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tv   First Look  MSNBC  February 1, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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♪ new overnight, a bombshell report from the "new york times," special counsel robert mueller is reportedly working to deconstruct a cover story offered now for the infamous trump tower meeting with russian officials. plus, a memo written by congressman devin nunes could be released today, but now he's being accused of altering the memo before he sent it to the white house. and at least one amtrack
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passenger is dead after a crash on the tracks. good morning, everyone. it is february 1st. we begin with the special counsel who is expected to interview a former trump spokesman who is said to have witnessed a meeting with president trump and top aides. that meeting allegedly discussed concealing the trump tower meeting purpose between his campaign and russians. three sources say mark corallo, who served as a spokesman, plans to tell mr. mueller about a previously undisclosed conference call with mr. trump and white house director hope hicks. in this call, he allegeses that hicks said he was eager to receive political dirt about clinton from the russians, quote, we'll never get out. that left corallo with concerns that hicks could be contemplating object vukz of
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justice. >> a lawyer for hicks responded, quote, she never said that and the idea that she ever suggested e-mails be destroyed or concealed is immediately false. mr. corallo told colleagues that he immediately notified the legal team of the conversation and jotted down notes. contacted by the times yesterday, he said he did not dispute any of the accounts shared by his colleagues, but refused to comment further. corallo has been contacted by the special counsel and has agreed to the an interview taking place in the next couple of weeks. >> so the battle continued over a memo from republicans on the house intel committee as questions circulate about what role the white house had in all of this. a transcript in.monday's meeting show nunes responded.
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last night, it was alleged the document sent for public review had been veetly altered, claiming republicans made material changes to the version it sent over to the white house. a spokesman for chairman nunes says the committee minority is now complaining about minor edits to the memo, include bra mattockal fixes requested by the fbi and the minority themselves and what they acted within the procedural rules. >> in the face of the release of the memo itself, the fbi took a bold statement including releasing a statement reading partially, quote, the fbi takes seriously its obligations to the fisa. the fbi was provided a limited opportunity to review the this memo the day before the committee voted to release it.
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as expressed during our initial review, we have grave concerns about material omissions of fact that impact the memo's accuracy. the justice department told nbc news that the issues raised in the memo are so highlies classified that they may not be in a position to point out errors or misleading statements. chris wray's decision to release the memo could put him in the cross hairs of president trump. >> jill, great to have you with us this morning. a lot to digest here this morning, especially with this bombshell report from the "new york times" that the president's former legal spokesman, mark corallo might be telling bob mueller of these new developments involving hope hicks. how big of a bombshell do you think this is this morning for the white house? how might they respond in the coming hours? >> look, mark coallo was in the conversation as this statement
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that has come to mueller's attention was being put together on that back and forth on the plane ride. we have to remember who hope hicks is. she is one of the president's longest time most loyal aides. they have a very, very close relationship, kind of a father-daughter relationship and the president is very protective of her, meaning that any kind of shot against her, any kind of on concern that she might be in some type of legal peril here is likely to anger the president deeply. >> let's turn to the memo that is likely to get released despite warnings from the fbi and democratic proetesters. >> the expectation right now, until the shift complaints about the memo being changed has some last-minute impact, we're expecting this memo to be
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released at some point, likely today. the president has been telling folks around him privately that he feels the contents of this memo are really going to kind of help prove him right, that the fbi, that the justice department have been going after him and that these people can't be trusted. they feel like this will provide some kind of backup to the idea that this whole russian investigation is a hoax. what's really interesting here is that you had chris wray, the president's hand picked fbi director, the one that was supposed to -- if the whole organization is corrupt, chris wray is the one he's put his faith in. you have chris wray coming to the white house begging kelly, please, don't release this. i think it also is an interesting moment here between the president and the fbi director, really evidence that chris wray is, despite the fact that he's prioritized his loyalty, he's nonetheless able
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to stand out there and point out this is a bad idea. >> and if they don't, we don't know what those holes are. >> let's switch gears for a moment, jill, because i want to ask you about immigration, particularly the four-pillar plan that the president outlined in the state of the union. a lot of people saying this was the first time they had articulated a clear policy position on immigration. how is that being received on the hill from both parties and what are your sources telling you about the chances that this immigration bill and daca actually get fixed? >> remember there was the state of the union just the other night that happened? it's incredible how they stepped on the message here with everything focusing back to russia. but the president had, for the first time, laid out the plan in detail publicly. and the reaction from democrats, it was obvious. they were not at all amused. the white house has tried to paint this immigration deals as a type of compromise. but, i mean, our sources are
