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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  August 7, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> all right. thank you so much, mike. thank you, john. nicole, the president's tweeting a lot this morning. what are you looking for today? >> i think that this everyone is sort of hitting the nail on the head. i think the establishment got it wrong, how durable this base is. i think get trumps wrong how small they are and eager they are to see outputs on his economic promises. >> all right. very good. thanks so much. than thanks nicole. thanks to everybody with us this morning. greatly appreciated. mika will be sending postcards from the south of france which we'll share tomorrow morning. that does it for thus morning. stephanie ruhle picks up the vrge c coverage right now. good morning. >> i'm stephanie ruhle with so much to hit this morning starting with the unanimous yes to sanctions and north korea pledging retaliation. new developments on the rising tensions now.
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>> we hop this will result in a different pathway. >> vice president mike pence denies vehemently he's thinking about a 2020 run himself. >> vice president pence is a very loyal, very dutiful but also incredibly effective vice president. >> and tick, tick, tick. it is day 200. from the comey firing to blink and you missed him, scaramucci, what in the world has been going on? >> no. no. >> we have got to begin this morning with the u.s. and more than a dozen other countries racing against the clock trying to force north korea to give up its pursuit of nuclear weapons before those weapons are actually unleashed. and you're in luck, because we have the best team in the business here. nbc's bill nealy live in the southern philippines where secretary of state rex tillerson is meeting with his asian koump
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counterparts. what exactly is the secretary of state hoping to get out of all this? >> reporter: well, stephanie, good morning. the first astonishing thin i have to say is that rex tillerson is a double no-show, not only did he not attend the summit dinner last ninth circuit, he hasn't actually attended the main meeting of those foreign ministers, 27 nations gathered here. he's doing it in bilaterals so he's meeting the russian foreign minister, the chinese foreign minister, the south korean foreign minister, but today he obviously chose not to be in the same room as the north korean foreign minister. e pretty astonishing. what's he trying to do? pile the pressure on north korea. rallying those 25 other countries to try to force the one country, north korea, to stop its missile testing. two long-range missile tests this year, and stop its nuclear testing, two nuclear tests last
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year. these are talks about talks. on the sidelines, there have been hints, how could these talks take place. what are the preconditions? what signals should each country send perhaps that it wants talks? here's what rex tillerson had to say about that. >> the best signal that north korea could give us that they're prepared to talk would be to stop these missile launches. they can demonstrate they're ready to sit with a spirit of finding a way of forwarding these talks by no longer conducting these missile tests. so this is not give me 30 days and we're ready to talk. it's not quite that simple. >> reporter: well, the north korean moern minister was at that gathering and he had a typically defiant response. he said he wanted and indeed north korea was ready to give the u.s. a severe lesson if it threatened to take military action. he also said north korea would
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retaliate against those very severe u.n. sanctions that were passed and passed unanimously, hitting north korea's exports. and he said north korea would never put its nuclear weapons or its miss ls on a negotiating table. he said there's no bigger mistake than the u.s. believing its land is safe across the ocean. now, obviously, a lot of those things north korea has said before, defiant threats, and yet as this crisis grows in intensity, those menacing words become even more problematic. stephanie? >> but so do sanctions. so, yes, these are menacing words. we of heard them time and again from kim jong-un. could these sanctions make a difference, hitting them where it hurts? >> well, actually, rex tillerson addressed that very question today, saying it wasn't clear whether they would bite in time to prevent north korea
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developing missiles that could reach the united states. but they are the most severe sanctions yet. remember, they were passed unanimously, so china, north korea's only ally, also agreeing, russia agreeing, a billion pounds worth of north korean exports being banned, basically, especially coal exports. north korea's economy, stephanie, as you know is pretty fragile already, so this will undoubtedly hit it hard. but i think possibly the most significant thing was a dressing down that china gave very publicly to the north korean foreign minister, so the north koreans are under no doubt that even its one friend china is at least publicly turning against it and that it is very isolated. >> all right, bill. i want to bring in my panel. david rothcop, former rosey edeh or the of foreign policy magazine. shelby hollidaholliday. and crystal ball, author of
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"reversing the apocalypse." david, this is extraordinary. if you think about this, experts have said the last missile test from north korea could theoretically hit the united states. how much time do we really have here? >> well, i think we only have months. i think it will soon be very clear to everybody in the united states, possibly within the year, that north korea will have the ability to deliver a nuclear weapon that would hit a major population center in the united states. when you think about it, that's probably the most destabilizing event that's happened in global security since the end of the cold war. and honestly -- >> say that one more time. because so many people who go i just care about my paycheck, my health care, don't realize how important this is. >> well, i can say it again, that it's the most destabilizing event that's happened in u.s. national security since the end of the cold war. but let me emphasize, we are no closer to stopping that threat today than we were last week.
