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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 4, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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to day we're bringing you america's number one shave at lower prices every day. putting money back in the pockets of millions of americans. as one of those workers, i'm proud to bring you gillette quality for less, because nobody can beat the men and women of gillette. gillette - the best a man can get. well, it's quite an interesting hour we just wrapped up. i'm alex witt but now my partner equally interesting hours as he takes us through the day's energy. >> alex, we'll try to keep up with your energy. thank you so much alex witt. good afternoon to you i'm richard louie in new york city. thanks for sticking around. >> just moments ago president trump took off in five nation journey. next stop tokoyo. we'll be talking about this.
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after taking a quick tour in hawaii. and perfectly harbor and laid a wreath to u.s. arizona. he'll meet with the president there. most crucial foreign policy trip yet with a nuclear north korea posing the biggest threat. but as he travels across the globe, president trump is bringing much of his own political baggage along for the ride. news of his campaign advisers and their alleged contacts with russia stealing much of the spotlight. and on that topic joining me now, we have former gulf war and msnbc analyst. mike, let's start with this. the president on his trip right now. he's going to be hitting several important stops as he speaks in china, in japan, in the beginning, the topic of north
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korea going to be at the top of that list. >> and starting in japan where he will land in just a few hours, after just taking off from air force base just outside honolulu, hawaii, of course the president getting briefing from u.s. commanders upon his arrival in hawaii earlier on the security situation in the pacific. and perhaps fitting that japan is the first stop here. he'll be meeting with the prime minister shinzu abe. remember when they met kim jong-un north korean leader decided he was going to launch a missile over japanese territory. a very provocative action. and in fact many people are wondering whether north korea and kim jong-un are going to do something similar while president trump is in the region. he'll be meeting with japanese prime minister, the japanese on edge about the security situation. they have relied on the united states some 80 years after the end of world war ii for
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security. and in fact 30,000 u.s. troops from japan. president trump will go to seoul afterthat a after that and talking about them. where trade is issue. observers look at the economic situation in the pacific rim and china is an accepted, united states losing steam, and canceling that had been by previous obama. so all on that and more. and we haven't talked about the last of the trip in vietnam and philippines where the president has extra day. >> we'll talk about regional security first, general. what do you believe this president, this administration will be pushing? what is the idea? what is the diplomatic core to this administration that he'll be pushing with shinzu abe.
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>> one of your commentators last night talked about the failure of this administration was to have a north korea policy but not a china policy. i think when president trump is there, the central security issue for the united states obviously is north korean nuclear weapons. we are being forced into a bien n binary decision. will we accept the icbm to the united states in a few years? or will we take measures to change the situation? i've been involved in this for 15 some odd years. it hasn't worked. they are on the verge now of being a major nuclear threat. to what extent can president trump bring together japan, south korea, and australia? >> how real is the threat here general and what are the words? what's the language that president trump needs to use with shinzu abe as well as president xi? >> i think the real key is again china. their interests are hardly well served by the potential for a
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major war on the korean peninsula never one that may go nuclear. so the leverage they have over north korea potentially is overwhelming. if they close the border and if the russians close their smaller border, north korea would have to come to heel almost immediately. i don't believe the chinese are going to do that. so, again, we are back to the real question, the south koreans, the japanese in particular are not going to accept a preem tear war against north korea. so what is president trump to do? >> what is the president to do? john park, as we watch the president make his way toward south korea, we are talking about a recent poll that said yes. some 70% said they would like the united states to deploy tactical nuclear weapons on the ground there in defense of south korea. how does the president balance that desire to both be
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independent of the united states, yet still embrace this security pack that has been around since the marshall plan? >> well, richard, this is a challenge of channelling the sentiments, why are the south koreans feeling this way. there is a sense that south korea needs more. but with this there is an opportunity for president trump to channel that in terms of looking at the u.s. south korean alliance through the lens of greater alliance. but really the decision point is related to this point of denuclearizing north korea. this puts i think all the countries in the region on this path where you are going to look at efforts to redouble efforts on pressure tactics, but the fact is north korea is a regional nuclear weapon state. so we have to revisit what we can expect out of these at this stage. >> part of the messaging here, the president as he stops by in china, bringing up economic
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issues. certainly lauding the unemployment rate that came out this week at 4.1%. this as he addresses who are his veteraners, trump voters across the country that have said our jobs are going to asia. china has been often the target of this criticism. how is president trump going to balance the needs of his base voters as well as other americans, and what china is doing? >> and you are absolutely right. we talked a little bit about the trans pacific partnership. and china was not involved in that at all. it was a coalition brought together by the united states, and pacific rim nations, that was promptly disbanded or abandoned by president trump fulfilling the campaign promise. and of course if we can identify a trump doctrine in foreign policy at this point, and i think it's sort of nebulous at this point, it is america first. and he was elected with the express intent of getting away
