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tv   Lockup Maricopa County--- Extended Stay  MSNBC  June 17, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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i don't pray with bibles, i pray with false idols, smith & wesson and being suicidal, i have no enemies, just deceased rivals. >> no matter the circumstances that brought them to jail. >> i was walking my dog, had a pistol at my head. >> she said we were making out that my hand touched her. >> i was cashing $50,000, $60,000 checks a pop. >> jail will have a profound effect on who they will become.
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>> it disgusts me that i'm going to be be called a child molester. i'm not. i'm like a kid. >> my actual nickname here is rambo, that's from ramming my wife's condo with my truck. >> and for some of these inmates, their time in jail will reveal their true nature. >> in here, somebody knows your weakness, they're going to eat it up, they're going to chew on it.
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unlike prisons that house individuals convicted of crime, jails predominantly contain those accused of crime and awaiting trial. still, almost everyone has their own idea of what kind of person comes to jail. but the reality rarely fits any one preconceived notion. and the maricopa county jail in phoenix, arizona, is no exception. >> i'm born and raised here in phoenix, arizona, been here 24 years, my whole life pretty much. i actually live about seven miles down lower buckeye road. >> robert miner wound up here after being caught with marijuana and a loaded shotgun. even though his old job only required at most a seltzer bottle. >> i am a bum clown, man, it's kind of -- a hobo clown what they call it. a little hobo bag. it's good.
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i am a good guy, you know. there is a lot of good people in here. just unfortunately we break laws too. >> helen smith was a full time sales woman before being sentenced on drug charges. but her part-time job at least, got her familiar with handcuffs. >> i also do dominatrix on the weekend. >> it's a weekend gig? >> it's a weekend gig, yes. we have shackles and we have handcuffs that we use on them if they want that. >> and when the sheer monotony at life at maricopa known as tent city gets to william frost and timothy young they take refuge in the identity of others. >> greetings, live from tent city. >> i be like, yo, hey, mr. day
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over there, this is rocky stallone. hey, yo, i'll do it when i'm done, buddy. don't worry about it. get them, rocko, you son of a bitch mickey loves you. chase the chicken. here, chicky, chicky, chicky. >> maintaining one's true identity in jail can be a true challenge. brayden dailey has a easier time than most. >> i get hit on by a lot of girls here. >> dailey claims she is not just a lesbian but a man born into a woman's body. >> when you are transgender, your brain has a sex. and my sex was male. >> is that you? >> yeah. >> on the right. >> you look like such a skater punk. >> yeah. >> that's what i did. >> besides feeling like she is in the wrong body, dailey also
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sees herself not as a 21-year-old but as a teenager. >> and we were like exploding it everywhere and stuff. >> this one. >> i'm not even like an adult in my head yet. i'm not even there yet. i feel like a 15, 16-year-old boy, i mean, it's nothing i can really help. >> ha, ha. >> there is a deodorant. we're going to get a write-up. >> nothing to do in here. >> dailey's conflict with her gender and age is what brought her to jail. at 19 she began dating a 14-year-old girl who thought dailey was a boy. >> we went to the movies, all of a sudden she wanted to do stuff and like sexual stuff in the movies. and i didn't want to because she thought i was a guy. >> although dailey claims nothing happened other than innocent teenaged touching, the girl's parents filed charges and dailey was arrested. >> they found out that i was a girl, and once they found that out, they looked into it and found out the age and called the
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cops. they gave me a sexual abuse charge, which is a felony 3. and then they gave me a sexual misconduct with a minor charge, which was a felony 2. i honestly didn't know i could get in this much trouble for something like this. i don't get why i have to be called a sex offender when i haven't even done anything sexual. >> have you had sex with girls before? >> no. >> not even in here? >> nope. >> and not with boys either? >> nope. >> like it disgusts me that i'm going to be called a child molester. i'm not. i'm like a kid. >> though dailey's identity got her in trouble on the outside, it's worked to her benefit on the inside. >> this is a list of all of the girls that have been interested in me and in the five months that i have been here.
