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tv   Meet the Press  MSNBC  October 2, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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we are joined by many of the nbc stations across the country. we are going to bring everybody up to speed. stay with us. here >> ann this is an nbc special p >> if you are joining us shooters. what we have learned, one suspect, at least one shooter is down. and as of now, there are no more
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shooters. two are reported dead. 24 for injured. even though it is a sunday night in las vegas, it is a very festive scene. a lot of concerts, venus, a lot of people on the strip. that is a different scene, according to the reporters on the ground. we have the story covered for you. we will begin with nbc correspondent steve patterson. bring us up to speed on what you have where are you in relation to the active shooter at the music festival. >> reporter: this is the corner of tropicana and las vegas boulevard. central as you can get on the vegas strip. the famous casinos, the mga,
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tropicana, where you see the people combing the streets, the squad cars, back beyond that point is toward mandalay bay. where the country music festival took place. we spoke to victims on the ground there, who told us, basically, they were at the concert. performers on stage. enjoying themselves, then they heard of what sounded like bursts and bursts, as you said, it is a festive scene, they thought they were fireworks. the performances, continued until it was clear those were gunshots. those people stampeded away from that location, on to the vegas strip. the have a mass of people on the strip. flooding from that location. trying to get away from the scene. police now, this scene has been
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relatively calm for the better part of an hour. just like this. police have pushed pedestrians out. police in full riot gear, going property to property. pushing people out with their hands up. at least in this location, back to where the seen is clear. making sure that operation hasn't you can see one lane of traffic remains open here. people are moving. on the vegas strip at this point. it sounds like reports, the flights are now coming in, and some of the activity that you would see at this time, early on a monday morning, is starting to resume. the situation is safe, they believe whoever did the shooting is down, and they don't believe that there are other shooters at least, in this location.
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in this area. police do believe that they have cleared at least to this scene, to continue to keep a lock on t and continue to comb the multiple homes and casino properties to make sure that this area is safe. >> the street level view. i would like to bring in a.t.f. james cavanaugh that joins us, you have been with us the last four, analyzing the seens, the sounds, i should say, a lot of the yuser generated content, footage, able to capture for us. i want you to give us initial assessment in terms of how they play out. what have you been able to play out. watch them talk on camera to
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msnbc recordings there, to watching them various national media sites. it is very clear, it is machine gun fire, police say it could be, might be, no, it absolutely is sub machine gun fire, when you listen to the clips, there is no doubt, to hear the rounds empty out. it sounded to me like there was four, could be five, maybe three to five magazines, about 30 rounds each. there is a delay between the magazines, that is when the people get up, try to run. when they don't hear the shooting, it is likely the shooter is changing magazines.
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joe friar in the mandalay bay, a great vant angle point. another shows the front of the casino, if this shooter was shooting from an elevated position, and didn't have access to the roof, that means they were shooting through a window. those hotels generally don't have windows you could open. it can be cut or broken in a small part, then, a rifle is stuck out the window, what if all the witnesses say holds true, that would confirm. multiple witnesses say, it seemed to come from the sky or elevated position. nobody reported seeing the shooter, again, that goes back to maybe he was available in the position. the vegas pd, if the shooter is
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staying in a room at the hotel, possibly two from an elevated position. it is all coming together in bits and pieces. it didn't sound from the review, the couple of times i heard the video, that it was anything that one person could not have done. it could have just been one person. there were some semi-automatic fire, after the fully automatic fire, you know, it may be been the shooter. semi-automatic motor, or wouldn't be a police officer returning fire or you know, at the window, we are not clear on that. shooting into a crowd that large with a sub mamachine gun from an elevated position, will kauts this number of casualties. that is devastating as you know.