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from the globalization to use an often misused term to getting away from international trade agreements, which his bases as you point out, richard, puts the blame squarely from their economic disenfranchisement, this is the president's base and it's going to be a very delicate dance while the president is in beijing and onto a larger conference in vietnam. >> as we put that together, general, there is not only the economic story line, will is the issue of drugs and opioids which you understand so welcoming out of china. then as you try to push this leerd sh leadership in china to support u.s. doctrine to north korea, how does the president put this all together? it's a complex burrito, shall we say? >> yeah. certainly the drug issue ought to be relatively straightforward matter for the chinese to address. they are obviously against drug
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addiction. much of the fentanyl that is killing americans is being manufactured in china and coming through u.s. postal service or fedex or whatever. 64,000 americans dead last year. this is a national disaster. so i think he will address that. and probably get chinese positive response. we have to remind ourselves, also, richard, that chinese armed forces have been aggressively pushing out into the south china sea claiming it as national territory. this is a major problem that will have to be confronted by the regional allies. president, a murder us thug, i might add, is unlikely to be helpful on this discussion. >> john, 30 seconds to you. this region a powder keg? >> it is. we are at an inflection point. i know different estimates when this north korea can get the icbm nuclear capability.
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but as we saw before the trip, the statement we are running out of time. and that's will be the big focus how president trump will engage with the regional leaders in how to deal with the north korea issue. >> okay. thank you so much at the white house all three of you. great conversation. >> thank you. >> okay. summer of 2016 and russia investigation. former campaign adviser carter page admitting to meeting a russia official in 2016. and he's not the only one. george papadopoulos who pled guilty and also met with russians. what they could all mean for robert mueller's investigation. thankfully, the breakthrough in prevagen helps your brain and actually improves memory. the secret is an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown
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and thanks for sticking with us. msnbc news confirming carter page the former foreign policy
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adviser to president trump's campaign had encounter with russian official during 2016 during trip to moscow. however, page emphasizing to msn nbc it was not a meeting. quote, as i've already explained over a thousand times, the brief hello and greeting could never constitute that. although he has tried to say not a formal meeting. "new york times" has said he sent an email to at least one trump campaign aid describing in sites he had after conversations with government officials and business executives during his time in moscow. meanwhile president trump seems to be doing what he can at the moment to distance himself from the investigation. >> well, i hope he's treating everything fairly. and if he is, i'm going to be very happy. because whether yn you talk abo innocent, i am truly not involved in any form of
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collusion with russia, believe me, that's the last thing i can think of to be involved in. >> have you been told to expect to be questioned by the special counsel? >> no. >> are you prepared for that? >> no, nobody has told me. as far as i'm concerned i'm not under investigation. >> he's not under investigation. let's bring in former federal prosecutor. eliza collins, jonathan allen, coauthor of the book "shattered." so we have nothing to talk about? >> nothing at all. >> meeting formal or not formal, legally does it matter? >> well, it doesn't -- it really doesn't matter whether the meeting is formal or not. i suspect that mr. page is trying to draw these distinctions bau distinctions because the attorney general jeff sessions did make distinction between
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meetings. and some of his statements might be false if mr. page did in fact have the meeting with the deputy prime minister. i'll say carter page has been on television quite a bit, including on this network. and somebody probably should tell him at some point he has the right to remain silent. i don't think he's doing himself any favors. and, frankly, neither is the president sometimes with his comments as well, like the one we just heard. >> very good point. in fact, we'll play part of what he did say with jake tapper on cnn. >> you say you only met with academics essentially when you were on your trip to russia. >> a few business people i had known for over a decade, yeah. >> let's answer his question, if we can. why is carter page still talking? >> you know, i cannot answer that. i don't know if anybody but carter page can answer that. there could be like -- >> i don't know if he knows. >> right. he could be trying to get out in the story explain his piece and say, look, i put it all out
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there and being honest. i would imagine if you are carter page lawyer you don't think it's a good idea to offer more information on television. in that same cnn interview he confirmed that jeff sessions did know he was going to russia. so while we don't know what the meetings were formal or informal, jeff sessions was in fact aware he was traveling. >> and representative quigley great representative he had with alex witt also remarked on carter page and i want you to take a listen to this. >> this is the mossy va certificate, bizarre witness i have ever had, i guess the displeasure of coming across. >> well, jonathan allen, what did we learn from what carter page said and is saying, that he's in legal trouble? that he just wants to be heard? that there are more details related specifically to who he did tell that he met in moscow?
