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tv   For the Record With Greta  MSNBC  June 28, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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after 108-year wait can you blame the cubs for wanting to keep the celebration going as long as possible. that's all for tonight. "for the record with greta" starts now. thank you, chuck. there's chaos tonight in your nation's capitol. an all out scramble inside a deeply fractured republican party. trying to get their own health care bill off of life support. >> is health care possible by friday? >> pigs could fly. >> first, we have breaking news. we are just learning fired fbi director james comey's memos are now going to capitol hill. now these are the documents that the red hot center of the ongoing obstruction investigations. they will get the memos and everyone wondering does this
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special trouble for president trump. with me austin wright a congressional reporter for politico. he broke the news about the comey memos. good evening. >> thanks for having me. >> when are these memos going to the senate intelligence committee? >> they wouldn't say. the chairman suggests he expects them soon. >> why does he want them? >> a lot of people on the hill are now wanting to start looking into the question of obstruction of justice and whether the president attempted to obstruct any investigation. of course, as we saw in comey's testimony last month these memos will lay out where the president
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asked comey or suggested to comey he should drop the fbi investigation into former national security advisor michael flynn. >> is mueller this favor of these documents in favor of them going to the senate because he had a strike that investigation gone and his is a lot different than the senate's? >> the chairman and the committee's top democrat met with mueller earlier this morning. i think it's probably to safe to say these memos wouldn't be going over to their committee without mueller's agreement or him knowing about it. >> these are copies. these are not notes from the memo. they're going to see the memos that the fbi director wrote? >> right. these the actual memos. comey acknowledged that he provided them to a friend of
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his, a law professor at columbia with the intent of sharing the contents with a reporter. the law professor said he returned the memos to the fbi which are the only entity that has them. >> austin, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> now to the health care fight. the big scramble this d.c. mitch mcconnell aiming to get a new deal together by the weekend and president trump hinting he has something up his sleeve. >> just to do a little official business, health care is working along very well. we could have a big surprise with a great health care package. now they're happy. >> what do you mean by big surprise? >> well, it would need to be a great surprise because it's not looking particularly good. eight republican senators are still poopposed to the health ce bill. that's nothing to what the public thinks.
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just 17% of americans approve of the senate bill. 12% support it. that's going from bad to worse. another part of the scramble, the debate among republicans whether or not they should work with democrats. >> if we don't reach agreement by friday, it's probably the end of a sole party effort for health care. if we don't reach by friday then the way forward is obamacare collapses, challenge democrats to work with us to find something better. >> would you support any effort across the aisle? >> who can you work with over there. half the time they won't come to meetings. >> i've said all along i thought we should talk to the democrats from the beginning. >> i wish it were bipartisan. it's not like democrats are really stepping up to the plate. >> hear a lot of more people talking about working across the aisle. is that something you're interested in doing? >> it is. that's something we should have done from the beginning.
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>> this video of a woman whose daughter has cancer, recently went viral. senator, thank you for joining me. >> thank you. >> first of all, the president said great might be coming. do you have any idea what that is? >> i have no idea what he's talking about. we met with him yesterday, a group of republican, almost all of us. he was very positive. i thought he was very good in the meeting trying to listen to everybody's reservations and ideas. i don't know what he's talking about with great big surprise. i guess it will be a great big surprise to me too. >> did senate majority leader mitch mcconnell know or did they interact? >> i think they have been interacting quite a bit. i have no idea that they have a great surprise in store for us.
