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tv   Dateline  MSNBC  October 1, 2017 11:00pm-1:00am PDT

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around over and over and over in this a and they came down the i-15. and they were all blocked off there. you ca see people are hiding behind there a man who came out his shirt was bloody and several of his friends had gotten shot. you can tell he was absolutely devast just moving around, they pushed our camera man out of the way and saying get out get out of at first he asked us to come in and please help. his friends and the people he had just witnessed getting shot while inside the harvest festiv talked to a couple of ot people said they believe it mo. we need to confirm that yet. we don't know how many active
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shoote were out there. police are just trying to figure out how to make the scene safe. walkin up and down las vegas boulev not un cover, i would say. other people's safety and we are trying gather more inform people and people walking around. and other peopl trying to get a handle on what happened inside here tonight. they said they heard a type of automa weapon and actually when we were getting pushed down here by police, police said move out of our way and get down toward the four seasons drive area. becaus they believe there is an automa weapon out here somewhtonight. we will stay out here and gagger more information as the night
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goes on. kristi news 3. >> we will be back in a moment. if you are just joining us now, we are in breaking news mode here at news 3 because of a major shooting incident out near mandal bay that may involve -- >> we're have been listening t ksnv i reports of a possib shooting in las vegas. nbc news and analyst and a retire special agent in charge and former hostage negotiator. you are no stranger to the situat here and every time we speak about something like this, there are new details. tell us how this iunfolding. people are on the have b evacuated from the area where they say they think there is an active are police s area to actually see if there are one or two or multiple shooteinside? >> it sounds like the report from the reporter like
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las ve s.w.a.t. was deployed and they were trying to move into the casino and the small explos is likely s.w.a.t. deploy as they move through and move in. of cou they are having the people flee the casino from the report of the eyewitnesss. it looks like they may be trying to get casino to get to the shooter or shooters. we don't quite know if there is one or more. there always reports any time there shooter of multip shooters. until you have an actual eyewit who will say they saw two shooters, that's not confir and the police confirmed that there two shooters. we don't know that yet. it's a common thing to have a report of multiple shoots even if when there is one. it's flute for the las vegas metro and s.w.a.t. to locate them and isolate them and
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evacua the people inside. it's quite challenging as you can se get a crowded city like las vegas with the night life, there is a lot of people moving around and a lot . you can see patrol setting up the perimeter and they are backed off and s.w.a.t. will be moving inside and trying to locate the shooters. >> if you can hang on, we will go to joe friar at the mandalay bay in lockdown. tell u what the scene is there. >> obviously we are staying in the las vegas area because of . we are in a lockdown in our hotel. this i part of the mandalay bay tower and not part of the mandal bay hotel itself.
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in here to las vegas and the roads on the strip, all you see is red and blue flashing police cars blocking off every road. every street is blocked by flashi lights. our hotel where we are is under lockdo we have been told to stay in our rooms you ca hear the sirens and helico flying overhead. person we were most of us asleep at this point. how about what has been waking us here over the last several minute trying to get any inform as to what is going on and across the hall way into my producer's hotel room with a better vantage point. it's quiet right now. i'm looking down the street and i'm seeing a row of cars and flashi lights coming down the street at this point. it's hard to say what's going
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on. a couple appear to be ambula the st is locked down and everyo is inside. las ve police only say there are reports of shots being fired in this vicinity. whethe it's inside this hotel or near this hotel and this area is unclear. there have been multiple report of perhaps more than one shoote in this area. it's very busy. there a music festival going on and that's my understanding. that w supposed to wrap up a little bit ago. there a large crowd gathered outsid hotel. you might be able to hear a helico that sort of flue and went away. more vehicles are arriving right now. especi a couple of blocks from where we are. one street not necessarily by a partic hotel where we see a larger police presence gathering
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right now or at least a lot of flashi lights. hard to tell how much it police virz other emergency response vehicl it's a hectic situation and a lot of driving around in add to the police cars. if multiple people have been shot and we don't know the situat right now, but the only vehicles you see right now for the most part on the road are emergency vehicles with red, white, flashing lights dottin erywhere in helico one just flying over my head right now. >> you are describing a scene that we are looking at on pictur from ksnv where there p ambula they seem to be clearing the road. a lot of pedestrians and the concer goers are on the side of. they evacuated part of mandalay
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bay. somebo was speaking saying they had been moved threw times by police out of the way. here in las vegas. mandal bay is at the end or the southside of the las vegas strip. we will go back in to ksnv becaus they are doing a live report >> we are beside a brick wall to tell you. we have moved our way down becaus obviously that scene up there, we are not sure if there have b arrests made or if there still an active shoote i have gale here beside me who i have b talking to. i have talking to many people who are steadily trying boulev what did you hear? >> we were coming back and we are staying at the mandalay bay and we were going down and maybe see the concert we knew was across the street. when we were comin sounde like firecracker at first. i don' firewo show.
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it didt sound normal. it sounded like macne guns and severa rounds like hundreds of rounds it stopped. then it sounded like different guns s and then it stoppe and started again. it's hard to explain. my boyfriend had me move behind a building because it didn't sound right and we hid and we could hear hundreds of rounds going off. about later, police came and blocked off the street very overwhelmin and very scary. >> so as you moved down this way, how far up were they or how close you to the route 91 festiv >> we are only about not even a block from it. no mor two blocks. >> you could hear it from that far away? >> absolutely. i was saying it sounds like it's coming from the roof on the back side. it sounded like it was going toward
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that's what it sounded like, but hearin from what people are saying they were shooting into the crowd which was across the street and that makes more sense. it's s >> rep were you at all concer about your safety? obviou we were moving in that direct >> absolutely because it sounded like open shooting for a few minute and that's why we hid behind a building. we saw people coming out of the mandal bay and police officers runnin across the street into mandal bay. we just hid behind a building and kept peeking out and trying to watch safely from behind the buildi here. >> you can see too the metro helico has been going around mandal bay for a short time and then it left for about i would say 10 or 15 minutes and now that helicopter is back out here going around this block. the larger part of the block. police just keep moving people
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down here trying to figure out still is going on and many people are actually not moved very far from mandalay bay at this point. >>y we will keep talking to people kristi wilcox, back to you. >> thank you for the update and stay safe. whenev there is a mass potent casualty and we have mae involv it's difficult to get inform because the inform fluid at the time. we are getting many, many phone calls to our newsroom right now. my personal phone is asking for inform have reached out to mgm
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in contact with metro. in ter what's happening, essently what happened is there has been a mass shooting and two suspects confirmed. many, victims and my police source said there are several fatali confirmed deaths near the main stage. the main stage being the stage where route 91 harve festiv concert was taking place across the boulevard from mandal bay. multip victims and there panic and people were runnin all directions includ out on to the
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two suspects an possibly more. swat tooems are on the scene. they have been in the process of cleari the floors. severa properties are on lockdo parts of the roads are blocked as well. live pictures here. you ca see metro officers in all directions. a large contingent of officers headed in the direction of mandal bay. they have been deployed in massiv numbers as it is believ there are mazz casual as a result of this shooti incident. nathan o'neal is standing here and talking with the guests who have b evacuated from the scene there. what can you tell us?
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>> it' a terrifying situation. and you can see the urgency and the team that was a very serious situation out here. i want to bring in danny here who is visiting from australia. you were in the mandalay ba me what you saw and heard. >> we saw firs officers about eight moving in and going up and coming down. this way and that way. the shooters, one is and we to drivin around. we think we are safe here becaus there are so many police >> did you see the shooters or hear anything? >> a lot of people heard gunsho but apparently like machin gunfire. >> like a rapid fire? >> yep, yep. >> when you heard that, what was your reaction? >> we knew it was chaos and
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mayhem because people were runnin out and you go this way and that way and we were tuckeda away with a car parked in and the s.w.a.t. came and said hands up. >> you said you were running to mandal bay. why do you feel like you were runnin >> the scenery, the police said they w concerned like we were. they said go that way and we s. >> we were running. >> full on sprinti we were runn bags and helping people. it was about all sticking togeth we wer sticking together.