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there have been seven settles of sanctions against north korea over the years. we don't stop them. i don't think kim jong-un wasn't as to give up these weapons because the last person he saw give up weapons like this was moammar cada k gadhafi, who is dead. >> nikki haley getting the u.n. security council to vote. that means nothing to kim jong-un? >> it means something, it means a little bit, but i think the economic pressure is minimal. if china put pressure on north korea, that would have an e fact. but over the first six months of this year, as this crisis has escalated, chinese exports to north korea have gone up, not down. the chinese have shown no appetite for really turning the screws on north korea. and without them doing it, we
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will get nowhere. >> in terms of economics, these sanctions would hurt north korea's exports in a big way. but does kim jong-un actually care? he's certainly not going to starve and he's got no problems starving his own people. >> exactly. will they matter? we of done this seven times before. countries that basically control every aspect of life, like north korea, they don't care, because they can buck these sanctions, shrug them off. they will continue to develop nuclear weapons. it's symbolic that russia and china are on board here. but economically, does kim jong-un care? no. so we will see what the pressure means. i also think it's interesting that south korea is a little bit stressed out right now because of the rhetoric coming out of the u.s. and we have lindsey graham, for example, going on television saying if there's a war, it's going to happen over there. if people die, it's going the happen over there. they don't want a war on the korean peninsula, so what are your options at this point? do you allow this man to
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continue his belligerent talk? but now it's backed up by dangerous weapons. can you allow that to continue or do you start ramping up the pressure? nobody wants a war. where is this going and do sanctions ever matter? >> nobody wants a war, but can we get inside the mind of kim jong-un for a moment, this is the brattiest of boys on the planet and his -- and those missiles are his toys. >> yeah. no. i think that's exactly the right way to look at it. just to underscore here what shelby and david and you are pointing out, when we talk about economic sanctions and kim jong-un not caring, what that means, and what we have seen over years is that this is a regime that will allow their people to suffer and starve and die rather than give up their status as an international pride and give up the pursuit of these weapons. i think politically as we look at this, to the extent that this
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win at the security council is significant and more than similar pollic in having russia and china on board, that's important, it underscores the fact that president trump's rhetoric on the campaign trail of this go it alone, unilateral approach doesn't work. this is really an acknowledgment that we do need the world, we can't be the sole superpower and not have close allies and not have close friends. so i really give u.n. ambassador nikki haley a lot of credit for the work that she's put in there. and she is really taken a path much different from what president trump has laid down at least rhetorically. >> then talk far moment about a tweet you put out this weekend, a sarcastic tweet, because you mentioned south korea. completely depending their future on president trump. they need president trump. you didn't mean that. >> no, i didn't. president trump has established himself in the minds of world leaders in a few ways. he's liar. he's undependable. he doesn't know what he's doing.
