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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  August 17, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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white house stuff, so i just don't know. >> i don't think it matters. i think people ascribe bannon as being the one that influences trump. i don't think trump needs bannon to be influenced in a bad way. all right. my thanks to our panel. that does it for our hour. "mtp daily" starts right now. hi, chuck. >> i'll answer your question. >> tell me. >> i just think -- i think steve bannon has made it very difficult for john kelly to fire him and i'll just leave it at that. >> i agree with you. >> thank you. see you tomorrow. good evening and welcome to "mtp daily." it's a time for choosesing in the republican party. president trump slammed his charlottesville critics again today, cheered one of their primary challengers and joined the protests against removing confederate monuments as dp op critics fired back. one suggested he's incompetent. and we're going to dive into all of that in a few minutes. but we're going to begin tonight with breaking news in barcelona, spain. officials there are responding to what we now know is a
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terrorist attack. as is on which the case in attacks like this, the islamic state was quick to claim responsibility. however, we do not yet have any evidence to confirm their part in all this. the regional president of catalonia says 12 people are dead and 80 have been wounded. after a van jumped the curb of a busy tourist area. the van reportedly swerved from side to side to plow through as many tourists and locals as he could get to in the historic shopping stretch of las ramblas. >> and all of a sudden all we could hear was screaming and a tidal wave of people coming around the corner down the street. >> i was just walking down the street on la rambla which is a really busy street as it is and suddenly everyone just started screaming and running all over each other. >> now, police say they have arrested two people in connection with the attack. president trump condemned the attack on twitter, saying the united states will do whatever
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necessary to help. a sentiment of course echoed by the secretary of state and by vice president pence in panama a short while ago. >> as the president said earlier today, the united states condemns this terror attack, and we will do whatever is necessary to help. whatever inspired today's terror attack, the united states stands ready to assist the people of spain and find and punish those responsible. >> terrorists around the world should know the united states and our allies are resolve to find you and bring you to justice. >> just in the last minute here catalan officials updated us. 13 dead, some very badly hurt, and it's unfortunately a figure that could end up rising. there are 100 injured after this attack. of course, this comes only a few days after a similar attack, a car being driven into a crowd of people killed a woman in
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charlottesville, virginia over the weekend and we'll have more on the fallout politically and culture really from that attack. the president's response and lack of response for most republicans, that's just ahead of the let's go back to this terror attack in spain. kelly in our london bureau. kelly, they keep updating. anybody on the loose here? what more are authorities -- i know they're literally just giving us more information, i think, as we got you hooked up to join us. >> yeah, chuck. this is ongoing and new details are coming in really minute by minute just in the past couple of seconds here we heard from reuters a report from them citing police officials saying there's been an explosion at a property outside of -- or in the barcelona area. one person killed in something that is somehow connected to this van attack on la rambla.
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we don't know any more than that in terms of who was involved, what was the source of the explosion, how is this connected to the attack, but clearly a very much live, ongoing, developing investigation in barcelona at this point. police tell us that two people are under arrest. two suspects under arrest at this point. one of them arrested probably about three hours ago now. police at the time called him a terrorist attacker or some language to that effect saying very much -- very strongly that he was somehow involved in this. they haven't told us yet whether or not they believe they have the driver of this van. chuck, it was 5 in the afternoon around about that time in barcelona. this street is hugely popular. it's a must see for tourists in barcelona. and according to eyewitnesses, this van jumped the curb, accelerated into the crowd as it
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was swerving according to eyewitnesses through that pedestrian area trying to hit tourists. the aftermath absolutely horrific. pictures really so graphic that we can't show them on tv. >> yeah. >> pictures of people lying on the ground, very young victims in some cases. and we understand those latest numbers that you were just talking about, chuck, 13 now dead, according to police, 100 injured, possibly more. a lot of those are walking wounded. 20 are hospitalized. 15 of them critically injured. and chuck, we know from incidents like this in nice, in germany that those kinds of injuries, those kinds of traumatic injuries are sometimes very difficult to recover from and life changing. chuck. >> that's for sure. kelly, monitoring this for us. and as we get more information on whether it's connected or not and in i other incident, obviously we will check back in.
