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tv   MSNBC Live With Alex Witt  MSNBC  February 4, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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that exhibit. >> if you go to minneapolis, you got to go to paisley park and see that. >> okay, my couture twin. thank you very much. have a good one. i'm alex witt with you at msnbc headquarters in new york. it's high noon in the east, 9:00 a.m. out west. memo firestorm. for the first time that the president reacts since its release. his take is vastly different than many others. reaction from all sides. plus the numbers impact, which direction does it now send the russia investigation? also, the hope hicks situation. we're going to talk about that as well. the memo's impact. and we'll get to that coming up, everybody. but we're going to begin with a live picture of capitol hill. that is where the fight over this competing memo and intel continues to play out and whether or not president trump has any attention of authorizing the lease of the memo.
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here's adam schiff and republican interim member will herd. >> they voted that down, they voted against hearing that from the fbi. you haul them in and say why wasn't this included that included? the interest wasn't an oversight. the interest was a complete hit job by the president. >> you voted against releasing the democratic agenda, why? >> there was information that i believe led to erosion of national security. there was references to ongoing intelligence operations. i believe they're working through that. >> why not waiting until that was described, the way the republican one was put out at the same time? >> well, the information wasn't ready to go we decided to release ours. people can criticize that decision. >> also, today, trey gowdy, you see there co-author of that controversial memo breaking his silence and prepared to undercut
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president trump's belief that the memo vindicates him. >> there is a russian investigation without a dossier. so to the extent that the memo deals with the dossier and the fisa process, it's dossier has nothing to do eye were the meeting at trump tower. the dossier has nothing to do eye were the emole send by cambridge. and it also doesn't have anything to do with the obstruction of justice. so there's going to be a rushingia probe even without a dossier. >> now, trump's eldest son once again calling for the russian investigation also downplaying his june 2016 meeting with russians. >> come to a conclusion already. you've been looking for two years you've come up with nothing other than they're own 97 ferrous actions and collusions, they came up with nothing. i took a minute. >> you're so much like your dad, i took a minute, i took a minute. >> but they needed to be true because they staked their entire credibility. they're whole narrative that
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was, oh, now, we can keep going and keep on the heat. >> well, here to go overhead lions with us, nbc white house correspondent kelly o'donnell with the president in florida. sarah westwood. and john harwood as well. and cliff lavelle from the national coalition for trump. we're going to start here with kelly o'donnell, west palm beach. kelly, another good day on this sunday. the democrats are issuing a new call to the democrats concerning their party's memo. what's the latest on that? >> reporter: well, good to be with you, alex, here we have two sides of one committee, the intelligence republican house committee. each commit party the opportunity to have one person look at the underlying information. and then a couple of top individuals and their staff and attorneys drafted a political narrative. that's the memo that's come out. we know republicans claim there was abuse of power. what we don't know is the
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arguments from the democratic side although we've had hints. they've been telling us that the premise the republicans used is false. that the fisa court had only the dossier to work off of, to authorize surveillance of a trump aide. democrats say that is not the case. they want that to be heard. the problem is their material remains classified. why? because the committee would not allow their document which is ten pages unlike the 3 1/2, 4 pages for the republicans to be made public. so, where do things stand? we're told that the committee will consider it tomorrow. and add some of the pressure. you have a figure like chuck shum schumer, the top democrat in the senate who has no direct relationship to this but trying to put political pressure on the president saying he wants to back this release. it would require president trump to be part of the process because he would have to authorize declassification. here's just a portion of what chuck schumer had to say. a refusal to release the schiff
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memo, that's the democrats' side, in light of the fact that chairman devin nunes' memo was released would confirm to the american people their worst fears that the lease of chairman nunes' memo was only intended to undermine special counsel investigation. the idea there if you don't show both memos then you're trying to tilt the blame. we've seen the white house saying they're open to releasing it. so that does suggest that there's a willingness to give democrats a chance to address the same issues. will it happen? it requires a few steps. the committee has to say yes, then it goes to the white house where the president would have five days to consider it. we saw that happen with a republican memo. so, likely, we are days away from this, sand when the democrats do have their moment, should that come, then we'll have another debate who has the facts right. it's all based on a narrow piece of the puzzle of the russian
