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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  October 21, 2017 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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grandmother. one of d.c.'s most beautiful people by the paper back in 2013. and as the great paul harvey used to say, now you know the rest of the story. that is our broadcast on a friday night and for this debunking the kelly attack. >> even someone that empty a barrel, we were stunned. >> the white house chief of staff caught in a lie and there's video to prove it. >> didn't tell the truth and he needs to stop telling lies on me. >> congressman fredricka wilson's speech in its entirety as president trump's gold star family fire storm erupts again. plus. >> have you seen the speech? >> i have.
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>> the jaw dropping white house response when confronted with another falsehood. >> if you want to get into a debate with a four star marine general, i think that's something highly inappropriate. >> what the kelly incident means for the adult day care theory of managing the president. >> this is now a grown-up in the room. >> when "all in "starts now. >> good evening from new york. i'm joy reid in for chris hays. today, the white house is defending chief of staff john kelly's smear made yesterday from the white house podium against the democratic congresswoman from florida, fredricka wilson. who accused the president of being disrespectful. knew la david since a child and knows johnson's brothers and uncle who went to the school when a principal. they drove to the airport to claim the body of sergeant johnson.
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one of the four u.s. soldiers who were killed in an ambush in niger two weeks ago and that's why she was with johnson's family when they took the call from president donald trump on a speakerphone. wilson's answer who asked her how the call went led to two days of trump attacks on twitter and on camera. but yesterday's appearance by trump's chief of staff took it to a new level. kelly himself a gold star father went before the white house press corps to defend the phone call and added this, completely unrelated story about a prior encounter with the congresswoman. >> on october, april, rather, of 2015, on active duty and went to the dedication of the new fbi field office in miami. and dedicated to two men who were killed in a fire fight in miami against drug traffickers in 1986.
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by the name of rogan and duke. rogan almost retired, 53 years old. less than a year on the job. got into a gunfight and they were killed. three others, fbi agents were there. wounded. not retired. so we go down, jim comey, get to the absolutely brilliant memorial speech to those fallen men and to all of the men and women of the fbi. we serve our country so well, in law enforcement so well. there were family members there. some of the children that were there were only 3 or 4 years old when the dads were killed on that street in miami-dade. three of the men that survived the fight were there. and gave rendition of hope of how they gave their lives. and a congresswoman stood up and in a long tradition of empty
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barrels making the most noise, stood up and all of that, talked about how she was instrumental in getting the funding for that building and she took care of her constituents because she got the money and called out president obama and on that phone call, he gave the $20 million to build a building and she sat down. we were stunned, stunned that she'd done it. even for someone that is that empty a barrel, we were stunned. but none of us went to the press and criticized. none of us stood up and were apalled. but i still hope as you write your stories, i appeal to america, that let's not let this maybe lost thing that's held sacred in our society, a young man, young woman going out and giving his or her life for our country, let's try to somehow
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keep that sacred, but in a great deal yesterday by the selfish behavior and the member of congress. >> fredricka wilson denied that the congressman in neglected to mention the fbi agents honored and her own role in getting $20 million from president obama for the bureau's new building and that she then sat down and they were stunned. well, tonight, you could decide for yourself. the south florida "sun sentinel" unearthed a video and we're now going to play it for you in its entirety. take a look. >> i want them to stand, as i call their name. ladies first. congresswoman debbie wasserman-schultz who is a fighter and champion of the people.
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congressman mario diaz who is always advocating for the issues that impact our community. congressman carlos who is new but blazing their all great trail and all helped move this bill. i also want to take a moment again to recognize the family of special agent rogan who are here with us and the family of special agent wherever they might be. we have the honor of having fbi director james comey with us. he has the enormous task of keeping all americans safe and i have seen him so many times but he looks taller today to me. we're also happy to have gsa administrator denise roth here today.
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we're fortunate to have a great local leader as the head of the miami field office special agent in charge, george pirro, and i also want to acknowledge our mayor. consider this scenario. the brand-new federal building that will house the fbi has been built and the fbi approaches my office. congresswoman wilson, the ribbon cutting has been scheduled in four short weeks. the dedication is on the government's calendar and cannot be changed. one problem. the fbi wants to name this gorgeous at the same time in four weeks. everyone said, that's impossible. it takes at least 8 months to a
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year to complete the process through the house, the senate, and to the president's office. i said, i'm a school principal. and i said, excuse my french, oh, hell no. we're going to get this done. immediately, i went to attack mode. i went to the speaker, speaker boehner and i said, mr. speaker, i need your help. the fbi needs your help and our country needs your help and we have no time to waste. he went into attack mode and then two days, pulled it out of committee, brought it to the board for a vote. representative presented it. we all voted and i dashed it over to the senate and put the senators on notice.
