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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  August 25, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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be sticking around till tax reform, guys, if it happens it won't happen until next spring so i don't think gary cohn is going anywhere. different time line. >> all right, guys. thank you all. everyone have a good weekend. that does it for us this morning. stephanie ruhle picks up our coverage right now. >> thanks so much, willie. i'm stephanie ruhle. this morning out of nowhere, hurricane harvey could become the first major hurricane to hit the united states in 12 years. a massive e fact on the state of texas and on gas prices. >> thedictable about the storm, it's unpredictable. get out of dodge. >> gary cohn talks for the first tomb after charlottesville saying the administration must do more in condemning neo-nazis, white supremacists, and the kkk. >> you had some very bad people in that group but you also had
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people that were very fine people, on both sides. >> both sides. and the goesry store war is on. amazon promises lower prices of whole foods starting monday, putting serious pressure on every other store in america. >> amazon's appetite for growth, for domination, is basically unquenchable. that potentially life-threatening headquarturric barreling towards state of texas and it is no joke. hurricane harvey is a category 2 storm. nbc meteorologist bill karins is tracking the storm's path and we have the best team in the business breaking down the news covering this dangerous storm. i want to start first with nbc's maya rodriguez live in corpus christi where they are braces f -- bracing for a huge hit. ma maya, what are they doing that there? >> the time for preparation is
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nearly over. the window has been closing all morning long. we're along the seawall and the waves are picking up, some of the water rising up over the seawall. they are expecting a huge storm surge here. structural damage, some structures will not be inhabitable for weeks. that's according to the national weather service. what we of seen leading up to all of this, people in stores trying to buy essentials to last three, four, possibly five days, filling up their cars, trying to get out of town while they could. traffic leading out of here was very, very heavy last night. we saw a lot of people leaving town as we were heading in. even some babies in hospitals, some critically injured babies at a hospital in corpus christi flown out to fort worth to get out of the storm's path. but, again, that time for preparation nearly over, stephanie. we've been seeing torrential rain, the winds have been picking up all morning long.
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stephanie? >> those are some serious storms. i want to go to nbc's kerry sanders in portola vaca. what's the scene like there? >> reporter: this is a mandatory evacuation area. we're in calhoun county. just about everybody who wanted to get out has left. when i say wanted to get out, despite the fact there's a mandatory evacuation, a live picture in the port sptz lavaca rv park. in this rv park there are four residents who decided to stay put. officials have told them it is a dangerous six they should not stay here, this is not a storm to mess with. we're talking tact possibility of a storm surge along the coast that could mean upwards of ten feet and clearly when the water comes up and you're in something like a tin can it is very dangerous, it's likely they will not survive. despite the fact it's a mandatory evacuation, not everybody is following that order. meantime, as we look over my shoulder, you can see that flame
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there. this is one of the chemical plants. as you know, there are refinery and chemical plants along the coast here. that is the process of them shutting down. that's them burning off the excess fuel as they shut down the plants. along the coast here, say, from where i am over the lake charles, louisiana, basically all in this target area of where harvey will have impacts, we're likely to see most of the refineries where 30% of the nation gets its gasoline from have to shut down, and that means that we've already started to see gas prices increase, the wholesale price is up 15 cents so, if you're in washington, d.c., or if you're in ohio and you go to the pumps today you're already going to see that those prices are going up. >> if you think that storm was only hitting texas, wait till it hits your gas tank. now to houston, where nbc's jacob rascon stands by. jacob, houston, texas, this is a city of 2.3 million people.
