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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  June 22, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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covering all of it. we have people launched all across washington. republicans leaning right now on health care, seeing this bill for the first time. they have been doing that the last 25 minutes or so. it's set to post online or maybe sooner, stay right here. these are our top five questions, check it out here, number one, tax credits, will they be based on income like obamacare and not aids? will they roll back tax cuts for the wealthy, will there be money for addiction treatment and planned parenthood, casey hunt, fill us in on what's happening and what answers we may have to some of these questions. >> reporter: he, halle, we are actually a short train ride from where this meeting is happening. we may not be physically in the capitol. many of them pass through here. we will have the first chance to
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ask them what they think of what has been pulled together here. now, one big question mark we're still going to have once this is over. >> that cbo score, how much is this bill going to cost? be ready for some senators to say until i know what that is. the question is what is the balance between these conservative senators the medicaid cuts and these moderates looking for some help for people, especially older american, and don't want to see people thrown off of medicaid immediately. >> i cannot wait until you start chasing some senators there in the hallways. we will be coming back to you when that happens. you have your nikes on i hope, kelly o'donnell is over at the white house, tell us about the white house involvement in this. it's our reporting some aides were on capitol hill last night trying to figure out what is in this bill and what they are doing to push it forward and what we will hear from the president. >> reporter: i think it's a different posture with the president being so all in with
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the house version of the health care reform bill. that's one of the things that stands out. >> that is, in part, based on the senate wanting to do it it's own way, take the heat for the secrecy that has been thus far how they pulled it together. from the white house, what we're hearing is they'll give us a sense of how the white house is reacting later in the day. very different than when the house version came through and the president was so involved in the process, meetings, phone calls, hosting people here at the white house, far less of that with the senate bill. in part, i think they saw that there was a negative reaction to the house bill, even though it was a victory in terms of getting a bill passed, partway through the process. knowing that it's a long way to go before it reaches the president's desk for any kind of signature. so taking a tactically different approach with this version. also feeling the heat of the calendar, trying to get something done before senators and house members head home for
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the fourth of july break. so notable in how different the president's personal involvement is. will he talk about it? we can expect that to be the case. but when and how will be key to watch. because his attachment to a bill could make it harder when there's such a narrow, narrow margin for mitch mcconnell to try to deliver on something that's going to take a lot of criticism as soon as it hits the daylight. >> kelly o'donnell there at the white house where in just about 45 to 50 minutes we will see the president. he will be delivering remarks on technology, for technology week. the question is, will he talk about the bill or not? our colleague peter alexander will be in the room, we will be watching that. thank you much. i want to bring in my panel, nick jockson and arian no johnson and jonathan le mere, thanks for being here, we are teeing up, obviously, to this sort of online drop, somebody's phone went off a couple minutes ago. i totally get it.
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we are totally live, waiting to see what will be in this bill. put this in plain english, based on what we see so far, we don't know what it is, based on what for example the washington post scoops, who does this affect the most? >> a lot of people got a piece of it yesterday, what we are starting to see is how this will affect people for income and pre existing conditions and people bo benefitted from the medicaid expansions. >> wait a minute, people for it and people who are sick? >> those are the changes that will be made as a part of the senate bill and the obama health bill. the details will be specific when we figure out what changes. we think, remember president trump tauld the house bill mean we think he will be farther more towards the obama side on that. >> the president at the rally you were at last night talked about how he thinks this senate bill has a lot more heart, as he put it. here's what else he had to say about health care as you know.
