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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  August 14, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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it's a very messy situation. in all of these matters decisions will get made. what is going to happen in north korea, who will trump stand with, are we going to stay in afghanistan and under what circumstances. who is going to win that battle of substance. that is what matters more than anything, more than all of this. >> we are all out of time. you have to come back tomorrow and pick that up. will you do it? is it a date. that's it for us. that does it for our hour. "mtp daily" starts right now with katy terr. >> hi there, nicole. and if it's monday, president trump reviesz his message on the tragic events in charlottesville. good evening and welcome to "mtp daily." i'm katy terr in new york in for chuck todd. president trump has been in office for almost eight months, and all along we've wonder erred how will this president respond to the first real crisis.
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each president faces pivotal moments when the nation they lead looks to them for leadership, empathy to be the consoler in chief. president trump's first leadership test came this weekend when violence broke out at a rally of chiet supremacists and neonazis in charlottesville, virginia. one woman was killed and two virginia state troopers died when the helicopter they were flying to monitor the scene crashed. the department of justice has opened a civil rights investigation into the deadly car attack. a little while ago the charlottesville police held a press conference and said while they regret that any lives were lost, they were prepared to change course once violence broke out. >> we were certainly not intimidated by the fire power of the alt-right. however, it was prudent to make sure that officers were equipped to go out and deal directly with the violence. we were hoping for a peaceful event. >> but many said president trump failed this first big test when
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he condemned, quote, many sides. so today after days of mounting political pressure, the president again addressed the violence. this time naming the groups in his condemnation. >> racism is evil, and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs. including the kkk, neo nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as americans. >> so, yes, president trump did name check the hate groups, but he failed to denounce their support of him and in a second on camera appearance today it was pretty clear the president considers this conversation over. >> mr. president, can you explain why you did not condemn those hate groups by name over the weekend? >> they've been condemn. they have been condemned. >> another note worthy omission, president trump didn't use the word terrorism, something members of his own party are
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calling on him to do. >> when people have driven trucks through crowds in europe, he's called it radical islamic terrorism. he should use this turcht today to say this domestic terrorism, this is white nationalism and it has to stop. >> he missed an opportunity to be very explicit here. these groups seem to believe they have a friend in donald trump in the white house. i don't know why they believe that, but they don't see me as a friend in the senate, and i would urge the president to dissuade these groups that he's their friend. >> so is it too little too late? the delayed response leaves today's remarks looking like a political fix it job. meantime, gallop poll has the president's approval rating at its lowest level yet, only 34% of people approve, 61% of people disapprove of the president. joining me now is ohio republican congressman mike turner who represents the dayton area. thank you very much for joining us. first off, what is your reaction
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to the president's statement this afternoon? >> well, i think the president certainly has said the right thing, and i certainly -- my con loans to all the victims and all the victims' families and certainly condemn racism, these hate groups, this domestic terrorism. i think what's important is for the job of the president going forward. i've actually faced this iesh. i serve assist mayor when the ku klux klan came to town. i be turned to the naacp and i called for the community to stay away, to not let one eye of our community see their hateful face or one ear to hear their hateful speech but yet come together as a community afterwards and actually wash the square that they were at. jesse gooding wrote a book and in that book is the story of our community coming together. and i think that's what we need to see what the president. people who must have our country
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should not be flartd by hate. our country is a country that should be proud. we elected barak obama as president of the united states. they need to be isolated, set aside and we need to come together as a country. >> so why are we not seeing our president do that? seems like a pretty softball to hit? >> well,up, i think the president has that opportunity. what we need -- >> he has that opportunity p but he's been given multiple chantsds to hit that ball, congressman and he hasn't done it. today was the third channels to say i don't want your support, don't march in my name and we did not hear that from him. >> well, i think we have heard that from the president. we certainly heard it from the campaign where people repeatedly came to him and said denounce them now, denounce them now and he did. i think he has. but i don't think the issue is denounce. i think we all understand and agree we denounce. these are hate groups. they're not us. they're not the people who love our country. they're built the people who we
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need to be pull together. what we need to go is give the president an opportunity and have the president take that opportunity to pull us together. these groups need to be isolated. we need to come together and say we stand together against racism, we stand as the country that elected barak obama, donald trump. we love our democracy, we love other diversity. as he looks at what is on his to-do list does that. >> respectfully i was there every step of the way during the campaign and it took him awhile to condemn hate groups. it took him awhile to condemn david duke. he didn't do that initially. he never said to white nationalists explicitly. it if he did, i can't remember it off the top of my head, he never said. >> he did. he did. >> i don't think he did. i was there every day. and then why would he not say it today? these protestors -- >> what you're saying is did he condemn them. >> hold on hold on hold on. let me finish what i'm saying.
