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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  August 26, 2017 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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hammering away at texas and the gulf coast at this hour. it's been downgraded to a category three. but the danger is far from over. with sustained winds topping 120 miles per hour. har voo first touch fd down near rock port texas around 10:00 p. 10:00 p.m. local time. and again an hour ago near the shore. more than 200,000 people are
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without power. the national ocean service reports a storm surge of almost 6 feet in some places. harvey is expected to remain over texas through wednesday. weakening somewhat but still producing what forecasters call catastrophic flooding with rainfall up to 40 inches. texas hasn't seen a hurricane of this magnitude since 2008. since ik hit in 2008 and caused estimated $22 billion. >> that's right. we got a report within the last hour from the hurricane center. let's go over to meteorologist. for those folks that are just joining us, the big difference it's actually a small difference. >> you're counting wind speed of 5 miles per hour. you're not going to see a large change in the type of damage that you'll see with that gradual weakening. it's really tonight into tomorrow when the winds will step down and you won't see the extreme gusts. the concern turns to flooding. it's a multi-stage storm.
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we're getting through the storm surge right now and the high winds. that will continue throughout the day here on saturday. so we're not done with it just yet. so you see on our big monitor here, this is something that you'll be seeing the next couple days. this radar image will be impressive. the storm has made second land fall. look how healthy it looks. you don't see a dramatic difference from the time made land fall to now. the storm isn't weakening quickly. the impacts will continue and on and on. that's why we're calling this an iron man storm. it doesn't impact you for 24 thours, 36 hours like we're used to. this will be around for days. let's take a look the. if there's any sliver of good news you can see the expansiveness of the origin and red. the cloud tops have shrunk a bit. that's just a slight glimmer.
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the news really isn't good. this is what we'll be tracking for the next couple of days. the rain becomes the big story. the pink outline is a tornado wap. that tornado watch now has been extended until 1:00 this afternoon local time. and that's because the tornado threat is still ongoing. the last time you checked in with me you saw red boxes with tornado warnings. they have been dropped. within a matter of 15 minutes you can go from no warnings to warnings or vice versa. you need to have your plan already in place. you can't be trying to make the preparations now. especially areas around the corpus christi area. upwards near victoria. you're seeing the damaging wind. heavy rain, damaging wind right now. but you're not getting the storm surge because that's the wind is coming back in off the lands. pushing water away. meanwhile up the coast not the
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same story. you may see the reporters they're not dealing with the storm surge. up the coast they are. you cannot put your guard down. it's going to be bad. these are the rainfall amounts we have seen. this is early in the game. we're not even 24 hours into the storm system. these are radar estimates over 7 inches of rain here. think about it. 7 inches of rain on any ord ordinary day can cause flooding. the winds are counter clock wise with the storm. you're getting the push of gulf of mexico sea water. combining with the fresh water. and causing a lot of problems where the water can't drain out. that's why the flooding problem is just beginning now in a lot of areas. this is no joke. 40 inches of rain possible in parts of this area. this is a multi-day storm. it's important you don't become desensitized by this. you have the initial push of wind and sorm surge.