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listen. >> if we went and got the single greatest health care plan in the history of the world, we would not get one democrat vote because their i they're obstructionists. they're obstructionists. >> he's talking damage, he's talking support for this bill in the senate. is this thing going to have enough support? we have been talking about the members of congress, republicans, moderates and conservatives on both spectrums that have problems with this. >> that's right. the president has really laid into this obstructionist line, it's his go-to attack against democrats, even though republicans control both houses of the congress. i think it's unlikely any democrat would want to support this bill. you think he was confirming what he said behind closed doors, he categorized the house bill as mean. he is urging the senate to give this more heart and he said give it a little more money. >> give it more money, too, you got conservatives that will be talking about this in the next block in a couple of minutes who
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don't want to spend more money. that's exactly what the president is calling for. >> well, i this i the calculus you will see mitch mcconnell make. the president had virtually no involvement in the crafting of this bill t. white house has had no involvement. i think they will make is this, there will be real concessions to moderates in this bill. they're continuing the subsidies republicans have resisted that at every turn, they are continuing the subsidies in obamacare and they're keeping the medicaid expansion, a huge concession for republicans to keep the moderates on board. i think mitch mcconnell is calculating the conservatives, what states are they from? very conservative states. >> they're at rick. >> he thinks it will be hard for rand paul of kentucky and mike lee of utah to go back to their constituents and say i voted against the repeal of obamacare. he thinks they may take a big game, ultimately, when this bill hits the floor, they will vote for it. >> let's talk about the people who this affects, human beings
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who are as we have been talking about, sick, maybe they have pre-existing conditions, some of them are waiting to see what is in this bill. 23 americans affected by this, what are people saying, what are people thinking as this health care deba sit happening. listen. >> i couldn't say what it's going to unveil. >> it will be released tomorrow. what have you been hearing about that? >> umm, not a whole lot, actually. >> i don't know a lot about it. but, yeah, we're hoping that something goes through. >> people don't know what is in this bill. it's not just us sitting around this table, it's not just republicans who only 40 minutes ago started to find out what is in this bill. how is mitch mcconnell, how are they going to sell it to people like that, who, be i the way, donald trump supporters? >> of course, it's absolutely true. mitch mcconnell has been willing to take quite a bit of heat for crafting the bill behind closed doors. i think he knows senate
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republicans need to get this across the finish line. all the white house thinks about is getting this across the finish line. they are calculating there are so many counties that have one insurance plan available, they will get the payoff when they have spoken to insurers and health care companies and so on that when multiple, when they reintroduce some competition, if that happens, that they'll get the political payoff then. >> isn't a lot of this uncertainty created in part by republicans, themselves? >> we had an awesome chart showing they were pulling out one insurance, in some of these markets, the big part is that. >> the president saying hey, let this thing fail, we're going to blow it up. not saying how, that's creating the instability. >> they are meeting the lobbyists now to say this is what will be in the bill. >> is rolling back medicaid expansion cutting back those taxes on the wealthy going to alienate these conservatives. what itself the rationale for mitch mcconnell tore that?
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>> he is returning to the points a moment ago, the president's role in this, he is someone who is no hands off publicly. he is actually someone who is even more desperate for a win now than he was in march with the house bill. >> when he declared victory. >> he did the rose garden later and declared it mean. in those two months since, we seen more questions raised, the firing of the fbi director. the white house is desperate for a win. they will nudge mcconnell as much as they need to. >> the one thing you will be looking at in the next 50 minutes here when we get a look at what is actually in this bill. again, we got to be clear. we're talking about what we think is in this. >> that is based on drafts that has been circulating around, not the final plan. this thing is changing minute by minute. give me your top item you will be drilling down. >> it's not me, what susan collins says about it. senate novelists and i will walk across to the house to see if
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they're angry. >> the o'poopioid addiction is key. he wanted to make it central, to help people in need. these are rural, white, poor, voted for him. will there be funding in there for that? >> i'm watching senate moderates, rob portman, lisa mckowski, are they going to get on bill with this bill? if they lose these guys, i don't think they get the bill passed through the senate. >> we got teams of reporters all over the capitol looking for senate moderates, conservatives in the house, watching the breakdown, nick johnson, thank you, jonathan, thank you, he'll be hanging out for the hour. thanks for. that remember, guy, even if the senate does pass this bill, whatever it is, it's not like it's a done deal. right? the house still has to sign off. they may not like what the senate suggests. when we come back, we will be joined by the key voices in the house, the chairman of the freedom caucus mark meadows, a
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spoiler alert. we have to get his blessing next.
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fifteen percent or more.
