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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  February 5, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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they haven't heard already? >> they're going to learn that reince priebus believe also the fbi's form are number two, andrew mcgabe, set him up, when it was mccabe who initiated the conversation. they're going to learn bannon on the way out warned the president that -- don't think you're getting away without building this wall, you've said it too many times. nancy pelosi will take over the house and they will swear themselves in and blanking impeach you. you're also learning about how far some journalists are going in their resentment not just for president trump but his supporters. one line, a vote for president trump is a hate crime. >> congratulations on the book. >> thank you. >> congratulations, you weren't kicked off the set. >> i know. >> i made it. >> howie actually said my goal is not to get kicked off. >> the book is "media madness."
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>> thank you, howie, appreciate it. >> "donald trump, the press and the war over the truth." always good to see you. that does it for us this morning. stephanie rule picks up the coverage. >> thanks, mika. hi there, i'm stephanie ruhle, with a lot to cover this morning. president trump praises the nunes memo saying the four pages bashing the fbi clears his name. what? even republicans on the hill aren't convinced of that. >> i actually don't think it has any impact on the russia probe. >> yes, that was trey gowdy. in just hours, a crucial vote to release a democratic memo rebutting last week's revelations. here's the question, will it pass? and reaching across the aisle. four days away from yet another government shutdown. and the senate is expected to release a bipartisan immigration bill that includes zero, nothing, no money for the wall. and democrats, they're confident. >> i don't see a government
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shutdown coming. >> but could it be deja vu all over again for them? and a terrible story. another deadly collision. two killed and more than 100 injured after an amtrak train kills kills, crashed into a freight car. >> bodies everywhere. people on top of one another. >> you know what we're starting with, the other memo. the democratic rebuttal to republican allegations the fib and the justice department conspired against trump and his team. but to get their memo released, democrats have to get republicans and the president. good luck with that, the green light. i've got a great team. starting with msnbc's garrett haake on the hill. garrett, i know there's a vet set for later today. what exactly can you tell us?
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for republicans who have said this is all about transparency and getting more information to the american people, wouldn't a second memo be doing just that? >> yes, stephanie, we'll get a chance to find out whether those calls for transparency are sincere or not. the house intel committee will have a vote on whether to take the next step forward in declassifying the democrat's memo, their response to chairman nunes' memo that cape out late last week. democrats will need at least some republicans on that committee to be willing to vote for their release of the memo. a number of republicans have said they wanted democrats to go through the same process. they wanted their memo to be readable by house members for some period of time before they had that vote. so that vote will happen today. then, just like we saw last week, the president will then have five days to review the memo and decide what he wants to do with it. the president could choose to declassify it like he did with the republican memo or he's got a number of other options he
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could take. but anything short of declassifying it would potentially open the president to the same criticism we've already heard, that this is a purely partisan exercise. the democratic memo will have been gone through, taking out things that are declassified or -- taking out things that are particularly sensitive, i should say. now, as for the republican side of this, the nunes memo of friday it appears will not be the final nunes memo on this topic, as the chairman said on fox news earlier this morning. >> phase one of our investigation was just getting at the fisa abuse. what we're looking at now is a state department and some of the irregularities there. and we have several other areas that we're looking at. we will follow the facts where they lead. and when we get enough facts, we will then figure out a way to let the american people know. >> stephanie, investigating the state department will strain the credulity of anyone who doesn't
