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tv   Lockup New Mexico--- Extended Stay  MSNBC  June 11, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. they openly declared war against each other. they are preparing themselves for battle. >> in the back pages of your book here you have a lot of inmates' names and numbers. why? >> the guys i talked to said you are not going to be able to do anything about it. they're going to retaliate.
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>> make sure you check everything. use the metal detectors, the mirrors. check every single thing. they know where to hide. >> when they come out, they come out in their boxers and shower shoes only. no watches. no rings. no medallion, nothing else. everything else stays in their cells. one thing we learned was the inmates said what they are doing
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is taking their shanks with them to the strip cage. they are putting them on the floor. what we are doing today is following up on what occurred on level 6 last week. several high-ranking members were able to overpower an officer in the recreation area, take the keys from her, and they stabbed a rival s & m member numerous times. as a result of that, we initiated shake downs. we completed level 6 yesterday. we are headed to level 5 to conduct interviews to see if there's follow up information or weapons here to see if they are going to continue. if any assaults are going to occur immediately after they come off lockdown, it is likely they might occur in this unit. the inmates have the opportunity for activity. they can come out of their cells, so if there's going to be
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retaliation, it's possible it would happen here. >> this is where it all starts off. what they do is come over here, right here. they will start working it. working it. take a piece how big they want it. they work it and work it until it cuts into the metal. and every time they leave their cell or whatever, they'll get toothpaste and soap and mix it up and just layer it. so they're letting you get in there so any time you come in here they can see this and they can't cover that up. the two pieces that were used as a shank to assault that one inmate came from right here. that's why they started doing this. this is contraband now. >> although level 6 is on
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lockdown, our producers are allowed to talk with one inmate about the toll the new restrictions are making. >> i haven't been able to visit with my sister or mother for three consecutive weeks because of this thing that happened in a separate housing unit, with two other inmates that had nothing to do with me. it's just not right. it's a nuisance. it's annoying because i don't behave in a way that merits my suspension of privileges, visit, commissary, more do a lot of guys for that matter. but yet we're being punished collectively. two weeks ago, they came and took away our nail clippers. we weren't even allowed to have access to our nail clippers in our cell except for on sunday night. if we needed to cut our nails, the corrections officer would give them to us and then take them back. we weren't allowed to have them in our cells. then they came and took them without explanation whatsoever.
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i just wonder if it's sanitary. if i act out and create problems, then i earned this. it's not my problem something is happening somewhere else. i didn't no nothing to nobody, and nobody did anything to me. >> after hours of searching, captain flores uncovers the first clue that gang violence may be imminent at the level 5 facility. >> almighty, a war is being mounted. chosen now oh great god, those who must be killed and taken alive through sacrifice so you may drink their heart's blood. we beg you to smile on those that will die on this field or on your altar. the choice of which, you are is entirely up to you. what this is, it's a prayer of war. it's not very often that you find a prayer from a gang member or a specific gang preparing themselves for battle. this is something unique. we know they are preparing
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themselves for battle. they are giving us enough information to let us know something is coming down the road. it's imminent. we're trying to see who is who and what is what and identify any sleeper gang members that are out there in the compound. identify them so we know who they are and see if we can stop a future assault. >> violent incidents like the recent gang stabbing in level 6, simply adds to the tension already in the pnm supermax facility, especially for michael daley, who spent five years in custody for his protection. >> they call me happy because the last laughs are always on me. i have been living in level 6 since i got incarcerated in april of 2003.
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i'm here on involuntary protective custody. the institution says there's a threat against my life. in my case, that's why i was in level 6. that's all i'm going to say about that. that's why i was in level 6. >> there's a story there, huh? >> there's a lot of stories. i'm happy to say it out there, but not in here. this is a real big week for me because i'm getting released back into the community. i'm just very surprised i made it this far. the stuff that i've seen and the stuff that i've been through, i'm just real thanks to god that i made it, that i'm making it out alive. i'm happy to get out. i'm really happy, but i'm scared. i am scared to get out. i really am. i don't want to hurt the people i love the most. that's why i'm scared. >> how would you hurt them? >> i don't want to come back here.