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telling us basically it's going nowhere at this had point. there's been gridlock on capitol hill. democrats say month. republicans are trying to kind of turn the president's pillars into some type of legislation. but folks on both sides of the aisle, advocates on both sides of the issues are stressing that there's no movement happening right mow. >> and we are approaching that deadline ever so fast. jill, we'll touch base with you a little bit later on in the program. thanks. >> thank you. and a scary day for some republican lawmakers. one person is dead after an amtrak train collided with a garbage truck in rural virginia wednesday morning. the white house said in a statement no members of congress or their staff were seriously injured in a crash. the train was carrying more than half the republican members of the house and senate to their annual policy retreat in west virginia. members of congress spoke to reporters about the crash and how lawmakers rushed to help at the scene. >> i climbed off and got dr.
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cassidy also were off. they were working on the man who deceased, cpr was performed for a long time, but didn't work. and then the other person was severely injured. so we -- they were working on the man that was injured for quite a while, pore about 20 minutes, but he was breathing. obviously very serious condition. >> jeff flake giving his report there. the deceased was identified as 28-year-old christopher foley, one of the passengers aboard the truck. two other passengers were also injured, one seriously, and taken to the hospital. speaker paul ryan, who was aboard the train, spoke to president trump by phone to update him on the crash yesterday afternoon. trump is expected to join lawmakers at the conference later today.
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the national transportation safety board is currently investigating that crash. all right. switching gears for a moment, cia director mike poe pompeo secretly host two of russia's spy chiefs last week. for meetings relating to counterterrorism issues, reuters is also reporting that the director of national intelligence, dan coates, was also involved in those meetings. naryshkin received special permission from somewhere high up in the u.s. government, possibly the state government, to enter the united states. current and former u.s. intelligence officials tell "the washington post" that this was a highly unusual meeting and could
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not remember another time when this many vital figures in russia's entire spy machine went to washington at one single time, adding they worry moscow will interpret it as america being ready and willing to forgive and forget russia's interference in the 2016 election. pompeo recently made headlines when he said he expect russia to continue its interference campaigns, including during america's upcoming midterm elections. last may, president trump revealed highly classified intemgs to several russian intelligence officers he was hosting. >> don't forget, a woke later, congress passed the sanctions resolution bill against russia which the white house has not yet implemented. defense secretary mattis is considering cell phone banning at the pentagon.
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potentially revealing the secret locations and activities of military installments across the globe. the policy change is currently under review. and treasury secretary steve mnuchin is calling on congress to lift the u.s. debt limit as soon as possible as another government shutdown looms. in a letter to congressional leaders and key committee kar chairman, mnuchin said the u.s. can only continue paying its bills until february 8th. the government expects to see 10 to 15 billion less in tax revenue each month beginning in february. the congressional budget office has estimated the u.s. treasury could run out of funds by mid march instead of early april if lawmakers do not act. this pushes the debt ceiling toward upcoming february fights, the march 5th deadline to codify the daca program. >> i feel like everything is
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coming to a head. >> yes. >> within six to eight weeks. >> we have eight weeks to fix everything. go. still ahead, a back and forth fight between the vice president and joe manchin. >> those stories and a check on your weather when we come back. [ click, keyboard clacking ] [ click, keyboard clacking ]
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tax cuts that help west virginians keep more of their money and made it possible for worldwide equipment to invest more in their workers, joe voted month. senator manchin responded last week i worked in a bipartisan way with senator collins to end the shutdown and last night president trump called for unity and bypart is anship. the vice president's comments are exactly why washington sucks. i'm disappointed in his comments, but will continue to work to make washington work so west virginia and our country work. hillary clinton, in a lengthy facebook post, clinton wrote in part, the most important work of my life has been to support and empower women so i very much understand the question i am being asked as to why i let an employee on my 2008 campaign keep his job despite his inappropriate workplace behavior. the short answer is this, if i
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had to do it again, i wouldn't. now, the post came just days after the "new york times" published a story about berne strider who was accused of sexually harassing one of clinton's young subordinates. according to the paper, the clinton's campaign manager suggested she fire strider. instead, strider underwent several weeks of docked pay and had to undergo counseling and the young woman was moved to a different position. let's check our weather. >> the cold is moving east for the weekend. >> hit february, i like to say we're one month closer to spring. so negative windchills. this is typical for this time of year. we had a big break in january. now it's over with. negative 15 to negative 40 in northern portions of the plains. bismarck is at negative 21.