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investigation. and who is viewing this in a way to say what matters most here. democrats are saying republicans have tried to politicize it. republicans saying they're exposing partisan bias in the top levels of the justice department and fbi. they influence the russian investigation. it's complicated stuff and both sides want to keep having this debate. alex. >> kelly o'donnell in west palm. joining me now sarah westwood, washington examiner. and john hardwood withs in nbc at large. i want to start with what donald trump jr. said on this let's play that. >> there's a bill sweet revenge for me and certainly the family in the sense that, if they wouldn't have done this, this stuff would be going on. this would be going on at the highest levels of government. they'd be continuing to do to my father, trying to undermine his action. >> john, what do you make of this sweet revenge line. >> well, i think --
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>> actually to john first, i'm sorry, sarah. >> they're trying to smear the fbi, because the fbi is investigating donald trump jr. and his father and jared kushner and other members of their team. we've already gotten a couple of guilty pleas. so, it's not surprising to me that a member of the trump family would welcome the release of information they claim is damaging to the fbi, even though in reality, it isn't particularly damaging to the fbi. >> so, say arah, okay, the lawy, where are they on all of this? are they so confident about the outcome that they're giving donald trump jr. free rein to say whatever he wants? >> it's interesting because the only people in the white house that you see projecting the memos findings on to the rest of the russian investigation is the president and now the president's son. other white house aides seem to be making an argument that's more so to speaker paul ryan's argument which is this shows a
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limited instance of potential fisa abuse. it's is not necessarily a reflection on the russia investigation as a whole. there are some republicans who think that argtsd boots their credibility in applying scrutiny to this particular incidence and not using it as a vehicle to question the entire trump administration. but president trump used that, and his sons going on the shows that this potentially raises the basis for the entire probe. that's not the position of the party at large. >> do eye get a sense that both donalds, this days, donald junior is just going rogue, that he may have been been given advice otherwise, that he wants his say on this, sarah? >> potentially, he may be getting direction from his father. but it's not the line from the rest of the white house. he may be taking his views directly from the president. he's been vocal on fitter about how he feels about the memo.
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donald trump not necessarily someone they want out there saying that, he has gotten into trouble with the trump tower case number one. >> alex, i would say it's not going rogue, it's the difference between crude and subtle. and donald trump is not one known for subtlety. and neither is his son. >> okay. staying with you, john, as i look at the sound bite, the debate of trey gowdy here, of course, he was the co-author of the memo. the fact that he's breaking with the president on this memo having any impact on the russia probe. the president said it vindicates him. how much does it undercut the president's argument? >> well, the people who are distancing themselves from the extreme levels of argument that the president is making about this discrediting the russia probe, are mindful of the fact that this memo is in fact not very damaging to the fbi.
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it doesn't prove its case. and they're trying to protect themselves, i think, because there's a significant danger that people making the argument the president is making, or are going to be viewed over time as trying to block a legitimate investigation. and so, if you're a thinking person, you -- who cares about the law, you don't want to negotiate yourself with an argument about shutting down a legitimate investigation, led by robert mueller, who after all, was a member of their party. who had a sterling reputation, was praised by all of those people as he undertook this investigation. and there's absolutely zero evidence that he's doing anything improper in pursuing potential clients. and, you know, the national security adviser to the president of the united states has already become a cooperating witness. so has george papadopoulos. and that is dangerous to the
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white house. and everybody's got to decide, how far do i want to go out there, protecting the president from the legal process? >> yeah. okay. tomorrow there will be a lot of discussion about this, the future of democratic memo, but they're certainly seeking to release it. and that requires legislative approval before it gets to the president. let's listen to kellyanne conway on that. >> i support that as well, if the schiff memo is going to come forward, then go ahead for transparency. look, you can't argue this not under oath due to cable tv wars. and that's what's happening people are going on saying things that are simply not true, hoping that they will come true? >> do you have any certainties that this is the president's position, does he want the schiff memo to come forward? >> the white house has said in a statement that it stands ready with the approval process to get the memo out there. speaker ryan has said he supports the release of the
