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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  February 5, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PST

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chris jansing is up next. >> the adoptive daughter of philadelphia who happened to be cheering the eagles. looks a little green on. thanks to all eagles fans. our good friends, everybody who is celebrating. we got a team of supporters here. good afternoon from msnbc headquarters in new york. i'm jannance in for craig melvin. another memo, this week it's not the republican memo on the russia investigation. it's the democratic response. president trump says the first memo vindicates him and now he holds the power. he decides whether this new one will come out. plus, party of trump. republicans may have some different opinions about that memo but a lot of them are following the president's lead on the russia investigation. and three days away. the clock is ticking because as this all unfolds the government is facing the possibility of another shutdown in just days unless congress acts.
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will they agree on a short term spending deal. grand immigration bargain still possible? let's start with this sequel to friday's memo drama. as president trump is on air force one now on his way to ohio to talk up the republican tax plan the house intelligence committee is preparing to meet yet again in just a couple of hours. this time they will be examining the democratic response to that republican memo and whether to forward it to the white house for release. the president and committee chairman devin nunes says the republican memo vindicates trump and that there's more to come. >> phase one of our investigation was just getting to, getting at the fisa abuse. what we're looking at now is the state department and some of the irregularities there. >> when you do oversight you haul them in under oath. say why was that included. the interest wasn't oversight. the interest was a political hit job on the fbi in the service of the president. >> let's start with our nbc
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reporters. kristen welker, eagle super fan is at the white house and garrett is on capitol hill. garrett explains how this works. what is it about this first memo that democrats say need correcting. >> reporter: more or less everything. we don't know what's in the democrats memo. it's still classified. they have broadly two problems with the republican effort and that their memo is almost entirely designed to be a response to that republican memo. the first is that they say there are misstatements or mischaract mischaracterizations. i expect to see more information about what went into the fisa warrant application on carter page. what the folks who are quoted in that memo or slant quoted in that memo including andrew mccabe said in these hearings that they are quoted from in that memo. what we don't know is whether
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the democratic response will go beyond refuting what's in the republican memo and get to what the democrats say is the motivation for the republican effort which is to discredit bob mueller. we don't know if democrats will go farther in protecting mueller than the republicans did by attacking him in this memo but we could know by close of business today as that vote is expected to happen sometime after 5:00 this evening. >> what are we expecting in that vote? >> again all democrats are almost certainly will vote for the release of this memo. we had a number of republicans who have been saying they want transparency in this effort, that they will vote for the release of the democratic memo including trey gowdy, the only republican to have viewed the underlying intelligence in this case, likely to support the democrats effort. then the same process that we saw with the republican memo where this goes to the white house. the president would have five days to decide. we won't see this memo tonight but know perhaps how much
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farther this goes if and when the house votes. >> assuming republicans pass it on, what are the chances president trump let's this response see the light of day. are there any clues in his twitter war with adam schiff who he does not see as a great american hero which is what he called devin nunes. >> reporter: let me paint the back grope for you. those tweets that you mentioned this is what president trump tweeted about adam schiff. little adam schiff who is desperate to run for higher office is one of the biggest lie are a -- liars in washington. adam leads closed committee hearings to leak confidential information must be stopped. of course there's no indication he's leaking confidential information. republicans have criticized him for doing a fair amount of interviews. this was the response from adam schiff who writes mr. president, i see you've had a busy morning
