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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 4, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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to moscow. but claiming this is not a meeting. saying, quote, as i've already explained over a thousand times, the brief hello and greeting could not constitute that. and while page is attempting to diffuse allegations, the new york has said sent an email to at least one trump aid describing insights business executives during his time in moscow. in the meantime president trump seems to put space between himself and that investigation. >> well, i hope he's treating everything fairly. and if he is, i'm going to be very happy, because when you talk about innocent, i am truly not involved at any form of collusion with russia, believe me, that's the last thing i can think of to be involved in. >> have you been told to expect to be questioned by the special counsel? >> no. >> are you prepared for? >> as far as i've been told i'm not under investigation. >> bring in former prosecutor and u.s. attorney, patel joins
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us, reporter for politico. thanks all three. we'll start with you first on this kendall, what do you make about what the president said is this. >> i think the president's comments are consistent to what he's been saying all along. we can all judge whether he's under investigation. but certainly a lot of people very close to him and a lot of information that suggests that that's the case. but so far will is no reason to believe that, for example, paul manafort has anything incriminating to say. and some of the other people that we are learning a lot more about, such as papadopoulos and carter page. nor do we know if they have anything incriminating to say about president trump. one thing i think is going to be really critical at some point president trump is going to be interviewed. and one of the things that will be very, very critical is whether at the end what could be a very long wide ranging interview, special counsel concludes that president trump has said anything that is false or misleading. >> talking about carter page.
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let's play a little bit about what he said on cnn. >> you say you only met with academics when you were on your trip to russia. >> yes, a few business people i had known for over a decade, yeah. >> so krishna, i think what we are hearing from here, carter page, it was a nonmeeting meeting. whether it's a nonmeeting meeting or a real meeting what does this mean legally? >> legally one of the things bob mueller and his team will look at why was carter meeting with russians at all in russian and what did it have to do with the campaign. and look to find out the contents of those meetings and then begin to corroborate those meetings. we know from the papadopoulos conviction that when george papadopoulos went to go meet with the russians, it was about getting dirt on hillary clinton. it would be a little strange that one person went to get dirt on hillary clinton and the other person just met with academics to talk about we are not sure
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what. >> lan also saying here that there is a lot more that's going to be coming out we've certainly seen that on investigations from this white house and ongoing from the russian connection. what do you think he means? because he's saying a lot of different things contradicting himself in a lot of ways? >> of course, he's repeatedly changed his testimony, i think they are confused why he abruptly decided to not give documents. and as a result they'll treat him with kid gloves going forward. >> the question might be though what might he tip them off to as speaking to the different allegations on the hill, the house intel committee, but also robert mueller? >> the key is going to be who else in the campaign knew about his trip to moscow and for that matter also george papadopoulos trip to moscow, that is the key. because you have the attorney
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general jeff sessions saying i was unaware of any continued discussion of that. but sessions was leader of the security group that both page and papadopoulos sat on. so very small universe of officials that could have known about these trips. >> and as we look at this, kendall, if indeed this email that we are talking about did reach jeff sessions email box and he is saying what he said during sworn testimony, does he face, as we were talking about a little earlier, some legal jeopardy here? and what might that be? >> well, the temperature is turning up on jeff sessions. i don't think so far it's in dietable. if you look at for example the level of falsifications in the papadopoulos interview, that's extreme stuff. on the other hand, anyone going forward who is being confronted for misleading testimony by the department of justice is going to say, yeah, but your attorney general doesn't have such a good memory either. and that's not a pretty picture for our system.
