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tv   First Look  MSNBC  August 30, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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i'll see you at 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. eat earn time and again tomorrow tonight. good night from nbc headquarters in new york. this has been a an effort. again, we will see you soon. i will tell you, this is historic. it's epic, what happened. but, you know what, it happened in texas. and texas can handle anything. thank you all, folks. thank you. thank you. the floodwaters are rising and so is the death toll in the wake of hurricane harvey. today, the storm is expected to track inland once more. plus, president trump makes a stop in texas for a first hand look at some of the devastation and pledges a recovery better than any before. and later, japan says the
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firing of a missile over japan, the u.n. now condemning this latest test but isn't taking any action. ♪ good morning, everyone, it's august 29th. i'm ayman mohyeldin along i'd yasmin vossoughian and louis burgdorf. harvey will make landfall once again as some towns on the edge have measured 50 inches of rain. with the president's and first lady's visit yesterday, the situation became more dire for many in the city and across south texas. in all, there have been nearly 19,000 water rescues across south texas as of last night. the death toll has climbed once more, now to nine. but images are circulating across social media. along those killed, houston police officer sergeant steve perez. the chief of police spoke about how he died and how he lived
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yesterday. >> unfortunately, in the darkness, sergeant perez drove understand an underpar about 16 1/2 feet. drove into the water. and he died in a flood. so, we couldn't find him. and once our team got there, it was too treacherous to go under and look for him. so, we made a decision to leave officers there waiting until the morning. because as much as we wanted to recover him last night, we could not put more officers at risk. in our hearts it was a recovery mission. his wife told me -- she had asked him not to go in. he was a sweet and gentle public servant. so tells me i told him not to go. he said we've got work to do. >> now, the rescues continue and in dramatic fashion. the u.s. coast guard showed this video hoisting a mother and
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daughter on board the helicopter. and the flooding has been much worse in bow montz, texas yesterday morning, police found a mother swept into a canal with a little child. two police officers spotted the little girl clinging on to her mother and while the child has suffered from hypothermia, she has survived. the mother unfortunately has not. >> we're going to bring in nbc meteorologist bill karins. bill, we've been watching houston for the last couple of days, from what we understand, beaumont, texas is in a similarly bad situation if not worse than houston. >> there are people in beaumont and port arthur and surrounding areas fighting for their lives right now. this was from obviously -- this was from yesterday. this is before they had 12 inches of rain in six hours last night. this is the before. you can imagine what it's going to look like at day break this morning. let me give you one example. there are many people in social
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media asking for help, asking for help in their elderly parents or people who live there. there is one house i was able to find the address for. this is a house in beaumont. a street map before the storm. there are people as of an hour ago on the roof of this house asking for help. asking for a boat to come get them in the beaumont, texas area. just to give you perspective of how high the water is there in some of the locations. i'm going to show you on the radar here. this is the center of the storm. just made landfall. final landfall, heading up to lake charles. on the city of orange, on the border of texas and louisiana. this thunderstorm has sat here. probably about five to eight inches of rainfall in the last two hours recently. here's the beaumont area. i want to show you the rainfall totals, these are stagger. in three hours last night, they picked up six inches. in six hours they picked up 11 inches of rain. this is on top of the rain they already had. 24-hour rainfall total. 26 inches of rain, two feet of
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rain in one day. now, their storm totals about 45 inches. they're going almost higher than what houston had. this is in a much shoulder period of time. very fearful of what they're saying there, a lot of people saying in the beaumont areas where's our help? because so many people in the houston area, they're waiting for the coast guard and national guard. hopefully, they'll get the need they need. >> officials are trying to dispatch some of the resources to those areas. bill karins. joining us from houston, msnbc correspondent gary hager. let's talk about the front page of the dallas morning news which reads "breaking point." i want you to talk to us a little bit about the situation around the critical reservoirs. i understand you're in an area that could be inundated as a result of one of those reservoirs breaking or even cresting. >> reporter: well, ayman, it already has been inundated.