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>> reporter: rain. 6.3 million people live if the metropolitan area and many have moved here since the last big hurricane hit in texas which was more than a decade ago, category 3, at least. and then you have a quarter million people who are displaced from hurricane katrina who came over here, who know what it's like. so you have a run of course on the food, on the water, the lines for gas are very long. the flooding is not supposed to start here until late tomorrow and sunday, but into monday and tuesday, the storms are supposed to stick around. and again, more rain forecast than they had predicted for more than a decade. >> more rain forecast in houston. that's a low town. i want to press upon this point that kerry sanders made. this hurricane is not just threatening the texas gulf coast. just like he told us, this storm has potential impact to everyone
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across this country. if you ride in a car, that is the case, through rising gas prices. let's look at the big picture. the gulf in that image produces about 17% of all u.s. crude oil output and nearly half of the country's refining capacity. that's royal dutch shell, exxonmobil, and anadarko. they're all scaling back production in the gulf right now. as of this morning 39 production platforms have been evacuated. that translates to more than ooh 5% of all manned platforms in the gulf. those evacuations mean 10% of the region's overall crude oil production has been shut off completely and 15% of its natural gas production. so how is it going to impact you? as kerry mentioned, people in places like washington, d.c., and even washington state might be feeling it this morning. and if not this morning they'll feel it this weekend at the pump. the risk of tighter inventories
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drove up gas futures to the highest prices of the month by 2.8%. that's big jump. one forecast has gas prices potentially shooting up by 10 cents per gallon for areas east of the rocky mountains. think about it. this is vacation season. we're approaching labor day. people are in their cars headed on vacay. i want to go now to the latest on hurricane harvey's track to meteorologist bill karins. how is the path looking? >> hasn't changed from last night and that's bad news. looking just as bad as we thought it was going to be, no significant updates there. it looks like buzz saw right now, very symmetrical storm, still deepening and getting stronger. we're waiting for the winds to come up and then it will be a category 3 hurricane. right now the winds are at 110 miles per hour. that's the uppermost threshold of a category 2 hurricane. we're about 180 miles from corpus christi so we're closing in on the coastline and the winds will pick up to tropical storm strength, some of those
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bands. right now northwest at 10 miles per hour and it will be slower by the time it gets to the coast. here's the latest path. next update is 11:00 a.m. east coast time. right now they're saying 120-mile-per-hour windsly bithis afternoon and 120-mile-per-hour winds by 1:00 a.m. this middle point about 125 miles per hour. landfall sometime around 10:00 p.m., maybe lmidnight local tim in corpus christi. then a category 1 by saturday afternoon. the winds won't be an issue after that. a closer look at one of our future radars, a computer predicting what the radar will look like. there's 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. that's the eyewall. that's where the destructive winds will be, especially this side, the eastern side is the strongest portion of the wind. we can get strong winds on the backside and that as of now looks like going through corpus christi, the backside of the eye, that would still do destruction to the city with winds possibly 80 to 100 miles
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per hour. but the 120 to 130-mile-per-hour dp gusts, that would be more on the eastern side. these are sparsely populated areas. port lavaca, 10,000 people, port of congress, those are to two of the cities that look to get hit the worst. this is another computer, called rpm forecast model. instead of taking corpus christi through the western eyewall it goes right over the top of the city so it's not set in stone who gets the worst of the eyewall as it moves onshore. we'll pinpoint that through this afternoon. of course the only other issue is when we deal with this storm, steph stephanie, as mentioned, flashflood watches continue for about week in texas. we have epic rainfall amounts, 15 to 20 inches of rain in the next several days with isolated totals up to 3 feet. that's this high. that's an incredible amount of rain. >> 3 feet. that's practically my height. my goodness. bill karins we'll check in with you throughout the day. this storm is coming.
