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tv   MSNBC Live With Velshi and Ruhle  MSNBC  August 10, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> both the u.s. and the north korean regime now saying plans are being readied to carry out attacks on the l other. >> north korea now warning they are seriously examining plans to attack guam, calling the president senile saying he was. cooped up at the golf course and clueless about how things are developing. sdwl a u.s. president for the first time suggesting what sounded like a nuclear first strike. now it turns out without language agreed to by his national security team. >> we're hope iing that the generals around the president control the president and even with that, general mattis is talking about the destruction of the people of north korea. >> when president trump engijs in the same kind of rhetoric, he actually elevates the north korean leader and diminishes the united states. >> i think the rhetoric was justified. >> i would not fire one missile or drop one bomb against north korea unless we were ready to finish the job.
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>> whether it's the whouts, the state department, department of defense, we are speaking with one voice. >> the military jumped into the escalating rhetoric saying it is prepared to sternly punish its neighbor to the north. >> south crokorea's president saying strengthen our defenses now. >> the western pacific has american soil in it then a couple hundred thousand americans could get caught in the cross hairs. >> i'm very confident in our ability to defend the island from one missile or several missiles. >> we encourage everyone to go through their lives and live them like you would do any other day. >> this morning both the u.s. and north korea say plans are being readied to carry out attacks on one another. >> north korea state media announced e detailed plans called for launching four missi missiles over japan and into waters around the key u.s.
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territory of guam, 2200 miles away in the pacific. the plan is not to hit guam. it's for the missiles to splash down within 25 miles of guam. it will take about 14 minutes from launch to splashdown. guam hosts nearly 7,000 u.s. military personnel on two bases. it's also home to more than 160,000 u.s. citizens. north korea state media says the plan will be finalized by mid-august and sent to kim jong-un for his approval. >> at the same time, two senior u.s. military officials and two senior retired officers tell nbc news the pentagon has prepared a preemptive strike plan if president trump orders one. multiple sources tell nbc news the bombers positioned on guam would target two dozen of north korea's missile launch sites and support facilities, which intelligence officials tell nbc news they feel confident they have accurately identified. nbc news chief global
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correspondent bill neely is live for us. this is different than the rhetoric from the past. what do you make of it? >> reporter: that's the most unusual thing. a lot of north korean statements are just rhetoric talking about engulfing seoul or washington in a sea of fire. this is specific. it talks about timing. it talks about trajectory. they are intermediate range missiles. they are mobile, transportable, can be launched from a platform. they were successfully tested about three years ago. that missile carries a single warhead and has a range of 2800 miles and that's enough to land as the north koreans say 20 miles off the coast of guam. the implication, i suppose, being if. they wanted it to land on guam
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itself and on anderson air force base, they could do that, too. the worry is that, for example, this missile is transportable. the worry is is they have submarine-based missiles as well. so it's as if the north koreans are saying we have got the intermediate, long range and we have other missiles and you won't know where we fire them from. finally, the other worry here is that there could be in the next few weeks another nuclear test. there hasn't been one since september is of last year. and that is the worry that this testing will be relentless and this will continue even as this crisis grows. stephanie? >> nbc news bill neely live in seoul, thank you. in guam today the governor shrugged off the strike plan in a casual manner. >> we are hopeful there would be enough time to make preparations here in guam and at the same
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time, there would be some time, not a lot of time, where we would be made aware of it. the necessary communication to the public as well as to the military installations here would be known to everyone in this community. and also exactly what would need to be done. >> miguel almaguer is in guam. what are people telling you there? >> reporter: north korea's military is upping the ante, making a a threat here against guam and the region saying by the middle of this month they hope to have a plan in place if their pill tear leaders accept it to attack this region. this island is home to a massive military presence. some 7,000. troops on the ground here. there's an air force base, coast guard, and naval facility here on the island. the governor here is asking for people to remain calm in the region.