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i put a star next to ones that i have dated. i put a happy face next to ones that flashed me. and i have put like a weird little symbol next to the ones that have kissed me like her. >> this is your little black book? >> yes. >> and why do you document all the girls who hit on you? >> because it makes me feel good about myself. >> you will notice that she looks somewhat like a young boy, she, she is not very formed like a female, and she tends to accentuate that and put that forward towards the female inmates around here. i see inmate dailey as what i term bmoc which we used to call back in college, the big man on campus. >> see. there's emily. >> two stars. >> yep. dating star and kissed me star. >> all the girls that were in the hall used to call me peter pan. she is my girlfriend.
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even though i am leery of being with men because of what i have been through in the past, i think being with her, i don't know, it's just -- it's something about it, her looking like a guy but knowing she is a girl is intriguing i guess. >> emilee keen is assigned to a neighboring housing unit. but the couple has learned to skirt jail regulations in order to carry on their clandestine courtship. >> we are not allowed to have any letters we can't pass to any other inmates. so we have to be sneaky about it. so we go to this door, and then after it is folded like this, we just pass it under like that.
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and then they grab it. and then they write one and send it back. i stuff this in my legal folders so they can't search it. this, i covered it with like a cover letter to the -- to the judge. but these are all of the letters from emilee. and i think i have given her even more. there's 71 letters in here. >> keen still remembers the first time dailey wrote her. >> i, you know, read the letter from brayden, and it said that she was born with x and y chromosomes and that she was taking shots of testosterone. it kind of blew me back a little bit. i was like, whoa, you know, i didn't think that would be
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something you would put off in the first letter that you are meeting someone. you are know what i mean? but she didn't have no shame in it. >> when i wrote her the letter, i drew a picture of us in stripes. >> i have been in here five months. and i have done more thinking i think in this five months than i have done in the past seven years. and brayden seemed like the type of chick that would help me stay on the positive side, you know, that would keep me going, you know, with god and stay out of trouble. is he watching me? >> uh-huh. >> uh-oh. >> dale ly not only does that put makes sure her needs are taken care of. >> i put money on her books the other day too. her family is mad at her for being here. they don't. >> she started putting money on my books. so i found out, you know, that she was a little bit more serious than what i had taken her for. >> if it works out, then it works out. if not, at least i actually know that i have a chance with people that are -- that are at least 18 now because i didn't before. it felt like i look like their
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little brother. >> coming up -- >> i was born five days before pearl harbor. these days families want to be connected 24/7.
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and a new culture built around customer service. it all adds up to our most reliable network ever. one that keeps you connected to what matters most. with more than 9,000 inmates and 6 different facility, maricopa's special response team has the massive task of keeping the jail secured. >> we searched 73,000 bunks last year. 73,000 bunks are a lot of bunks. you know? so that's our job. >> one way they do this is through frequent inspections for contraband. >> [ bleep ]. >> get down! on the ground! get on the ground now!
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>> okay, they're opening lower tier. once they're strip searched they're going into the rec yard. straight down the middle. straight down the middle. >> though the goal of these raids is to neutralize threats, some inmates are less threatening than others. >> we go through this about once a month. and usually they're looking for things we're not supposed to have. >> 68-year-old patrick stanwick has been at the 4th avenue jail for the past eight months and is one of maricopa's oldest inmates. >> i was born five days before pearl harbor. that makes me an old guy. >> while some retirees spend their golden years on the golf course, stanwick has spent his dealing with a drinking problem that has landed him in jail twice. the first time it was for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. >> my wife and i hadn't been getting along for quite a while.
