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tv   MSNBC Live With Alex Witt  MSNBC  June 11, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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ients. most people using stelara® saw 75% clearer skin and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. be the you who talks to your dermatologist about stelara®. hello, welcome back. it's high noon in the east, 9:00 out west. here's what's happening. a new reaction from a member of president trump's legal team on whether ron mueller's job is in jeopardy. take a listen. >> will the president promise not to interfere or attempt at any time to order the deputy attorney general to fire robert mueller? >> the president of the united states as of we all know, he's going to seek the advice of his counsel and inside the government as well as outside and i'm not going to speculate on what he will and won't do.
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newt gingrich with a warning for republican lawmakers about mueller's investigation. >> i distrust independent counsels and think the people mueller is bringing in are dangerous people and any republican who thinks this counsel will be neutral is crazy. >> and a big week ahead as attorney general jeff sessions gets ready to testify before the senate intel committee on tuesday. senate dianne feinstein is making her case once again for why sessions and others should also come before the judiciary committee. >> the judiciary staff are all lawyers, most very good lawyers and so there is an opportunity to look at the law with respect to obstruction of justice, to hold a hearing and also to have those relevant people come before the judiciary committee. i've been concerned by the fact that both director coats and rogers, refused to answer the questions when put to them by members of the intelligence
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committee. >> also, new today, democratic senator joe manchin on whether he's o bothered by james comey's passing his memos to a friend that were then given to the media. >> that was concerning when we heard about it, but i look at it as self-preservation. we're in a unprecedented area, unorthodox approaches to governing and it looks like he took whatever action he thought for self-preservation and we'll see if that rises to a level of greater concern or of any type of action needs to be taken. >> meanwhile, republican senator susan collins on whether she would support issuing a subpoena to get president trump to turn over his recordings he has with james comey. >> this is a president the president should have cleared up in the press conference and should give a straight yes or no to the answer -- to the question of whether or not the tapes exist and he should voluntarily
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turn them over not only to the senate intelligence committee but to the special counsel. >> if he doesn't and a subpoena would be necessary to find this out, you support that? >> i would be fine with issuing a subpoena but that most likely would come from the special counsel's office. >> and now this, a new huffington post poll on who came out more honest and trust worthy. 46% say it was comey and 26% say trump and 28% saying not sure. let's start with kelly adonl in branchburg missouri, not far from the bed minister he state. a lot of new reactions from the sunday shows on comey's testimony. what's the latest you're hearing? >> well, there are lots of questions that remain open about things that were brought into the public light by james comey that race concerns that the
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president may have pushed the line or brushed the line or some even saying he crossed the line of what a president should do when we have a long tradition of independence for investigators like an fbi director. so that concern is still exists, there are other republicans who are voicing the concern that comey did leak -- leak is not the wordy want to use, that would imply it was classified. he did share with a third party with the intent of it becoming public through a reporter his own memos that belonged to the fbi, even though they were about his own recollection. some questions raised about that and certainly more questions about where else does this go and does the attorney general need to answer more questions. but when it comes to the president himself, again, susan collins, republican senator of maine well recorded and on the more moderate side of things at times has been critical of the president but she put it in these terms, wishing someone had given the president more of a speed bump in his interactions
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with the fbi director at the time to try to protect him from now this criticism and to prevent any undo influence. here's susan collins. >> someone should have stepped in. the fbi director should have stepped in or deputy attorney general or white house counsel's office to explain to the president, it's not an excuse. the president clearly does not fully understand or appreciate the boundaries but he should, i'm not excusing his behavior but i'm saying that there were a lot of people in government who should have set him strange. >> even house speaker paul ryan who was asked about this said the president is still new to government and may not know some of the very clear lanes that people with long experience in elected office do. others say not knowing is not an excuse and that the president by asking others to leave the room in one instance with james comey
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suggested that he understood that what he was going to say was something that might be kind of in a danger zone. there are lots of questions that remain in the fallout, if you want to call it that of the james comey testimony. it was certainly riveting to watch and it has ongoing impact on how this long term russian interference investigation may play out from a wide range of areas that are under investigation now from both the congressional side of things and fbi and now a special counsel. >> thanks for joining us. i want to bring in brendan boyle, democrat from pennsylvania, also on the house foreign affairs committee. you heard senator collins there. do you think that the president needed more guidance? first of all, as we look at the last week in toe talty, the former fbi director jim comey came off as highly, highly