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many are taking the news with a a grain of salt. they have heard slr threats in in the past, but others are clearly concerned about this uptick in rhetoric. the governor telling folks to remain calm as we push into the week. back to you guys. >> miguel almaguer, thank you. we want to talk about north korea's strike plan and the threat that it poses. the plan calls for launching four intermediate range missiles over japan to a distance of 2200 miles to guam, which is over here. they have said they are not going to land it on guam, but about 25 miles. that would take 14 minutes. the distance between guam and north korea for a missile. it's about 14 minutes. with tensions in the region high, look at all of the people in harm's way. guam has 160,000 u.s. citizens. 7,000 u.s. military troops. there's an air force base and a naval military base over there. take a look at korea. south korea, this is this part
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below the line here. this is south korea. it has 51 million people in total. about 25 million of them are in seoul, which is right here, right by the demilitarized zone, which is the boundary between north and south korea. there are 28,000 military in south korea. and then you have jah pab over here. japan is not fall sbog the line of threat roigt now for north korea, but it often does. when the united states flies those bombers from guam to the demilitarized zone in a a show of force, they are often esco escorted by japanese and south korean fighter planes. defending guam. it's protected by the u.s.s. terminal high altitude area defense system. this is the thaad missile system. officials say it has a 100% success rate in tests. there's thaad missiles in south korea and also in guam.
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these intercept short and medium-range missiles in the air. also in the u.s. arsenal, there are these. the b-1 bombers. they are the fastest bomber in the military. they are supersonic at about 900 miles per hour. they are long-range and can carry 24 missiles each. also there are submarines. we have four nuclear powered submarines which can carry about 25 missiles each. so there's a lot of u.s. military power and we're not even yet talking about south korean military power and japanese military power. remember, in that part of the world, we have mutual defense agreements with those kocountri. so again, nobody wants a war and i want to be very clear. all of our discussions here are about not wanting a war. not wanting really bad rhetoric coming from both sides wanting to tamp it down. it's just important for everybody to know what everybody's capabilities are. >> joining us here in the newsroom is the author of "nuclear showdown."
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and nbc's bill neely is still live on the ground in south korea. what do you make of the detailed preemptive plans? >> we have never heard this before. the thing about this crisis, which surprises me, that it's ramped up so fast. if we go back a week ago, we weren't talking about this. all of a sudden it occurs. we're on the verge of moving from words to actions. that is where you don't know where it's going to go. the north koreans are giving us a couple messages. they are telling us their guidance systems are good because they are planning to put this perhaps as close as 18 miles off the shore of guam. that's within six miles of u.s. territorial water. and the other thing they are saying by sending four missiles is they can overwhelm our interceptors. we have state of the art missile defense systems, but they can overwhelm them by sending more
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missiles. >> why would they tell us all this information? >> they want to ramp up the pressure. no one out north koreas north korea. he can say whatever he wants, but north korea will make him pay. >> let's bring bill in for a second. it's important to note, because i have heard from some people, while all this coverage is scary, it's ramping things up and some have said it reminds them of before the iraq war, all the warmongering going on. it's important to note that actually i haven't met anybody who has said that the united states should bomb north korea or that this is a good idea or will really show them. in fact, where you are in south korea, the new president who was lel elected in may has taken a different view. he feels that while they need the missile defense system now and south korea is always on high alert, that there is still a negotiating avenue ahead of us.
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>> reporter: absolutely right, there was a statement from president moon's office this morning. calling on north korea once again to stop its provocations. but every time they say that, they add that the door to dialogue is still open e. and president moon would like ideally to engage with pyongyang as some of his predecessors used to do. i was speaking to some young people on the street this morning. they were saying under north korea's previous two leaders, they felt rather more secure because there was dialogue. there is no dialogue with kim jong-un. in fact, talking about dialogue, there's no u.s. ambassador here because president trump has yet to nominate anyone who might fill that post. so there is is a gap in the dialogue here. you were talking about a lot of numbers there earlier on. i think for the region, japan, even for china and south crowe,
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some of these numbers are scary too. north crowe has 1.1 million active soldiers, 3,500 battle tanks, 21,000 artillery pieces and now a nuclear arsenal that includes those two icbms that we saw tested in july of this year. so kim jong-un certainly has the means to devastate this city and this country, the city of 25 million people. rockets could reach this city in about a minute and a half. the question is does he have the will. that's what worries not just south korea but japan as well. >> that's a really good point that they are in the region. they are as worried about conventional war as they are about nuclear war. >> absolutely. the south koreans don't really worry that much about nukes because for a very long time they were able to devastate with high explosives.