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thank you. joining me now is michael lighter, nbc news national security analyst. when this attack first hit and it's spain, you don't automatically assume isis in spain. they have their own separatist group, the bass terrorists here of the tell me how you guys would be sorting it out in the counterterrorism center when you see spain. you dealt with a spain attack. >> i did. i worked with the spanish significantly. i will say since about 2011ment bas separatist piece has really dropped off and there haven't been any militant attacks. you start thinking about sunni inspired terrorism. until you have that identity it's pretty hard to piece this together until you had intelligence warning beforehand of something occurring. >> no hint of that it appears. >> we didn't have that. let's face it in europe today a van attack, mass casualty attack like this, chances are it is going to be a sunni inspired attack.
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we don't know that yet. my guess is if the spanish have actually arrested people, they do. >> this happens in nice, the van style attack i want to say about 18 months ago. >> yeah. right. >> give or take. london obviously even what we saw in charlottesville. this is -- and we were talking about this off-camera. you know, terrorists look for simple. >> that's right. >> and in some ways a vehicle is simple, isn't it? >> it works. it's simple. there aren't many stems. you don't have to worry about getting explosive precursors detected there. you don't have to worry about communications back to syria to learn how to make explosives. you have to go out and rent a van. >> you don't need arms. >> anybody can do that. and what eve seen is all political terrorist groups have adopted this. in charlottesville, the attack against muslims in finsbury park in nice, germany, also in london. this is simple, it works, and
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they're copy cats. and the challenge, then, is for officials to either get in front of these attackers. it's hard to dkt the lone wolf times, or two, develop dwebsz to stop this. and the fact is when you have open streets and pedestrian malls, it's really difficult. >> i was just going to say this seems -- and we've always said this in a true free society you're never going to stop all terrorists. this one feels, i'm sorry, what could you come up with? okay, we're going to have higher sidewalk barriers? help me out here. >> it is challenging. what you can mostly do is protect those sites that really stand out. and you think stand out. so the eiffel tower, westminster, the u.s. capitol. if you go into those places you have the big solid bollards so people can't drive up. but of course that doesn't protect people two, three blocks away. a market like this could there have been additional protections, i really don't know. but it attracts huge numbers of people. unless you're going to put up
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barriers to entry, you can't stop this sort of attack. >> so the update that we got which will lead to a bigger investigation is this a senior police official is telling us that the van attack is linked to the explosion the previous day in which one person was killed. so obviously this gets us to a version of a conspiracy. now, a conspiracy, just more than one person we're not saying anything else but that does take this into another direction. >> yes. and the spanish have been very good about fighting terrorism. they had the major attack in madrid in 2004. but since then they've been relatively successful. they've arrested a lot of people. and truthfulel their radicalization problem isn't as bad as we've seen in germany, in belgium, in the uk. but you can still have cells. and they've arrested them as recently as this past year, earlier in the year, small cells and apparently they may have another one here and one other update. they're just updating now. they do not -- the two people that have been detained, neither
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one of them was the driver. >> that's a bit surprising to me because again, in this populated tourist area, both the national police and the guardian is heville, the para military police normally have a very significant presence. >> even just casual presence. >> that's right. so it's a little surprising to me -- >> they don't have them. >> it suggests to me honestly this may have been planned out and it also suggests the degree of mayhem that went on here and the confusion and how many people were injured. >> weapon didn't show some of the more gruesome photos. we saw some stuff efrlier -- and you just couldn't air it and it was mayhem. >> that makes the police response that much harder and allows when you have so many people and the degree of confusion, people to get away. >> all right. i've got to -- you're going to get -- in your own position get called in. is there a policy response? i mean, we're sitting here, we're dealing with these -- there's a normalcy unfortunately to all of us. oh, it's a van attack again.
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yeah, it's going to be pretty gruesome. yeah, it's europe again. you know, what can we do? >> i think there is. i think there's at least a four prong policy response here for the united states to be involved in. first of all, we already mentioned really populated areas, you have to have some basic defenses against this sort of attack. just like you would have metal detectors, you have to have bollards against vehicles. second, the u.s. has to help build capacity in europe to speak across nations. you're opposed to pushing in that direction, but they need the u.s. help. >> this is still an issue. >> third, i think the europeans have to look at shan again ability to travel without a passport. in other attacks that has been rt case. last but not least given our political environment have to continue to engage this counter violent extremism in populations and that's why people in the counterterrorism community have been to concerned about some of the administration's choices in not funding or spending the money that has been allocated for those programs at the state
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department for those issues. >> as always, make us feel a little bit smarter and knowledgeable on this stuff. thank you, sir. going to continue to follow the news on barcelona. a lot of updates continue to come in and we will bring them to you as we get them. coming up, though, we will also come back domestically. president trump's comments on charlottesville have republicans having to figure out how to take sides and which side to take. but what happens if they can't figure out which side to take? we'll be right back. a penny has never been more valuable!