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he doesn't control really what's going on in his administration. he doesn't read up on the issues. and he is cowed by bullies from putin to the middle east. and so, you know, when south korea sees that, they have to be worried. but, you know, i'm going to add another level of worry to this. i was talking to some people from the clinton administration. i served in the clinton administration from their defense department t in the mid-1990s. they faced a crisis like this. and these lib ram, thoughtful democrats looked at the situation and the risk of north korea getting nuclear weapons and they said, you know, we ought to go to war. we ought to g to war even if the casualties are several hundred thousand casualties in the korean peninsula. these were democrats in the '90s. so you have to recognize that there are a lot of people who are not screaming right-wing maniacs who recognize the threat of north korea with nuclear weapons, the ability of kim jong-un to push a button and eliminate a city in the united
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states is so grave that really dire measures may be e seasonial. >> chicago, denver, los angeles. we're not just talking about missiles in the ocean at this point. but i would say the question whether or not president trump understands that the economic sanctions won't do the trick. he seems to be trying to speak to china say, you should cut them off economically, it's on you to deal with north korea, and at the end of the tay, as we've been talking about, it's not about economic sanctions necessarily. this is where general kelly comes into play and i think gives a lot of people confidence. we interviewed leon panetta last week and he said there's crisis that could bubble over any minute and having someone with foreign policy experience, a marine, who's trained to think and act globally, could be helpful -- >> if you give him the opportunity to lead. we of been hearing that for months and the president himself said early on, i defer to my generals. and do you remember where the generals were? was it on vacation? a week ago, two weeks ago, when the president decided to tweet out on a wednesday morning,
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let's talk transgender ban in the military? so the question is will the president actually empower his leadership to -- >> and look at the president's twitter storm this mornirn morn. where is chavp kelief of staff ? that hasn't changed. the president is out of control. on top of that, if you ask the people that sefshged with kelly when he was the commander at southern command, they would say respectable guy, has sacrificed a lot for his country, and not really very good at foreign policy. >> he understands the gravity of the commander in chief's decision so, if he can get in trump's ear and say you can't tweet that and here's why -- >> good luck with that. we have to take a quick break. it sounds like general kelly is about to be spending the next two weeks in bedminster i would guess after this morning's tweets. next, after president trump issues a warning to robert mueller's investigation, deputy attorney general rod rosenstein says, well, the special counsel is free to investigate whatever he needs to.
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dear president trump, your businesses are part of your past. but first, remember last week? two organizations, two, apologized for president trump's speeches. well, if you're looking to book mr. trump at your next event, john olver has a warning for you. >> i'm obviously not sure why the boy scouts are so upset. if you book trump, you get trump. you can't book gallagher and suddenly complain when you get covered in melon juice. if you're not familiar with his act by now, it's kind of on you.
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the special counsel is subject to the rules and regulations of the department of justice. we don't engain in fishing expeditions. >> in the course of his investigation of the issues he is looking at, if he finds evidence of a crime, can he look at that? >> chris, if he finds evidence of a crime that's within the scope of what director and mueller have agreed is the appropriate scope of this investigation, then he can. >> then he can. did you hear that, president trump? that is deputy attorney general rod rosenstein making it crystal cheer that bob mueller can follow the russia inquiry wherever it leads, i.e., follow the money if that's where it goes, as long as it remains within the, quote, appropriate scope of the investigation. and i want to bring in mike allen, co-founder and executive editor of the one and only daily must read, axios, and my
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superstar panel, shelby holliday and crystal ball. mike, is this rod rosenstein with a shot across the bow back at president trump who just a few weeks ago said it is a red line for me, i do not want to see this investigation touch my family businesses or anything like that? >> well, you're exactly right, and of course this isn't the president's red line to draw when special counsel mueller was announced, there was a clear statement that it was russia involvement in the elections and related matters. and as mueller's impressive team starts to pull on the threads of the sweater, the money, as you point out, is a very natural place to go. it's connected to all these questions that have been raised. it's the means and the motive for some of this. and of course this is very much what the president and the people around him, you can mostly say the president's men, really fear, because they were
6:20 am
in new york real estate. you know new york real estate better than anyone. it's hard to come out of new york real estate, as my mother would say, smelling like a rose. >> michael, i've fot to tell you, to that exact point, you know, those who have known president trump in business for years, even those who supported him on the campaign trail, i met with after the election said i don't want to get a white house-appointed job. pruch, if he get taos dprif with the intelligence community or others, he's led a pretty tricky business. axiios points out this morning the white house is changing its defense strategy, dropping the talk about firing bob mueller. balon baloney. general kelly could soften this up, but that is an absolute joke. president trump is not changing his view. already back to his old tricks on twitter calling the russia investigation a ruse, a hoax. r
6:21 am
of the dream team legal force here. >> you're right. in axios this morning, my newsletter, we say be smart. the president's legal team and his spokespeople can say anything they want but at the end what will matter is what trump says and he's shown he's willing to change on a dime with a win or with a tweet. what the story points out is that with this new team of lawyer, with ty cobb as special counsel on the inside, john dowd, formidable lawyer on the outside, you see signs that they want to lower the temperature, so you see ty cobb in an interview, saying he's worked with mueller, respects him. he sees signs of wanting to cooperate. you see the spokespeople no longer flatly denying people but saying -- denying things but saying more like the president had limited information or the president did nothing wrong or the president had a right to d this. and you'll hear a lot more of that. >> yes. but couldn't the countargument