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i wanted her to go to the bedroom to -- to have some sex, and i hadn't had any sex for seven months. and so it was kind of the straw that broke the camel's back when she told me to get out because i was drinking. and i loaded my 9 millimeter glock and went back in to the living room. and i said, i'm not going to lay a hand on you, but i'm going to get your attention. i aimed it at her. and aimed it over, higher, not to harm her. fired off a shot. and in my frame of mind, in my insanity, that was my way of getting her attention. >> for that stanwick spent a few months at maricopa. then released on bond, he wasn't out three months before he was in trouble again. and this time his offense earned him a new identity on the cell block. >> my actual nickname here is
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rambo. and that's from ramming my wife's condo with my truck. i'm nothing like rambo, but he is one of my heroes. that kind of makes me feel like a bigger guy. >> normally your older inmates are treated with a little bit more respect. they -- i guess it doesn't even really matter what race they are. they just come in here and they kind of have that respect given to them due to their age. the other inmates look out after them. take care of them. make sure they know the rules and the regs they have here in the jail and kind of follow them along. >> we take care -- we look out for him. he is a good old guy. we look out for the older dude, you know what i mean. he is all right. as long as his name isn't ramblow, i'm cool. >> ha, ha. >> while stanwick provides the inmate with a good laugh, his tattooed face illustrates some of the pain in his past. >> basically it's just so i don't have to shed any more tears. i've been through a lot of stuff where i am tired of crying. >> salaiz's tears began at age 16 as his girlfriend was giving birth to their son.
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>> the mother of my child, they both passed away. she bled to death. and my -- my little boy strangled himself with the umbilical cord. they were both -- they both passed away. i was very young at the time, though, but, you know, still think about it. i think about it. the ifs, the ifs. if they were still alive or would i be in here? you know, it still haunts me. >> salaiz's sorrows intensified after he landed at maricopa on a weapons charge. >> actually i'm just in here for walking my dog. i was walking my dog, and i had a pistol on my hip. so somebody called the cops said i was walking around armed. >> because of a prior felony conviction, salaiz was prohibited from owning a firearm and could face up to 12 years in prison if found guilty. after almost a year at maricopa, aristao finds refuge in the philosopher he was named after.
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>> i guess you could say i'm somewhat of a philosopher. i like reading aristotle, socrates, homer, "the illyad," you know all that. >> i don't pray with bibles, i pray with false idols. i have no enemies just deceased rivals because i am creating history with homicidal travels, swimming with crying crocodiles deep in devil's vile. cursed at birth with a lifetime of trial. crime after crime with a pistol of denial. i've been flirting with death and [ bleep ] it with a smile. that's "suicide king." i have an extensive history of being suicidal and i overcame that, you know, like i tried cutting my wrists. i mean, i tried hanging myself. i tried shooting myself. i tried poisoning myself, and
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for me it wasn't my time to go. so that being said, i just put it on paper, expressed myself that way. and it's more than therapy, it's my life. >> coming up -- >> vegas, a bad habit. vegas. i would make $80,000 bets on a blackjack hand. retarded. i love the life. >> one inmate lives the high life on other people's money. >> i steal from corporations like honeywell or motorola, you know what i am saying.
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the women housed at maricopa's estraya jail don't get to spend much time outside of their cells or the day room in between cells. so the hour or so they get on the yard is a welcome break. but what brayden dailey looks forward to is the short walk to
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the yard. >> i'm going because i need to see my woman. and she is always like staring at me. and we're about to pass her now. so embarrassing. >> she gets all red and rosie whenever she sees me. all the girls are like there is brayden. >> dailey and emilee keen enjoy their jail house romance. but not all inmates are looking for love. >> the money is a huge thing for me.
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it's -- yeah, i love money. ♪ >> before her arrest, carrie kimbrough served time in prison for trafficking meth. while there she earned a degree in graphic arts. when she got out, she used her design skills to manufacture checks and to steal a fortune. >> $1.5 million. that's what they capped it at, yeah, in a matter of nine months. i stole a lot of money. got a bunch of account numbers. and, bam, there i was off. i was cashing $50,000, $60,000 checks a pop. i steal from corporations like honeywell or motorola or you know what i am saying. >> kimbrough's spoils went to feed two voracious addictions, meth and gambling. >> vegas, vegas, bad habit, vegas. i would make $80,000 bets on a blackjack hand. retarded. i loved the life. you don't understand what it's like to walk into a casino and have a pit boss and them meet you at the front door, you know what i'm saying, and they're like, comp your room. comp your drinks. comp your dinner.