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>> well, what congressman quigley said is very consistent with what other members of that intelligence committee have said after spending time with carter page. that i'm going to try to use polite language on television but basically they believe he's an unreliable narrator, at best, of what's going on. so that makes things a little more difficult in terms of trying to figure out what it is that he's saying that's true. and perhaps if there are, as mr. quigley put it, evasions going on, what those are. they did seem to think they got valuable information from him. in terms of what he's doing on television and the damage he may be doing to him self, his behavior apparently behind closed doors is pretty consistent with that that we see in public, which is to say that there does not appear to it be a lot of strategy behind it. >> and talking about trump campaign and the trump camp and representatives there of, when we look at papadopoulos and his role and his testimony, nbc news reporting this, that
11:19 am
papadopoulos repeatedly represented the trump campaign, the records showing that from this great article from lee and caldwell and frank thorpe. if or if he did not based on this reporting did represent the trump camp and the president saying no very low level, what does this mean to the case going forward? >> wow, well, you know if we look at the charging document that mr. mueller and his team filed, there are many many emails referenced in that document in which mr. papadopoulos was communicating with people who are referred to as supervisors. and i know one of them has been identified by nbc news as sam clovis, who was cochair of the trump campaign, recently nominated, and i think has withdrawn his nomination for very high level post in the trump administration. so what i think we are going to see in the months ahead is the mueller team focusing in on individuals who communicated
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with papadopoulos to try to work their way up the ladder. that's really what federal prosecutors do. you build a case on one guy like papadopoulos now they flipped him, he's on the government's team, and then papadopoulos will be testifying against his former friends and colleagues who he was in communication with and giving mueller an understanding of what they did and what they said. and who knows how high that could go. >> how high and how far back? right? as he is knit kag here. because when he was flipped, when was he flipped, who did you speak to during that time span during the time we found out he was flipped and today. what more might we hear about papadopoulos? >> i think there is so much more we can hear. i mean, the announcement that papadopoulos was cooperating with the fbi came at the same time that manafort and gates were indicted. and so i think the message was very clear, you know, you can go and be charged and go through court, or you can cooperate with us. and here we have someone cooperating with us. so the message was clear to
11:21 am
anybody on those email chains that, you know, we don't know how far back it went, but if you were talking to papadopoulos he is talking to us. >> lan getting a lot of info. jonathan allen you'll return as well as you a lie shah. i appreciate all prethree of yo after unsealed this week documents contradicted statements he previously given to congress. and the case against harvey weinstein new york officials say they are building a case that could lead to an arrest.
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in new york, police say they are building a case that could lead to arrest for hollywood mogul harvey weinstein. nypd launched an election into the claim that he raped her several years ago. just one of doszens of women wh came forward. and most of the people will change their clocks. in massachusetts permanent farewell by the way of observing dst. they have been working for months to study the issue and hope to make the switch very soon. while they have an extra hour to do that, i guess. drama within the dnc bomb shells hillary clinton had financial interest. next, the president's request for the congress to do something about it. i did my ancestrydna and i couldn't wait to get my pie chart.