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the story becomes rain and ice layed tornado. we're walking you through the whole storm until is ends. probably sometime next week. >> some parts measuring in feet. depends on the isolated areas. 40 inches potentially an average here. steve, also in that latest advisory in the last hour or so, is harvey still doing that loop which means corpus christi will get another one, two punch. >> the storm system will do a loop. this storm is wobbling right now. cut off from the steering winds. usually steering winds will drive a hurricane and tear it apart and move it out. there are no steering winds. this is a wobbler and it will wobble. the models don't do a great job with that. we know the southeast third of texas will get lot of rain. which spots get the 40 inches we toent know. in all likelihood major metro
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poll tan areas are all in fair game. not everywhere will see the 40 inch totals. 10 to 20 inches is nothing to joke about. and could cause serious damage and it will over the next couple days. >> over in corpus christi there are already reports of damage from intense winds and all that rainfall we have been talking about. down power lines and collapsed roofs are among the early reports of damage. as the hurricane continues to barrel down the surrounding area. let's go to corpus christi. not far from where the hurricane made first lands fall. what's the situation now? >> last hour we were talking about 158,000 people without power. those numbers are inching up. now we have 162,000 people without electricity here. of course the fact that the numbers are going up is something to be expected. as the hours go by. and this storm continues to impact the area. another thing to mention the
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airport here has now closed. what they have been doing during the day is allowing airlines to cancel flights. sort of in a peace meal fashion. the airport here had remained open until now. they just announced that this airplane will remain closed until at least monday. so no flights in and out of corpus christi. odd story coming out of here from corpus christi police. at 11:00 p.m. tonight just as hurricane harvey was making land fall just north of here, a homeowner shot and intruder. police had to go respond to that. in the middle of the category four storm. they say the intruder of coherent as he was transported today a local hospital. but again, these were first responders that were forced to go out and respond to an incident in the middle of the massive winds, torrential rain that we have been experiencing here in corpus christi. and that was the concern from
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city officials throughout the day. just how first responders would handle dealing with the hurricane and responding to those in need. this situation they were able to do it safely. >> thank god for that. it seems like it's calm where you are. was it this way earlier as well? >> no it was not. again the winds keep shifting. the longer we stand out here we see the difference. we notice variations in which way the winds is blowing. right now the winds do appear to have calmed down significantly since we came out here two hours ago. and even juts an hour ago. the rain also has stopped. we have a little bit of what i call a mist coming off the beach here. but as far as the torrential downpour that we saw an hour ago, ta has stopped for now. of course you hear all of the forecasts that we are expecting rain in feet here. so not the time for corpus christi or any of the areas to
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let their guard down. >> other breaking news we're following on this saturday. as the storm is hitting texas. reports up and down the coast in that state. president trump also making some dramatic moves at the same time that harvey was hitting hand fall. announcing a presidential pardon for sheriff joe arpaio. on friday. he is the long time top law official in arizona. last month he was convicted of criminal contempt of court for ignoring a judges order to stop rounding up people he suspected of being undocumented immigrants. and in a statement tonight the white house saying this in part. sheriff joe arpaio is 85 years old and after more than 50 years of service to the nation, he is worny candidate for a presidential pardon. >> also last night the president made the ban on transgender troops official. signing an order that directs the pentagon to move forward on the ban but remains unclear what will happen to transgender personnel already serving.
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it bans the department of defense from providing medical treatment to transgender service members. late friday the ousting of sebastian gorka. a deputy add vie r to the president who had ties to far right political groups and called islam a violent religion. >> hurricane harvey still the top storimey. in the last hour the storm made a second land fall as well in texas on the northeast shore. more on all of this when we get back. with the fastest retinol formula to visibly reduce wrinkles. neutrogena®. the whole country booking on choice four words, badda book. badda boom... let it sink in. shouldn't we say we have the lowest price?
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at making land fall few hours ago at a category four. destructive winds and catastrophic flooding is expected. >> while that's all happen as. aid workers are getting ready and are ready to respond to what could be a devastating storm in the area. not only right now but the days to come. joining us on the phone. spokesperson for american red cross in. the worry we have and there are many. wub one of which electricity. whether the power out and is ongoing. there is so many services that depend on electricity to keep folks safe. live pictures here. where it's been quite windy so far. >> we are certain hi worried about infrastructure outages. we urge people to take measures such as having back up flashlights making sure you have back up batteries. and you have all your devices charged up and in advance. so if you need to stay informed
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about hazards and weather conditions in the area you can do so as best that you can. >> from what you're hearing so far how much need will be for relief aid. >> we're prepared if trt worst in the scenario. it's scary we haven't had a hurricane this large in texas for such a long time. we know people maybe unprepared for this. we encouraged families to take measures like building a kit and heeding the warnings and coming to evacuation shelters. but communities across texas and austin where i am in central texas are really prepared to help shelter the coastal evacwees as well as provide relief from innand flooding that will come from the rains we're expecting. >> part of what you do you get all the e-mails and calls. all throughout the night and morning. now we're in the morning hours locally. what have you heard as of late in terms of that type of
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information? requests for help. >> so far in central texas, the rain is really just beginning to fall. but we're starting to hear the damage reports of it gets closer to the coast. and we're getting a sense the damage is severe. >> what kind of damage are you hearing about? >> we heard about damage structures, wind damage. flooding start to impact homes in the coastal areas. but it will really become more clear as the sun comes up. and right now we're sort of prepared to scale up the relief operation as needed. we have supplies and volunteers prepositioned across the state to make sure we're able to help the neighbors in need. >> as you are looking at the human capitol. that's really the question as we're hitting day two and all the fire departments the police departments, the first responders, we're getting into day three soon and they're all working so very hard.