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think this is a political exercise. the intel committee is not the committee of record when it comes to oversight on the state department. the chairman has made the argument that it is their job to oversee the fbi, to oversee intelligence services. the idea that the intel committee has oversight over the state department will raise a lot of eyebrows on foreign affairs committees and other places on capitol hill where they see that as their job. >> i know a couple of eyebrows that are certainly raised and that's the president's. have you looked at his twitter this morning? i want to go to the white house where nbc's peter a lexen der is standing by. the president is up and tweeting, peter, before 8:00 a.m., with a huge week ahead. the morning after a great night in american sport, he's going after adam schiff, by the way, not even a new nickname. lil' adam, i'm worried the president is fantastic with nicknames and i'm pretty sure he's given that nickname to
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marco rubio. >> there has been some conversation that he has been more disciplined. he's now spent 7 of the last 21 tweets venting about the russia investigation. congressman adam schiff, after schiff said the republican memo does not vindicate the president. tossing him in the same category as others. former fbi director james comey, mark warner of virginia, former cia director john brennan and the former director of national intelligence james clapper. he wrote, little adam schiff, who is desperate to run for higher office is one of the biggest liars and leakers in washington, right up there with comey, warner, brennan and clapper. adam leaves closed committee hearings to illegally leak confidential information, must be stopped. claiming this memo totally vindicates trump in probe, using himself as the third person, but he says the russia witch-hunt
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goes on and on. the word now used because aft effort one year of looking endlessly and finding nothing, collusion is dead. this is, in the president's words an american disgrace. several republicans on the committee are des missing the argument that the memo vindicated the president. kellyanne conway, the president's counselor at the white house, defending her boss. take a listen. >> if the schiff memo is going to come forward, then go ahead. we're for transparency and accountability. you can't argue this, not under uth oath, through the cable tv wars. people are saying things that are simply not true hoping they will come true. >> more specifically about that memo, a white house official tells me today the white house will treat the democratic memo, again being voted on this afternoon, just as they treated the republican one. stephanie. >> well, we'll see. i want to bring my panel in on this. phil rutger, "washington post" white house bureau chief.
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max boot, the author of "the road not taken." christine quinn. and matt welwelsh, editor at la for reason. i want to go to you first, leaking classified information, that's a crime. is the president of the united states accusing schiff of committing a crime? let's remind everyone, it was less than a week ago that he reached out in a bipartisan way in his state of the union address. and trump enthusiasts applauded him saying anyone who doesn't appreciate it, who doesn't see these reaching across the aisle is blind. >> here we are, not committed to bipartisanship here. you know, he makes a lot of accusations. remember, it was only a few weeks ago he was accusing the fbi of quote/unquote treason because of the text. we've all gotten used to him throwing out these wild accusations. what's disturbing is the extent
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to which hill republicans are marching in lock step behind him. i mean, they are supporting the president's attempts to obstruct justice. to prevent a investigation of a foreign attempt on america. this is shocking. of course nunes, the inspector clouseau of the kremlin gate da case, is first and foremost trying to throw out confusion and preventing people from focusing on what's really important. it's pathetic he's allowed to get away with it. >> it is. but nunes is locked away in the safe bosom of fox news. they've been spreading it for the last year, along with other right wing outlets. mainstream republicans, are they, and i ask you phil rutger, what are republicans going to do today when that democratic document is pushed forward to come out? last week, i watched don jr. on twitter say i've never seen so
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many journalists upset about transparency. if you want information, let it out. well, isn't that what this is today? so how are republicans going to handle it? >> well, i think house republicans are going to be under extraordinary pressure today to show transparency from both sides. we've seen how speaker paul ryan signaled he's open to approving the release of this democratic memo. i think if they were to stop this democratic memo from the house intelligence committee from coming forward, that would just be showing that this whole nunes memo was entirely a partisan exercise. just to underscore what was said earlier, what's been so striking in the last week or so, that the republicans have shifted away from being the party of law and order and are now really almost at war with the fbi and the department of justice over all of this in defense of president trump. >> it's stunning. you know, the president says that the memo vindicated him. but -- >> totally. >> yes, he says that. and true trump enthusiasts agree.