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the north koreans have biological and chemical agents, some of the largest stocks in the world. so the advent of nuclear arsenal for north korea and japanese and south koreans, not that big of a deal. of course, it's a big deal for us because you have long-range missiles. the one thing i want to add is that we haven't been talking about the nonkinetic options. there's so many things that the united states can do short of the use of force. >> like? >> one thing we can do is enforce u.s. law against chinese banks that have been money laundering for the north koreans. >> we're applauding these increased sanctions that we saw signed over the weekend. do they even make sense or should the sanctions that currently exist aren't being enforce d? >> this is a set of u.n. sanctions. the chinese and russians voted for them because they know they are going to be ineffective and the chinese aren't going to enforce them any way. >> can you say that one more time. we're applauding these sanctions.
8:14 am
we have sanctions. nobody is doing anything about it. >> the other thing is by their own terms, they are ineffective. our ambassador to the u.n. says they are going to cut off $1 of $3 billion exports. they use export income for missiles and nukes and not for their people. that leaves $2 billion by her own terms going to north korea's arsenal. she's not even talking about the billion that iran pays north korea each year for various forms of elicit cooperation. by their own terms, these sanctions won't work. we can sanction chinese banks under the patriot act. we can be very effective in getting the chinese to move away from the north koreans. if we were to do this, go after a big chi needs bank like bank of china, which is named by the u.n. for money laundering, it would say they can't count on the chinese anymore. it would show they have really got to back away from the north koreans and we saw this by
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nothing more than a designation that the treasury secretary makes on a piece of paper like this and perhaps that's the beginning of the solution. >> they are use iing that piece paper to write the new tax reform plan. >> gorgdongordon, good to see y. bill neely, we'll be talking to hill a lot as well. >> stick around, everyone. we'll get republican reaction to north korea and the latest on the russia investigation. speaking with arizona congressman trent franks a member of the armed services committees. this is where i talk. then we'll have more on north korea and the plan to protect americans in the pacific. we're going to have a conversation about my fat fingers in the commercial. >> from the military side of it, i think if it was eminent, they would have let us know. >> i have been locking at the people here acting like nothing
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welcome back. we're following the latest news out of north korea after detailed plans were announced to launch missiles towards guam. president trump received major criticism over his fire and fury
8:20 am
warnings for its nuclear provocations. >> meanwhile, new signs that robert mueller's russia investigation is expanding. a spokesperson for president trump's former campaign chair paul manafort says he's cooperating with investigators after news broke that fbi agents raided one of his homes for. let's bring in congressman trent franks of arizona, a member of the house armed services committee and judiciary committee and the chairman of the missile defense caucus. as i said, you're on the house arm ed services committee. what's your assessment of how we should be handling north korea? >> well, i think that, first of all, this threat to launch intermediate missiles at guam has to be considered carefully. we only have a short period of time to ascertain the trajectory and whether or not the missiles are on track to hit guam. it's something that we cannot just ignore that it reality
8:21 am
because if we think that trajectory is on track, we would have to engage our own missile defense capability. and my overall assessment is that we shouldn't be where we are, but bill clinton had had an opportunity to negotiate with the north koreans. he made a deal. he paid the ransom but didn't secure the hostage. barack obama did the the same thing and did the same thing with iran. we're now starting into an area where we could find some of the most dangerous enemy s ies to america in the world it would be armed with nuclear weapons. that's not good news for children and future generations. >> maybe we have been dealt a difficult hand, but thus far, is the president playing that hand correctly in firing off fire and fury, inciting that irrational foreign leader in kim jong-un? >> well, the reality is that we only have two ways to defend this nation against
8:22 am
intercontinental ballistic missiles that bare nuclear warheads. that's to interdict them in flight, or to be. able to prevent them from being launched. and the main predicate for decades now against very dangerous enemies has been deterre deterrent. they have to believe there's no gain in attacking united states. i think the president is making it clear to north korea that it should they attack the united states with nuclear weapons that there will be absolutely no gain to them and great harm to them if that occurs. >> lindsey graham was saying that containment is a bad idea for north korea. denial of capability is the right approach. you're something of an expert on this. what is denial of capability look like to you? you brought up iran earlier.
