and stabbed after meeting with constituents just days before the brexit referendum. >> in the wake of manchester a deadly terror attack that climbed the lives of 22 people. law enforcement in the u.s. are ramping up security. people in new york, los angeles, chicago all stress there are no new specific threats but are increasing security out of caution at tourist hot spots. the nypd says they can expect to see additional counterterrorism
1:38 am
officers and check pointing among other things. >> we're also following the latest of the president trump's visit to isreal. the he was welcomed to the palestinian palace in beth lehe. the two leaders provided joint remarks. president trump discussed his hope for peace between isreal and the palestinians. take a listen. >> peace can never take root in an environment where violence is tolerated. funded and even rewarded. we must be resolute in condemning such acts in a single unified vi unified voice. i also firmly believe that if isreal and the palestinians can make peace, it will begin a process of peace all throughout the middle east and that would be an amazing accomplishment.
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>> and later this morning the president and the first lady will travel to jerusalem and lay a wreath at the holocaust memorial center. the visit has sparked some controversy with initial schedules indicating president trump will spend less than 30 minutes at the site. he then heads to the isreal museum before departing for rome. >> joining us live from jerusalem, nbc news correspondent, andrea mitchell. good to have you with us. i know it's been a very busy morning for you over there. what did you learn from the president's remarks, his vision for two states, his comments about manchester. obviously a lot to digest there. >> indeed. first of all, his kmecomments w manchester, the solidarity expressed, the prayers and the fact that he said these people are wicked and they are losers, he would not call them monsters but they are losers from my notes. i'll call them losers.
1:40 am
just remember that. this was very trumpian. this was his stamp on reacting to the horror of the terror attack. not interrupting the trip, expressing solidarity with the uk, our closest allies and partners, and saying that this really validates that was not his word, but connecting it to the counter terror summit that he had just participated in that was organized largely by his son-in-law jared kushner in riyadh. he spoke of that as an historic epic event, maybe putting too much weight on what was accomplished by the 50 leaders who assembled there to try to address the online social media piece of all of this. but also spoke of king salman, the saudi leader, as being a wise and kind man. so great praise for him.
1:41 am
notably in bethlehem speaking about the palestinians as partners and that he hoped that they could achieve as you just played some kind of peace. but not embracing the specifics at all of what palestinian president abbas outlined which is the historically recognized internationally recognized out li lines of 1967 borders land swaps to accommodate for a subsequent development and settlement, but also some division of jerusalem. he said the palestinian state with east jerusalem as its capital. only yesterday in my interview with the mayor of jerusalem he said definitely that jerusalem has to be totally israeli. so they're not even conceding that east jerusalem, which is largely arab, can ever be the capital of the palestinian state. hard to envision a state emerging from this kind of
1:42 am
divided approach toward peace negotiations. the palestinians had refused negotiations as long as isreal does not pull back from its settlement expansion and netanyahu has expanded the settlements more under this president in closing days of the obama administration than at any time previous. >> in part that's what i was thinking when i was hearing abbas as outline. i thought those are the outlines that have made by abbas for some time now and nothing has been able to get done. so what's different this time around? could fresh eyes, could fresh negotiators, that being president trump and secretary of state tillerson help move the negotiations along or are we really at a standstill once again? >> it's really hard to understand how they could breakthrough this grid lock with a weak palestinian leader and an
1:43 am
intractable israeli leader at least from his own accounts when all they're offering the palestinians are some relatively minor economic benefits which would accord with the simple right to go to their jobs and return and get through check points. despite all the legitimate security concerns of isreal. so i don't see how they can accomplish this. but what abuse wbas is somethint was accepted by u.s. presidents, democratic and republican, but has not been signed on to by this administration. >> we've had now the red carpet arrivals in washington and in bethlehem as well as in jerusalem. it's time now to see whether the negotiators can get down to work and actually get a deal done. nbc's andrea mitchell. thank you very much for joining us. >> still ahead we're tracking a severe storm system that could bring flooding, halarge hail an wind damage. >> plus the latest on that
1:44 am
deadly terror attack in manchester england and how people in that city are banning together in the face of adversity. re are expecting to hear from british prime minister theresa may this morning. back after this.
