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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  October 16, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> we will look at that very closely. [ inaudible question ] >> well, he's a good man. i have not spoken to him but i will speak to him and make that determination. if i think it's 1% negative to doing what we want to do, i will make a change. yes. one second. >> reporter: what about declaring a national emergency for the crisis? >> we are going to be doing that next week. by the way, you know that's a big step. by the way, people have no understanding of what you just said. that is a very very big statement. it's a very important step. to get to that step, a lot of work has to be done and it's time-consuming work. we are going to be doing it next week. okay? >> reporter: did you have a chance during your lunch today to discuss the comments that steve bannon made this weekend and what do you make of those comments?
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>> look, the goal here is to win elections in november. back in 2010 and 2012, we nominated several candidates, christine o'donnell, sharon angle, they're not in the senate. the reason for that is they were not able to appeal to a broader electorate in the general election. my goal as the leader of the republican party in the senate is to keep us in the majority. the way you do that is not complicated. you have to nominate people who can actually win, because winners make policy and losers go home. we changed the business model in 2014. we nominated people who could win everywhere. we took the majority in the senate. we had one mission in 2016, we kept the majority in the senate. our operating approach will be
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to support our incumbents and in open seats, to seek to help nominate people who can actually win in november. that's my approach. that's the way you keep a governing majority. >> reporter: mr. president, sir -- >> reporter: earlier today you criticized drug companies and also insurance companies, saying drug companies were charging prices that were too high and insurance companies were taking government money. what specifically would you like to see both of those types of companies do? >> the insurance companies have made a fortune with obamacare. an absolute fortune. as you fo, whatknow, you are ta about hundreds of millions of dollars a month going right into the pockets of the insurance companies. i'm very happy with what i did. because of that, people are talking now, democrats are talking to republicans for a short-term taking care of what we will call health care so that
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people can have good health care without big spikes. you would have had massive spikes. you already have. every year the massive spikes to obamacare have been ridiculous. as far as -- and i didn't speak to mitch about this today but a priority of mine, and you know this is coming up, will be the costs of prescription drugs. we are going to get the costs way down, way down, and those drug companies, so you have the insurance companies on one case. in the other case actually in regard to both you have the drug companies. they contribute massive amounts of money to political people. i don't know. mitch, maybe even to you. but i have to tell you, they contribute massive amounts of money. me, i'm not interested in their money. i don't need their money. i will tell you, you have prescription drugs, you go to england, you go to various places, canada, you go to many, many countries and the same exact pill from the same company, the same box, same everything, is a tiny fraction of what it cost in the united states. we are going to get drug prices,
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prescription drug prices, way down because the world is taking advantage of us. the world is taking advantage of us when that happens. so that's going to be very important. >> reporter: on health care, there are six million people that get subsidies to help pay for obamacare. some in states you won in november. now that you cut off these payments are you going to assure that those people will still get help from the federal government? >> that's what we're looking to do. we want to get it down so that people can have affordable health care. look, you look at some states, 116% up. in alaska, over 200% up. in other states, 50%, 70% up. those are some of the states that are doing better. obamacare is a wreck. it's a mess. it's destroying lives. we want to get it in those states, the states that i did so well in, but also in states that i didn't win. i want to get health care that's much more affordable and much
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better health care. that's what we're doing. yes. >> reporter: let me ask you about tax reform. you had said the other day there were some adjustments being made. gary cohn said today there would be some things that are negotiab negotiable. you said as a leader your top priority is tax reduction, you did not say tax reform in 2017. leader mcconnell said more specifically tax reform in 2017. >> so we are doing minor adjustments. we want to make sure the middle class is the biggest beneficiary of the tax cuts and tax reform and that's i'm sure what mitch meant also, because people get it confused. we are doing massive tax cuts. we are also doing simplification and reform. simplification, where literally if we can do it on one page. in some cases it may be two pages. but we are doing major simplification, we are bringing the categories down from if you include zero because there are zero, we are bringing it from
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eight to four. that's a big, big simplification, just that alone. but we are doing the massive cuts and i will say this. wherever i have been, this has been so popular with the people. now we have to get a couple of additional people to raise their hands. mitch? >> yeah. i agree with the president. it's about both reduction and reform. it's been 30 years since this kind of effort was undertaken successfully and we are going to succeed this time. the bills, the details of them will be written by the ways and means and finance committees after we approve the budget and obviously, the budget opens the path to tax reform. but it's about both, about both reform and reduction. >> reporter: why haven't we heard anything from you about the soldiers that were killed in nyjer? >> i have written them personal