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credible as a witness. i think it was very damaging to the president. now the idea that an incoming president just needed more instruction or more guidance to know that you aren't supposed to interfere or involve yourself with the fbi director and his conduct of an ongoing investigation, that just doesn't pass any sort test that i know of. no president previously with the exception of one attempted to interfere with an fbi investigation. so the idea that speaker ryan said, you know the president is new to this, give me a break. >> doesn't necessarily pass your test but seems it passes the president's test when it comes to his voting base. you heard chris christie say this is the way the president talks, this is the way he is, this is new york style talking. >> first of all, being from
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philadelphia, i think i'm familiar with new york style talking too and saying multiple times of the fbi director, strongly suggesting to him that you hope as his boss was the ability to fire him that he ends an investigation into a buddy of his, that's not new york talk but interference and potentially obstruction of justice. >> we'll get more into that looking ahead obviously. the question of attorney general jeff sessions looking ahead to his testimony, what do you want to hear from him that would satisfy your questions about his meetings with the russians? >> well, the most immediate thing would be the media speculation or media report that former senator now attorney general sessions was not honest in his testimony when he said that he only -- before he said he didn't have any meetings, then it came out that he had a couple with the russian ambassador. now it turns out there might be this third meeting. it was interesting --
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>> i don't want to interrupt you there but just to elaborate on that, we did hear jim comey in the testimony when asked about sessions, he alluded to the fact there may have been more meetings but not something he necessarily wanted to answer in an open setting and said he would answer those questions in a closed door session. go ahead, congressman. >> yeah, no, actually, you just ahead the point ichs goi was go say. the fact jim comey in his testimony said as you pointed out and wasn't able to confirm or deny that, here's an opportunity now for the attorney general to testify himself in front of the committee and talk about that. something by the way that would have happened back in the spring when he was a senator. he should be able to answer that question. >> let's talk about senator manchin and what he had to say. he expressed concern about comey's sharing of his own memos and said it might have been more for a self-preservation. do those -- does that sort of information sharing or leaks as a lot of republicans are calling it, does that concern you? do you agree with senator
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manchin's assessment there might have been self-preservation there? >> just as a matter of fact is not a leak because it isn't classified information, it's a memo that he wrote. >> a lot of republicans calling it a leak. it's definitely being politicized in that way. the democrats are care calling it shares of information and republicans are calling it leaks. >> except the two aren't equal opinions. it is a fact that it is not a leak. a leak is when we're talking about classified information. he was completely legally within his right to do what he did. now, what struck me the most was the fact that here you have the fbi director, meeting at that point with the president-elect of the united states and he was so disturbed and shaken by that first meeting that he immediately got into his suv and started writing down everything that happened in that meeting. that was something -- that was a reaction he didn't have when meeting with george w. bush or barack obama. that really spoke to me more than anything about the way the
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then president-elect and later president conducts himself. >> and it was really interesting when you read the opening testimony, he talks about how he met with president trump, whether it be by phone call or in person, i believe nine separate times where it was with president obama it was only two separate times, one of which was to really just say good-bye, which i think was sort of telling of what was going on there. the president today tweeting i believe the james comey leaks will be far more prevalent than anyone thought possible. totally illegal and very cowardly. do you think there's a possibility there that jim comey may have shared more information than we know of? >> this is a tendency that the president has, he throws out something crazy like how he started his career with barack obama's supposed birth certificate being fake, he just throws these things out on twitter and then gets us to talk about them. here's an opportunity for president trump to put his money
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where his mouth is. jim comey has testified under oath, under potential criminal penalty just this past week in front of congress. president trump said on friday he would be willing to do the same thing. so i urge the senate intelligence committee and the house intelligence committee to call the president of the united states, give him the opportunity to testify under oath and then we'll see if he's willing to say the same things under oath that he puts out on twitter. >> do you think that testimony would be made public because oh, that would be something to watch. >> it would be good ratings and trump loves ratings. these would be very high ratings but i'm not holding my breath that in the end trump will follow through and take that legal risk. >> i think you used the word ratings three times in last sentence. sounding like someone else i know. the drama is playing out in washington. let's talk about your state. is it registering with voters there? >> actually, when i'm back home