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>> does misremembering work here? >> it's going to be up to grand jury if this is a question of misremembering or question of false testimony. i mean, what is the intent? and when i go back to the russia amnesia, there seems to be a consistent pattern of not recalling information when it comes to russia. it really does appear to be that way. and that is both harmful, i think, to what is happening directly with jeff sessions and also harmful as was indicated to the fact that our top law enforcement officer for the department of justice just seems to lack credibility. >> when we look at, and you are watching this and reporting on this, as we watch carter page come to microphones, and then come to microphones, and then come to microphones, i'm sure the trump campaign is going, please, stop coming to microphones? >> absolutely. but he's at this point a very
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loose cannon, all they can do is it watch and hope he doesn't bury them too badly. >> and as we look forward to the step here in this. there is one question i want to ask you about. papadopoulos, which kendall was bringing up, why unseal his indictment? >> i think there might have been several reasons to unseal it. first, and foremost, i think what was very interesting about it was the pro-active, the fact that she was pro-actively cooperating. i think mueller sent a lot of messages by unceiling it. i think he told the world, you know, here is something that nobody knew about, nobody had speculated about. but more importantly i think it was to say if you lie, we are going to convict you. i also think he is sending a message to say you can either get the manafort treatment or you can get the papadopoulos special in terms of your cooperation. you are going to be treated very differently in terms of how far you choose to cooperate. and part of what's going to happen now is the underlying
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che chess game of whether or not manafort is seeking a pardon, if that's where trump is going to go and i think mueller is teasing some of that out. >> if he's teasing some of that, is he saying look out ty cobb, i have more papadopoulos? >> yeah, and even if you call papadopoulos small fry, sometimes the small fries can fry the higher ups depending what they know. and right now there has to be a lot of nervous people in washington. >> what are you watching in terms of the next steps for mueller? >> i keep watching michael flynn, because of all the people who seem to be clearly indictable, he's center stage and also strategically placed to know a lot about russia. and finally the question of what was trump's motive in trying to allegedly tell comey please go easy on that guy? was trump trying to protect a good guy or trying to protect something about himself? and that's a question that
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michael flynn should it be answer to answer. >> you brought up the big one. that is the $64 billion question. mike flynn, has he flipped? >> it's tough it tell. but i'll say from the congressional perspective mike flynn is it also in trouble as well. >> so, also, that is you folks in the legal space are thinking about that. mike flynn is really at the core of potentially since he's indictable, as she was saying from the hill and what they are looking at, as well as certainly mueller's seat, has he been turned? and if he is this is saying more than papadopoulos and his unceiling of his indictment? >> i would agree with that. i mean i don't think anyone knows. certainly one wants to speculate. we haven't heard anything about mike flynn. as was mentioned, he seems easily a target, as easy as manafort was on certain things, particularly on things like f
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fara, not to register. if you lie we'll come after you. >> certainlial franklin wants more questions to this. and franklin had a letter to jeff sessions giving a deadline for answering a list of his questions on the russia meetings. and here it is. he said the american people deserve a complete and accurate accounting of the facts. please respond in writing to the following questions by friday, november 10th, 2017. so then there are the questions that he does ask. and he's got basically until next weekend. can the senator, kendall, do this, can he demand the questions and u.s. attorney general must answer? >> he can demand. the attorney general doesn't simply respond to letter but he ought to. he's the highest ranking official in this question and should it be beyond question. and right now there are some
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questions. >> and krishna, how might the attorney general respond to this? kendall is saying he should respond. as you look at this occurrence in the past where you have elected official requesting information from attorney general, what might that tell us about what happened in this case? >> my guess is, you know, if he is someone who has brought up executive privilege before, i don't think appropriately, but certainly brought it up, i think you might start seeing him hide behind that. i think these are very difficult questions for him to answer. he has not been truthful. he has not been truthful with congress on the russia issue. >> and just looking at more -- yeah, not been truthful so far. and a lana, last 15 seconds to you, i'm sorry to do this to you, certainly shows that elected on the hill are becoming more and more impatient with this process. >> keep an eye on chairman grassley. he takes over iesight very
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seriously so keep an eye on that. >> so grassley we'll watch. thank you very much. have a good weekend. >> thank you. >> next the drama within the dnc, oh, boy, first accusations from donna brazile that hillary clinton influenced the primaries. and now the former party chair saying she considered replacing hillary clinton with joe biden. this after that fainting incident at the 9/11 ceremony. we'll discuss that. i love you, droolius caesar, but sometimes you stink.