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while bill karins is covering the cone of uncertainty, i'm going to come back and talk to you about the cone of gary. top white house economic adviser gary cohn speaking out over charlottesville, urging the administration to do more to condemn neo-nazis and white supremacists. this is the first we've seen a senior white house administration official speaking out, speaking against the president's remarks. his response to charlottesville. before we go, weekend update summer edition brought back alec baldwin as president trump. he just couldn't resist. remember the president's afghanistan speech on monday? well, he had some good news. >> first off, last night i solved afghanistan. solved! i sat down with our military, we looked at the map and i asked the hard questions like which one is afghanistan. is that blue thing an ocean. we're doing so much. ♪
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welcome back. i'm rule rule. turn up the volume for this one. top white house economic adviser gary cohn is publicly criticizing the trump administration saying the white house, quote, must do better in condemning neo-nazis and white supremacists. in a new interview with the "financial times," he says, "as a jewish american, i will not allow neo-nazis ranting jews will not replace us to cause this jew to leave his job.
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i feel deep empathy for all who have been targeted by these hate groups. we must all unite together against them." when i even read these i get choked up because i cannot believe this 2017 that we are talk about nazis like this. nbc's white house correspondent kristen welker joins me with the latest. kristen, i spoke to a source close to gary cohn this morning that said these remarks that he made, i mean, they are strong. he didn't clear this with the white house. he could face real backlash. >> reporter: right. we know that the administration did approve the interview broadly. but there is no reaction from the president to the specific words to the content of this interview. and of course that part wasn't cleared by the white house. this is gary cohn expressing his own feelings in the wake of the president's handling of charlottesville, which was widely criticized. we know that cohen was among those in this administration that really struggled with, was frustrated by the way the president seemed to compare
6:16 am
white supremacists to the counterprotesters. as a part of that interview in the "financial times," he also underscored the fact he thinks the administration needs to d more. another quote. he says, "i have come under enormous pressure both to resign and to remain in my current position." he goes on to say, "as patriotic american, i am reluctant to leave my post because i feel a duty to fulfill my commitment to work on behalf of the american people. but i also feel compelled to voice my distress over the events of the last two weeks." that is strong language, steph. the word distress really highlights how much gary cohn wrestled with this decision of whether to stay or whether to go. i think the context here is incredibly important. this interview comes before the administration is about to roll out its tax reform proposal. of course gary cohn will be a big part of that push. i think that he probably felt it was important to get ahead of the criticism that he was gefting for deciding to stay here in the administration. clearly he's made the decision to stay, to fight for principles
6:17 am
that made him enter this white house in the first place. so we await president trump's response to this, but one official makes the point that, look, gary is someone who's widely respected here, including by the president. so it is possible that the president will look at this and say it was a necessary step to clear the deck so that he could be the face of the tax reform plan heading into the fall. >> if you know gary or his history in wall street, he's a straight-talking guy and whether you like his decision to to stay or not, i can tell you from speaking to those close to him, he was doubt without a doubt agonized over this. my panel, michael lupica and bret stevens. both are msnbc contributors. also with me, one of my other faves, bill cohan, a special correspondent for "vanity fair," the author of "why wall street matters" and also wrote the book on goldman sachs and just last week bill cohan wrote a piece for "vanity fair" urging gary
6:18 am
cohn to quit. bill, i start with you. gary didn't quit but maybe he's put himself in a tougher position. to say the administration must do better, the administration didn't do anything. one person did -- donald j. trump. what position does this put gary in? >> well, stephanie, this is a very clever move from gary, i think, as you would expect. he's nothing if not savvy. given his interview to the "financial times" allowed him to talk about what the administration wants to d from a tax reform proposal, which is about to hit, obviously, and they of been working very hard on this. on the other hand, he knew he was probably going the get a question about charlottesville. i think he answered it as best he could. i obviously called on him to resign. i think this puts him in a very tough position, especially if he didn't clear it with the white house. i think, stephanie, this may be the signal that gary cohn knows he will not be fed chairman, that janet yellin will be