9:13 am
in northeast philadelphia and suburban philadelphia, most people i talk to ask me what they see is more substantive issues, even though this is very important and a number of people are concerned about it. at the same time constituents are concerned that if washington only focuses on this then we aren't focusing on job creation and very important foreign policy issues and keeping americans safe. that is always a balance that we have to strike while pursuing these very important criminal matters with the whole trump russia investigation. at the same time, making sure that we're doing our main job in terms of all of the other typical normal issues that we should be dealing with. >> congressman, quickly while i have you, how is pittsburgh dealing with the pittsburgh not paris comment from the paris acco accord? >> you're asking a philadelphian about that but i have to say as someone who has been to pittsburgh and served in the state legislature for six years, what pittsburgh has done in
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transforming its economy over the last generation is absolutely remarkable. in many ways president trump's comment really didn't reflect any sort of knowledge of modern pittsburgh. by the way, an area he lost overwhelmingly. >> brendan boyle, thanks for joining us. marchers on the move in the nation's capital at the quality march of unity and pride. cities around the country are taking part to voice concerns of the lgbt community and paying tribute to the 49 killed and 53 wounded in the pulse nightclub shootings. tomorrow will mark one year since that tragic day. what to expect from the attorney general on tuesday? will he be defiant or stay loyal to the president. some predictions coming up next. you don't want to miss it. (microphone feedback) listen up, heart disease. you too, unnecessary er visits. and hey, unmanaged depression, don't get too comfortable.
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>> there's a question of his participation in the firing of director comey. he had already recused himself and then suddenly he is the one apparently recommending to the president that comey be fired and the president suggested, not suggested but declared it was all about the russian investigation. there's a real question of the propriety of the attorney general participating in that in any way, shape or form. >> that's senator jack reed with one of the biggest questions he wants to ask senator sessions testifying on tuesday. joining me to talk about this, molly hooper, congressional reporter for hill and john harwood, welcome to you both. molly, i'll start with you. what's the mood among republicans on capitol hill this morning as they face this tough testimony from sessions? >> well, i think lawmakers are looking forward to this. ultimately they want to get to the bottom of this and move on.
9:19 am
i think that comey's testimony, which by all accounts was brutally honest according to one senator up there asking those questions, leaves a lot of questions for sessions to answer. in fact, you know, why did he linger after that february 14th meeting? did the white house advisers including sessions warn trump not to have a one on one meeting? did trump suggest that idea to his advisers and not take their advi advice? who knows but that's something lawmakers want to get to the bottom of and go away -- >> i'll bet they do. >> they do and they just want him to quit tweeting i think. that's the general consensus. >> i like how you said they want to get to the bottom of this and move on. i think a lot of people wishing it was that easy. how unusual is it to have a sitting attorney general under this kind of microscope? >> it's extremely unusual because he is involved from both ends. first of all, he was involved as
9:20 am
was senator reed was discussing in that clip, in the firing of fbi director comey, but he was also involved in a tangential way to the underlying issue about contacts with russia. he had meetings that he failed to initially report. the question arose from former director comey's testimony, whether there was an additional meeting he didn't report. i think there's some risk for him and to the question you pose before the break, will he be lawyer to trump or something else? i think he's going to be loyal to himself because he faces jeopardy if he does not testify truthfully. on the other issue you asked about, the republican mood, i think the republican mood is worried at this point. when you saw at the end of the comey testimony hearing when richard burr, the republican chairman of the committee praised james comey as someone who loves his country enough to
9:21 am
tell it like it is, when that's the attitude of the guy leading the investigation, that tells you that it is going to be taken seriously and as you suggested, it's not going away quickly. >> john, how much do you think we're going to learn from sessions? is this going to be more like a comey testimony or more like a testimony that we heard from those four -- the intelligence officials that we heard from including mckab, where we didn't learn much and didn't do a lot of talking? >> i think it's much more likely to be latter than the former. he's not coming by any indication we're aware of to do a a turn as a whistle blower before the committee. i expect he's going to try to limit his answers where he can and try to take care that he gives truthful answers but in the briefest way possible. >> right, molly, why is the attorney general here ultimately testifying? is this something he's offering to do or volunteering to do or does he not have a choice?