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of executive time instead of tweeting false smears the american people would appreciate it if you turned off the tv and helped solve the funding process, protecting dreamers or anything else. the public line here and the official line from the white house is that president trump, despite this twitter war in the backdrop, will give the democratic response, the democrats memo the same consideration that he gave to the republicans memo. officials say it will go through the same vet progress sees, be reviewed by the white house counsel. it would be reviewed by the national security team. and then ultimately the president would make the decision about what, if anything, would need to be redacted and whether or not he would block its release. politically speaking it would be challenging for the president to block this because of that word that garrett raises, transparency. the white house's entire argument for why the republican memo should be released because they said there should be
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transparency. a difficult walk to see how the president would argue that the democratic memo couldn't be released given that if it were voted at conference. having said that, chris, anything is possible and, again, as you see certainly it comes against this very fraught backdrop. one more important point, a number of republicans countering the president. the president said the republican memo vindicates him in the russia probe. trey gowdy and other republicans say that's not the case. it doesn't vindicate him. has very little to do with the russia investigation. >> in fact, i know that we have that sound from trey gowdy. again, the one person who, as garrett so rightfully points out read the supporting documentation. let's take a listen. >> there is a russia investigation without a dose ye -- dossier. so to that extent the dossier has nothing to go the meeting at
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trump tower or an e-mail sent. the dossier has nothing to do with george papadopoulos's meeting in great britain. doesn't have anything to do with obstruction of justice. >> is it possible to predict what impact what gowdy had to say might have on the gowdy is interesting in this. he was one hillary clinton's primary antagonist through the benghazi process. he has credibility with the same type of conservatives who want to make this memo into a huge deal and he's also an ally and friend of speaker ryan and his language and the speaker's language has been very similar on this. they both focused on the idea that this people memo purports describe abuse of fisa authority. it needs to stay there. doesn't talk about mueller or the russia investigation, which they say it needs. we'll see if gowdy's credibility
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gives certain republicans who doesn't want to make this bigger than it is some cover to stay in that camp or the pressure to embrace the memo and embrace president trump's reading of it wins out. >> fascinating to watch that. next time when we have more time i want you to differentiate for me the difference between little by the president, as he referred to adam schiff and little dd as he referred to bob corker. a conversation for another day. >> reporter: we'll drill down on that, chris. >> we move on. a lot to talk about. the president of law enforcement legal defense fund and a former assistant director at the fbi. a legal analyst and former special watergate prosecutor. ned price is an msnbc national security analyst and an nsc spokesman under president obama. i do think is fascinating about whether or not tray gowdy gives
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folks some cover. what do you think will happen here? >> i'm a little less confident in what the white house will put out specifically the notion that they will put a memo that's the miror image of the republican memo. not a single word was redacted from the republican memo even though there were elements quite sensitive. meaning a long time fbi source going into the fisa process, talking about specific investigative steps. remember what the president said even before the white house had received the memo, long before the president had even read the republican memo, 100%. it's going to come out. john kelly his chief of staff told fox news it will be out very soon. the white house was very certain even before seeing the republican memo come out. but there was a very peculiar reference to the democratic memo. it was very lawyerly saying they would give other oversight requests, they would review them in accordance with classified
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equity sources and methods. even then you could start to see them setting about a line of argument that perhaps the democratic memo shouldn't see the same light of day that the republican memo did even though as we recall this was apparently all about transparency. >> even though, nick and this is something you know a little bit about, to listen to republicans talk about it end certainly listen to many conservative broadcasters, what is revealed in this memo is worse than watergate. what do you think the chances are the democratic side gets out here? >> i would say probably almost zero. >> really? you don't think there's any chance? >> i think with the political pressure trump won't release it. the fact of the matter is this memo doesn't support what trump says it supports. it doesn't show that there was no collusion between the trump campaign and the russian government. if anything, it shows that the entire investigation started with papadopoulos. so you got two choices.