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i'm upstream from the addicks reservoir, the addicks and barker are built and designed to keep downtown houston from flooding. this is what it looks like if they're working. you can imagine the reservoirs have been taking in tons of water. they're designed to fill up and be discharged into the buffalo bayou and out to the gulf. but the rate of rain over the last couple of days has just been far more than the reservoirs can handle. they've been overflowing up in the neighborhoods around highway 6 where i'm standing right now. up and through western houston, leaving neighborhoods with water waist deep or higher. we're waiting to get into one of these neighborhoods this morning when it gets lighter and safer. the plan is to discharge water out through the reservoirs out through the dams which are getting spilled over. which they don't want to see suffer any sort of catastrophic failure. they're discharging this water out just as fast as they can.
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and you can't really see it here in this light. but you can feel the water flowing past me as it's going down through the reservoirs and hopefully out through the gulf. it's something that the army corps of engineers and others here in houston are going to be watching. >> garrett haake, thank you. let's turn to the center in houston opening as a massive shelter. julia bagg is with us. officials saying the conference center could hold up to 10,000 people. a lot of people now funneling in through there. >> reporter: that's exactly what's happening, yasmin. just in the past few minutes four bus loads of people rolled up, bringing the total to about 900 people here now. to give you an idea how fast they got things up to speed. they started out five hours with 30 volunteers. they're now up to 500 volunteers. people like andrew nichols. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you.
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>> reporter: you've been on the assembly line. tell us what you've been doing in the past eight hours or so? >> the coulds, as you can see, we've been putting cots up all day. since 10:00, last night. until 10:00 in the morning. basically putting up cots putting blankets on them, sheets, this type of stuff getting ready for the folks when they come in. >> reporter: you saw the buses come in the last few minutes. what is it like seeing the folks coming in, how are they? >> it's heartbreaking. it's heartbreaking. they're displaced. i went through that with alison, i've been there. it's tough. we'll be all right. houston is going to take care of it, trust me. >> reporter: andrew nick kolgs, thank you for joining us this morning. sure appreciate your work. 10,000 people can be housed here. this is supposed to brink some relief to the george r. brown convention center which has been holding people far over capacity. so this is a much bigger setup to receive, as you mentioned, up
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to 10,000 people. yasmin and ayman. >> good to hear there's more housing for people there in the time of crisis. >> especially thanks to the volunteers as well. julia bagg, thank you so much. and best buy is responding to reports of price gouging just as harvey was about to make landfall in texas. it happened after this photo went viral showing the store showing a 12-pack of smart water for almost 30 bucks. and a 24-pack of da sanni for $43. best buy has since apologized calling it a big mistake on the part of employees at this particular location. they priced the case based on the price of a single bolt. it's focused on helping not hurting those affected by the storm meanwhile, we've seen so many incredible displays of neighbors coming to each other's aid. sheer acts of kindness and charity. a donation center filled with clothing, bedding, toys and
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toiletries. despite days of rain, the sun broke, if if forth a brief moment last night in houston. here it is setting over the city, still immersioned deep in floodwater. president trump once again expected to tral to texas this saturday after making two stops in the lone star state yesterday. the president and first lady visited corpus christi for an update on efforts as they arrived in austin. during his stop, president trump thanked officials for his response and promised federal aid. >> we're going to be working with congress in helping out the state of texas. it's going to be a crossing proposition. because, again, probably ted cruz is here. senator -- thank you very much, senator cornyn. and we'll be working with these characters over here. i think we'll come through in really -- you know, with the right solution. but probably there's never been anything so expensive in our country's history. there's never been anything so
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historic in terms of damage. >> before that, outside of the firehouse in corpus christi, the president waved a texas flag and addressed a crowd of people who have gathered. >> thank you, everybody. i just want to say we love you. you are special. we're here to take care. it's going well. and i want to thank you for coming out. we're going to get you back and operating immediately. thank you, everybody. what a crowd. what a turnout. . >> after those remarks, morning news read reporters heard no mention of the dead, dying or displaced texans and no expression of sympathy for them. a message that texans will be okay. >> president trump is expected to 1350ek at a springfield manufacturing company that makes ventilation equipment. and the white house says the event will be closed to the general public. course to politico, the speech was written by white house
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adviser steven miller. will, quote, try out new phases for selling the policy like jump-start america and win again. gary cohn tells the financial times that key administration republicans have come up with a framework for reform and that details still need to be hammered out. we're told that framework includes raising the standard deduction cap, eliminating the corporate tax rate. and estate tax. and defense secretary jim mattis is once again breaking with president trump after announcing that transgender troops will be allowed to continue serving in the military pending results of the study. secretary mattis issued that order last night saying he's freezing implementation of the president's ban on transgender service members. on friday evening as hurricane harvey headed for texas, the white house announcing that it was moving forward with
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president trump's stand. in a statement, he says, quote, our focus must always be on what is best for the military combat effectiveness leading to victory on the battlefields. up next, more including pets displaced by the flooding. and the megachurch joel oste osteen, after reports for shelter. when we come back.
