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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 5, 2017 4:00am-4:30am PST

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what's going on? oh hey! ♪ that's it? yeah. ♪ everybody two seconds! ♪ "dear sebastian, after careful consideration of your application, it is with great pleasure that we offer our congratulations on your acceptance..." through the tuition assistance program, every day mcdonald's helps more people go to college. it's part of our commitment to being america's best first job. ♪ good morning. i'm dara brown in new york at msnbc world headquarters. it's 7:00 a.m. in the east and 4:00 out west. here's what's happening. on the road, president trump in japan with a message to north korea. the latest on his new threat and what he told american troops. in the works, the president saying he expects to meet with russia's vladimir putin on this trip. why trump wants to talk north korea and what help russia can really give dpp evasive and bizarre.
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what one house intelligence committee member told msnbc this weekend about the testimony of former trump foreign policy adviser carter page. we begin with new reaction from president trump in japan at this hour for the start of his five country asia trip giving reporters a preview of his talks with prime minister shinzo abe. here's what he said before the two sat down to dinner. >> we are in the midst of having very major discussions on many subjects, including north korea and trade, and other things and we're doing very well. i think we're doing very well. >> the relationship is really extraordinary. we like each other and our country's like each other and i don't think we've ever been closer to japan than we are right now. so it's a great honor. believe me it's a great honor. we're going to have dinner tonight which i think we'll insult everybody by continuing to talk about trade. but the time is a little bit
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limited. and then tomorrow's a very busy day. >> the historic trip coming at a time of low polling numbers for the president. brand new abc/"washington post" poll this morning shows a majority of americans feel president trump has not accomplished much during his first ten months in office. the poll also showing president trump's approval rating at 37%, drastically lower than any modern president at this point in his presidency. nbc's chris jansing is in tokyo with the latest and, chris, the president has been saying north korea is one of his main focuses during this trip. how have those talks been going so far? and what would make it a successful trip for him? >> well, i think one of the things that they're looking at here in terms of success is that they come to some sort of understanding, some clear understanding, which the asian nations don't have now, of what exactly the trump doctrine is. and would he rule out a preemptive strike. the president at dinner right now with his wife, and prime minister abe and his wife.
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a little bit of state diplomacy at a well-known tokyo steak house. but very serious concerns hanging over all this. and the president addressing them right away after air force one landed at yokoda air base in front of a group of about 150 american servicemen saying they will have the tools that they need to win. take a listen. >> together with our allies, america's warriors are prepared to defend our nation, using the full range of our unmatched capabilities. no one, no dictator, no regime, and no nation, should underestimate, ever, american resolve. >> so that tough talk followed some comments that the president made. he came back to the press area of air force one before it landed, said a couple of significant things. we have been asking for some time whether or not he would be
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meeting with vladimir putin, the president confirming that that meeting is likely to happen at that economic forum in vietnam. the key goal here for the president to consolidate nations around a plan that would fight the north korean nuclear threat. he also said he's going to make a decision soon about whether to add north korea to that list of state sponsors of terrorism, something that would open the way for there to be even more sanctions against that rogue nation. but in the meantime, north korea had its own message, just this morning we saw this just a couple of hours ago, in the major state sponsored newspaper there, saying that they warn trump against making reckless remarks and claiming that americans are pressing for the president's early impeachment because the remarks are being made by a spiritually unstable leader. so some tough talk from north korea, as well. but i think the key here they're looking for is assurances that there will be no preemptive strike.
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there are no such plans by the united states. you also heard the president mentioning very briefly about whether or not he might get into some trouble by talking about trade. prime minister abe and other asian leaders not very happy that the president pulled out of the tpp, that trade agreement. the eleven other nations trying to figure out a way to move forward on that. but also, want to hear exactly some of the specifics of what the president has to say about how he sees trade going forward, dara. >> chris, a lot of analysts have said that the president goes into this trip at a disadvantage. what does he have to say about that? >> not surprisingly, and he also addressed that on air force one, he doesn't think that's so. the reason they're saying that is pretty obvious, one, they're very aware here of the pressure on him back home, when you have your former campaign chair and another campaign aide indicted. a third person associated with your campaign who pleaded guilty in robert mueller's russia
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investigation. he has yet to accomplish anything major legislatively. they're still in that fight, obviously, on capitol hill about what to do about tax reform. and you also mentioned his record low approval rating, 37%. no other modern president has gone even below the 50s. so that tells you just how difficult the situation. contrast that with prime minister abe who is just coming off a mandate in election, same frankly in china for president xi. but, when you look into white house officials, they'll tell you, this is something that the president has prepared for. he's done major outreach in this part of the world. as you well know, he met twice in washington already with prime minister abe, and that's part of the reason we heard his comments, as we did. but he's made 43 phone calls, they say, over the course of recent weeks to regional leaders here. bilateral meetings with seven of those countries, four of them have made visits to the united states. so the real question here is whether or not he'll be able to stay on message.