6:22 am
be ty cobb, smob and the rest is word smithing? shelby, when you look at this, one of robert mueller's most recent hires is someone from the enron task force. where does that take us to? nasty, nasty business ties. when i talk to people inside the white house, they say even when you get the president on the right track, as soon as it gets near his taxes or russia, the wheels come off. you can decorate ty cobb all you want. kellyanne conway, choose alternative facts and prettier words, but it doesn't make a difference. >> as "the wall street journal" reported last week, mueller has impanelled a grand jury. this investigation is ramping up, not winding down. yes, it does matter what his legal team says, does matter they're embracing the investigation, but it's still shocking after 200 days in office the president has not embraced the investigation or shown any desire to get to the
6:23 am
bottom of russia's meddling in the election. that's the one thing he could do that would take the spotlight off the russia investigation. he refuses to do it. yes, there are signs everywhere that the more he tweets like he did this morning, the more the spotlight will shine, the more the news will talk about it, the more it is not going away for him. and you also have these major questions about obstruction of justice every time he does this. >> how about republicans who are getting away from him? kellyanne conway can change her word choices but she's been moaning about bob mueller and the democrats he's hired for weeks forgetting that ivanka, jared, gary cohn and president trump himself have given to democrats for years. >> yes. >> what does it say that gop leadership continues to distance itself and make moves to protect robert mueller's position and investigation? >> it shows that they have no confidence in this president. and their words may be different than their actions because they are starting to take some actions as you point out to protect this investigation. obviously, also going forward
6:24 am
with russian sanctions, even though the president didn't really want them. so they are trying to rein in this president because they know like you know and shelby knows and everybody else, if people really start digging into these business transactions, it is not going to be a pretty thing. one other thing to your point of ty cobb shm oeshgs b, how much does his legal team actually know about what is there? how can you defend this guy and protect him when you probably have no idea yourselves -- >> sekulow's comments. >> right. not an easy situation for them to be in and i love -- this is like the 8 millionth time that this time the president's going to be -- now we have chemly in place so, this time he's going to be different. he's not going to be different. >> you're wrong, there is something pretty in his businesses -- miss universe. remember, took place in russia a few years ago. taking a quick break. michael, please don't go anywhere. next, today is day 200 of president trump's presidency. we're going to take a look at the highlights and low lights
6:25 am
from the president's second 100 days. but before we go, the city of chicago has announced its intention to sue the justice department over at sanctuary city policy. the move comes in response to new guidelines around grant money for public safety funding. in a statement, mayor rahm emanuel's office said, quote, chicago will not be blackmailed into changing our values. boom. whoooo.
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ecom back. i'm stephanie ruhle. time for your "morning primer," everything you need to know to start your day. we begin in oklahoma where 30 people were injured after a tornado tore through tulsa early sunday. at least 20,000 residents lost power in the storm. the fbi is trying to figure out who threw a homemade explosive device to into a window in a minnesota mosque early saturday morning. no one was hurt. they're investigating. the australian naech has located a missing u.s. osprey that crashed off the coast of australia this weekend. the rescue efforts have been suspended for the three u.s. marines still missing. at least ten people were sent to the hospital after an
6:30 am
american airlines flight from greece to philadelphia experienced severe turbulence just before landing saturday. passengers say flight attendants were serving drinks at the time. and photos show coffee and other drinks splattered at the ceiling of the cabin in a scary flight. and for all you climate deniers, can you please watch this this? turn up the volume. a massive sinkhole in florida is growing this morning. two more homes have been swallowed, eaten, phenomenon by the 30-foot hole in tampa. and let's take you to politics. it is day 200 of the wild roller coaster ride known as the trump administration. to mark the milestone, here are just a few highlights of the second 100 days. >> let's see how good this plan is. we don't have to talk about this unbelievable victory, wasn't unbelievable, so we don't have to say it again. >> all though the law require nod reason at all to fire an fbi director, the administration then chose to defame me and more
6:31 am
importantly the fbi. those were lies, plain and simple. >> donald trump jr. met with a russian lawyer during the campaign. >> in retrospect, i probably would have done things a little differently. >> i love the president, and i think a lot of you guys know you have been very loyal to him. >> the president has been clear, he's obviously disappointed but also wants the attorney general to continue to focus on the things that the attorney general does. >> mr. peters. >> no. >> no. >> new reaction today from white house political advisers on the ousting of reince priebus. some are hoping four-star general john kelly will bring discipline and order to the west wing. >> personally dictated his son's wildly misleading initial statement about the now infamous meeting with the russian lawyer. >> my god, that all happened in the last 100 days? i'm going to stop wondering why i gained five pounds and i'm so tired. back with me, executive editor
6:32 am
of axios, michael allen. mike, you tell me, what has stood out the most in this last 100 days? >> well, stephanie, what we see from those clips, the three words that sum them up is "dug himself deeper." so we see this again and again both with the investigation and with congress, the very first frame in that awesome montage showed what twitter called trump's mission accomplished moment when he had a victory rally in the rose garden for the house passing health care. well, there's another hat to that. you have to get the senate to pass it and then you have to get the house to pass it again, then you can sign and have your victory rally. turned out to be much harder than anybody thought and so now as we look ahead to tax reform, you're going to hear the administration saying, yes, now there's a new imperative to do it. these guys have to have something to run on, but the other way to look at it, stephanie, is people are gun shy. people are tired.