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i think and i hope, i can't guarantee anything, i hope i will surprise you with a very good plan. i have been talking about a plan with heart. i said, add some money to it. a plan with heart. but obamacare is dead. >> president trump blowing off some steam at a rally in iowa,
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talking health care, a bill right now republicans are getting their first look at behind closed doors. the rest of us will get our first look in roughly 45 minutes from now. >> that is when congressman will see it too, think, congressman, thank you for joining us today here. >> it's great to be with you. >> thank you. have you seen the bill? have you seen anything, any text from your colleagues yet? >> well, we have not seen the full text. i can tell you as you mentioned, they are doing a briefing on conversations with some of the senators in the upper chamber about what is to be in that. even the legislative text is not necessarily being shared with them at this moment. i can tell you that, you know the president is right. it's all about having heart, making sure that we take care of those pre-existing conditions, make sure it's properly funned and bringing down premiums. it is going to change, i think you know the debate that will happen over the next 48 hours is what's in it. what's not in it. will conservatives, will
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moderates revolt and i can tell you for the last three weeks, we have been working very closely with our senate colleagues to try to make sure that it accomplishes those first two priorities. the other part is that perhaps through amendments that we can give consumers a better choice, where if they want the obamacare plan they can keep it. the other part of that is they actually get something that drives the premiums down. >> so that's your initial reaction, congressman. you talk about will conservatives revolt. i think when people ask that question, they are talking about the house freedom caucus. >> i think they are. so that would be accurate. >> so big pick, do you think if these reports are accurate that the freedom caucus and other conservatives in congress will revolt? >> well, i don't see us revolting at this point. one, we're not rushing to judgment. i think think that's what we've done in the past. senator cruz has an amendment we
7:17 am
talked about for many weeks, called the consumer choice amendment. if that ends up in this final bill, it actually takes some of the sting out of some of the other things. i can tell you with medicaid expansion and the wind down that we are doing. >> yeah. >> we have been supportive all along, we understood that some states expanded. others did not. we want to make sure we're fair with both of those states so we've tried to take a more pragmatic approach, principle but pragmatic. >> let me ask you about that, the in the bill does look like at least from reports now, it's going to more gradually fade out the medicaid expansion. >> that is not something you want to see in the house version, are you cool with that? >> well, we have been working with senator danes and a few other senators who expanded, north carolina did not. i want to make sure our state doesn't get hurt for taking a principled stand many years ago, but at the same time, we under we can't create a crisis for anybody, so working with our
7:18 am
senators on a wind down is probably not as problematic for caucus, it's about driveing down premiums for you and me and everybody else. >> if we talk about potential deal breakers, if that's not one of them. let me ask you about this. the house bill is banning the use of federal tax credits to ban abortion coverage. this could become a real flash point. there is talk that is not going to fly in the senate. is that a deal is breaker for you? >> well, i think they're trying, certainly it's a deal breaker for many conservatives because that is a critical point. the planned parenthood language is probably more of a deal breaker than other aspects. i think they are changing the tax credit tropical storm what i'm reading and hearing to address the pro-life provisions a lot through other means, but the planned parenthood aspect, if that is pulled out, there would not be enough votes in the house to pass it.
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we've communicate thad with our senate colleagues and looking forward to seeing the final text here in a few minutes. >> a couple minutes. a lot of discussion about this senate bill is from the white house as you know from my other day job is from president trump talking about making this senate bill nicer, more heart. >> right. >> was your version mean? do you think it was mean? >> well, you know, listen, you can characterize it a number of ways. i think one of the things, i talked to him personally. >> is it enough? >> well, i talked to the president personally about. that what he was talking about is making sure we have enough funding for those high risk pools, so we don't leave anybody out of that. agree we could bump up that spending, actually was open on record to say that we could potentially bump up that funding for the pre-existing conditions and high risk pools, and so i think that's what he was addressing and so, hopefully, we'll get there, in fact, i'm confident we will get there, because the next 14 to 21 days we're going to put something on the president's desk to make
7:20 am
sure we finally repeal obamacare and make healthcare affordable again. >> two more quick ones for you. >> sure. >> you talk and 14 to 21 days getting something on the president's desk. >> right. >> that seems like a very abbreviated time frame for something that will affect 23 million americans, are you comfortable with getting this done in two weeks? >> well, it's actually affecting 318th million americans. it's not just 23 million americans you are talking the cbo score. >> sure. bottom line, though, time time frame, this too rushed? are you comfortable you have enough time togy guest this in two weeks? >> well, i can tell you i don't vote on any bill unless i read it, which was also true with the house bill. so we got to digest it. but we have been having this debate, holly, as you know for seven years, as we look at this, we've got to make sure that what we do is make a principle but pragmatic and realistic decision to lower health care.