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how is that for waking up for any of the fans at the super bowl site, negative 22 in minneapolis. we had a coating of snow last night throughout areas of new england. maine has a coating of snow on the ground. new hampshire a little bit and southern vermont, maybe a few flakes there in massachusetts. you get extra careful as you head out the door this morning. no problems in the ohio valley, but a lot of clouds. eventually, this cold front which has the cold winter air behind it will make its way to the east coast. before that happens, rain showers develop later today. this is 8:00 p.m. this evening. there's light rain over tennessee. once the cold air works in, nashville through areas of central kentucky and west virginia, we're going to add a little snow to that. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, the cold front and all the rain and snow exits the northeast and maybe a coating of snow in areas of the mid-atlantic, also. today's forecast, minneapolis, 6 degrees. mild on the east coast, but rain showers late today. as far as the weekend forecast
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is going to go, it does look like it starts out quiet. could get stormy by sunday. there's rumor of a rodent in punxsutawney that will make an appearance tomorrow. >> a rodent? >> why do we call the person -- the person -- the animal that predicts whether winter is going to keep going a rode ept? >> isn't it? >> it just seems like a really negative word to use. those players in minneapolis better work up a sweat, by the way -- >> it's an indoor game. >> why didn't you tell me that when i asked you off camera? >> i thought it would be funny to see this reaction. >> thanks for throwing me under the best, ayman. all right. c.j. mccollum shows the nba what he can do in just 30 minutes. as for the knicks, that's another story. sports is next. is extravagant? or make a back seat that feels nothing like a back seat? why give it every feature you could want,
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don't take entresto. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. and help make more tomorrows possible. ♪ welcome back. starting with nba action, cleveland playing without all-star kevin love due to a fractured left happened. they square off against the miami heat and it would be close. lebron james would lead the cavs if in scoring with 24 points and 11 rebounds. but down 2 with miami in the time seconds, can't get the shotoff before time expires. cavs survive, 91-89. it is a much needed win for them. in the td garden, the boston celtics demolish the knicks as
2:24 am
six players score in double digits. boston's defense held new york to only 8 points in the fourth quarter as they go on to win 103-73 in that one. ouch. and in portland, the trail blazers won 124-108 over the chicago bulls thanks to a 50-point performance by skrmpt j. mccollum who scored all those points without playing a single minute in the fourth quarter. congratulations to him. and a number of women who said former olympic gymnastics dr. larry nassar sexually abused them continues to climb to 265, according to the judge overseeing his latest sentencing hearing. nassar, recently sentenced up to 175 years in prison after pleading guilty to molesting receivable girls at his michigan state office, is in court again today. more than 150 girls gave statements at his previous
2:25 am
hearing. 28 athletes banned by the international olympic committee for violating doping rules at the 2014 sochi games were overturned. the court of arbitration for sport rules the evidences was, quote, insufficient, while cutting lifetime bans for 11 athletes to just a ban for the pyeongchang games. the 28 athletes can now seek entry in the winter olympic games which start on february 9th. some good news for them. however, it is not all good news for russian sports with a threat that can only be described as biblical. the russian officials worry a plague of locate i couldn't tells could destroy the world cup fields this year. perhaps a good thing the u.s. is missing out on playing in the world cup for the first time since 1986. any silver lining we can pull out of the u.s. -- >> that's a bit of a dis-pratt
2:26 am
stretc stretch, louis, for the national team. >> a plague of locusts. >> wonder what they're going to do. still ahead, what we're learning this morning about the controversial memo congressman devin nunes could become public as early as today. plus, another loyalty pledge we're following new reporting that the attorney general once asked rod rosenstein if he was, quote, on his team. quote, on his team. noo i wasn't finding all of these germans in my tree. i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. the big surprise was we're not german at all. 52% of my dna comes from scotland and ireland. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at
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♪ welcome back, everybody.