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letters. they have been sent or they are going out tonight but -- during the weekend. i will at some point during the period of time call the parents and the families because i have done that traditionally. i felt very very badly about that. i always feel badly. it's the toughest calls i have to make are the calls where this happens. soldiers are killed. it's very difficult thing. now, it gets to a point where you know, you make four or five of them in one day, it's a very very tough day. for me that's by far the toughest. so the traditional way, if you look at president obama and other presidents, most of them didn't make calls. a lot of them didn't make calls. i like to call when it's appropriate, when i think i'm able to do it. they have made the ultimate sacrifice so generally, i would say that i like to call. i'm going to be calling them. i want a little time to pass. i'm going to be calling them. i have, as you know, since i
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have been president, i have. but in addition, i actually wrote letters individually to the soldiers we are talking about and they are going to be going out either today or tomorrow. >> reporter: general kelly said just last week that you believe cuba could stop the attacks against americans. do you believe that? >> i do. i think cuba knew about it. sure. i do believe cuba is responsible. i do believe that. it's a very unusual attack, as you know. but i do believe cuba is responsible. yes. >> reporter: mr. president. >> reporter: roy moore down in alabama said he believes homosexuality should be illegal and muslims should be barred from serving in the u.s. congress. what makes you comfortable with someone with those beliefs serving in the u.s. senate and the same question to you, mr. leader. >> well, i'm going to be meeting with roy sometime next week. and we are going to talk to him
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about a lot of different things but i will be meeting with him. he ran a very strong race. the people of alabama who i like very much and they like me very much, but they like roy and we will be talking to him. i can report to you then. okay? >> mr. president, sir -- >> go ahead. >> reporter: mr. president, this question is for you and for leader mcconnell. following up on your comments on judges [ inaudible ]. this is a tradition that right now gives democrats leverage. >> i can give you my position. the blue slip for those of you not familiar with it, is a custom determined by the chairman of the judiciary committee and senator grassley can give you his view of how he views it. i will give you my view. my view is that a blue slip on a
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circuit judge is simply a notification of how you are going to vote. to conclude otherwise would have left us in the following position at the beginning of this senate. 48 democratic senators would have been able to blackball 62% of the circuit judge nominees. that's simply not a tenable place to land in a senate that now deals with judges with a simple majority. so my own personal view is that a blue slip on a circuit judge should simply be a notification of how you intend to vote. >> we can talk blue slips but my attitude is i just want really capable people going to the courts. peter? >> reporter: mr. president, in 2012 you tweeted that obama's complaints about republicans stopping his agenda are b.s. in your words since he had full control for two years.
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you wrote he could never take responsibility. but today, you said about some of the challenges right now in congress and in washington, i'm not going to blame myself, i will be honest, they're not getting the job done. so what's different then than now? >> let me just explain what's different. we have nominations pending right now and we have 182 -- if you look at this, the number that he had approved was 65% and 70%. we have 39%. they are holding up every single nomination. >> reporter: how about the -- >> schumer and the group are holding up every single nomination. they are obstructing. they are doing -- i'm telling you. they are not good politicians but they are very good at obstruction. they are holding up every single nomination and i will tell you, peter, it's not right. it's really not right. they will bring them right out to the end, that last minute, what they are doing is unfair. so you look at even bush, you look at obama, you look at clinton and you look at bush original, you have 389 versus
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182. these are approvals. you look at clinton, 357 versus 182. you look at president obama, 364 versus 182. these are nominations approved. what they're doing to us, we have unbelievable people and they're waiting to be approved. they have been waiting for a long period of time. i do believe mitch is going to start pushing them very hard and he can do that, and he wants to do that. he also wants to get the judicial nominations through and he wants to get them through fast, too. >> reporter: could i just follow on that, if i could. you seem to have a budding spirit of cooperation with the senate minority leader and house minority leader when it came to the budget, when it came to this idea of finding a fix for daca but every proposal you have floated since then, they have very critically rejected. so where is this relationship? >> well, i hope to have a
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relationship. if we don't, we don't. we have races coming up in, as you know, in a year from now. i think we are going to probably do very well. i can say this. if we get taxes approved, we are going to do unbelievably well. many of the senators are running in states that i won by massive amounts, over 20%, sometimes 30%. i guess in one or two cases by over 40% over the democrat. >> reporter: you think you can work with them? >> well, we are going to let you know that. i would like to give you that answer in about seven years from now. is that okay? i hope to -- john, i hope to be able to. because i like the concept of bipartisan. but right now, they are doing nothing but obstructing. and really, you know, if you think about it, they are against major tax cuts that's going to make our country stronger and more competitive. that's a hard thing to win an election on. i believe that some democrats will be voting for us when it comes to the tax cuts.