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welcome back, everyone. we're following a developing story right now, we're learning that harvey making landfall once again just west of cameron, louisiana there. we'll be checking back with bill karins on later in the show to get an update. texas wildfires being affected by harvey's wrath.
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take a look at this baby deer. you could hear the baby deer crying as a good samaritan carries it safely across water. 100 dogs are now looking for homes. the dogs released just before harvey hit. they arrived at new jersey's morriston yesterday. will soon be transferred to a dozen shelters across the east. a federal judge has thrown out sarah palin's defamation lawsuit. palin sued "the new york times" had in the deadly arizona shooting that left congresswoman gabby give nordz critically injured. the editorial published the same day as a congressional baseball practice suggested the man who carried out the arizona rampage with an ad that placed cross hairs over leaders including
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can cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni include tiredness, headache and weakness. ready to let go of hep c? ask your hep c specialist about harvoni. welcome back. time now for sports, with the athletic community in texas continues to be affected by the devastation of hurricane harvey president george w. bush a longtime texan was in dallas yesterday where he visited
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southern methodist's southern university's football practice and offered words of support for the houston area. >> i know you're going through a really tough time. and just know there are a lot of people that are going to help you. if you're from that area, you'd be amazed at the people that come down there to help. all kinds of people. and so, the days are dark now, but they're going to get better. >> houston texans defensive end j.j. watt's online relief fund for hurricane harvey victims has now eclipsed $5 million. that's right, after quickly surpassing the initial goal of $200,000. the donations continue to grow with the help of some big contributions like the $1 million donated by tennessee titans owner amy adams strunk. really incredible. and houston rockets owner leslie alexander said he will more than
2:22 am
double his $4 million donation for hurricane relief, upping his donation to a whopping $10 million. >> let's go to u.s. open tennis on arthur ashe stadium where defending champ angelique kerber has been ouflted after one loss to japan's naomi osaka. the sixth seeded kerber is just one of the champions in the open era to be eliminated in the first round of the u.s. open. and eye record flight for boston, chris sale, who is now the fastest pitcher in history to reach 1500 strikeouts. it look the left-hander less than 1300 innings to reach that mark. trying 11 batters, and 11 scoreless innings on the red sox 3-0 victory in toronto last night. and in the nation's capital, marlins slugger giancarlo stanton, 51st home run of the season. a shot out to the seats in left field. stanton makes the mark for
2:23 am
homers hit in august with 18. but his heavy bat wasn't enough to pass the nationals who beat the marlins last night 8-3. >> thanks. we want to go back to that story we've been covering throughout the night and that is the national hurricane center has an update on tropical storm harvey which has now made its second landfall west of cameron, louisiana. let's bring in bill karins. what more have we learned about this statement from the national weather service. >> well, the storm made landfall. that, we expected. it's going to move on shore. that's not an issue. i've got to show you these pictures. we just cleared these pictures. it's happening right now in port aurth thur, texas, south of beaumont. this here is the evacuation center. this is one to two feet of water in the sink center. notice where the people are, nobody is on the cots, everybody is up here on the bleachers. all of these people are waiting to be rescued. the water is one to two feet in
2:24 am
the sink center. we've got a couple images here. some of the people decided they didn't care, they're on the cots sleeping in about a foot of water. this is happening now until port arthur because of tremendous amounts of rain. now, we've got video that we want to show you, there's in the sink center. people had to evacuate their homes, maybe under mandatory evacuatio evacuations, maybe they decided to be safe. port arthur civic center. i have reports they're using dump trucks to evacuate those people. it was told that the new shelter doesn't have any resources. they don't have any cots. they don't have any food there. but at least it's dry. and that's the situation they're dealing with in port arthur. if you go on social media, there are many people asking for rescues. there are people on rooftops. elderly people, people waiting two or three hours.