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>> let me does you one question. it is important to exercise, we don't know anything about the shooter or motivation or identity. we are expecting a press conference from the las vegas police department that will begin any moment. i apologize in adadvance if i have to interrupt you to go to that. the first thing given what we have seen overseas, and the attack that took place in manchester at a music concert as well, is it too early to say, beyond the thakt this is referred to as a soft target? >> secure, in not allowing somebody to enter their compound or hotel on the premises with a weapon. >>. >> the problem with hotels, you can just take a rifle, break in in half, put it in your luggage,
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carry long luggage that looks like a golf bag. you can get it n for the price of a room. you can get in a hotel, and most hotels in the world, security is not to stop that kind of attack. we don't know the motive. target and indicators, who would want to kill people going to a concert? quickly, manchester comes to mind. we know we know, we can go back to the order in the early 1990s, you know, post the first world trade center bombing, vegas was on the tip of their tongue. you can find many terrorists in
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the middle east, talking about a decadent like other large cities, it is a target. by terrorists, we don't know that that is what this is. this is not someone who is trying to you know, rob a bank. this is someone who is killing for power, political theater, maybe these are the kind of motives that are possible. we don't know what the motive is. for someone to check sfwo a hotel, bring rifles and amfig. >> certain degree of premeditation involved in something like that. >> absolutely right. it is planning, logis ticks tic.
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you have a situation, a mass attack, you have to worry about bogey traps, suicide belt, bomb, they have toing get cameras in there, it is secured. it take. >> let me jump in here for a moment. i will ask you to stick with us. we will come back with you. i want to cross over to steve patterson, stim outside on the las vegas strip. steve, you heard them talking about the follow up in terms of what the police may be doing, securing the area, potentiposhl
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xwh potential in terms of what police are doing at this point. are you seeing anything from your veptage point. from their to substantial that? >> reporter: what you see is what you get. stand back and show you. this scene has looked like this for miles per hour an hour. police have had a lock on the scene. it is question. compared to this lock, should be at any point in any day. it is an police have locked it down. more than an hour ago, roaming police in squads, they would comb, in every direction from the branching or staging area, multiple locks, going through
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multiple properties, squet gear, hel. pushing people out with their hands up. what you see now, some of that, a lighter version. while this scene has been the way it is now, we continue to seek policeman with long guns comping the area. despite reports saying that police believe they have no lock on the moving in and out of this he is joining us now. good to talk to you this morning. just sort of looking at the scene there as well.
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what we understand, las vegas, at this point, there are a lot of people they want to secure the frp perimeter as you were talking about. when they say one shooter, we know are you seeing foot traffic? i am seeing people archdiocese you now. surprising, considering the situation there. >> reporter: i mean, you can't push everybody out of a place like the vegas strip. effectivelyush approximating everybody on the again. >> screaming, crying, fences were flipped, there is no v.i.p. seconds, we rap into the
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building. >> refreshed to see your mother and mother, inside her home. she has been texting me. y sooingly my family is back together. your father is relieved, he has a cell phone ta was dead. many wondering what happened to my loved ones, so man got separated during the screen. that is what is going on here. over on this side. just, more people getting transported down to town center area. i will send it back to you. it is good to see reunions there, we want to let you know that -- >> someone attending that
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concert. who was happy to talk to the family members, relieved to be safe and and we want to talk about, resume our conversation. to make sure that people aren't walking into the scene as we continue the conversation. >> we have multiple teams on the ground here. one team, trying to come to our lock. they were told by police, that is not going to happen. what you see here is remains in place. it sems, from my vant aage poin more than an hour ago. when it is was teems, trying to push people out.
