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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  October 5, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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that does it for this edition. remember, follow us online on facebook and twitter. chris is here next right here on msnbc. >> thank you. good afternoon. we are at msnbc headquarters. law enforcement officials say he researched other possible attack locations in boston and chicago. gop lawmakers opening the door to the first step towards gun control. are republicans ready to take action? and democrats divided publicly calling to step aside and make way for new leadership. is this the beginning of a democratic revolt? so much to get to. we begin with questions unanswered. why did steven paddock such an elaborate plan and how did the gunman go unnoticed as he unmasked an arsenal in a las
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vegas hotel suite? investigators still searching for a motive. the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history. 58 people plus the gunman are dead. nearly 500 injured. the gunman's life still slouted in mystery. we are learning more about his recent activities. they say paddock investigated shooting locations in chicago and boston. the person close toast him has now been interviewed by the fbi. she denies any knowledge of paddock's plan. >> he never said anything to me or took any action that i was aware of that i understood in any way to be a warning that something horrible like this was going to happen. it never occurred to me in any
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way what so ever that he was planning violence against anyone. >> we have the latest with correspondents in las vegas and washington. let's start with pete williams. let's start with this word that there were possibly two other locations that paddock reportedly researched. >> yes. that's all we can say about them, that we don't know if what his intention was. they see he researched outdoor concerts in chicago and at grant park in boston and actually made a reservation at a hotel overlooking a chicago location although he never showed up. he booked reservations twice but he didn't show up either time. no indications that we have found that he tried to reserve
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rooms in high-rise buildings around the location in boston. there aren't any really high hotels that look down. that's condo building be you we don't know whether he was able to get a reservation there. but that's part of the electronic devices. the other question here is did he have serious physical or mental problems? what we are told is that he did have some mental health issues. we know he took valium.
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>> and that's why we heard from local officials saying look, we don't have any evidence of this but it's hard to see how he acted alone. >> correct. that's right. nothing to indicate that anybody but him bought those guns. we are told that the trace of the weapons is almost done and he bought all of the guns legally himself. you know, the sheriff said how could one person have done this? they would like to know the answer to that. there's no evidence that anyone is involved at this point. >> stephanie has been following the investigation. what are investigators there learning? are they learning do we know anything from her? it sounds from the statement at least that her lawyer read yesterday that she is as shock
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as everybody else she says paddock went to her and said i have a very cheap ticket for you to go visit your family in the philippines. she was born there although she is an us a traaustralian citize. she took it to mean he wanted to break up with her. he said i wired $100,000 so that your family can buy a house. she thought he was trying to break up with her and give her some money to almost pay her off. at least that was her suspicion at the time. no indication he was planning what she was planning. she said she is devastated by the deaths of all of the people
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here. >> thanks to both of you. >>. >> john, you and i were there. new information has been tric e trickling out. is the is there something you heard to understand how and why this happened? >> i really don't. i think it's frustrating for everyone who lives here. you can see it at that final press conference. they want to be able to say they are closer to finding out why this guy did that.
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there are strands of information out there you have seen them. they don't know yet. >> but part of that is some members including members of the investigative team have been putting little strands out there. one of them -- i don't know if you know anything more about that it wasn't necessarily a suicide mission. he wanted to say something more about it. the guy killed himself but what lumbardo said is he clearly had a plan to survive. some said what do you mean? they didn't want to tell. i think it means they probably
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found out that he had some kind of escape plan. who knows what it was and maybe it will lead to somebody else who may have been an accomplice. i don't want to tip that person off what they know. it is all speculation. that is clearly the most interesting nugget out of that press conference. >> and it's hard to say. i realize how -- you have regulars. can you help us to understand the stark reality is being felt and helped with.
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>> you have coseasino executive and how do we deal with this? when we need heightened security medss and how we and then you have that you just talked about, that we are car -- people must love in the hotels. they have come out to donate blood. there is a go fund me account. there will be a $10 million pretty soon.