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put it on your radar, senator nelson and rubio who i believe have representatives here today. hotlined into the senate floor in just two days and guess what? the president signed the bill into law this past tuesday, april 7th, 2015 with a bang bang bang. you know what? i will be presenting a bill, a copy of the bill that was signed into law to the fbi and also, pens that the president used to sign that hallowed document. it is a miracle to say the least and it speaks to the respect that our congress has for the federal bureau of investigation.
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the men and women who put their lives on the line every single day and today, we're providing a boost to our nation by naming this fantastic building in honor of special agents benjamin b. rogan and jerry who died valiantly on friday, april 11th and what is still considered the bloodiest gun battle in the storied history of the fbi. most men and women in law enforcement leave their homes knowing there's a possibility they may not return. our men and women and first responders who work in law enforcement, stand up, stand up now so that we can applaud you and what you do. stand up, we are proud of you.
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we're proud of your courage. thank you. [ applause ] i don't know if that was undermines the agent rogan and dove as they left their homes on april 1986 but i do know it was an unusually breezy spring morning in south florida. so eerily similar to today and the actual anniversary is tomorrow. i do not know that miami in the 1980s was plagued by crime and graphic violence. we all know that. this period has been chronicled in media reports and portrayed on "miami vice" and movies like "scar face." i know agent was a carpenting man. he was living his boyhood dream,
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according to his family. he was living his boyhood dream, according to his family. i know that their bravery was the motivation for joining a team on that, a team that was telling a vehicle with two suspects who, connected to a string of murders and violence, bank robberies. the agents that attempted to get the driver to pull over, they were cornered, gun battle immediately ensued. there was a barrage of bullets. i can only imagine the frustrations of those agents, yet, they battled on. in a desperate attempt to flee, the suspects tried to commandeer the vehicle. it is reported that the suspect shot both agents with a high
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powered rifle at close range. shortly after the suspects or themselves shot by agent morales. agent morales made a memorable statement about his role and that historic event. he said, i just knew i was going to die. but i was going to do my very best to make sure that those suspects did not get away. when the smoke cleared, two agents lay dead and five were seriously injured. so today, it is our patriotic duty to lift up special agent benjamin rogan and special agent jerry dove from the street in south florida and placed their
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names and pictures high where the world will know that we're proud of their sacrifice, the sacrifice for our nation. it is only fitting that their name should be placed on the same mantle with the letter fbi. because special agents rogan and dove embody the sacred motto for which the agency has become known. please repeat it after me. fidelity. bravery. and integrity. god bless you. god bless the fbi. and god bless america, thank you. [ applause ] [ applause ]
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>> so, that was the actual speech given by the congresswoman, the woman john kelly called an empty barrel. what jon kelly accused her of in that video didn't happen. at no time mention securing funding for the new fbi building because she wasn't in congress at the time. she was a state senator, no mention of $20 million, of course. she did talk about her work to pass a bill naming the new building when she was in congress crediting republicans like carlos, john boehner and marco rubio with helping to push it through. not only did she not immediately sit down as kelly had claimed, wilson got the law enforcement officers in the room to stand up so that they could be recognized and applauded and she gave a moving tribute to the two slain fbi agents for whom the building was being named. unlike kelly, got both their names right.
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as for the former fbi director james comey whose speech kelly called brilliant, comey spent part of the speech praising congresswoman wilson's efforts. truly did the impossible and we're eternally grateful, he said. so it was not fredricka wilson, but john kelly, a four star general john kelly, chief of staff to the president of the united states who used the deaths of fbi agents ben rogan and jerry dove to launch a vicious and completely dishonest attack against a black congresswoman. and today, despite the glaring video evidence, the white house stood by kelly's performance by trying to pretend he said something else. >> general kelly still stand by the statement he made yesterday that he felt she was grandstanding and she was taking credit? >> absolutely. general kelly said he was
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stunned that representative wilson made comments at a building dedication honoring slain fbi agents about her own actions in congress including lobbying former president obama on legislation. as general kelly pointed out, if you're able to make a sacred act like honoring american heroes about yourself, you're an empty barrel. if you don't understand that reference, all hat, no cattle. >> have you seen the speech? >> i have. >> and you know most of it was her praising the fbi agents and in congress, not talking about getting securing $20 million but naming the building. >> she was also talking about the -- >> she went on to e fusively praised. >> and comments weren't part of the speech and witnessed by many people that were there. what general kelly referenced yesterday.