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>> condemn them there's not much wiggle room on condemn. >> you say to david duke, i don't want you trying to fulfill my promises. i don't want you protesting in my name. i don't want you saying that you believe what i think is that this is okay for you to do it. you go out there and you be forceful. and then secondly, you talked about barak obama a number of times. this is the same man who went on a five year birthism crew said who said his presidency was illegitimate. i feel like you're trying to -- pretty hard to make him look better than he is, he does. >> this president condemned very clearly throughout the campaign and now za. >> no, he different. >> all these organizations. the point is how we have to separate in the political discourse loving your country versus those who hate. clearly those who hate are different. the president needs to take the reins on that and that's what i'm here saying is we certainly did it in my community. i'm a lifetime member of the naacp.
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i was very proud to stand with my leadership against groups of i hate. but do more. we pulled our dmunt together and said we're not them, none of us. that's what the president needs to do next. denounce denounce denounce. >> i think it's admirable -- >> pull the country together. the political discourse of blame and hate has got to stop. let's talk about what we're -- zbloot let me ask you one more question before we have to go. it's admirable that you were able to do that for yourself and that's great. i want to ask you about -- >> hold on, about mark san ford, your colleague and what he toll the "washington post" back in may. and i'm going to read it to you. he said respectfully, i'd like to submit that the president has unearthed some demons. i've talked to a number of people about it back home. they say well, look, if the president can say whatever, why can't i say whatever? he's given them license. so do you believe that the president of the united states has given them license as your colleague mark san ford has said? >> no. he's entitled to his opinion.
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whatible, though, is that the president needs to step forward and say we're pulling the country together, those who love our country and separate out those and isolate those who hate. we're not going to let this political discourse of the blame game of how many times does denounce have to happen before denounce happens. this is not political. this goes to a very dangerous issue in our country. we have to isolate hate, pull everyone together. that's what the president needs to be doing right now. >> congressman turner, thank you very much for joining me today. >> thank you. >> and joining me now is my msnbc colleague reverend al sharpton. he's of course the founder and president of the national action network. give me your response to congressman turner right there. >> well, you know, first of all, i think that it is, you know, insulting to people to pretend that it took 48 hours for this
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president to address a domestic terrorist attack that killed a young lady and injured others and the events caused two law enforcement people to die. 48 hours. when it took him less than an hour and a half to condemn a ceo of america for resigning from his economic council because he had not made a response. so let's not act like that's insignificant. >> let's not pretend that there's not delays in those responses when donald trump has to respond to white people committing violence. >> gets up and tweets before a meeting is over. so -- >> part of a radical islamic terror he would say it even before it was announced as radical islamic terror. >> absolutely. so let's not pretend that. to say that he can bring us together when in fact everyone knew these groups had marched. they had marched and announced this rally weeks ago. this mayor if what he said is so had convened with the naacp and
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others in advance of that, there is no advance relationship with donald trump and civil rights organizations. when he called me after he was elected, i said i will only meet if the head of the urban league, head of the naacp could meet. they will not meet with civil rights groups together. he wants private photo ops. and i ont do that. the congressional black caucus, the executive committee met. he wanted to meet with everyone else. so there is no prior relationship. and there was a delayed reaction here that was wholey inadequate, too little too late. >> is it a dog whistle that it was delayed? >> well, i think it was a clear dog whistle. and the other part of that is something katy, you brought uch. let's not forget the people at this rally had on trump caps. they had on make america great caps. so when he was attacking president obama, there was nobody running around in isis with obama caps on.