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and then a community is devastated that lost loved ones, lost friends -- >> and who came close like your family? i hope i'm not speaking out because we had that conversation. you had a kid that tried really hard to go to that concert. >> i think about that every day. my son told me and i was shocked to hear this that she actually tried very hard with his girlfriend to get to that concert. first they found out it was sold out. his girlfriend called around seeing if they had extra tickets. there is a lot of people that did get into that concert and didn't get out. >> john, we are grieving with
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your city there and with everybody who has been so deeply effected by this. much appreciated. >> thank you. >> shooting rampage lasted almost 11 minutes. it is still unclear how many rounds were fired. of the 23 weapons that were found 12 of them had been outfitted with what are called theesz stocks. you probably heard these bump stocks are attachments designed for semi-automatic rifles to allow for rapid fire, almost like that of a sub machine gun. in the wake of sunday's attack a growing number of lawmakers have come out to say they favor having these and similar devices
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banned. legislation to expand background checks failed. t the orlando pulse nightclub. do you think congresswoman this time might be different? >> i certainly hope so. one of the differences is that the nra remained pretty quiet about this. we are starting to see some republicans open up the door a little bit. we hope that's a good sign. speaker ryan said he was open to having hearings. our office has reached out to him to encourage him to at least hear our bill. you have seen mark meadows start to open a little bit and some senators. so maybe this is such a heinous crime on top of all of those others that have occurred that they will let us do it.
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it is a narrow bill that looks at those bump stocks. it's not doing away with guns. it's just the bump stocks. >> i have heard people say on the republican side that this is an issue the house should look into but that's a phrase, look into, study, investigate, hold a hearing. very different from saying i absolutely would support this legislation. i know it's early. i know that this legislation is just now coming together, but are people telling you on the republican side we can get behind this unequivocally? >> well, what they say in the elevator is often different than what they do on the floor. so we'll have to see. i will point out that i gave a letter to the president when he was here in las vegas yesterday from the democratic members of the gun crime prevention caucus saying please meet with us. you're not a typical republican.
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you have a chance to lead. he can help to persuade some of the folks across the aisle. >> and i want to say something just before you heard him talking obviously about the economic concerns that there are. what does las vegas have to do? are we going to see increased security measures at hotels and other public venues? what are the conversations going on there now? >> well, you know, this is my district. it starts and goes all the way downtown. it is districtrectly impacted. we have had a target on our backs far long time. you the racetrack, new year's eve, concerts. what i think will happen is a real hard look at changing perhaps some of those soft targets to hard targets. i can tell you law enforcement, first responders and private security and we have the best in
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the world along these hotels work together in an absolutely co coregraphed way to deal with this. they certainly saved a lot of lives once they got into action. >> about that there is no doubt. thank you so much. good to speak with you again. i appreciate it. >> thank you. democrats divide? a new call for nancy pelosi to get out of the way and bring in a new leadership team. let's bring in kasie hunt and national correspondent for the hill. as you know, this comment comes from top house democrat, vice chair of the caucus. this is what you reportedly said from reports from l.a. times that will air sunday. i'm getting i do think we have this depth of talent and i think it's time to pass a torch to a new generation of leaders and i
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want to be part of that transition. we have already gotten a response from pelosi's office. it said she enjoying wide support and always said she is not in congress on a shift but on a mission. pelosi is focused on winning back the house and anything else that's a distraction. what's going on on the hill casey? >> what you're seeing is a long simmering and ugly divide and argument inside the democratic conference going out into the open. linda is second highest ranking woman in the house leadership. she also is 48 years old. nancy pelosi is 77 years old. her top leadership team includes both of whom are around her age or closer to pelosi's age. that has been something that we saw flare up around the leadership race earlier in the year.
10:17 am
there was some unexpected challenges to pelosi's role at the top of the caucus. i think what you're seeing reflected here is a real deep frustration that there has not been any turn over or any opportunity to make a real mark and there's also concerns that nancy pelosi's change is a liability for democrats running in the 2018 midterm elections. it has been shown that that's the case. it is part of the flip side of that argument. i will say democrats privately are not pulling any punches behind the scenes as they talk about this. there are suggestions sanchez only won by one vote, that she is barely hanging on, that it could spark backlash from the congressional hispanic caucus. two groups have been strongly
10:18 am
allied. >> and i thought it was really interesting that one of the folks that we talked to immediately said sanchez only won by one vote and then added the timing looks particularly craven to members after the marathon efforts to keep unity during the aca fight. how big is this divide? is it real? >> i think it's real. it has been simmering far long time. there have been a lot of members who wanted to move into the up ir ranks of membership who concluded they are not going to be here long enough and therefore they are moving onto other things. he was seen as a small handful of people. he left the house and same thing happened to a number of other guys who might have moved into that sort of more prominent role. the interesting balance here that casey touched on is the amount of money pelosi raises,
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which there is no other single person than nancy pelosi does and on the other hand, the fact that she is well known and not terribly well liked among members of the other party. take a look at special elections that happened earlier this year. democrats were talking about donald trump and republicans talking about nancy pelosi. it is in terms of fundraising. >> yeah. i can tell you some people that are running for state legislative office have said that they get a lot of sort of push back for being in the party of nancy pelosi. it is going to get interesting. we want to talk more about this other issue that we keep bringing up, which is the key republicans who say they are open to considering a bump stock ban. is there a shift to any gun control measure? we'll hear from paul ryan about that.