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what you're watching right here reportedly causing former dnc former chair donna brazil considering ousting hillary clinton from the ticket. and hillary clinton there, as you see in the video, wobbling a
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little here, it's been called the fainting spell since. clinton at the september 11th, 9/11 memorial ceremony, this before clinton's campaign, later then putting out a note from her doctor saying she had contract pneumonia, and that resulted in her wobbling here, the fainting spell we are calling in this video from 9/11. now, joining us now to talk about this, sara set meyer, republican strategies, and howard dean from dnc chair and msnbc contributor. the reporting come out from "washington post" and phillip rucker that donna brazile after seeing that then believing and considering replacing hillary clinton. and she went through a dl deliberative process and thinking joe biden might enter the ticket. howard dean, you as a former dnc
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chair from '05 to '09 agss i wa just mentioning here, what is the hurdle before the dnc would consider such a thing? >> well, first of all, from my reading and understanding of the bylaws the head of the dnc doesn't have the power to do that. that would have to be a vote of the entire committee. so my guess is donna may have considered that if she was really worried about hillary clinton's health, but it would be extraordinary thing to do which has never been done before, and really been designed should the nominee becomes deeply disabled or pass away during the campaign. then the democratic national committee has the power by the vote of the 447 people to replace that nominee. but i don't think donna herself was going to do the replacing. i don't think there is a by law that permits that. >> what does it say about donna brazile? >> i don't know. because i haven't talked to her about this.
12:17 pm
so whether it was just musing this she kept to her self. i never heard this story before. so i assume she didn't say anything about it publicly. i think, i wasn't as a physician terribly alarmed by her stumble and i don't think she was disabled. so i probably wouldn't have gone through the process thinking about it. but if somebody were really seriously disabled and i was worried about it, maybe i would think about it. >> tara, as we have talked about since the election and this current administration, we hit one year mark very soon since the election. dysfunctionality of the republican party. but put the shoe on the other foot, and as we get more information, seeing so much dysfunctionality, donna brazile describing dispassionate democrat party during the election and this is why she was
12:18 pm
considering this. >> sure, part of the donald trump that it was over shadowed. let's not remember how donna brazile ascended to the head of the dnc. it was the controversy with debbie wasserman schultz and all of those things going on there. you had the insurrection of bernie sanders that no one really saw coming. even as far back as the summer of 2014, going into 2015, you could see articles written in "the washington post" and others inside the beltway stuff, but articles written about how folks really were not happy on the progress side about the potential of a hillary clinton c candidacy. she was not well-liked which opened the door for bernie sanders run which was surprising to a lot of folks similar to the popularity of donald trump. so this doesn't sturprise me ths was under consideration, because there were a lot of people who nt waed joe biden to run. i think a lot of republicans who
12:19 pm
voted for him over donald trump. because there was a disdain for hillary clinton there were a lot in the middle that couldn't bring themselves to vote for her even though they were wearily of donald trump rightly so. >> donna herself doesn't say a word about replacing hillary clinton because she was unpopular. >> of course she's not going to. >> and why would she? >> she was unpopular. >> governor in the reporting from -- >> that's silly. >> in the reporting from phillip rucker he does allude to her writing, because of the energy and the passion in the democratic party at that time, because of the current nominee at that time again that it felt like a hospital ward. there was no passion. so that might intimate here she did not necessarily favor hillary clinton. >> look, i know donna pretty well. no experienced operative is ever going to think about removing the nominee for any reason other
12:20 pm
than illness. if she had the power to do it, which she didn't. so i think much has been made of this. i think it's a lot of inside the beltway crap. i would agree that there is disagreement and dis function inside the democratic party but that has nothing to do with what's going on in the republican party. >> we'll talk about that. because we have the mou reporting coming out with the hillary clinton campaign and dnc, how uncommon is that, and also ahead to the dysfunctionality? >> that has nothing to do with dysfunctionality either. this is standard operating in the general election, not the primaries. i don't have any knowledge of that one either. here's the real problem for uls. our most loyal voters age wise are under 35. they vote with us 58 percent of the time. future of the party. but don't consider themselves democrats and reason they don't has nothing to do with bernie sanders it has to do with that age group does not trustor think they need insurance