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>> tell us specifically. >> exactly what he said, there was a lot of grandstanding, stunned she had taken the opportunity to make it about herself. >> can he talk about this? >> i think he's addressed that pretty thoroughly yesterday. >> he was wrong yesterday. i'm talking about the money. >> if you want to go after general kelly, that's up to you but i think if you want to get into a debate with a four star marine general, i think that's something highly inappropriate. >> so we asked congresswoman wilson to join us tonight but she had a previous engagement. she happens to be attending the wake for sergeant la david johnson but we're not done with this story. don't go away.
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when i was a kid growing up, a lot of things were sacred in our country.
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women were sacred. looked upon with great honor. that's obviously not the case anymore we've seen from recent cases. dignity of life was sacred. religion, that seems to be gone as well. gold star families. i think that left in the convention over the summer. the selfless devotion that brings a man or woman to die on the battlefield, i just thought that might be sacred. >> you know, white house chief of staff jon kelly is right. it appears nothing is sacred anymore, not in the trump administration. not when kelly can personally attack a sitting member of congress from the white house press room with a story based on lies and distortions and not when sarah huckabee sanders went to the same podium today and said this. >> i specifically said, and i'll repeat it again, general kelly said he was stunned she made the comments about herself and that was the point of what he said and we still stand by those
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comments. >> standing by comments that are provably and demonstrably not true. i'm joined by judge advocate general and evan mcmullin and cia operative. both join me now. evan, is there a charitable explanation for why general kelly would go out to that podium and say something that could so easily be disproven by video? >> i think it's hard to find one because he came out and he made such a specific accusation with so many words, i mean, he really laid out the scenario, described it with such specificity, it's hard to imagine he wasn't remembering correctly. i would be inclined to give him that benefit of the doubt, frankly, i want to believe we have somebody in his position who maintains a high level of
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integrity but after listening to congresswoman wilson's speech which i found incredibly eloquent, actually, she honored the fbi, fallen fbi special agents and went so far to honor people of the other people, republicans in both the senate and the house at various points in the speech, comey, she honored as well. it was a tremendous speech. it was something that you'd expect and hope for from our members of congress and it hit all the right notes. and kelly totally misportrayed it. >> she even repurposed the fidelity, bravery and integrity at the end. pam, part of what the white house has done is to sort of wrap donald trump really in a valor of general kelly and say, you can't even question what the chief of staff says because he's a general. what do you make of that? we can't question him because he's a general.
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>> first, thank you so much for having me tonight and i have to extend a hello to evan mcmullin, i'm a big fan of his even though we come from very different political backgrounds. >> thank you. >> i will say this. the navy has a motto. honor, courage, and commitment. and the first word is honor. that means above all things, your word is your bond. as a former navy jag, i investigated a lot of crimes and incidences and those persons who made false official statements were held as accountable as the people who engaged in this conduct. so the assumption is that a person in the military is going to tell the truth. certainly, somebody with a background like general kelly.
12:25 am
we would expect him to tell the truth, but we've learned over time that that's not always the case. i mean, general flynn, most certainly, did not tell the truth. so stars do not guarantee honesty. i think of all the things that were stunning that happened yesterday and the day before watching a decorated marine officer get on tv and tell such a convoluted story i think was the most stunning thing that happened. >> indeed. especially since it was irrelevant to the question at hand which was whether or not donald trump's words to the gold star family were in the car with congresswoman wilson in the car with them, whether or not he offended them with the things that he said to the family, whether or not he took too long to call them. this is a complete nonsequitor and here's donald trump today not talking about the issue at hand.