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memo. it's not a credible argument for the republicans to be making that they support full transparency but they don't support the release of alternative facts to use one of conway's favorite phrases or one of the underlying fisa deal or underlying testimony from which nunes and others drew their conclusions. i think it will help boost their correct if republicans don't try to stand in the way of the release of schiff memo and prepositioning themselves. >> do you think, john, ultimately, the democratic rebuttal gifts outside today? >> i do. i think it's pretty much unstoppable at this point. but as to your question for sarah and kelliy anne's assertion. if one thing that's true for donald trump for years is that the only principle that deeply matters to him is what's good for donald trump. so there's no accountability or transparency in the abstract
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that there were, he'd put his tax returns out. donald trump is looking for the best way, making a public argument that shields him from the legal process. and but there's some things like this democratic memo that i think he's not likely to be able to stop in part, because of what you've heard from some republican members who feel an obligation to, at minimum, be responsive, having put out this memo that they already put out. >> okay, but, john, if there are questions about national security and that was part of the opposing viewpoint to putting anything out there in the first place, is there any wisdom for now that there's been 48 hours to chew over the nunes memo, and look and see that there's not a lot of substance here. at least nothing that we weren't really already aware of, is there any wisdom to not putting out the democratic memo, that it's only going to perpetuate this whole firestorm? >> well, that's possible, alex. and, you know, i'm speaking from
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the standpoint of not knowing what's in the memo. and also not being an expert in national security and not knowing what would jeopardize sources and methods. but the nunes memo has turned out in reality to be so weak that there may be an argument, especially if the fbi objects to the democratic memo coming outside for democrats to respect that opinion, and not insist in putting their rebuttal out there. but we're going to have to see, you know, how the public is processing this. and how democrats interpret that. if they feel like they need to provide more facts to answer the nunes memo or whether the thing has just collapsed on its own. john harwood and sarah westwood, guys, thanks so much. >> we're getting to the breaking news out of south carolina. new information about overnight railway crash. two people are dead, new word that at least 216 have been injured. that amtrak train collided with a freight train at 2:30 thirst morning. sources are telling nbc's tom
9:15 am
costello that a track switch may have been in the wrong position. the amtrak, we know was heading from new york to miami. had about 140 people on board. and the governor of south carolina took a moment to speak about the victims of that crash. >> here's what we can tell you, we've been to the scene, and i would ask, this is a sunday, everyone going to church if you've been or not going, say a prayer for please people that are involved. >> and both people killed in the derailment have been identified as am strak employees. most of the injured passengers, though, are expected to be released today. coming up, all that for $1.50? house speaker paul ryan gets some heat for taking a victory lap. s at man) he's looking at me right now, isn't he? yup. (butch barks at man) butch is like an old soul that just hates my guts. (laughs)
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first, for those who have said our nation reminds us why we salute our flag. why we put our hands on our hearts for the pledge of allegiance, and why we proudly stand for the national anthem. president trump tuesday night, appearing to take yet another jab at those national anthem protests which erupted on the sideline of football fields over the last season. new reaction from jemele hill, the espn reporter who has criticized president trump on the issue. here's what she told my colleague reverend al sharpton this morning. >> it's low-hanging fruit.
9:20 am
it's what i like to call racial pornography, it's a way to stoke his base. it's kind of weirdly brilliant because he's been able to hijack the entire conversation. and to make this about patriotism. >> yeah. >> it's been easy for them to latch on to ceremony as opposed to understanding what this cause is really about. >> joining me now now, a president of trump's 2020 advisory board. i know you and i have spoken about the president's stance on the national protests. jemele hill, listening to her, what's your reaction there? >> well, you know, it's sad. i still stand with the president. amongst millions and millions of other american citizens who believe that the flag represents one blood, one nation under god. but i don't think the president -- i was actually at the state of the union address, and i was actually sitting right in front of him. and we were at a private reception the night before. he was very passionate.