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but not all republicans. i want to share some of that. that would take a video. why don't we share it. >> there is a russia investigation without a dossier. to the extent the memo deals with the dossier and the fisa process, the dossier has nothing to do with the meeting at trump tower. the dossier has nothing to do with an e-mail sent by cambridge analatica. really nothing to do with george papadopoulos' meeting in great britain. also doesn't have anything to do with obstruction of justice. there's going to be a russia probe even without a dossier. >> this memo has, frankly, nothing at all to do with the special counsel. >> i actually don't think it has any impact on the russia probe. >> i don't think it has anything to do with that. >> you don't agree with president trump when he says this vindicates him and the entire russia investigation? >> i don't. >> well, there you have it. >> the fact that's coming from trey gowdy who is kind of the lead prosecutor in benghazi. one similarity between the way
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republicans treated benghazi and the way they've been treating this worse than watergate-gate, whatever they've been doing, is throw every strand of spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks. gowdy was doing that before. the fact he's distancing himself from what -- this kind of implosion of a memo is pretty striking. as an exercise of trying to mold public opinion, i think this is a failure. the question raised in one of the columns, are you going to be able to sway 34 senators? it's a minority audience they're targeting here. it's not a legal thing. it's entirely a political thing. i think people reading this as somehow we're going to jeopardize the original warrant in this case, none of that is remotely on the table. what they're trying to do is move public opinion in advance of whatever mueller comes up with because this is going to be ultimately played out in the court of public opinion via any kind of impeachment process
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going forward. >> it's a political thing and it's not that many republicans. the white house needs to convince here. but you've got to convince republicans back page, what appears to be looking into money laundering, which appeared to do with the business empire, which has nothing to do with politics. these members of the gop didn't know president trump a year and a half ago. why would they put their careers the line? i'm talking to you, paul ryan. >> remember carter page who -- carter page has been under s surveillance since 2013. so what action was taken against him is no relevance to this at all. the only reason you would stand with the president and not release the democratic memo and keep up the charade that the nunes memo totally vindicates him if you're hoping for a job in the trump corporation after you don't run for re-election or you run and lose. because politically there is no upside in saying republicans can
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be transparent with americans but democrats can't. it really pulls the curtain and shows that the guy behind the curtain is actually donald trump playing the strings, so to speak, of all the republicans. it would be a stupid, stupid political move, but we've certainly seen a lot of those in washington. >> okay, but stupid political moves sometimes work. do you think this works? you wrote the column do you think enough republicans are convince heard? >> i think it's working with the base because they will basically swallow anything donald trump is force feeding down their throats. i was looking at this survey monkey poll that looks for republican support for the fbi. 47% of republicans now have an unfavorable view of the fbi. only 38% have a favorable review. this is ridiculous. the republican party i used to belong to was in favor of the fbi, they were in favor of law enforcement. they were opposed to foreign attacks on america. everything is upside down because of the trump effect. because trump has basically gotten the republican party to renounce everything they've ever
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stooded for f ed fofor, for man. and of course nunes is yapping, making all this noise. he's not making a remotely convincing case. we all agree, there's nothing to this memo. to call it a nothing burger is probably to elevate it to more than it deserves. but it doesn't matter because trump and his megaphone and nunes have gotten the idea out to the republican faithful there's an fib conspiracy that these conservative middle aged white cops of the fbi are in a conspiracy against donald trump. it's absurd but the idea has taken root in the base and that will protect trump from impeachment. >> the question for other republicans is the base is the base, right, and it can be spread all over and helps the president of the united states, that 33% to 37%. but if you're a congress member, how much of that 33% to 37% is in your district? >> and do you not pay attention to who carter page is? >> correct. >> nun es can quake all he
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wants. don jr. while he's supposed to be running the family business tweets up a storm all day every day. just remind our viewers who carter page is. we know this man lived in russia for three years. he bragged about having connections there for more than two decades. we know the russians tried to recruit him as an intelligence source. and carter page himself called himself an informal adviser to the kremlin. and then after all of that, he hooked up with the trump campaign. and yet republicans argue that this memo really, really hurts -- >> it's a rough hill to die on. >> yes. >> he would also approach -- >> look at carter page. >> because you're afraid. >> of what? >> are you basing this on his looks and his hat? >> his red hat, you know i love that hat. >> donald trump is a bully and that's what they're afraid of and they just need to recognize that every time you say boo in
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the face of a big useless bully like the president, they back down or pick on somebody else who they think is weaker. but that's what we're seeing now, fear of a bully, the president. >> i think that donald trump is more well known and likely more popular than congress people are in their own districts. >> fair. >> -- city councilman in new york, his whole campaign, which he ran unopposed. he knows that's what's activating democratic brains, too -- >> -- the new kim kardashian. we don't have capacity to pay attention to kardashians because donald trump now hits every level of our attention span. phil, i want to talk about his war on the intelligence community and play part of what republican chris stewart, who is a member of the house intelligence committee, said to chris wallace who you could clearly see raise an eyebrow on fox. >> our house republicans were concerned about protecting us from the russians or protecting us from the fbi?
