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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  June 2, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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make change in washington. that's -- boy, boy, if we learn that today, shame on us. >> and you can see more of my interview with senator elizabeth warren on my show, "a.m. joy" starting at 10:00 a.m. eastern. hello, i'm keir simmons in superb, a location of a tough and at times tough exchange between russia's president vladimir putin and nbc's megyn kelly. the allegations that russia hacked america's elections, president trump's relations with russia, all were discussed in detail. we'll show you the debate. but first, president putin sets out russia's position as he sees it on the stage two were the leaders of india, austria, and moldova. >> welcome, everyone. thank you so much for being here.
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i'm megyn kelly. welcome to our distinguished guest, to our host, president putin, and to all of you. thank you for taking the time to be with us here today. yes, yes, how aboutor our host and our guests. [ applause ] we've been in st. petersburg for a few days and understand this is an important place, a personal place to president putin. and now we understand why. it's incredibly beautiful. the gorgeous rivers, the romantic bridges. the beautiful weather -- wait. and most of all, the lovely people who have given us such a warm welcome. i'll tell you, just in our few days here have made us feel like we have far more in common than we do apart. so the world leaders need to figure out the differences, but i think the people feel bonded in a lovely way. [ applause ] so today, today we're going to have some opening remarks, and then we'll get into some questions, and hopefully mix it up a little bit.
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and with that, i turn it over to our host, russian president vladimir putin. [ applause ] >> translator: ladies and gentlemen, dear friends, it's my pleasure to welcome all of the participants with the 21st st. petersburg national economic forum. as national institution, heads of state and representatives of the government, leaders of business from dozens of countries from throughout the globe. we appreciate your sincere interest towards the russian federation. your results for dialogue are open for joint work to cooperate involving the most strategic issues of the global development.
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only in uniting our efforts we can provide sustainable growth of the global economy, collaborate fair rules of trade and competition, reduce the level of poverty, resolve acute social welfare issues. cope with such issues of terrorism, and propagation of nationalism, xenophobia. we are not at the threshold. we are already facing huge civilizational challenges. the ecosystem burden is going up as a result of man-made impact and natural developments and disasters. these issues want profound investigation analysis, but
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elaborating our joint action where i be consistent and responsible only like we can implement the necessary decisions in the interests of the global harmonious development, new technology, keep changing the current pattern of life for new fields and professions open new avenues for development and give rise to new threats. i know that all of you yesterday have been working hard, meeting at different sessions, discussion platforms and round tables. all that was voiced. but still i would like to reiterate we are facing systemic long-term challenges. and all t repercussions currently we cannot calculate and reckon and forecast. and we cannot waste time bickering. being engaged in strife and playing political games. we need wisdom and responsibility. we need to search for
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unconventional solutions. we need regional integration groups, interaction between business community and academia. we need to use the potential of such a unique universal entity as the united nations organization. here we have the secretary general attending. i'd like to thank him, let's welcome the young secretary general with a round of applause. [ applause ] we suggest that should see a special international youth section established. as it's the youth that will define the day of tomorrow. these are the people who will build our new future and live there. the participants of that section could jointly analyze and shape and construct concept of future for their countries and civilizations by and large,
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ladies and gentlemen, dear colleagues, russia has been contributing and wle stepping up its contribution to the resolution of global problems. we have been implementing large scale environmental programs, including the arctic region. we've been stepping up food supplies to the global markets. we've been stepping up in the programs by world health organization to find answers to global challenges. we are ready to use the powerful potential of russian basic science thanks to the great schools and mathematics and miss sicks who are able to lines of the new economy. russian i.t. enterprises are globally competitive professionals. not only suggests and offer the best software solutions, they create a new environment for developments by seizing the opportunity. i would like by the way to congratulate the students of st.