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>> if they were to not to cut medicaid as much, then of course the people who, the republican side of the spectrum that doesn't want to spend more money, you'd lose those votes. >> it's a balancing act. you can see it's a tough one. it's threading the eye of a needle. we have very willful people on both sides. i'm advocating for a state that has almost over 30% of my constituents are on medicaid. we have a huge drug abuse problem in our state. this medicaid expansion population is 40% of the dollars are being used for that. that to me is critical as a safety net and a way for these folks to find treatment and a cure. i didn't come to washington to
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hurt people. i can't leave them without their kind of coverage. >> as a side issue, your state seems hit by the opioid crisis. why are so many people in west virginia in this crisis? >> i think we have had workplace injuries where pain medicines have been overly prescribed. i think that's kind of in and around the region. kentucky has a major problem here. we had very high unemployment. it's not working and a desperate sort of spiraling into addiction. r rob portman and i have been very
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forceful. that's going to be critical to us. it will help every state but for where we are and for the states that don't have it, they're going to have it. i would like to say we would like to get this over the line with a group of us. i'm ready to roll up my sleeves and work with the democrats. >> do you find the republicans are working with each other? republicans are so deeply divided. are they working with each other to come to a bill you can work with the democrats. >> the problem we have is the same problem the democrats had within their constituency. we have more moderate believes and more conservative. we're all conservatives and it's on a spectrum. we all have different
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populations. i have an expanded medicaid population. there's a lot of people in our conference they're states didn't expand medicaid so it's a nonissue for them. that's where the rub is. >> what would you be willing to vote for? >> i think i need opioid dollars. i want to see a good growth rate in medicaid and i want to see that the subsidies that we're going to put forward in the form of a tax credit can help that rural, older west virginian be able to get coverage they can afford. >> has president trump reached auto out to you at all? >> yes. >> what did he say? >> a will the of things. i think he's very open to putting more money into it. putting more money in the greatest need that's the lower income area. he knows that's a passion of mine and so -- >> did he offer you anything? >> he's getting there. >> like what? >> we'll leave that for the big surprise.
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>> that's part of the big surprise. he won't tell us. we'll all be surprised. nice to see you. >> great to see you. thank you. >> will democrats get involved in health care reform. democratic leader chuck schumer asking president trump for an invitation for all 100 senators to attend a health care summit with the president. >> president trump, i challenge you to invite us, all 100 of us, republican and democrat to blare house to discuss a new bipartisan way forward on health care in front of all the american people. we democrats are genuinely interested in finding a place where our two parties can come together on health care. >> senator schumer said he would like to come down and have all 100 senators come to talk health care. would you be willing to negotiate with all of them? >> i have to find out if he's serious. he hasn't been serious. obamacare is such a disaster. such a wreck. he wants to try to save something that's really hurting
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a lot of people. it's hurting a lot of people. you'd have to be very, very serious. he's done a lot of talking, bad talking. he just doesn't seem like a serious person. >> with me eugene robinson. the president said he doesn't think this schumer doesn't seem like a serious person. >> wouldn't that be novel. we have a 52-48 senate. doesn't that suggest it's pretty evenly divided between republicans and democrats. to a man from mars it would suggest they ought to work together. >> the republicans are deeply divided. you have have those that don't want medicaid dollars cut and those who don't want to spend anymore money. even within the democratic party. every time you peel off one of those you lose someone on the other side. >> that's true.