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>> well, a little bit of both now actually. it's not what we expected when we started this investigation. we'll continue this investigation on both sides. but, again, this was a bit of a pause for us to say this is meaningful information. the american people deserve to know. >> as you wrote over the weekend, phil, these attacks on the fbi, i mean, they're proof, this ain't your mama's republican party anymore. >> no, it's not, stef. the republican party has venerated the fbi, the intelligence community. if the police said somebody was guilty, a lot of republican voters thought that person was guilty. now you have the republican party at war with the fbi to protect trump, to insulate him from the russia investigation. it was so striking in that interview just then to hear him say that the house republicans are not entirely focused on the foreign threat from russia. our reporting has shown over last year the trump
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administration has done really very, very little to troy to isolate and protect this country from sort of attack in the future on our democratic systems. and that's the big national security picture here. that russia intruded in our election and the united states government is not doing very much right now to protect itself in the future. >> quickly, before we go, max, how's russia absorbing this? are they loving this like hallie jackson loved watching the eagles last night? >> i'm sure putin is laughing every single day at the dissension he has sown in america, at the way we're at each other's throats, the president at war with congress, at war with democrat, at war with the media. and ignoring the actual war that russia's waging against us. so this is a win for putin. >> and remember we're just a few months away from the midterm elections. so the statements that nothing has been done around protection, around elections, that's profound and deliberate. >> we are protecting carter page while vladimir putin is topless,
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wrestling white bengal tigers smoking stogies. stop me if you heard this before, days away from a government shutdown. two senators are set to release a bipartisan, bipartisan, what so many people wanted, immigration deal. but without money for the wall. how's that going to go for the white house? they're already calling it a nonstarter. before we go, i barely mentioned the game last night. it was extraordinary. the eagles obviously beat the patriots in a thrilling back and forth super bowl. we're going to talk more about it later. but the big winner, philadelphia fans. in august, eagles lineman lain johnson promised everyone in philly a beer if they won a super bowl. bud light tweeted that if it happened they would pay. guess what, they're living up to that promise, releasing a statement that anyone at the parade over the age of 21 is entigtled to a free beer. so dilly dilly philly philly.
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welcome back. i'm stephanie ruhle. two senators, one democrat, one republican, are about to drop a proposal on the hill that flies in the face of president trump's public demands for immigration reform. eager to avoid round two of a government shutdown, senators mccain and kuhns are introducing
6:25 am
a new immigration bill. one that would give permanent legal status to undocumented people here since 2013. and add 55 judges every year for three years to expand the immigration court system. what you don't see here is what the president's loyalists would miss. the wall. let me bring back my panel, max boot, christine quinn and matt welsh. christine, not enough funding for president trump's border wall. there's not a word here. now, we've got family-based legal immigration. an end to the diversity lottery program. one way that the white house official already said it's a nonstarter. are democrats fooling themselves, thinking they're going to get anything passed if it doesn't have a wall in it? we know how much the president wants it. while we can all agree at the table it might be nonsense, you've heard republicans like will heard say it's a third century problem to a 21st century problem. all of those things are true.
6:26 am
we are dealing with the house of trump. >> that is also true. look, i think the democrats last round of the shutdown, when we said we're standing on ground and then didn't, it was a big political mistake. beyond the human mistake of potential tragedy for treatmedr if something doesn't get resolved. >> chip got passed. when republicans put out that ad that said democrats are siding with illegal immigrants over sick children that was an effective ad. >> you have to remember who we're talking about here. with 1.8 million young people who are citizens. i think what's getting lost in the debate and us democrats have to do a better job, is the humanity of these people we're talking about. these are soldiers and teachers and firefighters and police officers. and we're not doing a good job as democrats countering that debate. look, i think this is a critical moment for our party.