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>> reporter: what about this economic development bill you mentioned? >> i'm going to be proposing an economic development bill in the not too distant future. i want to get tax cuts obviously done first. maybe even the health care. i think somewhere either in between or shortly thereafter, i'm going to be developing an economic development bill that will put us so far ahead of other countries you will not even believe it. that will be very important. >> reporter: thank you, mr. president. last week, your administration made two major announcements on rolling back the iran deal and getting rid of the cost sharing reductions as part of obamacare. a lost krt of criticism has bee leveled at your administration saying really -- >> and a lot of praise. >> reporter: fair enough, sir. rolling back what you are doing is simply rolling back everything your predecessor accomplished. is there a single policy of your
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predecessor that you specifically do not want to touch? >> well, we are very opposite in terms of incentives and incentives for jobs and other things and if you look at what's happened, we just hit a new high today again in the stock market. we have picked up, mitch, as of this moment, $5.2 trillion in stock market value. we have the lowest unemployment rate in i believe it's almost 17 years. we are doing well. we are going to be doing immigration work that's going to be outstanding and we are going to have people coming into our country based hopefully on a merit system, not just coming in randomly, but they are going to be coming in based on a merit system where they can help us, because i have companies moving into this country, you saw what happened with the automobile industry last week, with five major plants. we have companies pouring back into this country for the first time in anybody's memory. we are actually going to be fairly soon to the point where we are going to need workers. our country is going to do so
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well. but the tax cuts are going to be a major, major part of it. >> reporte >> reporter: is there a single policy you want to keep in place? >> not too many, i must say. it's the opposite side of the spectrum. go ahead, peter. >> reporter: earlier you said president obama never called the families of fallen soldiers. how can you make that claim? >> i don't know if he did. no, no. i was told that he didn't often. a lot of presidents don't. they write letters. excuse me, peter. i do a combination of both. sometimes it's a very difficult thing to do but i do a combination of both. president obama i think probably did sometimes and maybe sometimes he didn't. i don't know. that's what i was told. all i can do is ask my generals. other presidents did not call. they would write letters. some presidents didn't do anything. but i like the combination -- i like when i can, the combination of a call and also a letter.
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>> reporter: if it would help special counsel robert mueller get to the end of the russia investigation -- >> i would like to see it end. look, the whole russia thing was an excuse. excuse me. the whole russia thing was an excuse for the democrats losing the election. it turns out to be just one excuse. today hillary blamed nigel farrage. that came out of nowhere. that was just an excuse for the democrats losing an election that frankly, they have a big advantage in the electoral college. they should always be able to win in the electoral college but they were unable to do it. so there has been absolutely no collusion. it's been stated that they have no collusion. they ought to get to the end of it because i think the american public is sick of it. go ahead. >> reporter: mr. president, do you believe that your comments in any way affected bowe
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bergdahl's ability to receive a fair trial and can you respond to his -- >> well, i can't comment on bowe bergdahl because as you know, i guess he's doing something today as we know and he's also, they are setting up sentencing so i'm not going to comment on him. but i think people have heard my comments in the past. >> reporter: will you set a deadline for daca recipients for congress to pass a bill by march? >> they should be able to do something but we need very strong border security and we do want the wall. go ahead. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> we had great conversation. we have fema there. as you know, james lee witt gave us an a-plus and i think if he didn't include the fires, he would include the fires also. we have fema there. we have military there. we have first responders there. it's a tragic situation but we are working very closely with
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the representatives from california and we are doing a good job. go ahead, in the back. [ inaudible question ] >> all i can say is it's totally fake news. just fake. it's fake. it's made up stuff. it's disgraceful what happens but that happens in the world of politics. john? >> reporter: on the wall, are you going to insist on funding [ inaudible ]? >> our country needs a wall. mexico, you see what's happening there, you see what just happened yesterday with one of their big political leaders. mexico is not doing particularly well when it comes to the kind of thing that we have great interest in. drugs are pouring across our
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border. we are stopping it but we need a wall to really stop it. we need a wall in this country. you know it, i know it, everybody knows it. we have to have a wall. so that's going to be part of it. [ inaudible question ] >> the puerto rico situation is so -- as you know -- >> reporter: would you say the federal response has been outstanding? >> that's according to the clinton administration's head of fema it's been outstanding. puerto rico is very tough because of the fact it's an island. but it's also tough because as you know, it was in very poor shape before the hurricanes ever hit. their electrical grid was destroyed before the hurricanes got there. it was in very bad shape, was not working, was in bankruptcy, owed $9 billion and then on top of that, the hurricane came. now, you are going to have to build a whole new electrical plant system. we're not talking about generators. puerto rico now has more generators i believe than anyplace in the world. there are generators all over