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either trump never read the memo or if he did, his reading comprehension is below that of a fifth grader. >> ron, this is what president trump wrote about devin nunes today. quote, representative devin nunes, a man of tremendous courage and grit may some day be recognized as a great american hero for what he has exposed and what he has had to endure. speaking of endurance once again you have the fbi director who felt he had to come out and write to the people who are the hard-working members of the fbi who keep us safe each and every day. essentially give them a pep talk. what do you make of everything that's going on over the last 48 hours or so? >> i am not the one to predict the political future of the democratic memo, the democratic response. i will say this, you know congressman ryan, the speaker last week referred to this process as legitimate oversight. and what i see is people in the
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house intelligence committee working hard to delegitimize that very process. to me it is not a legitimate process when you are finding facts and reaching conclusions mid-stream in an investigation rather than at the conclusion of an investigation. which is what i hope bob mueller is doing. this is a study in contrast you hear mueller with deafening silence. he's going about his work in a workman like manner, quietly, professionally as far as we can tell and my hope is that we, when he reaches conclusions he'll tell us what he has concluded. based on all of the facts that's not what's gone on in this house intelligence committee. iterations, different bits and pieces revealed when a particular congress marc anthma reveal them. >> let me ask you what's the
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real world impact of that. when arguments that normally would be made behind closed doors, pieces of evidence that are classified that normally would remain so are suddenly all out in the open. >> that's the part we ought to be very, very concerned about, and there's been somewhat of a parade of intelligence professionals, and i see where the president done respect a number of these folks when he uses their names this way in a tweet. but there's a laundry list of dedicated professionals that are raising concerns about how not so much sources and methods being revealed in this republican memo, but how our intelligence partners are looking at us and saying that look, is there a risk of exposure of what i tell the fbi coming out in a memo, in a conversation, in some other unclassified setting. that is troubling to me and i think it's troubling to them. >> i want to play something that devin nunes said today that
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frankly left a lot of people their jaws hang. it's a short quote. it's about trump and george papadopoulos that former campaign adviser who is really part of this special counsel probe. listen. >> as far as we can tell papadopoulos never even had met with the president. >> so nick, nunes says papadopoulos and trump never met. march 31st, 2016. they are at a table. small group of people. it's been on every network, frankly for months and months. what do you make of the house intelligence chairman saying well, you know, he's not even in the picture. >> i guess he could use a little intelligence himself because it's obvious from the picture that they met. if there's one thing that this memo does point out is that they did get renewals for the fisa application on carter page which means that they had additional
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evidence that he was a russian spy. so the real question here is why did donald trump put on his campaign a key foreign policy adviser who the fbi was investigating as a russian spy? that's the real question. people ought to be asking. >> so, ned, this is apparently phase one on the part of the republicans. he says there's going to be more releases like this memo that focus on other areas of government. state department. but then if there are more who knows how far this goes. what are the political ramifications of this as you see it. for one thing we'll talk about this in a little bit. clearly there's been a lot of talk about this and maybe not as much talk about little things like not having a shutdown. >> right. i think the house intelligence has protest too much. if he's proud of his memo we would not be hearing about memos
10:16 am
to come regarding other departments and agencies that seem pretty far removed from the russia investigation. but look, i think the broader political issue here is that we're seeing a set of congressional republicans weaponize and politicize intelligence in a way we haven't seen before. we talked a lot about the pre-war intelligence in the context of the invasion of iraq how it was split joozpoliticize shaded. but that was the decision of the intelligence committee. what the backers on capitol hill have done is actually just pull things out of thin air to create a narrative. >> have they made a judgment that this doesn't hurt them? >> i think so. >> in fact, probably helps them. >> i think so. i think ultimately they have made the judgment that donald
10:17 am
trump is the horse they need to ride in on. that donald trump is going to deliver on their agenda, and his obstruction, possible conspiracy involved in his campaign, the malfeasance in office is neither here nor there and they need protect him regardless of the cost. that's a very dangerous thing, chris when it extends to the house permanent select committee on intelligence. an inner sanctum that's free of political pressure and clearly no longer the case. >> great having you all on. thank you. today the stock market is down once again as the president goes to talk about the economy, the dow right now as you see lost close to 400 points after a drop of 666 on friday. like last week investors appear to be worried in part about rising inflation. however most analysts do point out the stock market is not the economy and that the fundamentals, job creation,
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corporate earnings have been strong. but we'll keep our eye on that. we have a democratic member of the house intelligence committee, the battleground for this memo war standing by. we'll ask her what she expect from the vote on her party's memo happening in a few hours. plus kremlin ties. this newly resurfaced letter written by carter page shedding light on just how close he was to moscow. m. 40 million americans are waking up to a gillette shave. and at our factory in boston, more than a thousand workers are starting their day building on over a hundred years of heritage, craftsmanship and innovation. today we're bringing you america's number one shave at lower prices every day. putting money back in the pockets of millions of americans. as one of those workers, i'm proud to bring you gillette quality for less, because nobody can beat the men and women of gillette. gillette - the best a man can get.