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>> wha through your head? >> i'm from australia. we don't have this kind of stuff in australia, but you run when people tell you. >> are you staying at mandalay bay? >> yeah. we wer staying there tomorrow and the next day. all the reports are that the shoote are shooting at the concer across the hall. >> thankfully you guys are okay and can keep safe. it looks like we have movement here. are kind of expanding the perime and police are telling everyo move south. if you can turn the camera here, it looks like keeps are moving in. this i escalating here in the urgenc that we see. a lot of people are trying to document with thei let's try to migte wit them so we don't get in anybody's here.
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as you can imagine, trying to get thousands and thousands of people to move cohesively and out of the way and keep them out of harm's way. that's the priority for all of law enforcement. it's a surreal sight to see. >> make sure you are following the advice of the officers and the commands as all the reside the citizens are. we want to show you images as well that we have been receiving via social media. this i via banjo. you are looking at the crowds runnin presumably after the shots were fired. some o those people you see there hitting the ground for their own safety. we don't know if they were told to or they heard the shots and they did that out of their own reacti we are getting new reaction from the police sources that in fact
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we have been hearing all evening that there were multiple victims as a r of this shooting. so man now we are hearing that the er at umc is at capacity and that many of the victims are now being transported to sunrise multip gunshot victims includ metro police officer. we understand he was shot in the neck and transported to umc. other victims as well. police sources tell us it is believ that that some of those are fatal victims sadly. obviou still a fluid scene as you can see. nathan is showing us moments ag still moving in. we live pictures here that we are showing you of the crowds being ushered away from the active scene. police there also moving we believ towards mandalay bay and we know there was a group of
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metro officers and s.w.a.t. teams that entered mandalay bay a short time ago. it appears they called in for back up and perhaps just to make sure that all of the areas are covere here. again, it is believed that there are two, possibly more active shoote somewhere on the mandal bay property that they concer and the route 91 concert across the street from mandalay bay. that's when the chaos ensued. shots were fired and people began running and there were multip victims that were unfort and all of that information still coming in to our newsroom. kristi wilcox is down there with the crowd and we want to send it over t update from her vantage point. tell u where you are at, kristi, and what y >> rep well, we are right at the intersectio of las vegas
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boulev and four seasons drive. police have been telling us to move back and that's why you have seen our video be shaky becaus we are continuousl being pushed back. we just saw about 20 officers across the street from us on mandal bay with their weapons in hand moving towards the scene out here and of course you can see all these other metro office coming up on the scene here. the cars just keep coming. they keep asking us to move back and to move back. they are not sure how safe things are at this point. you can still see the officers moving up the side of the street up here. they are passing in front of the mandal bay sign at this time. actual we have another police office right here in front of n to move. i will get out of the way here. you can see that they are very concer about people's safety out here. just locking down the scene at
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this point. we will continue to move back here of course. you just don't know what's going on at obviou they are very concer about folks out here and th stayin safe and getting them away from the scene as we speak. i will send it back to you. >> they telling you anything about what may have sparked all of this? have they gotten that far yet? >> i have not spoken to metro police yet. what we are getting is a bunch of the metro officers with just contin movg us back furthe and further from the scene. just -- it's like lie th don't know where these shooters or where the active shooters are right now. i haven't heard much from but i have been ta people and right
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here behind me another officer asking us to move out of the way. i think they are very concerned. okay. let me show you here. i had just told you that police were down by the mandalay bay sign, but here across from us off of drive and las ve boulevard, we have anothe of police officers standi here and getting ready to move in that direction as well. scott, can we move this way? we can show these guys over here also preparing. there just a massive, massive amount of police presence down here. worrie about folks and all these roadways are blocked off at thipoint. gerard and la toya, back to you. here we go. s.w.a. is right here. s.w.a. is across the street. >> we want to get our viewers up to speed. we are showing you live images near mandalay bay where all of this i taking place.
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s.w.a. teams in place and active shooter teams are in place. two suspects it is believed were firing shots from mandalay bay to a crowd of concert goers attend the route 91 concert harves festival taking place at that outdoor stage across the street from mandalay bay. the same stage that the i heart music we are hold the shots were fired in the finale of the concert when when jason aldean was perfor his last song. they started running in all direct some ran towards top golf. there victim who ran in that direction and others ran to the har mac of the airpor where the private jet hangar are. there panic. what we confirmed is that there
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are multiple victims. poibultiple fatal victims. many were taken to umc and the er is at capacity and they are moving many to sunrise er. there so many victims accord to my source that metro units were actually transporting victi cars. couldn't wait for ambula because the victims were needing immediate attent i'm joined by la toya and reed. i know in these scenes we have covere the situations. this information is all coming to us and it's a fluid scene from tpictures. s.w.a.t. teams are in. there the distinct possib that this is still an active shooter scene and they have not apprehended the suspec >> if skbb within earshot of this broadcast has communication with anybody down on the strip, tell to follow the direct of police. immedi >> we have been listening to
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ksnv in las vegas covering this possib shooting at mant lay bay. joe friar is in the mant lay bay towers fill us in on what's going on there in las vegas. >> we are staying in the tower of mandalay bay and we are high up looking down on the scene right now. what we see right now is blue and red lights flashing on every possib street. every is blocked off right now within the vicinity of the las ve strip. this i located near the airport here in las vegas. that has gone dark. no activity at the airport over the last several minutes. suey a lot of police cars and ambula going up and down the road they try to figure out exactl what is going on. there a music festival as you were hearing that was going harvesfestival, a country music event near mandalay bay
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the sh of the complex. we are hearing a few noises in mandal bay. i'm not sure what it is. there activity going on somewh within our building or nearby helico are flying around all the time right now. what we don't know is what is exactl happening with the search and trying to figure out how ma shooters there are and whethe they are in custody is unclea our hotel where we are at is under lockdown. they don't want anyone in and out or leaving. they are trying to be as consci a humanly possible with fluid situation. it is about two blocks from here lookin from up above. maybe a little more than that where we can see the most lights right now. a lot of ambulances and a lot of police cars gathered in one locati perhaps near the vicini of where this concert took place. right now we are keeping an eye on things and see what the
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latest is from here. we know they are asking people to stay away from this area for obviou reasons. >> you were saying you could see the lights. can you see the crowds? i know it was also dark. what we are seeing on the ground is hundreds of people being moved further and further away off the strip and actually toward mccare an airport and have b keeping them in the hangar to move them further away from the area. do you have any idea of what crowds are there? >> from here right now, from our angle, the mandalay bay has three different ar there are angles to see differ viewpoints. we are not seeing a lot of people we are working under the assump that we are looking at where they cleared the people away from or are working to clear the people. we are overlooking the strip and as i look down, i see a row of four more squad cars and a line
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just looking in front of me at the hotel, one, two, three four and two ambulances and five more police cars staying put on the small section in front of me. more police cars are acrosshe inters where this is taking pla and four more drove throug the intersectio and drivin all the way down the strip. when you talk about mandalay bay, you talk about one end of . the part that is closest to the airpor you continue to drive north and you get into the heart of the area and we are on one end of things as far as t all you see right now are lights for several blocks in every direction of polic cars blocki off the roads. they don't want anyone driving into the area. we are waiting to find out if they have been able to figure out who is doing this and if anyone is in custody and they have to respond to the reports
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that multiple people have been shot and try to get those people to the hospitals in the area for treatm you ar dealing with two situat once. the response to the shooting and also with the search for the gunmen or whoever is responsible at thipoint. >> joe, thank you for that report as you were talking about the scene and looking at the police cars, las vegas is one of the towns where although the buildi like they are closetogether, they are quite far apart on acres and acres of proper that the resorts of built on. as we watch people walk, it's quite far away as they are moving these people further and furthe away. the mandalay bay area is near the airport where they are using people and the hangars to put people in. earlie from the report we know they moved them off of the area. the route 91 harvest festival was held at the las vegas villag near mandalay bay and it
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has be a three-day event. we also heard ksnv saying that the shootings were possibly on . there would be thousands of people there being moved out. we will go back to jim cavanaugh who is an msnbc analyst and speciaagent. you have seen these scenes before and you are the s.w.a. teams move in and clear the area. this large, large area in the mandal bay area. acres of property. this i just a large area where they have to clear off. how are they distinguishing where they can look for the shoote versus where the popula is? >> you know, when you saw the images of metro s.w.a.t. moving in in front of the mandalay bay casino what the tactical operat are doing is keeping office on thely ward side of
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mapped lay bay and trying to stay off and use the vehicle as protec from the casino. they believe shooters are locate one or more in the casino and exposed on the other side. can see what they know. they know that the threat to them is on the left side of the vehicl and moving on the right side to take a different positi to coordinate with theirther tactical te operat in there. early reports we saw witnesses here that you had on who talked about hearing the gunshots and the small explosions that was likely a little bit of s.w.a.t. into mandalay bay looking for the shooters. other witnesses talked about the shots sounding like they were high. the wn woman told the reporter on the scene that the shots were
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multip shots. hundre of rounds she descri they talked about the shots were happen before the police came. they say 10 minutes later the police came. of cou it may feel like 10 minute but it may be a lot quicke than that. there a span of time between the witnesses describing this gunfir and the officers. from that description, it sounds like there is a lot of them. that witness described in the same time period hearing the sounds of two firearms. we can't be sure there is police respon the shooter and the shooter shooting back. that's the same witness who said police arrived 10 minutes later. we may have more than one shoote in the local area. the tv described there was two shoote right now it looks like they're search around and inside the
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mandal area and the shoote may have been in an elevat position at mandalay bay shooting to the stage area at the concert where jason aldean was finishing up the concer there you have the reporters with the multiple reports of injuri and possibly deaths at the tr center. las ve metro moved the perime back and that's the other thing they were showing. the perimeter was moving back and the reason is you have an elevat shooter, they can shoot far down the strip despite the distan a rifle can shoot pretty far. you have to move that dow and you ca see the challenge here we talk aboutating the shoote that's a short phrase and a huge job. if you look at the casinos, they are full of all kinds of rooms
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and gambling and eating rooms and hotel rooms and restrooms. shoote can go anywhere. it's a huge challenge to be able to squeeze and secure the facili the guns are silent and don't know where they are. to guess who may be in the hotel, joe is in the hotel. to make sure the door is barric and you don't open thedoor. even if someone said they are the police. you ha to make sure they are the police. you don't just open the door. you have to make sure. kuwait to make sure. you ha to caverify th you can hear the radios out in door and stay inside. you will be safe.