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it's like being freaking britney spears, but not, you know what i am saying? and i just started using drugs like heavily. you can't do drugs the whole time. because then you get all stupid and then you start losing sight. that's what got me caught is that i wasn't paying attention. >> kimbrough is hardly the only woman at maricopa to be brought down by drugs. >> catch them running. catch them running. >> staff is constantly on the lookout for any sign of methamphetamine within the jail. >> this would be srt tearing up the house. >> today, the special response team is searching kimbrough's dorm. it doesn't take long before they find something suspicious. >> i pulled out two of the little small little baggies within this -- with this county issued pink sock. obviously it's turned inside out because i rolled it out. i noticed there was a powdered substance in there. >> the officers only need a minute amount of the substance to administer a chemical test. >> this first capsule is just to identify an agent to see if it is actually any kind of controlled substance.
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the second one just does the same. but actually identifies it. and if it turns the kind of color, indicated color here on the side -- >> did it turn? >> yes. >> just the little crumbs off the table. >> just the crumbs. >> what does that mean? >> it's positive. >> it's drugs. >> and it's just off the table. >> methamphetamine off the table. >> off the table. any amount is too much. so as you can see we have three bags. and at one time you can see that all three bags held a pretty good amount in them. yeah, a pretty good bust for us. >> the inmate who was holding the meth is taken to segregation pending investigation. but due to the large amount of meth, the team pulls 30 inmates at random for urinalysis.
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>> 57, kimbrough. is that you? >> when the testing is done, seven have come up positive for meth. >> so now we are currently writing them up, getting all the paperwork done, and then we'll be moving everybody off the floor. >> kimbrough is one of the seven inmates who tested positive. >> we'll do 30 days, right? we'll do 30 day, right? i think it's like 20 to 30 days, yeah. >> romero you are going to 310. kimbrough, you're going to 308. >> do drugs, do time, you know better. here you go. >> this is my lovely write-up. they just make me sign it. i have to agree. it's stupid. >> during her 30 days in the hole, kimbrough will lose the privileges inmates here value the most, interaction with other
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inmates, outside visitation, and the ability to purchase food from the commissary. it's a tough haul, but kimbrough has already identified one inmate who might make her life a lot easier once she gets out of the hole. i'm very ron ka de la cruz. president obama is back in the white house after two events saturday. in the meantime, mitt and ann romney sat down with oprah winfrey for "o" magazine for an interview. no word on when it will run. hillary clinton had her first meeting with mohamed morsi in cairo. sunday she meets with egypt's military chief. i'm veronica de la cruz and now back to "lockup." due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised.
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keeping more than 9,000 inmates fed is a herculean task for the food services staff at
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keeping more than 9,000 inmates fed is a herculean task
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for the food services staff at the maricopa county jail in phoenix. >> we have close to 100 inmates working each day. some days of the week we may have as little as 60, 70 inmates. there is never an off day here. we work 7 days a week, 365 days a year. >> each inmate is fed twice daily on a budget that the jail claims is less than 90 cents a day. the inmates say, it tastes that way. >> like the dog food we get, straight out of a can. kibbles and bits and beefy bits. and some sliced carrots and call it like a gourmet meal. >> i'm a big fan of spinach. big fan of spinach, but i'm pretty sure that that came out of a lounge mower.