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and threatening to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer, and like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet today people in congress and his own administration know that this president is a clear and present danger who's mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it. just in to us at mnbc news
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and msnbc in from donna brazile. just posting this saying that donna brazile claims after hillary clinton fainting spell on september 11 of last year, that brazil considered removing clinton from the democratic ticket. you remember the video here that was shown on national tv several times. this is that situation where hillary clinton losing balance a little, and then moving into the vehicle. now, according to phillip rucker and "the washington post" writes in her new memoir that she deliberated after seeing this whether to use her power as dnc chair to install vice president biden in the top post. this reporting just coming out
11:30 am
from rucker. let's bring in our panel p a republican strategies. let's kick it off. what do you make of this bomb shell that donna brazile has, again, her title, head of the dnc, release of her memoir, removing hillary clinton? >> you know, i think donna is figuring out how to sell books. because the reality and the rules, as i know them, is that a dnc chair cannot remove a candidate. in the situation where there was some kind of incapacitation or something else, there would be an imagine committee that would decide. so this notion, i was reading the excerpt as well, this notion that donna brazile on her own could decide to replace secretary clinton with someone else, i mean it's mythology. it's a myth. it can't be done. >> on our side we are looking
11:31 am
through those rules and that is the first question that comes to mind to you, chris, and i think others looking at this reporting. noelle, what do you make of this reporting? >> well, first of all, bravo, after discovering through donna that the primary was rigged against bernie sanders all along, you know. so bravo on the fact she would actually do something in a positive manner. because that was one of the things that people were very leery about and they showed that tape over and over again about her fainting and fainting. and people were always questioning her health. i know the republicans were questioning her health. and i don't think that you would have gotten that same scenario if you had bernie sanders or if you would have gotten let's say joe biden. a lot of people wanted joe biden. they didn't want hillary clinton. >> chris, as you look at this idea of rigging, and donna brazile correcting what the president is saying, it was not a rig. that's not the word, the verb she was alluding to, only that
11:32 am
there was agreement between the hillary clinton campaign as well as with the dnc. but back to this reporting on hillary clinton as well as donna brazile, what rift does it show you within the democratic party now that donna brazile would actually think of removing, you are saying she's trying to sell books, but removing hillary clinton from the ticket? >> well, i mean at least right now it shows that the party is somewhat leader less less in th have a well-known, someone i personally like, democratic operative going out there and kind of, i don't want to say making things up, obviously, but definitely exaggerating i think to the extent some of these are said in the book about the actual significance. the deals if you will that are between parties and candidates in campaigns are not uncommon. i think what was uncommon is the notion that before the primary
11:33 am
is set that would you go to one and not the other. what they should have said is look we are in financial trouble and we need to address this. here's the problem. if the former dnc debbie wasserman schultz was responsible for that, then she could have canceled it. so there is a little bit of hypocrisy here, personally i get it. i'll be as critical in the next person as far as clinton campaign, but when you have a power to make a difference she could have done it. and i personally don't like this tendency in american politics to when you find jesus when you write a book. i don't buy that. >> well, the next person who might be critical would be noelle. but we'll get to you in a second. because we have phillip rucker on the phone right now. again, with this breaking story coming out of the "washington post" this from an excerpt that phillip, you had access to, have access to. and, again, that head line that
11:34 am
don donna brazile was considering using her powers. and phillip, tells more about this reporting that you have. >> yeah, so i obtained independently an advanced copy of the book and read it. and there is a section of the book where donna brazile writes about that september 11th, 2016 fainting spell that hillary clinton had at the 9/11 memorial in lower manhattan. we all remember that moment where she fell over. and it set off a period of about two days of sort of buzz within the democratic world about clinton's health and her fate as nominee. and donna brazile writes she considered in secret to use her powers to initiate the process of replacing clinton as nominee. and considered about a dozen different combinations of can ditz and settled in her mind on
11:35 am
vladimir putin as biden for the nominee for president and new jersey can dachlt she writes in the book she heard on september 12th the morning of the 12th she got a call from joe biden chief of staff saying that the vladimvice president wanted to speak with her, also heard from bernie sanders and martine owe lally, certainly if there was going to be a change. >> you do pull from the book and article, and i'll read apportion, the campaign was so lacking for the candidate, she writes, it's new york headquarters felt like a sterile hospital ward where someone had died. was it less about the fainting spell as it has been called or was it really more about the fact that donna brazile just didn't like the passion, the energy at that moment behind that hillary clinton?