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this memo has frankly nothing at all to do with special counsel. >> i actually don't think it has any impact on the russia probe. >> i don't think it has anything to do with that. >> you don't agree with president trump when this says this vindicates him in the russia investigation? >> i don't. >> those are republicans on the house intelligence committee tamping down the rhetoric like bigger than watergate. the fisa memo pushed by their chairman devin nunes. democrats hope a vote sends their response to the white house and then to the public at large. for more jackie speier of california sits on the house intelligence committee. always good to see you. give me your thought. what do you think? republicans, president trump, will they release the democratic memo? >> i think there will be a vote in the committee today and republicans will support it because they want to be able to say we're for transparency, knowing full well that probably the president is not going to release the memo.
10:23 am
you know, this is the difference between a c minus memo and an a plus memo. and it will be very obvious, if in fact it gets released that there's meat on the bones of the democratic memo, and there's a lot of nothing burger on the republican side. you know, this is really a bad shakespeare tragedy play and we've only seen act one. they are cooking up more memos and what you'll see is an effort to undermine the intelligence community assessment as their next big volley. >> but if you criticize them and a lot of democrats have spent a lot of energy saying the release of the republican memo will harm national security, but now you're releasing your own memo does that undercut the message? >> it does, frankly. there shouldn't be any of this being released. and i think democrats certainly
10:24 am
feel that way. i actually voted present when there was a vote on releasing the democratic memo because -- >> what was your concern? >> well my concern is that we're going down a slippery path. and the next thing that they are going demand, someone will demand is the release of the fisa application, which is 50 pages, which i'm sure is chock full of rationale why carter page was eaves dropped on, why there was surveillance on him. we don't know that. only two people knew what was in that fisa application. that's the next step. the question becomes will the fbi be reluctant to file new fisa applications on american citizens? many of the persons we're concerned about are american citizens who are radicalized by isis and others, is that going to have a chilling effect on their willingness to take on these applications and to keep
10:25 am
americans safe? >> there is that very serious national security argument to be made. the other one i want to ask you about, though, is about the decision on both sides to do this, again. and i think it obviously plays to both bases, plays to the left, plays to the right. having said that i do think that there's a wide swath of america in the middle who cares about the economy, maybe worried about their 401(k) as they see the stock market going down as it has the last couple of days. this is all arguing and taking time and attention away from what needs to get done, namely the budget and immigration, for starters. is there potentially not only a very real ramification in terms of what gets done in congress but a price to be paid for everybody involved in this on both side. >> yes. absolutely yes. this was initiated by a republican colleague.
10:26 am
this is and was an effort to basically say the president is vindicated. we don't need this investigation any more. we don't need the mueller investigation any more. i don't care what the republicans are tripping over themselves saying that was the orchestrated plan. and you're absolutely right. we should be moving on to other issues, frankly i think the work in the committee now has been so tainted that we really need to rely almost exclusively on the mueller investigation. >> three days until a potential government shutdown. where do you think we are on this? >> i don't think we'll shut down. i think we'll punt like that's what we always do. is just punt. we'll kick this can down the road probably until march 5th in hopes of guesting some agreement on daca. but i don't believe there will be a shut down this week. >> thank you for coming on. we'll watch that vote coming up later this afternoon. appreciate your time. >> thank you.
10:27 am
as the russia investigation unfolds two names are in the spotlight. carter page and rod rosenstein. we'll walk you through why the tension between rod rosenstein and the white house seems to be rising and look at a newly surfaced letter that carter page wrote and bragged about his incriminate ly kremlin ties back in 2013. you were made to move. to progress. to not just accept what you see, but imagine something new. at invisalign®, we use the most advanced teeth straightening technology to help you find the next amazing version of yourself. it's time to unleash your secret weapon. it's there, right under your nose. get to your best smile up to 50% faster.