6:19 am
reappointed and it's not going to gary and so he's willing to take a risk about speaking out on this issue. >> really? hold on a second. if isn't gary speaking out against white supremacists and neo-nazis but sort of biding his time to get the fed chair seat, he's just sitting there working on tax reform? tax reform won't get done. >> he obviously believes it will get done. the question is why is he sticking around to lower taxes on people who are already very wealthy. maybe he's going to do something for the middle class if that can ever get done. but with fights being picked with mitch mcconnell and other people, it does seem -- and larry summers has said famously he doesn't think this tax reform bill will happen. i think gary must know -- and if you read the press carefully in the last few days there have been indications janet yellen is more likely to get reapounted than not and i think gary was biding his time, holding his tongue in case he was in a position to get the fed
6:20 am
chairmanship and i don't think that's going to happen now. >> let's go inside the white house. bret, gary cohn's statement is a stark contrast to what we heard from treasury secretary steve mnuchin. i want to share a bit of that. he went out of his way to defend the president saying, "while i find it hard to believe i should have to defend myself on this, or the president, i feel compelled to let you know that the president is in no way, shape, or form believe that neo-nazis and other hate group who is endorse violence are dwoift the groups that demonstrate in peaceful and lawful ways." mnuchin is saying something very different from gary cohn. how d you read that? >> defensiveness. i mean, look, this administration mnuchin is clearly gary cohn's minion. the treasury secretary is not the principal economic policy maker in the administration. the way i read cohn's remark is basically daring the president to fire him. i don't think the president can fire him. one thing trump knows is one of
6:21 am
the principal reasons he maintains support is because the markets have relative confidence in the economic team that they put forward. >> f.t. talked about it last week. gary walks out, the market drops. how is eric trump going to defend his father, i, and i alone hold up the market if gary cohn walks and the market drops? >> that's the end of trump's support certainly among people that he listens to, the robert mercers of the world, and that's bad news for him. gary cohn is saying this is a take it or leave it proposition for me. he has the hand over the president. he was smart to make these comments. >> dr. lupica? >> i think he's through. we were disagreeing about this. >> you think gary's through. >> maybe not today or next week or next month but at some point he will join the conga line of people leaving this administration. john mcmullen, a jersey guy, once said there was nothing more
6:22 am
limited than being a limited partner to george steinbrenner and i think that's what the cohn and the manuchins are finding out. >> mnuchin says thank you sir, may i have another. >> no accident that mnuchin was one of the producers of "horrible bosses 2." i think the question with guys like gary cohn is always what is the honorable thing to d here. and i realize that honor is not in fashion at this time in washington. is it to stay or is it to go? and i think he's clearly decided to stay because it sounded like he was saying if i leave the terrorists win. >> all these guys also know they have a life after government. >> if i leave the terrorists win. i get that. listen. steve bannon is out of the white house. that was clearly a knock to steve. he doesn't like that. and who comes out first thing this morning, breitbart news, you know, gro en trashes trump in the press with their very
6:23 am
clever globes next to gary's name where if you track it those breitbart smarties seem to put globes next to the globalist who might be jewish next to their names. we got you there. we see what you're doing. clever. not. >> this is the way -- this is classic steve bannon, which is funny because the guy owes his entire career to who else goldman sachs and capitalism. he spent time making money in places like hong kong. i don't think -- so let me just take this disagreement a step further. i don't think fgary goes becaus he has such an important role in this administration, unlike what larry summers had or anyone else. the only thing is all these guys, especially if you're in wall street, you're thinking about where you are socially in the hamptons five years hence. and i think all of these people are going to have to pay a reputational price. maybe they think they are
6:24 am