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the police are in there too. don't go out and wander the hall ways. you could encounter the shooter. stay locked down and listen to what the police tell you. s.w.a. is very efficient. they will go in and locate people if they are still there. the other thing is shooters can escapi they can throw their guns in the trash bin and walk out with the crowd. there a lot going on with metro las vegas pd and.w.a it's a big challenge, but it looks like they are all over it doing everything they can do. this i what they are supposed to do. come in quick and get in there and the perimeter and treat the injured. everyt that is supposed to happen, metro las is doing it. they will get help from the state police and the federal agent who is come to help the fbi and marshals.
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they will get lots of help, but it's o shoulders and they have t find out who is doing the shooting. >> we will go back to ksnv with pictures live from >> we are right here and this is a ways down south from mandalay bay and away from a lot of the stagin area for police. we have seen a lot of movement from law enforcement over the last few minutes up and down the boulev a lot of the helicopters are circli around and we have severa different agencies dealin as well. look at this. we have families on vacation right here with their luggage. familichildren. they are having to experience this like so many others right now. all wondering what's going on. when will this end? we have a s.w.a.t. vehicle that just moved in. a lot of movement as far as law enforc goes and police
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rushing fors the sce ing towards thescene. we got here maybe about 10 or 15 minute after the first calls were made because we were in the area. we stopped and started talking to people and people who were in that venue in the crowds. we did a quickinterview. listen to part of that. >> clip after clip after clip and bullets flying and people runnin it was really, really bad. >> you said there were multiple shots fired? >> we were the furthest vip stages away from mandalay bay. they w ricochettin everyw where we were. they w fireing for somewhere high and unloading clip after clip after clip. >> there was a shooter? >> multiple shooters. has to be. >> how many people were hit? >> we have no idea. hopefu none, but obviously there people. >> did you see victims some. ww giving cpr.
11:38 pm
there bullets ricochettin by our feet. we got on the floor crawling and rushin out. there bullets on our feet. >> there were hundreds of shots. >> it sounded like hundreds? >> it didn't sound like it huma. >> how long did th >> minutes. people are still r and the back streets of full of people trying to hide. it sounded like a firecracker and ended up not sounding like a firecr at all. >> there was a few of the first moment in the chaos and fallout of what happened here. the people rushing out of the venue as this is happening and tellin us what they experi as you can see, it's a different situat at this point because everyo is migrating from mandal bay down las vegas
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boulev from our side here on e. they a keep them on they a keep them on the sidewalks b y moving look. this i a stark difference betwee the las vegas strip and where we are right now. it's pretty dark out here. no street lights, except for the first responders trying to help people who might be in need at this as you can see, we still have a ways t go. all the way down to sunset to get everyone safe. people walking with us. we are experiencin this along with so many other people right now. will send it back to you. >> nathan, thank y incred to hear the testim from the folks who were experiencin this. there multiple shooters an multip victims and still hearin that there may be multip active scenes. there a report from a police
11:40 pm
source that said there is now an suv that may have a suspicious device that is being looked into near that scene as well. we have a clip of video that comes us from twitter that we want show you. we wil it for sound full. [ >> you are hearing the aftermath and hopefully we can go to the top of the video and let you hear it. >> you can hear the rapid fire gunsho >> the it is.gunshots ] >> unbelievabl >> and then the reaction. you begin to hear the screams. >> unbelievable. goose hearing tha
11:41 pm
that is a really, really tragic piece of video and sound that we just played. police sources again saying that it was at least two people armed with high power weapons. they w in rapid succes now we have that evidence. we are hearing exactly what the office have described. we are waiting for an official statem from metro. their hands are full and they are assessing the situation which we believe is still active we heard reports tha there are multip active scenes. we know mandalay bay is one of them. there may be a suspect who has been killed there at the scene at mandalay bay. we are waiting for confirmation but other areas as well. >> security guard anthony is on the phone. what is it like down there? sounds like a war zone. >> i was standing by one of the
11:42 pm
gates when we heard what we though was fireworks and saw the people coming towards us and we said go the other way and realiz gunshots. they w firing off rounds like crazy and people were running out the gates and we were tryin possib there three to five people out to a medical station and by the time i got back over there, most of the people had been cleare out, but everybody else was laying there, bloody and dead. it was a war zone. one guy as far as i knew, he was by himself at the time. >> can you speak to what the securi measures were here at f. >> the first thing we heard on the radio was take cover, take cover. i immediately started getting people around the gate so they
11:43 pm
could to safety. i started throwing them in any vehicl i could having other people them to the hospit once we got everybody out, i starte heading back to make sure everyone wa fine and i starte transporting people to the hospital or nearby ambula >> where are you now, anthony? >> at one of my friend's houses. we are miles away right now. we wer both right there just in. in the midst of the chaos. >> we want to be clear to the viewer hearin that rapid fire from the weapon you can hear, this not . this i video from social media taken within the last hour or so. we do know this is a continuing scene and very active scene. we have not heard that the
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shoote or shooters have been caught or killed. we want to be clear if you are tuning in that that gunfire you are hearing is not happening right now on the las vegas strip. >> this happened around 10:30 or so when we first started getting our information. it was as the concert was wrappi up. route harvest festival concer taking place outdoors. if you are familiar with that area at all, there is sort of an open field with an outdoor stage area set up directly across from mandal bay and the luxor area. some o folks we have been speaki to said they ran to a church there a chapel near there as well. a lot of them from what we heard our employee say they ran back to take cover as the shots were being fired. this w the direction of office who were at the scene. >> what's heart breaking is she.
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people were literally getting hurt all-around her. shfs she thought she was a sitting duck and she ran to the church for cover. you are at a loud music you may be thinking it's a speake fireworks. a lot of people confused at first what was happening. at first we talk about this all the time. what metro does and what law enforc is doing. we know we're one of the most popula places in the world. tons of people com recreati recrea it's a soft target, but you never think that something like thisould actuay happen here. to hear the mass caslties we are getting reports of and people were so desperate and people into regula cars to rush to the hospit umc is overloaded and they are sendin people to sunrise.