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to keep will operation flowing, back to where the country music festival was. under the mandalay bay making sure the area is safe. they continue to keep a on this this, to get out of lock, and continue. >> i want to cross over to joe fryer. you have been from your vant ag to other hotels, that they eased up the lock down? police don't believe there is go more shooters. >> we simply don't know, we have
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not received any information, there hasn't been a lot of communication. it is not like there is a speaker telling people what to do o to ship, to see what is going on. part of the mandalay hotel strip here. haven't been able to get anybody on the phone. we are staying here, we know that there is a police prngs at the hotel, we have been people, out of this area. they continue to we have to seam many of those, who this their rooms, many wanted to get out of the facility. i want to show you, turning off
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the light here. what you are looking at right now, it is dark right now. that is where the country music festival was taking place tonight. thousands of people, filled that area. started to hear the gunfire, people thought it was fireworks at first, and realized it was gunfire. so, that is information we are waiting to hear from flis and ambulances. police presence, not nearly as strong as it was two hours ago. when responding to the situation. for this area, to try to take
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care of police better -- toing to what it is get us to the trying to pitch it in to hoar is the main airport. >> we have video from a local broadcast for everybody. have a look. we actually moved down, police were pushing us down this way, they believe that the shooters
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situation, where they are high up there the helicopter, over and helicopter. we have not down i-15. a short time ago. russell road. of course, if you look down the street here, you can see, police over here. people hiding behind vehicles. and there was a man who came out here, his shirt was bloody, saying that several of his friends had just gotten shot. you he pushed our cameraman out of the way, saying get out of here. he asked ugs, come n help. the people that he witnessed getingly shot. inside the harveflt forecast val. they believe it was more than
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one shooter. we need to confirm that we don't know how active shooters were out there. how to make the scene i would say the police out here would be concerned about other people's safety, not peep who were inside the velval. whand. they said they were police said get down to the four seasons
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drive area. we will stay out here, and gather more information. it is now cobb firmed by vegas police, that one shooter is down. when you were talking earlier on the mamess, you mentioned that you thought this shooting was coming from a higher area. there are a lot of areas that shooting could have come they believe that the shootings may come from a higher area. >> you can't -- it starts to get stronger. we have no reports on the ground
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of anybody seeing the shooter. or seeing someone moving through the ground. each witness, armed since this broke has been talking about the shot shots up in the air. elevated position. watching the video out there. posted, and used bye-bye the "l.a. times" there is actually iphone video. you can hear the sub magun fire police say they have one, there is the sub machine gun fire. >> give us a second. we want to play the video that we have that was captured by one of the witnesses. >> take a listen to this.
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[ gun fire ] >> what is it? >> jim, you were describing that as sub machine gun fire. it sounds like a 30-round magazine, like he shoots t changes it, that is the silence in between. reloads another 30 round. maybe looking for targets, and shoots again. it looks like he unloads a few, three, four, three to five. it is hard to tell, the video is not complete. that goes on, there are a few single shots afterwards, that could be the same shooter with a
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semi-automatic rifle. if he is in an elevated position, that you how you wound 24 people, shooting into a crowd. when daylight comes, they can look for that window. >> does that mean, he was neutralized? shot, abhended, how would you read into that? >> reporter: down, meaning not in custody. down means, just that down, could be dead or wounded. in a location, where technical operators can see him. they are not approaching him. when that report came in. they are going to send in a
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camera in there, see if he has a bomb or su -- they can see remote camera tools, it means that they have rifle cover on him. he is not going to get anybody else. they will change as they go through their procedures. >> at 10:30, reporting that the support was down three hours or how difficult is it to locate the area in which the shooting was coming from. when listening to the video there, you can see how random it seems to people.
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how you can see the gun fire. the officers probably weren't there that early. they have to get in a vant angle point. the sueders can get on there from an elevated position. and look at the front of that casino. the mand alay bay. a man in a room. >> jim, we are going to the press conference. take a listen.
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sound, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. >> preparing for that press conference, first time we are hearing. as of within the last hour or so, the las vegas police department does not believe there are any more shooters, the death toll, two people killed, two dozen injured. briefing us, up to date of those take a listen. >> good evening, obviously, i am sheriff lobardo from clarke county, i am hear to talk to you
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about what is currently taking place on the mandalay bay. we experienced an active shooter, 10:08 this evening. multiple shots fired from the direction of the mandalay bay, and the route 91 concert, taking place. through 32nd floor, officers and engaged the shooter at that location. he is identified as a local resident, i won't release his name at that time. we are interested in a compappion that is traveling with him. her name is mary marlou danley.
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she is an asian female, approximately four foot 11, weight of 111 pounds. we have not located her at this time. we are interested in talking to her. for follow up. two vehicles, we need your assistance with that. hyundai tucson, nevada plate 114 b 40. in a chrysler pacificaturing, 19 19 d 401. these are the plates registered
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to the support. located at the mandalay bay. a couple of things, one is the red cross is responding to the headquarters here at the police department. 400 south martin luther king to receive phone calls for family members, trying to locate fanly that attended the concert. that number will be established here shortly. we will get it out. additionally, anybody who may have cell phone video, or video associated, that would be a benefit to the investigation, please respond to the police department. if you have it, evaluate it, brimg it down the headquarters. so, family members, if you are
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unable to call or you do not want to wait and respond in person, we have set up a treat area for you to respond to help you locate your loved ones here at the headquarters. standing with me is special agent in charge of the fbi, aaronerous. and then we have fire chief from clarke county fire. they are assisting with all the victims, as far as the number of victims, i can't give you an accurate number. in excess of 100 plus injured. in excess of 20 plus that have died at this point. those numbers we will get them to you accurately. the primary aggressor in this
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event has passed away, and is no lodger a threat. there has been multiple phone calls, and accusations or conjecture coming through social media that there is multiple shooters, and other resorts that is proven to be false. additionally, there has been accusations or beliefs that explosives are going off that is false. the only one is from our s.w.a.t. team breeching the room. we are pretty confident there is no longer a threat. other than attempting to find the person of interest. >> we believe that it is a local individual. he resides here locally. i am not at liberty to give you his place of residence, on-going investigation. we don't know what his belief system was at this time. >> i can't hear you.