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the place. the fact is, their electrical system was in horrible shape before and even worse shape after. so we are working right now as you know, relief funds were just approved and are in the process of being approved by congress and that includes texas, by the way, that includes florida and it also includes puerto rico, the u.s. virgin islands, et cetera. but, but it was in really bad shape before. we have done, i will say this. >> reporter: people don't have drinking water. >> well, we have delivered tremendous amounts of water. then what you have to do is you have to have distribution of the water by the people on the island. so we have massive amounts of water. we have massive amounts of food. but they have to distribute the food and they have to do this. they have to distribute the food to the people of the island. so what we have done is we now actually have military distributing food, something that really they shouldn't have to be doing. but if you look at the governor who is a good man, by the way, but you look at the governor of
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puerto rico, he himself has said we have done an outstanding job. and most people have said we have done an outstanding job. puerto rico is a very tough one. go ahead. >> reporter: [ inaudible ] what are you doing [ inaudible ]? >> well, i will let mitch. you want to talk about that? >> was the question about the 20-week -- yeah. it's supported by virtually all of my members. we expect to have a vote on it at some point. [ inaudible question ] >> reporter: there are those who believe this would be the worst time to do that. how do you view what you are trying to accomplish, do you intend -- >> i will be going as you know to south korea, to china, to japan, to vietnam for the summit. we have a big economic summit
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there. i may be going to the philippines also. we have been invited. we have been invited to the philippines. i may be going to the philippines. i look forward to all of them. we haven't set the details as of this moment. [ inaudible question ] >> we will take a look at that. i didn't hear in terms of provoking but we will certainly take a look. >> reporter: a quick follow-up on an earlier question. you discussed the special counsel and the investigation currently. are you considering firing robert mueller? >> no. not at all. >> reporter: the kurdish and iraqi forces last night were clashing in northern iraq. are you concerned about a larger conflict in the region while u.s. forces are still advising on the ground? >> we don't like the fact they're clashing. we're not taking sides. but we don't like the fact they're clashing. >> reporter: what about the kurdish referendum -- >> we have had for many years good relationship with the kurds and have also been on the side of iraq even though we should
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never have been there in the first place. we should never have been there. but we're not taking sides in that battle. >> reporter: in an interview earlier today, hillary clinton said she did not believe [ inaudible ] in the nfl was about disrespecting the flag. you fired back in a tweet saying you hope she runs in 2020. >> is she going to run? oh, i hope. hillary, please run again. go ahead. >> reporter: is she right or is she wrong? >> i think she's wrong. look, when they take a knee, there's plenty of time to do knees and plenty of time to do lots of other things. but when you take a knee, that's why she lost the election. honestly. it's that thinking, that's the reason she lost the election. when you go down and take a knee or any other way, you're sitting, essentially, for our great national anthem. you are disrespecting our flag and you are disrespecting our country, and the nfl should have
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suspended some of these players for one game. not fire them. suspended them for one game. then if they did it again, it could have been two games and three games and then for the season. you wouldn't have people disrespecting our country right now. and if hillary clinton actually made the statement that in a form sitting down during the playing of our great national anthem is not disrespectful, then i fully understand why she didn't win. i mean, look, there are a lot of reasons she didn't win including the fact she was not good at what she did. but i will tell you, that is something that i had just heard about. i think that her statement in itself is very disrespectful to our country. thank you very much. >> reporter: what about
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police-involved shootings as it relates to the nfl? that's the crux of why they are taking a knee, sir. the police-involved shooting issue. >> it is very disrespectful to our country when they take a knee during our national anthem. just hear it. it is very disrespectful to our country when they take a knee during the national anthem. number one. number two, the people of our country are very angry at the nfl. all you have to do is look at their ratings and look at their stadiums. you see empty seats where you never saw them before. lot of people are very angry at it. it is highly disrespectful. they shouldn't do it. thank you very much, everybody. thank you. >> donald trump and mitch mcconnell wrapping up a doozy of a press conference there. a lot to get to in that. we want to clear things up on one issue right at the outset. the president said that president obama never made calls to the families of fallen soldiers. that is categorically false. he was asked about it again by peter alexander and then he
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retracted it a little bit, saying that that's just what he was told. again, though, it is false. donald trump, mitch mcconnell coming out in the beginning there and trying to convince everybody that no, in fact they do get along and things are actually quite good between the two of them. don't worry about donald trump's attacks on the senate majority leader, don't worry about steve bannon going after the senate majority leader, either. they are presenting a unified front. >> my relationship with this gentleman is outstanding, has been outstanding. we are working very hard to get the tax cuts. we will continue to work hard to get the health care completed. >> we have the same agenda. we have been friends and acquaintances for a long time. we talk frequently. we don't give you a readout every time we have a conversation but frequently we talk, on the weekends. about the issues that are before us.