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sheer house speaker paul ryan with hugh hewitt. it will air in full saturday morning. >> he wants hearings on bump
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stocks. >> i didn't even know what they were until this week and i'm an avid sportsman. fully automatic weapons have been banned far long time. apparently it allows you to -- so clearly it's something we need to look into. >> back with us kasie hunt and reid wilson. casey, we have been here before. i remember a lot of democrats felt confident. it was going to motivate something. it didn't. do you sense something different ton hill with this? >> from a legislative perspective i have to tell you i don't there have been some republicans particularly in suburban districts that say we need a legislative fix. i think there's an understanding from those republicans that any
10:25 am
prolonged debate or attempts at legislation would pretty quickly get buried, get twisted, become essentially a nonstarter. no one is coming out and saying that directly. there's a different solution here that wouldn't require an act of congress. that's something i see there being something to do. they had to say this is not something that modifies a gun in a way that makes the gun legal. it zrunt mechanical parts. it doesn't effect how the gun shoots. we know that it does although it is simply using the way your finger interacts with the trigger and the recoil to do that. they say hey, why don't you revisit this issue and consider
10:26 am
o outlawing these bump stocks. the question would be okay. does that mean somebody would have to make a decision that would be politically scrutinized in a way that we have already heard steve bannon warn the president. i would also say one element of this has been under covered is the way the gun lobby has evolved in recent years. they have been silent about this. the gun owners of america is a group to the right of the nra. they have already come out and say they don't want to have a debate about the bump stocks. that's the dynamic that would dominate even over something as simple as this. >> yeah. it has been crickets from the nra. we know the kind of money they pour into republican campaign.
10:27 am
is this where you have to bump it over to the atf and even if the idea is to do that are there members who are so nervous about the nra or their constituents that even that is too much for them? where do you see that right now? >> it has a huge influence and within this white house at a time of the presidential campaign when they were abandoning donald trump in droves there was one group that stood behind him, spent millions of dollars in a lot of these key states. that was the nra. they never blinked when a lot of others did. they have will a significant amount of indpluns. we have seen a number of state legislators take up gun bills and now this shooting as well it actually expanded gun rights.
10:28 am
we have seen a number of measures move forward where they control that expand gun rights and expand open carry laws and allowed more people access to guns. this debate happens in washington d.c. it is happening a lot more in state capitals. >> thank you both. earlier today nancy pelosi promised action on gun control. jim heinz has been an outspoken advocate. you cosponsor that had bill. is that okay? is that where you think your best shot is, how to build only tackles bump stocks, nothing else? >> i think sadly it is the only shock that you have.
10:29 am
you a situation where 90% of americans support universal background checks. we check you out to make sure you're not a violent killer or strift. in theory this house of representatives ought to be willing to pass that. if we have to take the bump stock bill even though this bizarre technology was used to kill an awful lot, if that's all we can get we'll take that as a start. >> and that's gun for almost every american but less than one in three actually own a gun. republican or democrat some of these big picture issues like banning mental health issues, those kinds of things have bipartisan support.
10:30 am
>> along with universal background checks the idea that there is some line, some technology where we draw that line and say hey, a weapon that can fire 100 rounds has no hunting value. it can kill as we saw in las vegas enormous numbers of people very quickly. that idea which is consistent is supported by the vast majority of americans.