6:27 am
we have to stand not just against the president, we have to stand for something. there's nothing more american than standing for these dreamers. does that mean we're going to necessarily breeze this bill through? no, i'm not say thing that. but we have to be firm this time. >> matt, chris coons was on morning joe earlier. he seemed to say this was just a starting point what they put forward. take a look. >> i expected an order for this to be embraced by republicans as the solution that will get us moving forward towards fully funding domestic and defense spending. we will need to add some border funding to it. >> you got four days to go. should you not put your best foot forward? is there really time to dance here? >> there's another negotiation taking place on the side right now. this is not the main player, the main whatever at the dance to extend the metaphor here. i have a hard time believing that we're going to see another
6:28 am
2006 or 2013-style centrist negotiation win the day. i have a hard time seeing president trump sign something with john mccain's name on it, having to do with immigration. we're in a really weird place right now because the polls on this, on both the democratic and the republican side, are the ones who are motivated to have this discussion and they have some incompatible views, especially on family migration, which is a huge deal. steven miller is obsessed by this thing. donald trump is obsessed by this. democrats don't want to give on that even on one inch. it's silly to in the name of reunifying families to block families from being reunified. i think that's actually got to be a wall more than family migration. maybe the way it will have any sense of play is that ultimately, because there's so many incompatible views on these sides, they're going to have to
6:29 am
scale down asks. it's going to be dreamers and then we'll put off a grand kind of immigration reform because really it's going to be hard -- >> i think, i mean, along with christine and others, i think the border wall is a ridiculous boondogg boondoggle. it's a waste of money. all that said, i think democrats probably need to call trump's bluff and offer to provide, you know, throw this money down the rat hole for the border wall and see if he will actually agree to a deal that will legalize these dreamers who are going to be in serious danger of deportation within a month. that's a huge tragedy we need to try to avert. i think it's going to be hard to do it to try to force a government shutdown. we saw it when the republicans were trying to shut down the government to repeal obamacare. it's very, very hard to get some kind of extraneous issue through the political process via the government shutdown. >> but why -- why would it make sense? politico is reporting that we could see a possibility that congress leaves the dreamers in
6:30 am
limbo for another year. how does that work for our government leaders? if dreamers continue to be in limbo, they're afraid to leave their houses. every day you hear another story of a chemistry professor who gets his kids ready to go to school and walks out the door and gets arrested in his front lawn. if you are an elected official, why does it make sense for you to say yep, let's leave dreamers in limbo? if they're in limbo, they lose work permits. they're living in fear. it's a terrible state. pick one or the other. >> i don't think it works for either party, right. it really also doesn't work for the president who in one moment clearly shows some level of empathy towards the dreamers. calls the next bill the love bill. and then would come up with such a cruel state of limbo. that's a horrible place of hell where these young people and their families and adults will end up living. i think you're right, the family reunification is going to take that out.
6:31 am
the family -- is a nonstarter to the democrats. and counter the message of reunification. also we won't accept the lottery being pulled. and the wall becomes complicated. maybe there's some way to do a wall where you're not doing a wall. but i think you're right, what's the president's real bottom line? and that's where the buck needs to stop. >> there's something else that's complicated, how much the president has hung his hat on the strength of the stock market. well, guess what, it opened one minute ago and it's already down 300 in the last 1:15. we're now down 298. this of course comes after the worst weekly performance in two years when the dow fell 665 points on friday. i want to bring in cnbc's dom chu. dom, you know, i use any excuse to tout girl power but janet yellen suddenly not in the job and look what happens. >> janet yellen may be part of the picture here overall but the interest rate picture overall is what's driving a lot of what's
6:32 am
happening in the marketplace. if you haven't noticed yet, borrowing costs are rising. that might translate into savings rates going higher. but we haven't seen it yet. a lot of those jitters are working their way through the markets right now. with that massive move you saw down last week the s&p 5$500 shaved almost $1 trillion in market cap off. to put it in broader context, the market is still up so far in 2018. and obviously it's been up all of 2017 as well. so not alarmist just yet. it does call into question whether or not the stock market can sustain the kind of positive momentum we've seen over the course of the last 12 months plus. >> could this be a sign the markets are now realizing that tax cuts aren't free? they affect our debt and when people get more concerned about how that could impact us, it affects the markets. because you're not seeing corporate bonds get more expensive. it's treasuries. >> yes, you make a great point here.