alexander haig and henry kissinger are holding up the nixon administration in its final days. but i think they also have a mind that this is going to cost them socially and i think that must be as much -- >> i need bill cohan to way in on this. if this is about what it's going to cost you socially, tom ford and valentino and roland saying hey steve mnuchin's wife, we're not sponsoring you, that wasn't good for the mnuchin brand this week, what do you think about gary's standing here? >> look, i think gary and steve mnuchin are in totally different worlds here. nuch nooch has drunk tsteve mnu koolaid. it's not pretty to watch. gary is wrestling with this. he's conflated two things. he made very strong comments about, you know, what the neo-nazis were doing in charlottesville, but he did not comment you'll notice on what president trump said when he first spoke about this in new jersey when he talked about the
6:25 am
all sides, and he was care to feel say i'm a jewish american and i'm not going to take this anymore and i'm not going to let them dictate what i do, but he did not say anything about president trump. i think that -- i agree a lot with what bret said but i think gary knows he's not going to get the fed job now and he is going to leave at some point when his tax work is done or if it can't be done then that's when he'll leave e when he realizes it won't be done. >> before we go, how v how does this sit with jared and ivanka? huge pressure on them to make a statement, two jewish americans who have basically said butkus. >> they didn't just drink the koolaid, those two. >> they are the koolaid. >> but here's the thing. what gary cohn said is what trump was defending himself against the other night in phoenix, because he thought he did swell after charlottesville, and clearly gary cohn says he didn't. >> then we have to go to you, broit bart saying too weak, too
6:26 am
little too, late. do you think waiting this long after trump as corrected or doubled down or druoubled down again, more poignant it happened today than last friday? >> i don't think people will remember but i think gary cohn realized there was a reputational issue he had to take care of and brand management is never far from the mind of anyone who's been running a major business. >> taking a stand in term offense principle in the trump administration, you can take a stand any day i guess. >> it was the right thing to d. >> it was. bill cohan, back to your vacation in nantucket, lucky guy. you two are stuck with me. when we return, amazon promises sweeping changes after its whole foods deal gets approved, sending other food retailers reeling. is this going to be a game changer for how we buy food? plus, back to texas as the lone star state prepares for the biggest storm to hit our shores in more than a decade.
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welcome back. time for your "morning primer," everything you need to know to start your day. beginning in charleston, south carolina, where a disgruntled restaurant employee is in custody accused of shooting and killing one person and taking another hostage at a popular
6:31 am
downtown restaurant thursday. the mayor says police shot the suspect and he's now in critical condition. the u.s. navy has identified a second missing sailor from the "uss john mccain," which collided with an oil tanker off the coast of singapore earlier this week. the remains of 26-year-old dustin doyen were found in a flooded compartment on the ship. eight sailors are still missing. look at this boy. a baby. and interior secretary ryan zeka has reportedly recommended shrinking -- listen to this -- shrinking the size of at least three national monument, but he did not suggest eliminating any of those sites. national monuments. and take a look at this bench-clearing brawl in detroit thursday. the confrontation escalated quickly at home plate after a player from the tigers and the yankees exchanged punches. this was one of three fights during the game. several players were ejected along with managers from both teams and a coach.
6:32 am
boy, oh, boy. and millions along the gulf coast are bracing for the impact this morning as hurricane harvey moves closer toward the coast of texas. forecasters say harvey is likely to become a category 3 hurricane by the time it makes landfall later today, potentially bringing winds at 100 miles an hour and up to 35 inches of rain. i want to go to nbc's joe friar in texas. 35 inches. i mean, 3 feet? >> reporter: they're afraid of catastrophic flooding up and down the coast. in galveston we're seeing the outer bands of this thing, raining off and on, sometimes heavier than this, winds picking up, thunder and lightning and they of warned everyone to be careful about the possibility of tornadoes forming as they pras for this hurricane. you might see a faris wheel and roller coaster, all part of an
6:33 am