8:23 am
we had absolute solid intelligence as to where the nuclear. capability is. the compare season is not very good, but we don't seem -- >> iran has no nuclear capable missiles. that's a fact. >> let me just suggest to you if. >> congressman -- let's talk about the present. this is an important topic. i'm asking you a question. let's talk about the present. how do we establish deny of capability with north korea? we don't have the information that we have on iran. >> the fact is we have a great deal of information on north kor korea. we had a great deal of information for decades and we had an opportunity to deny them the capability and two components to any threat. that's the capability and intent. and president obama and president -- >> i want to move forward. i want to have a discussion about how we stop a war with north korea. i don't want to talk about bill clinton or george bush or nixon.
8:24 am
>> i can understand you wouldn't, but if we continue to make the mistakes of the past. >> this is about war. can we get answers? you're a guy who knows about this. do we really know where the missiles are in north korea? intelligence sources tell me that we do not have the degree of information we did in a place like iran where our spy capabilities are really good. our aerial capabilities were good. i'm asking a a military question. >> if you give me a chance to answer, that would help us both. it is true that north korea has the ability to disperse their capability, such as it is, in ways that it are harder for us to deal with because there's not as much information in north korea. that part is true. >> that's what i'm trying to get to. >> so what? >> so the fact is when we talk about denial of capability, when lindsey graham says there's denial of capability -- >> that ship has sailed. what we have to do now is to try to deter their intent.
8:25 am
that's what i'm trying to suggest to you. the ship of capability has sailed under mr. obama and mr. clinton. and now what we have to do is we have a president now that has far limited options and some of those options are much more gray than the options that we had before. so consequently he has to make it clear to north korea that should they intend or should they proceed to attack the united states, ta it means devastation to them. that's dealing with intent. i hope the president succeeds because the implications are only nougs nous. >> i want to move forward. you're on the judiciary committee. the relationship, the ties between mueller and comey are inappropriate. you've called for his recusal. at this point, do you still feel that way? i mean, we're 16 deep in terms of how big his team is is. we have learned of this raid of
8:26 am
paul manafort's home the day after paul met with government officials in washington. what is your position on this now? >> well, i continue to hold the same position. i was against the counsel being appointed because i was convinced, as i said so at the time, it would go off the rails and certainly it has. in terms of recusal, it's not me calling for recusal even though i do with great conviction, it's the law itself that calls for accusal. put it up on the screen, i think they will come to the same conclusion. anyone who has a relationship with anyone involved in the conductinvestigated the person has to recuse themselves. the law is clear on this. i would hope you have the clarity to put this up on the screen and let people make. >> i will put your rational. you have said that those who worked under them have tested that he, meaning mueller, and
8:27 am
jim comey possess a close relationship and delivered on the record statements. if using praise of one another. no one e knows mueller's true intentions, but neither can anyone dispute he appears to be a partisan ar biter of justice. so two men who led the fbi concurrently to one another. that's the basis of your allegation that mueller is disqualified. >> the basis of the allegation is two-fold. number one, mr. mueller was considered by mr. comey to be someone that he truly trusted. and secondarily, mr. comey testified in open committee before the world that he deliberately leaked data to try to create the appointment of a special counsel. and this special counsel happens to be someone he trusts very deeply. so i would suggest to you that there's clearly a conflict of interest. and even if a person -- >> i could trust someone to do