7:21 am
we have insurance providers bailing out of state of state after state, we've got to fix it now, time is not our friend and so you know, it's not a crisis. this is not a surprise. we got to make some decisions now. >> what's the one thing that will be a deal breaker for you and your caucus, the one thing if the senate does you will not be able to support. >> well, the one ting which has been a litmus test day one is premiums coming down. if premiums don't come down, there will not be votes from the house freedom caucus. we said that from february. when our plan rolled out, we didn't do enough. we are about lowering premiums. if it doesn't do that that's a deal buster and we into ed to go back to the drawing table. >> sure, a lot of ways to get there. congressman meadows, we will want to check back in with you in about 40 minutes when we take a look. thank you very much. while we're waiting to find out more details as you we heard from the congressman on the health care plan, we are also waiting to hear from house
7:22 am
majority leader nancy pelosi, she will be in front of those cameras, that's obviously not her, in 15 minutes. it might be testy, calls from inside her party to give up ore leadership spot. the president said he would love to see her in power. we are talking nancy pelosi's path forward next. liberty mutual stood with us when a fire destroyed the living room. we were able to replace everything in it. liberty did what? liberty mutual paid to replace all of our property that was damaged. and we didn't have to touch our savings. yeah, our insurance won't do that. well, there goes my boat. you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. over hereno!ver here! (dog barking) whoever threw it has to go get it. not me! somebody will get it...
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>> we are back now with a look at your morning headlines t. funeral for otto warmbier is happening right now in ohio. friends and family saying a final farewell to the 22-year-old. he died earlier this week after his release from tensions in north korea. overnight, investigators searched the home of a man accused of stabbing the lovers in a neck at an airport in flint, michigan, law enforcement is en investigating this as an act of terror, the fbi says the man came in through new york and then traveled to flint. the officer who is hurt is thankfully expected to recover from that. so you seen the headlines, like this one, check it out. democratic leader put to work at g.o.p. campaign star, a republican spokesman calling nancy pelosi like kryptonite in
7:27 am
republican district. you know when that headline is from? 2006, 11 years ago, for more than a decade, republicans have been using nancy pelosi to turn out their voters. that's nothing new. what is new is another round of frustrated democrats calling on pelosi to step aside, congressman tim ryan of ohio went up against pelosi last year and lost. here's what he is saying now. >> you see these specials that tie these candidates to leader pelosi, week in, week out. you got to beat the republican and carry this very toxic democratic brand on your back, too, that's a tough thing to ask a candidate running for congres congress. >> the toxic democratic brand. the lock on your face might say it all. what's your thoughts on that? >> i was laughing. i was going to say, before i knew that headline was from 2006. w i was in college with these a long time ago. yes, this is nothing new.
7:28 am
it does seem democrats haven't learned their lesson, every member of their leadership team, it's not just nancy pelosi, they basically have a foot in the grave, whereas republican leadership, they're essentially fresh faces, you may agree or disagree with them. they were not around in 2006. democrats seem to be returning to the same playbook and getting the same results. republicans took back congress and they have something to show at least for the change in leadership. republicans don't tolerate the losses the way democrats have been. >> i want to get back to the donald trump tweet as he often does think time about nancy pelosi. let's put it up on the screen if we can. jonathan, democrats look at this, it's like they're not going to, i don't know, talk to me about it.