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if you look at the republican caucus, clearly this week they have not succeeded in agreeing getting the moderates and conservatives together. the question is, you take the moderate republicans and the moderate democrats and do you have 50 votes there, basically or enough to get something through. i think you kind of might. >> you expect it. >> the problem for republicans is what you could probably get through would be changes to the affordable care act that don't completely repeal it. >> is it -- all the republicans ran, not all but most of them have been repeal obamacare. is there any way you can look at the republican bill and call it a repeal? >> it's hard to. it leaves the basic structure there. it takes away some taxes and subsidies and turns them into tax credits. the basic structure of obamacare
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is there as is the basic principle th principal that the affordable care act established. it shouldn't necessarily depend your income. once that idea is implanted you don't have as much wiggle room as before. >> what do you see the president's role in this? he's called the house bill mean and he wants more heart in the senate bill. he's got a divided senate. he's had a couple meetings. what can the president do? >> i don't think the president has been particularly helpful to republicans in this effort. maybe it's been helpful for mitch mcconnell's point of view for the president to point out and say you guys work this out and i'll support you. he's made clear he will sign whatever they come up with. if this were a president who were deeply steeped in policy and who had a white house apparatus that did policy well and he would come up with a plan
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and say here's the plan and they probably go for it. that's not this president. >> how does senator mitch mcconnell satisfy the two wings of his party on this? what can he come up with? >> i have no idea. he can try to pick them off one by one. he can put some money in for opioid treatment. >> like the corn husker deal years ago. >> exactly. a deal for portman on opioids and sort of side deals. he starts doing that and you see corn husker deals come up. they're not going to like that very much and they might be out. you have all these different factions. >> i was trying to think like what is there any way to put this together? >> there is a huge inventive ce
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the minds of republican political thinkers is we promised for seven years every single day we're going to repeal. >> they're not repealing it. >> we're going to pass something. we're going to call it something different and say we repealed it. we'll be punished worse than if we do something bad. that's a difficult, difficult line to walk. i don't know. >> if they revise and not repeal maybe some of the base might be unhappy. nice to see you. >> good to see you. >> new protests against the gop health care bill. can they keep the pressure on? can liberal groups get in the way of those that might want to cross the aisle. if you thought health care was chaotic, wait a few more hours. that's when something kicks in
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your voice is awesome. the x1 voice remote. xfinity. the future of awesome. protesters today on capitol hill demanding lawmakers vote against the senate republican health care bill. at one point demonstrators crowding into robert portman's office. filling up be space of pat toomey. police arrested 40 protesters. we are seeing live protests on capitol hill. we me democratic senator from the great state of washington. she's vowing to use every tool to fight the senate republican
3:20 pm
health care bill. now to see you. >> great to see you. >> what tool do you need to use? seem like the republicans are doing the bill in themselves. >> i think they concept of cutting and capping medicaid is not the way to go. i think throwing people off of health care that would raise premiums for people in the private market is not good idea. we do want this idea really thought through and exposed. the notion that you might not have the votes now but come back in a week, very problematic. we want to stop it. >> what do you see as a solution? being reasonable, recognizing we got a republican, democrats, what would be? >> the logic is we should pass this big cut. cut 15 million people off of medicaid because we're concerned about the individual market. they say that will raise
3:21 pm
premiums in the individual market. you don't want to do that. why not come back and say what do we want to do about the individual market. let's drop this other stuff and say what do we want to do about the individual market. >> what would you do? what are the options? >> i'm a big fan of what i call the costco model. everybody knows you go to costco, you buy in bulk and you get a discount. we have had an experience in new york where they did just that. they bundled up 650,000 new yorkers as part of an option called the basic or essential plan and they got great take up from the public because they knew it was affordable and had 13 different providers coming in to offer coverage. it can happen. i would go back and say this 7% of health care, that's the individual market, what are the ideas that will help us reduce costs and i think that we can come up with some ideas. >> do you think the republicans in wanting to cut medicaid, why
3:22 pm