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what do you doing to make sure that all the people that are key in helping out are staying healthy and strong? >> this is the situation that we train for and prepare for 365 days a year. while we know we hope it doesn't happen we have volunteers who train and ready to respond. luckily because the red cross has a large net work of trained relief workers across the nation, we have folks ready to deploy in and on the way now to support the local work force. we had a huge out pouring of local community members who wanted to volunteer to help in evacuation shelters and in fact just here in the central and south texas area we were able to train a lilt over 100 new volunteers yesterday alone. we're ready to scale up and support people as this relief operation continues. >> part of what you do is you stage your resources especially in the corpus christi area. as i have been calling it a four
12:19 am
quarter game here because you made it through the front end of harvey now the back end is coming through. if theest nations are right you get two more quarters after that. @will come back around and hit again. when you get that little bit of a break, what is it that you're going to do to prepare for potentially the second half? >> we have to get a good sense of what the damage is so far. and we want people at home to know that they can go to red and find shelters in the area. they may have made it through the first round of rain without having any severe flooding in their street or home, it might happen with the next round. this is going to be a marathon or in some ways it's going to be a sprint right in a row. we want people to know that this is going to be a multi-day process. not to let their guard down and be aware of what shelters are
12:20 am
available in their community. >> you know it may not sound important to everybody, for a lot of people they are reluctant to leave their homes because they don't want to leave pets behind. do you know if shelters are accepting pets as well as people? >> with know pets are like a member of the family to most people. most shelters work with animal resource groups in every local community. and they help shelter animals in a facility next to or in a room under the same roof with the evacuation shelterment for example the largest shelter here in austin there's a very comfortable room with crates for animals and people who brought pets with them to evacuate have a safe place to put them and take care of them. >> how are you putting this into context for those in texas will remember obviously tropical storm allison about half the
12:21 am
strength of what harvey has been so far. 22 people estimated died because of the flooding that happened there after. that's what we're worried about. up and down the coast of the gulf of mexico is flooding. what are you doing different this time and how are you putting it into context of what happened in 2001? >> we are trying to urge people to take this very seriously. we are now in a social media age where we have tools to communicate that weren't available and weren't around during the allison response and during most other major hurricanes in texas. luckily we have the new tools to get messaging out and having conversations with the community that we serve. to make sure they know what to do. so we're doing our best to impress upon them how large this really is and how careful they need to be. by learning from history, and gi giving them important
12:22 am
preparedness tips through all the new technologies we have. >> social media does help in these situations as you're trying to get out ot latest data for folks and trying to avoid trouble. there in the central and south texas region. you have a lot of work ahead of you. thank you for taking a break. >> the new concerns for the people of texas now that hurricane harvey has made land and people listen to the warnings and leave and what lies ahead for those who tried to stick it out. a update on the hurricane. meteorologist is calling an iron man storm. when we return. ucky because our in-laws moved in with us. so great. those are moms. yes, they are. and our adult children, they're here too. so we save by using tide. which means we use less. now we get three generations of clothes clean in one wash. has anyone seen my pants? i found 'em ellen!