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pete itmo university that have been able to once again for the seventh time running to win first place at the national collegiate programing contest. and our host has mentioned the wonderful people residing in st. peter. and she is quite right. these are deserving people and they merit our praise. the youths of st. pete deserve our praise. to step up our technological advances and digital economy we will act in areas of systemic importance. to what am i referring to? first, we need to come up with a brand-new flexible regulation to deploy digital technology and all the spheres of life. and at this we should make our decisions, bearing in mind the needs of information, security of the government, state,
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business and our people. second, the government will support those companies that are bearers of solutions and competency in i.t. that are of wide ranging intersectional effect. these are big data analysising, artificial technologies and internet technology, and augmented and related to a number of others. third, with the separation of state and private enterprise, we will create support infrastructure for the digital economy, including secure communication lines and data centers. by the way, i'd like to draw attention to the fact that this infrastructure should be based on the state of technology and solutions. fourth, we want to many fold step up the training of specialists in digital economy. we want to resolve a broader task of a national scale to
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universal literacy. for that we need to step up the level of education starting from schools and up to high schools and universities and definitely we should deploy programs of traing for different age grps. under my instruction, the government of the russian federation prepared a program to bolster the economy. i'd like to turn your attention to the fact that we should be clear about the funding and mechanisms thereof. and we will discuss all those issues at the next meeting of council for strategic development and priority projects. dear colleagues, i reiterate the digital economy is not a separate industry. it is by and large a foundation that will help us create brand-new business models, models of trade, logistics and patterns of change. it will change the communications between our people and respectively, we'll set the new paradigm of development for the government
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economy and the whole of society. we will erect economic and policy for structural development. we'll shape open fair and liberal environment, business environment and flexible labor market that will help attain long-term growth. right now we can say that we're seeing a new upcycle now in our economy. the gdp of the russian federation has been growing a third quarter in a row. preliminarily we assess increased by 1.4%. car sales are going up as well as mortgage lending. why am i mentioning all that? the specialists and professionals know that globally experts believe that these indicators are very important signs of economic recovery, a surge in consumer demand. i'd like for you to know i n th first few months of this year we
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have seen the sales of cars going up by 2.1%. we have obtained inflation targets. and we expect it's going to be below 4 points, which is our target. thanks to that, the bank of russia has been gradually reducing its rate. by the by, on the sidelines of the forum national investigators and business representatives have noted high quality russian macroeconomic policy. yesterda i met with representatives of global major investment funds. and we talked. for them to stay at russian market. as a result of the first quarter in flow, the russian economy was at $7 billion. i will note that it's the best indicator of that period in the past three years, by and large investment in the first quarter increased by 2.3%. hence what i would like to
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emphasize, today we are facing a situation when the growth of investment is outperforming the growth of gdp. this is a testimony of the fact that the economy is entering a new phase of growth. we're seeing a new foundation for future development. we should export these positive trends so that in 1920 a2019 an we should outstrip the economic growth and development above the global ones. we should raise investment activities by primarily private enterprise. we did a lot to amend federal legislation to dismantle to optimize supervisory procedures and functionality. national professionals over the past five years, russia has demonstrated the best versus peers dynamics, including its business climate. we have gone up 80 positions.
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in the well-known doing business scale. it's important that while shaping open and favorable business environment we see the regions of this country. and to cite a few examples, tack stan, the city of moscow, the origin of tula and koluga. this year they have become leaders in the international investment climate ranking. let's congratulate them. [ applause ] a number of consistent entity of the russian federation, for example, moscow, st. pete have obtained a step change in the business environment. it's noteworthy that for the first time, we can see our regions among the leaders in improving their business climate. i'm turning to all the governors of the russian regions. i'm turning to all of them.