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it is the bottom of the hour. let's start with the morning's top stories. the latest reporting is that the white house could release the memo as early as today. john roberts of fox news reported that a senior administration official said five career fbi officials met with chief of staff john kelly on tuesday to view a version of the memo that had gone through a white house review process. yesterday morning, kelly said it is a simple matter of transparency. >> as far as the memo goes, the memo came over. we've got our folks in the -- our national security lawyers that work for me, work for the president, they're slicing and dicing it. >> did you see it? >> i did. >> what do you think? >> it will be released pretty quick, i think, and the whole world can see it. >> do you think things change the next day? >> i'll let all the experts
2:31 am
decide that when it's released, but i -- this president -- again, it's so unique, brian, that he wants everything out so the american people can make up their own minds. and if there's people to be held accountable, so be it. >> so a new report reveals that president trump allegedly asked attorney general rod rosenstein about his loyalty at the meeting. but the report says during the visit, the question questioned rosenstein about which direction robert mueller's investigation was heading. trump asked the deputy attorney general if he was, quote, on my team. those sources say that rosenstein replied, of course we're all on your team, mr. president. rosenstein is the highest justice official in charge of the investigation since attorney general jeff sessions recused himself. he's also the latest on a group
2:32 am
of individuals that the president asked about their loyalty including comey and jeff sessions. the fbi agent accused of being bias towards president trump reportedly played a role towards the reopening of clinton e-mail probe days before the election. he drafted a crucial comey letter to congress. that letter stated the agency received new information about clinton's e-mails and was reopening an investigation that cloed in july of 2016 after finding no criminal wrongdoing. strock did have reservations about comey make an announcement just days before the election. he grappled with the fallout of
2:33 am
making the letter public. he supported reopening the clinton investigation once the new information was discovered. president trump and republicans in congress accused strock of being sympathetic to clinton while seeking to undermine president trump during the 2016 campaign season. and congressman trey gowdy joins a number of those not running for re-election. he tweeted out, there is a time to come and a time to go. this is the right time for me to leave politics and return to the justice system. the race for his south carolina seat is seen as one of the most competitive midterms this year. and philadelphia power broker democratic congressman bob brady announced that he will not run for re-election. the 11-term congressman made the emotional announcement yesterday. >> i love my district. most of all, i love the people that i serve, every single one
2:34 am
of them. i'm not leaving because i love them any less. today i don't love any less than the day i swore my oath, but today i'm just choosing family over service. >> brady's decision not to run may have been influence by a recent court ruling that tossed out pen pep's congressional map. brady's departure could reduce the clout of the philadelphia delegation on capitol hill and the justice department dropped all charges against senator menendez. both were facing a retrial after a deadlocked jury could not reach a verdict back in november. on twitter, the nmg new jersey senator reacted to the decision tweeting in part, quote, from the very beginning, i never
2:35 am