11:36 am
>> it's both. you know, donna brazile writes about traveling the country and detecting really alarming lack of enthusiasm among the grassroots for hillary clinton during the fall. she says in her book that she always suspected in that period that trump could win. she thought that the clinton campaign was overly optimistic a and confident about hillary clinton and she saw this fainting spell vast real vulnerability and vice president would be stronger against trump and working class voters. >> what did you learn about the kfkss with the bernie camp, with the joe biden cook, how specific were the discussions about this potential happening? and who did she speak with? did she speak with joe biden for
11:37 am
instance? >> that's a good question. she does not explain that in the book. she says she got a call from vice president chief of staff to try to arrange a conversation with the vice president. same thing she got a call from jeff weeber who was the campaign manager for bernie sanders to arrange a call and got an email from former maryland governor. but donna brazile does not explain whether she had those conversations, or if she did what was said in those conversations. she scribdescribes the process something she did in secret without consulting with anybody and concluded on her own that making, initiating a move like that would not be fair either to clinton or the millions of women around the country who were energized by her nomination. >> just in, as we were looking at whether the head of the dnc can actually union laterally replace a presidential nominee.
11:38 am
from mark murry in political unite here at nbc news saying the dnc chair cannot do that unilaterally to a presidential nominee. and there is a lengthy process, which i think you were alluding to, phillip, if she were to negotiate th initiate this? >> that's right. and donna brazile explains this in her book and our article as well. but there would be a process but it would be initiated by the dnc chair. so she felt empowered to nshed this process but would not be able to union laterally decide who it would be. >> stand by. noelle, we are getting more information and looking into the actual processes that would work at the dnc. the question might be, and with your critical hat on i'm sure, as you look at the dysfunctionality not only of the republicans, of the rnc, but look at the dnc here and you see
11:39 am
what is a bombshell revelation, if it is true, coming out about the deliberations there on the left? >> no wonder people just don't trust government or politicians or anything to do with politics as a general rule right now. i mean, they are just disgusted on both sides of the aisle. you know, what's very interesting about this is i think that donna brazile, if she would have started that process, as justin had said, if she had started the process, when he's saying is a lengthy process, i think that word would have obviously gotten out and that would have destroyed the momentum that hillary clinton would have had. so in a way she would be tipping the election by even, you know, having meetings and saying that she felt like she was i'll, and that would have played into donald trump deal of check or medical records, she's not right. and i think that would have played into the hands of that if you would have had someone like
11:40 am
donna brazile bringing into a committee that we want to check the health of our candidate. and as a possible replacement we have the following. i mean that would be basically saying the dnc chair wants to re-evaluate the situation and get another candidate in. so that would be a huge tip of the election. and at the time, if you remember, we all thought republicans, a lot of people thought that weren't in the trump circle, we thought that hillary clinton was going to win. we were not expecting that overwhelming victory for trump at the time. >> and, chris, there is it also the coughing incident with the nominee, that was also added to this question about health. bottom line is donna brazile in secret was able to keep this discussion for the most part outside of the media with no leeks, unlike what we are seeing with the current administration. >> i think we need to take this with an incredible grain of salt. the notion that the dnc chair -- the process when you have to basically reach out to senior
11:41 am
members of the dnc in order to have an emergency meeting in order to replace a nominee, the notion that could happen and not leak out in this town, impossible. now, was this thought bubbling in donna brazile's head? absolutely. i think this is a very dramatic tale. it definitely is a nice vignette in a book. >> so are you saying that donna brazile is not telling the truth here? or just trying to sell a book, plinly as you were saying earlier? >> i have a hard time believing that the actual process went anywhere past donna brazile. because if it did we would have heard about it. because it would have been such a dramatic significant step. i cannot remember the last time this has happened where you remove remove a nominee. i don't buy it. i mean, if someone wants to show me the memo or is going to come out and corroborate that there was a meeting with dnc, other