9:22 am
>> he wants to testify in the fact -- in part because of these undisclosed meetings and this is based on people i've talked to who said the reason he didn't disclose the meetings because they were done in his official capacity then as a u.s. senator. and when he was filling out these forms, this is what i've heard from sessions allies up on capitol hill, that the reason he didn't disclose them in this -- the f-86, this basically disclosure form you have to fill when you're going to be nominated for one of these positions, that he was told don't worry about that, because that was your official capacity as a u.s. senator. he wants to get that side of the story out about meetings he did have in that capacity but again, just as john said, i don't think we're going to be hearing him -- hearing him use phrases like i was slightly cowardly, you know, don't call my captain
9:23 am
courageous. comey was brutally honest as marco rubio said and i think we're going to hear more washington speak when it comes to jeff sessions. >> john, you have a new article looking at the gop support for president trump and i want to read it to the audience. in part it says trump's partisan shield is indeed strong, fellow republicans who control congress see him as an ally for the legdsive goals and if you're angering his loyal supporters. do you think there's a sense that support for trump among republicans in congress is largely based on their personal agendas and if so, is president trump's office safe unless trump voters turn on him? >> yes it's based on their personal agendas and no, it is not safe for that same reason. here's the situation, we've got extreme polarization in the country, you've got divisions by ideology, divisions by party and increasingly divisions by race. but that support is vulnerable and we've already seen the
9:24 am
president's support among republicans decline by seven points from 89 when i was inaugurated to 82% now. his national polling average in terms of job approval is around 38%. the lower that goes, the more da danger for republicans in 2018 mid-term elections and more insecure they feel, the less likely they are to stick with donald trump. >> are you seeing similar waning of support on capitol hill? >> on the hill, yes. it depends on whether a member of congress's district supports the president and how they are about that support. in addition to which, you have this issue though that lindsey graham brought this up on "face the nation" the president has an agenda that a lot of republicans want to follow and implement but keeps harming himself and continuingly inflicting self-inflicting wounds when it comes to the comey investigation
9:25 am
in russia by treatiweeting and could end up harming his case. republicans need to go home saying they were able to accomplish something legislatively, or else their voters will not see them as doing their job. the problem is, is they lose their job, then trump has to deal with the democratic congress and that's a problem. >> john, just about 20 seconds left here, you really think so long as president trump sticks with the republican agenda, they are going to hold the president accountable here? >> it is not easy for them to do that. it's difficult for a republican member of congress to break with the president but as we saw in the case of richard nixon and watergate, support holds until it gets -- >> there's a line. >> and sometimes the floor can fall through and at a moment when you don't expect it. >> each day is a new day. we have definitely seen that for sure. thanks so much for joining me. do the trump comey recordings exist and are we ever going to
9:26 am
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welcome back, everybody. at the half hour, here's what we're monitoring. the heat is on, everybody, high temperatures blanketing much of the midwest and northeast record breaking heat is expected to linger the next couple of days. joining me from chicago, mike seidel. what's it like there? >> from the chicago lake front it is going to be another scorcher today cracking 90, 92 we're forecasting, 96 tomorrow. that would be close to the record of 97. the average high is 78. we're way above average. this is the iconic chicago sky line over lake michigan. in the distance is oak street beach. you can see the ferris wheel.