2:25 am
remember we had the pictures your cajun navy, next door neighbors, people with boats going into louisiana to help out. they actually tholsd people don't come in. the water is too swift. they've had a number of bolts within the beaumont/port arthur area that have tipped over. they're actually stopping the cajun navy from going into that region. they're saying just coast guard and what you would call the experts that have done this for a living because they don't want to have to rescue more people. >> and also the lack of electricity. saying don't go in. we love that you want to help, but it's actually causing more harm. imagine getting to a place that you think is dry and safe and having to evacuate. i'm sure people are think doing we keep people in port aurth th-r arthur or bring them out? >> they say they're going to get there. they're waiting for daybreak to
2:26 am
get out there to try to get to the people most in need first. >> bill karins, thanks for that update. still ahead, much more on the devastating floods in texas. we'll hear from the volunteers pitching in. plus united nations condemning north korea's missile launch over japan. but what's being done about it? we're going to get a live report, coming up. wow! nice outfit. when i grow up, i'm going to mars. we're working on that. some people know how far they want to go. a personalized financial strategy can help you get them there. see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. take the zantac it challenge! pill works fast? zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. when heartburn strikes, take zantac for faster relief than nexium or your money back.
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♪ welcome back, everybody, i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin and louis burgdorf. it is the bottom of the hour. let's start with the morning's top story.
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another day of rain is set for the gulf coast today. harvey has made landfall once more in cameron, louisiana. already yesterday, there was some spot flooding in new orleans, but the mayor and state governor thinks so far within the range of what they've been expecting. it's a far different story, though, in texas, beaumont seeing some of the worst flooding of all. houston has put in place a midnight to 5:00 a.m. curfew joining other nearby counties and towns. the president, of course, visiting yesterday and said this in corpus christi. take a listen. >> thank you, everybody. i just want to say we love you. you are special. we're here to take care. it's going well. and i want to thank you for coming out. we're going to get you back and operating immediately. thank you, everybody. what a crowd. what a turnout. this has been a total cooperative effort, again, we will see you soon. i will tell you, this is
2:31 am
historic. it's epic, what happened. but, you know what, it happened in texas. and texas can handle anything. thank you all, folks. thank you. thank you. >> more shelters are opening, the houston convention center took in 9,000 people when it planned to take in half of that. the nrg center has opened last night. some of the infrastructure is coming back line. the airport expected to reopen today. and bush enter continental opening thursday. joining us from galveston, nbc's sarah dal joseph off is there. you're saying demands for shelters are increasing. >> reporter: that's exactly right. when one goes down another comes up. a light rain falling here in galveston. but it's nothing compared to yesterday where they received more than eight inches, eight inches of rain. now, they're working to get some
2:32 am
of the people who need shelter to dallas right now, where they've opened a mega convention center that can take 5,000 people. working on that right now. and the airports beginning to reopen there certainly help in that. meanwhile, historic galveston remains flooded. remains shut down. public transit down. but sometimes, things are kind of conventional. i hesitate the word back to normal because we're still a long way off from that. city offices in galveston will reopen today and is a baby step here. the port of galveston, remains closed. you'll remember there were some ships, cruise ships out to sea waiting it out. they're still there. they briefly sat in new orleans to give people the chance to get off. they kol fly themselves home. make their own arrangements to do that. some people opted to stay on. still waiting to get home to dry
2:33 am
land. >> in galveston, texas, thank you. let's get back to houston where nbc reporter julia bagg is standing by at the nrg center. julia, you've been with us the past couple days as we've been having special coverage of hurricane harvey. you've been at the shelters as well. hour the evacuees faring at the nrg center considering that it just opened late last night? >> reporter: that's right, things up and running in a hurry here. just in the last 5 1/2 hours or so, they went from zero to 900 evacuees here in the shelter right now. this, a much bigger center than that convention center in downtown houston, able to hold up to 10,000. able to accommodate people much more comfortably now. we can tell you that that they as a resulted off with 30 volunteers 5 1/2 hours ago. they now have more than 700 volunteers, people coming in from all around houston. i just talked to a man who
2:34 am
suffers from copd who had to be rescued with his dog. the good news this is a place that will take you with your pets and that man told us what he went through. >> i sat it out, and i took the trip late. and they came and got me and my dog. we came over here. we saw on the news this was open. because they say george brown, it was full. we came over here. they've been the nicist kind over here. and they take care of my pet. this is my baby boy. they've been very nice. i mean. you can't expect more than anything. hopefully, they're saying it's clearing up now. i'm sure i lost everything, b but -- >> reporter: and volunteers have been assembling beds. they've been handing out meals.