amusement park right on the pier. it lab quiet place today. one of the big concerns is the storm surge in the heart of the hurricane where it will hit about 200 miles here in corpus christi. the surge get up to 12 feet. in galveston they're not as worried, the surge could be a few feet here but one of the bigger concerns even if there aren't hurricane-level winds is going to be the flooding. once this hurricane hits land it's expected to stall and just rain and rain heavily at times for days. and that's going to cause a lot of rain, even here in galveston, they're thinking anywhere from 15 to 20 inches and perhaps even more in isolated areas. this is a narrow island so flooding is a possibility here. people in galveston and around here know to take this very seriously. this place was hit hard by hurricane ike a decade ago, a lot of damage, a good deal of flooding and some lives were
6:34 am
lost. they're taking this seriously. so far in galveston we've only seen voluntary evacuations in some areas, and some of those people are trying to move to safer ground farther inland. stephanie? >> just ten years ago. i can see just behind joe the passion pier, the amusement park on galveston, which was wiped out following ike. here we are again, joe saying isolated areas bracing. think about this. we saw katrina not that long ago. think of the coverage and the people there, people now facing a storm of that magnitude and areas that might not be prepared. to the opening bell on wall street, open just about four minutes ago. the dow is up 60 already this morning. people will pay atex to the comments by gary cohn. we know the cohn hedge is in there, many on wall street feeling confident about tax are reform getting done if gary
6:35 am
takes that seat but also keeping an eye on grocery store wars. they are heating up. amazon says it will lower prices at whole foods starting monday. remember, whole foods is a high-priced grocer. one of the reasons people don't shop there why they call it whole paycheck, the prices. if amazon lowers them, look out below. shares of kroger, walmart, target and costco sank following the announcement on thursday, erasing nearly $12 billion, with a b, in market value. cnbc's dreeirdre bosa is coveri the story. walmart and target are teaming up to fight amazon but after what you saw happening to the grocers on thursday, can anybody fight the amazon train? >> a really good question. keep in mind walmart has fared much better than some of the stocks that you mentioned throughout the year because it has been on the forefront of making these changes. it has proven to be quite a xetd or the to amazon in the
6:36 am
e-commerce and grocery space. its partnership with google, its latest effort to stay on top of changing grocery trends and in this case shopping via voice. starting next month consumers will be able to place orders -- toilet paper, paper towel, avenue can doe, bananas, through their google home assistant. the smart speaker market is still in early stages. the amazon echo has already had dysfunction, but consumers don't yet feel super comfortable ordering their groceries or ordering things simply by voice. usually people want to see a screen so, this is part of walmart keeping up and trying to get ahead in the space as the trend picks up. >> now, when you think about what this is going to do in terms of the price wars, could amazon/walmart change the way people shop? excuse me. whole foods has traditionally been a high-end grosser that a lot of people don't even consider because they can't
6:37 am
afford it. >> yeah. that's that's right. you called it whole paycheck. that's what it's been known as. it's remarkable how quickly these changes are going to take effect. amazon just yesterday saying it expects to close the acquisition on monday and immediately when you walk into whole foods you'll see lower prices on things like avocados and rotisserie chicken. this could have huge ramifications across the grocery industry. i also want to highlight, though, that last year if you put amazon and whole foods' share of the u.s. food and beverage market together, it was less than 2%. some of the sell-off we did see yesterday may have been a little exaggerated and you're seeing some of these grocery to stocks come back today. but major ramifications for the industry. >> both avocados and rotisserie chicken, i like both. next, hurricane harvey taking aim at the state of texas. we'll explain why this storm could have a major impact on the region for years to come. but first a quick update
6:38 am
from nbc meteorologist bill karins. bill, when i think about 35, 36 inches, i mean, i've got a kid that height. >> what's that going to loike t the rivers? how many people stranded or rescues needed in the area. mind-boggli mind-boggling. that water is starting to come onshore. the tropical storm force bands are not far offshore. 110 miles an hour. we should shortly be looking at a major category 3 hurricane. we have 8 million people under tropical storm warnings, almost a million people under hurricane warnings. the track does bring us onshore in about 12 hours from now, 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. local time for the corpus christi, texas. that's where the first destruction will begin later this afternoon. that destruction could last well over a week in southeast texas. back with more details on hurricane harvey. there's nothing more important to me than my vacation. so when i need to book a hotel,