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because coming here hurts my family. before i came here, i never looked at it that way until after doing eight years. that's what i'm scared of. i don't want to hurt nobody no more. i'm about to make a phone call now. i'm about to call my mom and let her know the good news and i'm coming home and if she could come pick me up. hey, guess what? you can come pick me up friday after 4:00. >> 4:30. >> after 4:30. she's all happy. wow! and are you going to bring me some clothes, right? yeah? i'm happy, too, mom. well, you know what, mom? i'm going to make this quick, and make sure that you come on friday after at 4:00. and that way you can be waiting there for me. i love you and i'll see you
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soon. okay. bye. four more days and a wake up and i'll be home. i'm going home to my mother. i'm going to parole over there. everybody is happy. i'm just really scared. still ahead, happy is what they call short to the door. he's not a free man, yet. >> you never know what's going to happen. >> plus, the threat of a gang attack wears on staff. >> it's taking it's toll. fredrico files for on out of state transfer. but he's not the only one. >> that's irrelevant. it's irrelevant. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced. our senses awake. our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden,
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the future isn't silver suits anit's right now.s, think about it. we can push buttons and make cars appear out of thin air. find love anywhere. he's cute. and buy things from, well, everywhere. how? because our phones have evolved. so isn't it time our networks did too? introducing america's largest, most reliable 4g lte combined with the most wifi hotspots. it's a new kind of network. xfinity mobile. because of my charges, i'm housed in level 6. they said i beat a guy to death with three other people in the
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community jail. >> somebody stomped on his head. he died of a torn kidney, broken risks broken skull. he was brain dead. they charged four of us. they charged me with the death penalty. take me to court for two and a half years to fight them. i get the death penalty thrown out and then they hang me for first-degree murder. they offered me a plea bargain they offered me 20 years. and i said okay. >> like many suspected gang members, the only way out of level 6 is out of state transfer. the problem is, his request be has been denied before. >> okay, daniel, what exactly it is you need from me today? what do you need to know? >> i need to redo the whole transfer process. >> transfer where? >> out of state. >> okay. i was just told your out of state was denied. however -- however, let me finish.
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i don't have a denial in here. so what i can do -- you have it and i don't have it? >> nope. >> when i got here, you guys said lock me down. >> okay. >> i stayed under investigation for three and a half years. on may 18th of last year i beat the death penalty. when i beat the death penalty, they said we can't let you out until after conclusion of the homicide trial. >> right. >> i got sentenced for aggravated battery. i took a sentence and i came back. they said the only way i can go out state is by level 6 inmate. i was no longer under investigation. what he does, change me from under investigation to threat security for the murder of an inmate. that's not what i'm here for. >> okay. and you're right. we'll do a special hearing.
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i don't care about that guy. what i'm going to do is another special hearing. i'm going to get another one of these forms. instead of putting initial, i'll put special and make the correction that you weren't convicted, that you plea bargained down to aggravated battery. however, you will still meet the criteria for level 6. >> how long do i have to stay in lockdown for aggravated battery? it's been four years. it's been four years and two days i've been in segregation for aggravated battery. i seen guys come here for stabbing and stay for a year. i understand that. what i'm trying to tell you is this, this says the officer will take relevant information from the court or district attorney. there's no mention in there. nothing about it. all he says is consider him to go out of state. cbc writes back and says no, he is the threat for the murder of an inmate. he st. not going out of state. >> that's not why you are in level 6. >> that's why my out of state was denied. it says right there.
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in your own words. out of state transfer denied. inmate is a threat to security. >> okay. so, we don't need to argue about that. what i'm going to do is a special review for you, just like i said and change the wording. listen to me. are you going to listen? listen to me. this is a committee. this is a committee. >> give me my sheet so i can appeal it. >> i haven't done it. i just finished telling you i have to type it up. correct? >> that's not the way -- >> yes, it is. >> can i show you how it needs to be done. can i show you? >> no. daniel -- listen to me, daniel. once i get all the stuff done, i will send up a hearing notice for you to sign. within 48 hours of that hearing notice, that's how it's done. >> can i show you something else? >> no, i don't need to hear anything else. >> a transfer according to your policy, you're supposed to bring me here and read to it me. >> and you're correct.