6:33 am
the reason there's a lot of season right now, the treasury released some of its estimates for what it's going to have to borrow next year. it could be almost $1 trillion they have to borrow. it will be more than $1 trillion estimated over the course of the next two fiscal years each. as people start to take a look at what's happening with a possible government shutdown looming, a possible debt ceiling crisis looming, all of the political uncertainty starting to roil up right now in the marketplace. there is an impact being felt overall in the interest rate market. borrowing costs are rising for the u.s. government as a whole. that might be one thing to be concerned about over the course of the next few weeks. >> i want to also talk just for a moment about investors. earlier this morning on cnbc, tony james, the coo of blackstone, maybe one of the best investors on the planet is warning investors that would could see a market correction 10% to 20%. we've already heard from robert schiller who has been studying asse
6:34 am
asset prices for decades. saying there is a disconnect. the price of u.s. stocks compared to the underlying value of corporate earnings does not align. >> yes, that's going to be one of those things that's been brought up over the course of last year, plus two years. stock market valuationings has doubt been going higher. the reason there's a concern among traders is we've seen such a long stretch without any kind of a pullback. we're working on 400-plus trading days where the s&p 500 hasn't fallen from its record highs. that's the longest streak ever of no downside real moves whatsoever. as people talk about a pullback, a larger-scale pullback coming, some would argue it's been a long time coming, that we haven't seen this kind of stretch historically without any kind of a down move so maybe no surprise for some of those out there who are a bit more bearish on the economy and the market. >> i want my panel to weigh in. from a communications standpoint, how difficult is this for the white house, for the president? i mean, whether you're talking
6:35 am
about eric or don jr. or the president kellyanne conway, sarah huckabee sanders, they regularly complain the mainstream media doesn't cover the markets, that's 100% a lie l-i-e, lie. we now have 263 days since the white house has granted me an interview with anyone who works on anything that has to do with the economy. why i don't know, i cover it every day here. two times a day actually. how challenging is this? what are sarah huckabee sanders and others going to say about this market drop? >> it's not just the market drop too, it's the debt. because there is so much fire and fury for lack of a better phrase in the political world over the last week, we didn't really notice, but can't underline this enough, we are going to get close to $1 trillion in debt. that was a very important figure between 2009 and 2012 among
6:36 am
republicans. we're crossing a $1 trillion threshold. this helps kick start the tea party. there's a lot of concern once you get that much, it's going to have a negative effect on the economy. when you have to borrow that much. when the cost of borrowing goes so high, it damps economic growth. so when people start putting those two numbers together, then that's a real problem. >> these are the good old days when republicans were for the fbi and against debt. >> right, exactly. >> now it's all the other way. >> i do want to point out because sarah sanders did put out a treat where she said lower taxes and higher wages under potus versus higher taxes and lower wages under democrats. yes, this isn't rocket science and you are not correct, it's more complicated than that. you rack up debt, you have massive tax cuts, it impacts our economy. you've got to pay for tax cuts somewhere. >> and, see, this is the risk they're going to run into, exactly that trap. they're going to quickly
6:37 am
compensate, say, the market goes up it goes down, corrects itself, kind of has a life of its own. if that's true -- >> if it has a life of its own, how does the president take credit for the market? >> exactly. that's the trap he's in right now. >> you guys are trying to impose rationality and logic on the white house. that is -- with this white house, that's a complete error. nothing matters except whatever the supreme leader says. remember when he was running for president, trump was saying the stock market was a big bubble. now he's saying this is great this is all my doing. of course now if the market goes down, he's truly going to start blaming obama or hillary or little adam schiff or somebody. there's just no rationality or logic to it. what's striking is the extent to which so many republicans go along with whatever trump is saying. >> and they're ready to spend a lot of money this year, whether it's infrastructure or blowing through the defense caps from before so republicans are on the verge of spending in addition to the tax breaks, they're going to be spending more than we've seen
6:38 am