12:26 am
whether or not his words, maybe received wrong if you want to be charitable but again, going back to attacking congresswoman wilson. here's donald trump on fox. >> he was so offended because he was in the room when i made the call and so were other people and the call was a very nice call. he was so offended that a woman would be, somebody would be listening to that call. he was, he actually couldn't believe it. he said to me, sir, this is not acceptable. this is really not. and he knew, i was so nice. look, i've called many people and i would think that every one of them appreciated it. >> he was on the call. i mean, general, john kelly was on the call listening. he was offended when he himself on the call listening, donald trump doesn't seem to understand that the people in the car, including the gold star family, say they were offended.
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so he's calling them liars too. >> absolutely. and john kelly and others haven't refuted what president trump is alleged to have said. president trump has refuted it. but others haven't. >> kelly confirmed it, by the way. >> kelly confirmed it essentially saying i recommend he say x, y, and z. that lines up with what he said. it's very possible the president wanted to deliver a message that went something like this. your husband made an incredible sacrifice. he knew going into this when he signed up for the military, that he may make that sacrifice and he did it anyway and that's why your husband is a hero. he could have done that and i think that's the message from kelly that he wanted to deliver but it just done quite right. now, if president trump had simply said this, i garbled the message but my heart goes out. i tried to do the right thing. we wouldn't be talking about this right now. the thing i just want to say i'm sorry is that if president trump
12:28 am
hadn't attacked john mccain, hadn't attacked the kaun family or shown more respect for our military in time, he would have the benefit of the doubt to the american people. >> he'd have the goodwill. >> we wouldn't be talking about this. >> and if he wouldn't consistently attack particularly women of color, because it is not lost on anyone that the person that he and john kelly have chosen to viciously attack and lie about happens to be a black woman. maybe it's a coincidence. pam keith and evan mcmullin, thank you for your time. why the cia is correcting his own direct to have after a false claim on the kremlin. is america in need of an unprecedented constitutional amendment? the 25th amendment, that's up ahead. loan at in less than a minute, i found out how much home i can afford. i like how you shop for loans
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peanut butter filled, plain. great. so what are we gonna watch? oh! show me fall tv. only xfinity x1 brings you the best hand selected picks this fall. head of cia, mike pompeo, made a stunning claim. >> can you say the election results were not skewed as a result of russian interference? >> we conducted an election that had integrity. yes, the intelligence community's assessment is that the russian meddling that took place did not affect the outcome of the election. >> the cia almost immediately walked back those remarks saying the intelligence assessment with regard to russian election meddling has not changed and the director did not intend to suggest it had. in fact, an intelligence assessment released in january went out of its way to not make any conclusion either way. quote, we did not make an assessment of the impact that russian activities had on the
12:31 am
outcome of the 2016 election. the u.s. intelligence community is charged with. the director of the cia the director of the cia appointed by donald trump defied his own agency's position to downplay's russia potential impact on the election and boss went further in his attempts to distract from the ongoing investigations into russia and the election. what he's done is one of the many reasons the chief white house ethics lawyer for president george w. bush said it's time to ask if trump is simply unfit to serve. whether the people around him need to act and he joins me next.
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the russians, god bless them, saying why are americans anti-russian and why have we done the sanctions? don't interfere in our elections and we won't be anti-russian. i will tell you that when a country can come interfere in another country's elections, that is warfare. >> nine months into his term, donald trump refuses to acknowledge russia's interference that made him president. he'd rather tweet conspiracy theories, if russia intervened, they were in league with the party that lost. yesterday, he tweeted, quote, workers of firm involved in the discredited and fake dossier take the fifth. who paid for them, russia, dems or all? sees no short of enemies.