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i'll show you. >> no. it's irrelevant. it's irrelevant because now i'm doing it all over again. you can complain about the way i do it, later. now, i'm explaining how we'll do it. i'll bring you back -- i don't care. >> what's your policy say? >> i don't care. are you going to listen? >> a caseworker and a representative and a psychiatrist. >> yes, you're right. >> this ain't a committee. >> this is a meeting. no, it's not. i'm going to set you up for a committee. >> i don't want to come here -- >> daniel, you need to be quiet and listen to me so that what iway you can hear what i'm saying. listen. listen. don't say another word. you are going to go to committee. however, before you go to committee, i have to write up the stuff, right? i have to write-up the hearing notice, because you get a hearing notice. within 48 hours of the hearing notice, you'll come to committee. when that committee happens, everybody will be here. this isn't a committee. this is a meeting trying to figure out what you are telling me at the door.
9:18 pm
>> i don't care about -- i don't care about -- >> okay. go ahead and take him out. he is too argumentative. he's not listening to me. have a good day. bye-bye. have a good day. go ahead and take him. have a good day. have a good day. bye-bye. [ bleep ] >> so, it's going to be another long process. next week, i'll have it all squared away. they can deny his out of state, if they want. based on proper information versus wrongly worded wrong information. >> daniel may feel like he's never leaving level 6. next we talk to the one inmate at pnm whose one way out may be through death. >> i'm not afraid to die or afraid to be dead. i've made my peace with god. i've made my peace with this world. >> and stiu finds hard evidence the gang violence in pnm is far from over. >> it could take someone's life in an instant.
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until they are released on parole. for another group, there's only one way out. >> this is unit 4. this is where lethal injection is administered to inmates that have been sentenced to death. since 1912 when the state of mexico became a state, we have executed 26 people. the last one and the only one we did in this area was teri clark on november 6th, 2001. there are two inmates sentenced to death in the state of new mexico. one of those inmates, robert frye, is housed here at the penitentiary new mexico here in level 6. >> this is my wonderful piece of heaven. 7 foot by 12 foot. >> robert frye was sentenced to death in 2005. he's currently in the appeal process. >> we first met robert while shooting the original lockup new mexico episode in 2005. let me ask you a question. is it a greater sin to steal a cracker or to kill someone? >> to kill someone. >> god doesn't see it that way. you break one sin, you break all
9:23 pm
sins. what does it matter which sin you perpetrate. i'm not afraid to die. i'm not afraid to be dead. i've made my peace with god. i've made my peace with this world. i'm trying to do the best i can to live in this world with what time i have left whether it be next year or 100 years, who knows, you know? >> these two rooms are for witnesses of the execution as determined by the warden. we keep them separate because, obviously, it's victims versus family members of the inmate. we wouldn't want them to be in the same area. also, present is the attorney general, the highest ranking legal official of the state of mexico. >> my death may be scheduled, but it's not guaranteed. you know. i believe only god knows the day i'm going to die. if the state does put me to death, i go to my maker with a clear conscience.