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it's 61, still early. later in the summer it will get into the 70s, this is where the action will be today, north avenue beach it was packed yesterday. they had a big volleyball tournamentour tourname tournament, setting up six courts. yesterday the wind blew the paddle boarders so far out they had to get them on jet skis. what is saving us today is the breeze, gusting 20 to 25 mifrpz. the fact the humidity is not oppressive but here and in the northeast monday and tuesday, that humidity will come up and that's going to push the heat index values up to or better than 100 degrees, new york and philly and boston, three days in a row of 90 degree heat. i'm meteorologist mike seidel. back to you. >> going to be a hot couple of days ahead. back to politics now and new
9:34 am
today, a democrat is leading the polls with just over a week to go until the polls. jon ossoff leading. in democrat hands since 1969. joining me now, carrie, good to talk to you. >> good to be here. >> do you think the president is a liability in the race in georgia? >> it is true the president won by a small margin where histo c historically republicans had done better, romney, mccain and the person who capped tom price was incredibly popular. i think that people are just feeling like maybe we should have a little balance but at the end of the day it is 'deeply conservative state and people are understanding that os sf so money doesn't even live in the
9:35 am
district -- >> you think this is about the people wanting balance, doesn't have anything to do with the president sort of waning support and what's going on in washington? >> as i said the district itself, trump support was not as strong as it has been historically for republicans but at the end of the day voters in the sixth district of georgia are going to understand what kind of district we want to be. do we want to be a tax and spend liberal like ossoff. if you saw wonder woman where they said she was the god killer, she would be the job killer, the money is flowing in from san francisco and new york. this is not a man of the people of georgia. this is a man who literally can't vote for himself and trying to say i'm living outside the district because i'm supporting my fiancee going to medical school. if i was his fiancee i wouldn't let him use me as his fig leaf, no political capital or investment in the district. this is a washington bureaucrat. >> leaning in his favor, so it's
9:36 am
looking like -- >> that's one poll. there are multiple polls and margin of error is much tighter. >> i want to turn to the president. comey revealing the president may have been trying to protect his friend -- this is something you said, excuse me, you said that yet you think comey was trying to protect his friend -- sorry that the president was trying to protect his friend there. i want to listen to samuel bul who told my colleague something else. >> if he's got an improper purpose, he's doing this for a reason to protect himself or his friends, obstruction of justice law wouldn't say well, just because this person thought they could get away with it or justify to themselves that rationalized it, there was nothing wrong, that doesn't mean they had the criminal intent. the law would not say that. >> he's really arguing the president is not above the law, trying to protect a friend or not.
9:37 am
at the end of the day you're the president of the united states and may have appointed someone who's a friend as nsa but when push comes to shove you can't protect him whether he's your friend or not. >> that's very true. the key is criminal intent. democrats have recognized this and ossoff has said -- >> a lot of legal experts saying it wasn't obstruction of justice. >> that's obviously, nancy pelosi has said there's not enough evidence to impeach. john warner has said there's not enough evidence. when you have top democrats saying this is no smoking gun, that's with a senator warren said, we have no smoking gun here. everyone universally have said let's give this to mueller and he'll do a thorough investigation and has a clean stellar record. that's what we need to do at this point. >> do you think comey was alluding something else would come up in the investigation that he didn't want to necessarily talk about in the open testimony? >> i think this if it had come up in closed testimony, the closed testimony after the open, if there was that smoking gun revealed in the closed
9:38 am
testimony, considering how leaky washington is right now, it would have come out at this point to be honest. but i don't think that given all that we know there is enough evidence at this point to say that trump -- there's a smoking gun. i've got to say to my progressive friends, if you're calling for trump's scalp, at the end of the day it's going to be president pence, do you want -- i would be totally cool with that or paul ryan going to be more focused on getting a conservative policy agenda. >> all the way down the line. >> fantasies of progressives, coming up with scenarios of what's going to happen. at the end of the day we have a rule of law here. we have the err is on the side of innocent until proven guilty and so many progressives are doing the opposite. >> i want to talk about the state of the gop during the trump era. jeff greenfield wrote quts the gop that failed and in it he writes either by cluelessness or willful design the republican party had put itself in a position where one of the most
9:39 am
significant functions of a party, the vetting of the pro inspective nominee was rendered impotent and we are living with that institutional failure every day. was there a failure to vet president trump? >> well, look, i was no fan of president trump during the primary. anybody who watched "meet the press" daily, i was beating the drum of republicans -- get somebody not just learning on the job. that being said i disagree with this article. i don't know how you can call the republican majority that is congressionally stronger than since world war ii, how is that a failure? that makes no sense at all. last week we also saw the passage of the choice act, to repeal and replace substantive portions of the dodd frank regulation bill and health care bill the senate will bring that up for a vote. if that's failure, i'm sick of failing that way. >> thanks for joining me. >> appreciate it. >> coming up, max bacchus will tell us when senator sessions