2:35 am
they tell me most people when they get here, they just want to go to sleep. they're expecting many more evacuees to continue arriving here in the next several hours. back to you, ayman. >> i'm glad to see that he was able to bring his pet into the evacuation center. i think that can be sort of a comfort for people when they've lost everything else. >> absolutely. >> julia bagg for us. and the houston megachurch pastor joel osteen said it's officially open for those needing shelter. he tweeted this after 5:00 a.m. yesterday after coming under intense criticism accusing osteen for opening its doors to residents in need. he said the church was never closed. >> we were waiting for the right time. really, lakewood is always open. we didn't necessarily have zaf here. lakewood has been a part of this community for 60 years and any thought that we're going to turn people away is so ironic and so wrong. >> the church is the former home
2:36 am
of the houston rockets and seats almost 17,000 people. he said the plan was to always use the church as a shelter. lakewood is also being used as a distribution center for those wanting to drop off donations. and it has seen a giant influx of donated items. to get a deeper sense of what it's like on the ground. i want to read a little bit from matt pierce, a los angeles times report who wrote his account of driving through texas. he writes it's hard to explain the stupefying effect of harvey. unless you radio try to drive through. the rain falls all kinds of ways. but the one thing it absolutely doesn't ever do is stop. it rains in the morning, it rains in the afternoon, it rains in the evening, it rains at night. the rain is less at atmospheric condition at this point than a kind of state of being, like morning that can't be forgotten
2:37 am
unless you're asleep. it's clear that the water once it hits the ground has only one direction to go. up over the creek beds, up over the levees. up over the roads. up into your shoes. up into your house. up into your life. driving down the road in the dark, it's impossible to tell whether the traffic coming the other way is coming from somewhere else. or, if they, too, have turned back. deep down, you know it, too. water ahead. it looms in the darkness all around. creeping up in the fields and heading your way. again, that's matt pierce, you can read the whole article on the "l.a. times." let's turn to politics where donald trump jr. and the senate judiciary committee have agreed on a date for the president's eldest son to testify privately as they continue to look into russian interference into the election. it will likely take place in the next few weeks. it was initially supposed to
2:38 am
take place in july. instead, negotiated to have it take place behind closed door. he's expected to be questioned intensively about the kremlin meeting meeting during his father's presidential campaign last june. and turning to north korea which is signaling more missile launches may be on the way over japanese airspace. pyongyang said the launch was, quote, the first step of military operations in the pacific. north korean state tv released new images the missile's launch. meanwhile, in an emergency meeting the united nations security council condemned their actions. nikki haley issued a new warning to pyongyang. >> it is time for the north korean regime to recognize the danger they are putting themselves in. the united states will not allow their lawlessness to continue. and the rest of the world is with us. >> joining us now from seoul, south korea, nbc correspondent ron allen.