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>> that press conference went on so long i sometimes forgot that mitch mcconnell was standing there. nbc's peter alexander was inside that news conference in the white house rose garden. nbc's garrett haake is on capitol hill. we have the chief white house correspondent for the "new york times" peter baker and msnbc political analyst, jonathan lamier. peter, there was so much in that press conference, so many different statements that need some context. i particularly am interested in him saying that cuba is responsible for those sound attacks on our american diplomats. we hadn't heard that before from any government official. but let's start with mitch mcconnell, because that's the reason this news conference happened. the two of them had lunch today. give us a little insight about what they talked about and what they hoped to get done going forward. >> reporter: well, to be clear, this president we have described before as the great disruptor and this was certainly unlike anything i have seen in my time covering the white house under
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the last president, this wouldn't have happened where the press would be waiting for sarah huckabee sanders, the press secretary, to deliver her remarks and take questions in the briefing room. we just received a call literally saying go out to the rose garden right now, the president is going to be taking questions. that doesn't happen typically. this president obviously likes to sort of overwhelm the narrative by addressing so many topics at once, which makes it even so difficult, i think, to digest all the headlines that he made. most notably i think the intention of this was to come out there, a power play of sorts by this president standing by leader mcconnell, the top senate republican right now, to demonstrate look, we are on the same page, we share one agenda for all the things you heard me say on twitter, for all the things you have seen reported, we share a priority of getting among other things tax reform done, health care done, but obviously as evidenced by the president's remarks earlier in the cabinet room, where he spoke uninterrupted for 17 minutes, here he spoke for almost 40
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minutes, this congress has a ton on its plate. a lot of which the president has shoved in their direction. welfare reform, just the latest item he mentioned on this day. but i think his hope is that it shows that he's the man in charge, leader mcconnell is working on his team and then i suspect there will be a lot of parsing about all the different topics discussed here. one that struck me, i know you have been talking about the president's comments that he had prepared letters, was expecting to speak to families of the four american soldiers who were killed in the last week or so in niger. the president made an accusation that president obama, he said he was told did not call the victims, the families of fallen american soldiers which simply is not true. in fact, president obama's team has already tweeted to that effect, calling it a lie. but sometimes in these free-wheeling moments like this as we saw throughout the campaign, the president just sort of riffs when the facts aren't always on his side. that i think was one example of that on this occasion that it hasn't changed in the trump white house. >> not only a lie, you are
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talking about alyssa saying that's an f'ing lie to say president obama or past presidents didn't call the family members of soldiers killed in action. he's a deranged animal. garrett haake, mitch mcconnell and president trump both said they are confident they are going to be able to get taxes done, also the budget done but not only that, they will be able to get taxes done hopefully before the end of the year. >> hopefully, katy. in some ways the president made mitch mcconnell's life a little easier today in the short term and a little harder in the long term. he provided a lot of cover for mitch mcconnell. he didn't take the bait on any of these questions about all the nasty things he has said about mcconnell in the past. in fact, he said he's outstanding, he said this man will get it done, talking about health care. he went over and over again to say they are on the same page on tax reform and tax deductions. he even brushed back steve bannon a little bit when he said he might end up talking to bannon about maybe backing off some of these primary challenges that the president's former strategist has threatened
11:32 am
against mcconnell's members. you got a little bit of that sense when somebody's the last person in donald trump's ear, sometimes he tends to agree with them. you heard from mitch mcconnell saying the winners get to make the laws here and i want to see people get nominated who win. that's the kind of language that would sound equally normal coming out of the president's mouth. a lot of cover for mcconnell in the short term but in the long term, peter sort of mentioned this, he dumped a couple of new things on congress' plate. he talked about welfare reform. he mentioned that he might be introducing an economic development bill. that will be news to a lot of people up here on capitol hill. and he said he wants to see more done with the opioid crisis. those are three big issues that will take time and energy from a congress who has little to spare of either. there are only about 30 legislative days left here and just to get the budget and tax reform done, those two things essentially have to go together, is going to take a lot of that effort. so mcconnell is probably walking back to the capitol, riding back to the capitol, little bit of the happier man today but ask him again in a few months when all these things have to be done. >> ask him again the next time
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steve bannon goes out and starts going after mitch mcconnell and other establishment republicans. we saw him at values voter just the other day saying it's a war on mitch mcconnell and the establishment republicans, the ones who are refusing to get on board with donald trump. take a listen to trump responding to that a moment ago. >> steve's been a friend of mine for a long time. i like steve a lot. steve is doing what steve thinks is the right thing. some of the people that he may be looking at, i'm going to see if we talk him out of that because frankly, they are great people. what mitch will tell you is that maybe with the exception of a few and that is a very small few, i have a fantastic relationship with the people in the senate and with the people in congress. i mean, our house of representatives. >> peter baker, he's got a fantastic relationship with congress? >> yeah. well, with the exception of a few, bob corker, jeff flake, john mccain, lisa murkowski,
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susan collins and you know, mitch mcconnell. the truth is whatever they said there today, they have had quite a great deal of stress over these last few months. you don't have to take the word of unnamed sources. you just have to look at what they said in public. now, they are trying to smooth that over, that's politics. that's the way washington works. it's the way to get things done is to move past your differences with your own party and move forward. that's what this was designed to do today. but saying you have a great relationship with congress isn't the same thing as having a great relationship with congress. the test will be these next few weeks. not only as we were just talking about all the different items on their plate. this idea that bannon is out there, steve bannon is out there threatening primaries and the president will talk him out of it. that's a real good cop/bad cop kind of play there. if you are in the senate and looking at one of those races, you will scratch your head saying who am i supposed to listen to, is bannon off the reservation or is he doing exactly what the president wants him to do in order to be the stick to the president's carrot. >> jonathan, what's the strategy here? he has mitch mcconnell over for