9:40 am
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comey said i deliberately leaked through an intermediary to create this counsel. i think this is going to be a witch hunt. i think that comey himself by his own testimony tainted this particular process, you have director of the fbi deliberately leaking in order to decree atd a special counsel who we're supposed to believe is going to be this neutral figure. i think that's just nonsense. >> that was newt gingrich this morning on james comey's testimony. next up on capitol hill, attorney general jeff sessions is going to meet with the senate intelligence committee on tuesday in the russian hacking investigation. it's unclear if it's an open or closed door session. joining me now, former senator
9:44 am
max bacc huxt s. what do you expect from tuesday? >> well, i think the congress will want to know -- the committee will want to know why jeff sessions did not disclose earlier conversations with ambassador kislyak and other conversations that apparently sessions had with russians, that he did not disclose, they are going to want to know why and the content of all of that. that's especially important because all of this is in the context of russian interference with u.s. elections, after that president trump and a lot of his people cozying up to tip toeing around russia, while they are very critical of our allies. all of this is very concerning to a lot of people. to the country generally and
9:45 am
many of the senators on the committee will want to ask why he did not disclose the conversations earlier. >> if this is an open session, how much do you think we'll hear from the attorney general? >> he's going to be careful. >> how forthcoming will he be? >> i'm sorry. >> how forthcoming will he be? >> not terribly. i think he'll be initially very sort in his answers and very careful. he's been burned. he's been not as disciplined and i think he'll be much more disciplined now and we'll see. i don't know. it depends on the conversations he had with kislyak and others. i don't know the answer to that question and that's the part of the hearing to find out and also important for us to keep in context the importance of trying to get to the bottom of russian interference in american elections, you have to see the forest for trees, one of the
9:46 am
biggest fundamental problems that our country is facing and will face unless we stop it. one other matter here, i just rereturned last night from china. the chinese are watching this with amusement because they see america getting distracted on internal matters while they are being focused on building up their economy and country and we americans to do the same. i mean, we've got to get to the bottom of the trump obstruction of justice and russian connection and all of that but at the same time, we have to work on our health care reform, infrastructure, tax reform, education and building up america. i'm a little worried that this -- the comey mueller trump stuff is distracting us a little from our job that's making america strong. >> the president wrapping up his infrastructure week last week and i suspect china is not the only one thinking in the way in which you described. want to turn still to the comey
9:47 am
testimony, the president today tweeting the comey leaks will be far more prevalent than anyone ever thought possible. senator, did james comey taint the process as newt gingrich said as i played earlier? or did he do the right thing by sharing or leaking whomever you are and whichever way you see that, those memos? >> well, seems to me he thought about this very, very carefully, very clearly and the information he gave out was proper within the law, that he -- comey would not do anything improper within the law. i think also, he is concerned about frankly the president he was serving under and believed that certain things he comey should say for the good of the country. >> and talking about domestic issues here senator, want to change gears a little bit. so much happening with the comey testimony, 19 million people watching that hearing on thursday. but while that was happening,
9:48 am
the house actually passed a bill rolling back dodd frank, which is a law aimed at preventing another financial crisis. this has no chance really of passing the senate but it did happen with really little attention. what's your reaction to that? >> i think dodd frank needs a little work. it's no perfect. i think the legislation went frankly a little far. that's why we have two houses, senate will look at it -- and that's why we elect people to congress. they do what they think is right and reviewing dodd frank in a way they think makes more sense. it will be okay. >> there you go, it will be okay. former senator and u.s. ambassador to china, max baucus. what to expect from the president's own party? will some of them start jumping ship? we'll talk about that next. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced.
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i found director comey were former director comey's testimony to be candid, to be
9:52 am
thorough, and he testified under oath. so i believe that the information that he gave our committee is what he believed happened. that doesn't eliminate the possibility that there was a misinterpretation. >> that was susan collins, a member of the intelligence committee which questioned james comey earlier this weaek. i want to bring in the former vermont governor. howard, i'm going to start with you. am i wrong here or is that not a whole hearted endorsement of comey. she actually said that's what he believes happened. >> this is all politics. she's a republican. he doesn't want to alienate her colleagues. 20% by a plurality of 20%, people believe comey, not trump.