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welcome back. in the last few minutes we have learned a lot more with the terror attack in barcelona. a senior police official says that the attack was intended to kill as many people as possible. that's pretty clear. at least 13 are dead, more than a hundred are injured and there's fear that the death toll could rise. the two suspects in custody are a spanish national and a moroccan, but neither is the
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driver of the van. that person is still at largement and today's terror attack is just the latest in a string of incidents around the world over the last say 18 months where a vehicle has been used as a weapon to plow through crowds of people. these kinds of attacks have become increasingly common around the world according to an account there nbc news. starting last summer in nice franls 86 people were killed and several hundred more were wounded when a truck ran through a crowd celebrating bastille dead. 12 major incidents around the world using a vehicle in -- this past june three men used a van to ram into pedestrians on london bridge and then engaged in a stabbing spree nearby killing eight people and woumding 48 others. and we've sadly seen a vehicle attack inside the united states as well. last november a dozen people were injured after a man charged his suv at a campus on ohio state university and then he
2:16 pm
tried to stab people. in may a young woman was killed and 22 people were injured in new york city's times square and of course there was just this past weekend in virginia where we saw a car used to attack people protesting white nationalists in charlottesville. we'll be back with more from the political fall out of charlottesville. when a critical patient is far from the hospital, the hospital must come to the patient. stay with me, mr. parker. the at&t network is helping first responders connect with medical teams in near real time... stay with me, mr. parker. ...saving time when it matters most. stay with me, mrs. parker. that's the power of and. and it's also a story mail aabout people and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you
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welcome back. the big political story tonight and remains there are many sides to what happened in charlottesville, according to the president, but he made it pretty clear today that there's only one side for republicans in congress, it's his. today he unloaded on senators lindsey graham and jeff flake. they've been vocal critics on a number of topics from the president, including his response to charlottesville. and they're also two republican senators who have never been afraid to speak out against him. he called senator graham a liar and flaf toxic and he cheered senator flake's primary challenger in arizona.
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alride behind many white nationalists. he said our history and culture was being ripped apart. folks, none of us have any clue about how we're going to get past this crisis. the president's actions today sent a pretty clear message to critics in his party. it's time to choose. you're either with him or you're against him. well, senator graham fired back at the president, so did senator flake and his allies. senator tim scott, the only black republican in the senate also didn't hold back. by the way, lindsey graham's partner in the south carolina delegation. >> what we want to see from our president is clarity and moral authority and that mort authority is compromised when tuesday happens. there's no question about that. >> and senator bob corker unloaded plaps the harvest criticism we've heard from a sitting republican senator not named jeff flake. >> the president has not yet --
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has not yet been able to demonstrate the stability, nor some of the competent that he needs to demonstrate in order to be successful. he also recently has not demonstrated that he understands the character of this nation. >> those are some tough words from somebody who very much wanted to be this president's secretary of state. it's been more than 200 days. the president hasn't proven by now to bob corker that he's got the stability or competent to be president or that he doesn't understand the character of the nation either, then the question for republicans like bob corker is what are you waiting for? well, the answer could very well be that they're waiting for republican voters to agree with their own assessment the. case in point, according to a new cbs news poll a large majority of republicans 68% say his description is accurate. and if you want to understand why republican leaders might argue they're not storming the
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calf, that's why. they may want to go, but what good is a rebellion if their voters aren't going to back it. and as the president himself made clear today, he's got more folks loyal to him eager to fill a power vacuum. whether that's in the senate or even in the white house. joined now by four term republican congressman jc wats. he was the first black representative elected from the state of oklahoma to serve in congress. he was also the first african-american named to house republican leadership. and i'm also joined by the editor at large of the weekly standard bill kristol. congressman wats when we reached out to you you said you had very much had something to say. so without further ado you, i'm just going to happened you the microphone, sir. >> well, chuck, i think like every other american i've observed what's happened over the last week or well post last weekend, and i think trials we are obviously seeing trials in our country. and i think -- i don't believe trials come to tell us what we are. i think they come to tell us
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what we are not so that we know what we need to do to become what we all say that we want to be. and like senator scott said, i think when you look at a president, you look at the pastor of your church, your rabbi, you know, the superintendent of your schools, the ceo of the company, i think you want them to have the moral standing, in spite of their kblerksz, in spite of their disfunctions, you want them to have the moral fortitude to say this is right or this is wrong. and i'm quite burden end and saddened that we -- being the air as reverend king would say, being the air of rain, rope, fire and murder, you know, i'm not angry about that, i'm not ashamed of that, but i am ashamed that we still have people in this country that would be so inhumane that they
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would do inhumane things to other american citizens. and so i think the president hurts himself, he hurts our country when he does not speak with clarity about, you know, an issue that says pretty clearly two plus two is four. it's not three. >> i guess the question, then, is, and i want to bring bill kristol into this conversation and i want you both to address this issue. bill, let me start with you. you haven't been shy with your feelings about president trump and where you believe -- you're concerned where he's taking the conservative movement. how do we get past this? okay? we live in the reality, right. we don't live in the world of the never trump in 16 and all that stuff. how do we get past the moment because i can't figure it out. >> i don't think it is much very useful any more if only he would do x or would that he give us clarity and unity and all this. let's just accept him as it is.