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investment management services from td ameritrade. welcome back. i'm stephanie ruhle talking hurricane harvey pummeling towards the gulf coast right now threatening millionings s of residents in its path. director of strategy at ibm bum, paul walsh, a meteorologist and expert on the effect of weather and climate on consumer behavior if business. paul, you say this hurricane could have a stronger impact than superstorm sandy. for those of us in new york and new jersey, we remember sandy. >> maybe not stronger but i would say equal or equivalent
6:43 am
to. as we start to lock at this kind of storm hitting that level of population, that level of strength, and especially because it looks like it's going to linger for days and days and the bigst impact of course is going to be that flooding impact that everyone's talking about. it has the impact, the immediate impact but it has that sort of lingering impact where people will have to recover and try to sort of put their lives pack together again. it's a really significant event and as you said by the minute it seems to be getting more dire. >> fast forward a week, a month, what's the poststorm impact? >> in fact, oftentimes that's the biggest impact of these kind of event where is of course before a storm you have the what i call the forecast factor, everybody running off to the homesteaders and -- >> getting the sandbags and the water and getting out of town. >> that's been amplified because of social media so, the e fact of that forecast factor, especially with a big storm like this, is amplified
6:44 am
exponentially. when the storm hits, everybody's hunkered down and the economy grinds to a halt. that area where that storm is hitting according to mark standee, makes up about 3.5% of the entire dpd gdp of the u.s. it will grind to a halt. once it's over it will reel back up but it takes a while for dollars to flow in. there could be disruptions, people that have to move like during sandy and katrina, and that's the kind of impact we're seeing. this could be a really big economic hit to the u.s. >> a big economic hit. clearly a weather hit happening right now. thanks so much for joining me. i appreciate it. we'll talk more about the economy and money because next it's "money, power, politics." the white house backing off its promise. this one blows my mind. to release a plan on tax reform, pushing it off to congress to come up with it. does that mean it's effectively did? remember the president said my god they're coming up with a plan and they gave us that
6:45 am
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politics." new report says the white house won't release its tax reform proposal. did you hear what i said? instead it will rely on the gop-held house and senate to take the lead on the issue. it follows yesterday's report from bloomberg that says republican leaders were expecting relevant committees in house and senate to start the effort. i want to bring my panel in on this one, mike lupica and bret stevens. tell me i'm reading this wrong. the president has started a narrative in the last few weeks, i came to do all this, it's the congress, they do nothing, they suck. the only people whose approval rate rgs lings are lower than t president are his fellow republicans in congress. does the president see the writing on the wall that tax reform is going the way of health care and simply leaving us to blame it on congress? >> this is donald trump's way of saying look, ma, no hands. this is sort of preemptive political self-cover he's providing. think about major legislation in the past or efforts in
6:50 am
legislation. how did obamacare work? it was a process that was driven directly from the white house. why did george w. bush fail to get, for instance, social security reform a dozen years ago again a dozen years ago this is almost guaranteeing that tax reform is going to end up, once again, a still born legislation. >> except, of course, my guys are going to be the best at this. when he talked about tax reform, he had mnuchin and gary cohn at the podium. the white house had these self-mandated deadlines and they all seem to be disappearing. >> i coached, but, boy, do they play back? look, it's not like he actually charged san juan hill on health care either. >> you and your sports references. so clever. >> it makes sense. sports is far more serious than what we're seeing in washington at this time. but they didn't take the lead on health care. i don't even know what day it was that all of a sudden it was
6:51 am
mitch mcconnell's problem and not the president of the united states' problem on health care. you're 100% right. tax form is going to be exactly the same way. but at some point you have to say, well, what's your definition of leadership here because second-guessing is not leadership. >> okay. then, help me understand in that interview gary cohn did, we have been working very closely with speaker ryan and leader mcconnell. they are two of the big six. we work well together and we have made a massive amount of progress and goes on to say, i have no doubt they will work with us to do that because they know how important tax reform is for the country. how can gary cohn claim that the white house is united when president trump couldn't be dumping on mitch mcconnell harder? >> tell us what the details of the reform are. i mean, the thing is trump is ambivalent about what he wants to be with respect to the republican party. and i think he's thinking about 2020. there is a scenario in which