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it was stronger than forecasters had expected. hurricane harvey unleashing a category four fury making lapd fall in rock port texas about ten miles knot east of corpus christi. with winds speeds of about 130 miles per hour. even with all the warnings, some residents were surprised by harvey's strength. >> we didn't board it up. but we're kind of just hoping we didn't think it would actually end up category four. >> a trouble may have just begun for the state of texas. good morning. >> here's athe late es we have as we track the storm here at the bottom of the hour for you. wimd winds of more than 120
12:27 am
miles per hour continue to batter texas and the gulf at this hour. thanks to hurricane harvey. harvey has been downgraded slightly to a category 3 hurricane as it makes a second land fall. leaving 200,000 people without power so far. the national hurricane center is warning of dangerous storm surges of up to 12 feet in some areas. and nearly 40 inches of rainfall before harvey moves out on wednesday. on harvey's outer edges there's a tornado watch to add to this. with at least one sided so far near plantation. that is about 25 miles south of houston. now about a dozen texas counties and cities are under mandatory evacuation orders today as forecasters warn of catastrophic floods that are just beginning. >> in corpus christi not far from when the hurricane made land fall. what reports have you heard about damage so far?
12:28 am
>> we actually just got a report that the harbor master building which is on the pass. that is just north of us just a few miles away. actually gave way during hurricane harvey. of course this was a category four storm, so that is to be expected that will will be some structural damage here. of course the question is, what extent is that structural damage going to be visible once the sun comes up. sunrise around 7:05 this morning. by then the winds are expected to die down slightly from the levels now. however we are expecting hurricane force winds throughout the day and tropical storm force winds tomorrow. so corpus christi will be dealing with the winds and rain for quite sometime. you mention it's a try if he can . you have a predicted forecast of flooding that is talking about
12:29 am
rainfall totals in feet. and of course here in corpus christi, you have an area that is sort of low lying, near the water that we're concerns about storm surge between 6 to 12 feet. further inland of course you have drtributaries. what we're waiting for is first responders to be able to go out once the winds calm down, assess the situation, see what streets are open. what areas might be inaccessible. areas being inaccessible for several weeks dependsing on the level of damage. that is something we don't have handle on because the storm is still unfolding at this point. right now 162,000 people here without power. some of the lucky ones are here just over my shoulder. they have electrical system here is actually under ground. so they have not lost power yet. they are the lucky ones.
12:30 am
we here have we're functioning off emergency power right now. again in the corpus christi area alone. 162,000 people without power. number that is are expected to climb throughout the day. >> wow. thank you. >> let's get the latest on the storm which made land fall a few hours ago. let's get straight over to meteorologist steve. i gez as we watch the slowing of harvey we're seeing lower wind gusts. >> one thing that i want to let people know you're going to be hearing a lot throughout the day today, downgraded, downgraded. and the reason why you shouldn't focus on that is because the storm threat is evalving to a flood threat. is doesn't matter what the winds speeds are when you have a flood situation unfolding. just because the winds are stepping down i don't want people to go into a false sense of security that everything is not going to be as bad. this is a slow evolution storm. it's building, it's snowballing on itself. so we're going through round one
12:31 am
now. that's the wind that's the storm surge. latest update from the hurricane center as of 3:00 this morning. winds are down to 115. don't get hung up on the number. this is what you need to focus on. the storm moving at six miles per hour. you can run faster than that in some cases. and the storm is only going to continue to slow down more. so that's why the concern is going over to some heavy rainfall. the impacts are still there. for the next several hours of the life threatening storm surge. the reason why you're still dealing with a wind coming in off the water at 115 miles per hour. so you're still piling up the water here. and remember a lot of barrier islands are getting tomorrow surge, but it's raining at the point of two to 3 inches an hour. that water has nowhere to go. this is a vulnerable situation. it's not as bad in corpus christi. there's damage. it's not safe. but my concern is north and east of there. that's why the right front quadrant is. the part of the storm that is a
12:32 am
menace. notice this pink out line. that's the tornado watch. you don't see that in the corpus christi area. they're in the area of heavy rain, strong winds, conditions not great. but this is the dangerous quadrant of the storm. north and east of corpus christi. up towards the gal ves ton area. the water is funneling in. a lot of people maybe trapped on the barrier islands. the good news it's fairly rural location. but again this is an evolving storm here. we were just looking at some of the latest computer models the european just came in. it keeps the storm arnds until saturday. it's an accumulation effect. it may not happen right away. over time we'll see the impacts continue to increase. rainfall totals. they're saying 7 to 9 inches has fallen in a good chunk east of corpus christi. you'll see this blossom. while the winds will come down
12:33 am
the rain field will still continue to be intense through the nebs couple days. here are the rainfall totals still projections of 40 inches of rain. i was talking to the weather producer. he's saying through next saturday we maybe dealing with this storm system. so again, it's not all at once. it's evolving situation that we'll be talking about the impact from the storm probably weeks to come from the devastation. >> at what point do we know do you think here, that the cone that potential path that harvey could take. when do we get sure about where it's going. >> we wish we were more sure. the problem is when we have steering winds we can better predict. there are no steering winds. it is steering itself. wobbling. jogging all over the place. models do not do well with itment the one thing we do know is in this area it will be doing some sort of loop.