2:23 pm
and the other question is how do you live with the damage. how do other leaders -- luckily in this country there are not just one dictator that speak for this country. there are governors, mayors, they all need to hard seriously about how do i provide moral -- i live in virginia. terry mcauliffe is the governor. maybe you should call together ministers, priests, rabbis, police chiefs. in this commonwealth we are going to have equal justice under the law, we don't expect that the kk sk and neo-nazis are not respectable groups. but others can do it. and on the practical side in terms of congress i think they have to take the attitude storming a for treasury or something. i'm not sure what that would mean exactly. you can contain it. they need to take the attitude not gee if only the president would give us leadership. they need to take the attitude he is who et cetera.
2:24 pm
we need to limit the damage and do what we need to do to go around him. >> congressman wats i'm guessing you've always been an optimist, have you given up on this president and if you haven't and he called you into the oval and he says make me understand why everybody is so mad at me about charlottesville, congressman, how would you explain it to him? >> chuck, he is the president and i have some concerns that he doesn't understand the magnitude of being a president is. and, you know, i have many people that disagree with me. rob portman, rob portman doesn't adpree with me on everything, but, you know, rob and i are friends, and he's dpot a moral authority with me. and tim scott and rand pauchl. i don't agree with them on everything. bill kristol, i appreciate the fact that bill has been very vocal and hasn't backed down on
2:25 pm
where we are going as a country and that we all need to be concerned about that. and so i would -- it would do me good. i've tried to reach out to the white house, to the vice president's office. i know other african-american republicans have tried to do that to say, hey, look, you're going to hurt yourself every time you do it like this. you know, one of the things -- >> you say you've tried. you're implying that they haven't been receptive. have they been receptive? >> well, chuck, i'm not going to go there. but let me say this. one of the -- one of my real values to the republican party when i was in congress was i had enough credibility with my colleagues that i could say, hey, look, guys, i see what you're trying to do, but i wouldn't do it like that. i see what you're trying to say. i wouldn't say it like that. i was in control of communications. and, you know, we had about a
2:26 pm
58, 59% approval rating at the time. i'm not so sure that he's got those type of people around him that could say to him, a bill kristol that would have a moral authority to say, mr. president, i will go to my grave believing that you're wrong in doing this. now, we may do that and he might say you're crazy as a three dollar bill, but nevertheless, if somebody doesn't grab the attention of the president, the republican party is going to pay a serious price. >> bill, you have gone back and forth on whether you want to see some of these people that you respect a lot in the administration, you'd like to see them resign, send a message. >> i've pretty much been steady. the serious ones should stay. they need to contain the damage. >> stop calling for the resignation. and if you are concerned about, then you should want kelly and mattis to be there.