2:39 am
ron, glad to have you with us. north korea now alluding to more missile launches. what options do you think the u.s. realistic and other world powers have in curbing these actions. we know that the security council a couple weeks ago obviously did not deter them from this launch. >> reporter: right, and president trump has said that all options are on the table, one analyst in the region believe that the options are somewhat limited in scope and should point the negotiations dialogue with the north. the exercise that so angered the north are set to wrap up tomorrow and the u.s. will maintain a huge military presence here in south korea and in japan as a deterrent. you noted that the security council passed another strong statement of condemnation against the north. but the north tends to shrug those off. it's feeling quite bold and obviously has a lot of capability, releasing those pictures you just showed of the missile that was launched that
2:40 am
flew over zwrap pan, that huge projectile. some 50 feet tall and 500 meet in diameter flew 750 feet. and clearly capable of reaching that far. there was no talk of sanctions, but that could come. but, remember, as you pointed out, the last round of sanctions was just passed earlier this month. it's the eighth round of sanctions in the past 11 years and the north is still firing off missiles. looking ahead, the south koreans have warned that the north plans to conduct an underground nuclear test. we may learn very soon what mr. trump means when he says all options are on the table. back to you. >> ron allen, live for us in seoul, south korea. and you may remember president touch said that the u.s. does not have a lot of good options and have lost the struggle with
2:41 am
north korea. officials have been indicted by the american grand jury for their roles in a violent bra at embassy row back in may. 16 defendants were previously charged back in june and the additional three are all turkish officials. the incident occurred when everything dough want met with the president at the white house. this video shows erdogan looking on from his car outside the turkish embassy while calmly walking inside while the fights were still ongoing. the foreign ministry called the fights wrong and baseless. president trump has not yet addressed the incident. still ahead, everybody, we're going to go back to texas for the very latest in the aftermath of harvey as it turns to overturning dams and levees. we're going to get a live report from houston. plus, bill karins is back with us. he's going to have a live report on where the storm may be
2:42 am
heading next and where they may be getting much needed relief. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything so we know how to cover almost anything. even a swing set standoff. and we covered it, july first, twenty-fifteen. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two.
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welcome back, everybody. i want to talk about a developing situation in port arthur, texas. incredible images here. people evacuating to this area in texas. but now you can see completely flooded there. maybe one to two feet of water there. people are waiting for rescue from an evacuation center to take them to another evacuation center. she told reporters she's at the shelter with her children. according to, her husband stayed behind at their house when they were rescued thinking that there would be another boat to save them. he is now trapped at their home, but nobody can reach him because the water is just so high. they're certainly thinking, praying for those people. >> that's a difficult situation for everyone involved, yep.
2:46 am
absolutely. we're keeping a close eye on two overflowed reservoirs, still causing problems for houston despite the emergency releases from the army corps of engineers. garrett haake joins us live from the addicks reservoir. garrett, what are officials telling you about the situation there? >> reporter: yeah, ayman, i'm about a mile from the addicks reservoir is post to start, here on highway 6. these reservoirs weren't designed to handle this much rain. the army corps is going to try to do these roled releases all day today. they're going to to try to balance two concerns. first, they don't want to send too much water down the addicks or the barker, if they take the water out,s sshlgly they're sending it down the bayou, they risk flooding other
2:47 am
neighborhoods as the water is on its way out to the gulf coast. but they also have to relief some of the pressure. obviously if either of those two dams were to fail that would make this a huge catastrophe beyond what it's been. that's not an imminent threat at this point so the corps is just trying to manage the drainage out of these neighborhoods that are still flooded up to chest-deep levels. we've had some rescue workers coming by, some volunteers resuming the search this morning to make muir everybody gets out of here today. at least for now, it doesn't look like we're getting anymore more up here today. no rain forecast for this part, ayman. >> garrett haake live in houston. thank you. let's get a check of your weather with nbc meteorologist bill karins. bill, we're talking about a dire situation happening in port arthur, texas, where you have people literally fighting for their lives in a shelter two or three feet under water. >> we're trying to figure out
2:48 am
how widespread this is, is it isolated to port oarthur, but te mayor has come out and saying that the levee has not breached. they have huge sandbags saying that the levee has not breached. we're waiting for daybreak to see how bad it is. here's why we have all of these issues, beaumont, texas, this is at the airport, in between beaumont and port arthur, in six hours they had 11 inches of rain. that's equivalent to what houston had saturday night into sunday, everybody woke up, what happened. that's what happened in the beaumont area. 24-hour unimaginable rainfall total of 26 inches of rain. that's one of the highest we've ever had recorded in our entire country in one calendar day. 24 inches in a day. the rainfall moved northward. here's beaumont, still raining.