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lunch, holds that press conference where things are supposed to look fine. over the weekend he has a golf outing with rand paul. is it just wooing the people in person to see how long that might last? what's the goal for the president to try and find a way to work with congress when he hasn't found a way up until now? >> i think he recognizes that there's a lot on the plate between now and the end of the year. >> he keeps adding things, too. i'm not sure he recognizes there's a lot on the plate. >> he also played golf with lindsay graham this weekend, too. personal outreach to several key republican senators in the last few days. certainly this was an effort to project the idea that he and the senate majority leader mcconnell were getting along, despite repeated public statements from the president, repeated tweets from the president that suggest the exact opposite. for senator mcconnell, this is an effort to try to -- he knows there's an uprising here. i'm sure he heard steve bannon this weekend. there is some concern there will be primary challenges to a lot of incumbent republicans. something of course that senate majority leader wants no part
11:36 am
of. i think for him, it is helpful to have a projection of a better relationship with the president. the president here also, there is certainly a sense in the white house they need to put wins on the board. there have been very, very few to this point despite what he says. and tax reform's a big one. he certainly complicates matters by putting more things on the agenda. but he knows he needs senate majority leader, he needs senators to get something done. >> thank you very much. peter and the other peter, peter baker, and garrett haake, gentlemen, thank you very much for joining us today. trying to parse through that free-wheeling, lengthy press conference from the president. god, i did not envy peter alexander a moment ago trying to go through all those headlines. gentlemen, thank you. dogged by reports that his relationship with the president is imploding, rex tillerson joined the sunday morning talk show circuit to clear up rumors that tensions have grown between himself and donald trump. he dismissed the idea that the president was undermining his
11:37 am
role as secretary of state. he refuted the perception floated by senator bob corker that the president was castrating him. he refused flat out to answer the question of whether he called the president a moron. why does this matter? because today, the tensions between the u.s. and north korea are reaching a critical tipping point and these two men need to be on the same page. today, through friday, the u.s. and north korea are carrying out joint naval drills to practice getting non-combatant americans out of south korea in the event of a war or military incident. north korea considers drills like this to be a precursor to an invasion. today's "new york times" reports that north korean hackers tried to steal $1 billion from the federal reserve last year. the only thing that stopped them? a spelling error. kim jong-un's hackers still made off with $81 million and in the past few years, north korea's cyberthreat has gone from the
11:38 am
minor leagues to the big league. in the midst of all of this, tillerson says the president wants to give diplomacy a chance, despite the president's tweets to the contrary. >> the president has also made clear to me he wants this solved diplomatically. he's not seeking to go to war. >> he doesn't think it's a waste of time? >> no, sir. he has made it clear to me to continue my diplomatic efforts, which we are. as i have told others, those diplomatic efforts will continue until the first bomb drops. >> nbc's hans nichols is at the white house. i'm sure you were watching that news conference with the president a moment ago. he was asked about whether or not it's a good idea to be having joint military exercises on the border right now because north korea has seen those exercises as provocative in the past. the president said we are going to look into that. go for it. >> reporter: throughout the entire trump administration, it almost seems to be an iron-clad
11:39 am
belief they will not cede this notion that the u.s. and its allies can conduct what they consider to be normal routine operations. these happen almost every month in some form or the other. summertime events, for example, when north korea launches some sort of missile, intermediate range ballistic missile. sometimes you will see the u.s. will fly up the b-1 lancers. the most recent one they did in the dead of night. this part of the drill, this evacuation drill to get the u.s. citizens, the families of those serving there, out, is done annually. they go through it every year. so this by itself isn't timed, isn't in response to a specific event. i have to tell you, if the defense department, also the state department, there's a broad consensus the u.s. needs to be able to continue to conduct what they think are routine military operations. i don't see and i didn't hear anything from president trump just there now that they plan to curtail that simply because the chinese and north koreans may be
11:40 am
requesting it. >> the president just said he would end up looking into it. let's talk about the relationship between the secretary of state and the president. we have been talking about that for some time now. the source information that said that senator or rex tillerson called the president a moron. he was asked about that again over the weekend. he refused to deny it flat out. he was also asked about senator corker, saying the president has essentially castrated him in public by publicly defying him, publicly undercutting him. you cannot publicly castrate your own secretary of state without giving yourself that binary choice, senator bob corker told me in a phone interview on friday to the "the washington post". can these two continue to negotiate peace or some sort of peaceful resolution to what's going on in north korea if they so publicly are at odds? >> reporter: it's made easier for tillerson by the fact secretary mattis is so involved
11:41 am
in increasing the pressure on the north koreans. so you do see a whole of government approach to try to give diplomacy one more try. that's what we hear at the pentagon almost every day. you need to give the diplomats the space and the pressure to come up with some sort of peaceful resolution that includes the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. that was a press conference to show unity between the president and senate majority leader, both members of his own party. earlier in the day, president trump had the big cabinet meeting. he had secretary tillerson down. we did not see secretary tillerson come to the cameras in a similar display of unity. >> we did not. hans nichols, thank you very much. it keeps getting worse. another terrible story we are covering, not having to do with politics at the moment, but it keeps getting worse for harvey weinstein. what about his company, though? the peculiarities of his contract, next. i don't want to sound paranoid, but d'ya think our recent online sales success seems a little... strange?