2:27 pm
>> no. i defended them to my other never trump friends who are a little more extreme or have stronger views. they each have to make their own decision. if they think they're able to do more good than do harm in ledge mittizing. they understand deem down that they are going to be tainted by this. they're paying a price for their own reputation and i don't think they want to ledge mitt eyes things that they don't want to. i had lunch today with someone a minor zmik cabinet agency doing good work, i think, trying to help advance public policy for the country. never deals with trump or the white house. i have no problem with that person being in there and trying to do his best. but sink they need to have their eyes open and be serious. it is a real national crisis. in three and a half years absent -- >> it is a serious -- >> it is a serious issue for the country and you can't just say, gee, it's very uncomfortable for
2:28 pm
john kelly to stand there with his head down. it was uncomfortable for him. but i give him credit -- i feel better about the country's chances avoiding daser because he is there. >> congressman wats, i'm curious, though, one of the other points i made at the start of this segment. look, as you know, i would say a large majority of republicans that are serving in many congress are upset with this president, vis really so. just personally but they have been hesitant to speak out because what good am i to speak out if i'm the one that's ostracized from the party and nobody is listening to what i have to -- the people who i want to listen aren't listening. this disconnect between where the party is, the rank and file and where the rest of the leaders are, how do you close that? >> well, chuck, i think many members are probably afraid they're going to get tweeted and they don't want to go through that ordeal. but nevertheless, i think we're looking at this -- i think
2:29 pm
members of congress, the american people, in my opinion, and only hold me to this opinion, i think we're looking at this the wrong way. we see this in terms of left and right. i think we're well into the arena of right and wrong. and if you can't have the howard bakers and the barry gold waters that would have enough fortitude to go to the president of the united states and say hey, mr. president, at that time concerning watergate, they said too many lies, too many cover ums, you've got to resign. i'm not saying the president should resign, but i'm saying that's the type of moral fortitude you had in the party. somebody at least needs to say, mr. president, you're killing us. we all have to wear the cap of the republican party when you're tweeting and when you're saying things and when you're doing things that i think most normal and civilized people say that just doesn't feel right coming from the president of the united
2:30 pm
states. and, chuck, i don't say that necessarily to be critical. i just say that because i operated in the arena for 12 years, and there's just a decency that i think most americans expect us to carry out. >> j.c. wats, former congressman from oklahoma. good to see you, sir. bill kristol, as always, thank you, sir i. as republicans face this choice whether or not to support this president right now, the president faces his own choice about the future of his chief strategist, steve bannon. should he stay r on should he go? that's also coming up. award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. this august visit your local volvo dealer
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we're going to continue to follow the eentsds in barcelona where a van drove into a crowd, killing at least 13, wounding more than a hundred. concerned that death toll could rise. we'll bring you the latest details as they become available. but first here is hampton pearson. and apparently a gary cohn downfall. >> you got that right. as concerns over president trump's agenda grows. the dow dropping 274 points. the s&p losing 38. the nasdaq losing 123 points. pharmaceutical company mie lan finalizing a $465 million settlement with the department of justice resolving claims it over charged the government for its emergency allergy treatment ep i pen. and bitcoin soared to another new high today. the crypto currency climbed
2:35 pm
above 45 hundreds, earning a total market value of $74 billion. that's it from cnbc. first in business worldwide. welcome back.
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as we started in the last segment, the republican party has a tough choice to make about president trump, but president trump is facing a tough joyce himself regarding his top advisor steve bannon and whether he should remain the top advisor. the former breitbart executive shared some of his frustrations in a rare unexpected interview with the american prospect, of course, a liberal, long time liberal publication. he undercut in this interview pretty much everything the white house has said about north korea, saying, quote, there's no military solution. forget it. until somebody solves that part equation that shows me that 10 million people in seoul don't die in the first 30 from conventional weapons, i don't know what you're talking about. there's no military solution here. they got us. it's hard to see how that isn't
2:39 pm
a fire ashl offense at least if you're in the national security wing of the west wing. but in an interview with "the new york times" bannon said something that could help praise his job saying the president would win the fight with republicans who attack him as a big on the. president trump by asking where does this all end, washington, jefferson, lincoln, connects with the american people about their history, culture and traditions. let's bring in tonight's panel. let's see here. if you were doing the market, stock market betting i think two days ago bannon looked like done deal, no way he'd survive the week. i look at it and i'm like no way president trump signs off on kelly wanting to fire him today. where are you? >> bannon is a survivor. it's not like he hasn't been in this position before, and i think bannon is the architect of he's helped the president move this debate from one about white
2:40 pm
supremacy and neo-nazis to one that's about the removal of confederate monuments and i think bannon was the guy who told president trump don't budge on this statement because there are a loft your supporters who are against the removal of these monuments and this is an issue in which the white people feel beleaguered, aggrieved and so on. and so i do think that he helped the president stick to his guns and he may survive to, you know, live another day. >> you go ahead. >> the analogy i would use, you know sometimes how you walk down the street and you see the owner walking rt dog and the owner is in charge and sometimes the dog is in charge. who is the master here? at the end of the day, yes, sometimes steve bannon is in a doghouse. yesterday he was not. the question becomes if he gets fired, what does he do? does he turn on the president, which i think the president is deathly afraid of. does he turn breitbart news into basically the alt trump network. and i think president trump is paranoid about that. so what do you do?