9:21 am
very upbeat, very cool, excited about delivering the state of the union. but it was more so like a cheer to bring the nation together. it wasn't a specific dog whistle, whatever. that's definitely fake news there, alex. but you know, it's a cheer. it's a cheer for the nation. i was with him in the alabama/georgia game. we actually rode in the motorcade. we toxed about singing the gnash-r national anthem. alex in that stadium, here at mercedes-benz stadium here in atlanta, it was huge. it was a roar of a group when the president came out with those generals put his hand on his heart sang the national anthem. that's passionate for him. i don't see what's wrong with clearing the nation. i don't get it. >> i don't think that's wrong either. is the president clued into what the protests were about. it's about police brutality amongst minority communities. is that lost on him? >> well, you know, here's something that i've always, i've
9:22 am
been involved in community improvement, revitalization projects for years, alex. one of the things it always starts in grassroots. grassroots meaning how many people know their police chief. how many serve in their state senate and get involved with, quote, justice reform. justice reform is grassroots, alex. to come out and grandstand on the national anthem -- >> yeah, i don't know it's grand standing, bruce. if you look at it this, things were kept very much in focus by nfl players. there were no violent outbreaks by nfl. there were no fisticuffs. even among the same teams, those would stand and those who chose to take a knee. i mean, has the president reached out, have you reached out to any nfl players and say i want to listen to you and what your issue is, talk to me about this. >> well, once again, here we go, it's like you sign up to play in the league. you know what the order is, your
9:23 am
uniform, you're on the field, you sing the national anthem, you go out there. alex, i don't have a problem with freedom of speech and do what you have to do. however, there is some level of order not to persecute the owners and everyone else. remember, this person that started this movement wore pictures of pigs on his sock and had fidel castro's picture on his shirt. you want to talk justice reform, you have to start local, local things that affect your local community. >> but, to your point, bruce, this has taken a national focus. so, i'm guessing that the answer to my question as to whether or not either the president or you or somebody from the white house has reached out to nfl players is no? >> well, i don't think it's just direct. i think it's overall. he said it at the state of the union, alex. it was one nation under god. put my heart on my heart. we believe in this nation. we clear this nation.
9:24 am
look at our gdp. look at the 2 million jobs that came in 2017. look at the 196,000 manufacturing jobs. >> i know, but that's not what these guys are protesting, bruce. >> wait until after april, watch the gdp rate, alex. >> listen, nfl players, owners, people that go to games we all want a booming economy. but again, this particular issue has been concentrated on one issue, that is police brutality against the minority community. >> alex, i have said it before. i have led large agencies here in atlanta with transportation. i've served the community. what i'm trying to say, justice reform starts in a grassroots effort, your state senate, your state house. most of the people who come on the show argue, they don't even know who their police chief is. they don't put income on patrolling or whatever. that's what bugs me the most about this. like i said earlier, they got behind a guy that wore fidel
9:25 am
castro shirt and wore pictures of pigs on his socks. are you kidding me? this is crazy. >> it's true grassroots movement and activism. i doal agree on that front. let me ask you about this, the president has been criticized for taking credit in decline in plaque unemployment. do you think, bruce, it's a bit disingenuous to say that this has happened, that black unemployment has happened under president trump, when look at what's on the screen right now. i mean, this chart will show you it has been a on a very regular and significant decline for the last, what, seven years since president obama took office. how is it that president trump takes credit for it? >> alex, when you're the president of the united states, you know as well as i do you get the credit, good or bad. president trump is the president of these united states of america. the numbers speak for themselves. but what i'm trying to tell you, you have a leader here in the oval office who is putting out
9:26 am
this cheer and putting out this euphoria of yes, we can. we can build our nation. we can build our nation. that spills over into american democracy that people want to make a better change. he gets credit for here we're looking forward to this. >> okay. but can we just look back for a second, do you give the credit to barack obama as well for this? >> no, we're talking be now, alex. >> hang on, you don't give the credit for barack obama for the fire seven years - alex, he did not crow the gdp. the only thing president obama grew was $9 trillion of debt. we have a 4% gdp. he didn't have -- >> listen, you are going to have to come back and talk about the budget and where tax cuts are going to lead us. that's a whole other conversation but quickly before i let you go, house speaker paul ryan, he got into a little bit
9:27 am
of hot water because he took to twitter. he was touting the tax cut of a high school secretary who said her raise of $1.50 is going to more than cover her costco membership for the year. this sounds a little bit disconnected. >> well, this is new to me, alex. but i can tell you, i have my own employees, god bless them who i was able to incentivize them at christmas with a nice generous christmas bonus. as my colleagues in atlanta, it's a start. regardless if you incentivize, a costco membership. if it puts more in college tuition and more in your gas tank, god bless it, alex. we can only get better. >> let's hope. bruce lavelle, i like you coming on and sparring with me. i'd like to you do it again. >> it's not sparring, it's passion. >> that's you one way of putting it. thank you, bruce. coming up, memo backlash of