12:36 am
the ethics lawyer under george w. bush tweeted, quote, conspiracy between russia, the fbi and the democrats? the response to this is clear. amendment 25. the 25th amendment sets out how a president who has been incapacitated can be removed. certain behaviors could actually, quote, undermine a president's ability to lead. he adds, though remote, we cannot rule out the president in a downward mental health spiral could important global partnerships. alter centuries old alliances and united states vulnerable to terror attacks or war. an inevitable question, is america today in need of an unprecedented intervention? richard painter joins me now. and richard, it's always a pleasure to talk to you. make your case that it is appropriate to consider the 25th amendment when donald trump is clearly not physically
12:37 am
inkpasitatetd and no psychiatrist has treated him. >> i have been concerned about president trump's psychological health for months now. and that's why i collaborated in this article with dr. leanne watt, a trained clinical psychologist. very experienced clinical psychologist and we looked at this quite closely and she's had a lot of experience dealing with a range of different disorders in her practice and there's two in specific that we're very concerned about. one is extreme narcissism or self-centeredness and we certainly see that with this president. the only properties he visits are trump properties with his name on them, it's been many of
12:38 am
his working days at trump properties. very focused on himself and the election. he won, i guess, to hillary clinton and his own ego. to the point where his family members, to the staff, the self-centeredness goes on and on with this president. the other disorder we're very worried about is an extreme anti-social tendency. inability to understand how other people feel. we saw that last week in his dealings with the family's fallen soldiers. we saw that over the summer after charlottesville. when you have racists running up and down the streets chanting death to the jews and carrying swastikas and confederate flags, that is a time for the president to understand how people feel about that and instead, he comes
12:39 am
out and says, well, they're good people on both sides. that's not a human response. it's not a rational response. it's not a response to that from someone who is psychologically balanced. and now we've just seen that the twitter machine is out of control and just this week, the fbi is collaborating with the russians and the democrats. it's just absurd and to think someone who tweets that way, who thinks that way, talks that way is in control of nuclear weapons, they could wipe out human civilization. this is very, very worrisome and that's why we have the 25th amendment. >> what do you say, richard painter, to those who say, you're known to be an opponent of donald trump, you're a never trumper, if you will, and the things you just describe are things you don't like about donald trump's style but that you're not a doctor and you can't apply the 25th amendment when you are not a clinician. you just don't like him and his
12:40 am
style. that's not enough. >> i've been a republican for 30 years. i wanted to support a republican in 2016 and yes, going into this election, i felt he was psychologically unbalanced. anyone would say a judge should be thrown off a case because he's a mexican american or muslims banned from the united states. the statements he made there in the campaign were psychologically imbalanced and if we have to wait around for a doctor to implement the 25th amendment of the constitution, it could be too late and that's why we have the 25th amendment. it was adopted in the 1960s in the nuclear age when we understood the dangers, indeed, to human civilization. if we had a president who's off his rocker and this is a very dangerous situation we confront right now and with him on twitter, but we've got to take away the football.
12:41 am
>> richard painter making your case. thank you very much. really appreciate your time. thank you. >> thank you. still to come, john kelly's performance this week serves as a big reality check on that theory that despite trump's erratic behavior, there's guardrails in the white house keeping him in check. plus, tonight's thing one and thing two because #nothingmatters. that's next. there are 24 hours in a day... tempur-pedic helps you get the most out of every one of them. only proprietary tempur material precisely conforms to your body,
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thing one tonight. donald trump has a pension for the fake. he has a fake time magazine cover of his golf clubs, fake civil war memorial at his virginia golf course and even claimed he invented the word fake. >> the media is really the word, i think one of the greatest of all terms i've come up with is fake. i guess other people used it perhaps over the years but i never noticed it. >> he literally claims falsely to have come up with the term
12:45 am
fake. so i guess you all know the answer to this. there is a painting donald trump owns which he says is an original renwar. you could see it behind mike pence's head and pops up again during the interview with harvey levin at his trump tower penthouse. take a guess whether or not that original is a fake? that's thing two in 60 seconds. hi. i'm the one clocking in... when you're clocking out. sensing your every move and automatically adjusting to help you stay effortlessly comfortable. there. i can also help with this. does your bed do that? oh. i don't actually talk. though i'm smart enough to.
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i'm the new sleep number 360 smart bed. let's meet at a sleep number store. so trump biographer tim o'brien tells about traveling donald trump's plane and noticing a fake painting by renoir. >> donald said, that's an original renoir. i said, donald, it's not. i grew up in chicago. that is called two sisters on a terrace and it's hanging on a wall at the institute of chicago. we get on the plane and again and says, that's an original renoir. >> years later, o'brien said he
12:47 am
was watching a 60 minutes interview with donald trump and mike pence and there it was again. the fake renoir moved after he sold his private plane and shows up when interviewing at his home over a year ago for a show all about trump's possessions. where's the real renoir? where o'brien said it was, the art institute of chicago. since 1963. satisfied our version is real. but trump being trump, no matter what evidence is presented to him, he insisted his fake renoir was real which is no surprise to his biographer. >> one of the reasons that story is to emblematic of him is he believes his own lies. in a way that lasts for decades, and he'll tell the same stories time and time again regardless
12:48 am
of whether or not the facts are right in front of his face.