do you think they are doing it? they don't want poor people to have medical care? >> somebody said paul ryan came up with college essay that this is where they needed to go but i just see result after result in my state. people telling me that the hospital community and others that covering more people under medicaid drove down pressure on price in the private market. we want to continue that. we don't want to have the price of the private market go back up because of all this uncompens e uncompensated care. >> medical care has been rising and we expect it to rise further. this is going to be more expensive for everybody. is there any sort of effort to try to figure out some way how to compensate our health care workers fairly, but to sort of do something to put the lid on the price. i see so many things be reused. wouldn't it be cheaper to
3:23 pm
sanitize them? >> there's a couple of philosophies i look at. you want health care to be more in line with the rate of inflation. maybe it could be a little higher because there's so much technology and so many advents and new solutions. you don't want to see double digits. what do we do to change the delivery system? one of the great ideas i have been successful at getting some states represented by republicans to take us up on is the notion of the nursing home care versus community based care. we have this rising number of americans that will exacerbate the demand. if we say they will get their long term care in a nursing home, we'll pay three times the amount. we said why don't you try doing community base services. why don't you try to restructure your state program and we insented that under the affordable care act. when we did it in our state we saved $2 billion. if we can get every state to mu move this way we can be saving
3:24 pm
serious medicaid money. >> do you think you can work with president trump on a health care bill? >> i have talked to a lot of my colleagues. i will say to him look at the essential plan in new york. talk to people in new york. talk to your friends in new york, the provider community. ask them what they have been able to achieve. >> nice to see you. >> great to see you. ahead, one of president trump's most controversial policies goes into affect in just hours. we'll tell you what it is and whether we're about to see international chaos. rheumatoid arthritis like me, and you're talking to your rheumatologist about a medication... ...this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain... ...and protect my joints from further damage. humira has been clinically studied for over 18 years. humira works by targeting and helping to... ...block a specific source... ...of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain and... ...stop further joint damage in many adults. humira can lower your ability to fight infections,
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we're just hours away from president trump's travel ban taking affect. it's been a long strange trip just to get to this point. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is
3:28 pm
going on. >> trump's executive order restricting entry into the united states from several predominantly muslim countries is now in affect. >> federal appeals court unanimously blocking the president's travel ban. >> a clear victory president trump said adding i cannot allow people into our country who want to do us harm. >> the administration haili ini this newest announcement as a victory. it's just a partial one. the supreme court allowing parts of the ban to be enforced. if you're from these six countries and do you not have a quote bono fide relationship to the u.s. then you cannot come in for 90 days. what does that really mean? whether homeland security and officials be ready to implement this new policy in just hours? david was involved in the legal battle to bring a cleveland doctor back to the united states after she was detained and
3:29 pm
deported when the travel ban was implemented back in january. nice to see you. >> hi. >> the supreme court says they exempted one category from enforcement and those with a bono fide relationship. what is that? how is that defined? >> i think it's defined pretty broadly. they didn't specifically define it but they gave some examples. they are talking about people who have family members in the united states. they are talking about people who have job offers or jobs at universities. they offered some examples that were ill lou illustrative but n complete. anybody with any kind of a relationship with a u.s. person or an entity. a church, a sin goiynagogusynag. >> suppose i offer someone a job to, i don't know, job baby sitting. would that be enough?
3:30 pm
>> according to the supreme court's decision as long as you're offering the person the job and the idea is a bono fide relationship and you're not going it to get this person around the ban then i think it's fine. i think that works. >> it's very broadly interpreat a time -- interpreted. how do you prove it? how do i prove this relationship? >> yeah, i think the way i tlaed -- read this, if you prove it by familial relationships. you show a marriage certificate, birth certificate showing there's a mother or son relationship. >> how about the baby sitting job? >> the baby sitting job whar, ws decision says it is has to be documented in the ordinary
3:31 pm
course. you would have to show how you normally hire a baby sitter. i think that would suffice according to what the supreme court gave us yesterday. >> that's broadly interpreted. i suppose what president trump might say if you're a terrorist here in the united states, you could offer any terrorist another job and you wouldn't have that problem? >> i wouldn't put it past the president to say something like that but the way i read the decision, we're talking about good faith. we're talk about legal entities and people who are entering not to avoid the ban. >> all right. things mover very slowly in government. if i make my application today in one of the countries and i'm in this category. any thoughts how long it would take to convince anybody that i have this legitimate relationship? >> you raise a really important question. that's beyond the bono fide relationship. my concern is we have an