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depending on who you ask president trump has conflicting plans for deputy attorney general rod rosenstein who of course is overseeing robert mueller's investigation into ties between russia and the trump campaign. nbc justice correspondent pete williams joins me now. the question he's asking is he staying or going? are there clues out there? >> it's up to the president. no signs mr. rod rosenstein intends to step down either he or director of fbi. wray made his plans quite clearly when he said he was going to stay and fight for fbi. rod rosenstein likes to keep a much lower profile but there's no signs he's going anywhere. i think, if anything, chris, that the memo didn't have quite the impact that perhaps some thought it would. it's also clear from the memo
10:32 am
even if you take it at face value that rod rosenstein's role in the fisa warrant eavesdropping on carter page was, he was one of four people who in series signed requests to keep it going with the federal foreign intelligence surveillance court. his role is not a central character in that drama. so for all those reasons it seems like although there was a great deal of in in him on friday, i think he's keeping his head down and i don't see any signs he's going anywhere. >> of course, seasoned prosecutors and formers u.s. intelligence officials say there's a relatively high bar to convince a fisa court to allow spying on americans. what evidence did it bring to the court. now much of that evidence is classified so we can't know for sure. but there's a new "time" magazine article that helps put some of the pieces together. saying carter page hit the u.s.
10:33 am
intelligence radar back in 2013. that early. three years before he joined the trump campaign. the co-author of that article joins me now. "time" magazine's washington bureau chief. trump allies keep arguing that carter page is insignificant. that he's exaggerated his russian contacts. but tell us about the letter that "time" uncovered that purportedly is by carter page back from august of 2013. >> right. so in august of 2013 carter page was engaged in an argument with a publisher to whom he had submited a book manucontribuscr wrote a lengthy letter. many journalists know that he likes to engaging lengthy arguments. in this case among the argument why he made the book should be published is he had close to privilege for the last six
10:34 am
months of serving as an informal adviser to the kremlin on issues relating to the g-20 summit, the world's richest countries getting ready to take place in moscow the following month. so early indication that what was actually a critical time for carter page and his contacts with russians, a new piece of evidence of his contacts with them. new quote, the kwirt sage he was kind of a kook. was there anything else he was doing because i guess this book he wanted to publish was supposed to be sort of academic, right? scholarly. what had he doesn't in his life or in his career that would suggest that someone would publish a book like this by carter page? >> sure. no. carter page has a rather impressive resume when it comes
10:35 am
to scholarship and where he has a ph.d.. he's a member on the council of foreign relations. he's eccentric and as the editor noted he's outside the mainstream, consensus on u.s. policy towards russia, but it's not outside of carter page's skill set to write a book or a policy paper about u.s.-russian policy. what's interesting about the moment that he's doing this is it comes after a nine month period where the fbi became aware of an attempt, according to court documents that were later filed, an attempt by russian intelligence services to recruit carter page as an agent. this was an allegation that was made as part of a justice department prosecution of three russian spies in 2015. >> what happened with that? where did that go >> okay. so that story starts in january
10:36 am
2013 when a member of the russian diplomatic core approaches carter page and engaged him in some discussions about energy policy, and this russian diplomat was caught on tape saying that he was making promises to carter page about access to business in russia in exchange to try to recruit him. all of this was presented by the fbi and department of justice in a series of court documents when they brought charges against the russian, another colleague and a third man who was expelled from the country. no charges ever brought against page and nobody has ever alleged any wrongdoing against page with regard to this case or any other case, it should be set. >> fascinating stuff. thank you so much.
10:37 am
folks can read it at "time" magazine. air force one just touched down. we're told in cincinnati. president trump in ohio to give a speech on tax reform and manufacturing. first lady melania trump joins him and will visit a hospital and get a briefing on the opioid crisis. so we're keeping our eye on that for you. and a deal to protect dreamers. a bipartisan group of lawmakers just introduced it but does it stand a chance? the white house is trying to make sure the plan is d.o.a, and investigators are investigating why those two trains crashed into each other in south carolina and a new question of a safety tool that could save a lot of lives. like banging their head on a low ceiling. drinking spoiled milk. camping in poison ivy. getting a papercut. and having their arm trapped in a vending machine. but for everyone else, there's directv.