6:33 am
and i can tell you both ends of pennsylvania avenue, there's real trepidation about plunging into something that complicated, you know this topic so intimately, the way one person put it to me is if health care is one-seventh of the economy, one-sixth of the economy, tax reform is the whole damn thing. and there's what they're about to take on. >> okay. but i want to play devil's advocate for a moment. dug himself deeper. but let's look at the other side. among republicans, he continues to have a 76% approval rating. we can talk day in and day out about the importance of the russia investigation, the threat of north korea. when you ask people on the street -- and i know you have, you've traveled across america, do enough people say they care about that? because right now people also hate the media and they're really happy about neil gorsuch or republicans are very happy about neil gorsuch, very happy about deregulation. so is there another side to
6:34 am
this? >> absolutely. that's why when we talk about the trump base, always point out that it's very durable, he has a long leash. the base has been patient until now they're starting to be signs that some of that may be a v eroding. axios had reporting over the weekend that the president seemed to be referencing in his tweets this morning when we had very fascinating polling from firehouse strategies and optimi optimists, great republican firms here in d.c., look at swing states and finding that there was a dangerous drop in the president's support among republicans, those who were very supportive, those who thought he was very honest. and so this was a good-sized poll, 2900 people were likely to vote, midterm voters soshg starting to see some signs there. but stephanie, here is the big problem, is that even if he kept 100% of his base, not one person softened, that's thin red line
6:35 am
as you know. he's done nothing to expand that base, nothing that an infrastructure package, for instance, might do to grow that, reach out to the middle, and so he's very dependent on the ones that brung him and that's why we have the tweets you were referencing about the media and the tweets going after the fake news. and the tweets inciting people that he really needs cooperation from. that includes democrats. that includes his own cabinet. that includes investigator mueller. and i t includes the intelligene community and the permanent government. this president over many decades he lived there in new york as he was on his rise, who over many decades was great at making friends, hasn't been expanding his friendship circle here. >> i got to get this in. one thing that puzzles me, president trump pulled together so many americans who were overall angry with their lives, forgotten american who is said
6:36 am
my life sucks and whether he had the boldness or the audacity to say i'm going to solve income inequality, he said it. and both president trump and his sons day in and day out continue to boast about the performance of the stock market. and the stock market could hit 30,000. it is not going to affect the millions of people in this country that don't own stocks. >> no, you're right about that. and research over many decades shows that people do vote on their pocketbooks. they look around, they look at their situation, they want to know if it's changed. this question, do the people in office care about people like me is very important and they're going to look for results. after two years, after four years, they're going to say, how is my life different? paul ryan, speaker ryan over the weekend in wisconsin, saying it's only been three times in a century that the government has had this exact makeup. so you have republicans controlling both halves of the
6:37 am
senate, controlling the white house in majority on the supreme court, and what do they have to show for it? this is the danger and this is why republicans will tell you there's huge impetus to do something, something on tax reform, which as you all know will probably turn into something more moderate, tax cult cuts. a lot easier to do. >> three times in a century, otherwise known as once in a lifetime. what were the words, dug himself deeper? >> those are it. >> that could make a campaign slogan, maybe. >> i know what you're going for. >> maybe not. thank you so much. before we go to break, i want to correct something i said earlier, that sinkhole we talked about on climate change, not all sinkholes are linked to climate change and we don't yet know the cause of this severe one down in florida. we'll take a break. next, why president trump's america first policy has
6:38 am
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the trump administration is touting what they are calling trump's latest win over the weekend. the last jobs report, employers add 1d million jobs in the first six months of office, but how does it compare to president obama's performance? remember, jobs aren't created out of thin air. not like there were no jobs going to be created. they were all expected. and trump's first six months in office essentially match the jobs number of obama's last six months in ufoffice, both with jt over 1 million jobs&ed. in fact, trump has added fewer jobs than obama had compared to the same time period last year when obama touted 1.2 million jobs added. i want to unpack all of this with my dear friend, brendan greeley. i want to unpack all of this but i want to start on the twitter front. over the weekend, ivanka trump tweeting since donald trump inauguration, over 1 million new jobs have been created in the