3:32 pm
administration that is really bent on keeping immigrants out of country. we have seen that since january of this year. what they can do an my concern is what they will do is have the consulates, the u.s. embassies abroad that issue the visas slow walk applications. not just applications from people from these six countries but applications for people from many different countries that the administration may not want to be here. >> getting back to my thought on this is the supreme court didn't do all of us a huge favor by the way this was written and now they have gone off on a three-month vacation. they won't decide the underlying issue in october. we'll see what happens at these airports beginning tonight. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. thank you. coming up, he said, he said. former fbi director james comey
3:33 pm
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day 160 for president trump. here it is in 60 seconds. >> the president took to twitter. some of the fake news say i'm not totally engaged in health care. wrong. i know the subject well and want victory for the u.s. >> the president seemed genuinely interested in the concerns that many of us have about the bill and encouraged us to keep working. >> i think we're going to get at least very close and i think we're going to get it over the line. it was a great, great feeling in that room yesterday. >> questions about whether republicans will work with democrats on health care. >> i wish it were bipartisan. it's not exactly like democrats are really stepping up to the plate. >> i would sit down with them in a heartbeat. >> i've said all along that i thought we should talk to the democrats from the beginning. >> the best outcome would be a bipartisan bill. >> we can meet and try or the republicans can stick to the
3:38 pm
same partisan approach on health care. >> health care is woorking alon well. we'll have a big surprise with a great health care package. >> day 160 dominated by the bruising fight over the gop health care bill. it's a fight years in the making. this was the scene five years ago today outside the supreme court as the justice's upheld the affordable care act. every since republicans have criticized the law calling for repeal year after year. >> it ought to be repealed and replaced entirely. >> we're going to be moving the obamacare repeal bill in the senate this week. >> repealing and replacing obamacare. >> repeal and replacement. >> some polls show more than 50% of americans think the affordable care act is a good idea.
3:39 pm
the latest nbc poll has support at 41%. new polling from usa today shows support for the newly minted gop plan only 12%. senator mcconnell vowing to continue fighting for repeal. >> we'll continue working so we can bring legislation to the floor for debate and ultimately a vote. we know that we cannot afford to delay on this issue. we have to get this done for the american people. >> right now you're looking live at protests on capitol hill against the gop health care bill. with me francesca chambers. alex, the republican bill, is it a repeal or revision amendment of obamacare? >> it doesn't go as far as some conservatives would like but at the same time you have moderates who say it probably goes a little too far and therein lies the problem.
3:40 pm
mitch mcconnell is having the said problem barack obama had eight years ago in that he can't please both sides. he's having a hard time forging a compromise between moderates and conservativeconservatives. both groups have different ideas of what this bill should have. >> the president said we will have a great surprise. >> he says a lot of things. he says a lot of things will come in two weeks. he said he had a tax reform plan. i wouldn't put anything in that. mcconnell is scrambling to figure out whether you can give enough to conservatives while giving more to moderates in terms of more spending on med ka -- medicaid and opioids. i think the difference from where we were seven or eight years ago with obamacare was that there was this great separation among the democrats to move somewhere in the direction of universal coverage and the left wing of the party that was claiming it would hold
3:41 pm
out for public option and a farther left bill was willing to take the bill offered to them because they viewed it as half a loaf and a very good steph. >> would senate mcconnell may have find more friendly environment with not negotiating with this far right part of his party and not negotiating to the far left but giving a bit to the democrats? could he pick up the numbers there? >> joe mansion has said if they would just call it a repair bill, he could get together some democrats who might be willing to repair obamacare. i asked about this at the white house the other day and sean spicer said in no uncertain terms we're going to repeal and replace obamacare. they're getting really hung up on those terms because they said that's what they're going to do. if they can find way to move away from that, i think they could potentially do that. they are not at this point where it's so unpopular, just the idea of it. do most americans probably know who are in that 12 to 17% you were just talking about what's in this bill?