wavered in my independence and my belief that justice would prevail. back with us, jill coleman. jill, good to see you once again. let's stay with the subject of the upcoming midterm elections. how optimistic are you that democrats could actually win control of the house or do you think it's too early to project a democratic wave here? >> deaf tfinitely, the democrat. we have a wave of people saying they're not seeking re-election. you have a growing list of democratic candidates raising quite a bit of money already waiting their installs, waiting to get out and challenge. it's still a really long time in washington speak before people actually seriously start considering these elections. nonetheless, you've got a deeply un.popular president, you've got deeply unpopular congress. but, on the other hand, you've got this tax plan. and although polling so far has
2:36 am
shown that the tax plan the republicans pushed through last year isn't particularly popular among the american people, you still have day after day these announcements that are coming from pretty big companies saying we're going to be doing new hiring, we're going to pass along these tax savings in bonuses for our employees. and at some point, the drum beat of those headlines, as we look at those numbers develop, could potentially make that plan more popular giving republicans something to run on. >> and i want to ask you about this new development overnight with this infamous memo and the fact that kcnn is reporting tha peter strzok, that agent was actually one of those who supported reopening the investigation into hillary clinton when those new e-mails were discovered on anthony weiner's personal computer. the that has to be a new twist in all of this, particularly the gop's evidence that this single guy is accused of bias against
2:37 am
the fbi. how is the white house then going to champion that. >> cnn reports this is the guy that helped write the draft memo that comey ended up releagues. we heard from every current of the white house pointing to had this guy as the kind of herring, the red herring of this is proof that the fbi is bias. and you know what with we've heard since the release of that cnn the report? absolutely nothing. >> crickets. >> what they would like is for this to go away and for people to f to forget about it very, very quickly. so the director of the centers for disease control and prevention has resigned. brenda fitzgerald bought shares in a tobacco company the month after she became director of the cdc, an agency which has worked for years to prioritize anti-smoking efforts. fitzgerald declined to explain
2:38 am
topo litco why she purchased thousands of dollars of tobacco stocks after taking the position in july. according to the "wall street journal," fitzgerald offered her resignation saying she felt investment issues were detracting from her job and the agency's works. >> no conflict of interest there. >> not at all. let's turn to business. the dow snapped its worse two-day decline streak. a slight pullback in the markets, but 2018 so far has been incredible for the stock market. what's the outlook look like? what are investors' thoughts? >> here in the uk, we say pinch, punch, first of the month. it's february 1st. we can look back on the monthly numbers for january. the dow jones industrial average was up 5.8% for the month, s&p 500 up 5.6. those are records since march
2:39 am
2016. we've seen the big tech stocks under focus this week because of earnings and the nasdaq up 7.5% for the month. that's the highest since oes october 2015. facebook in the spotlight yesterday, their profit for the fourth quarter up 56% compared to the previous year and they're looking at profits of $4.3 approximately. they booked a $2.3 billion charge as part the of repatrioting funds as part of the tax overall. we saw a significant drop in the share price after the change because investors got worried about changes to the news feed. but mark zuckerberg said that is not a problem. this is more about quality than quantity and we saws those shares come back slightly after those comments. >> i know you're well versed in this next action, swiping left and right, it's being alleged age discrimination may be back on the market.