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. we are up early this morning covering two major stories. 22 people slain and dozens more wo wounded in a terrorist attack. police say the bomber is among the dead. president trump is meeting with mahmoud abbas. they gave a joint statement a short while ago. later this morning the president departs for rome after visiting the holocaust museum. >> it's also known given the display of -- one user tweeted about the cam raraderie and how some residents were inviting
1:48 am
strangers in for beer and how they felt pride living. some offering rides saying that their meters will be turned off. one hoelg tel took in dozens of children who lost contact with their parents the. the identity of the person or people sremains unknown. >> let's switch gears and come back to the united states. let's bring in meteorologist. >> taking a break to bring us back home and show you we have a slight chance of severe storms. we're also have a chance of flash flooding. still some weather issues that will cause some damage in the southeast. soaking rain out there nay. so far no flash flooding but 21 million people at risk from the raleigh area to charlotte, charleston, savannah, columbia,
1:49 am
greenville, all the way down to alabama. that's the problems in the next two days. just a soggy setup with a slow moving storm. beneficial rain for florida. remember all the pictures of the fires we showed you? good rainfall for florida. other areas have been wet this spring. washington, d.c. you still have a chance of some showers and storms late today. we're dry from philadelphia and new york up through new england. chance of shower, chicago and st. louis. here's the severe weather risk today. actually two separate areas. one's back towards south texas. and then from southern g aeorgi through the areas where south carolina and georgia meet. six million at risk. tomorrow we'll have 17 million at risk for severe storms including florida right up through areas of georgia. we could have life threatening whether in the east. the rest of the country looks all right. >> still more as president trump prepares to wrap his trip to
1:50 am
isreal. >> on top of all that. what's on tap for the president as he prepares to head to rome later this morning? stay with us. ♪ ♪ king arthur: ready! washington: charge! empress wu: charge! (in chinese) king arthur: charge! ♪ let your reign begin. evony, the mobile game. download now.
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after trump arrived in isreal he made an appearance with the president of isreal and spoke about his trip to saudi arabia. but he seemed to forget that isreal is in the middle east. >> my staff has been fantastic and as you know, rex, secretary
1:53 am
of state, has done an incredible job. we just got back from the middle east. we just got back from saudi arabia. >> you just got back from the middle east? no wonder he thought middle east peace was so easy. he wasn't accounting for isreal. >> a light note amidst all of this breaking news. peeking fun at the president. what seth did not show you when the president implied that isreal was not in the middle east. take another look. on the right here. >> we just got back from the middle east. we just got back from saudi arabia. we were treated incredible well. there you go. >> appearing to be a little baffled there covering his face as he tries to hold back a laugh. still ahead, everybody, the very latest on the deadly terror attack in manchester england. at least 22 people, including
1:54 am
children are dead following the bombing at the ariana grande concert. >> we continue to follow president trump as he wraps up his historic event to isreal and prepares to head to rome next for a stop at the vatican and a meeting with the pope. more on that. from the moment i wake up on my tempur-pedic mattress i feel like i am ready to take on the day. i don't have aches and pains from the previous day's training and i feel like myself. i wake up feeling stronger. a better surfer. a better me. ♪ now through june 11th, save $600 when you buy select tempur-pedic adjustable mattress sets. find your exclusive retailer at
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break news overnight. the death toll in the manchester arena explosion reaches 22. people say children were among the victims in the suicide bombing. >> plus president trump meets with palestinian president abbas with hopes of reaching a peace uncertain. >> also this morning michael flynn taking the fifth. the former national security adviser refuses to comply with the senate subpoena as a top democrat alleges he lied to federal investigators. >> good morning, everyone. it is a busy may 23rd the united kingdom in morning. prime minister theresa may expected to speak in just a bit. you're seeing live pictures of the prime minister's residence and office at 10 downing street. we expect the british cabinet to
1:58 am
also hold an emergency meeting. high level security meeting known as a cobra meeting to address the manchester attack. >> also following the breaking nous where officials are blaming a terrorist attack at a concert that left 22 people dead, some of them children. people were beginning to leave a show around 10 ti:30 p.m. near the victoria transit station. police say the attacker, a machman was among the dead. it was a chaotic scene inside the arena as people raced to escape and tried to make their way to an exit. officials believe they have identified the bomber but they are withholding his name. police say that another 59 people were hurt in the attack. speaking earlier this morning the chief constable called on citizens to remain defiant in
1:59 am
the face of violence. >> terrorists will attempt to disrupt allies and create distrust and fear in our communities. we have a long history here of our community standing together during difficult times. in the coming days we will be working very closely with community leaders to address any concerns or issues. it is important that we all continue to remain vigilant. >> police later detonated a suspicious package but it was later determined to be just clothing. figure the attack ariana gran doe tweeti day -- matt, wee be we've been to all morning. bring us up to date on any recent developments. >> right now this is all with the police. there's a nationwide investigation. remember just last night there were hundreds of police that converged right here around where i'm standing right in front of this manchester arena
2:00 am
where the attack occurred killing 22 people and injuring as many as 59. the big question here going forward is whether or not there was an accomplice. the police have already accomplice. the police mentioned they know the identity of the perpetrator but they're trying to see if there was someone else who might have helped him or if this was, as is so common here in europe, one of these lone wolf attacks. this is kind of following the same playbook as what happened with the westminster attack several months ago. police knew the name of the perpetrator but they were waiting for several hours to release that. we'll have to see in the coming hours whether we'll be getting details on his identity, where he's from, why he might have committed the attack and most important of all, whether there will be a claim of responsibility from a major terror group like isis. >> let me ask you about the reaction coming out of the british prime minister and others. we heard from the chief constable there. what's been


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