7:29 am
>> first of all, crying chuck is not as good as lying ted. the president needs to workshop that better. yes, he is happy to make nancy pelosi a part of their messaging. last night in the rally in iowa, he talked repeatedly about how republicans run up success in the special elections in the last few months, plrl the one in georgia which was made of both parties, democrats eager to make as a referendum on the trump administration and the president took the stage and floated about the win. >> let me go off to it. lillian na was talking about it with her public phrase, one foot in the grave. we have a party caucus capable of riding this wave. we have 80-year-old leaders and 90-year-old ranking members, this isn't a party. it's a giant assisted living center. so that is a little aegist. >> there is a point that is the generational divide. >> you are seeing the candidates
7:30 am
democrats for president in 2020. whether it's bernie sanders or elizabeth warren or joe biden. these are folks who all could be well into their 70s by the time that race begins. and i think the democrats here are struggling, looking for a fresh, vital face to put up against the results there so, democratic operatives i think would also point out the democrats over performed expectation in some of these special elections. so, for example, in kansas, 12% higher, up 8% in montana. up 7% in south carolina. you can see the graphic there. there are some operatives that point out these are sheets republicans chose to vacate, denver over performing there, why wouldn't that be a good seen in the house the argument goes? >> two things on that, i who you would say, number one, politics is lookist and aegist. i think barack obama used his exuberance and his good looks were an enormous part of his
7:31 am
appeal, and we often talk about john mccain's aids, ronald reagan's aids were a thing of discussion. there are things important to talk about politics on the georgia results the results of all the special elections, i think it's no reason, special elections are easy, an enormous amount of money is put in for both side. i think it would be a mistake to think the results of this election carry any meaning into 2018, when their charge is essentially beating history, an average of 30 or 40 seats are lost, republicans should not expect anything different. they will have an enormously difficult road ahead. >> you seen them arguing for a sharper message for the party. this goes to a lot of what we saw in the divisions for 2016. does that change? does this move the party to the left t. age old question, 37-month-old question democrats have been asking themselves? >> that's the debate, do they
7:32 am
move to the left where perhaps some of the younger, core based voters would want to see them go? or do they try to take to the senate to appeal to some of the folks the sort of working class, middle class vote tore back president trump who in previous cycles haven't been inclined to back democrats. >> we will hear from nancy pelosi in roughly 14 minutes time, if she's on time. what do you expect from her? >> you know we seen her speak since the georgia election. her taking responsibility is about on par with hillary clinton to take responsibility for her loss. she is not conceding much responsibility. tim ryan, we seen, she hasn't taken to heart, you know the criticisms of, that we may need, the democratic party may need a different face. >> we're going to foindz out when she does oo find out when she does, we will keep this when we see a senator from maryland. we will get his thoughts on white house accusations that democrats are obstructionists
7:33 am
and howie plan the fight the new health care plan, that's next.
7:34 am
7:35 am
7:36 am
. >> i want to go now to capitol hill where we are starting to get some reaction from senators getting out of a closed door meeting. >> it's a lot like being in the back seat of a convertible of thelma and louise. you got to get out of the car. maybe the first car we get into is not exactly the car you want. you bought the to do that. then maybe there is another car.
7:37 am
this will take some time. you can't just fix it in this period of time. so we just have to do the best we can, get something done and then continue to work on it. >> can we know the time to digest this bill to absorb what the proposal is? >> oh, i don't think anybody has any indigestion in terms of digesting the bill. we have been talking about it now for what, eight years? and trying to recommend to see a mess and to everybody concerned. i have been doing this for a long time. i think every member has. we have seen a situation where we have a lot of members standing up, raising kens over and over again. we're trying to address those. but again, we can't delay. i mean, delay is higher co-pays and higher premiums and insurance companies know leaning areas they serve. i talked to blue cross of kansas
7:38 am
yesterday and i mean, you know, there's the warping out there. >> you can only [ inaudible question ]. >> that's a decision we'll have to reach later. i open we have the necessary votes to pass it and then there's, you know, continue to work on it. >> this isn't the end all time here. this is going to take some time to fix. it's taken us eight years for this not so slowly to crash and, you know, it's like here we go again, bush cassidy and the sun -- butch cassidy and sundistance kid. the real guys are coming. >> [ inaudible question ]. >> i hope so, that policy divide is not as what itself the word -- it, you know, people have
7:39 am
different opinions and they have a lot of idea logical opinions as well and, but it's time to put that aside and move. there are times when you, look, it's either this, what itself the other alternative? i don't see anything from the other side except single payer. that's socialized medicine. i don't think the american people want that or want to pay for it or experience it. so if that's the only alternative, if people make a noise over there, we have to move. >> you referenced salman, you think republicans should drive this car next week off that cliff regardless of whether the votes are there? >> i don't want to drive a car going over theically, i want to prevent the car going off the cliff from going there or if it has to go over the cliff with regards to what democrats want get out of the car. every insurance company, every small hospital in kansassh everybody else is saying, loose, we have to move.