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you don't think it could happen here even though we know we are a soft target. >> we are hearing stories of people loaded in pickup trucks and being taken to medica centers. they p as could fit in the back of patrol cars. kristi wilcox was hiding behind a cement barricade and has been moved several times. are you safe and what's the update we kristi. >> rep we keep getting moved down the way here. we are just behind conven center by las vegas boulev i believe if i step out over here, i can tell. we are south of russell. i am hearing two homicides are rollin another two on stand by from a police source. we had someone from concierge walkin and saying one of her
11:47 pm
crew members had seen dead bodies laying on the ground. very, distraught people walkin when saw people coming by russel a man came running up to it with blood running down his shirt and his friends were dead. went running down las veg boulev back towards the scene asking people come help me. he got so distraught a little later he pushed our photog away out of the scene. as you can see, multiple police here setting up and getting ready move towards mandalay bay as they are needed. we have clark county fire over here. i don' if you remember, but a couple months back i report on a mass casualty from the fire department that had 80 stretc on it and had enough equipm to handle a situation. i'm trying to confirm if it is
11:48 pm
out here assisting o this scene. i'm no we are as much inform as we can on the ground but many people report the fireworks at first and eventually they realized it happen out here. i want to show you this live situat we have here. an ambulance over here and still trying figure out what's going on. plenty of people who are fire meds out here south of the mandal bay convention center. you ca see the lines of police cars and medics and other people just helping on the scene. trying to figure out how to get this under control and keep everyb out here. i will send it back to you in . >> thanks so much, kristi. >> that is the private. we are hearing now another report from community ambulance. this i also disheartening and discou
11:49 pm
initia we heard there were casual including fatalities near the main stage which is across the street from mandalay bay. emts at mandalay bay itself report many casualties on the ground at the property there. we have multiple reports of multip injuries and casualties as a r of what appears to a ma least two suspects that occurred immedi following this concer the harvest 91 concert outsid mandalay bay. >> every time you hear about someon saying it was bloody and people were running and dying, you think that's someone's father sister or mother. they are somebody's somebody. this i numbers. these are people who went to a them on vacation and a lot of peoplehere, locals are looking forwar to this three-day
11:50 pm
festiv as well. a lot of people looking for a good time. now this is a moment they will never ever forget. none of us will. >> we are looking at a live pictur of the las vegas strip, a picture we almost never see. a large section of the strip is empty. you see the blackness as a result police blocking off the streets and evacuating people and making sure that people stay away from the scene that very well could still be active we have not heard this is over by any means. we are continuing to get reports that s.w.a.t. and metro units are searching and canvassing the area. what we have not heard in the past half our or so is a report of any more shots fired. that perhaps is good news. >> there is a ripple effects that flights in and out of ccar
11:51 pm
halted and word coming in via many sources, all of the strip proper -- >> we have been listening to ksnv, coverage of a possible shooti on the las vegas strip at the mandalay bay. part of the harvest festival. we are getting reports of possib injuries an fatali but no confirmation mr. police that there have been fatali or victims in this. steve patterson is on the scene in las vegas and if you can descri the scene, the pictures are chilling of what's going on. what's going on. we are in a police blocka ead. you ca see the action behind p the streets and combing the sidewa and people coming out with their hands on.
11:52 pm
rushin and heading in both direct where we are. a lot of chaos and panic on the ground at this point. the situation where we are at least since police have got a clamp down on the scene. origin this was a scene of pure chaos. report shooters in all direct people kind of stampeding in one direct and hearing about anothe possible shooter in anothe direction. the stampede goes the other way. you can see pedestrians out on the strip. everyb in this dazed not sure of where to go t. agains the squad car and police leanin against the squad cars and looking in different direct towards buildings and going in and clearing those buildi with several people coming out with their hands up. they are seeing this not once or
11:53 pm
twice, but several times. the casinos and the hotels around the tropicana across the way and i'm next to new york new york. if you know the landmarks, very famous and popular. it's eerie to see people cleari out and everything quiet las vegas strip. one of the most eerie sounds is no sound at all. there are flairs down and comple have completely shut down for the time being this area where we are. back to you. steve patterson in las vegas. you said it quieted down for now. have you been seeing any moveme of ambulances or police cars leaving or coming? >> rep yes. in fac there was almost a carava of ambulances a few minute ago.
11:54 pm
this i still obviously the vegas strip and people very active you have elements like this this i a very serious scene. we saw a caravan of ambulances and one person being loaded into a structure in this inters you ca see where they are parked in the station at this point. again, roving police at this point and clamping areas. how mu have swarmed in the area at this point. that's kind of what the situat is. as we continue to report, we see more p and traffi looks like opening up this lane where we are. police have a good hold on the scene at this point. back to you. >> we have been hearing reports that planes have been diverted and they shut down from tropic down to russell road. they evacuated the area, but we are not getting much from the police in terms of if there hav.
11:55 pm
is anything coming out of that on inside the facility? >> rep obviously you hear a lot of elevated talk based on this. they are talking to people on the ground and i spoke to one guy with his family here in vegas just vacationing and he heard what sounded like machine gunfir automatic fire and saw somebody down. so stories like th you talk to anybody and they have heard something in this area. to what we can confirm from police police are not saying anythi they are in and concerned about the safety for the people on the ground they are concerned about getting a hold on the scene. all the information will come later. obviou have teams of people who are trying to confir
11:56 pm
the la information on the ground it's chaotic still. you saw the people just behind me wanted to yell on camera. this i still the vegas strip. people are still walking around and having a night of fun, but obviou scenes like this are pretty common at this point. lockin down these corners. this looks like the main station locati where police are not only handling ambulance operat but trying to get a hold on the multiple locations where people might be headed. anothe scene back here with fire teams moving in and ambula [inaud we expect this to continue as we get more information. >> steve patterson is reporting. i'm having a difficult time
11:57 pm
hearin you. there so much background noise there. if you can tell me where are they putting the people that have b walking by and people h. are they moving further away or do they have a holding area set up? >> rep they have a holding area set up and they are pushing people down the sidewalk where we are. again, the tropicana and las b with the huge blockade behind me and ambulances and fire trucks as well. very a scene from where we are. we have seen police teams move in to hotels and casinos with long guns and the teams push people out of those buildings and minutes later, the popula that was in there moves in with their hands up. those people pushed further down the strip. we are not hearing of any activi they are pushing people as far
11:58 pm
back away from the scene as possib this i i will say there is still so much activity and it's still so loud and police with their lights on and moving in differ directions. we are waiting on information to find out was this one shooting or multiple scenes? they seem to think there were multip it's hard to do so with how much chaos and activity people the locati we have this pocket of activity
11:59 pm
clampe down and ch back t >> we have steve patterson live on the ground in las vegas. we have difficulty hearing him becaus there is so background noise. i know people are walking down the strip, but what is the tone of the pedestrians there? is there panic or are they calm now? do they feel like the situation is under control? >> rep i apologize if you have trouble hearing me. when we got on scene, there was a rush of people heading in the opposi direction yelling shoote shooter, shooter. as soon as we got on scene, a group of people ran by us and we starte running in that direct too, worried about our safety we had to duck into a local restau a few blocks down. a shake shack.
12:00 am
we took cover based on the panic out there. obviou you hear that. >> steve patterson is live for us in vegas. if you hold on for one moment, we have a possible active shoote situation in las vegas. we will be joined now by our nbc affili >> ann this is an nbc special p >> we come to you with breaking news out of las vegas with a report of multiple people being shot in the harvest festival on the las vegas strip. they h out a bullet saidhey are invest near mandalay bay and asking everyone to avoid the area. our nbc affiliate in las vegas is reporting o the scene and we will go to joe friar, our report in the four seasons tower next to mandalay bay where
12:01 am
all this happened around 10:30 p.m. las vegas time. you ca tell us what's going on there? >> good morning. we are inside one of the hotels in the mandalay bay tower high above looking out. i shut off the light because i want to of the reflec to see outside. this i the viewpoint high above the las vegas strip. typica this is a bustling any t. right now it's quiet. right now is where this concert was taking place and a number of people heard reports. it is quiet. no other cars. all see is the flashing blue and red lights of police cars and ambulances that have been going up and down the las vegas boulev throughout the past hour or hour and a half. this i the main airport out of las vegas. it is has been shut down as th evenin comes to an end because
12:02 am
it's located right by mandalay bay on the end of the strip. we are inside of the hotel that is under lockdown. stay your rooms. that's what we havdoing. it's hard to get information becaus this is a fluid situat but you look around and you don't see people. this i where the concert was taking place. it is now dark and quiet and there are flashing red and blue lights as the area flooded by police and emergency responders. what we don't know at this point is how many shooters were there and have all of the shooters been cd and how many people very injured or shot in this fluid situation. we are high above the mandalay bay nearby where all the shooti have been taking place. we have been told to stay put where we are as a precaution out of saf also they don't know where the gunfire was coming from. some people wonder if it was coming from high above someone lookindown.