2:40 am
you and i are both over 30 years old so it could be a tough time for us on those dating apps. . luckily i'm married. >> i missed out on the tindr revolution, i'll be honest with you. but a man in california sued the company. the company has a premiums service called tinder plus. if you're over 30, they charge you $20 and if you're under 30, they charge you just $10. the plaintiff has cited california's civil rights act and the unfair competition law as part of his lawsuit. are you budget constrained, louis? >> is it louis burgdorf? >> that's the real name. all right. i've got one more for you, guys. the other day we told you about elon musk and getting into the business of flame throwers. surprise, surprise, they're sold out. musk took to twitter after
2:41 am
midnight eastern time to make the announcement. 20,000 buyers locked in their preorders at $500 a pop, meaning most boring company selling the devices pulled in $10 million. musk, who took to instagram the other day to show off the device is giving a complimentary fire extinguisher with each flame thrower sold. so parents rest a little easier. >> that's going to make me feel better. >> here, johnny. here is a flame thrower and here is the fire extinguisher that goes with that. >> ayman and johnny. >> people will just order anything online. >> i'm still trying to figure out what people do with flame throwers. >> it's a scary thought. >> you walk around and laugh ma nikely like he's doing in this
2:42 am
video. burn a log. >> thanks, louis. still ahead, nashville's mayor speaks out following the revelation of her extra marital affair. plus bill carin wes a check on your forecast when we come back. it takes a lot of work to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i don't eat the way i should. so, i drink boost to get the nutrition i'm missing. boost high protein nutritional drink has 15 grams of protein to help maintain muscle
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welcome back, everyone. national mayor megan barry admitted to having an extra marital affair with her security officer. she apologized to the harm she's done to the people i love and the people who counted on me. the affair started months after she started office in 2016 and says it is no longer ongoing. she adds that she is not resigning. in an unprecedented move, san francisco will dismiss thousands of misdemeanor and felony marijuana convictions going back decades. district attorney george gascon
2:46 am
announced the city would retroactively apply california's legalization of marijuana laws on past kate cases dating back to 1975. the move clears thousands of people's records which can be barriers to employment, loans, housing, disproportionately affect minority populations. marijuana legalizing proposition 64, which went into effect january 1st, enables those with past convictions to recall or dismiss their cases. but due to the acts of paperwork, processing fees and attorney fees, as well, petitions have been few and far between. under this, nearly 5,000 misdemeanors will be reviewed and recalled. dating all the way back to the mid 70s. unbelievable. yeah. it's interesting. and it's going to be very interesting to see how these
2:47 am
people get a second chance and so many of these aspects of loans and job employment taken and whether or not it will have a positive impact. let's get a check on your weather now with nbc meteorologist bill karins. bill, the weekend is shaping up to be a snowy one in the northeast. >> sunday, especially, maybe you can extend it into monday and ski on some fresh powder. for today's forecast, it's quiet across the country. we're going to watch slowing the weather from the west coast heading to the east. this is a weak storm here in the rockies. this is into friday. we're cold in areas of the ohio valley, not that big of a deal. pretty cold in the northeast, too. by the time we get into saturday, we watch that storm system drifting here. minnesota is going to get a little snow. pre-super bowl day. wisconsin is going to get light snow. we start to pick up some moisture from the gulf. the storm is going to form along the cold front, it's going to
2:48 am
bring another rainy sunday to the southeast. with all that cold air, it's barely cold especially with the high elevations in the northeast to get snow. cities, this is a rain event for you. we're talking boston, providence, new york new york city, philadelphia, washington, d.c. but when you get to the suburbs of the poconos and you head out into the mountainous areas, that's where we're dealing with the possibility of snow. one of the things we'll find out tomorrow, what's going to happen with the groundhog. so far, we're going to look at these clouds lining up here across the ohio valley. unfortunately, the forecast here, let's see if phil is in here. it does look like we are going to be watching cloudy skies. there he is. >> hey, phil. >> so cool. how do you do that, bill? >> do it again. >> bill, that's an expensive screen. don't touch the screen, bud. i had to wake him up early. >> what are we looking like? >> it's looking to be cloudy, but in case you're wondering, he has a winter bias. in 120 years of predictions, he's predicted an extended
2:49 am
winter 107 times. >> what's the farmer's almanac saying? >> that's only accurate 50% of the time, so flip a coin, yasmin. >> bill, laying into the farmer's almanac. still ahead, motor of the north korean olympic squad is arriving in south korea ahead of the kickoff of the winter olympics. up next, live overseas for whether a consill tear mood between the neighbors will hold. up to a gillette shave. and at our factory in boston, 1,200 workers are starting their day building on over a hundred years of heritage, craftsmanship and innovation. today we're bringing you america's number one shave at lower prices every day. putting money back in the pockets of millions of americans. as one of those workers, i'm proud to bring you gillette quality for less, because nobody can beat the men and women of gillette. gillette - the best a man can get. this is the story of green mountain coffee roasters dark magic told in the time it takes to brew your cup.