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we should keep working hard together and open new avenues for your companies for successful work. it's important for all the entrepreneurs and all the people that their rights and property and business are upheld and defended efficiently. in this respect i want to say that we have approved some proposals to amend our judiciary. it has been discussed with experts and the leadership of the supreme court of the russian federation. it's about strengthening the independence of judges and improvement of training of judges. the judicial process and reduce the unwanted burden on judges. we aim at providing additional guarantees for fair mind and honest and just judiciary. we have come up with a new set of tools to support investment
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projects. we will develop them and make them more flexible and targeted. what are we proposing in this respect? first, we should put a systemic basis mechanism of project finance. we shouldinimize risks for investor, the tall sges from and up to the final ones, the stage of implementation, including with help of partial governmental guarantees so that we can attract different types of funding from banks, investment company, pension funds. i would like to ask the government of the bank of russia to expedite the hearing of amendments to legislation that would make the mechanisms, indicated loans more flexible. just yesterday, last night we discussed that with colleagues. and that should be done asap. all that will allow us to provide for considerable growth and private financial resources that would be channeled to help projects in the real second
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while the economy is second to provide for outstripping pace with economic development. what we need is to step up our investments in transport and energy sector, communications and our infrastructure. also additional investment may be private capital and should be private capital. but there are some impediments here, mostly because of the high level of risks. therefore should establish a fair and transparent and clear set of rules that will uphold the interests of investors. the return of investments should be guaranteed with the help of regular payments that will flow from the main beneficiaries of the infrastructure. these are different levels. budgets and infrastructural monopolies and other users of infrastructure to provide for the system of payment when they use the mechanism over governmental guarantees. i'm referring to a certain infrastructural mortgage
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lending. when facilities and installations will be bought and constructed on credit that was received from private investors, and the uses of the facility will gradually repay the loan. to launch this model, i would ask the federal government to come up with integrated approach, develop infrastructure funding with private capital encompassing all stages, preparatory funding stage and the implementation stage. dear colleagues, it's in our interest to see investments flowing to high-tech sectors of the economy. several days we have witnessed the maiden flight of a promising russian mid range aircraft mc21. i'd like to thank everybody i already talked with the ceo of the works. i would like to congratulate everybody. thank you. [ applause ] i'm referring to that construction sector. now the spheres of critical
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importance for our development. we need our own designs and solutions and competence, which would restore and create new advanced industrial materials and technologies, energy systems, accumulation of energy transfers and logistics. information security systems, arctic technology, and offshore development technologies, diagnostand trademen agricultural and food technologies. it is only possible with the help of major private investors that want new technological solutions and want -- their own business so that they can actively get involved in this work. they definitely would need to see a favorable transparent conditions. that can be done with the help of the special investment contract. and i suggest we should think about how to promote that
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mechanism and streamline that mechanism. we already seen it in practice. it's in place, but it should be -- become more efficient. we could extend the timeline of the contracts from 10 to 20 years. we should provide an opportunity that not only federal authorities and investigators, but also development institutions and banks and metro monopolies. now the structures could a flexible matter. it's critically important fields. it's about where the investors without the governmental supp t support, without clear, transparent system would flow in as the benefit and the profit at such projects is not immediate. it's not swift money. we should also provide more
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guarantees for demand on the products that are created as part of the special investment contract on the part of the government and the companies with the government participation, and for the whole term of the contract, should provide the investor with unchangeable tax conditions and other conditions related to state regulation. as for the tax, i would like to suggest that the tax break should be extended for the profit tax beyond 2025. i'd like to underscore that exclusively targeted decisions dedicated to critically important technologies should not undermine the competitive environment and the economy as a whole. i would like to ask the government to analyze these issues and come up with concrete proposals. in the coming meeting with the business community, we're going talk in detail about how dimensions and joint work to find solutions to, how technological development.
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moving on, very off the so-called startups are the carriers of breakthrough innovations. they are mostly set up by young research teams. and i'm confident they can be an efficient partner of large scale russian business. and we're going to expand this partnership creating the necessary infrastructure on the basis of our leading higher education institutions. we would like to create innovative science and technology centers which are comprise both education, research foundation, high technology and venture enterprises, and they're going to be closely integrated. i'd like to address the leadership of our largest companies such as rostag, united aircraft corporation, united ship building corporation, as well as other russian high technology companies. i call on you to use actively the opportunities that open up.