12:03 am
they are looking to try to figure out who the shooters are. we are expecting more inform from the police. they are trying to create stagin areas to keep the public inform we know the hospitals are incred they are taking patients coming by ambula and squad car and passen car from people taking the injured to the hospitals for treatm here where we are well over an hour into the situation and you can see ambulances and police pretty blocking off every intersection the strip is quiet as you will ever see it as far as traffic goes, bustling with police activi as the situation contin unfold. >> we are getting reports that the las vegas police said they have one suspect down. they are confirming that they have one suspect down. we don't know where the suspect is. where this actually happened. i know you are reporting that the scene looks quiet from where
12:04 am
you are, but on the street it's very, noisy with the ambula and the fire trucks going around. if you would, tell us what's going on within the hotel. they said there is lockdown. have you heard any people coming throug or have they gone throug the hotel? >> we ourselves have not heard anythi at this point. it's not like anyone came over a loud system or anything like that. we have been trying to call the front desk to see the inform are providing. no one is answering. i'm sure they are inundated with phone propro their own people becaus they don't know what is happen we are in the hear this mandal bay facility and there facili inside mandalay bay, but it's down below here where there has been a lot of chaotic situat below the hotel and
12:05 am
this c that was taking place is in this area across the street dark now, but not that lg ago it was bustling with activi and a lot of people have b here for this festival taking place throughout this entire weekend. a country music festival and squad car after squad car drivin and down the street and we are seeing them in lines and groups together driving up and down. the vegas strip right now, no other passengers or anyone is allowe on it. they are trying to get people off the strip and move them to areas where there is less concer a matter of safety. it is a police and emergency respon who joined us. >> i'm gng to cut in right now. joe, i don't kno if you can hear me, but we have steve patter live on the streets in las ve please you ca tell us wha the scene is in las vegas. >> rep joe described, quite a chaotic scene on las
12:06 am
vegas the tropicana hotel, new york new york, mgm grand over my should along with ambulances they have comple this corner down. it looks like one lane of traffi and they are trying to push people out of the area as much as they can. as joe friar said, pushing people back away from the scene back towards areas they haven't heard any reports of shooting. it seems safer at least at this point. as joe said, this is about as quiet as we have heard it. police have shut down this corner and have a lock on this scene. police teams with long guns. many cases heading into hotels cleari the hotels and casinos. coming out with their hands up and moving in. we saw that multiple times. not one or two, but at least
12:07 am
three times in this location overal as soon as we got on scene, we starte talking to people on the ground and people did hear gunfir one guy with his family said he heard what sounded like automa machine gunfire. there are so many reports and s this and so much chaos that people hear multiple different things, especially are height and on alert throug the different scenes. as mentioned, it's quiet and police have a lock o the scene. multip people are moving. teams ambulances and stretc this i a common site. people on stretchers and i don't know if they are getting checked out in a panic,but we have seen this multiple times. police have this scene at this locati and ambulances, squad cars flooding into this area and
12:08 am
police trying to push pedest as far back as humanl possible until they get more information and continue to sweep backyou. >> we have reports that the las one shooter down and they are asking people to still stay away from the las vegas strip. they have been moved away severa times. can yo tell us when you are lookin at the scene what kind of movement is going on. do you see s.w.a.t. teams in differ directions and have the police move and have they change their area of searching for this possible other shooter? >> repyeah. i have we saw police going in multiple different direct one team was moving over my left should and i want to back up and show you the scene. over my left shoulder into new . that casino and hotel. they cleared out the tropicana where you see over the ambulance vehicl and the squad cars.
12:09 am
back to my back right corner, police the sidewa we heard from people on the ground and it sounded like ther. obviou with the heightened scene we were at with the amount of activity going on. the amount of panic, police are trying confirm all of these report that they are getting in and they are doing it by going to different locations. police were scattered out everyw thiss about as c and locked and quiet as we have seen it. >> steve patterson live for us and we will go back to joe who is is at the four seasons with new details for us? >> we just wanted to make it clear to folks right now, we know this remains a fluid situat from where we are lookin and we continue to see squad cars going up and down and they have cleared out people.
12:10 am
we know within the hotel here, there a police presence in tactic equipment going through out. don't want to give away mo inform than that, but they are trying to clear the situat and figure out if there are other shooters. the las vegas police confirm that one shooter is down. they have said that via twitter at thipoint. they confirmed one suspect is down is what las v police are saying. this i activevation. head down head. this i an incredibly dangerous and fluid situation. police are everywhere and not just on the ground and the street they are trying to work through these massive hotel properties. you know every one of these hotels takes up a sprawling amount of room. floor after floor after floor
12:11 am
broken off. and the people who work in las target situations because everyt is so sprawling and so man people are in one area that this is something they have to train for and be ready for in these situations. right now unfortunately that's what they are dealing with right now. >> we know this happened in the route 91 harvest festival, it's a three-day country festival at the las vegas village across from mandalay bay. you were in the four seasons tower. did you see any security there and do you know the security they have at this venue? or even at the hotel with people with firearms. do they have security set up for these potential situations? >> at the hotel specificall we are in, we haven't seen anything out of the ordinary. we have been here for the past 24 hou and a lot of media is
12:12 am
in this area because of o.j. simpso release about 24 hours ago. nothin out of the ordinary. the mandalay bay is on one side and across the street about a block away where the concert was taking place. people have been staying at all the hotels in the area, not just this one. mandal bay is the hotel overlo this area which is where the concert is taking place which is why it is getting so muc attention right now. whethe any of the shooting came from m bay, we don't know at thipoint. the concert is in the shadow of. as far security goes, we have not se anything out of the ordina >> if you are looking dowon the the strip, do have a view of new york new york. steve patterson was saying the teams were moving to the other hotelsnearby. what's scene when you are lookin down on the strip?
12:13 am
>> what i will do is turn out the lights because the reflec when the lights are on makes it hard to see. you can look outside and if you know mandalay bay, you know it's on one edge of the strip. if you look in that direction, you see the luxor and after that, you see the mgm and after that in the heart of the strip goes as you continue to move to. this i probably the least amount of activity from police that we have seen in the middle bit. that doesn't mean it's not still danger but not as many drivin up and down the road. if you look near where the concer was taking place. >> joe. we have somebody -- i'm sorry to interr but we have an eyewit was at the harves festival. her name is megan and she is joining us on the phone. can you explain the scene down there. we watching this video, but
12:14 am
cannot what happen in that venue. can yous? >> yeah. the concert was going on and we heard what sounded like firecr going off. like someone setting off a firecr and weea it of a sudden we heard what sounde like a machine gun and people said they were hit and to get down and every 20 seconds you would hear a round of machin guns and hundreds of bodies all over the ground. >> how long did this seem to go on for? >> it felt like forever, but probab you heard at least 30 times of machine guns with one after another after another. we finally heard a break and we starte running and as we heard them, hoping they were not going to hit us as we were running. we wer able to go through a back service door and hide. that's what we are doing right now. hiding in another
12:15 am
>> megan, how many people do yo? how ma people were at the concer >> they said 30,000. when we started running out, there probably a couple hundre on the ground. >> a couple hundred. i'm glad you are safe and this throug is there anything else you rememb from the concert? do you security teams being around or any kind of wrangl going on there or were people unaware of where it was coming from? sounded like outsir from above. it doesn't seem like it was somebo in the concert. it was somebody outside of the concert and it sou was coming from the sky up above. just people kept dropping and droppi all over the concert.