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>> we have no idea. it is an on-going investigation. it just happened. please bear with us. we have all the forces to bear from public safety handling the situation. i am going to say this one more time. we don't know. it is an on-going investigation. right now, we believe he is the sole aggressor and the scene is static. we are attempting to locate the person of interest. [ inaudible ] >> we have two plof police officers at the hospital. one in critical condition, one in minor injuries, other police officers, off duty attending the concert who have expired. we don't have those individuals at this point. i don't know the sequence of
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events on that. right now, we believe 100 plus injured and 20 plus dead. i don't want to give you an accurate number, i don't have it at this point. >> i still want them to shelter in place. they will be contacted by 50 responders, and advise them when they are free to go. it is better to shelter in place than to be unaware. [ inaudible ] i'm sorry. >> we believe there were off duty officers who may have died who were attending the concert. all i know at this point, they are roommates. i can't give you that now.
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[ inaudible ] yes, we believe so. [ inaudible ] >> yes, absolutely. we are looking for a hyundai tucson, nevada plate 114 b 40. additionally, looking for a chrysler pacificaturing, nevada plate 19 d 401. turing, nevada plate 19 d 401.oring, nevada plate 19 d 401.ring, neva plate 19 d 40 plate 19 d 401.oring, nevada plate 19 d 40uring, nevada plate 19 d 401. >> we have responded to the scene, we are doing the best we can to provide safety for the survivors, right now, we believe it is alone wolf type actor. we have the place under control.
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>> we will do regular briefings, and advise you of the schedule as they come forward. thank you. >> recap for you, you were listening to sheriff lombardo. who briefed reporters, a lot of information coming out about what took place, and where the investigation is going forward from this point on. we want to start with what he was able to tell us, notably, that the number of fatalities, the number of injured. initially, two people dead, 24 injured. 100 plus more are injured. that is according to the sheriff of clarke county. what he was able to describe, is what began at 10:08, there was
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gunfire from the mantdalay bay hotel, in the direction of a concert on the vegas strip. they responded to the strip of where they believe the shooter was located. engaged the suppospect was kill. they are describing him as a local resident, to say that he was a local resident of las vegas. interestingly enough, they are now talking about who they are looking for. identified an asian woman. marilou danly. they have identified two vehicles, that they believe were registered to the gunmap, are now in pursuit of.
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they are working with officials from the red cross to try to limited partner families looking for loved ones who may have been at that concert of the the hot line will be provided. they are calling for a lot of people who may have had cell phone video to provide that to police in the area. over 20 dead, and over a hundred injured this evening. >> to recognize this investigation is very much on-going. he said, this could be a multiple shooter situation, there were explosions going on, he reiterated that is not happening. the suspect is dead. they are being looing for the asian female, marilou danley.
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111 pounds. we want to play for you, the multiple gunshots. [ gun fire ] >> what is it? >> i don't know. >> we are going to get tramp pelled. >> you can only imagine when people were imagining, not knowing if it was a gun shot, gun fire, witnesses say, they saw mussel flashes from it believe. it was confirmed the shooter was on the 32nd floor of the mandalay resort, outside of the
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concert. i want to go to pete williams in washington, d.c. for us. pete is joining us. what are you hearing from your vantage point, having heard the press conference you listened to from the sheriff there? >> the information that i have got from the federal authorit s authorities, they don't know the moti motive. they know the name of the suspect. they are not releasing it at this point. we have heard names, we haven't confirmed them. woo know what cars are registered to him. they are asking people to help to find the cars, they have nevada plates for the are cas and the make and the model. didn't give the year. so, they upon the cars, because they know the suspect, and the cars registered to the system.