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we've got to create special departments that are guarantee work purposefully with startups and new innovative companies and to set up venture funds to fund these projects. this should not just be idle words. this has to be done and as soon as possible. the large scale business in its turn should have a special legal mechanism for acquiring equity of small innovative companies. i would like to ask the state government to take the necessary amendments to the legislation. friends, we're going through a very difficult controversial but very interesting period which is full of new ideas, discoveries, projects, and very fast changes. in order to live up to the challenges of the time, we need perseverance and will. we take part in building the future, which has always been determined by audacious people
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who know what they aspire to. those who want to turn their intellectual capabilities and entrepreneurship into deeds that are bringing goods to the country. and these people succeed. they're very young, and they build new business, achieve success in science. they implement civil and social initiatives. and therefore, we are going to multiply our human potential. and i'm confident that we will be able to secure sustainable long-term dpas well a a new quality of our economy wille able to transform russi to make the life of our citizens better. ahead of us as a great deal of creative work, and we call all of you to join in this partnership which is going to be interesting and mutually beneficial. and i welcome you to russia and to join work with russia. thank you very much for your attention. [ applause ]
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>> thank you, president putin. and we're going to continue with the speeches in just a minute. but they've encouraged me to ask questions in between, if i have any. and have i one that i want to ask, mr. president. you mentioned that russia's entering a new phase of growth right now. but there remains in russia a significant income inequality problem. they say the top 1% here in russia holds over 70% of the wealth. and just walking around talking to some of the russian people, they say they're spend together much money on food. they're spending too much money out of their budget on shoes. what's being done to address that? >> translator: in order to address this matter, the program i've just mentioned has to be implemented. we've got to develop new technologies. i'm not referring to just wasting money to distributing them for free. what i'm talking about as the need for our economy to generate
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more income. and this in turn will bring more money to people. they will earn more. this can only be done through new technologies and getting digital technologies. the problem you referred to does indeed exist. but this is not jt a characteristic of russia. many other economies face it as well. we are aware of this problem. we recognize it. this is a very sensitive matter. that's the first thing. but secondly, we cannot wait for too long. that's why the government has to seek instruments, ways to redistribute resources in order to support those who find themselves in a difficult life situation. we've got many instruments like that at our disposal. in particular i refer to supporting low-income family, helping them to pay utilities. it might seem trivial, but it is of great importance to people.
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i refer in particular to maternity capital, which we pay to families who have got two or more children. i know that you've got three children. if you were a russian citizen, then we would have paid you this maternity capital as well. but this is not sufficient. we also need to build up this targeted support. on the one hand, we've got to help those people who have earned their money in an honest fashion. we've got to help them invest into the development of our economy, not into mere consumption. on the other hand, we've got to come up with targeted measures to help the who need government support.
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now we're going to have some questions amongst all the panel. a there and is a lot to cover.
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so stay with me. so let's start with what's been in the news everywhere, and what's on the minds of a lot of people here, which is yesterday as you gentlemen know, president trump announced that the united states would withdraw from the paris climate deal. saying that it will hurt the united states economy and it will cost jobs. european leaders were quick to react, accusing president trump of shirking america's role as a global leader. president putin, how do you see it? >> translator: while i'm not among the european leaders, at least the european leaders do not believe me to be them, but of course, i mean, we in russia do have our own view. and by the way, do you yourself read through those paris accords? you did not. well, i see that.
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but generally speaking, the paris treaty is a very popular document that is aimed at one of the global problems of the current times. in order to deter the climactic changes. the question is whether we are in a position not aow climate chan, some of it. it's about not letting the climate temperature go up by two. but we don't feel here that the temperature is going hotter. and i say we should be grateful to president trump because today in moscow i am hearing that it snowed. it's raining here. it's very cold. so now we can blame him for that and american imperialism. that it's all their fault. but we're not going to be doing this. but if we are to look at what the paris accords are, this is a framework document, and whatever you read in the paris accords,
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it is left with the national government to make decisions. there is nothing obligatory, compulsory. all the countries make up their own minds. and the united states took on the obligation i believe to reduce by 2026, 28% the emissions into the government by 2025. while russia took on an obligation to achieve the 70% level of emissions compared to 1990 level. but by 2030, the unitestates ratified that treaty. we haven't yet done so. but we haven't done so because we want to wait and see how the rules are set for how the resources are to be allocated. and very important say the