in the last years of obama. >> we need a party of fiscal responsibility. there's not a fiscally responsible party in america now. i am politically homeless. >> fiscally responsible parties just aren't that fun. dom chu, the president does deserve credit for moves that supercharged the market. what he's been unwilling to do over last year is acknowledge trends. trends of the market steadily climbing since obama took office. trends of african unemployment going down. how is the white house going to reconcile what happens to the market now? they're going to say look at trends because that's what gary cohen did on friday. he said i'm not at all concerned that african-american unemployment has ticked back up. that's just one month. you've got to look at the long term. so does that mean that the white house is going to now tell us look at the long-term trend? if you look at the long-term trend, it started before last year. >> i mean, so you bring up some great points about this. there's no doubt in anybody's
6:39 am
mind who watches the market or watches economic data that many of the trends we've seen play out over the course of president trump's first year in office were firmly in tact before president trump even took office. the real issue's going to be the communication side of things. you hit the nail on the side of the head, you and your panel did. there's got to be an accountability factor for taking credit on the upside but the downside as well. i'm not sure if this administration wants to do that, but early on, we already knew that president trump and steven mnuchin, his treasury secretary, always talked about the record high stock market and that was the real barometer of things. whether or not they really take credit for that on the way up and take the blame on the way down remains to be seen. remember this is only a 3% or 4% pullback right now. if it gets worse, then americans are going to start to worry. >> the concern is did unsuch fist dated investors pile on to the market because of fear of missing out because they said i don't want this train to leave the station without me and did they get burned here? because that's the last thing we
6:40 am
want to see. i'm sure we're going to be checking in with you again. this market now down just 220. so we're seeing a slight correction from the open. up next, two dead and more than 100 people injured as an amtrak train again collides. this time with a fraeight car. we're going to go live to the scene and find out why investigators say this could have been easily avoided. that is the last thing you want to hear if you are a victim or someone you know is. easily avoided. we need to avoid it in the future.
6:41 am
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welcome back. you're watching msnbc. it may be months before investigators know exactly what caused the switch error behind this weekend's deadly train crash down in south carolina. the head of the ntsb says positive train control technology likely would have prevented this tragedy. two people were tragically killed and more than 100 hurt. nbc's maya rodriguez is in lexington county, south carolina, near the crash site. what is the focus for investigators today? >> the ntsb is going to be looking into a couple of things today, stephanie, was this human error, as well as the mechanical conditions on the trains, on the tracks, as well as the signals. you mentioned positive train control. the head of the ntsb says it could have possibly prevented this deadly train crash. it's been installed in corridors in the northeast where train use is more common, but not so much
6:45 am
in the rest of the country. now, what ptc does is basically use gps to prevent trains from colliding into one another. a situation perhaps similar to what might have happened in this particular case. now, congress have mandated that ptc be installed across the country by 2015. then that was extended to the end of this year. with the possibility of extending it even to 2020. here's what the head of the ntsb told my colleague gabe gutierrez, as well as what a witness said they saw during this terrible crash yesterday. take a listen. >> for us, as accident investigators, the very frustrating to see the same type of accident that can be prevented. >> it was breathtaking when we first got there. there wasn't a word said. we were all just taking it in. it was a lot worst than what i thought it was going to be. i thought it was at first maybe, like, something exploded.
6:46 am
but it was -- it was a whole train off the rails. >> this is as close as investigators will let us get to the crash scene. the just beyond these barricades. the csx freight train is just beyond that tree line there. the other thing the ntsb is looking for is the event data recorder. it's basically the black box of the train. in order to figure out exactly what the conditions might have been when this terrible tragedy happened. stephanie. >> all right, thanks so much. we have breaking news on a different kind of tragedy. former usa gymnastics dr. larry nassar has just been sentenced in his third and final sentencing hearing. a judge has imposed 40 to 125 years in prison connection with sexually assault young female gymnasts. nassar is believed to have sexually assaulted more than 260 victims. in total, he's already been sentenced to 40 to 175 years behind bars. all right, we're going to leave
6:47 am
it there. up next, we are always looking for good news here. why? because good news rules. i'm going to be speaking to someone who has made it her mission to find and celebrate good news in every state.