12:49 am
12:50 am
this is someone that they're bringing in that the president sees closer to appear who will be an adult in the room. >> if general kelly has the respect of donald trump and can play the adult in the room, you might see this administration become a little bit more effective. this is someone that they're bringing in that the president sees is closer to appear, who will be an adult in the room. >> in general kelly has the respect of donald trump and can play the adult in the room, you might see this administration become a little more effective. >> there needs to be an adult in the room. >> definitely you have an adult in the room in general kelly. >> the premise has been accepted that our impulsive, irresponsible president must be managed by the people around him with is why it's so crucial we have the, quote, adult in the room to protect him from himself. it was supposed to be john kelly. >> general john kelly in is an adult, a discipline, this is a totally different cult. this is now a grownup in the room.
12:51 am
>> but general kelly's shameful performance in the white house briefing room yesterday, his willingness to lie about and smear a democratic member of congress and his use of two dead fbi agents to score cheap political point has made one thing abundantly clear. john kelly is no better than the president he serves and there is no grownup in the west wing to protect us. the death of the adult in the room myth right after this. hi, i'm the internet! you know what's difficult? adulting...
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we are back and i'm joined by phillip rucker and jason johnson, politics editor at "the roots." this idea that john kelly was sort of the adult in the room, i'm wondering if folks in and around the west wing feel his reputation on that score may have taken a blow this week given what he did to congressman wilson? >> he certainly leveraged his reputation and the credibility he had as someone who led troops into battle and who lost his own son at war in able to help his boss contain a p.r. crisis and couldn't get his facts straight so we now have this story for a fifth day straight. >> there is a such thing as staff, right? normally no white house official walks out without a decent briefing staff. how could he have gotten so many fundamental facts wrong? >> because he's a liar like his boss. i never believed in john kelly,
12:56 am
the organizer. these men are soldiers. they're just soldiers. so he was going to do what donald trump wanted. this is the same john kelly that supported the muslim ban, this is the same john kelly that's perfectly fine with people like stephen miller and white nationalists in the white house. he didn't like bannon because bannon was as power hungry as he is. i don't see any of this as an example of bad staffing. he was always the kind of man who have going to support trump in his behavior. >> he is much more like trump ideologically than a lot of people who are looking to him as their savior believe. he was for the muslim ban, as jason mentioned. he is not some non-trumpian figure, right? >> he's very different personally, a different style and a different way of doing business. i don't think anyone can be the
12:57 am
adult in the room with donald trump. rather paul manafort was going to be the adult in the room and priebus, the establishment figure was going to create more discipline around him as president and now john kelly can't even do it. trump is going to be trump and that's what we're all coming to understand. >> jason, it hasn't just been about john kelly. people have looked at h.r. mcmaster and general mattis and saying if worse comes to worst, if donald trump trying to go for the nuclear football and it will be fine, are people being delusional? >> i don't know if i want to put my confidence in a guy whose nickname is "mad dog." doesn't seem like a good idea to me. at the end of the day, if the safety of the world and our democracy depends on we trust guys to tackle the president if he tries to start a nuclear war, that's a really low threshold. do i believe they'll keep us all from being annihilated? i guess so.
12:58 am
but will they keep him from exacerbating him from knocking people out of health care. i don't know. >> is that something that white house staff are deliberately doing? are they deliberately saying when we get in trouble, we're going to push a general forward because even if it isn't true, somehow that's soothing to americans? >> we've seen that twice now. last week kelly came out to the briefing room and had that whole presentation with reporters as a way to turn the page on what had been a very damaging narrative and then we saw it again this week and part of it is the president's own fixation and
12:59 am
fascination with military figures as someone who went to military school but didn't serve in the military. >> good point, didn't serve, five deferments. >> and another thing is he has a penchant to attack a woman. he sure did go after a woman and a woman of color. maybe he just wasn't listening when she gave her speech. >> if you are a black woman that has anything to say, they're immediately triggered, they can't deal with it, whether it's april ryan, susan right, and now it's congresswoman wilson. at the end of the day, this speaks to an administration that at their core is afraid. they're afraid of being exposed by people who aren't afraid of them. they've never been controlled by the military. trump didn't do that good in military school either. >> indeed. phillip rucker, jason johnson, thank you both.
1:00 am
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