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united states said to have an obligation to contribute $100 million into the climate foundation, which is going to be allocated to the emerging countries in their local environmental programs. but how this money is to be made available, to which institutions who will dispose of them? so far that hasn't been resolved. so where i'm coming from is in order to reduce the emission by 26, 28% by 2025, and this future already near, assuming one has to introduce a great modernization of industry. you need to bring businesses forward the invest billions of dollars into their economy. but there is another side to this coin. one ought to think about what one should do with the labor which will be displaced out of the kinds of system. they need to be found a new employment. so one has to think about it in advance and also invest respective resources if we do
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not want them to be abandon ed and go beyond the current level. you asked me about the people in low incomes in russia. by the way, as of2000, we had 40% which live below the poverty line. we have reduced that by almost twice by now there is fluctuation because of the current day crisis. but nevertheless, we managed to do that. so one also has to think the united states what one will do with those become jobless. because an additional resource. therefore i wouldn't judge president trump because the decision maybe the acting president didn't believe they were well thought out. maybe he think there's is not sufficient resource available. so this really requires very thorough consideration. but one could day because they
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are a framework metric. but what one could do is to alter united states obligations within the paris accord. but you cannot wind back whatever was said was said. so you have to think about what to do next and to do the future. you certainly should not abandon the problem too much as the extent i'm not familiar with president trump's statement. but he stated that he wanted to reconsider this treaty or sign a new one instead because he is not giving up on working on this problem. and so it seems to me that one shouldn't be creating noise about it, but rather create terms and conditions for a joint effort to be undertaken because we're such big countries who are big emitters are not going to be doing any work, then no kind of a workable treaty will be reach order signed. so you have to actn what there is and do something positive in der the make thiwhe work
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constructive. [ applause ] >> prime minister modi, you have said that to not take action on climate change would be criminal. is that your message for president trump? >> translator: i think, you know, many people know how to make hot news out of everything. i think that's what people want to do is sensationalize everything. i would put it very simply. i am simply talking about the aspirations or the dream that new india has for itself. that is one thing. the second thing i would like to mention is that i have mentioned
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about the knowledge bank of india about 5,000 years ago. i wasn't born then, by the way, in which it was mentioned that human beings, man should -- it's okay to milk nature. we have a right to milk nature. however, we do not have the right to exploit nature. this is what arvada said 5,000 years ago. i have only mentioned what has been mentioned 5,000 years ago. number two, just three years ago in germany somebody asked me the same question, and of course we did not -- we did not have any statement from anyone at that time. and in germany, i mentioned that whether there is paris accord or no paris accord, we are convinced that, and that is part of our cultural tradition that
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we must not steal something that rightfully belongs to the next generation. we have to make sure that we must leave behind a beautiful, bountiful nature for our future generations so that they can live peacefully, they can breathe fresh air, and live a good life. this is a fundamental concern of india from ancient times. and have i used that example in germany. i use the same example today. >> but if i may, president trump might agree with that, but the question is whether it's going to cost so many jobs and hurt america so much economically that might rooig now it's not the best move for us. that's his position. it's caused outrage by other leaders. where do you fall on it? which side do you fall on?
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>> i do not think that this subject in fact it's not a question of taking sides. this is not the subject. what i'm talking about is thinking for the future generation. the generation that is not even born today, that the generation or the people who are to be born in the next years, that's the side i'm on. [ applause ] >> translator: and by the way, by the way, this accord hasn't yet come into effect. it is supposed to come into effect as of 2021. so we still have time. we are all constructive in what we do. there are things that we can agree on. >> don't worry, be happy. [ applause ] >> and on that note, this week
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german chancellor angela merkel said publicly, including once to you, prime minister modi, that europe must take its fate into its own hands. the german foreign minister accused president trump of putting the eu at risk. but mr. trump says european nato members must pay their fair share. let me start with you on this, chancellor kern. do you agree with angela merkel's comments? >> translator: we'll all see because we feel it for the first time. that we're currently dealing with the american president and wants to act in such a way so that the european interests are weakened which will bring big dividends out of it. i guess europe can make the following conclusions out of it.