9:53 am
i look at her statement as politics. she comes from a strait where if she were to move to the right she would lose. >> does it matter if comey misinterpreted the president's comments. is the fact alone that he met by himself acy long side the president, is that an issue and the conversations that took place between them, whether or not comey misinterpreted what he said or not? >> there's nothing wrong with that. what caused concern was that his boss was asked to leave and that the president wanted to have a one on one with him. but at the end of the day, this is a small part of the story that's going to be told. and where this plays in what we've heard and seen from director comey, those notes are going to director mueller who is doing a special investigation, which will turn -- have a lot of twists and turns.
9:54 am
let's not forget, this session was about was there collusion, did the russians intrude with the u.s. elections and what are we going to do about it? we have to let robert mueller do what he needs to do. this will be one small part of it. once you have a smeshl prosecutor, you never know where this is going to go. white water was a real estate deal that turned into a blue dress. >> i'm laughing. that was absolutely true. the reason why the comey hearing is important is because it attaa attacks the credibility of the president. but this is not what this is about. in some senses it is. what always gets them in is lie and the coverup, it's not the actual deed. so susan is right, this is really about russia and their
9:55 am
attempt to influence the american political elections. but the lies are being told, that is what's going to do in the administration. >> that's what i was going to say. it's seeming more like president trump could feasibly be up against a wall not because of the russian investigation but because of this obstruction of justi justice, this story line more so. not necessarily the people surrounding the president, but the president himself. >> that's right. you know, the president lying to the american people is not an imprisonable offense. but the president lying under oath is. i was amazed that he said he was going to testify under oath. now my guess is he weasels out of it. that's where you really get gotten. that's where coats and admiral rogers is going to get into trouble. bob mueller is going to ask them to testify under oath. and if the senate wasn't run for richard burr, they would be in contempt of court right now.
9:56 am
but bur is a republican and so is trump. >> can you imagine if he testified under oath and had his tax returns at the same time? i think both are just about as likely. >> susan -- sorry. go ahead. >> i agree with that. i think that's right. >> president trump is claiming that the comey testimony was a victory, even tweeting that it was a total and complete vind da vindication for him. and director comey was in office, as far as his last record, memo to self, as of, i think it was april 1 isth or may isth, he was in fact not under investigation. and i understand why the trump administration is doing this. it's the best way to spin it. but what republicans were most concerned about when it came to this particular hearing was how damaged would the president be coming out of this. how much would they have to run away from what happened.
9:57 am
there were no big enough bombshells for republicans to turn away from the president ap and that's actually the bigger and better news for the administration. >> for the people who want to see trump impeached, duco you think this is a fantasy? >> yes. if we were to take over the house and the senate in 2018, you need two-thirds votes. an the idea that we're going to send the republicans down to a 33 vote minority. i don't think it's going to happen. if things get so bad that republicans need to start abandoning, then it's possible. he could be impeached because it takes a majority of the house to impeach him but he can't be removed, which would make the difference. look, i kind of agree with susan. i think that let's see what mueller takes this. i also believe that trump is going to trap himself. he's been skating along here.
9:58 am
of course i've thought that for a year and a half but have been wrong. >> me, too, governor. >> i don't think you're alone in that. >> yeah, that's true. >> all right. howard dean, susan dell purse yo, one thing i will say, you guys continue to agree. >> sometimes. >> sometimes. >> this does not make for exciting television when you agree. >> on politics we call it the way we see it. >> makes f s for intelligent television. senator bob graham of florida, the one-time chair of the committee joins me next to give me his list. tech: when you schedule with safelite autoglass, you get time for more life. this family wanted to keep the game going. son: hey mom, one more game? tech: with safelite, you get a text when we're on our way. you can see exactly when we'll arrive. mom: sure. bring it! tech: i'm micah with safelite. mom: thanks for coming, it's right over here. tech: giving you a few more minutes for what matters most.
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