11:34 pm
>> each of the meals they're preparing right now currently has usually a fruit, a vegetable, some type of bread, and then the hot meal portion usually is some type of a potato and meat product. >> what is that? is that whole wheat? do potatoes come in a whole wheat? i'm confused. >> the food here is slop. is it lousy. i wouldn't feed it to my dog. >> look at this, see all that grease? >> yeah. >> do you need product for your hair? >> the food last night was -- what was that? >> like a meat. >> chili mac. >> it was bouillabaisse and hell. >> to avoid jail fare, inmates with money on their books can buy food from the commissary. thanks to her girlfriend, emilee keen's pantry is full. >> i have purchased like $125 a
11:35 pm
week. this is the sweets. i got doughnuts, honey buns, knickers and muffins. this is like chips. >> keen's snack food stash is made possible by her girlfriend, brayden dailey, who puts money on her books every week. >> we mix this with this and cheese and water and make the noodle. >> while keen gets sustenance from junk food, dailey covets a small patch of sunlight out on the rec yard. >> no. i've don't want any. dude. >> you're taller. >> i was there first. >> you're taller. you got more -- >> so, i was there first. we're in rec, and we always just try to sit up and stare at the planes, try to figure out what kind they are and what airlines. and we just sometimes we wish we could go with the planes, and
11:36 pm
now it's gone. it's right there. that's american airlines. >> don't go. take me with you. >> the roar of jet engines over maricopa's rec yard is constant. and so is the main topic of conversation, relationships. >> she was like saying that she missed me and all this stuff. so i told her that i would ride with her and then whether she goes to prison or not and whether i go or not. >> she is going to be your girl. >> but in the world of incarceration, there are no guarantees. emilee keen has just been offered a plea that can send her to prison for 8 to 15 years and take her far away from dailey. >> she said that she wanted to be my girlfriend when she got out. so i don't know if she would be
11:37 pm
willing to wait that long. >> facing a charge of sexual misconduct with a minor, dailey is also looking at potential prison time. >> if i do go to prison, i would end up on the same yard as her. so i'd, like, still be able to see her all the time. and i don't really care anymore if i go to prison because now that i have to like register and everything, it's going to be boring. >> let's go. >> dailey has a big decision to make. she could go to trial and possibly be acquitted and set free. but if found guilty, she could be sentenced up to 20 years in prison, or she could sign a plea deal that would reduce her charges to attempted sexual misconduct with a minor and serve no more than two years in prison. either way, she would still face the lifetime stigma of registering as a sex offender. >> when someone registers, they have to register for life.
11:38 pm
so i was really mad because that's why i would rather just go to prison. less strict in there. >> what do you mean? >> you know, like -- well, first of all, there would be a lot of girls in prison. and the more i stay in jail or prison, the more i communicate with like girls my age and stuff. and so it's also helped me be mature, like feel older and stuff. i don't think i am ready to go home yet. i mean, i can't -- i can't face the world yet. >> and even though dailey says her heart currently lies with emilee keen, she is keeping her
11:39 pm
options open. she has recently begun corresponding with carrie kimbrough, who is currently serving time in the hole for testing positive for meth. >> carrie has started writing me. she was saying that she was interested in me, and we just started writing back and forth all the time. she was saying that she saw emilee at court one day, and carrie said, well, if you don't watch out i am going to steal brayden from you. >> but maricopa's jailhouse philosopher, aristeo salaiz, knows in here friendships are not always what they seem. >> you have to be careful, which people you form these relationships with, they may get you in trouble and lead you wrong or steer you wrong. >> coming up. >> believe it or not, brayden ended up cheating on me with another girl. and i'm very disappointed. >> carrie and i got really close writing each other. >> her mom puts money on my books every week. her mom sends me books. it's something for me to do. >> i do puzzle. for 10 years my tempur-pedic has adapted to my weight and shape, relieving pressure points from head to toe. so i sleep deeply but feel light. and wake up ready to perform. even with the weight of history on my shoulders.
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>> i do puzzle. it's an easy one that keeps me up on the words because i started losing my vocabulary after a while. and i don't want to get into it too much of that you know stuff. >> as one of the oldest inmates at the maricopa county jail in phoenix, 68-year-old patrick stanwick has found his own way to fit in. >> i can't say i have got an enemy. i don't feel i've got an enemy in maybe 72 guys in here. we listen to each other's stories. and a lot of them are really sad. i used to think my dad was hard on me growing up.