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there was nobody running around with change you can believe in buttons on. these people identified with him. he had a responsibility, if he does not agree with them or want to give them the wing to go emphatically don't use my name, don't identify with my campaign. people that are with donald trump won't say that. they brought him into the middle of their ranks, and he did not address it. >> why do you think -- there was a lot of talk on twitter over the weekend about the reason why donald trump wouldn't come out and condemn kkk or white nationalists or supremacists. they voted for him so he is doesn't want to alienate their base. my question to you is what person doesn't want to alienate that base? >> a person that either is sympathetic or is so callous that they do not care where they get support from. again, i'm not going to -- donald trump would love for me to bite the bait of calling him a name. i want to deal with his actions
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and his policies so he can't duck under the headline of oh, sharpton just called me a name. sharpton is saying what you did and what you must do if we are going to have you as president of the united states that brings the country to live up to the values of the country. i won't give you a cheap exit by just relaxing you with a name-calling. >> there's increased criticism and increased spotlight on the people that are inside this white house. >> right. >> steve bannon, sebastian gorka, steven miller. if donald trump cuts ties with them, would that do anything to help brinl this gap, this divide in this country, convince people that he is trying to work for everybody, not the 30% of voters who elected him? >> if he cut ties with them and said i'm cutting ties with him because of what they represent and what they are saying is wrong and is not good for america, yes. if he just starts playing musical chairs with the same kind of believes, then we're
2:14 pm
just going to see the same kind of policies. my concern is that the hate that we're seeing has been in many ways empowered. now they feel they can come out of the shadows now, and they're being blatant now. this was domestic terrorism. he never used that term. these people had on trump hats. he never addressed that. that is why we really need to show an america that does not stand for going backwards. the when we're calling ministers together that are going to be in washington on the day doctor king made the i a dream speech, we're saying we're at the king monument. you haven't even announced the robert e. lee statue exists. he's the president of the united states. yes, everybody keeps trying to normalize it because we're -- you know how donald trump is. i've known donald trump in new york 35 years. he's the president. i know how the president is supposed to be. we're not going to adjust
2:15 pm
ourselves to the presidency becoming trump like. trump needs to be presidential or we need to deal with him as the officer that he has now as the chief executive officer of this country. >> reverend al sharpton. thank you vich for joining me today. >> thank you. >> coming up, president trump spoke out more forcefully today against white nationalists, but concerns remain about some members ties to those groups. so should there be a west wing shake up. more on that coming up. don't let dust and allergens get between you
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. welcome back. this weekend's events in virginia have put a fresh focus on the rise of extremist groups in the united states. according to the southern poverty law center there are now 917 active hate groups in the united states, up from 784 in 2014. but down from the high of more than a thousand in 2011. between -- 2011.
2:18 pm
between 2015 and 2016 is the country saw a 197% increase in anti-muslim hate groups and a 23% increase in neo confederate groups. hate groups are unfortunately nothing new in the u.s. or the world and for some who lived through world war ii the recent rise in violence and division is chilling. this afternoon i talked to a holocaust survivor who said the events in charlottesville struck a frightening cord for him. who is part of my conversation with george wolf. >> when you see that, what do you think? >> it's upsetting. there's no question about it. it's upsetting. >> is history doomed to repeat itself? can it repeat itself? >> history doesn't repeat itself entirely. they say first it repeats itself as a strategy and then as
2:19 pm
comity. that's not the case. but certainly there should be lessons learned, and there are not very many people left who can convey this lesson. >> so what is the lesson? >> the lesson is don't let it get to this point. don't have the candidate or whoever is trying to gain power reach the lowest elements of the population. >> do you think that we are allowing this to fester, to bubble up? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> what do you need to do to stop it? >> you need to go back to basic -- basics. we live in a democracy, but we have gotten away from working together. and it's also a story about people. people who rely on us every day to deliver their dreams
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racist violence, you will be held fully accountable. justice will be delivered. as i said on saturday, we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence. it has no place in america. >> welcome back. that was president trump speaking earlier today on events this weekend in charlottesville with more detail than his remarks on saturday. joining me now is richard painter. he was the white house chief ethics lawyer under president george b. bush and now serves as vice chair for citizens for responsibility and ethics in washington. richard, thank you very much for joining us. your reaction to the president coming out and speaking a little bit more forcefully today when it comes to hate groups. >> well, that's better than what he said before. but we need actions, not words. we need a fundamental
2:22 pm