7:40 am
this will probably, this is not the best possible bill, it's the best bill possible under very difficult circumstances. so you don't have any alternative. i don't think. now, there comes a time when everybody's i think in a career or house career, where you have to say, well, okay, this isn't exactly what i want or i have a real serious problem here, but we have to move the process forward. because the alternative is very grim and then there is enough blame to go around on both sides then. >> are you confident that this bill -- >> you have been listening to senator pat roberts of kansas talk with our own kasie hunt and ought reporters what about a we are seeing in this health care bill. senate republicans are just getting a look. i think that senator roberts is one of the first folks you see walking out of that meeting. we are keeping an eye on what's going on in that hallway. i want to go back to kasie hunt trying to follow that belabored butch cassidy there, not a time of overwhelming optimism from
7:41 am
the senior that this thing will have enough votes. >> reporter: that's right, senator roberts has been working specifically on rural health care issues he mentioned with oughts who are concerned about that. senator roberts is reliable conservative from kansas, somebody who we don't really expect would be not with the leadership there. i think the question we were trying to get him to answer was, will mitch mcconnell put this on the floor if he doesn't have 50 votes. forgive me for looking around, we're keeping an eye out for more folks here, at this point it does look like they're headed down that path. all reporting indicates he is at this point potentially willing to do that even if he doesn't have those 50 votes we will bring you more as we get it as this meeting starts to break up. >> i know you are looking at your phone, i am too, this draft bill is now out. it literally came out in the last 30 seconds or so. we thought it would be another 20 minutes. we have it early. we have teams digesting what is
7:42 am
in this or not. this is literally our first read. before we get down to the nuts and bolts of this thing, i want to get some very initial reaction from senator ben carden who i believe is joining us from capitol hill. senator, thank you for being here with us. i got to get your reaction to what you are seeing unfold on the senate republican side. you obviously have not been happy with how this has been created. will you have chances to make changes once it's out, that's what mitch mcconnell has been saying, the amendment process will go on this week. >> we will not have a chance to craft the bill as it should be with a hearing and markups, opportunities for amendment itselfs. instead, this bill is going directly to the senate floor in which there will be opportunities for amendment. it will not be in a deliberative way where you can negotiate and try to make the bill a better bill. this bill has had no public
7:43 am
hearings. it still will affect millions of americans who will lose their coverage, either because of the insurance not being affordable or the cutback in the medicaid program. it is being done in order to provide tax breaks for basically those that are wealthy. it will compromise quality insurance coverage for those who need it. the most vulnerable. those with illnesses, pre-existing conditions. the vulnerable population is still going to be at a very, very great disadvantage. this bill should not be brought to the senate floor and voted on in a matter of days without having it go to committee and have the public hearings and opportunity for the public to know what we're doing. >> let me get your reaction what the president had to say about democrats when it comes to health care. this is what he had to say last night. listen. >> if we went and got the single greatest health care plan in the
7:44 am
history of the world, we would not gentlemt one democrat vote. if we came to you and said, here's your plan. you will have the greatest plan in history and you will pay nothing, they'd vote against it, folks. >> he also called democrats obstructionists, senator. does he have a point? >> not at all. look, this is not an autocratic country. this is a democratic country. this is a country where the legislature the congress makes the laws, not the president of the united states. this is a country that uses the richness of every member of the congress to develop our national policies. that's why we have committees. that's why we have public hearings and a chance to offer amendments. no, we don't just take a bill and pass it and try to find out what was in it, whether it was done right or wrong. democrats and i think republicans want to do this
7:45 am