11:44 pm
he used to whip me with a belt. these guys have been whipped with 2x4s and worse. my story is nothing compared to them, so i just shut up and listen. a lot of them haven't had any dads. and i can be a dad figure. i can be a grandfather figure. and i'm grandpa or papa, and that's okay. there is a lot of camaraderie here. and we are all -- it's kind of like being in the military, not to insult the military, i've been there ten years. there is a regiment to it. >> initially it took time for stanwick to accept being incarcerated. >> when he first got here, he had a little bit of an attitude problem. he was grumpy. i think he was having problems
11:45 pm
adjusting to the new environment that he had. nothing major. just, you know, kind of a pissy attitude i don't want to be here. so i'm going to be grumpy and he was a little abrasive and come in and for food and you ask them their name. hey, good morning, officer field. what's your name? stanwick! he changed over time. i don't know if it was he came to the realization where he was at and accepted it or he got used to the environment as used as these guys can get. >> the biggest thing i tried to learn in here is how to stay out of trouble, you know, because i already come in with enough trouble and i don't need any more, and i'm trying to make the best of a bad situation. but there are some days it's not too bad. >> today is one of those days. stanwick just had a visit from his wife. he is hoping to salvage his eight-year marriage, despite having rammed her condominium with his truck. >> she visited for an hour. and we had a very nice discussion, and it looks like we may be able to put things back together. i am an alcoholic. and that's caused my problems with my marriage. i got seven grandchildren, one great grandchild at home in ohio, and i hope to be able to go and visit them this spring, summer and fall when i am free and stay out of trouble. >> stanwick hopes that by
11:46 pm
getting himself in shape, he might be better able to deal with his alcoholism. >> 27 times around this loop is one mile. and i try to do two miles a day, because of my age and i can't really do the physical exercise all the young guys do. i believe that the system will turn me free, and i will be able to go back to being a retired old man like i was before i got into all this trouble. >> inmates at the maricopa county jail employ a variety of ways to pass time while doing time. brayden dailey likes to play tricks on her cellmate. >> she's terrified of the mice, so this is what i play on her all the time and she'll think there's a mouse in here. >> but dailey's jailhouse girlfriend, emilee keen, says her latest trick wasn't the
11:47 pm
least bit funny. >> believe it or not, brayden ended up cheating on me with another girl. and i am very disappointed. >> have it. >> she was putting money on my books. everything was going good. and then i found out a couple of days ago that she started dating some girl that's been in the hole for like 45 days, so it's been going on and i guess you could say i do feel played, but, you can't hate the player, you hate the game. >> braybetween is going out with carrie. >> his latest interest is carrie
11:48 pm
kimbrough who finished a turn in the hole after being tested positive for meth. >> carrie and i got really close writing each other. we go to rec with each other. sit down and talk to each other all the time. carrie and i would look at each other and be content. >> we are just friends kind of right now. she likes me more than that. i do have a husband that is in prison. and we're not going to be together anymore. he almost killed me. so, i am anti-men right now.
11:49 pm
>> for kimbrough, the friendship with dailey has benefits. >> her mom puts money on my books every week. her mom sends me books. and it's something for me to do. >> dailey, who came to jail because of an inappropriate relationship with a minor, sees 28-year-old kimbrough as a step in the right direction. >> it's weird because our age difference is kind of a gap. she is about seven years older than me. so that's different from anything -- anyone i've dated before obviously and -- but we have gotten really close. i know pretty much anything about her, like, if you asked me i would know it. >> but there are some things dailey doesn't know. >> i don't think that i will
11:50 pm
carry on a relationship with brayden outside of jail. i think it's just a friendship thing. i think brayden is a little too immature, and her crime, the actual specifics of her crime. my brother-in-law's a cop and i had him look her up. my brother-in-law sent me a postcard letting me know i was involving a very, very young minor, so that didn't make me happy. brayden is just a friend. she needs somebody i think as a friend, you know, to be there for her, to maybe help guide her.
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11:53 pm
at the maricopa county jail in phoenix, the average stay is 26 days. but brayden dailey has been here for six months while she and her attorney attempt to reach a plea deal with her prosecutor.