12:16 am
it was somebody above and able to get full range. >> were there security guards and people at this venue? this w the finale and a wrap of a three-day festival and everyo was in a great mood with jason aldean singing on the stage. how was the crowd responding? it sounds like it was total panic, but how did you have the wherew to run and get out? >> we laid there for a while just praying to god as we heard the fire and everyone screaming and at one point everyone said to run. at a point a couple minutes in, everyo like run. at first people were dropping to the floor and taking cover. at some point, people said run, run. get out of here. i don' who it was. people started running. as peo were running, they stil. >> where were you to be able to
12:17 am
escape the fire? if the shooter was shooting down at the where were you locati locati locati >> they were getti shot right next to us. we wer by the stage towards the front. one foot away from us, people were getting shot. no one was safe. they were going ev you we lucky if you didn't get. it doesn't seem like one general area. >> have you been able to talk to the first responders to make sure that you are okay and you are safe? >> no. we just kind of went into a hotel and someone let us into a room. i do have a friend whose husband is an officer and they told people to stay where they are. i don' would be to leave right now and go out.
12:18 am
we are staying here and waiting it out. >> how many people -- you were runnin and how many people were follow you in the direction you were going in terms of runnin out of the venue and going hiding? >> quifew. it seemed like everyone was going out of the exits. there quite a few exits. people were hiding unde things and some were running. it seemed like the gunshots were coming from all over. you had to make a split second decisi a good decisi there quite a few people trying run out. >> if you could describe the venue for us. this i an outdoor stage area and then -- >>yes. >> what is surrounding it and how do you exit that venue? >> like metal barr walls and they will have exits that you can leave. it was difficult to get out. 30,000 all standing.
12:19 am
it's very difficult in case of an eme that w the hard part. >> you said you are now safe with a group of people. how ma people are in your group? >> it was me and my two sisters that ran together. it was the three of us that ran togeth we fou hotel room where they would let us in. it was only the three of us that ran. >> there was no prior indication that there was anything going wrong with this concert. the shots came out of nowhere?np and we all thought it was one o someth it was quiet at first. >> megan, did you see any of the first responders or anyone coming in or helping the people that were hit on the floor?
12:20 am
>> i'm sorry. we are trying to figure out if we are staying here or not. can you repeat that? >> i want to know if people were helpin the people and in a situat like this you don't know if you can help the people on the ground. were people stopping to help? >> trying to carry them. we feel bad because we should the sh active, it's hard to know what to do. people were trying to save their friend but we just ran. we feel awful for it, but there. helpin them would mean we would get >> megan, it's good to know you are safe and secure at the moment we thank you very much for callin in. i appreciate your time here. please stay safe. >> okay. thank you. >> thank you, megan very much. >> that was an eyewitness to the shooti at the route 91 harvest festiv in las vegas.
12:21 am
joe friar is in the four seasons who has been giving his eyewit account looking down on the las vegas strip. what can you tell us? >> from this hotel room, we hav stay i place. they don't want people wandering around hall ways. police department confirmed again that one suspect is down at thipoint. that's what they are saying. one suspect is down. they don't know how many more suspec or gunmen there might a want to keep people from coming into the area who were not here alread and want to be safe with the people who are already here to not be out and about and put themse in a dangerous situat i will try to shut off the light to take a look outside because of thereflection. we need to turn off the lights. we are looking over las vegas boulev the infamous las vegas strip. mandal bay is on one end so
12:22 am
you are looking towards the strip and it continues to be filled only with emergency respon vehicles. lots of red and blue lights. we are seeing a lot of police cars a ambulances in this area. no one else is allowed to drive in. they continued to block off inters keep them from coming this area. we have the camera and they can go back left into this area. this i kitty corner from mandal bay where the concert was taking place. this country music festival. people were enjoying the music and manyht i thougwas firewo at first they were arin and started to realize that it was gunfire and had sh. a good amount of the policing presen is here at the end of s right and this is located next to mccarran airport. this i at night, but no flight in and out because of s see the runway is right there
12:23 am
next to mandalay bay and next to where the concert took place. on the other side of us is the inters 15. a good chunk of that has been shut downright now trying to keep traffic out o police are trying to lock the area down and make sure people are safe to see if there are any more shooters or dangerous situat out here right now. this i the view from high above. we are in one of the hotels inside mandalay bay high above. this has an overview of where the bulk of the shooting happen earlier tonight. far. reporting live from las vs and we will turn to jim cavana retire special agent in charge and a former atf hostage negoti you have seen the scenes before. this i going on almost two
12:24 am
hours here where we have seen s.w.a. and police trying to find these other possible shoote we know one is down. tell u your view of the scene and how this is all unfolding. >> i watched each balance carefu and they have multiple witnes that are talking about they believe the shots came from an elevated position. we saw the video that you played earlie that is up around the media, the l.a. times had it on their site and i listened to it andbsolutely a machine gunfir not semi automatic. a fully automatic rifle. submac gun we call it. a machine gun that someone can carry. it would be like a 223 or m-4 on full automatic mode. when you listen to it, it sounds
12:25 am
like somebody might be emptying a 30-round magazine with a pause and another 30-round magazine. that goes on a few times. four or five times. then semi automatic fire after that. could semi automatic rifle fire after that. it doesn't mean there is two shoote i didn't have time to analyze it that carefully to see if the shots were together, but you could a submac gun shooting four or five magazines and 30 rounds from a position and run out and switch to a differ rifle or you could have another shooter. the "new york times" said the las veas police reported someon pinned down by the shoote and the police confirmed one shooter is down.
12:26 am
that could mean a wounded or dead shooter. if someone is down, you have to worry about them carrying a suicid note. you don't necessarily approach right away. s.w.a. would have to handle that carefully and maybe send a robot up. they could be booby trapped. likewi metro is invest an suv and it could suspicious from the shoote of cou they reported maybe sor pack that has to be rendered safe by the bomb squad as well. we have no idea what the motive is. absolu none. las ve has been the target and discussion of international terror for more than 20 years. going back to the early al qaeda days. they often talked about it as the symbol of the decadent west.
12:27 am
las ve metro know they have practi and practiced and known they were a target like new yo and like los angeles big. it's big gathering place and a target for terror. we have no idea what the motive is, but it's always been on the radar that las vegas hosts every day and are always in the mix. in this concert thaw pointed out, the concert venue is down on the street across from some of these high-rise hotels. it's easy to get into a hotel with shooters and rifles and ammuni they could break out or cut a window get to the roof of the hotel possibly or break a lock.
12:28 am
maybe they have a pass or an employ a lot people can do ta to this. they can get to the roof and come in with luggage and rifles someth like this shooting a submac gun into a crowd is absolu a submachine gun being fired. you ca could hear it clearly on thatvideo. this i a very serious attack and unfortunatel we will probab hear more about casual because of the shooti submachine gun from an elevat position. that's wnsitnesses are saying nobody seems to have been seen the shooter on the ground. there a lot of chance for death and injury. they flee in a hurry and they drop their cell phone and lose their purses. everyb is calling them. you ha to see what happen
12:29 am
first. you don't know. a lot of people are scurrying and running and people running out of their loafers whenhey get into survival position like this and they are hiding all over. i would say from a status of law enforc right now, they have a pretty good idea what the situat is. they have either one shooter down and they have control of that person whether he is dead or injured and try to render bf there another shooter. they might have him cornered into the location. that's the way it looks from these everyt that metro police ever a this always happens when these events occur. >> if i could, i will ask you to
12:30 am
hold for a moment. we will take a brief pause pause we have more affiliates joining us. we are covering breaking news where there is an active shooter on the las vegas scene. >> ann this is an nbc news special report. >> we have breaking news out of las ve where there is an active shooting scene on the las vegas strip. accord to las vegas pd, two people are dead. 24 injured and 12 critical. appare there was an active shooter scene at t 91 harves festival next to the mandal bay in las vegas around 10:30 p.m. las vegas time. affi this and we have been talking to eyewit about the scene and
12:31 am
we will be going to them. we will go to joe friar in las with a bird's-eye view of what's going on on the las vegas strip. tell u what the scene looks like there now. >> the four seasons is part of are overlooking the situation which has been unfolding over the couple of hours. i will shut off the lights becaus we want to get rid of r look outside of the strip. this i lag vegas boulevard and the strip. the only activity you see are police and ambulances. the strip is largely quiet as far as strictly responders here right now. kitty corner from where we are,
12:32 am
krs where the festiva has been taking place. the music was playing and hundre if not thousands of people were playing where the stage is. sort of at the center of your screen looking right now over the past few days includ where a concert was making place. a country music concert when people thought it was fireworks and people realized that shots were being fired. we don't fully know and haven't heard from police where the shots were coming from. the mandalay bay is overlooking this area across the street which it's getting so much a right now. we know that dozens of people accord to witnesses were shot in this melee. we know a couple have been killed las ve police said that one suspec is down. they haven't described what down means. does that mine they are in custod or the suspect has been taken out, but overall we don't know how many suspects there were.