12:21 pm
constitution. so we need to figure out a way to rebuild the institution. i think the biggest problem is we have to turn the page on generations and get young people involved in the party and only way is to get them to run for office which there are a lot of groups doing right now, which i am supporting. >> and want to read this. filling a vacancy on the national ticket of the party or president or vice president after the adjournment of the convention, shall confer with the democratic leadership of the united states, congress, and the democrat governor and shall report to the democratic national committee which is authorized to fill the vacancy or vacancies, this obviously consistent with the dnc charter. so sounds, as has been said, this is not something that donna brazile can unilaterally do. >> no, it's like their article 25. right. if the nominee becomes incapacitated or pass away, they have to have a mechanism in
12:22 pm
place to replace them. but no one is implying that donna brazile was thinking about replacing because she was unpopular. what we are talking about is that day it was a health scare and hillary clinton was concern of some people, whether conspiracy theory or not, it was out there. so this added to that that day. and she wasn't popular among the people that howard dean just talked about, that demographic of under 35, they weren't very thrilled about hillary clinton, saw her as in the pocket of wall street. they were the ones most enthusiastic about bernie sanders. and hillary clinton represented that, just like you had the anti-establishment republicans, they didn't like the establishment, mitch mcconnell and paul ryan, you have the same kind of sentiment within the democrat party as well. obviously, you saw that bernie sanders folks were very concerned about the super delegate process, how unfair that was. a lot of things set up because people felt as though hillary
12:23 pm
clinton was owed that nomination after losing to barack obama in 2008. and we can see how there are a lot of steps taken to make sure that didn't happen. >> this could be to sell books or contingency plan the dnc was putting together. thank you for being here. >> president trump now headed for japan, kicking off 12 day tour of asia. in the air right now on air force one. with the russia investigation heating up at home, will he be able to shift gears to calm the escalating crisis with north korea?
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north korea nuclear threat and china economic policies on first trip to asia as president. a couple of hours ago we saw him board air force one for 12 day five day journey. began in hawaii. president and first lady spent
12:27 pm
20 minutes in u.s. arizona. heading to 6,000 miles from washington d.c. but the troubles brewing in the capital not too far away. new things about russia and con tants they made with officials there making headlines today. all of that to talk about nancy joins us former ambassador to the united nations and former deputy senior adviser under press clinton, and "washington post" and live at the white house. vic, start it out for us. trump in asia. big question what it might be. we had the former administration, obama administration very clear, moving military resources from middle east to asia. but right now what might be the trump doctrine as he's about to have wheels down? >> you know, that pivot to asia that you are referring to on the part of the president obama and his administration never
12:28 pm
reaching the goal and coming to fruition as it was imagined at the outset of the administration. both in military sense and economic sense certainly. trans pacific partnership, one success president obama did have in negotiating the trade pack among pacific nations went by the wayside, president trump fulfilling a campaign promise walking away from that. many people say china ascended because of the united states engager in security partner in the region. president trump you are right should be crossing the international dateline. he lands in the land of the rising sun, security on the front burner, no question about it. the north korea situation, the
12:29 pm
prim minister and president trump met at mar-a-lago, that was the occasion that kim jong-un decided to launch intercontinental ballistic missile over japanese territory in ha provocation, and many people are fearful another provocation is on the way. because he will be sending time with abe, and spending time with moon there, north korea on the front burner. and then later in the trip the president ends after going to beijing, after going to vietnam for an international economic conference. he'll go to philippines. and just announced as president was leaving the philippines he would stay there for extra day for east asia security summit. telling reporters aboard air force one most important day of the trip. so adding that last minute. the issues are fraught from security standpoint and economic standpoint on this 12 day trip.