understanding of what's going on here. this is not just about the clue cluks clan and the american nazi party. those fringe elements have been with us for a long time. but a new neo fascist movement in the united states called the alt-right which coordinates with hate groups of this sort and other hate groups, many anti-muslim hate groups. and the alt-right is an extremely dangerous movement, and it has found a platform on the pages of breitbart news. breitbart news boasted about that while steve bannon was running breitbart news. there are others in the white house now in addition to steve bannon, steve miller and sebastian gorka who come out of this alt-right movement. extreme hatred for muslims is one of the components of this alt-right movement. and that's what makes it very, very scary, very similar to what
2:23 pm
happened in germany in the late 20s and early 30s that gave rise to the third like when people are singled out because of their religion or their race by extremist elements and that is given legitimacy through a widespread movement such as the alt-right movement which uses the internet very aggressively to spread a racist message. and i have, unfortunately, seen the white house continue to defend these people who are in the administration for their really racist views. and it's not just a question of racism. this is a fundamental threat to our national security. h.r. mcmaster is finding it impossible to run the national security council because there are a bunch of these alt-right people in there who steve bannon won't let him fire. gork ka is tell the secretary of state whether he can talk about our military policies. >> he doesn't have any security -- he doesn't have nif security clearance. he's not in on any of these
2:24 pm
national security meetings. he's a foreign policy advisor. what exactly does he do in the white house other than come on and talk on television and tell other cabinet members what to do? >> he spreads hatred of muslims is what he does. look at his track record and look at what he's said about muslims and this is exactly what vladimir putin wants, the united states to be at war with a billion muslims in the world, blaming muslims for the acts of a very few troersz. that's like blaming me as a christian for what the ku klux klan did in charlottesville because they walked around with crosses -- any more than ice is muslim terrorism. the point is that people want us at war with a muslim faith and that's exactly what vladimir putin wants. >> so should republicans on the hill demand that donald trump fire those on his staff who are linked to these groups? after all, steve bannon was the head of breitbart when they had
2:25 pm
headlines like hoist it high and proud the confederate flag or christ off, republican spoiler reign gad jew? >> those three people wouldn't have gotten an internship in the bush white house. i can't imagine anyone like that being invite to soev in a republican administration. identify been involved in republican politics for 30 years. i've supported republican. this is the party of abraham lincoln. it's not the party of the ku klux klan. it's not the partied of the alt-right. and we need to recognize they're an extremely dangerous movement. that is fascism in america. >> so should republicans on the hill, should republican leaders say you need to get these guys out of your white house and do it now. >> at a bair minimum. and they need some fundamental changes in policy for this president to succeed, because he is not conducting himself as a traditional republican or
2:26 pm
democratic president. this is not working. and we saw in charlottesville yet one more example of how this isment working. >> richard painter, thank you very much. let's go to our panel. hugh, i want to start with you. do you think the president did enough today? was taking two days to come out and say something as simple as i condemn white supremacists, i condemn white nationalists, i condemn the kkk, was that -- you know, should that take that much time, hugh? >> presidents don't get mull guidance, katy. when the challenger sploeds ronald reagan steps up and meets his moment. president bush does not go to new orleans immediately africa
2:27 pm
treena. president obama calls isis the jv's. unfortunately you never get back your mistakes. i agree with democratic senator chris kuns who was on my show this morning and said the president has now done the best that he can in this situation having swung and missed, and that let's move forward and focus on healther highier, lieutenant cull lesson and officer bates. let's focus on making sure it doesn't happen and let's keep an eye on what general mattis said in the last hour. we're on the brink of war with north korea. we should be focusing on the context here. the president did as well as could be done today. he swung and he missed on saturday. >> do you think he did as well as can be done today? >> no. i don't think what he did on saturday was a mistake. i think we're making the wrong assumption when we think that he wasn't very intentional in his words. donald trump attacked a judge because he was mexican. donald trump frequently -- >> tweets. >> mexican heritage. frequently retweets white supremacists. donald trump has three white
2:28 pm
nationalists down the hall from him in the white house. we know exactly who donald trump is. we should not expect him to be different just because he's the president. he is who he is, and he should be held accountable for his association and his ties to white supremacy and not denouncing it is the least surprising thing in this entire scenario. >> the delay, is that a dog whistle to white nationalists. >> we've seen over and over again with this president on the campaign trail and since the campaign was over that when these moments come, he passes, he whifs. he grows cautious. >> he caters to his base, he doesn't rise to the office. >> back during the campaign he was asked to renounce david duke and the kkk. half-heartedly with some anger at being asked to do it. we have to look at his actions. i can't read his mind, but for some reason he has decided that there are people in that group he doesn't want to offend or push away from him. i don't know why. they're a tiny fringe. but it's notable that it happens over and over again. it happened this time too.