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welcome back. with the opening ceremony for the winter olympics in pyeongchang, south korea, just over a week away. several squads have started arriving in the country. including athletes from north korea. who arrived earlier this morning. joining us now live from beijing, nbc news correspondent janis mackey freyer. let's talk about the process that led to this, the dialogue, is it ongoing now between north korea and south korea? >> well the joint training, as we know involves south korean athletes going to north korea and now ten north korean skiers and skaters have arrived in the south. where a dozen players with the north korean women's hockey team have been training for the past week with their counterparts there they've been going back and forth by charter. it needed special approval from the united states. of course because of sanctions. namely, that no ship or aircraft
2:53 am
can visit the united states within 180 days of going to north korea. now, we all know this is part of the measures that were announced in the, in the talks that happened earlier this month between both sides. and after repeated invitations from seoul, for pyongyang to participate in a so-called peace olympics. but there is some controversy brewing. pyeongchang doesn't have the infrastructure woes that have marred a lot of olympics. but there is the russian doping scandal and now what appears to be missed feelings among south koreans thinking that seoul made too many concessions to north korea, which announced a huge military parade the day before the opening ceremony. ayman? >> that's an interesting development there thanks for that. and the department of homeland security has renewed the temporary protection status for some syrians in the united states. status was granted in 2012 as syria's civil war was erupting. in a statement homeland security
2:54 am
secretary says that it's clear that the conditions upon which syria's designation was based, continue to exist. notably the renewal only applies to those who have resided in the u.s. since august 1 of 2016, 2,000 syrians who have arrived since that time are not covered and the government won't accept any more applications for the program. it comes after the trump administration controversially ended the same status protections for people from haiti, sudan and nicaragua. coming up next, the conversation, undisclosed call between president trump and white house communications director hope hicks over the meeting between don trump junior and russians. and republican rand paul and member of the house intel committee democrat jim hines and author of the controversial new book, "fire and fury" michael
2:55 am
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2:58 am
the stories you'll be hearing about in the day ahead. >> we start out at the white house for nbc news's peter alexander. peter, good morning. >> good morning. president trump heading to west virginia today to address the republican retreat after the awful train accident taking most of the gop conference to the remote resort. tonight he'll deliver remarks to the rnc's national meeting. here in washington, a waiting game with the white house, as early as today, expected to allow the release of the controversial republican memo, alleging anti-trump bias within the fbi and the justice department. it's become a flash-point and a fight between the president and his hand-picked fbi director, christopher wray, the bureau waging an extraordinary public campaign to prevent the document's release, warning about grave concerns about facts left out that fundamentally impact the memo's accuracy. president trump and the oval office ignoring questions about the fbi's plea. but it appears his mind's made up as chief of staff has said it
2:59 am
will be released pretty quickly. the latest from here. lewis, back to you. >> our thanks to peter alexander for that report. >> michigan police department apologizing for a victim of larry nassar. she accused the doctor of molesting her during treatment of 2004. she filed a police report, but the police did not refer her complaint to prosecutors. imagine how many lives could have been saved if the police would have acted on that. massachusetts becomes the first state today to ban the possession of bump stocks, anyone found in possession of a bump stock or other similarly banned equipment could face sentences ranging from 18 months to life in prison if convicted. that does it for us, i'm yasmin vossoughian, alongside ayman mohyeldin and lewis bergdorf, morning joe starts now. this president has said from the beginning i want everything
3:00 am
out. i want this thing, i want the american people, a, to know the truth and b, that the investigators and what not have everything, it's really unique in that we've lean sod far forward to get this out. >> john kelly says he wants everything out. even if the fbi says it's a dumb and dangerous idea. republicans may get their memo released today. but it will not be the last shoe to drop. as it was framed on twitter quote never start a leak war against the fbi. we learned from reporting yesterday that the agent accused by republicans of targeting trump was actually behind a decision that crippled the clinton campaign. and if john kelly really wants full disclosure, then hope hicks has questions to answer after reportedly saying last year, that potentially incriminating emails, quote will never get out. the reporter behind that story joins us in just a moment. of course, the president could alwa


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