8:28 am
the right thing and trusting someone to do the right thing is different from trusting someone to hook me up. >> the bottom line is that the statute is clear if there's a clear friendship there and there certainly is, or even it there's an appearance of conflict, and i don't think msnbc would contest that. the statute has been interpreted to suggest and make it clear that the person doing the investigation has to recuse themselv themselves. >> should jeff sessions w? >> he probably made a mistake. i have a great deal of respect shs but the effect was to put the president -- >> hold on, sir. >> so jeff sessions shouldn't have recused himself? he campaigned with donald trump. jeff sessions shouldn't have but robert mueller should have? >> that's the logic. i want to make it clear that i think what jeff sessions did, he did so in an abundance of
8:29 am
decency. he was trying to go beyond the call of duty. often toims people like himself are subject to kind of being victims of their own decency? >> but robert mueller is not? >> the effect of that was to leave donald trump open to partisanships. >> that's just very hard to understand. i don't understand why jeff sessions shouldn't have but robert mueller should have. that doesn't make any sense. >> we're going to leave it there. thank you so much. arizona congressman trent franks. >> wow. up thnext, a a spy plane flew or washington, d.c. it was doing reconnaissance. we'll tell you why in a second. ♪
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welcome back. here are the top stories we're watching right now. both the u.s. and north korea say they are designing preemptive attacks on one another. north korea's plan targets the u.s. territory of guam.
8:34 am
the pentagon tells nbc news that it has also prepare d a e preemptive strike in case president trump were to make that order. >> a canadian pastor serving a life sentence in north korea is expected back home today in toronto. state media says he was released buzz of his failing health. and a russian aircraft is stirring up a buzz. the e low-flying. airplane flew over major locations yesterday where air space is is normally restricted. it turns out it was cleared by the government under an agreement dating back to the 1990s called the open skies treaty. let's take a look at this treaty. the purpose of the treaty is promote openness and transparency. what the treaty does is allows aerial imaging of military forces and activities of concern. the kind of thing you might not want russian planes looking at. it's been in effect of january since 2002. this is not as craze siz as it sounds.
8:35 am
it's actually a global treaty. 34 parties to the treaty including the united states, russia, united kingdom, germany and turkey. they have all agreed they can fly unarmed, the planes can't be armed, over each other easter toir. the agreement states that flights can be conducted over the entire country. participants can fly across the country without landing and making stop within the territory for nontraffic purposes. the only time the flights can be restricted is for reasons of flight safety, not for reasons of national security. now the planes that was used in this instance was the tu-153. it's a three-engine plane that meets specific certification and has preflight inspection procedures that ensure it's compliant with the treaty. its capabilities include aerial photography, thermal imaging and picking up signals intelligence. this plane flew over major sites including the pentagon, camp
8:36 am
david, joint base andrews, cia and. capitol of the united states. it's time to fly over president trump's new jersey property where he's currently vacationing. the u.s. airmen must be on board the russian plane as it flies over the restricted air space to make sure they are following the rules. that's a weird one. >> that's a rare one. >> the rules actually allow for this kind of thing. >> story from aviation enthusiast. >> i can't fly over. >> he doesn't know how to fly. we're learning more about the u.s. war plan against north korea. we'll be speak iing with the pentagon's strategy in the asia-pacific. it's an important time to watch. stay with us. your brain is an amazing thing. but as you get older, it naturally begins to change, causing a lack of sharpness, or even trouble with recall.