6:52 am
trump becomes a de facto independent, kind of like a bull moose, if you will candidate. and can win re-election with something like 35% of the vote. so, distancing himself from the globalest the fat cats who want nothing except tax reform for the goldman sachs of the world. i think he's keeping his options open. as a political move, it's not a stupid thing. >> if this is a political move, a different duo on an independent ticket. john kasich and hicken looper. colorado and ohio. do you see it happening? >> do i see it happening? it might happen. they won't win. why would anybody think, and i have great respect for john kasich, i do. but why would they think he would have any more traction in two years than he had the last time around? you know what occurs to me following this presidency -- >> because the country is in a different place two years from
6:53 am
now. >> people say they want moderation and leadership. they never really do. ask yourself when the sort of moderate milk toast candidates ever win anything. what people tell themselves -- >> only crazy wins. >> ran and won on that. that's what he said to the guys on the stage. the men and women on the stage, that's exactly what he said to them. don't go for me, go for. now the result is, i keep looking at this graphic today about this storm and i think that's the way we're covering politics now. is it a category 1 day for president trump, category 2 day or category 3 day. >> you know what, brett, maybe it's time to get courageous and say crazy doesn't need to win. >> good luck. >> i'm not saying trump is crazy. but in general, does it have to be extreme? how about being reasonable? >> generally speaking, people don't like their drinks watered down. >> wow. you know, that was an excellent,
6:54 am
generally speaking -- >> the reality of politics today we have a politics in america in which the central response to the fringe and bend to the fringe, not the other way around. i'm not quite sure when this happens but that's the reality. i think it's happening on the democratic side, as well. do you think most democrats say the right response to a republican, to the trump presidency is john kasich as a potential president with governor hickenlooper. they're both terrific guys. that's not where the democratic heart lies. >> wow. people don't like their drinks watered down. brett just poured cold water on me. hurricane harvey texas in its crosshairs. that is clever. that is so heartbreaking. >> that's politics today.
6:55 am
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before we go. i have to tell you this happened. my friend adrian greiner told me and challenged me to stop sucking. notice anything about that picture. it is my kids and i at my favorite restaurant but across that picture we all got straws. why does this matter? because americans use 500 million plastic straws every day, according to lonely whale.
6:59 am
that's his foundation dedicated to saving the oceans. hence the foundation's challenge for people across the world who love this planet who love our seas to stop using those plasic straws. so, #stopsucking. challenge accepted mr. greiner. i will stop and i hope others do, too. that wraps us up for the hour. i'm stephanie ruhle and i'll ses with chris jansing. >> you know another reason not to suck, because it gives you those lines. >> there you go. >> gosh. >> so smart. >> i'm so full of useless information. i love that you name dropped. i'm chris jansing. intensifying hurricane harvey is on a collision course with texas. expected to strengthen to a category 3 hurricane in just a matter of hours and make landfall later tonight.
7:00 am
the first category 3 to strike the u.s. in almost 12 years. > the impacts devastating and life threatening, those aren't just our words. those are from the national hurricane center. we're talking about nearly up to three feet of rain in some spots. severe flooding from that rain and potential storm surge of 12 feet. plus, destructive winds of up to 125 miles per hour. 8 million people are under hurricane warnings. mandatory and voluntary evacuation orders have been issued and the governor of texas have declared a state of disaster for 30 counties. there's one message that we need to get to everybody and that is, heed warnings. your life is in potential danger. >> get out of dodge. >> president trump spoke on the phone with the governor's of texas and louisiana to pledge all available federal resources as he continues to battle his own party and lash out at leaders over the debt ceiling. much more on that coming


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