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will he be able to not just project confidence, but give nations here the confidence that the united states is going to lead in a way that they're used to them leading, and frankly, on a schedule of twelve days they've added that extra day, that would be gruelling for any president. dara? >> chris jansing traveling with the president and live from tokyo. chris, thank you so much. now to the russia probe and another former trump aide appearing to be questioned by investigators. keith schiller, former longtime bodyguard to president trump is scheduled to appear before the house intel committee on tuesday as part of its probe into russian election interference. white house special counsel ty cobb giving this statement to nbc news about that appearance. quote the white house is delighted that mr. schiller will have an opportunity to shed some light on these scandalous allegations and we are sure that his testimony will be of great interest to all fair-minded people. joining me now is john lauro, formerly a federal prosecutor in the eastern district of new york
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and currently a white collar criminal defense attorney. john, so much to talk about here. keith schiller. he is expected to be asked about president trump's visit to moscow in 2013. a trip at the center of certain allegations in that salacious dossier. how do you expect him to approach that interview? >> well, what's interesting is that his appearance is not related to the mueller investigation. this is actually a congressional review. so the question is what an the the congressional folks are going to come at. i suspect he's a friendly witness to president trump. and probably doesn't really have much information to give the mueller investigation. >> and when it comes to the russia investigation so far, we're hearing the president's legal team sound this tone of cooperation. but how far will that approach get them? is there a line where you'd expect that that tone to be changing if it's crossed? >> i think they're delusional. i think what they're saying to the public in terms of the president's position is not being concerned about the mueller investigation just doesn't make any sense to me. they have to understand that mueller and his team have one
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objective, and that's to get president trump and the people closest to him. >> meanwhile, former trump campaign foreign policy adviser george papadopoulos, he pled guilty to lying to the fbi about his contacts with russia, and now he's cooperating with mueller's probe as part of his plea deal. but what kind of terms would you expect to be in a deal like that? >> frankly, i don't know why he pled guilty because the items that are listed in his plea agreement are pretty bland and not particularly significant. but what i suspect he's done is probably cooperate, he may have been wearing a wire. he's gotten a very favorable plea deal, undoubtedly he'll get cooperation points and probation once he's sentenced. >> well, let's talk about that because what is papadopoulos likely to gain by cooperating with the investigation? and how damaging does this information need to be to get him leniency in any sentencing? >> well, what happened is that he made a terrible mistake by not being honest in talking to the fbi truthfully. so he was jammed up with a very serious criminal issue, which is
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lying to an fbi agent. in order to get out of that, they basically said listen, you got to plead guilty, cooperate with us, probably do something pro-active like wear a wire, then you'll get major cooperation points in the federal system, which means ultimately, he's not going to do any jail time. >> and, john, also this week, president trump drew some scrutiny for his tweets on the latest russia probe developments, including this one belittling the role of george papadopoulos and calling him a liar. could that amount to obstruction of justice? and if it could, who would make that call? >> well, it really -- that's more of a political statement than anything else. but the special counsel is looking at every statement being made by whether it's the president, anybody around him, they're scrutinizing every public statement. so, what's said on twitter is certainly not going to be obstruction of justice but it's something that the mueller team is looking at very closely. >> john lauro, thank you for breaking this down for us. appreciate it. well, headache, evasive, bizarre, the words used in one house intelligence committee member when he described the
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mr. sessions should have a seat before the house select committee on intelligence. i think he'd feel unsulted if we said that he was becoming forgetful at this point in his life. hey, i don't want to do that. i don't think he's forgetful. >> that was democratic congressman mike quickly in an interview yesterday. he was among lawmakers on the intel committee who met with former trump adviser carter page thursday on the heels of indictments for three former campaign officials. one of them pleading guilty. let's bring in seven cirilli, chief washington correspondent for bloomberg tv and sean sullivan congressional reporter for "the washington post." and sean, let's start with you first. what are the chances that we will see attorney general sessions back on the little any