2:29 pm
>> yeah. in life, it's the simplest thing you can possibly do as president say the kkk is bad, i don't like them. >> why does the bar keep getting lowered for this president? >> i don't know that it does. i think one is high when one has to denounce and the alt-right as it's come to be understood is a white supremacist movement. and when they denounce jews, i do want to pointed out, katy, president trump has nominated david strauss who is grandparents are both holocaust survives. i thought of justice strauss. vang is jewish. these people in charlottesville were chapting anti-semitic chants. i don't believe the president is a big on the. >> why did he -- >> he still hasn't said i don't want your support, hugh. he hasn't said don't march in my name, don't invoke me, don't say
2:30 pm
you're trying to fulfill my promises. why would he not say that today? >> agree with you. that's why i would prefer him to have staffers who understand moments and who can provide him with texts and prompts as president reagan had around him. to come up with great moments of rhetoric, as president obama had john you need people like that to raise your game on moments of great importance and the president does not have them right now. but i also believe with chris kuns we ought to move forward. we are on the brink of a conversation. >> if he had those people would that change the way donald trump approaches things. >> no, because he has general kelly and stop this kind of none accepts in the white house. donald trump is who he is. there is a reason why he won't denounce white supremacists because he actually agrees with part of their world view.
2:31 pm
and i think we have to call it out for what it is and not be uncomfortable with saying that perhaps donald trump might harbor some racist feelings towards certain groups of americans. >> nick, we did some deep digging into your past today. >> wow. >> a year ago you wrote a very press yent piece about -- it was entitled white sensing decline donald trump unleashes words of resistance. in making the explicit assertion of white identity and grievance more widespread, mr. trump has galvanized the otherwise marginal world of avowed white nationalists and self described race realists. nick, are you seeing that come into fruition even more so today? >> absolutely. look, i think that donald trump appealed to a certain people in white americans who felt that white americans should be at the center of american public life and culture, that they are not self acknowledged white
2:32 pm
nationalists. it's not their politics or how they think, but they sense that the country was moving away from them, that they didn't have a lock on the nugsz of power or culture any more. it made them angry and uncomfortable. trump spoke to that. what i find fascinating and obviously disturbing is the way that the white nationalist crew has tried to seize on those folks and get them in their corner and say, no, our world view is the same as yours, our ideas are actually yours, and they use these incidents and these confrontations to try to get more people, you know, who are not necessarily in their corner to get in their corner. >> and david duke yesterday or two days ago tweeted at the president look in the mirror, white people are who voted for you. nick, zbler leana and hugh, guys, stay with us. still ahe had had, trump administration officials look to de-escalate tension between the u.s. and north korea. we'll look at where things stand. hey dad, come meet the new guy. the new guy? what new guy? i hired some help. he really knows his wine.
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still ahead on "mtp daily," from fire and fury to peaceful pressure. the trump administration soften ens their rhetoric on north korea. we'll look at whether it could de-escalate the tension between the two nations. but first con tess ra brewer. >> hi, there. you know that drop in tejsz definitely jump-started the markets this week. they started the week on a high note. dow raising 135 points. the s&p adding 24. the nasdaq up 83.