3:42 pm
probably not. it's getting really bad rep at this point and they're running out of time. >> they should probably let up on this whole repeal and replace. i know it feeds well with the base. that really impedes any chance of fixing this. >> this is what republicans have been talking about doing it for eight years. >> apparently it wasn't smart or maybe it was to get elected. >> this is the promise to the vow to repeal and replace forms the basis of the republican congressional majority right now. maybe to some extent donald trump's presidency. republicans won back the house in 2010 promising to fight back against obamacare and they have sustained their congressional majorities vowing to sort of keep that promise. they're in a tough spot. they have to deliver on something. >> i would think the republican base out there would, they probably don't think this is
3:43 pm
really a repeal. they're not like going to be had that way. >> the polling shows that the fraction of voters who are demanding a repeal is quite small. the problem is donald trump was promising people more in the replacement for obamacare. he said we will cover everybody. >> how does he regroup? >> there's no way to do that without spending more money. >> what republican will give him more money? >> there's no way to do that before the august recess and the amount of time. there's three working weeks after they get back. >> there would be more working weeks if they stayed and work. >> just to throw in my gripe about the supreme court on a three-month vacation with the partial travel decision. if we have problems at the airports in the next couple of months it's because they are on vacation and didn't decide the case. any moment president trump will head down pennsylvania avenue for a political event.
3:44 pm
it will be the first fund-raiser for his 2020 campaign. organizers say it would raise $10 million. the president will speak at the event. he's held campaign style rallies since taking office but no fund raisers until tonight. alex, any problem with this at the trump hotel? >> look, he's been doing a lot of events at his own properties. this is something that will get attention. you're going to have about 300 people at this event giving about $35,000 a pop. it's going to be hosted at the president's own property. we're going to see just how much as trump prepares for his 2020 re-election, how many of these events are going to be at trump properties. >> i assume he's going to pay the -- whatever the cost is, the rental of it. >> yeah and we have seen that with trump's charities. >> as if i were renting it as
3:45 pm
you were renting it. whatever cost me is what should cost his campaign. >> right. i think what trump will say it's a hotel and we rent the space out. >> the problem is i expect they will pay the price but the problem is it's a value you can't monotize. it gets a lot of publicity for his hotel. it's not like it's a private home but at the hotel to get other business. that's where the problem is. >> this is the thing that was priced in when voters elected donald trump. the expense of his business network was known. it was known that he owned a hotel down the street from the white house. this was going to pose conflict of interest. that doesn't require him to have the rnc hold events there. this is in the universe of things of what people expected him to do. >> this build ing is a beautifu building and scheduled for demolition so many times. the people in d.c. were happy when he came in because it's
3:46 pm
magnificent restoration. >> it's also a government owned building and donald trump leases it from the government which has been an ongoing problem for him and this administration. what i think is striking is he's running for re-election. asked about that today whether he's running for re-election, sarah huckabee sanders said of course he is. >> we'll be back with breaking news on the comey memos. they are heading to capitol hill. (baby crying) ♪ fly ♪ me to the moon (elegant music) ♪ and let me play (bell rings)
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back with the breaking news. fired fbi director james comey's memos are going to capitol hill. in his public testimony his memos were a very hot topic. >> i created after each of our nine conversations. i knew there might come a day when i would need a record of what would happen not to defend what happened. i was concerned he might lie
3:50 pm
about the nature of the meeting. the combination of the things i never experienced before. >> the senate way. >> tonight telling politico, they should get the memos soon. new today, president trump's personal lawyer is postponing a plan. with me, matt miller, the former justice department spokesperson. nice to see you. what was the complaint that the trump people are filing about comey with justice? >> that they're not filing. >> it was kind of a frivolous threat. they said they would file a glanlt the inspector general. it is not clear what it would be. he didn't really violate -- i think it was a threat to generate headlines. >> they say postpone. all right. why does the senate intel want the comey notes? >> well, so congress and the special investigation is what
3:51 pm
happened in 2017 and specifyingly the question of did the president obstruct justice? one of the chief pieces of revved these memos that jim comeyer wrote. he testified about them when he was before the committee earlier this month. if you're looking for any proceeding down the road, a legal proceeding, a congressional proceeding in the way of impeachment, something that establishes obstruction of justice, they would be a key piece of evidence. >> something we call best evidence in the courtroom. if there is month mention at all of anything that would suggest obstruction of justice, that would be beneficial for the president, would you agree? that would be something that you would expect would be in a memo. so if there is nothing at all, that is good for the president. if there is something in there that tends to corroborate his testimony, james comey, that may tend to make comey look more believable but not necessarily the end all. >> would it still be a he said, he said situation.