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authorities in -- democrats on the house intelligence committee are getting ready to a
9:32 am
vote on what they say will put out a memo produced by the republican counterparts. it's the very memo that president trump vindicates him. let's bring in a member of the house intelligence committee. sir, thank you for joining me. i'm curious, first off, what did you think when you saw that tweet yesterday? >> well, you know, i'm always disappointed. i've been disappointed lately when i see our president who can be talking far more about unity and bringing the parties together and investing in infrastructure, giving his background as a developer. sa instead, he wants to be provocative. he wants to get attention. he has this need. i'd rather see him comb through his briefing book than to make outrageous statements seeking to get attention. listen, we're living in critical times right now. the and the intelligence community, one of the few
9:33 am
committees which is truly bipartisan historically has been bipartisan. i'm just disappointed that republican leadership has referred to work with ranking membership and democrats in making sure that we're keeping our national security apparatus safe and sound and we're protecting the lives of americans. >> i want to look at what house judiciary ranking member jerry nabler said some his own memo. four key points. combined together, it essentially says, sir, the first mem low is misleading. deliberately so. what can we expect to hear from your committee's memo and how confident are you that it will come out? >> well, jerry is certainly a scholar in his own right. the memo is disappointing. i think the democratic memo adds a little balance to the republican memo. you know, i think it's important to note, republican objective, especially in an election year where they're quite frankly worried about keeping the congress, they're attempting to trivialize and even minimize
9:34 am
this document, this investigation to look like nothing more than opposition research. and i think it's important for voters, i think it's important for constituents and americans to note. what is really taking place. and what is taking place right now is embarrassing. it's unfortunate. but there are good folks in congress who are working hard on behalf of the american people to make sure that those in the department of justice and the fbi and law enforcement community are doing the job that they sworn to do. and that they're protected. and they have the backing of folks like me and others in congress who want to see them do a good job. >> i want to play four what your mole committee member will hurd said in this morning. >> you voted against releasing the democratic memo. why? >> there was information in there that i did believe led to erosion of national security. there was references to ongoing
9:35 am
intelligence operations. i believe they're working through that. >> why not wait until that was subscribed the same way that the republican was so they could both be put out at the same time? >> well, the information wasn't ready to go. we decided to release ours. people can criticize that decision. >> are there things in the democratic memo that need to be cleaned up, scrubbed, as stephanopoulos put it? >> i wouldn't put it that far, the memo was well written. put together. i think it provides context and ultimately balance to the republican memo. i think the objective here is that going forward, we need to make sure that speaker ryan and chairman nunes aren't putting their personal political interests in front of the committee's interest, in front of our national security interest. and those democrats on the committee, myself included are working hard with republicans on the committee and staffers on
9:36 am
both sides of the aisle who really love this committee. we take the committee work very seriously. and we want to make sure we're doing the work on behalf of the american people. we cannot let political ambition trump the needs of americans. >> is there anything in the democratic memo that you've read that you think is a challenge to national security? in that is puts it in a compromising position in any way? >> not at all. i think it supports our national security apparatus. and again, it provides insights and confirmation to what we've been saying all along. >> quickly i want to play for you what the president's eldest son donald trump jr. said in an interview last night. >> no one else could get away with this other than the obama administration. they weaponized the fbi and doj to attack the duly elected president of the united states. >> are you at all surprised, sir, that president trump and his alg lies are continuing to make these kinds of comments,
9:37 am
given this very dramatic way in which the special counsel's investigation is progressing? >> no, again, i think this is an attempt to trivialize and minimize the investigation. it's to thwart the director's efforts. he's an accomplished investigator. i have great respect for him. and i think these kinds of attempts are really to preserve the mythology of president trump trying to make america great again. but in fact, they criticize the obama administration for using these agencies to weaponize information. but i think that they're trying to use congress to weaponize the information to change the hearts and minds of the american people in their favor for 2018. it's unfortunate. >> louisiana democratic carson. >> indiana. thank you. the great hoosier state. >> honestly, i've made a mistake twice this week.