9:24 pm
>> in this room, is the area where the drugs are administered. through this port here. also in this room obviously there is a red phone. if there is a stay of execution or a change in order whatsoever, it would be communicated through the red phone. once the execution is completed, the body of the inmate is brought through this door here out this door into the sally port where there would be an ambulance waiting to remove the body. >> i've been in prison since 2000. i was arrested in june for murder. i was convicted of one homicide in 2002, another one in 2003. a double homicide in 2005. and a double homicide in 2005. i have ongoing appeals and litigation concerning those. >> can you say under what circumstances this person was murdered? >> this man beat this woman to death with a sledgehammer because he wanted to have sex
9:25 pm
with her and she didn't want to. and i didn't stop it. the same man that killed the woman i'm convicted of murdering also i believe was involved in the death of the other gentleman. he was either strangled or beaten to death, they are not sure which. it was bad enough they couldn't make a determination as to which killed him, the strangling or the beating. as far as the other two murders, i'm convicted of, both of these men were friends of mine, good friends of mine. one man i had known -- he wasn't even a man yet. he was 19-year-old boy. i'd known this kid since he was 5 years old. they were beaten and throats cut. they died violently, very violently. i think that going to certain death, you really become aware of how you live, what days you have left. do you want to party your butt off or live the best you can for
9:26 pm
god? some days, i do that well, living for god. other days, i make mistakes, i'm only human. like i said, i'm trying to overcome the person i once was. case in point, we have a rule here about facial hair. i got in an argument with a lieutenant over shaving. i was upset about it. i didn't cuss and i didn't threaten him. that's something new. i might have gotten in an argument about what he cared and why he cared i had a mustache that went past the corners of my mouth or not, but i didn't call him names. i didn't cuss him out. i didn't threaten to beat him down or go after him. >> have you contemplated the thought of living your life here? >> yeah. >> i live the best i can no matter where i'm at. >> sink, toilet, desk, bunk, you pretty much maximize whatever space you have. i have been a firm believer, if
9:27 pm
you're dependent on where you're at, who you're with and what's around you to be peaceful and happy, you're never going to be peaceful and happy. you have to make wherever you're at organized and peaceful and happy. so you, it comes from within, not from without. >> coming up, stiu's efforts to prevent another gang fight pay off. >> very good day. awesome day. we saved somebody's life. >> plus, federico reveals his prior gang loyalties. >> i think it was a year after i got incarcerated in prison that i joined.
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i'm dara brown. our top stories. jeff sessions will testify before the senate intelligence committee. he is expected to testify about communications with russia during the presidential campaign. today marks the 50th
9:31 pm
anniversary of the supreme court case that struck down 16 state bans on interracial marriage as unconstitutional. richard and mildred loving had been arrested and in jail for being married. now back to "lockup." due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. ♪ there ain't nothing you can do to me that i haven't already done to me ♪ ♪ i'm my own enemy ♪ pass forgiveness for god to be my witness ♪ snoits ♪ i walk a thin line ♪ with ghosts and evil spirits ♪ what's live ♪ the only light i see is crack pipes ♪ ♪ that's my only option ♪ i never thought twice, nothing nice, they say stand and fight ♪
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♪ [ bleep ] stripes you roll the dice ♪ >> the snm and lc have openly declared war against each other based on two series of events that have happened at the level 6. attempted assaults and then retaliated last weekend and carried out an assault on an snm inmate. what we're doing is trying to find their weapons, for one, or gather any intelligence to see if question actually stop a future assault. >> a couple sources i talked to basically came out and told me there's going to be retaliation. because of the incident. this is mainly for you guys that work at the level 6. and the guys i talked to are not going to be able to do anything about it. they are going to retaliate the snm. it's going to happen. you need to be on your toes and be ready for it. that's what i was told today by a couple sources i talked to.
9:33 pm
the phrase they used was tick for a tack. something like that. just be ready for it and be careful. >> it's a new day today. we finished on the 3-a side. today we start on the 3-b side. we're doing the same thing as we did yesterday, pulling out all of the inmates, strip searching them, conducting interviews with them, conducting cell searches. and it's taking its toll heavily. 10 to 12 hour days. since last wednesday, it's getting kind of tough. we know with the violence that has occurred and the violence that could be forthcoming, we need to keep pushing forward ensuring we can do whatever we can to curtail another assault and find other weapons or information that we can find. >> as we were shaking down a cell up there, myself and the
9:34 pm
other officer noticed that there was a tear inside the mattress. that prompted us to get a frisker that detects metal. and when we did that it didn't set it off. we noticed there was a homemade soap on the mattress. we let the supervisor know. we brought it down here. we begin to tear it open. we flip these open, and there they were. plastic. you cannot detect that with a metal detector. with the tools that we have, it's unable to detect that. it's a very good find. my speculation, it's made from the food trays. they break them off. very hard plastic. it could take somebody's life. in an instant. very good day, awesome day. we saved somebody's life. >> the shake downs have proven successful, but the officers have no doubts about the plans of the inmates.