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they have asked assistance in looking for the woman who was his roommate or companion. they identified her as marilou danley. they said she is four foot 11, asian, weighs 111 pounds. they say the shots came from the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel. according to the website of the hotel has 43 floors. the police have been saying the number of people killed would be very high. . 20 plus, the police say. 100 plus injured. and from the sound of what we heard from this video, and others, hearing from witnesses there, they say, it sounded like
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automatic fire from the rifles that were being used here. the police have made it clear here, they believe only a single person fired all of these shots, simply sprays what is automatic weapons fire from the 32nd floor of this hotel, down on the concert goers on across the street. >> we have vins sager with his, who shot the video we have been showing to people throughout the night. this video that you are seeing there of people running away, hearing the gunfire spray. visent, do i have you. >> yes, vume. >> how are you doing? >> good. scary situation. didn't think it was real until you start seeing people running. yes. >> tashfeen malik me what was it like, you were there, shot the video, what was it like when you heard the shots. >> i thought it was fireworks. i thought, honestly, from the
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smell. like a pyrotechnic, i thought they messed up. they were misfiring. then it stopped. then it went again. and louder. you saw people screaming. you see jason aldean run off the stage. we were at, where the shooting was, you saw a body on the floor. going from listening to jason aldean to seeing a body on the floor, in las vegas, a play place where you feel safe every day. >> it is mind freak on you. you think you are at an amazing country country, having a great time. someone can do this.
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it is mind blowing. people are there, drinking, some people are saying one thing, then another. everyone was hiding, and diving under bleachers, we were pretty much just kind of running, and ducking, and as soon as we heard gunshots, everybody would get down. high under concession stands. it it was a git of lock down. everybody saying everything. we are at mgm, people started running at the bar. crazy. >> if i can, we have a video playing, if you can put in context for us, where you were in relation to the shooting, when it started. i assume that everybody was facing the stage. did the shooting come from behind you, to the left of you?
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>> put it in context. >> it came from to the right of us. we were standing, facing the stage, to the right of it by mandalay bay. >> to get to the concert venue, did you pass tluz security? was there police presence outside? >> yes, there was security. they search you. >> that was to get into the venue. >> correct. >> what about when after all of this took place, did authorities descend on the concert? was anybody there to direct you, or a free-for-all. people running to get out? >> a little of both. you know. the staff, give them credit. for people that are just hired for that one event, for them to stay calm and orchestrate people
1:48 am
get in the right way. so, they were orchestrating, and metro was there. directing people. to safe locations, at that point, at mgm. >> how long was the ordeal, from the moment you realized the shooting began, until you were safe and security. >> i started feeting safe and secure now. >> were you there with friends? >> yes, i got a friend that was hit. the people that we were with. safe at the moment at that time. it is more like, i am a local. i have somewhere to go, at home, i know how to get in and out of the hotels, that is how i got out of the mgm.
1:49 am
we ran out the back. we had a car. everybody doesn't know where to go right now. >> we are happy that your friend is already. doing well. >> yes, now it is more, peace of mind. people visiting here. people are confused. i mean, with the messed up time going on. >> why did you decide to turn your camera on, vincent? >> to be honest. in this day and age with news, they hold it up. and you can be safe. not safe. i mean, document it. first, i thought it was part of the show. fireworks. you know, holding it up. you don't think of these things.
1:50 am
>> vincent, let me ask you, in terms, i am sure you are,a wear of the incidence. in europe, with the shooting that took place in the manchester. did you thought of that weight in in all of your decision is security something you take into account? >> no. not at all. i love country music, i love route 91. i had nop of that in my mind that something like this could happen. >> and i wanted to bring to your attention, that the police were asking for anyone who may have had cell phone video of the incident to provide it with police. you have video we have been playing, that obviously, makes audible, very clear the sound of those gun shots, we are very relieved to have you with us.