9:38 am
>> it's all right. it's sunday. super bowl sunday. don't worry about it. >> i haven't started drinking the beer yet. thank you very much, sir. >> thank you. president trump call the fbi a tool of his opponents. two officials are weighing in, next. managing blood sugar is a series of smart choices. and when you replace one meal... ...or snack a day with glucerna... ...made with carbsteady... help minimize blood sugar spikes... can really feel it. now with 30% less carbs and sugars. glucerna.
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this new day. looks nothing like yesterday.
9:41 am
roads nowhere to be found. and it's exactly what you're looking for. welcome back, everyone. i'm alex witt here at msnbc world headquarters. 31 past the hour, here's what we're monitoring for you. we're going to new questions being raised in washington about the release of the gop memo and
9:42 am
the russian investigation. and the role of the fisa courts in all of this. >> i'd be curious to ask a judge, did you know who paid for this dossier that's being presented to you and would it have made a difference? i think it's more looking within the agency, something we have oversight over. they don't have oversight over us. we have oversight over them. that's the way i'm looking at it. >> joining me now cia net price and former assistant director of the new york office philip admin. as you're both members of the former intelligence committee, have you seen missteps in the way the investigation into donald trump answer russia has been handled. i'll let you attack this first, ned. then bill. >> well, alex, if you want to talk about missteps, i think you actually have to go back to the one personnel change donald trump has actually confessed to making at the fbi and what was firing jim comey. and if you remember the rationale that donald trump gave at the time, the same rationale
9:43 am
that was offered to him to him deputy attorney general and attorney general session in ses that that he had floated procedures too tough on hillary clinton. it's not what we're hearing now that the fbi was biased against president trump or the republican party. it was quite the opposite, in fact. in some ways people could get behind that general argument. there was no denies in the way that jim comey offered that press conference and sent up that letter in october, congress announcing the restarting of the hillary clinton investigation. i think you can chock that up as a misstep. the other elements that we've seen are in essence two fbi officials having personal opinions. the whole meat of the text exchange suggests that they have matters of personal opinions. that is probably not the best decision for them to be e-mailing or texting themselves their personal decisions over
9:44 am
fbi phones but it's not illegal for government officials to have personal opinions. >> bill, how do you see it? same way or something different? >> no, i think i see it a little differently. while i agree to some extent, i really believe that missteps are something that's going to be determined further down the road than this is right now. i think so what was done, if in fact the bureau in trying to seek the affidavit now for the fisa warrant, if in fact, they recused or took out some information or didn't present some information, or reported information in the affidavit for the fisa court and somewhat deceived the fisa court, then i'd find that deplorable. and we have to find out who's to blame. i think, alex, what we really have to determine in his particular point, the fbi
9:45 am
investigations are conducted day in and day out by agents, men and women, on the street who do these investigations. this particular inquiry investigation or whatever one wants to call it was conducted by the seventh floor of the fbi by jim comey and his inner circle. if it were conducted by street agents there is no doubt in my mind, no doubt at all, there would have been a grand jury empanelled by the united states attorney's office. and subpoenas would have been issued and responsible individuals and individuals of interest would definitely have appeared before that grand jury to tell the truth, tell a lie or invoke the fifth. that's what would have happened. it never happened in this case. jim comey and those people on the seventh floor them impanelled a federal jury. this is despicable. it's not the way to solve a case. >> ned, i'm guessing you want to respond. you have a smile on your face. there's a lot in there. i think when it comes to the
9:46 am
memo itself, we have heard that the department of justice actually did not in fact mislead the fisa court. it was disclosed. and the dossier was paid for by a political party with funds provided by a law firm. adam schiff has come out that that core assertion is at its core untrue. when it comes to the hillary clinton investigation, look, i don't know how you can get much more genuine, than having an investigation led by the height of the fbi, with top fbi officials, looking at this matter over the course of many months. because a grand jury was impanelled, we can infer that there was no there there. and in fact, jim comey, as i was saying before did actually fill out protocols. but he went out in very exacting details, described for the american people, both what they found and what they did not find. and it was what they did not find that led to that decision not to impanel a grand jury in this case. >> so, speaking of the american
9:47 am
people, ned, the fbi is funded by us, the taxpayers. therefore, they need to answer to the people. but are the above criticism from the president? >> absolutely not. look, absolutely not. the fbi nor any other government institution should not be above criticism. as public servants, we should all be held accountable. that includes the fbi. that includes the broader intelligence community. but here's the key, alex. they should not be politicized. the fbi could not be turned into a political weapon, a political cudgel. that's what president trump and his allies on the hill have done. there was a poll leased friday night. a majority of republicans distrust the fbi. the same republican party that for so many years has touted itself as the party of law and order. for the first time, you have a majority distrusting the fbi. and that's not an accident.