2:41 pm
do you keep him close or on the leash, at least for the next couple of weeks. >> you saw a bit of a taste in some of these sper views. i think he showed the bhs potentially what could happen were he to be on the outside turning against the administration. >> but some of bannon's enemies fought back today. rex tillerson made a very public show of affection, if you will, frankly, for a temporary deputy that he has appointed to a position that bannon called out in this article. and he went up to her and made sure the cameras saw her shake hands and said something nice about her and stuff like that. but, wow, if john kelly goes to the president and says choose between your national security team who wants him out and bannon, bannon to me today was talking to donald trump saying, i'm the only one defending you in charlottesville. those guys aren't. >> and bannon holds the -- trump's kingdom has sort of shrunk, but he still holds the dees to that kingdom. >> to the one that's the most devote to had him. >> supporters of had i see and getting rid of him is risky,
2:42 pm
super risky and you saw in his little american prospect gambit a little taste of what he might do on the outside if he is set free. and i think that he -- you know, he always manages to survive. and it's sad to say, but probably particularly valuable to trump now. >> josh green who just wrote this book on sort of trump campaign, very bannonesque, the reporter from "bloomberg" business week. sooif seen this written before about steve bannon. this is a friend of steve bannon's that says if there's a fire don't be surprised if it's steve bannon with matches. meaning do you believe it was an accident that this american prospect interview went public? >> i don't believe that that was an accident. i think bannon is a pretty savvy media operator. but i also don't believe the con seat of that book that you mentioned, that bannon is micromanaging trump and is the genius behind his victory. i think it's something of a combination between the two. what we heard on saturday from the president and what we heard
2:43 pm
on tuesday from the president were what trump really felt. steve bannon didn't have to put those words in his head. what we heard on monday was what trump really thought. but bannon, you know, pushes and prods him, tells him he's being mike managed by his aides and his real inning stingts are good but trump already has those tht first place. >> remember why you got elected. >> exactly. >> remember why the east coast elites just kind of push you aside. you're doing a great job. and i think -- i don't know this, but i think donald trump feeds off of that, almost parental nature if you will where he says, oh, my gosh, my parents are patting me on the head, i must be doing a good job. >> which staff had a biggest impact today on your 401 k and your and mine. it was gary cohn. the stock market went bonkers today over speculation that gary cohn, the president's national economic led of the national economic council might somehow leave. and it was the trigger that, oh, my god, the whole trump agenda
2:44 pm
is flat lined. >> you know why because gary cohn is a competent individual who knows what he's doing and the street knows if he is to lee, who is going to take over the economy, who is going to run the economy. >> that to me is amazing. the white house staff blout the markets down today. that really happened? >> what's really happening is wall street -- rl zblagsz that trump's agenda can't be passed. the idea that these people are going to have the competent to do tax reform is laughable. >> i bring this up because -- >> it's all coming home to roost now. they have people realizing it. >> i bring this up because the question is what does influence president trump? he loved that talking point about the hyper inflated stock market. he loved that it was surging. would that have an impact the idea that oh my god they're upset with him. could that change his behavior simply because he wants to keep gary cohn and make him happy and keep the stock market up?
2:45 pm
>> absolutely. it's not just gary cohn but the trio of generals in there, kelly, mcmaster, mattis. there are certain figures that lend an aura of ledge mitt's that the president cares very much about even though his soul is not with them. he cares about being accepted by the elites that he so did he rides and disdaines. but he also absolutely loves to appear in front of a rally in youngstown, ohio and get these rauk us cheers that the sens of the world get him. and so i think that's why you see both of these, they're two sides of the same coin and that's why you see them both in the white house. >> he may have to choose. >> can they all -- i ask h.r. mcmaster three times whether he could work with steve bannon and he never said he could. he never said he couldn't. >> it's a dangerous thing to pull him out of there. >> all right. you guys are sticking around. fascinating on the part he had that i want to share with you from "the new york times" in the next break. stay with us. we'll have more "mtp daily" after this. this is a story about mail and packages.