11:54 pm
>> you're in a little box all day, either by yourself or with a stranger that you don't know anything about. you don't know why they're there. and you can't have fun in jail. you can try, but you're here to do time and leave. >> but now at least the end is in sight. dailey decided to sign a plea deal reducing her charge of sexual misconduct with a minor to attempted sexual misconduct with a minor. as a result, she will serve another six months at maricopa before going home, but she will face lifelong probation and must register as a sex offender adhering to the long list of restrictions that come with it. >> the fear i have once i leave is the fact that every time i see someone younger than me or younger than 18, i'm going to have to -- i'm going to have to
11:55 pm
turn and basically run away. i'm going to be labeled as a sex offender the rest of my life. and it's really hard because i've never seen myself like that. >> but dailey says she hasn't lost hope. >> i got to meet with my in-house probation officer, and she gave me some good news. i have lifetime probation, and i'm actually going to only be doing about five years of it if i do what i'm supposed to, if i get everything done, like get my ged, go to classes. >> dailey's friend, carrie kimbrough, has signed a plea in her case, as well. originally charged with 29 counts of fraud and racketeering and possibly facing 16 years in prison, she has pled to three counts of forgery with a sentence of 4 1/2 years. but with good time and probation she could be back home in a year and a half. >> i could have done cartwheels in my courtroom. i was excited, i was happy. i'm very fortunate and very
11:56 pm
lucky that i'll get to go home in a year and a half and i'll be able to be with my kids and stuff. it's awesome. >> i was really excited because now i get to see her a lot quicker. my relationship with carrie after i get out of here, it's going to be pretty serious. i mean we're already getting there. you can get married in prison. i've already checked into it. i had my mom do that. >> brayden dailey may believe they have a future together, but now that she's likely to soon be leaving maricopa, kimbrough has just revealed to us that her relationship with dailey was just a scam. >> my friend introduced me to brayden as a friend. she was like, she puts money on other people's books. whatever, whatever. and i was like, yeah, right. and she was like, no, seriously, and you know emilee. she's a writer. so i started writing her letters. it became a hustle for me. my relationship with brayden is awesome. it's letter writing. her mom puts money on my books every week. it's awesome. i don't have to see her, i don't touch her. i'm over here.
11:57 pm
she's over there. it's awesome. my mom is sick. i don't want to ask her for [ bleep ]. my in-laws take care of my kids, you know. i don't have any money of my own right now, so a girl has to have a game while she's in jail, right? >> carrie kimbrough may be willing to cause pain in order to get what she wants. but 68-year-old patrick stanwick has learned the hard way that hurting people can come back to haunt you. his wife just sent separation papers to him. they arrived on his wedding anniversary. >> she said it was just a coincidence, but, you know, it seemed like a hell of a coincidence. >> what would you say to her? >> it would be what i've said to
11:58 pm
her in my letters, that i'm very sorry. we've always had a communication problem, and you were probably better off not to have met me. and i can't say the same thing about her because i enjoy and love her. but she'll have wounds. she's already got wounds and -- from this. she's afraid of me and with the right -- with real reasons, and i hope that life goes on good for her. she's a good person. i haven't been a good grandpa or a good father. but i'm an alcoholic, and i did the best i could. so hopefully i'll get through this and still have a few years left to spend with my family. if my wife wants to come, if she's still my wife, then she's welcome to. but he got to be my priority now because my time is running out. >> like all inmates at maricopa, stanwick, dailey and kimbrough
11:59 pm
will see their identities forever altered by the actions that brought them here. so will aristeo salaiz. >> dealing with the other guys in here and just hearing their stories, it's like, it's very emotional. you know? i won't shed no tears at -- for anything, you know. me being in here is just -- it's not going to help anything crying over it. because, believe me, sometimes i do feel like crying, yelling out, screaming, hitting things, but it's very emotional. it's an emotional roller coaster in here.
12:00 am
it's a housing unit with a reputation. >> it's a party. it's a party. >> it can get pretty wild here in "g" dorm. >> it's like a big sorority house, but with a bunch of friggin' gay people in jail.


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