11:42 am
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he's looking at me right now, isn't he? yup. (butch barks at man) butch is like an old soul that just hates my guts. (laughs) (vo) you can never have too many faithful companions. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek. we are getting a flood of new developments today in the sexual harassment scandal surrounding movie mogul harvey weinstein. he is now being investigated on both sides of the atlantic. a senior law enforcement official tells nbc news that new york city police are
11:46 am
investigating two credible allegations of sexual harassment against weinstein. london's metropolitan police confirmed it's investigating sexual assault claims made by three women dating back to the 1980s. all against the same man. reportedly, that man is weinstein but authorities have not officially named him. and as the backlash against him gets worse, weinstein is losing many of the honors and vestiges of power that helped make him so untouchable. this weekend the academy of motion picture arts and sciences, which oversees the oscars, voted to expel weinstein. today, the producers guild of america is meeting to discuss taking similar action. and france president macron says he's making moves to strip weinstein of the coveted legion of honor, his country's highest award. more than 40 women have now alleged weinstein sexually harassed or assaulted them in incidents dating back several decades. the latest is actress lisette
11:47 am
anthony who told london's "sunday times" newspaper that weinstein raped her during the '80s. none of the allegations has led to criminal charges against weinstein so far, at least. his spokesperson issued a statement last week unequivocally denying allegations of nonconsensual sex. in an effort to show the widespread magnitude of those who have experienced sexual assault or sexual harassment, people are posting me, too at their status on twitter and facebook. some of them are sharing their stories as well. joining us to talk in the newsroom about all of this is ann thompson and legal analyst danny cevallos and host of "the beat" ari melber. let's talk about the allegations harvey is facing in new york and the united kingdom. break them down for us. >> in new york, there are what the new york police are calling two credible allegations of sexual assault. they go back at least ten years. one we believe is lucy evans,
11:48 am
her story was outlined in "the new yorker" last week. she claims in 2004, weinstein forced her to perform oral sex on him in the company's tribeca offices. the other allegations we do not know other than it is at least ten years old. the cops have also gotten three other calls about what they term inappropriate behavior. so they have sent those, we assume they are women, those women elsewhere because they don't fall within the purview of the new york police department. in london, the allegations are of sexual assault and as you said, in lisette anthony's case, it's rape. in one of the two other women, she claims the incidents happened as many as three times. these are very, very serious allegations. they are just allegations now. just because the police are investigating them doesn't mean that they are going to be -- that he will be charged and tried, but certainly, it is one more major problem for harvey weinstein. >> police won't say definitively
11:49 am
it is harvey weinstein. that is who we are led to believe it could be. woody allen also somebody with his own troubled history of allegations out there, including allegations that he molested his adopted daughter, told the bbc the allegations against weinstein are sad for harvey and his victims. he also said he doesn't want this to become a witch hunt. you don't want it to lead to a witch hunt atmosphere, a salem atmosphere where every guy in an office who winks at a woman is suddenly having to call a lawyer to defend himself. this is woody's statement. >> as oliver stone and donna karan find out, when you express any kind of what appears to be sympathy for harvey weinstein it gets you in a whole lot of trouble. woody allen gave this statement to "variety" to clarify lis remarks that were made earlier. he said when i said i felt sad for harvey weinstein i thought it was clear the meaning was because he is a sad, sick man. but now harvey weinstein is just
11:50 am
absolutely radioactive. >> there's a curious thing that people are pointing out with weinstein's contract with his production company and according to the contract, according to tmz, we should say, weinstein t improperly in violation of the company's code of conduct he must reimburse for settlements or judgments and weinstein pay the company liquidated damages, 250 grand first instance. 500 grand for the second. 750,000 for the third and $1 million for each additional instance. that sounds like it's pretty damning for the company. am i wrong to read it that way? >> look at it in two ways. one way, liquidated damages clauses which appear in many contracts. look at it, it's saying, hey, if you cause us damages you have to reimburse us. a more nefarious reason could be
11:51 am