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there are certain things that we have overlooked. maybe there are quite a few of such things. and that applies to a whole set of security issues. that applies to the environmental protection and the climate change. we are a strong economic entity. yes the biggest economic environment in the world, and we certainly need to make a step forward, and mr. putin, like you said, undoubtedly it is proper to pay attention to climate change. so the paris accord is very important in this way. but what i'm afraid of is that if united states stretches ohs s if united states stretches otep this story, that is going to be a step into the past, and that won't facilitate the future development. so we need to ask ourselves questions. are we going to ensure prosperity and wealth to our
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future generations? so this and major leaps, are we able to sustain that. steam engine was invented some time ago, computers and internet. these are the kinds of leaps i'm referring to. so the technologies in the area of environmental protections, there will appear new stories national hurricane center, to, c new topics which we'll be looking to provide for the stable. so whenever i think whether this will fall apart or not and what will happen in europe, many who are following this track are looking at the kind of stats that are being made with it. they would undermine the efforts being taken. how one could and should manage the capital flow is very
11:42 pm
important to see that we want to support this sort of development. and if america comes and tell us i'm not going to be playing this game. maybe this is not the most decisive thing, but this is definitely the reason for us to start thinking because we do need stable development. well need to be able to take off with the kinds of wings that we'll be in a position to rely on. so one should act on an assumption so as not to follow the lead other of america, but also think about one's own development in all dimensions. >> president putin, does all this squabbling over nato help russia? . >> translator: squabbles around nato, do they help russia? well, in a sense that maybe they should completely be falling apart. that will help. but we don't see that for now
11:43 pm
just yet. while it's been more than once that i asked myself a question and raise it public because nato was established as a cold war instrument in a fight against the soviet unionnd so-called warsaw pact, there is no longer any warsaw pact. but the question is what for. and there is only one kind of answer. no matter says, this is the instrument of the u.s. foreign policy. and if somebody likes it, all right. that's the way should it be. but most importantly is that for the processes that nato has always been talking about, transformation of that treaty into a political organization as the kind of an organization which creates the elements of stability in the world. if that is the case, this is all right. but so far it doesn't happen that way. so far we are seeing the way the military infrastructure is expanding and nearing our borders. and this is something that
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cannot but concern us. this is something that we are stating and speaking about publicly. now in reference to the recent summit meeting, the united states demand from their allies to raise their military spending, and simultaneously this sign that nato is not going to attack anybody. but if you're not intending to take anybody, why should you increase your military spending? so this is something that we see as an additional issue. therefore, you know, we did our best to establish constructive relations with this organization, even we set up the russian consul in rome. but it all seized to be and effectively no longer is working. not because of our us to blame but the lack of such instruments of cooperation is bad because it doesn't give us an opportunity to constructively cooperate.
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to try and eliminate the current problematic agenda items. so people are saying that nato is supposed to more actively fight against terrorism. this is good. this is something we're supportive of. but at the same time, what do we see? look, we recently held a major international conference on security issues at the level of security consul. 95 representatives from different countries came, and very many representatives from the americans and from europe were whispering to us they were trying to persuade us in brussels and in washington not to go to russia. so what is it? the people who maintain such a position they're thinking with, you know, and the professionals
11:46 pm
want to work together. i mean professionals are eager to. they do understand the importance of such an interaction, the importance of being able to exchange information. well, at the political level, the people are being transported around in armored vehicles. they are safe, and they don't feel threat to their citizens. if that will continue that way, we'll definitely receive -- in germany, in brussels, in united states, in russia. i mtioned it more than once, we need to unite our efforts. this is where we need to work together in a constructive way. we'll definitely be cooperating.