10:31 am
it will not move here. the tools are it's too early to talk about gun violence. by the warks y, if you do x, y . it is all true but there are things we could do. i'll take this bump stock thing even though it accounts for some vanishing number of gun deaths in this country but we know there are things we could do that would dramatically reduce the 30,000 or so americans every year. >> i have been talking about -- you have been talking about limits on the size of magazines. we should draw a very clear line against weapons that have no use but the kill lots of people very very quickly. we need to do better on mental health. almost 20,000 are suicides.
10:32 am
it points us in the direction of storing weapons. i can only imagine the number of suicides. a distraught child finds dad's weapon and uses it to kill himself. our colleagues will be lucky to get the bump stock legislation passed. >> i also have to ask you about this. one of the top leaders called for the current leadership to step down. i want to play that clip. >> i do think we have this real depth of talent within our caucus and i think it's time we pass the torch to a new generation of leaders. i want to be part of that transition. >> they both say they want to focus on what they are doing now which is trying to win back the house. do you agree with linda sanchez
10:33 am
that it's time for a new generation of leaders? >> i'm not ready to say that yet. this of all times when we are -- it's a huge give back to middle class dollars. when we are struggling with gun control she is a personal friend. i don't think this is the moment for that discussion. is there anyone who thinks it will be around 10, 20, 30 years from now? i don't think so. i think it's legitimate. i think we have pretty big fish to fry and that's where it needs to be. >> thank you very much. keep us posted. >> thank you. deadly ambush. green beret rais killed in an
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officials cob firms three u.s. soldiers were killed in an ambush in africa. they came you should attack along the border 124 miles north of the nation's capital. let's get the late now. >> we know it was a well planned ambush. we don't know if they actually were targeting a and knew american and potential french special forces were with the military. they were out there on patrol. the u.s. does have a big presence in niger. there are about 800 troops there. the u.s. operates a lot of drones they use for libya and mali and elsewhere. there is a clear insurgency problem. the u.s. is trying to help partner nations there. in this case the government of
10:39 am
niger try to go build their capacity so they can go out and clamp down on islamic extremism. >> after rex teillerson doesn't deny he called the moron does he keep his job? and you might be surprised which receive the most money from the nra. ♪ it's your eyes. that's why there's ocuvite, from bausch + lomb. as you age your eyes can lose vital nutrients. ocuvite helps replenish those nutrients. ocuvite has lutein, zeaxanthin, and omega-3. nourish your eyes to help them be their healthy best. ocuvite eye vitamins. be good to your eyes.
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secretary of state rex tillerson is ton job today but the question is how long. we saw him taking part. yesterday he criticized an nbc news exclusive denying he was ever on the verge of resigning but refusing to comment on whether he ever called the president a moron. to be clear, nbc newsstands by its reporting. -- news stands by its reporting. as i saw rex tillerson and said here is this man who has been und undercut not just on north korea but previously on other things so that people look at him and
10:44 am
say does he speak for this president? the answer is no. he doesn't have incite into the state department. you wrote why tillerson kissed trump's ring. >> i think he feels it is important for him to stay on as secretary of state at least for the foreseeable future. he talked about serving the country. i saw yesterday's performance, which i found embarrassing to watch, a kind of ritual bow to the white house. >> it was uncomfortable wasn't it? >> it was. here he was making this, you know, as i said, a bow to the president and listing all of the great things about the president.