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time soon? and what is the consensus among lawmakers involved in these congressional investigations since monday's indictments and the guilty plea? >> well, as the pressure continues to build on the hill as we've seen it build in the last couple of weeks, it's going to be difficult for attorney general sessions not to answer some of these fresh questions that are being raised. there was a report last week that carter page, in his testimony before one of these congressional committees, said that he informed jeff sessions about a trip that he was taking to russia so that opens new questions about what sessions knew, and when. and so you know, we don't know where this leads. but i think it's pretty clear that in the last few days here jeff sessions, who, you know, for the last couple of weeks, couple of months, really, has been flying below the radar on this investigation, previously he was a big deal in it, you know, he's been under the radar. now it seems like he's kind of back at the center of a lot of the key questions that lawmakers have about this. >> kevin, i want to go back to president trump telling reporters that he might meet with vladimir putin during this
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trip. are you surprised the white house would entertain such a meeting in light of the key developments in this russia investigation? >> good morning, dara. i'll piggyback off what sean just said. americans are waking up this morning to the news that president trump is going to meet with vladimir putin. this is a political reality, though. first and foremost, senator susan collins a few days ago told me essentially this mueller probe is far from over and that means the investigations on the hill are not going to were up by the end of the year as many people had hoped. this is going to carry out well into next year. of course we also got news that the manafort case is going to be tried in may. the second point i would make is that this is the new geopolitical reality. to nikki haley's credit at the united nations, they were able to bring china and russia to the table to deal with north korea. and while the president's overseas during his asia tour, they've got to address north korea. and so some extent that's what this is about. again the geopolitical reality of the tensions between the u.s. and russia, everybody knows, everybody's following. and that meaning is going to be
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watched very, very closely to say the least. >> to say the least. >> yeah. >> sean, i want to talk about your paper's poll. because president trump's job performance we showed earlier as he begins this trip, it's, it's, it's not they're not great numbers. what's your biggest takeaway here? >> these are historically low numbers. my biggest takeaway is it's pretty striking to see a president this early in his first term see numbers that are this negative. typically, what you see from the american public is a little bit more goodwill, a little bit more trust. you have a president who's coming off, you know, we're about a year from last year's election, and typically voters are willing to give the new president some time to, you know, lay out some of the policies that he talked about during the campaign. he struggled to shepherd a lot of those policies. and i think we see that reflected in these numbers. republicans are angry because he has not been able to fulfill a lot of the promises he made during the campaign, including repealing and replacing the affordable care act. on the other side, democrats are
4:18 am
also angry because of the things that trump is trying to do is angering them. so he's really getting it from both sides here. >> kevin, the abc/"washington post" poll shows 71% of republicans and independents who lean gop feel that party leaders should criticize president trump when they disagree with him. are you surprised that that number is so high considering president trump's high approval rating among republicans? >> well just take a look at the last few weeks when you've got people like senators flake, corker, mccain, lindsey graham, you name it, they've questioned the white house and gone against him. but to sean's point, look, i mean republicans are in a tough spot. because, the political reality in washington is very different than the political reality back in their districts. and it's different for everyone. you know, they're heading into 2018, though, and we in washington obsess over these polls. we obsess who is winning the horse race but let's just take a step back here. they haven't been able to get a legislative win. if you're a republican you're disappointed they haven't been able to fix health care. they haven't gotten tax reform done. they've got to get that done in
4:19 am
order to go home for the holiday recess and say that they have a win and that's where republicans i think are putting a lot of their attention on. look for that tax package by the end of the year. if they're able to get that done i think republicans will take a deep breath. but no, i'm not surprised at these polls at all. i don't think democrats are at all, who are looking at this, as either, look, stating the obvious, this is a very divided, divided electorate right now. >> kevin cirilli, sean sullivan great to have you here. thank you so much. the expectations for a mighting between president trump and vladimir putin taking place during this overseas trip. and whether the mueller investigation puts president trump in a weakened position with the russia leader. rything. you switched to the capital one quicksilver card. and how do you feel? [sighs] like a burden's been lifted. those other cards made you sign up for bonus cash back. then they change categories on you every few months. then you had to keep signing up! you...deserve...better. now get out there and keep earning that 1.5% cash back