12:30 pm
>> ambassador, as you look at the relationships that president trump has with leaders in all five of his stops here, we can think of also contextually looking back to the obama administration the first trip of then secretary of state hillary clinton her very first trip was to china. in this case we are not seeing the same parallels and emphasis on asia except for the president again being very critical of china. but having, it appears so far, good relationships face-to-face. what are the state of the relationships with these respective leaders and president trump? >> well, i think he's forged a good relationship with the leaders of china and japan which can be important. but he faces some fundamental task on this trip. he's put out a free and open indo-pacific region as sort of new doctrine which is a pushing back against china and the south china sea. number one is north korea. his goal on this trip is to get
12:31 pm
others to push back and particularly china to push back harder on north korea. he's also got to contend with the rising china having pulled out of the trans pacific partnership grade agreement. put china on the front burner there. so needs to reassert american leadership on trade. and he also has to address the issue of a rising china. what will we do about the south china sea. what is the role? and has to assert american leadership. that is the big question what is america's leadership. he doesn't have a lot of policy to offer on trade and other key issues. and then of course there is the cloud of the russian investigation, what shoe is going to drop while he's overseas. when you are on the middle of the investigation best thing to do is get out of town. so 11 day trip should be a good respite and good chance for him to show his leadership on world
12:32 pm
stage and make real progress on north korea. if he manages that it will be a success. >> and it appears the wind is at the president's back when it comes to the economic arguments that he might make against china. he is now looking at 4.1% unemployment rate. numbers look good at least in his argument. see, my policies work, america first does work. when i have wheels down in china when i sit with president xi, i am, if you will, stick it to him when it comes to trade policy as the ttp and removal there of the united states, see, that works. is that what he is going to say when he sits with president xi? >> i believe so. in part these are two of the areas trump campaigned on where he's seen some victory since get noog the white house. so heel be able to double down tony have been able to achieve what i told the american people that i would, especially considering how many things have happened that he hasn't been able to promise, promises he hasn't been able to fulfill,
12:33 pm
such as health care and still working on the tax plan. bumpy think one of the things that he's going to have to answer from many officials in asia regarding his economic policy is there some doubt and concern about with whether or not america first means america only. and so people will want to know how can this economic renaissance of the trump campaign claim america is enjoying under his leadership, how can that work in favor of those in trade communities in asia as well? >> right. quickly ambassador here, john park scholar and watches north korea saying it's a powder keg in this region. as you look at south korea that would like to see u.s. topical weapons put on the ground. as you look at shinzu abe annie electorate who brought him back to power, and they also concern about north korea nuclear north korea, what does the president need to say quickly here, to tam
12:34 pm
p down the tension? >> well, number one, that behave their back, we will pro void the necessary security to both south korea and japan. that needs to be number one message here. and that we are not on the brink of war with north korea. because if that's the case, they will take their own steps. so we need to have more pressure on north korea to make it clear they have to back down or we'll take necessary steps, along with our allies. that message will reassure the regs and japan and south korea. >> okay. thank you all three for stopping by on this topic. appreciate it. >> my pleasure. still ahead startling new investigations to influence election. what does that mean for 2018 and 2020? hand why so many lawmakers say this is cyber warfare.
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and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer, and like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet today people in congress and his own administration know that this president is a clear and present danger who's mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it. welcome back. i'm richard lui in new york city. here's what we are watching for.
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u.s. military confirming u.s. member was killed in eastern afghanistan in result of wounds operation in the province. u.s. forces commander sent his condolences to the fallen member's family. and dnc donna brazile saying she considered ousting from the campaign. this happened after clinton looked unsteady after she left a september 11th memorial and brought up questions about her well-being. and carter pager former adviser to trump campaign telling nbc he had encounter with russian deputy prime minister in 2016 while on a trip to moscow. page emphasized his claim to nbc that it was not a meeting but just a quote brief hello and greeting. all right next for you crimp cal case against harvey weinstein, nypd says they are building a case that could lead to arrest. and top of the history my colleague jacob soboroff will be
12:39 pm