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welcome back. the war of worlds is es calatin between president trump and north korea. as the hermit nation brushes off the president's harsh warning and issues their own threat to guam of an enveloping fire. state media announced the military plan to launch four blis i gueallistic missiles tha land 18 to 24 miles off guam's coast. a homeland security spokesperson says the missiles can reach the
8:41 am
oi land in about 14 minutes. on wednesday, six bombers arrived at ander southern air force base wasting no time taking part in training missions with their south korean counterparts. >> let's take a quick lock at the specific plan for a preem preemptive strike. the bombers are the fastest bombers in the air force inventory. they carry a manifest of cruise missiles. inside they can hold more than 85 bombs, both are nonnuclear. the gps system for precision strikes. practice runs feature pairs of the supported by satellites and surrounded by fighter jets refueling an electronic warfare planes. they are launched from guam 2100 miles away from north korea targeting infrastructure and military targets. sources tell nbc news the targets include two dozen north
8:42 am
korean missile sites and support facilities. their confidence they have accurately identified the locations. the bombers could release their payload of bombs, a missile that can be fired outside korean air space. that military planners hope will keep the north from e retaliating against south korea. clashing narrative, there's so much to unpack. let's bring in msnbc military analyst general barry mccaffrey. >> good to see you here. i want to play for you something that lindsey graham said earlier about the danger of doing what stephanie just described, starting a war a moment earlier than we need to. listen to this. >> i would not fire one missile or drop one bomb against north korea unless we were ready to finish the job. >> general, that's the kind of
8:43 am
statement that one certainly in hindsight can apply to a lot of things that the u.s. has gotten involved in. but in this particular case, everybody realizes that any military activity in north korea leads to something else. >> well, exactly. i think this sounds like a reasonable idea, a deterrent measure, a single strike not involving south korea to thoroughly bad idea. we're not going to do it, i hope. the government of south korea and japan will be adamantly opposed. it's probable it would lead down the road to general war. as would, i might add, poor mr. kim jong-un firing missiles at guam is likely to result in general war. i don't think we're going to go in this direction, but woer in a tricky position with rhetoric on both sides is unhelpful. thankfully, mattis, tillerson,
8:44 am
others are trying to establish some kind of reasonable dialogue. >> is there ever a scenario where a single strike could occur? you're dealing with two men insistent upon having the last word. >> we have absorbed, as have the south koreans, some real terrible strikes from the north koreans without retaliating. they shot down u.s. air force aircraft, more than 30 airmen aboard. they sunk a south korean destroyer escort. we haven't responded. he's learned some bad lessons from his dad and grandfather's experience. now i think he's on the verge now of running up against a wall. if we did, we ought to establish one fact on the table. u unequivocally we could destroy the armed forces and their government between south korea and the united states.
8:45 am
but that general war would be a tragedy of really of epic proportions. so i think we're being force d into a situation now where we're going to end up with a rogue state with nuclear weapons, it could strike the united states. >> but who is forcing us into it? >> i think essentially the fact is that north korea has proceeded down the line to developing a capability that does represent strategic threat to the regional neighbors and the united states. by the way, the choi these and russians could possibly benefit from this. >> let me talk to you about that for a is second. i want to show a story we are gotten about the b-1 bombers about firing the ordinance from them not from within korean territory. military planners think using non-nuclear planes will signal
8:46 am
to china, russia and pyongyang that the u.s. is not trying to escalate an already bad situation any further. people forget that not only is russia a player in the neighborhood, it borders north korea, as does china. are we in a world where those kind of nuances matter? >> no, of course, not. signaling political intent with active military measures is a terrible idea. years ago we used to talk about the powell doctrine. if you choose to use military force, you should only use it when you actually are try iing achieve your political purpose. i think a limited strike on north korea would lead to an escalati escalation, in which the some point the south koreans aren't going to tolerate too much from north korea. if there's a massive artillery strike it's all out war. so nobody will benefit from this. not south korea or north korea
8:47 am