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2:50 pm
part of an on the part he had that's coming in sunday in the new york sometimes. and it's headline i voted for trump and i sorely regret it. mr. trump once boasted that he could shoot someone in the street and not lose voters. well, someone someone in the street and not lose voters. someone was just killed in streets. his refusal to specifically to denounce the groups responsible for this violence is morally disgusting and monumentally stupid. this was written by julius krine. he had hnot just been a trump supporter but he wanted to create the policy brain for the trump brand, if you will. he started a quarterly called i believe american affairs. this is not just a trump voter. this was somebody that devoted his last two years to supporting donald trump. tell me more about this. >> i think he is somebody who
2:51 pm
saw an opportunity in trump rining as a third party candidate, bucking the political orthodoxy on both sides of the aisle. knew he didn't know that much about politics or policy. he's only 30 years old. founded a policy journal that was intended to be intellectual hub of the trump movement. >> his populism and turn it into a new ideology. >> he's got millions of lives vested in him. i don't know if he understands that. there's a lot of people are hoping for him to succeed because they are living paycheck
2:52 pm
to paycheck. i thought he understood that. he is the first president in a long, long time, you know this better than i do that came to the white house with no political baggage. one would make the argument that's a bad thing. >> he owed nobody anything. >> nothing. >> you've worked for two sitting presidents. how much do they wish they didn't have constituency groups they had to pander to every now and then? there's a liberation. >> i would not be surprised to learn that julius might have been an obama trump voter. the first time he won he was seen as an outsider. for democrat looking forward, it's going to be interesting the post-trump era, when ever that is. there will be these people that want something that's not mired in the old politics.
2:53 pm
i want someone who knows what think are doing. it's going to take a special hand on the democratic side. >> it is interesting. if you were to say this is real, what's the core reason it feels like he keeps coming back to it's competency. it's like morally repugnant but of what he didn't say in charlottesville. he went through the other aspects of just can't do the basics. >> i think that's true. what really struck me about this op-ed and we have seen conservatives across the right condemn trump is that julius and national review and the weekly standards and wall street journal page have a luxury in being able to simply cut bait and jump ship that republicans in congress really don't have the luxury. some of the president's own aides feel they don't have the
2:54 pm
luxury to do. they are trapped in bad marriage and don't have the option for divorce. that's the tricky place. >> let's go to that. where do we go? what does this look like in three weeks? >> it feels like a republican presidential primary. not in terms of having candidates out there. some are going to iowa. when you see trump endorsing kelly ward over jeff flake. >> there's a fight for control of the party. >> when they were fighting. >> maybe i'm looking at this in moral terms. it's a fight for the soul of the country. what will republicans -- we all have to look ourselves in the mirror. what is the line that republicans will say enough? i thought it was when grabbing women's personal parts. i thought it was saying repug nants things about a blue star family. the line has been moved so many times. >> the question is do
2:55 pm
republicans impeach him? >> a year ago this month, we were in a similar position, place with trump. the kahn story. he couldn't stop attacking him. remember. it was like you had republican leaders and i would talk to them, including one that i think was the leader of the party at that time. like he won't stop talking about this guy. nobody knew. there was a campaign and you knyou there was debates. the story had to end because the campaign was going to go on. there's no hillary clinton over there for him to start bashing. although her book tour starts in a month. >> i don't think this change is all that much. i talked to a republican congressman yesterday who said what are we going to do, vote down trump's nominee to replace kennedy on the supreme court at some point to punish him for this. are we going to be against tax reform because he did this? they're still going to support the president's policy initiatives because he did this. what we may see more of is
2:56 pm
congress push russia sanctions bill that the president completely opposed and backed him into a corner, forced him to pass it. we may see more of congress doing their own thing and things the president oppose because they do not care what this president thinks. >> fascinating. it's like some weird, uneasy status quo, i guess. uneasy, emphasis there. >> it's not appropriate. we deserve better. >> thank you. we'll be right back. you don't let anything
2:57 pm
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that's all we have for tonight. we'll be back tomorrow with more mtp daily. the beat with ari melber starts now. i think you'll be able to give folks some updates on barcelona. take it away. we're doing both. two tests facing the trump administration today. the president doubling down in face of bipartisan rebukes of his moral leadership. democrats in the house are drawing a line and will join me to explain why they think it comes to this. a terror attack rattling a key u.s. ally. we begin with a quick update. this van killed 13 people. injured over 100. authorities have made two arrests. before we begin and turn to the domestic plolitics. i want to go to london. what do we know at this


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