2:37 pm
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welcome back. the trump administration says they're holding north korea's feet to the fire when it comes to denuclearization, but the fire and fury rhetoric, the fiery and fury -- ignore me. rhetoric that came from the president last week is noticeably absent from his cabinet. a joined on the part he had from defense secretary mattis and
2:41 pm
secretary of state tillerson emphasized a quote, peaceful pressure campaign and no interest in regime change. cia director mike pompeo knocked down the idea that the u.s. is on the cusp of nuclear war over the weekend. joint chiefs of staff chairman general dose ef dunn ford told reporters that diplomatic and economic pressureization comes first with military options to back it up. and here is what h.r. mcmaster told chuck todd on sunday's "meet the press." >> the president was asked are we going to war and he said i think you know the answer to that, we don't. what's the answer? >> well, the answer to that is that the most effective way to prevent war is it ask to be prepared for it. the president doesn't draw red lines. what he does is he discuss to make sure that we have viable options for him. options that combine diplomatic and economic and military capabilities. >> we're hearing a tone shift
2:42 pm
from the administration. but has the president already fanned the flames. fire and fury rhetoric or fiery and furious rhetoric. i got tongue tied there. gordon, so where do we stand now? i mean, we have this hope that they're going to attach down on all of the tension. is that possible? >> well, i think it is. what you have, for instance, is the walking back of that rhetoric and also the lock and loaded. and that mountain advertise tillerson on the part he had in the wall street, you know, that clearly laid out the administration's policy. and indeed, you know, you look at that and clearly the adults are driving policy now. also on the north korean side, it's interesting because therld their ambassador to moscow, their one to beijing and that means that they're rethinking things as well. i don't know if they're going to go in a bad direction, but nonetheless it shows a reassessment in pyongyang as you
2:43 pm
see in washington as well. >> what about this report from "the new york times" that the north koreans' success when it comes to launching these missiles is linked to a plant in ukraine? >> well, they're talking about liquid fuel missiles, like we saw on july 4th and july 28th, which are the hwasong-14. but we have to really be concerned about their solid fuel missiles, which are far more advanced than the ones we saw last month. those look like they're derived from china's jl-one submarine launched missile. the north koreans can get those in the air very fast and so it gives us very little time, reaction time in order to shoot them down if we have to. so right now the north koreans are getting help from everybody, and the least likely explanation is they're doing this on their own. >> so the administration hasn't necessarily been speaking with one voice when it comes to north korea. today my colleague peter alexander was able to ask the vice president about it. let's take a listen.
2:44 pm
>> is america going to go to war with north korea? >> the president sent me to the asian pacific with a very simple message earlier this year and sent other representatives of our administration, and he himself has made it clear that the era of strategic patients is over. the united states of america will no longer tolerate the -- a nuclear capable north korea. >> talking about a statement the president made on friday, which is, you know, basically telling a reporter that they knew whether or not he would go to war with north korea, even though the reporter was asking whether or not we're going to war with north korea. what do you make of this -- the mixed messages that are being sent? >> well, this is message discipline problem. and we've seen it, for instance, with north korea but also with other things as well. you know, with other things maybe they can get by, but with the north koreans and the chinese, they look at everything so closely. and so that's a problem for us if we can't get across the
2:45 pm
message of deterrence because that's what's going to save if anything is going to. >> so too wide the president is trying to put more pressure on china when it coming to trade but also saying it has nothing to do with their drim matic efforts in north korea. they're not trying to pressure china to get them to work with us on trying to attach down with north korea. >> that's not credible. politico reported china's intellectual property theft, you know, they said on the previous day that u.n. officials and state department officials went to the white house and convinced the president not to make that 301 announcement. and so clearly they're linking both trade and north korea, and i think they did that today because what we saw was an investigation to see whether there should be an investigation. that's really much lower pressure, and i think that's an indication that they're trying to at least lower the temperature with bay ying. >> yord an, it leels like a lifetime since we talked last week and all the escalating
2:46 pm
rhetoric we're hearing. today are we in less intense more intense or statuso. >> i think in one sense it's less intense because of the rhetoric, but of course the chinese don't like what they heard today in trms of that trade investigation. and indeed, china daily which is official, their he had to recall today was really dark whereas if you look back two days ago they were saying, oh, these trade investigations don't really matter. that's a real indication of a change in beijing's attitude and that sort of compensates for the toeng down of rhetoric. this can go in very different directions. >> thank you so much for coming on and being our resident north korea expert. we appreciate it. next, what national security advisor h.r. mcmaster's none answers reveal about his relationship with steve bannon. keep had here. [ gasps, laughs ] you ever feel like... cliché foil characters scheming against a top insurer for no reason? nah. so, why don't we like flo? she has the name your price tool, and we want it. but why?
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welcome back. we've been seeing increasing reports of friction between white house national security advisor h.r. mcmaster and president trump's chief strategist steve bannon. so that's why quite a few eyebrows were raised this weekend after our own chuck todd specifically asked mcmaster about bannon not once, not twice, but three times. take a listen to the exchange on yesterday's "meet the press." >> can you and steve bannon still work together in this white house or not? >> i get to work together with a broad range of talented people, and it is a privilege every day to enable the national security team. >> you didn't answer can you and sten work in that same white
2:49 pm
house? >> i am ready to work with anybody who will help advance the president's agenda and advance the security, proch period of time of the american people. >> do you believe steve bannon does that? >> i believe that everyone who works in the white house, who has the privilege, the great privilege every day of serving their nation should be motivated by that goal. >> i believe in everyone he says over and over again. you heard his vague language there. was that an answer? here is now national review editor rich lowry interpreted it. >> obviously h.r. mcmaster quick learner. he knows washington speak, but he used washington speak three times to basically answer your question no, i cannot work with steve bannon. >> never mentioning steve bannon's name. we'll be right back to talk a lot more about this. stay with us. let's see, there are the wildcats 'til we die weekenders. the watch me let if fly. this i gotta try weekenders. then we've got the bendy... ... spendy weekenders. the tranquility awaits.