11:42 am
members of the dnc talking about this, fine. but, again, to me this seems like -- i hate to say this, again, because i like donna, but this seems to be more about providing a real dramatic vignette in a book than necessarily what is reality. >> and you like phillip rucker too who is reporting on this. and phillip just 30 sebds to finish it off here for us. do you get that sense based ton your reporting earlier on that her claims reaching out to a limited number of people are true? >> well, she didn't reach out to people. she actually writes in her book this was a fairly secretive deliberation that she had in her own mind. i think chris is right. i don't think there were meetings here. i don't think there was any sort of memo or plan on paper. this was just donna thinking through her decision about whether to try to initiate this process. >> very good. phillip rucker, great article. thank you sir for joining us on the fly as you publish your article. you have to read it in "the washington post" just coming out
11:43 am
in the last 30 minutes. thaungs thanks as well for jumping in that topic and not holding back about what you thought. so thank you all three. >> thanks. up next, the conservative push to remove robert mueller from the russia investigation. and will it happen? just like the people who own them, every business is different. but every one of those businesses will need legal help as they age and grow. whether it be help starting your business,
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with flavors you'll like new savory grilled mediterranean shrimp. and new sweet and spicy nashville hot shrimp. plus our classics like garlic shrimp scampi. try as much as you want however you want 'em, but don't wait, it ends soon. i have never met with or had any conversation with any russians or any foreign officials concerning any type of interference with any campaign or election in the united states. further, i have no knowledge of any such conversations by anyone connected to the trump campaign. >> so it's that last statement there from attorney general jeff sessions under oath in june denying any knowledge of any connections with anyone connected to the trump campaign and russia. but his story has changed. sessions now remembers rejecting
11:47 am
an offer from adviser george papadopoulos to set up a meeting between then president trump and vladimir putin. but as the investigation intensifies, they have introduced arrest luis calling for the special counsel to recuse himself of this investigation. back with us now our panel. all three, thanks. jonathan allen, as promised to you on this, as we look at this new nuance, the attorney general now remembering. what does this mean based on his sworn testimony? >> the charitable view is that he mistakenly testified and misremembered or memory did not cover certain actions that he took. >> yeah.
11:48 am
poli mistakenly, or misremembering, what sort of legal jeopardy does the attorney general now face based 0en this n based on this new reporting from nbc news? >> we have a united states attorney general who has testified not just once but several times on congress directly on the questions about russia and contacts. and it appears his statements have not been truthful or he suffers from, as many people do in this administration, from the type of russia amnesia. and there are consequences for making statements under oath. both to congress as well as the federal prosecutors. >> what might happen? >> well, certainly what we saw with george papadopoulos, looking at both obstruction and false statements. >> obstruction and false statements. and if those were to come to pass, russian investigation chapter 20s, we are getting into chapter 1. >> yeah, i think that's right. >> we have a long way to go i
11:49 am
was going to say. go ahead. >> and this development to you on papadopoulos, again, according to a nbc source that he had reached out to jeff sessions with potential meeting. how would you like -- would you consider trump campaign a meeting with vladimir putin? and this now putting the attorney general in further question, this as the president is saying in recent tweets, he would like his attorney general and fbi to pursue issues related to the hillary clinton campaign. >> right. president trump is expressing a lot of frustration with attorney general jeff sessions which is nothing new, but it is easily important right now when we are hearing things that jeff sessions may not have told the full truth under oath, that russia amnesia, i like that statement. but that's important. because that's coming at the same time everyone is wondering what president trump is going to do about bob mueller and if he's going to fire him.