12:34 am
and it will continue to draw in moisture. if we could get it further north we could cut off the moisture supply. it's the proximity to the coast that keeps it juiced up and will cause the rain totals. i don't want people thinking if you're not seeing cars under way that the situation is over. it's an evolving situation. keep your awareness and make your preparations. you could be dealing with flood waters for weeks. it's texas. there's probably no air-conditioning if you lose power. you can't put the power gois up on the laerds and stuff until the wind come down. that may not be until next week. it's a long duration event. >> about an hour northeast of hurricane harvey first land fall in rock port. the weather channel has been watching the latest for us. we go to him now. >> coming in the first category four in texas land falling since
12:35 am
1961. that was car la. this is the worst they have seen since 1970. they missed ik here. they're not missing this one. this wind has been unrelenting since about dinner time friday. gusting over hurricane force. we have had gusts upwards of 125 miles per hour plus. that area including rock port those areas getting hit very hard. and reports of structural damage. the hurricane froze on its brakes. there's no steering flow. this will last through a good part of the weekend. imagine that. this is not moving or moving out like most hurricanes and storms. and asays and clean up. this will last for days. inland areas, heavy rainfall too. as far as san antonio and austin. houston lookout. you're susceptible to flooding just from a thunderstorm. this could be certainly a paralyzing across a wide area of the great state of texas.
12:36 am
in the meantime the water continues to rise. the surge around 6 feet so far. they could get as high as ten feet. you get a sense of what we're dealing with on saturday morning. and will be dealing with most of the day and probably most of the weekend. the power is out. the town pretty much evacuated. a curfew in place as we hunker down. we are 15 feet above the grounds of this hotel. a solidly built structure. we're in a safe place as we ride out hurricane harvey. >> let's hope so. >> yeah. a lot of feet of water there. we have an update on the flooding expected from hurricane harvey. the storm coming ashore a few hours ago as the fiercest hurricane to hit the u.s. in 13 years. happening right now.
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12:40 am
life threatening floosh flooding along the middle and upper texas coast. 15 to 30 inches of rain is expected with isolated amounts of up to 40 inches. >> for many of those who evacuated the area ahead of the hurricane. there are open questions about when they will get back to home. and how different their neighborhoods certainly will look. here are two people speaking about their evacuations. >> i'm wondering what is will look like when we go back monday or tuesday. if we can even get back at this poipt. >> we're not worried about things we're worried about people. >> this is only the beginning of the projected days lodge storm. state officials are prepares short and long term responses. texas attorney general already issued advisories on price gouging. joining us now by phone. communications director for the attorney general office. this is a problem texas has faced during previous hurricanes, so what are you doing differently this time
12:41 am
around to curb price gouging on essentials? >> this is just one of the unfortunate things that happened in the wake of storms. we see the good of people we see the heart of people come together. we see people who want to try to take advantage of those who are most vulnerable. and our office has set up a consumer protection hot line. we have a web site an e-mail, a phone line. just specifically designated for people in this storm stricken region. and we'll find out about these as we already have begun to receive over 100 calls yesterday. we'll find out and we'll find the people and deal with it. >> along with that, are the folks that getting lewded. we had a report. she heard of a report that a lewder was shot by a homeowner. trying to get into the home. what's your plan to handle some
12:42 am
cases. >> the case is this, the law enforcement officials, federal, state and local have been staged since yesterday afternoon. that is where i happen to be hunkered down. these men and women brave men and women are prepared, ready to go out and take to the streets. they have very strategic plans on land and on water. and eventually by air. where they will conduct visual surveillance. they will conduct search and rescue. and there is a i assure you a plan in place for anyone and everyone who is caught thinking about or trying to attempt to loot or any other type of crime in this area. they will pay severely. >> how much of an area are we talking about here? >> the staging took place in corpus christi. as you all know we learned each time the storms come they can take wild turns. this turned as you have seen
12:43 am