they were aware halve vi was doing this kind of thing, engaged in bad behave around this liquidated damps clause is a ratification of this behavior. that's really concerning. because a clause like that might be, if reviewed by a court, considered unconscionable as against public policy and voided out completely. >> yes. seems like it could show that the company was trying -- knew about weinstein's behavior. knew about the problems that he had, and were essentially trying to cover it up? >> it's significant. especially for civil liability. keep in mind, in california state law allows for automatic strict liability of an employer for a supervisor's a hasment. it may not matter under certain state laws if they can get within the statue ofly.ati ly limitations. that's a big if. >> and buzzfeed reported a woman accusing him of groping her a decading a subpoenaed documents
11:52 am
of any woman who accused donald trump of inappropriate behavior. nbc hasn't confirmed this but president trump was asked about it a moment ago and here was his response. >> all die si can say it's tota fake news. it's fake. it's made up stuff and disgraceful what happens but that happens -- that happens in the world of politics. >> said the same thing when the allegations first came out last year right after the "access hollywood" tape. a subpoena filed by a former "apprentice" applicant, filed for the then republican nominee saying she sand other accusers were lying about their allegations. days before the allegations the "new york times" published claims by two other women who claim donald trump touched them inappropriately and trump always denied this, totally made up. nonsense.
11:53 am
nobody has more respect for women than me. that tweet, by the way, came just eight days after the "access hollywood" tape. trump also vowed to sue all of those women accusing him of assault and the harassment. the first day he got into office and never did. also vowed to sue the "new york times" for a story they wrote about sexual harassment of women but the statute of limitations, deadline for filing that suit has since passed. all right, so the president is someone that people, whenever we're talking about harvey weinstein, a lot of folks raid their hand and say what about president trump? he was facing all sorts of allegations. >> well, legally, there is a link here in that often these kind of cases take a long time to ever get raised, if adjudicated at all. so we are seeing, i think, an overlap in the fact that mr. weinstein and mr. trump at the time now president trump had a long lag time between when accusations basically went public or had number critical mass there were several.
11:54 am
you pointed out, president at the time candidate trump wanted to deal with this, be exonerated in court and never followed through. this current case is an attempt to get information from his campaign and him about how they handled these cases and allegations. >> and can a civil subpoena reach the president? >> on one hand, it's unlikely something like this in a defamation suit is going to shake loose a lot of presidential-level records. on the other hand, the precedent such as it is was it was a civil case in the jones' matter that ultimately led to a great deal of information, discovery and ultimately an impeachment proceeding in the case of bill clinton. the flip side of that precedent, sometimes lawyers say something happened before and you can root it in a case. flip side, ultimately not a great way to deal with president's oversite using civil litigation over what are sexual allegations even though important.
11:55 am
the president cuts both way but it's notable mr. weinstein and mr. trump faced these allegations and were dealt with somewhat differently in the court of public opinion. >> absolutely. what should we expect in terms of the timeline for this subpoena? what's next? >> other cases we know the president's lawyers, in this case like others, limiting discovery and responses argue they should be thrown out completely did not delayed during the president's term. we don't have details. he views it as fake news. these are real people, we can tell you. as with other cases involving human beings they're not fake. they're human and the court of public law may adjudicate their claims and the president doesn't -- >> 28 separate requests for document peritarianing to the campaign and what exactly was said, about all women accusing donald trump of inappropriate behavior. nbc's anne thompson, thank you
11:56 am
very much. legal analyst danny savalas. and ari melber, appreciate your time. catch ary every day on "the beat" and i fill in for "mtp daily," including today. >> a long, awkward silence. >> we it. starting, right knew.
11:57 am
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that will wrap things up for me. now for my awkward handoff to
12:00 pm
ali velshi. >> you and arie were talking about this. nothing but fun. >> fun is a root canal, as fun -- >> i've had a lot of root canal ps grown accustomed to it. thank you very much. >> ali. >> i get that one all the time. surprise press conference by the president while katy was here. not expecting this. and at his side, mitch mcconnell. the two at lunch and wanted everyone to know they're on the same page. >> we've been friends for a long time. we have probably now, despite what we read, we're probably now, at least as far as i'm concerned closer than ever before, and the relationship is very good. >> i want to undercore what the president said. we have the same agenda. we've been friends and acquaintances for a long time. we talk frequently. >> all right. but trump's former chief strategist steve bannon is


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