6:43 am
american economy. #maga. that stands for make america great again. what is she speaking about, make america great again? president trump's jobs numbers are on the exact same trajectory that obama's we are and in fact they're less than obama's were at this time period last year. >> yeah. i would say #context. the problem with the jobs number, the total number of jobs created, is it's very easy to take that number out of context and have it mean something when it doesn't really mean a lot. this is something barack obama and his white house did a lot, jason fuhrman, they would talk about all the jobs they had created over the course of his presidency. his presidency started in the deepest trough we've had in the economy since the 30s. now we have the same problem with donald trump, he looks at 209,000 was the last jobs report, that sounds like a very big number. but what you're actually looking at is rate of change, how many -- how does it compare to
6:44 am
the pace when when you put into context population growth, a lot that goes into that number. what we're finding out is if the economy is basically ticking over, if we're adding the normal number of new workers. then you get a print of about 150,000 new jobs every month. and that varies by about 50,000 plus or minus. so if it's within that band, it doesn't mean anything. >> but, brendan, this turnaround that the president talks about, it is true, especially as it relates to the market, president trump and his promise to deregulate has super channeled things. but there is absolutely no turnaround. we were on a slow and steady rise. >> steph, i would say it's supercharged sentiment, right? we got that pop in both consumer sentiment and small business sentiment. last year early this year. and i did not see that coming and that definitely hoop appene. i would see the stock market as pop in sentiment. it doesn't really mean anything because people are making these investment, making these bets based on things they think are going to happen. the problem with sentiment
6:45 am
numbers is they're supposed to indicate purchases to come. we haven't seen those yet. we saw that pop in consumer number, we haven't seen personal consumption. we saw that jump in bitz numbers. we haven't seen business investment. >> this is such an important point, because you have to remember as it relates to the markets you could buy a stock and tomorrow sell it. as far as major shifts, companies breaking ground, more than making promises or pledges to possibly build plants, you're not actually seeing major hiring happen. but i want to talk about major hiring happening overseas. there's a "new york times" piece out today that struck me, that says canada, mexico, and china are gearing up specifically to capitalize on trump's crackdown on h1b special visas. these are the ones recruiting foreign worker, the ones that companies in silicon valley care so much about, companies that need koerds, computer programmers, and we are living
6:46 am
in this america first time. president trump's immigration policy according to this piece is at risk of hurting america in the global scale. i mean, i'm reading that can ta is fast tracking, saying, two weeks, come on over, and tech companies could be moving hiring there. >> that is amazing. that two-week number is astonishing. that visa has been silicon vall valley's biggest ask, streamlining that process for years now, for the entire obama administration, came to d.c., and said we want better, faster, many more of that. the broader way to look at i, if we're talking about reducing legal immigration, illegal is a different question for now, talking about reducing legal immigration, the basic components are economic growth are you need investment and you need new workers and you need innovations. and the problem with the h visas, if you curtail those, you're curtailing innovation and we don't know which innovative
6:47 am
new things will help the economy grow. >> president trump, if you want to curtail innovation, china has their arms open e as we're learning, mexico, canada, they would love to have the smartest and the best from around the globe. if you want america to come in first, think about it. thank you so much. >> thank you. next, mike pence and the team respond hard to reports that he is mulling a 202 presidential run, calling them disgraceful. and president trump shares his thoughts this morning. but before we to, if you happened to get married this weekend there was a very good chance you had a special guest, prime minister justin trudeau kayaki ining paddling over the congratulate a couple getting married on a boat. the red hat in the house. hing. but as you get older, it naturally begins to change, causing a lack of sharpness, or even trouble with recall.