north and so they will be spread out. really from the corpus christi area well north of rock port. there's such a vast area affected and still so much unknown. we have heard a few popcorn reports of things that happened. nothing official. because communications have been so dramatically impacted. and so we expect to see as daylight begins to dawn, we think we'll see get out and get a good first look all over the region. and exactly what has transpired and we'll know from there the conditions we have to face. >> part of what you do here, and we thank you for what you do there in law enforcement. as you plan for the height of the disaster. do you believe you've hit one of the hit heights of the disaster and do you think your advanced planning is exactly what you needed. >> i want to make sure im clear. i'm a spokesman. these heros that i have been
12:44 am
with the last many hours, they have planned thoroughly. especially those from law enforcement agencies in this region. but the cool thing we have seen the heart of texas comes out in times of tragedy. law enforcement officials from all over the state joined by everyone from army national guard and u.s. coast guard and so many state agencies here to just back up and support and lead the way on assisting people. they are ready. they are prepared. this will be a massive act when they are unleashed. and they hit this region this morning and begin to conduct the rebuilding process. >> we know president trump signed a disaster declaration for texas. that happened on friday night. how much does this help? >> it helps tremendously. our governor premtively declared 30 counties last week as a disaster area.
12:45 am
that's helpful. but when the president of the united states comes and issues this area as a disaster area, that more or less immediately unleashes federal funds to help begin the rebuilding process. building back peoples homes, businesses and their lives chls their livelihood. so all texasens are grateful. we hear about all the division in america today, let me tell you now in the coming days you'll see hearts united in texas. not only texas but people who are pouring in assistance sfr all over the united states to come here and help. and the president activity was one of the many great acts that we'll see. >> do you have any sense of how many people decided to leave their homes and evacuate. and also how many people decided to stay home? >> that's a million dollar question. it's a scary question. because a lot of people we have seen over and over again in the
12:46 am
storms people decide that they're going to ride it out. we're going to stay. we lived here our whole lives we're not leaving and get this mentality a hard headed mentality. they don't leave. and a storm turns and hits direct head onto where they were. and we see a lot of injury and loss of life our biggest fear is people in the rock port area. who thought it would be further south and thought they were going to ride it out. or perhaps the island. we lived here and we're going to stay. that storm decided to slam there. again unfortunately and sadly we won't know the out come until the sun comes up and law enforcement officials can go and begin to assess the damage. >> as we all know, every storm there are always people who do decide to do just what you were talking about. how do you find out where they are if they're in trouble, and how can you protect them if they
12:47 am
do get into trouble? >> protecting them if they get in trouble i learned in being with the law enforcement is the hardest thing. because once the storm start ts pounding down it's at its highest point of rage. law enforcement officials become more or less helpless while the storm is doing what it does. and so here you have a people who in their mind decided they were going to make a decision that could be costly to them physically or their life and they've made the decision and now it's a waiting game. once the sun comes up and we can dispatch people, mobilize people towards the area that was hardest hit and towards every area up and down the coast from really the bay down to where i am. only then will we see the destruction with our eyes and assess that and determine what steps need to be taken from
12:48 am
there. >> mark, communications director for texas attorney general office. thank you. and best of luck. >> absolutely. great conversation there. really insight in terms of how they're preparing. let's get straight over now to get the latest on harvey. meteorologist still with us right now. watching some of the pictures coming out of texas. not too far from where mike was reporting. there he was saying i'm at 16 feet above the ground right now. i can see water. these are tough spots. >> where mike is. they have seen a storm surge of 6.3 feet. i'm 5'11". that's taller than i am. the water comes in. it's a rush a force. and it's one of the most powerful and it's the most deadly force in hurricanes. that's why storm surges always the number one threat. but not far behind it is the flood threat.