6:48 am
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all right, gang, listen up. no matter what, there's always good news somewhere, and we think good news rules, and so does my next guest. more good today is a website and social media journal created by professional photographer who put everything in her life on pause to set off on a road trip across the country hitting all 50 states in effort to get out stories of kindness. we are here now, mary, i love this. talk about what sparked the project for you. >> my mom was the inspiration behind all of it. she passed away a few years ago, and i was in the hospital waiting room when it happened with my family. it was a difficult time and felt hopeless. i'm trying to create something for that room that give people hope that have to sit there. >> tell us about a couple of the
6:52 am
good stories that stood out the most. you were on the road for 16 months. that's a lot of good news. >> yes. i've been to 25 states so far, and i collected a lot of stories. one story reenforces why this is important is a story i got in the beginning in my third state, maine, from a family, the sullivans, who had a son who was sick, and there was a woman in the hospital who would come and play the harp. she has her own story why she offers her time to do that, and the mother was very comforted by listening to her play the harp, so she told her that, and the harp player found out what room her son was in and went there and played the harp during the entire surgery, it was a stem cell transplant, and she sat there and played the harp to comfort the mother through the surgery over two hours, and, you know, it's just -- in the hospital, it's such a scary time for people that are in there, and to have these other people coming in and confidenting them, it was beautiful, and you could
6:53 am
see how much it impacted her. >> beauty is a part of the story, and everywhere you travel, you are sitting with strangers. how are you doing it? how does it work out? >> it's amazing. people think i'm crazy for doing doing it. >> it is. how do you find the people? >> many ways. i'm in florida, people tag, i know this cool girl here, i have an uncle or aunt. sometimes i'm in oklahoma city, and they introduce me to someone moving to colorado, and i'm with her in colorado. it's a lot of random connections, and i've been in 82 homes so far across the country. it's been amazing. people are awesome. >> 82 homes. how close are you to hitting all 50 states starting in october 2016. >> i'm halfway there, my car is in california, state 25. >> wow. where's the next stop in. >> north to california and order
6:54 am
is the next state. >> as you mentioned, you want to create something for hospital waiting rooms, turn this into a book? >> yes. i'm going to compile the stories that i find into a book to donate to the waiting room so people can read the stories and give a little hope. >> until then, how do people find you, they want to host you? >>, submit stories or offer to host or connect me to anything that they can help spread the mission. >> mary, absolutely love it. optimism. that's a great way to start your day. through optimism and good news in the coffee every morning. mary, thank you so much for the work that you're doing. i absolutely love it. good news. we always got time for it here, and up next, a different kind of good news. we've been waiting to talk about the super bowl, and i'm going to dive into the victory with the hometown girl next, but, first, okay, have we mentioned the super bowl? we got to talk about
6:55 am
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before we go, we talk super bowl. the eagles outscored the patriots, 41-33, first championship ever. incredible game from start to finish, and this play is going down in phillie's history. fourth down, eagles up by three, nick foles tricks the patriots and ends up catching, that's right, catching a pass from his tight end, a play that's surely going to be a sandwich in philadelphia soon. the phillie special. and, by the way, the patriots tried a similar play earlier in the game, and tom brady dropped it. halle jackson, my dear friend, that last quarter, i was thinking of you, a darkroom and a ducbucket. >> i was watching and praying incredibly hard. it was amazing. thank you for the good news somewhere. today, good news is in phillie. >> you have to answer one question, though. >> okay. >> i'm not saying it's the first
7:00 am
city, we've seen it in denver, oakland, pittsburgh, in boston -- >> okay? >> why the rioting? why the dismantling of a canopy at the ritz carlton, turning over concrete, garbage cans, setting things on fire. i don't get it. throw some confetti and throw a party. >> that's what we're aiming for on parade day we think happens this week, and so hopefully you'll see the best of phillie then, my girl. >> congratulations. >> i appreciate, thank you. it is, in fact, one of the greatest mornings ever because the philadelphia eagles are super bowl champions meaning a ton of anticipation, not just in phillie or about whether the bosses approve my day off request for the parade, but anticipation in washington about this memo situation, about the world of politics, and the clock running out before another potential government shutdown, and another showdown on those memos. democrats want the house to


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