9:48 am
that's not an accident because this is a president and this is a republican congress who has i roaded very purposely the credibility of this institution. >> bill, i'm going to let you have the last word here. i will say of one survey done by survey monk kick 47% of the people believe there. nearly a majority there. that one, do not trust the fbi at this point. bill, your final thoughts? >> well, my final thoughts, i heard ned just say that he has been told that the dossier was in fact presented to -- having been told is one thing. knowing that it was is something else. and i think, and i've said this for a number of weeks now, it is in everybody's best interest to have the republican document come out. and to have the democrat document come out, so that everybody can weigh what's in there. and arrive at the best conclusion. i think it's deplorable that congress can't get together and at least release one -- they're in such a emotional fight, rather than a factual fight,
9:49 am
that they can't get together and release a document that makes sense and is in the best interest of the american people. that's what needs to happen. >> it's a shame they were not released at the same time, instead of allowing the republican document get to 48, 72, who knows if more hours public mind-set for discussion. anyway, didn't happen. good to see you both. kellyanne conway's new theory about why there's such an uproar over releasing the gop memo. that's next. starting their day building on over a hundred years of heritage, craftsmanship and innovation. today we're bringing you america's number one shave at lower prices every day. putting money back in the pockets of millions of americans. as one of those workers, i'm proud to bring you gillette quality for less, because nobody can beat the men and women of gillette. gillette - the best a man can get. this new day.
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people were screaming about national security concerns and the whole world's going to fall apart. i think people are afraid they look really bad. personal relationships marital relationships who's working at fusion gps, funding the report. christopher steele has admitted he was desperate to make sure donald trump didn't get elected. people should see the bias for what it is. >> kellyanne conway with her fallout of the memo. and bringing in howard dean. former dnc chair and former governor of vermont and susan del percio. good to see you both. howard, any truth to kellyanne conway's position that this
9:54 am
pushback against releasing the memo was fueled by concerns about how it makes certain players look? partly because it's reflecting bias? >> there's almost never any truth to anything, kellyanne conway says. i won't respond to her. look, here's where we are. the republicans in congress, particularly mr. nunes and the speaker as well have decided to make the fbi a partisan issue. i think that's unfortunate and i think most people in the fbi are trying to do their jobs to protect all of us and protect the united states. when you have a political party putting their party above the interests of their country, we're in trouble. we're in trouble because of of that. >> what about what former fbi director james comey did, susan? you saw the tweet. i'd read it to viewers. this is a counterargument about the fallout. saying that it wrecked the house intelligence committee, destroyed trust within the community, damaged relationship with fisa and inexcusably revealed classified information
9:55 am
about an american citizen. conway dismisses these concerns. is that how most republicans view this? >> there are republicans that believe this was not the best way to handle the situation. and let's -- remember. this has never been done before. this memo, the republican memo, much like the democrat mem thee will come out will be picking and choosing facts that they believe the public should know. there's nothing about transparency in this. the underlying documents, no one can see. there's no real true transparency p transparency. this is a political tool. i agree with the governor, and not only putting politics ahead of country. they're putting an executive branch ahead of their own. the congress has -- the house has a job do and they are deferring just to help out the president. that is a shame. >> feeding into my question to howard. you reacted to a tweet from the president ripping on top leadership and investigators in the fbi and just it department amid all the furor here.
9:56 am
you tweeted, this president needs to be removed from office. a clear and present danger to our constitution and our nation. explain what you mean by that. >> i think that's true. i think that's true. this is a president who is tearing down the institutions that defend america he a danger to the united states of america. in bed with our adversaries, all over the country in europe. the russians are causing trouble in their elections as well. this president is aiding around betting the menemies of the united states of america. >> do you think your friend howard is going a little far? >> that's his opinion. he's entitled to it and i don't think anything that's legal will lead to that happening we've seen as of yet. >> i agree. >> we're sort of on the same page. >> why i like having youen.
9:57 am
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