12:49 am
that's the one that will be taking over here for the nebs couple days. if not for a week. the radar behind me this is harvey. down to a weaker category three. again don't get caught up on the downgrades. it sounds like the storm is going away. it's not. it's transitions into more of a heavy rain, prolific rain event for areas of southeast texas and again the storm is a wobbler. you see the erratic turns and jogs. and corpus christi missed the right front quadrant of the storm. that's where the wind the storm surges the greatest. while corpus christi has had considerable damage. when daylight coming up here in a couple hours it's north and east of there. near rock port that we have seen the most damage. we had people trapped earlier. and again we talked about the emergency responders. remember if you did ride out the storm and you try to get out and got stuck. now the emergency managers their lives are at risk. and that situation is still
12:50 am
ongoing in that north eastern quadrant of the storm. things have not gotten better. we're down to 115 miles per hour. you're getting the force of the water and heavy rain and tornados with that. brief spin ups ta are happening and are spontaneous. the tornado warning can be issued within a matter of minutes and be dropped because the storm is moving at 45 or 50 miles per hour. they're racing. so here's the projected path. this is from the 11:00 p.m. advice ri. we'll get a fresh advisory at 5:00 a.m. eastern. you see harvey moves north and west. it heads towards the san antonio area and loops back down towards the gulf. so there will be a window where the weather improves in corpus christi. probably later on this morning. but backs down as we head towards tomorrow night and monday. there maybe windows where you can get out and try to assess
12:51 am
some of the damage and stuff like that. keep abreast of the changing weather system. there maybe windows where thipgs improve and go down a hill again. that's the big story over the next few days. >> hurricane harvey has been downgraded to a category three. it is still packing strong winds with gusts up to 160 miles per hour. coverage continues with another check of the forecast in a moment. whuuuuuat?rtgage offer from the bank today. you never just get one offer.
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it is not just the wind and storm surge folks are worried about with hurricane harvey. there's a tornado watch as well. the storm streptened from a category one storm to a category four as it made land fall. it's now a cat three. >> live pictures out of the texas. where it's still going hard here in terms of the wind gusts. weather channel is in victoria, texas. which is being battered with wind and rain. here's part of his report for
12:55 am
the weather channel a couple moments ago. >> welcome back everyone. you're watching continuous coverage of hurricane harvey. where i happen to be in texas, right here at the hotel i have the camera over in that direction. but right down the street my field producer reported some power lines just knocked down. that area. would not be surprised to see more of the same happen all across this le region. back in 2003 we had a hurricane that came through and thoked power out to 90% of the city. i think that's going to be another problem. to compound the problem is the power to be restored you have to have line crews and power crews. the issue is with the rain in the forecast it could be several feet of rainfall. it's going to be next to impossible for the crews to make the way through to restore power. my gosh what a fix we're going to be in in parts of texas for days to come. almost getting blasted back to the stone age itself. it will be a rough time.
12:56 am
life threatening situation to doubt about it. not just on the coastline but further inland. way up towards places like san antonio and bear county. travis county. austin texas. the beautiful hill country. the big story will be the green on the radar. heavy rain from that part. clear down to the plains of texas. what a dangerous situation we're going to have. you'll remember not long ago the blan koe river swelling its banks. remember what a life threatening situation we had. live ts lost there. unfortunately we could see a situation similar to that all across the texas coastline and further inland. terrifying prospect, no doubt. >> new reports at the top of the hour. wide swath of southeast texas will strong winds and torrential rain for than 200,000 people without power along the texas coast. we'll be right back.
12:57 am
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1:00 am
thanks for staying with us on msnbc. breaking news this morning, i'm richard lui. >> i'm milissa reyberger. the first category-four storm hitting, hitting before midnight east coast time, as it continued to strengthen. a powerful hurricane the likes of which we haven't seen in 12 years. it is slamming texas