right. but this process will not lead to the right conclusion t. affordable care act needs to be improved. democrats have offered suggestion and will continue to work to make our health care system a better system. >> senator, we are working to look through what has just been released here in this health care bill. i want to know how you are planning to judge it. it's my understanding democrats will be gathering on the floor in an hour and ten minutes from now. is that's what's happening? can you walk me through what the plan is for you guys politically, strategically, on a policy front in the next couple hours? >> obviously, the plan has just been released. our staff is reading through it. i will read through it. i think we understand pretty much the basics. it's basically the house bill. they changed some of the discretion, given the states more discretion, which means less protection for those most vulnerable. the medicaid cuts look like they're deeper than what the house had proposed, which means
7:46 am
more burdens on our states. we also understand that they're changing the subsidies, it will still be not as strong as current law making it more difficult for people to afford insurance but are basing it upon the affordable care rate of income, rather than age. so it's really obama light on the subsidies but will still hurt. yes, we intend to scrutinize the bill. we'll use every available avenue we have to put transparency into this. but we're going to be handicapped because we're not given a fair legislative process for input and for action. so today we will be on the floor asking for more time. the leader, the democratic leader will be asking for the committee staff hearings, et cetera. we hope the republicans will listen to what the democrats are saying. >> senator, before i let you go, as we get back to the health care discussion. i have to ask you about another discussion, that is the one
7:47 am
surrounding nancy pelosi and current democratic leadership. obviously, you're in a different chamber. is she the right person to be leading house democrats right now in your view? >> i think leader pelosi is doing a great job. i must tell you this, though, our challenge is to point out to the american people the danger of mr. trump's policies and to try to work for the betterment of our country, i'm involved in national security issues. and i will continue to work with republicans in order to advance that. fortunately, we have a lot of republicans who agree with us on that. so i think in the house of representatives, they're going to be challenges during the next year. it's way to early to talk about the next elections. the american people are energized and want to get involved in our political system. i hope that energy is channelled to change in 2018. >> senator ben carden, thank you very much for joining us here on the program. much appreciated. we are looking now at 142 pages of what is being called the discussion draft the senate health care bill out right now. we have teams of reporters and
7:48 am
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the senate health care bill is out. they are calling it the better care reconciliation act of 2017. these are the first 50 pages here. i have david hoppy, health care expert and former chief of staff to paul ryan. reading the medicaid expansion and cakasie, we're all working digest this right now, can you tell us what stands out to you or what you're hearing? >> reporter: sure, full disclosure i started from the top of the bill. if you're a viewer watching at home, it looks like it's 142 pages long, what it does is modify the affordable care act. it's going to be really hard if you sit down and try to read this bill to say oh, okay this is an amendment to this subsection of this piece of the code. that's why it looks so confusing, essentially what they are taking that 1,000 plus page stack of papers that is
7:53 am
obamacare and making changes. i covered the passage of the affordable care act and i started at the top, one thing we were expecting to change was the eligibility for tax credit. right now if you don't make a certain amount of money and you're required to have health insurance, you are offered a tax credit. it used to be or under obamacare it is that you are at 400% of poverty or lower, you are eligible for some sort of tax credit. they are going to change that to 350% it looks like from the first page of that bill. that is something that we expected. the other key piece near the top here is the individual and employeer mandates, this is a budget reconciliation bill, to pass with just 50 republican votes. they've zeroed out the penalties. they can't actually remove the individual mandate without violating budget rules but what they can say, if you don't have insurance, we'll charge you zero dollars as a penalty for not
7:54 am
having insurance and the same for employers, those fees were set, $695 for individuals and $2,000 or so for employers. we're going to be continuing to look for and apologize, keep looking over my shoulder here for members of congress who may be coming out of this meeting, so as soon as we get anything, we will bring it to you again. we're looking for that balance. do conservatives say the deep cuts to medicaid we were expecting and i know you've got an analyst reading that part of the bill, do those satisfy conservatives and are moderates convinced this won't do so much to hurt their constituents, they are willing to get on board. >> kasie hunt, appreciate it. let's bring in nancy pelosi speaking now. >> it's still the president called the house bill mean after celebrating its passage and changed to saying it's mean, he hopes the senate bill will have heart. so sad, mr. president.