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our advisors can help you find both. talk to one today and see why we're bullish on the future. yours. and there we are back in ohio in cincinnati where the president and the first lady are shaking hands, meeting folks as they are getting ready to head to some different events. he's going to be talking about the economy. she's going to be doing some site visits. we'll keep our eye on that. of course the president's speech when it happens on a day when the dow is going down significantly, something he's liked to talk about a lot when he does these speeches about how strong the economy is. meantime the government is set to run out of money thursday for the second time in three weeks. republicans last month promiseed a debate on immigration if democrats would help turn the lights back on. today there sanu bipartisan immigration proposal. i want addresses dreamers and
10:42 am
border security but the white house is already saying forget about it. with us now "the washington post" political columnist, congressional correspondent, and msnbc contributor, author of "how the right lost its mind." this immigration proposal from senators mccain and coons, the white house says it's d.o.a. what do other senators think about it. where is it going? >> well, the best chance it probably has is that it appears that leader mcconnell agreed with democrats if there was no deal done by the end of this week there would be an open process where any bill could come up on the floor and there would be debate. that's the best chance that this new option could have of getting a vote. it doesn't seem to me from just talking to people on the hill there would be enough votes, 60 votes needed to get passed just having an initial consideration. we don't see that there are any
10:43 am
bills out there that might have that 60 votes. and speaker of the house says he doesn't want to bring up anything that doesn't have presidential support. it stays in the same kind of limbo that we've seen on every conversation on immigration. >> is that the heart of this there's no money for a border wall. where do you see this right now? >> i see this as complete dead lock. zero chance this new bill will get adopted. it's interesting paul ryan has taken the position he's not going to have a vote on anything not approved by the president because one option was for congressional republicans to move ahead on their own, to find a bipartisan middle ground on this issue, because there is a middle ground on this issue. there's a compromise there to have, if you cut-out the steven miller's of the world and others, but congressional republicans have decided to outsource that to the white house. >> where does that come from? if he's not going to say in
10:44 am
advance he'll sign something that you're not going to send to it him if you think that it's a reasonable deal and the best deal you can get? >> it's sort of opposite of leadership. you're looking to the president to be the broker, the deal maker, and -- >> a guy who many of them when sitting at a table with him recognize that he didn't know what many of the specifics were, even in generalities. >> yes. he blew up the negotiation. it looked like it was making progress with that famous ass hole comment. since then there's been almost no constructive progress on an issue that just a few weeks ago it looked like there was, at least a crack in the door to be able to come up with a compromise and frankly you have to put that, you know, at the door step of the white house and the failure of congressional republicans to push back and say, okay, if you're not going to lead, we'll get this done. >> apparently the first thing lawmakers in the house will do
10:45 am
today is vote on the release of the democrats memo. democrats are pushing back on the president's idea that the memo, on the republican side, vindicates him. you know, we were just talking to jackie speier. she thinks the vote will go through. the president won't release it. what's your sense? >> there's a gaggle of reporters on air force one where the white house said they plan to give at any time same consideration as they did for the devin nunes memo but they didn't commit whether or not they would release it. it's possible that the white house does block it. if that happens, though, i think that you'll see even greater protests happening in the home and you'll watch what's already a partisan and completely divided process become more so. be interesting how senate republicans weigh in because they have been pretty critical of the process in the house to begin with and there's a sense that those two investigations are moving further and further apart. >> in the meantime, let me ask
10:46 am
you what we're seeing right now. the president is in the crowd along with melania. he'll be talking about the economy. one of the things we're sure to hear him talk about is the tax cut that he has delivered to all americans in a big way. and then there's this tweet that paul ryan made and then deleted. a secretary at a public high school in lancaster, pennsylvania said she was pleased her wage went up $1.50 a week. it will more than cover her costco membership for a year. >> a gaffe in washington is when you accidentally speak the truth. of course, the democrats have been running around saying people are going to get crumbs for this and republicans acted with great umbrage and now basically they are acknowledging
10:47 am