or the japanese or the united states. now is is the time to try to move forward. secretary bill perry, our former secretary of defense, said essentially, look, it's too late. we have to recognize they are a nuclear power and start with that ais sumgs ask then try to hem in their ability to modernize, to expand their arsenal, but we are dealing with a very unusual group. this young guy in charge of north korea is brutal and cunning. he's afraid of his generals. we don't know what his generals are going to tell him. he understands he'd lose a war with the united states. so again, i think we're not going to have a war in korea, i don't think. but the rhetoric on both sides is unhelpful. >> general, always good to talk to you. you bring a lot of analysis to a really complicated situation. thank you so much. next, what is it with this guy? fired engineer doubling down that men at better at a tech
8:48 am
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. welcome back. okay. so here's the thing. is that north korea or is that investors in a market that's been running for a long time looking for any reason to say, oh, maybe i should sell some stocks, take profit? >> remember, we are getting retail earnings, it's the one sector we see getting kwhake whacked. b, wage versus not gone up showing wages are up. s&p was barely down at the end of the day. investors i spoke to said what it is, it was the trump effect. six months ago, he would talk one sector, now people hear it less and less and less. >> we're not sure it's not north korea. i don't doubt the concept a march towards war made some investors say i made good money in this market. i'll put it aside. >> whether you are talking about investors or foreign leaders. daily beast spoke to foreign
8:53 am
leaders before the comments and the boy who cried wolf element where people hear his rhetoric less and less because there is not that much follow through. here's something president trump said before. "you're fired." it wasn't trump, it was google, earlier this week after he published a ten-page memo arguing that men are biologically better suited for the company's engineering and leadership position. who knew testicals and testosterone resulted in great leader scholarship at google. certainly not the asset management feels that way. >> he tells jo lean kevin he intends to take legal action and has already filed a complaint against google. i mean, he's filed a complaint with the national labor relations board. listen to this. >> i'm not just attacking diversity. i'm just attacking the fact that we can't honestly discuss any of
8:54 am
these issues and that is actually hurting the problem. >> okay. google ceo says the memo violated the company's code of conduct and was quote advancing harmful gender stereo types in our work place. >> because he was. >> i will make the argument that some people fear in an overly politically correct environment. >> they can't have an intellectual discussion. >> they can't have their thoughts. in terms of google, it's not like any top sick off base. when you are an employee of a company, there is a code of conduct you have to follow. writing, making a public statement, a ten-page manifesto. putting it out to the world, it's not fact based, not rooted in data. it appears to be a disgruntled employee. >> it's plain old text. like at some point if you want to propose to your managers they take a look at this remarkable study over 20 years, that's one thing. that's one way to do it. >> that is not how this guy handled it. he's written about it.
8:55 am
he's on social media about it. can you see for yourself, this guy is not the answer, if there is a problem to be dealt with. >> especially since he said women, not students, because they're neurotic. while there are women neurotic, guess what we don't have a lock on that market. men are included, too. >> stand by, we will hear from a man who is a target, senator richard blumenthal is live on ms nbc coming up. president trump is at his golf club at medbinst-- bedminsa quarter of his time as president on golf courses or on property. sean spicer says that's where he does business. >> an instagram photo of him golfing. >> i actually know the men he was golfing with. >> really? >> that's what you get when you hire a girl from jersey. >> i will find out about that on
8:56 am
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if there was only a commercial cam, moments ago our own ali velshi hanging. >> i'm trying to build up my chest. thanks for watching live. i'm ali velshi. >> handing off to an icon in news, tighten it up. >> all right. >> you can check us out on social media, follow this show or see ali at 3:00.
9:00 am
right now our friend and hero andrea mitchell of andrea mitchell reports. ro right now, north korea hurling insults back at president trump t. president's ad-lib fire and fury. the state department playing cleanup. >> whether it's the white house the state department, the department of defense, we are speaking with one voice. >> search and seizure, what does the pre-dawn fbi raid on paul manafort's house tell us about the super secret mueller investigation? >> the execution of a search warrant there was a concern that the individual has documents that are harmful to him that he may not turn over cooperatively. >> and family feud, president trump unprecedented attack on mitch mcconnell over the health care debacle, even though the republican senate leader happens to be married to a member of the trump cabinet. remember that awkward first cabinet meeting. >> thank you for getting t


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