9:35 pm
>> what does this mean about the war or what you thought might be a big war coming? >> it's still on. right now they're quiet because they're locked down. they haven't had the opportunity to battle with each other. but i'm sure it's going to come. it's just a matter of have we made the necessary security changes or precautions to try to stop that from happening. >> we know for a fact, these groups are assessing our staff members in terms of their abilities to do their job. >> they are regrouping and reorganizing and probably restrategizing the way they're going to carry out any retaliation or continue assaulting each other. >> once we are down shaking down here a separate team of security supervisors will come through and do a security assessment to see what improvements need to be made at this facility. >> as far as your jobs go? >> our jobs never end. >> we are pretty tired, but
9:36 pm
we know that we're going to be making some crucial decisions and try to put an end to this violence. put an end to the war. so, when will it end for us? it doesn't. >> when there's no more inmates in prison. when we retire. >> captain flores and his team know full well they'll never completely remove gangs from pnm. every day new inmates arrive and many of them waste little time before choosing sides. >> about a year after i got incarcerated in prison, i joined the snm. >> shortly after joining the prison gang, frederico was ordered by the snm to kill a fellow gang member. >> i was 18. it was the first time i killed anybody.
9:37 pm
it wasn't easy to kill him in the sense that you see it on the movies how guys cavalierly kill people. it wasn't like that for me. i remember planning it out. he was a senior member in the snm. in the '80s, he was a member of nuestra familia. you can't do that. you can't be in two clicks. you just can't. word was put out to kill the guy. i happened to be in jail when the word was put out. there was pretty much consistency with the corrections officer. so we had the same officer coming in for four or five days out of the week. then he'd have two days off. he would then come back on. i studied him and his mannerisms and behavior. once i arrived at the point which i felt comfortable, i made my move. i was after they opened up all the cell doors for evening chow. while everybody was eating, i took animal histories into his room. i sat down next to him on his bed and i talked to him. he got up. turned on his light, which sat across the desk on the wall to roll a cigarette. bible paper.
9:38 pm
when he turned his back to me, i stood on the bed and put the rope around his neck. he fought me and threw me around the room. surprisingly strong. i guess when you're fighting for your life, you have strength. ultimately, he couldn't get the rope off his neck. and he succumbed. once he died, i put him back to bed like he was asleep. turned off his light. >> you got away with it? >> i got away with it. i went and picked a fight with some black guys in another pod just to do that because i knew if i created friction in the pod and all kinds of different things were happening at once, law enforcement would never know what happened. about nine years later the cold case homicide officer came and he talked to me in this visiting room right here and he asked me, and i told him. he offered me a deal. if i admitted to it, they would run the life sentence concurrent
9:39 pm
with the life sentence that i'm in prison for right now. but, i'm in here because i was a member of the snm and now i declare i'm on my own, the state is not going to let me out to the population because they are not sure if i'm going to get hurt or they're not sure if i'm manipulating to them or lying to them. as a result, i'm stuck. good or bad. still ahead, convinced he'll never reach general population in new mexico, federico files for an out-of-state transfer. >> i've done that i've signed that form about five or six times over the last year. >> they continue their crackdown on prison gangs. >> has anyone tried to recruit you into a gang? me when i drive. it's fine. because i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident free. because i don't use my cellphone when i'm driving. even though my family does, and leaves me all alone. here's something else... i don't share it with mom. i don't. right, mom? i have a brand new putter you don't even know about!
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dearthere's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced. our senses awake. our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden,
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but they say...if you love something set it free. see you around, giulia the penitentiary of new mexico holds the worst offenders in the state. some who are validated gang members that are in a constant state of war with each other and staff. it's up to the stiu to keep gang activity in check. today the stiu are doing a sweep in the level 5 facility, allowing our crew along for the ride. >> all right, ladies and gentlemen, we're here to conduct a shakedown.