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president putin, you and prime minister modi, you and prime minister modi yesterday entered into several agreements promising more cooperation. between your two countries on things like counterterrorism and
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bringing to have russia set up the final two units of a nuclear power plant in india. what is the significance of this cooperation? and you mention your relationship of trust between each other. how does china fit in to that relationship? that's for you, president putin, and then i'll get your take on it, prime minister modi. >> translator: you know, the world by and large is fraught with differences, and it's my goal and the goal of president and prime minister modi is to be able to despite all those differences not be moving to gridlocks or deadlocks, but to find two-way streets instead, like here and back in 2005, despite all difficulties and difference, including original
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ones, we got together, the three of us. the president of russia, the leader of china and prime minister ofindia, and was agreed by us that we would get together, the three of us to resolve common issues and this is now progressing. it has been progressing since then, despite existing outstanding issues. we've been making headway. and as a result, brazil and south africa wanted to join in. and there was the advent of important factor in national affairs. we have common issues that we need to -- as we think need to be resolved in concert. i would say a positive development. and this is how the chinese colleagues of ours view the process and the leadership of china. i have already said that probably i mention it yesterday during my meeting with heads of
11:51 pm
information agencies and news-wise. it took us 40 years with china to negotiate the frontier issue. but thanks to the warm atmosphere on bilateral level, we have been able to find a trade-off. well, we made concessions and china made concessions, but we've been able to achieve a solution that provided additional scope for advancing our relationship. we've never had any problems with india, and i hope we shall never have them. on the contrary, we've had only advantages. and these advantages are historical cooperation, a long-standing one. indeed, yesterday we signed our agreements. and these are aimed at developing the traditional areas of cooperation. and we're looking for new ones, for new spheres in particular who want to focus on
11:52 pm
innovation-based sectors of the contemporary economy. and here the nuclear energy fits in. and some of the unions by design are already operating. and we have ambitious plans to interact in the future. we have promising areas of collaboration. we will be supporting those who try to bolster these ties because both the indian people and russian people will benefit from that. and all of the region will. and the chinese leadership plans with respect to their silk road plans, we said that we should find synergies between the regional economic union and the chinese silk road economic belt. there are all these issues that require further investigation.
11:53 pm
and we definitely with the good will present obtain success and make headway. >> prime minister modi, if you would like to weigh in on china and your relationship with russia. and i'd also just like to ask you, as you have this close relationship with president putin and with russia, is that a help or a hindrance to your relationship with the united states? and is it an either or situation? >> translator: when we talk about these issues, right now we have to stay where we are. you know, 20, 25 years ago, that is not the world we have today. we do not have a world which is bipolar in nature. in fact, the entire world is interconnected and
11:54 pm
interdependent at the same time. and for that it is important -- in fact, you must have seen in every country, every country is linked with another country in so form of the others. there might b some issues of dispute. but there will be some issues with cooperation. but each is a country tries to work together. with regard relationship between russia and india, as i mentioned also that it has, you know, passed through the test of time. and it is based on trust. and my request to all of you is that the st. petersburg declaration that we announced yesterday, it is a 24-page-long declaration. and i understand that the entire world will be reading each and every word that has been mentioned in that declaration. and investigated very closely and will be able to understand how russia and india intend to move forward together. now with regard to china, it is
11:55 pm
correct that like russia has certain border disputes with china, similarly india also has certain border disputes with china. however, in the last 40 years, there has been no -- not even one bullet has been fired with regard to border dispute between india and china. in fact, india and china are linking together economically. they are having more relations with us and vice versa. in fact we have investment out of both countries into each other's countries, even the state level, the political relationship and the interaction that we have is at the top most level with very high frequency. in that sense also, i think it is very -- it is -- you have to understand i don't look at two people from a third point of view. russia knows how china and india are related. we know what relations are
11:56 pm
between russia and china. and china knows how the relations are between russia and india. and deite of that, just as president putin mentioned in breaks, there are five countries who are working and moving forward shoulder to shoulder. they're very important to institutions that we have made together. china has taken a bank initiative in which promotion india is also taking part. br also agreed in unison for leadership of china. and all the countries are together in that sense. the entire world is interconnected and interdependent. and india, india believes in to go together and to grow together. so this is not something which is related with just the people of india. i think india wants to move ahead with everybody and move forward towards our growth and development. and that is our sole objective. [ applause ]
11:57 pm
>> president, you referenced it a bit if your marks earlier. do you feel moldova is facing a similar choice between east and west, pressured to make a choice. and must one choose? >> you know, over the past years recently we have been convinced that the european union, some people that the european union is is the best choice for us. but for small countes such as moldova, thenly chance to survive is to have good relationships with both east and west. and we will never be able in our
11:58 pm
current capacity to become an eu member because we have the against, we have is south of our country and some opinions in the north. and at a certain point of time, if someone believes that we should choose, we will lose our statehood. so our goal and my goal other the past six months is to bring our foreign policy to a balance. it used to be pro european and anti-russian in the past. in recent years, for our country, it's ideal never to ask either/or. should it be both ways. we should cooperate with both. without the russian federation, we will not be able to resolve our key issues and the unification of the country, national accord. ♪
11:59 pm
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