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we're following a developing story coming out of hollywood. netflix has severed ties with kevin spacey who plays a villian us of house of cards. coming in the wake of sexual assault claims on kevin spacey and concerning his behavior on the set. and here in new york harvey weinstein getting a step closer now to being a reality. new york police department has harvey weinstein in its sites for a rape charge involving an actress from the show board walk empire. so far 87 women allege acts of wrongdoing against harvey weinstein. nbc steve paterson has more. >> investigators say they are closing in. >> we have an actual case here. >> nypd police detectives say
12:43 pm
it's credible and could lead to an arrest. >> if this person was in new york and recent, we would go right away and make the arrest, no doubt. >> authorities say the case he's being interviewed on is from the ac rest. >> thursday, the board walk empire star accused weinstein of raping her twice. she told vanity fair magazine both instances happened in 2010 at her manhattan apartment about a month a part. it was disgusting, she said. he's like a pig. he raped me. >> her attorney aaron filler says he believes her client has the strongest case against harvey weinstein so far. >> at this point there is a considerable amount of evidence to support all of the story that's being told. >> the manhattan district attorney's office says a senior sex crimes prosecutor is assigned to this investigation. but won't comment further. >> they are going to try and corroborate the victim's statement and try and look for
12:44 pm
evidence to get them over that threshold probable cause. >> she is now one of 87 women with accusations ranging from sexual harassment to rape. over decades of allegations against weinstein. >> nbc news has also confirmed active investigations in la and london. he has denied any nonconsensual sex. >> also british media reporting it involves kevin spacey. although nbc news can't confirm that information. spal s kevin spacey most recently played president on house the cards. now facing a number of sexual harassment allegations. >> there is but one rule. and late friday netflix says it was cutting ties with kevin spacey saying netflix will not involve any other production
12:45 pm
that includes kevin spacey. also canceled production on gore which kevin spacey produced and started in. his appear now appears to be in jeopardy. >> spacey representative said this week the actor is, quote, taking the necessary time to psyche valuation and treatment. >> paterson, thank you so much for that reporting. now we move to social media. disguise, next closer look at deceptive efforts by russia to influence the election. by listening to an thiaudiobook on audible.ame
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we're learning more about the massive scale and impact of the russian effort on social media to influence the 2016 presidential election. social media tracker poe lit a tweet says famous celebrities and news makers unknowingly shared and amplified false claims planted on platforms like twitter and facebook. reporter jolene kent has that story for us. more influential sharing
12:49 pm
posts by the lead up to the election. famous twitter users with big followings from ivanka trump to jake tapper and sara silver man shared tweets that came from nearly 37,000 accounts linked to russia. facebook also now admitting 150 million americans may have been exposed to russian posts like this one. both facebook and twitter say the posts linked to russia were a small fraction of what americans saw during the election. but both platforms allowed the russians to target americans by zip code, interest ac background, in effect weapon sizing the to influence people. that posting saying the reason why it jumped bringing in more than $10 billion in the last three months. zuckerberg told investors last night he would not put profits over people. >> we built these tools to have people connect and bring us closer together. and they use them to try to undermine our values. what they did is wrong. and we are not going to stand
12:50 pm
for it. >> reporter: the new revelations after congress grilled tech executives in the attempt for russians to meddle in the election. >> do you believe any of your companies have identified the full scope of russian active ace measures on your platform. >> our investigation continues. so i would have to say no. >> congress is now considering legislation that would require social media companies to disclose who is buying political ads, similar to tv and radio and newspapers. jolene kent. and now let's bring in kurt wagner for recode and let's bring in eugene scott, washington post political reporter. what do you make of the reporting and really this lager head with silicon valley and social media giants and washington, d.c. right now when you look at what is happening at the moment, especially the debate that we're seeing, kurt?
12:51 pm
>> well i think there is a lot of questions that remain after this hearing. the most obvious of which is did donald trump's campaign actually work with these russian accounts to target people, where did they get the targeting information that they used on facebook and other social media but how much did the ads influence the election. i don't know if we'll ever fully get an answer to that. it is hard to quantify what is seen one post in your news feed might be. but those are the kinds of things we're still asking even though we've had multiple testimony of silicon valley giants. >> what we are seeing here in washington, d.c., is for instance on the hill, tom cotton, the republican senator from arkansas calling these social media groups traitors. he has been -- he has not been short on his criticism of what they've done. are they traitors.