9:43 pm
based off a message we got. we have information on snm gang members. we're going to head to the unit and look for gang information and graffiti. >> sometimes when you shake down a cell, first thing you want to do is just observe everything. you look. the most common places you'll find is the easiest place you'll think of. look, gang paraphernalia here. >> what is it? >> three crosses. represents from las cruces, new mexico. they use the three crosses to display gang symbols. turkey, validate them is essential in maintaining the safety of the facility. >> i found that hanging here. once you're validated snm or loc member, you're able to go to a level b facility. it has a lot of bearing on the
9:44 pm
inmate's future. >> you can take that and i'll write him up for possession of gang paraphernalia. >> he'll be documented as a suspected street gang member, and we'll start a file on him if one hasn't already been created. and that way, wherever he goes, whether it's to another facility or out on the streets, he'll be identified as a suspected gang member. >> the letters here in the cell, she found what looks like a diagram or pattern of handcuff key. the crude making, the beginning of it. the manufacturing stages. i probably think what he is doing is he's got all these bars of soap. what he'll start doing is cutting out a pattern to try to match it to this out of soap. then once he gets a good pattern down, he'll find a piece of metal to transfer it over to a piece of metal. and then probably try to see if
9:45 pm
it works. he was on the right track. >> so, what does it mean for the inmate? >> it's a good place for us. obviously, we know his intentions are now. for this inmate, nothing will happen. we'll take this from him. it's not in actual fabrication stages. if it was carved out of something we would have charged him with escape paraphernalia. >> we have an address book that was found in this inmate's cell. on the inside he has gang graffiti lists here. inside here known contacts with gang member here is in our facilities as well as out on the streets. this is a list of monikers they these guys go by. they have numbers here. we go through and see if we have those listed. do we know who peanut is and do we know who bill is, things like that. if we don't, we have them identified as who this person is. we can use it later on. >> so now this inmate, armando, what happens to him given this book. >> what happens to him?
9:46 pm
it's not a crime to have this information. what we'll do is take it, we let him now we confiscated it. basically puts him on notice that listen, stiu is on to you. we're looking at you and staying on top of your correspondence. things of that nature. it gives him on opportunity to quell his activities. he knows that he is on a little bit also. he'll contact the other guys and say they are looking at me. know what i mean. while he's doing that, we will see who he's corresponding with and who he's shooting the warning off to and we can network his group. >> armando? >> let's go. we're going to have a chitchat. >> the stiu team brings him in for an interview about his possible gang affiliation as part of the process. >> we did shake downs in your unit today. during the search we found this book here with gang writing symbolism on it. we want to ask you about it.
9:47 pm
>> what about it? >> what information is on it? what do you have written? >> what does it say? >> i'm asking you. >> come on, man. you're going to do what you're going to do. it says what it says. some numbers, some letters, some initials. you know, if you think they are gang, then take the necessary -- >> let me explain to you -- explain to me what the meanings are to you. >> why? they are for me, not you. or anyone else. they are for me. >> in the back pages of your phone book, you have a lot of inmates' names and numbers. why? >> because they're my homies. >> you consider them associates? homies being your friends? >> why not? i know them. >> all right. has anybody tried to recruit you to be in a gang? >> no. >> do you have any tattoos that identify you as being a gang member?
9:48 pm
>> yeah, i do. street gang. >> what street gang do you belong to? >> west side. >> west side, where? >> we're going to do this. we're going to keep this for now. we're going to make copies of the names that you have in there, the inmates that you have in there, put it in your file, and then we're going give it back to you. >> do you have any questions? all right. >> armando hasn't been validated as a prison gang member yet, but he's on his way. back in level 6, happy is headed to the parole board. >> i just came back from rec and i'm fixing to head to the parole board. i'm kind of nervous right now because you never know what's going to happen. you don't know if they are going to deny you or let me go. but, i know that somebody up
9:49 pm
above is looking out for me because if it wasn't meant to be, i wouldn't be here now. so -- worst case scenario, my parole could be denied. best case scenario, i'll be out by 5:00. coming up, will he still be happy after his parole hearing? fredrico files for an out of state transfer. the results are less than he hoped for. >> which means that this is a sham. our daily retreat. the es and es hybrid. lease the 2017 es 350 for $329 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. there's nothing more than my so when i need to book a hotel, i want someone who makes it easy. gets it. and with a book now, pay later feature, i don't have to pay for anything when i book. visit
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9:53 pm
happy's parole hearing was held behind closed doors but the result was positive. in the next few hours, we'll be released from the prison where he spent the last five years of his life. >> hey, take it easy. >> don't forget, ever. the sound of the doors. he just did something that never happens. he took off all my cuffs and chains. all my chains. >> how do you feel right now?