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6:51 am
>> well, i mean, it's absurd and really what you got here is speculation, conjecture, half truth masquerading as news on the front page.
6:52 am
>> that was pouring cold water on a "new york times" report that pence is positioning himself to run for president in 2020. the report highlights his alleged shadow campaign to run for office as his boss' approval rating hits record lows. called it disgraceful and offensive and said, "the allegations in this article are categorically false." he went on to say any suggestion he was staging a shadow campaign is laughable and absurd. my panel back with me. i am going to say i find it amazing what vice president pence finds disgraceful and offensive given the environment we're living in. you just saw mitch mcconnell speak over the weekend and president trump's approval rating every moment of the day. >> yeah. >> what was his message? >> i found mitch mcconnell at their big annual political event and it was very interesting. he didn't talk about president trump at all. he didn't talk about health care
6:53 am
at all. he talked about supreme court, neil gorsuch. that's what he's hanging his hat on. hats that's the last thing republicans can claim. >> neil gorsuch is a huge win for them. >> that's essentially what they've got by selling their soul in this presidency and that's what mike pence is pointing to. >> we are getting nothing done, my friends. we are getting nothing done. republicans recognize that. it's not just pence that has to deal with these rumors. it's senator tom cotton and nikki haley. look to john mccain for the truth in these times and john mccain says republicans recognize president trump is weak. >> are there others possibly leading mike pence, possibly, eyeing a run. those in the white house have said to me, mike pence while the state department might have a skeletal staff mike pence has a huge staff, a firing squad and in the last few months i heard
6:54 am
that he's been inside the white house or in the presence of president trump less and less. >> i mean, this is very dangerous terrain for mike pence because unlike those senators or john kasich who don't owe their jobs to the president. mike pence is there because the president chose him. and that there's one thing this president does not like it is being upstaged. that's why there is all this effort to say, absolutely not. nothing here. >> that really strong blowback raised a lot of eyes. an intense statement to give for something that, you know, happen pretty regularly. >> i'll remember this. yes or no. 2020. does mike pence run? >> who knows. >> this is a yes or no. yes or no. >> i don't know what happens with this president. >> i say no. >> all right then. you've got an i don't know and a no. we will take a break. coming up, we just spoke with vice president mike pence not running for president in 2020. his press secretary mark lauder will be here.
6:55 am
plus, much more on the escalating tensions with north korea. a former deputy assistant secretary of state will be here on why these sanctions might be the right ones at the right time. thank you so much. thank you! so we're a go? yes! we got a yes! what does that mean for purchasing? purchase. let's do this. got it. book the flights! hai! si! si! ya! ya! ya! what does that mean for us? we can get stuff. what's it mean for shipping? ship the goods. you're a go! you got the green light. that means go! oh, yeah. start saying yes to your company's best ideas.
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6:58 am
that wraps us up this hour. i will see you again at 11:00 with my friend ali velshi and all day long on twitter. coming up right now more news with my colleague, my friend. my personal hero.
6:59 am
hallie jackson. >> that is overstating it, stephanie ruhle. >> when i think of the last 200 days, i think of all you have done. girl, you need a break. >> thanks. taking a nap right after the show. stephanie, appreciate it. welcome to your week and as stephanie mentioned day 200 of the trump presidency. 200 days and, yes, we have a foreign crisis front and center right now. you know what happened this morning, north korea now promising to teach the u.s. a lesson. not happy about those new u.n. sanctions. the u.s. not backing down and not far away are those comments were made secretary of state rex tillerson nearby saying the u.s. is willing to talk but the message first to kim jong-un. hold your fire. then back at home, more talk. this time surrounding 2020 with some republicans reportedly looking president trump. the vice president denying he is gunning a report for an early promotion.
7:00 am
our team is set up and ready to go. first, chief global correspondent bill neely in the southern philippines. some pretty open threats from north korea to the u.s. between these top diplomats at this meeting. walk us through the developments now in the past 12 hours or so. >> yeah, hallie. a lot of saber rattling and a lot of threats. some of yit you heard before. the north korean foreign minister to make these threats. and he sent them to 25 other foreign ministers from russia, china, india, japan, but not to rex tillerson. rex tillerson was a no show at this meeting. just as he had been at the summit dinner last night. appeared simply didn't want to be in the same room as the north korean foreign minister listening to this stuff. the north korean foreign minister said we're ready to give the u.s. a severe lesson


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