2:49 am
port arthur is located here not raining quite as hard there. is this is going to exit and head out during the day. we do have saturated ground. we do have flash floods throughout the region. this is the flash flood emergencies where people are being rescued as we speak. and we could still get additional areas of concern. will it be as bad as beaumont and port arthur, likely not. we still could get five to seven inches today. up in the hill country in western tennessee we're predicting seven inches of rain. western kentucky and western louisiana. when you get elevations like that, the water funnels. we'll have to watch those over the next two days. those pictures we were showing you from inside it's civic center there. that's as bad as it gets. it's hard to imagine, they go to an evacuation shelter and now they have to be evacuated now themselves. you can see the pictures here. >> i think it goes back to the
2:50 am
point that you were talking about how quickly the water was rising that the folks had to take shelt 34. in a matter of 24 hours it went from being a safe place -- >> somebody was asking me how many lives do i think will be lost in this. >> tragic situation. still ahead -- more on harvey and the impact it may have at the gas pump as we head into labor day weekend. plus, president trump taking his push to overhaul the tax code. details he's looking to make. super cool notebooks... done.
2:51 am
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2:53 am
welcome back. let's go to where harvey will affect the fuel distribution and prices at the pump will go up. mandy, how much can consumers expect the prices to go up at the gas pump? >> the largest u.s. refinery is possibly reportedly going to be shutting down. of course it's in port arthur where there's been a lot of flooding. it's been operating only at about 40% capacity. the owner of the refinery said with the shut double play we could see a total of about 20% of refinery capacity being taken offline. that means the prices could rise further after rising about 4 cents a gallon for the average
2:54 am
national price for regular fuel over the past week. crude prices on the other hand have been moving down to a one-month low. if the refines are offline, it's less demand for the raw product. president trump will start laying out his vision for tax reform with a speech in missouri. and congress is going to be returning from the august recess next week and they've got a lot of heavy lifting to do. so reports are suggesting that mr. trump will be elaborating on plans to curb deductions for high-income taxpayers in a move designed to please his populist base. and the last piece of news i want to bring you up to date on is what is happening with uber. it is cooperating with a preliminary investigation into possible bribery law violations. . the company confirmed that the u.s. justice department has started a probe into whether or not its managers broke u.s. laws in bribing foreign officials. it's foreign officials we're
2:55 am
talking about here and we're not sure whether or not the d.o.j. is looking into just one country or several countries but this news did come before the official announcement by the board of uber of the appointment of the former ceo as the new leader of uber. >> the saga continues there. thank you so much. >> coming up next, we continue to monitor developments with harvey as it makes its second landfall. texas congressman joaquin castro will join us. >> and amike mccaul will join u. '. this is a skyscraper whose elevators use iot data
2:56 am
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2:58 am
welcome back, everybody. this morning we've been telling you about rising waters in port arthur. take a listen. >> we do have an update for you. the red cross is open at the
2:59 am
civic center. we have some awful news. check this out. there's actually water coming in the front of the building right here, flowing in from the parking lot. they are taking on water very quickly. these several inches have come in within the last 90 seconds. they're trying to keep everyone from opening these doors to try to deter as much as possible. definitely a tense situation. officials are trying to come up with a game plan. they are pulling down some bleachers in the area where all the cots are to get people up off the floor as much as possible. but as far as a long-term solution, they have not been able to come up with one just yet. this literally just happening in the last couple of minutes. they're in that assessment mode in making a gam plae plan and they'll execute that as possible. they'll try to get as many people up as they find a solution. >> gosh, you can see a really
3:00 am
scary and tension situation. that does it for us on this wednesday morning, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian along louis burgdorf and ayman mohyeldin. "morning joe" starts right now. >> this has been a total cooperative effort. we will see you soon. had is historic, it's epic, but it happened in texas and texas can handle anything. thank you all, folks. thank you. thank you. >> good morning. >> that is some product placement right there, the president pushing his own line. >> apparently there is a white house press release that has a link to buy that hat. so good news if you're in hurricane zone, you can get the hat. >> and he's also wearing that while they put the link on the web site. it's called product placement. >>


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