$1.50 a week will not change anybody's life. it's true some other people will get more. if you're really rich you'll get a whole lot more. this is all going to be tested now in the field of public opinion. will this change the head winds against republicans. if that's the best they can come up with, one would think not and then we also have to look and see, you know, another route in the stock market today, just as the president has been building up the stock market a bit in his rhetoric artificially, if you live by the stock market you die by the stock market, if this becomes a bear market that will be much bigger trouble for republicans in mid-terms. >> when i was in ohio and pennsylvania in recent weeks, 50% of americans have money in the stock market. for people who were looking towards retirement that was a big deal for them. you got to look at all of this in the context of 2018, and, you know, his super p.a.c. is
10:48 am
starting to dole out checks to congressional candidates. one candidate who is not getting a check but getting headlines is arthur jones a republican running in illinois. he's a holocaust denier. he says the confederate flag is a symbol of white pride and blames the left for starting the protests in charlottesville. nobody is running against him. so, what's the responsibility of the national party or national leaders here? >> well, look, chris they are denouncing him but the question is how did we get to this point where you have a white spremt t supremist, a guy who is a neo-nazi with the republican nomination. they can't be surprised he ran because this is the sixth or seventh time he's done it. in the past they've challenged him, the signatures for the ballot. what they could have done in the first place is put up somebody. okay. it's a democratic district. probably no republican will win there. but put up somebody respectable
10:49 am
so you don't get into this situation or at this point even call an emergency convention, do what you can within the rules to prevent this thing from happening. but it feeds a national narrative that trump presidency has released this anything goes feeling, even as this is happening at one of the gubernatorial candidates on the republican side in illinois with this really quite vulgar ad, people in both parties saying this is not who we are, take this down and she's saying new york i'm going stick right with it. you can see this sort of permeating the culture in illinois and elsewhere. >> more to come. thanks to all of you. appreciate it. investigating a deadly train crash in south carolina. the key safety feature that have not being used and why it's still missing on long stretches of railway. but how to set up a limited liability company...
10:50 am
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10:54 am
new york to miami when it ended up on the wrong track and it slams into a administrationnary the right train. this is the third amtrak crash in less than two months. maya rodriguez is near the crash in lexington county, south carolina. this is the subject of a federal investigation. what can you tell us? >> investigators with the ntsb are here on site. they're looking at one, was this human error, and what were the mechanical conditions on the ground? the ntsb says it's possible that positive train control might have been able to prevent this crash. it's called ptc for short. it was supposed to be installed across the country by the end of 2015, but that deadline was extended until the end of this year with the possibility of it being extended to 2020. here's what the ntsb had to say about ptc and what a passenger
10:55 am
had to say about the crash. take a listen. >> ptc has been mandated to be installed over a lot of the nation's railroad. the deadline for that is the end of this year, december 31st, of this year. so determining the exact status of the installation of ptc will be something that will be very important for us to find out. to be clear, ptc is designed to prevent this type of accident. >> i feel at my worst. i've never seen anything in my entire life like this, bodies wherever, people on top of one another. the train just -- it just crashed. >> did you feel anything? see anything?
10:56 am
>> i was trapped. i couldn't move, both the seats were on my legs. i just couldn't move. >> one of the other things that investigators are going to be looking for is something called the event data recorder, basically the black box of the train. that will provide insight into what happened. >> one of those three crashes involved members of congress. the president is about to start his tour of a manufacturer plant outside of cincinnati, ohio. we'll be watching for that coming up in our next hour. this extravagant? or make a back seat that feels nothing like a back seat? why give it every feature you could want, along with a few you didn't know you needed? it's simple. you can build a car, or you can build a cadillac. come in now for this exceptional offer
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. that's going to wrap up this hour of msnbc live. katy tur is joining me. we'll get awe twitter from ice skating. >> okay. >> is that your sport? >> yes, >> okay. done. >> bundle up, it's going to be cold. it's 11:00 a.m. out west and 2:00 p.m. in ohio where president trump is going to hype his tax law this hour. we'll see him in 30 minutes in cincinnati. that's it, we're talking about the economy today. wrong. we're still talking about memo gate. don't blame us, we're just following the president's lead. donald trump kept the nunes memo alive for one more day tweeting


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