12:33 am
how ma gunmen there were in this s police are combing this area and we see one helicopter flying overhe and one where the concer took place and keeping an eye out on things and police are working their way through these hotels and through the street of las vegas. >> joe, if i may, i'm going to interr you right now. i'm going to tell you we are getting word from las vegas police that they don't believe there are any more shooters. they are going to have a media briefi shortly, but they are saying they don't believe there are any more shooters on the scene. we do know as you mentioned they said one shooter is down. at thi the las vegas metro police department are saying that they do not believe any more e there. we will go to steve patterson live on the las vegas strip. what are you hearing down there on the strip? >> rep we are at the corner of traptrap -- tropicana
12:34 am
las ve boulevard. before we were in a calmer state, this was chaos. police were everywhere. swarmi with s.w.a.t. teams and d casino and pushing pedestrians back b point to a point where they believe was safe. over a tropicana is where that festival was. i'm joined by someone who was at the festival, alyssa sanders. can you tell us what happened when you were there? >> when we were there, jason aldean was performing about 10 minute in. we heard what we thought were firewo we saw kept perfor and they cut the music and everyone said drop and everyo dropped. everyo got up and they said run. everyo started stampeding and chargi and knocking over
12:35 am
grills and jumping over fences and getting out. we ran past tropicana and tried said there was a shooting there and we tried to run this way and we hid in a bush for like an hour. >> you were there for a concert on the vegas strip and enjoying yourse you start thinking it's firewo and find out it's gunfir what goes through your heart and head when you necessary a situat like that? >> you can't describe it unless you go through it. you hear other people, but it's terror someth can't describe. >> what did the police do when it was confirmed gunfire. did yo police swarming in or what did you see some. we se street but as far as we were concer there was not -- they were doing their t were so many people running and. eventu everyone was running in all different directions. .
12:36 am
we decided to get away from the crowd and hide. >> did you happen to see anythi or any victims take any of the gunfire? what could you seerom where you were? >> we were further in the back. we saw a lot of people get injury and stomped on and fallin >> from the rush of the crowd. >> from the rush of the crowd. not directly from the gunshots. >> wa did the gunfire sound like? was it choppy or in bursts or automa fire? >> it sounded like fireworks. like automatic. it would go in a burst and sten st then it happened again and it would go again and stop. >> you said there was a perfor on stage. what exactly happened? >> he continued to perform the first time it happened because it sounded like fireworks. with the music i'm sure no one though anything.
12:37 am
when it happened again, we just heard the music cutoff. we couldn't see anything on the screen and that was it. everyo was just dropped down to the ground. >> you are safe here in a safe locati how are you feeling now that you have gone through this and heard report of casualties. >> sick to my stomach, but ther nowher safe for us to go. we are and trying to get to our car which we can't get to. we are still scared. >> thank you so much for joining us. stay safe and we appreciate sharin your story. that's just one story of a person at that concert location. it's back behind the series of buildi my right should with clamp on the scene, stretc ambulances and squad cars and s.w.a.t. teams everyt is safe. back to you. >> what an amazing account by alyssa sanders. i know she was your eyewitness.
12:38 am
she said they were just standing around trying to figure out where to go. is there a staging area and do they where they are telling people where to go through the airpor or anywhere where people along the strip or cannot get to their hotels can stay until t i? >> it's hard to relay how chaoti this thing has been. becaus of how calm it seems to be and police fina a lock on the area. in the initial rush, i want to relay was not too long ago. they were basicall flush as many people out of this area as humanly possible. i can't imagine they set up anythi as far as a staging area for pedestrians to go this quickl and effectively em sa th push as many people out as possib to secure the scene.
12:39 am
we are in the area where all this i happening and it's hard to get reporting out of th beca this i and how chaotic the scene is. they w trying to push people out of here so they could get a lock on the scene. back to you. >> if you would, how far is the area now held off from any kind of traffic or pedestrians? i know you are further back on the side, but are the other hotels lockdown. can you see if anything is expand down the strip o traffi opened up or has the scene expanded and taken up more space on the strip so peopl can't pass by? >> rep it seems to be just this corner and down a little bit further. obviou as you would imagine, closer where the concert scene is. everything down fr boulev on down further on our direct from where i'm facing appear to be open.
12:40 am
we hav seen squad cars and police cars and units and s.w.a. teams moving in all direct from this point. they have sort of located a centra point, maybe a staging area for police and from this point out in multip directions clearing hotels properties and casino that work obviously contin as we move forward. over my right shoulder, you can see the stretchers and police workin in concert with the fire and the ambulances and emts and first responders. i would imagine still trying to make sure that this despite the report of one shooter down that this area remains safe for the pedest who are out here. the work initially was done to push the pedestrians and the cars and anybody not associated or affiliated with the effort out of this area so they can do the hard work you see behind me. back to you.
12:41 am
>> talking about the hard work, we do see ambulances and stretc police cars there. has there been any more action in the area? we know earlier the ambulances were g the police cars were taking people to the hospit have you seen action in the area or more like a stable situation? >> at this point it seems like a stle tuation. at the point you were talking about, maybe an hour ago, you can imagine this. it was magnified and a flurry of activi all the cars were moving in the stagin area you see now. to answer your question before, are we seeing and hearing anythi more, the answer to that thankfully is not really. police had a clamp down on the scene and to hear the vegas strip no matter what time it is and what time of night or mornin or throughout the day,
12:42 am
to hear it this quiet in and of itself is extremely eerie. this i a place that is always popula and always has some level of noise and revel ry. to see the police and the impres that these teams have left is something quite eerie. it really sits with you. this scene has been locked down like this for at least the last half hour with very little activi a lot of people taking account of what's going on. we do the teams with long guns combing the area and we will see that for the hours to come. back to you. >> i want to ask you because you are on the las vegas strip. have most of the pedestrians been from the concert or is there just people still milling around the strip? now it's later in las vegas, but when it happened, it was 10:30.