10:45 am
he is smart and he demands accountability. the question is whether he can still represent the united states with confidence and whether he can become a better secretary of state in terms of communication with media and other diplomats. he just hasn't done a very good job. if he is going to stay he needs to improve the performance to be secretary some how without offending the president. >> and he says that he was dealt a bad hand but also played it very badly. shannon, what's it like inside the state department? what's the talk on capitol hill and inside the white house? >> there is a sense she is staying because he feels a duty of this country, because he feels he can accomplish something, that he thinks it is important for him to be in there
10:46 am
and his voice to be in there in this administration. we have seen a lot of people come into trump's dog house. oftentimes they come out. jeff sessions is a great example. he is a survivor. he kept his head down. he kissed the ring a bit and he is back in the president's good graces at least as far as we can tell. i could see something similar happening to tillerson. there is a drum beat of negativity. so there's been a sense though from the very early days tillerson was butts heads. i think a lot would be surprised if she here beyond his one year anniversary. >> and when will rex tillerson exit? your new piece basically
10:47 am
suggestions one of the problems may be his own legal team. explain. >> it has been marred by conflicts and fractions it should be no surprise that the lawyers are fighting and butting heads here pretty much since the first day that he was brought in to handle the start of the investigation. he started butting heads. there was a dispute over resources and then of course this conflict spilled into public when a new york times reporter overheard cob talking about a d.c. restaurant. that exacerbated tensions. now you two lawyers that would n naturally have some tensions. the other is try to go prevent executive privileges. so really just par for the course for the administration. >> and still wanting to deny all
10:48 am
of this, deny what we just heard from intelligence officials that yes, again, russia did interfere. this is how president trump responded today. i want to get your reaction. why isn't the senate intell committee looking into the fake news networks in our country -- we don't have time to play it but his ex-wife says and tells him, keep going. >> i'm glad he is getting advice somewhere. i think the president's statement is in keeping with what we have seen. it is a mystery as to why he doesn't do the obvious and say we need to be serious about any russian interference in our politics. those things have seemed obvious but they don't happen. we have seen that he is capable of really responding
10:49 am
dramatically, suddenly in ways that can be self-destructive. we'll shave to see where his investigation goes. his own legal team is snarled up. i think that's part of the problem is that it's just a constantly shifting landscape and they are fighting battles in every direction and they have a president on top of the whole thing who just doesn't really seem to listen, maybe listens to family advice but it doesn't appear to anybody else. >> david, thank you both. so can any meaningful gun legislation get done? we'll talk to matt who helped pass the brady bill requiring background checks for gun purchases. that's next. ir day building on over a hundred years of heritage,
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may cause low blood sugar. common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, decreased appetite, indigestion, and constipation. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. ask your doctor about victoza®. we're back talking about this new push to ban bump stocks which were used in the mass murder in las vegas, but is it all talk? matt mclarty served as president clinton's first cleave of staff pushing for the brady bill. i'm sorry that we are talking about the topic again but you know well the power of the gun
10:54 am
lobby. you know well the money that's put out there by the nra. what do you think the chances are that the people who are pushing for this very narrow legislation can get it done? >> chris, it's always good to be with you, as you noted, i wish the circumstances and the subject was different. we need to act and if it requires some small steps initially, that's fine, but let's get the right direction. we did move forward with president clinton to pass the brady bill which is a simple background check. i am from arkansas, a hunting state, there is no talk here of taking any hunters guns away, that's totally a different subject. but we have had far too many of these tragedies, we need to take some basic steps regarding gun safety. i think the odds are at least in the art of the possible and hopefully in the art of the doable, but you've already noted there will be strong forces against this and president trump is frankly in a pretty difficult
10:55 am
position politically. >> we've heard this song before, we heard it after new town, we heard it after virginia tech, we've heard it after every mass shooting, they think they might make some progress. doesn't happen. there was an op-ed in the "new york times" that listed the members of congress who accepted the largest contributions from the nra, they include john mccain, richard bird, ray blount, we're talking almost $8 million on the case of john mccain on the house side, over a million dollars for congressman french hill. i get asked all the time is the nra really that powerful? are they -- are we looking when we look at these numbers are we looking at why? >> chris, to be fair, i have long been a strong proponent of a different way to finance our campaigns. i participated in the process now for almost 50 years, but i think that we just got far too much money in the system and you can say this about a lot of particular interest in the
10:56 am
economy, and it's fine to make contributions at a certain level, but certain interests do have a disproportionate amount of influence in the congress. it's part of the system, but a lot of the people that you named i know, like and respect, so i hope in this case there will be a really hard and serious look given the circumstances in terms of taking just some common sense measures regarding gun control. >> matt mclarty, i always wish we had more time. it's always good to see you and to talk to you. >> thank you very much. and we will be right back.
10:57 am
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for me, i'm chris jansing, look who is here, katy tur. >> nice color today. >> matching. >> we got the memo. >> fall. >> thank you very much. it is 11:00 a.m. out west, 2:00 at the white house where sara huckabee sanders is expected to speak with reporters at any minute. her last briefing on monday, that's where she said it was not the time to talk about gun control. will she have a different answer today? >> president trump also avoided having the debate this week, but it is not going away. this digital "time magazine" cover asks the question will the las vegas shooting change the debate over guns? on capitol hill the answer is maybe. some republicans are signaling they may be open to banning a gun modification


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