7:55 am
heartless. mean and heartless. and this is the same thing, same bill all over again, will do exactly what the house bill did. increase cost for fewer benefits and it will have an age tax, people 50 to 64 may be paying as much as five times more for their benefits. undermine medicare by reducing years of its solvency and tens of millions of people -- we'll see what the cbo comes down with, but millions of people will lose health care. in addition to that, it's still takes away essential benefit package -- i call it pontious pontiouspileaves it up to the states and clubbers the states making them unable to meet the needs of their people. i'm very proud of our members because i understand that trump
7:56 am
care inflicts great suffering on veterans and on seniors and working families and rural communities as i said working families, it is a job killer -- >> you have been listening to nancy pelosi react to the news we're getting the senate health care bill, the better care reconciliation act of 2017 as they call it. i'm joined by dave hoppy. you have extensive expertise in the health care arena. one of the big questions we had, the medicaid expansion, how and when it is phased out. it is phased out and longer -- more gradual phase out than with the house bill. >> that's right. what they do is under obamacare it's 90% the feds put in 90% and state puts in 10. what this does is in 2021 that lowers to 85 and 2022 goes to 80% fed coverage and 2023, 75% but the house bill went cold
7:57 am
turkey after that. this is a longer phase-out which will make people happier with the bill, whether it convinces them it's a good bill, i don't know. but it will make him happier it is a slower phase-out. >> in plain english, this is a more gradual phaseout but deep cuts to medicaid in this bill based on our understanding. nancy pelosi is talking about medicaid now. let's listen in. >> we don't call that access. that's the most expensive kind and detrimental to the health and well being of the american people. back to the jobs lost by the health care bill, it is -- we haven't seen a budget. the budget we have seen from the president would lose 1.4 million jobs. some of that is overlap with the health care bill, not in addition to. the -- we haven't seen the infrastructure bill. again, we haven't started with the budget. we know with the health care bill would do.
7:58 am
this is a big problem. no budget, no infrastructure bill and no tax bill. we thought we could work together own reon reducing the corporate rate and closing loopholes and reducing the deficit and creating growth by working together on -- but i fear that what they may do is just get through this debate on health care to enable them to get on to debate about taxes and just again, trickle down economics to prevail. >> nancy pelosi talking more about this health care bill. my colleague has been poring over this document. bengy is our resident health care expert. he says broadly speaking it appears to cut health care spending for low income and middle income americans and uses the savings for tax cut -- one big early difference. remember the questions we talked about at the top of this show, what happens with those tax credits, would they be based on
7:59 am
age like the house bill or income like obamacare? the answer is that it bases those private insurance subsidies on income. income and geography. but it would also provide money to fewer people than obamacare as you heard kasie talk about. the other highlight from benji, what we have been talking about, more gradual phase-out of medicaid expansion but deep cuts to the program itself. this is setting up a serious showdown on capitol hill. democrats obviously not happy as you heard nancy pelosi talk about. we have been talking about how we're most curious to see how senate moderates respond to that and conservative members of the senate like ted cruz and rand paul and mike lee. we have it on this network over the next few hours. stick with us. that does it for us, thank you for watching. following all of that with my colleague ali velshi and
8:00 am
stephanie ruhle. >> it's about 145 pages of the bill. >> speed reading. >> we're going to speed read. i'm ali velshi, good morning. >> i'm stephanie ruhle. i'm not sure i can get through this but let's get started. >> always tierrific to be able o leave the washington swamp, phony witch hunts against me. everything going. we won last night and even the worst of them said that was a big win for trump. i love all people, rich or poor but in those particular positions i just don't want a poor person, does that make sense? solar wall. let's see. we're working it out. panels, beautiful. pretty good imagination, right? my idea. >> if we went and got the single greatest health care plan in the hist


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