3:52 pm
you have the president denying many of the things. but in this case you have contemporaneous notes. he wrote them in some cases, in one case, he wrote it in the fbi car after he left the meeting with the president. so in courts of law, those tend to be very believable. the it could be a political proceeding in congress but it would show that comrecorded these conversations at the time. >> if i were special prosecutor mueller, i the would not want the senate intelligence committee to have this. the more he loses control of all the evidence, the documents, the bigger risk of leak, then you worry about the investigation being poisoned. so i would imagine while he may in some way feel obliged to let this happen, i'll bet this is not his first choice. >> he probably feels obliged. once he let him testify. if he would have asked comey not
3:53 pm
to testify, i don't think he would have. once did he, i don't know how much more we'll learn about these memos. they're important pieces of evidence but presumably all the interesting parts he's already testified to. >> whether there's corroboration or not, what do you make of comey as a cutout? he told a friend of his in new york talk to the press about these. >> interesting. he said for a variety of reasons -- >> what are a variety of reasons? >> he didn't want. to i was surprised, usually were people leak something like that not that it is always inappropriate. but he came right out and said why he was doing it. it was a little unusual. >> it would have been less unusual to say i did it. but instead he did it to somebody else. maybe we'll get to the bottom of. soon. thank you. it's getting worse. in venezuela, shooting at the country's supreme court. there's much more to the story.
3:54 pm
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in a dramatic escalation, a stolen police helicopter dropping glen aids and shooting at the country's supreme court. those on board unfurled an anti-government banner saying freedom. there was a video calling for a rebellion. right now venezuelan officials are searching for him. he dumped the chopper. it was an attempted coup and over the last few months dozens of people have been killed in anti-government protests. mariana is a correspondent for nbc news. tell me what's going on there. >> the entire world has been struck by these images you describe. in particular, the video that caught people's attention was this helicopter flying over the convenient venezuelan supreme court in the capital of caracas. and the government claims that the pilot of this helicopter is
3:58 pm
a person who was not only flying the chopper, this renegade who broke off from the military as the government described him, but he was also, according to the government, throwing hand grenades at three government buildings in venezuela. one of these. >> buildings in particular had hundreds of government workers in this outside patio. what is bizarre is that there are no reports of injuries, damage or even death. in addition to that, this pilot posted this viral video on his social media, this isis propaganda style video that shows these armed hooded men behind him. and he is essentially in that video asking the military, and you're seeing the video right now, in that video he asks the military in spanish to support this protest. the president labeled this a terrorist attack and he said he would up the military ante if
3:59 pm
this continued. meanwhile the opposition, the government's opposition, they have been calling out for military defections in the past couple of months of straight protests. no defection that's happened as of yet which is why when people saw that video yesterday, it seemed like it was the first military defection. but opposition leaders, they are questioning the validity of. video. on top of everything, reuters is reporting that the helicopter pilot also has a movie credit under his belt which makes this incident even more bizarre. he apparently acted in this film called suspended death. he as you say is a fugitive at this point according to the government, even though the helicopter has been found. i want to stress that this is just what happened yesterday. venezuela has seen 90 days, tomorrow is the 90th day of continuous protests. you have young professionals, young doctors, young musicians,
4:00 pm
even, taking to the streets, protesting the lack of food, immediate single, the lack of political freedoms and also, the social fabric of venezuela which is deteriorating. >> thank you very much. and thank you for watching. see you back here tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m. eastern. "hardball" with chris matthews starts right now. reality bites donald trump. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in aspen, colorado. after months of denying, side stepping or otherwise down playing russia's role in interfering in the 2016 election, president trump finally appears to accept at the kremlin's involvement. the president's about face had little to do with protecting our country from a future attack a


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