1:51 am
and difficult for those who attended. our thoughts and prayers for you and wish your friend a speedy recovery as well. >>y woo want to go to audio to a 911 call. >> it is coming from upstairs from it mandalay bay, i see the shots from mandalay bay. gsw, multiple casualties. >> be advised automatic fire. fully automatic fire from an elevated position. take cover. >> multiple gsws, severed arteries, at the medical tent. south of reno. >> you were listening to the broadcast. reporting multiple gsws, gunshot
1:52 am
wounds, coming from the elevated floors of the mandalay bay hotel. the shooting situation has ended with the killing of the suspect. >> on lock down through the night. now that we heard the news conference, we are in the mandalay tower, our hotel is the four seasons in the mandalay bay tower. wree on the 38th floor. police tell us the shooting suspect was on the -- we want to
1:53 am
show you the vant angle floor from the 38th floor. we want to get rid of the reflections, see through the dplasz here at night. basicallyings across the street, that is where the concert was taking place. route 91 harvest festival. it was packed with thousands of fans, listening to a singer, jason aldean, singing at the time. we are told he is safe. this is where all the people were. a general idea. we are on the 38th floor from the mandaday bay tower, where the concert was. this gives you an idea of the shootir's perspective. coming from the 32nd floor. police were able to engage the suspect on the they were able to shoot him dead. we don't want to give away too
1:54 am
much information, heavy police presence in our building. where we have been. when we heard about the shots, we called down to the front efblg desk. they told us the hotel is in a lockdown, they we stayed put since that time. we are looking across the strip. mandalay bay is on one end of the trip. if you are looking at the street, looking down, you can see buses, three buses in a row, that are pulling through. those are the first nonemergency vehicles. police came out and blocked the intersections to make sure no more cars were coming in. a lot of police vehicles, and ambulances, and flooded this area. it was their job to get everyone to hospitals. >> quickly, you are saying you ared in the four seasons on the 38th floor. if they don't know what the mandalay bay, how many towers
1:55 am
are there? we know he was on the 32nd floor. which tower he was in. how many towers? >> it is more like an x. there are different swings to it. we don't know what wing he was n there is a tower, called the dell lono, we are in different wings, that is the lay-out, it is like an x-shape. >> live for us on the 32nd floor below. we have all of our nbc affiliates joining us at this hour we will take a break and recap at the top of the hour for you. everything that we learned from the clarke county sheriff, who spoke a short while ago, as well as from all the eyewitness
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accounts, and reporters on the ground. spe speaking to fbi is now assisting in the investigation as they continue to look for a person of interest, as they described as the companion of the shooter, who they believe was responsible for tonight's killing. the death toll at 20 maybe more as the high unfolds, we have gotten to reports a hundred people inspector injured. a deadly situation unfolding by the minute. >> we want to continue what is happening for those just joining us. we have video we will go to steve patterson, standing by for us. >> then, the reaction.
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you begin to hear the screams of the crowd. >> i got goose bumps, that is a really tragic. >> you can hear it. you sort of put that next to the video we heard from vincent. a different vantage point. you are at this amazing concert, hearing shots, not knowing what is happening, it is automatic 20 plus people now dead. confirmed. 100 plus injured. terrifying to hear it from here it imagine being a witness to that happening. >> we want to go to steve patterson. covering this all morning, steve, do i have you? >>. >> reporter: you have me. i can hear you. >> you are standing by for that
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press conference, listening to the sheriff, going over everything. bring us up to date. as to what you are learning from the ground. >> reporter: from the ground, we continue to have a stream of people at the venue, one woman that wandered out, 20 minutes ago, while the press conference was happening, she didn't know where to go. she came from the shooting, she was there at the shooting was taking place. she described the raining down, she said there were bodies littered around where she was everywhere. heart-breaking account of what happened. she said there it was a body on top of her. she used that to play dead for a few minutes, and tried to rush off. so many people did.
1:59 am
from that venue, out on to the strip. there was panic. police tried to push people away, police are blockading to push people away and keep this area safe. back to you. >> steve, we appreciate you joining us, for the last couple of hours, appreciate it. we want to talk a pause, allowing other networks to rejoin us. and as we do, i want to bring everybody upto date. we have been covering the las vegas shooting, near a music festival. 26 mussel flashes, we are hearing that 100 plus were
2:00 am
inju injur injured. we've been covering for you the breaking news unfolded in laceration vegas over the course of several hours. short time ago briefed by the police department. here's what he's been able to tell us. certainly have extensive coverage from the team on the ground. according to las vegas, shooting began at 10:08 p.m. began on the 32nd floor of the