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kentucky senator rand paul is recovering from minor injuries after he was attacked at his home by his neighbor. a friend of paul says the senator was mowing his lawn friday when he was hit blindsided for no apparent reason. the neighbor, a 59-year-old anesthesiologist was arrested and charged with fourth degree
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assault. police in kentucky say they're not sure if politics played a role in the attack. president trump is in japan today. the first leg of what the white house says is the longest trip to asia by an american president in more than 25 years. a senior administration official says the president's first priority is the denuclearization of north korea. the president also said he intends to meet with russian president vladimir putin. joining me once again is steve clemens, washington editor at large at atlantic magazine and msnbc contributor and steve we have heard from the president a couple of times since he landed in japan. what do you think he's hoping to accomplish on this trip? >> i think right now the number one objective is to show that america is not wobbly in the asia pacific or what they're now calling the indo-pacific. they're trying to include india in excuses of asia pacific which is a way to show china that we have options and also to kind of resolidify our relationships, all those that might have doubts
4:24 am
in donald trump or his commitment, not only on north korea, but to be there as a trading force, to be there as a security force permanently, and not to pull back from that. that is his biggest objective. i think the other part of this is to achieve some step forward on the denuclearization in north korea. and to not look crazy about it. i mean, as i think chris jansing was saying earlier to try to communicate that preemptive strike is not something he may tweet about that but that's not something america's going to easily trip into in dealing with north korea. >> he laid out a warning to dictators earlier in his address to u.s. troops, and the region. so does he have to be careful here? can he be the reactive, impulsive trump or do you think he has to show restraint? >> i listened to his speech at yokata air base, japan, and while he said that others that doubted america's resolve lived to regret it or had an unpleasant time, i wouldn't put that in the category of typical
4:25 am
trump recklessness and impulsiveness. i think he's sending a signal on behalf of south korea and japan that we're there as allies, we're there behind them, and holding them up, and you know, in the past you know, he's called president moon in south korea an appeaser. i think that kind of thing is the thing he's trying to avoid right now and show that america has the back of all of its allies in the region and that it is not going to stand for a dictator in this case kim jong-un from dictating the terms for its neighborhood and the region. >> he is meeting with vladimir putin just as court documents show former aides floated meetings with putin during the 2016 campaign. do you think this is going to hurt him and what do you think we can expect? >> i think it brings a spotlight back to the trump campaign's relationship with putin. and it comes to a certain reality, i just tweeted a short while ago where i said, you know, donald trump, whether it's been with foe or friend, has been aggressive with every world leader in every country out there. the sole exception being russia and putin. donald trump wants a good
4:26 am
relationship with russia and putin. but russia interfered in the american election. russia has opposed us in the u.n. security council over syria. russia continues to be an aggravating massive, problem within europe, within nato, within ukraine. and i think in all of those places the u.s. congress is at odds. the republican-led u.s. congress is at odds with donald trump in trying to move that relationship closer with russia. so yes, it puts a spotlight on the u.s. -- russian relationship and whether or not donald trump is going to go in with expectations and objectives that fit with american national interests, or is he going to go and try and be buddy-buddy with putin as we saw he kind of was in the g20 meeting in hamburg. >> real quick, steve, what would be his top accomplishment from this trip? >> i think if he walked out of this trip with a broad commitment on north korea, not to just sanction north korea, but to basically shut down the illicit thing. we talk too much about sanctions. this is a narco regime engaged in a lot of illicit behavior,
4:27 am
whether or not people will really clamp down on that. >> so i hear sanctions. steve clemens, great to have you here this morning. that will do it for me. thanks for watching. at the top of the hour it is politics nation with reverend al sharpton among his guests hardball's chris matthews. "your business" is up next. depend silhouette briefs feature a comfortable, sleek fit. as a dancer, i've learned you can't have any doubts. because looking good on stage is one thing. but real confidence comes from feeling good out there. get a free sample at but real confidence comes from feeling good out there. breathe freely fast wmy congestion's gone. i can breathe again! i can breathe again! vicks sinex... breathe on. i'm ginnwith chantix.smoking it takes a lot of planning to be a smoker. it's like when am i gonna be able to sneak out of here
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