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2:52 pm
h.r. mcmaster not mentioning steve bannon's name. what's going on there? >> i spent about an hour with general mcmaster two weeks ago for my own msnbc show, indicaty. we talked about north korea, iran, afghanistan, russia, the number of generals in the administration. he's a strategist, a five-star hire. he's not going to get down in the dirt on staff issues. and today sheldon, among others, endorsed mcmaster, hanson, i just don't see anyone of a responsible position on the record attacking h.r. mcmaster. >> he's getting attacked by breitbart news. >> i think there will be a continuing rift as long as steve bannon is in the west wing. we saw his removal from the national security counsel, essentially sidelining him. it seemed through many of the reported anecdotes he was essentially spending time on his
2:53 pm
phone and former chief of staff reince priebus' office because he didn't have many allies. it goes back to the earlier segment, he represents this base that donald trump doesn't want to offend. so that's why he continues to stay. >> there's all this palace intrigue that's still happening. john kelly was supposed to tamp down on that, and get order in the white house. since he's been there, there's threat of war, essentially nuclear war with north korea. there's been the threat of sending troops to venezuela. there was this weekend's instances where the president failed to forcefully condemn the kkk. >> right. >> what's going on with kelly? >> those three things have one thing in common -- the president. all of them are problems that stem from the president himself as saying -- i'm saying that all three of those examples stem from the president going off the cuff, or on twitter, or saying things. the intrigue part of it is interesting i think.
2:54 pm
i haven't seen any craziness in that end. i think mcmaster is probably safe for now. and the reason is, i've seen these bannon attacks against him, the breitbart attacks, they're either based on fictitious things, or nothing. it's all about power. he cleaned house. in the absence of any actual fail, like on a policy that is a real flash point, i think he's okay for now. >> i spoke to gordon chang a moment ago. do you believe that this white house is speaking in one voice when it comes to north korea? are you confident that they are ready to make a decision should they need to make one? >> yes. in fact, i think i agree with lindsey graham that the white house done in more than two weeks, the two weeks that kelly has been there, than the combined obama administrations
2:55 pm
did in eight years. cutting off key material from north korea. i believe the president's rhetoric which is stunning to americans is actually very effective with kim jong-un. so i would put that down in the kelly era, as being a big success. if we avoid a confrontation, if no missiles fly at guam, i'll credit them. >> this is one of these things, a new report from the "washington post" saying trump campaign e-mails show aides' repeated efforts to set up russia meetings. this happened during the 2016 campaign, around march, when donald trump named his foreign policy team. one of those names was george pop oh dop louse. i tried so many times to get this guy on the phone with no success. >> as have i. >> i don't think he actually has a phone. he tried to set up meetings with donald trump and putin. the article goes on to say that
2:56 pm
that raises a lot of red flags among the campaign, even among paul manafort. >> put him in the category of carter page, right? in the spring of the campaign, there was a small group of ad hoc advisers, and they were kind of out there. we haven't heard from them maybe since the fall and now it's coming back to bite them again. >> check out the reporting. you start next time. i promise. thank you guys very much for joining us. and we'll be right back. (woman) when you have type 2 diabetes,
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that's all for tonight. chuck will be back tomorrow with more "mtp daily." catch me right here on msnbc at 2:00 p.m. "the beat with ari melber" starts right now. hi, ari. >> thank you, katy. one woman killed, two police officers dead in a crash, over 30 injured, and two days had to pass before the president would call it out by name. white nationalists rallying around a demonstration that exploded into this deadly violence. while demonstrators, it took bipartisan pressure to get the president to specifically condemn hate groups today. this may not ultimately be a turning point in the trump presidency, but it certainly marks another way that this president is different, as he struggled to do what most people consider the bare


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