11:50 am
or there is thoughts of congress trying to cut off funding. so having a tif with someone like jeff sessions who knows a lot who has to go in front of congress and make statements is not ha good tif to have right now. >> and part of the trump campaign their push, several congress members at the moment, congressman matt gets, arizona congressman as we look at the list, bigs all calling right now for the recusal of fbi director during the investigation. and that is, again, mueller. but mitch mcconnell, the majority leader in the senate, saying doesn't look like there is a lot of energy behind this idea. what are you seeing? >> well, richard, we are still in the territory where we are very far away from mainstream republicans calling for mueller to recuse himself. that's not going to happen. for the person leading the investigation to recuse himself
11:51 am
from the entire investigation. there is nobody, other than these few congressman, making this case. and the president of the united states is in a bind here. because obviously there has been some energy behind the idea that he might like to fire robert mueller, but you would trigger saturday night massacre like the nixon did doing the downfall shortly thereafter. >> if he were again, to fire robert mueller or going through the process of doing that, there is the issue of attorney general in new york state and new york city. >> correct. i think two things are really important about what mueller was able to do with the papadopoulos conviction and manafort indictment. and what he made clear is that this investigation now is much bigger than bob mueller. it's going to happen with or without him. and even if he were to be fired, we now have both eric snyderman
11:52 am
as well as si vance who have apparently been talking about investigations. one might decide to hire bob mueller. >> so if mueller was to be fired, you are saying, he could move over into a new york state investigation? >> there is nothing that could stop that. >> how big is the bench of mueller team? if the president was to decapitate this investigation? >> you know, i really truly believe that this case now is so much bigger than anyone and any one person and nobody can stop it. the investigation is deep. there are a lot of teams looking at very different tentacles. and i believe it has become significant. my question is why do you want to get in the way of seeking to get to the truth? and it's moving. this train has moved hand i don't think it can be stopped. >> why do some elect tifs want to get in the way of this criminal investigation? >> i think it's good to know the
11:53 am
group trying to get in the way are most conservative biggest trump allies. so they don't like this investigation from the beginning. i mean, most republicans don't like this investigation. i think it's fair to say. but like jonathan said those mainstream republicans want this accelerate themselves from it so they don't want to get involved. >> thank you all. and we'll be right back. >> thank you. small businesses show their love to you. with some friendly advice, a genuine smile and a warm welcome they make your town... well, your town. that's why american express is proud to be the founding partner of small business saturday. a day where you get to return that love, because shopping small makes a big difference. so, on november 25th get up, get out, and shop small.
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it may have come up, yes. >> you went to russia, but you are confident that the footnote about sending a low level staffer is not in reference to you? >> i did not definitely represent someone from the trump campaign. >> i generally hope you are innocent because you are doing a lot of talking. it's either bold or reckless. i guess we'll find out. >> just in in the last hour another bombshell report from former dnc interim chair donna brazile. according to excerpt from her book she considered removing hillary clinton for joe biden. more to come stick around. and why a pro football team chose us to deliver fiber-enabled broadband to more than 65,000 fans. and why a leading car brand counts on us to keep their dealer network streamlined and nimble.
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our recent online sales success seems a little... strange?nk na. ever since we switched to fedex ground business has been great. they're affordable and fast... maybe "too affordable and fast." what if... "people" aren't buying these books online, but "they" are buying them to protect their secrets?!?! hi bill. if that is your real name. it's william actually. hmph! affordable, fast fedex ground. carter page the former foreign adviser to trump campaign telling nbc news he had an encounter with a russian prime minister while on the trip
12:00 pm
to moscow. but claiming this is not a meeting. saying, quote, as i've already explained over a thousand times, the brief hello and greeting could not constitute that. and while page is attempting to diffuse allegations, the new york has said sent an email to at least one trump aid describing insights business executives during his time in moscow. in the meantime president trump seems to put space between himself and that investigation. >> well, i hope he's treating everything fairly. and if he is, i'm going to be very happy, because when you talk about innocent, i am truly not involved at any form of collusion with russia, believe me, that's the last thing i can think of to be involved in. >> have you been told to expect to be questioned by the special counsel? >> no. >> are you prepared for? >> as far as i've been told i'm not under investigation. >> bring in former prosecutor and