12:52 pm
>> i think that is a bit premature. there is more investigating that needs to be done. but there has been some significant concern about the speed in which these groups have moved when asked to address an issue. i think there is an example of one account that looked like it is an official tennessee republican party account, but is not and i believe twitter took more thant more than -- ten months to shut the account down. and it is important not just the accounts are putting out divisive messages as some of them were, and there is an example targeting african-american women and giving them incorrect and inaccurate voting information and the seriousness of this is pretty significant and just makes you wonder what these groups as well as congress is going to do to prevent this from happening again in future elections. >> and kurt, as you look at the silicon valley, you are saying to the hill, you don't know what you are talking about and the hill is saying you don't know
12:53 pm
what you are talking about. who doesn't know what they are talking about? >> i think everyone is in the dark about certain things. i think what we saw from this week is there are politicians who don't understand how these platforms operate and especially how those ad businesses operate and how a lot of ads are done through software programs and done programmatically is the term for it. and i think the the same time, i think when you look at a facebook or twitter, it is very easy to say, well they didn't fully grasp the fact that their platform reaches as many people or could have the kind of influence that they talk about all of the time. but when it is used in the wrong way, all of a sudden they are saying, whoa, we hadn't thought of that. so i think very clearly everyone was missing something in their entire thing. i don't think it is very fair to necessarily blame any one individual clearly there are people in the dark, but yes, we learned this week that everyone has some stuff that they need to come to grips with. >> some stuff. and so eugene that some stuff
12:54 pm
might lead to potential regulation and it seems like both sides might agree on putting a couple more walls around, if you will, the way ads and the way that social media sites are weaponized. >> i think that what we're seeing right now. but i think one thing we could focus on is wondering if the revelations make the trump administration por likely to acknowledge the degree to which russia attempted to influence this election and that kind of a response from the very top could show how serious lawmakers are to get to the bottom of this issue. >> kurt, what sort of regulation would facebook and twist be open to and they have been clear to say we cannot favor any one country and silicon valley is neutrality and dispassionate platforms that help people community. >> they have committed to self regulating in the saying we've going to do a better job of
12:55 pm
labelling and require them to self disclose and we're going to create a data base so any user could go back and see what the ads that the came has run. but beyond that i don't think they want any more formal regulation. i think they try to present a good case that they are going to be regulate themself and they are taking step t-- steps to do this. i don't think they welcome government regulation out loud because the more red tape they have to go through with the automated ad businesses, the slower they have able to move and the more drama they'll have and when issues like this come up again. >> 30 seconds, eugene, the hill, mitch mcconnell saying not sure if the transparency or the way this might turn out in terms of legislation would work. >> well they don't know at this point. they are still so much more to learn and so much more that has to be asked in terms of investigations in-in this whole
12:56 pm
situation. and so what this could prove we don't know yet. >> and at least they are starting to get to know what they don't know. thank you both. >> thank you. we'll be right back. you too, unnecessary er visits. and hey, unmanaged depression, don't get too comfortable. we're talking to you, cost inefficiencies, and data without insights. and fragmented care, stop getting in the way of patient recovery and pay attention. every single one of you is on our list. at optum, we're partnering across the health system to tackle its biggest challenges.
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dependability awards for cars, trucks and suvs - two years in a row. that's amazing. chevy's a name you can trust! and that wraps it up for me this hour on msnbc. thanks for sticking around for us the last couple of hours. you could follow me on twitter at richard lui and on facebook and let me know what you want to talk about. for now talking about the guy behind social media himself. who invented it. jacob soberoff, you have a very couple of hours from los angeles. >> enjoy the rest of your saturday. talk to you soon. i'm jacob soberoff at the brokaw news center in los angeles. the president en route to tokyo this hour to begin his historic five nation asian tour. it is a high stakes trip for the president amid escalating tensions with north korea. but back here at home. the russia investigation weighing heavily on the
1:00 pm
administration with if ynew revelations about two former foreign policy advisers. and party problems. fresh criticism at the commander-in-chief from two former predecessors as democrats do their own damage control over claims that the dnc stacked the deck for hillary clinton, then considered replacing her as the nominee. but first, we start this hour in hawaii where just a few hours ago the president departed for japan. that is the next stop on the 12-day five-nation trip but as the president leaves behind more questions about his presidential campaign and questions about two of his foreign policy advisers. you have heard these names. george poppa dop li -- poppa dod carter page. he confirmed that he did in fact meet with a russian official last summer. what could you tell us about that? >> reporter: this is a f