9:54 pm
>> this is weird because i don't have the handcuffs on and i'm still rubbing my wrists. i feel way different now. it's a process of freedom and i'm nervous because i'm not used to being like this. i don't feel normal because i'm used to having the handcuffs on me. >> here's your i.d. >> okay. >> monday morning. 8:00. you were supposed to report 24 hours from the parole. >> okay. now, i'm going to go see my mom. she's out front waiting for me. it's about being responsible now. a lot of people, what a lot of people do is they leave here not understanding the consequences.
9:55 pm
but, i'm fixing to do good. i feel really good right now. >> look at you, no handcuffs. no shackles. finally, after six years. >> i missed you, mom. sorry. >> for what? quit saying that. oh. oh. >> i just wanted to thank you for everything you have done because without you, i probably wouldn't have made it out here. because you gave me hope. and in there, if you ain't got hope, you ain't got nothing and
9:56 pm
you ain't got nothing to live for. you do what you got to do in prison to live. but, you gave me hope to live. i appreciate it, mom. >> here we are. back together. >> this sham committee that's going to be run, this is pretty much a myth that this committee will result in any action. as a result, i'm stranded here at this facility even though i'm not getting misconduct reports or any of those things. >> unlike happy, fredrico is never getting out of prison. as a validated gang member, the possible only way he'll leave pnm's level 6 is through an out of state transfer. >> fredrico, how are you? >> fine, yourself? >> pretty good.
9:57 pm
>> i did review your file. and back in march of 2007, you went to committee for an out of state transfer. >> yes. >> i don't find anything in there whether they approved you or denied you. we're going to do another review. i didn't set you up yet. so do me a favor and sign here waiving your 48 hours and sign here and initial here because you are here. i wanted to ask you, if you want to go out of state? >> yes. >> okay. >> nothing thing i was going to tell you before i can submit this to central office, to cbc, i need to get a medical clearance. sometimes that takes a long time for medical, i don't know why. >> my file has been released for medical five or six different times. i've done that. i signed that form five or six different times over the last year. >> really? well then maybe -- because it's not here. maybe it won't take so long and
9:58 pm
we can hurry the process up. >> great. >> this is what i wrote. custody transfer review. we're referring you for an out-of-state transfer. justification is inmate meets criteria and has an indefinite sentence. last report was in april 2007. by signing it doesn't mean you agree or disagree, you are informed of the action. we are referring for you an out-of-state transfer. just our recommendation. it doesn't mean they have to approve it. however, i think they will. it will take anywhere from, i'm i'm saying from what i've seen in the past, anywhere from three weeks to three months to get an answer. however, then we need to find a state that will accept you. that sometimes takes a long time. we send paperwork to california, if california will accept you, then cool. if they deny you, then we have to find another state. >> yeah, i'll aware of that.
9:59 pm
>> so it could take a little longer to do that part. but the approval, i don't see a problem with that being approved immediately. >> okay. >> you can have this part, frederico. you have a good day, okay? >> thank you. i was biting my tongue. this is a sham, this committee. this referral, she said there was another out of state referral. she didn't know if anything resulted from that. how did she not know? if the machinery of the corrections department is effective and running smoothly, then there would be a trail. obviously there wasn't which means nothing happened in the first place. which means that this is a sham.
10:00 pm
due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. >> i think i'm in for over a year. this has been building and building and building and building. sometimes this is the only way people listen. >> this is the end of the line. this is level six. he's not going to leave this prison. all the bad apples are here. >> take a calf, put him in the corner. put a pit bull in here, he's going to react, come out of the corner, you know.


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