12:43 am
the las vegas strip is always very busy. what mix of people are you gettin walking past the scene? >> if anybody has been on the vegas strip at 10:00 or 10:30, 11:00 p.m., it doesn't matter if it's a friday, saturday, or sunday there a tremendous amount people out having a goodtime. that's what we saw when we got to the scene but those people were in a panic. just the general population of g with people trying to enjoy themse lot of people we talked were people out on vacation or out here enjoying themselves on the strip. managed to talk to ao came the location. they disbursed as quickly as possib and have been with the crowds pushed back from police into the safe pockets and
12:44 am
locati again, most of the people we saw, the pedestrians on the street were simply people out enjoyi the strip and either heard the gunfire or heart and experi the panic that came in the aftermath of that. starte running and pushed away by police and now in a situation where it seems at least from this location fairly and decent calm. back to you. >> incredible kescene there. we will go back to joe friar, our correspondent who has been coveri from upstairs. the bird's-eye view. tell u what the scene looks like from there now. echo what things seem calmer, but that doesn' mean we don't still see helico with spotlights combin the area. we still see a police presence, but we are not hearing sirens
12:45 am
quite as often. we did hear an ambulance leaving the area. i will lights here becaus we don't want the reflec it it gives you a better view of what we have been lookin at from the upper levels of the mandalay bay complex. you can see a lot lights not as many police cars a ambulances as we saw an hour or so ago. right where you are looking at in the middle of the screen, where concert was taking place filled with hundreds if not thousands of people. jason aldean was performing when they started to hear the noises. the shootings thought it was firewo realized it was gunfir it was coming from, we don't know. we are waiting for police to confir it's in the shadow of the
12:46 am
mandalbay. if you look down the strip on one end of the strip and the camera is pointing up the strip with more of the hotels. if we pan off to the right, we are right next to mccarran airpor main airport in and out of las vegas. it has been quiet and flights stoppe coming here and the inters on the other side of us here, that for a while we believ is shut downright now. we don't want traffic in and out of the area. the only cars continue to be police vehicles an a lot of ambula when gunfire broke out, reports from people who said that it wa people and taking them to the hospit with ambulances and everyd folk who is put people in their cars and took them to umc wh is the level one trauma center nearby. other centers had to pitch in becaus so many people were injure you looking where it's dark
12:47 am
where the heart of this was. it is the concert taking place on route 91 festival that drew touris from all-around the countr for a three-day weekend here in vegas. many people staying in the resort throughout this area. right now it's eerly quiet for las vegas. >> that is an eerie view of las vegas. you are in lockdown at this resort do you tell us how that happen >> that's our understanding right now. initia when we started to realiz something was going on, my hotel room is on the other side. i had not noticed anything and i was asleep at the time. the hotel room we are in when the shooting started, we realiz what we were going on. my producer called down to the front desk and they said we were on lockdown. we haven't gotten any new inform since then.
12:48 am
there no announcemen over a loud speaker. they said we are in locown, stay p we know that polic this area and combing the area becaus they don't know at this point. right now they believe there are no more shooters. >> please stay with us. thank for your reporting. we are going to go to my collea who is going to pick up continuing coverage hereof this shooting on the las vegas strip. >> thank you very much for that. as youmentioned, we are contin to follow breaking news ahour. multip people shot at an outdoo concert effectively shutti the strip. las ve police at this tim saying one suspect is down after witnes describing a mass shooti incident. they now say that two people are dead, 24 injured. 12 of those in critical condit as we understand it.
12:49 am
las ve police said one suspec is down at this point. police have tweeted in the last few machines they don't believe there are any more shooters at this witnes have reported hearing gunfir from at least two shoote those are from the eyewitness accoun police saying something differ they d believe there are any more shooters at this time. we wer told it was around 10:30 p.m. local time as jason aldean. univer medical center in vegas is at capacity and sending patien area hospit mccarran international airport is one of the busiest in that part of the country said flights have b affected due to the police activity under way. the associated press said author have shut down part of the vegas strip and inters 15. we have two reporters o the scene including steve patterson
12:50 am
who is at street level on the las ve strip. steve, to speed in terms of what you are seeing and juxtap that with what police are saying that they don't believ there are more shooters at thipoint. >> rep the tenor of where we are at tropican las bouleva corrob coordinate with what police are saying, because of how quiet things have gotten. you can hear the helicopters above me, see back to the scene, it is active, you can see the structures, and the ambulances, squad cars have shut down this corner, and pushed up against the tropicana hotel. we are about as central as you can get on the las vegas strip. i can see the mgm, new york new york, and the tropicana, and beyond that is where the country music festival was being held.
12:51 am
we spoke to victims during the time of the shooting. the performers on stage. people thought, originally, it was a bunch of fireworks going off. the performances started continuing when they broke down, hearing the original noise. as they continued. people started realizing, it is gunfire, people in groups, and mass says of people, ran and took cover, trying to get afar from the scene as possible. one woman had to hide in a bush for an about hour, after being shot from the gunfire from th festival. in this location, we saw teams of police, and s.w.a.t. gear with long guns, going from property to property. if you know how extensive the properties are, it takes a lot for that operation and coordination to happen. they were clears out the lobby
12:52 am
says on different floors, trying to make sure people were safe. people started coming out of their hotels and casinos with their hands up. pushed away from this scene to make sure they were safe, so police could continue the operation that you now see behind me. it is extremely erie to hear the vegas strip, no whatever what time or day it is, saturday, sunday, monday morning to hear it this quiet. it is an errie seen to be part of at this point. how incredibly unsettling it is to be here with police, to not see the revelry you are used to. >> from your vantage point, how long do you say the operation lasted in ternals of police
12:53 am
activity from the time the shooting was first reported to the time they arrived on the scene? within the last 15 or 20 minutes ago, when we got that tweet saying that they don't believe there are any more shooters. one shooter is down. have you gotten any more operation from police at the scene? >> reporter: all i have right now forou on that is optices. what i can tell you is, despite how calm things are. and despite the clamp on the scene, pedestrians pushed away from here, police are still doing that work. i not too long ago, ten minutes ago, we saw a team of police in full riot gear with long guns headed in another direction. despite confirmed reports, they don't believe there is another shooter, they are continuing to do the work in the area, based
12:54 am
on reporting from victims that sounded like people heard multiple shootings in multiple locks. when you have a seen like this, there is a lot of different things, i don't believe people will take any chances. >> i will ask you to stay with us. we have with us, of course, nwc correspondent joe fryer. from the street. he is in a nearby hotel. in the mandalay bay complex. from your ventage point, the tenor of the atmosphere changes since the las vegas police department. >> reporter: we are in the four
12:55 am
seasons hotel, part of the mandalay bay complex, we are almost as high as you can get in mandalay bay, since it broke out. since we heard what was going on, they said, you are under lockdown, stay put at this time. we haven't received new information, we tried to call down to the front desk, nobody is answering right now. understandable, we don't know if the workers were told lockdown, stay safe. any new information about our situation, we haven't received any. we do know there is a police presence in the hotel right now. that is part of the reason why we are staying put, they don't know if the facility was part of the shooting or happens to be nearby. i will turn off the light. to get rid of the reflection, i will show you what we have been
12:56 am
looking at. it is across the street it is dark right now. that is where the 91 country music festival had been taking place. filled with thousands of people. we understand that jason aldean was performing. jason aldean and his crew are all safe. that area is completely quiet. it is across the street. kitty corner from the mandalay bay area, why the area is getting focus. we see a lot of police cars and ambulances, don' see as much driving in the direction where the airport is. there is a rundown in front of us, that airport has not had activity. we are late enough now, there probably would not be anything going in and out of the airport. no flights in and out. you can see the las vegas strip
12:57 am
is as quiet as you imagine it being, with the exception of emergency vehicles. no people are allowed on the streets right now. >> if i were using the flipper lights, that your cameraman is getting as a benchmark of the streets being used. how big of an area are we talking about? city blocks or one block that we are looking at? >> we are talking about several city blocks. it is not as bright as it was when we first started seeing the situation. for blocks and blocks, i would say, at least, five, six, maybe more. one direction, all the way down the strip. mandalay bay is on one end. police cars came in. dozens and dozens, blocking intersections, trying to keep an eye on who is trying to leave
12:58 am
the area. this is a sprawling area. every single one of the hotel complexes simple huge. several floors take up a lot of space. we are on one end. block after block, we continue to see it on the other side of where the concert was. the mt lights and ambulance presence. it has been a key staging area for police. they have been dealing with the seating. >> you have been describing it for us in your hotel. being put on lockdown, have you gotten a sense whether or not people were able to take shelter in some of the building, including hotels in nearby venus? >>. >> reporter: it is hard for us to tell. we have been trying to stay in this room. i can tell you what i heard about this. i went out to the hallway to
12:59 am
another room, where we well right now, nothing going on. it was quiet in the room. in the hallway. hais one floor of one section of one hotel in this massive area. it is hard to get a full idea. clearly, the streets are where the chaos was. that translated to right below us. you can see there is an ambulance with flights flashing, four seasons hotel, where we are at right now. it is hard, people, it is las vegas, 10:00 at night. clearly, many not sleeping, many in hotel rooms, eating, casinos, at 10:00, hotel rooms, more than during the day. still a lot of people are probably out on the streets this is las vegas. >> your picture is telling us that exact story.
1:00 am
we want to ask you to stay with us. you if you are joining us now. we are joined by many of the nbc stations across the country. we are going to bring everybody up to speed. stay with us. here >> ann this is an nbc special p >> if you are joining us


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