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tv   MSNBC Live With Alex Witt  MSNBC  February 11, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> i get a little bit of religion every sunday morning as i wait for you to toss the show to me. >> thank you, alex. >> i'm alex witt, we're approaching 9:00 a.m. in the east, 6:00 a.m. out west. we do have breaking news to share. a passenger plane crashed in russia, we're going to get you details in just a few minutes, also backlash, facing new criticism after his apparent defense of exstaffers accused of domestic abuse allegations. what are republicans saying about the latest tweet? >> it actually gives point by point we the republican memo is -- has a lot of false assertions and also in general just leads the reader into a false direction. >> what's the holdup? new theories on why they won't release the memo. will the public ever see it and if so, when? tough questions what the
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president might face if he ends up meeting in person with robert mueller and the chances of it happening again. parade controversy, is president trump at odds with the members of the military? those details next. new reaction from capitol hill to the president's tweet, appearing to defend the men accused of domestic violence and questioning whether due process for the accused still existed. democratic senator kirstin gillibrand, if he wants due process for the dozen sexual assault allegations against him, let's have congressional hearings tomorrow. democratic congresswoman jackie speier, we believe the women and he is frozen and i believe the men. he's beyond rehabilitation in my view. let's bring in nbc news white house correspondent kelly o'donnell with a good sunday morning to you. what is the mood in the west wing in the wake of all of this? >> good morning, alex, there's been no specific response to the
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president's tweet that triggered that kind of reaction. but there has been a lot of tension here in recent days coming from first the rob porter situation he of course resigned mid week. he was the staff secretary working very closely with the president and then late friday, a second staffer, a speechwriter, david sorenson also resigned. both accused of domestic violence and emotional abuse. both men deny that. that seemed to trigger the president's tweet. he didn't use names or give us specifics but the fact he was talking about defending accusers at a time when two people just left his administration in a very sort of in the spotlight way draws our attention to it. there has been tension. some of that centered around the chief of staff, questions have been raised in recent weeks from sources we've talked to inside the administration and outside that have said the president has been frustrated with the leadership of john kelly. remember if we look historically he had multiple campaign
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managers when he was a candidate. he had reince priebus in the big seat as chief of staff for just six months and now it's been a little over six months for john kelly, who was sworn in july 31st and still on the job now. i spoke to john kelly in the offices here on friday and asked him if he had offered to resign. he was adam aenlt he had not. there was also reporting that kelly was speaking among colleagues and the president offering a willingness to resign if it came to that. there's a distinction between offering the resignation or letting it be known that if it was his time to go he would be willing to do so. we're not sure where that sits right now but we know reince priebus has been speaking to the president from time to time. they of course have a close relationship and hugh hewitt asked about this issue of the frustration with kelly. >> the president has never explained to me about general kelly. on top of it, i would never --
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number one, he didn't do that but number two, i would never bring up such a subject. i'm not going to sit around and talk about the management of the west wing. that doesn't happen. i like john kelly a lot. i think he's an american hero. >> reporter: and we have also heard that the president has kicked around possible names and others close to him considering names of a potential successor to john kelly, but we've seen this kind of thing before, many times with high profile figures in the white house. and with many of them, the date of leaving eventually comes. we just don't know where we are with the john kelly era. one source told me, what is different now, when the president was frustrated by times when kelly made news with things that he said that upset the president, this time there's a specific set of actions, his handling of the porter situation that could be a reason if the president wanted to make a change. alex? >> kelly o'donnell, thank you for that. on the heels of kelly's report let's bring in kaitlan huey
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burns and olivia, good morning to you both. i want to talk about my colleague, she asked why the women in the white house don't just walk out. what kind of sense is there for how this latest tweet from the president relative to this topic, how this is resonating in the west wing? i'm not just talking about the female staffers? >> well, this series of tweets and president's statement in the white house on friday was completely tone deaf. remember the president is talking about due process but he as a candidate and as a public figure was an elevator of conspiracy theories, not to mention the birther movement, which is how he rose to the national stage. it's just completely tone deaf and not in line with things that he himself has promoted about other people that he didn't like. and of course, this comes against the backdrop of the me
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too movement, when the country is facing kind of a reckoning over assault and the president has been absent from all of those conversations and has his own histories and alleged behavior against him. so, not only that, but this is a white house that is in chaos at this point, yet kbagain, we're only in the seconds month of this year and porter situation has so much layers to it. the abuse, which we've seen pictures of, picture evidence of and the question over security clearances and the question over the white house hiring practices and the question over the time line that john kelly gave regarding porter's resignation and that doesn't quite match up with what we saw actually happen. >> olivia, i'm looking right now at the "washington post" article and it's really a breakdown of how the president has responded to abuse allegations against certain men over the years and that's going to include bill
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clinton, both when he was a friend and when he was not as much a friend because he was the president. he's got roy moore in here and al franken and so on. does trump believe the women? it depends on whether he likes the man. is this what this appears to boil down to, whether he likes the man at the center of the allegations? i brought up president clinton because at the time when he was attending his wedding and they were friendly, he would be supportive of him via tweet then not so much when he was the president. >> you know, that's a great question, alex. i think it boils down to loyalty. trump likes to constantly be on the side of his friends and those that also talk well of him. and what you see is when bill clinton was initially considered someone in his camp, he was much more likely to come to his defense and even slammed the women coming forward against bill clinton. but as the campaign got underway
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and the relations with bill clinton started to dissolve, you saw him taking a different sort of approach to the situation. he was starting to point out the allegations against him, which you know, for the most part he's come to the aid of those who are being accused rather than the victims. and it seems that when he does come to the aid of the victims or as he did with senator al franken, it's for reasons that benefit him. so al franken is a democratic senator who had been very critical of the president and you see that when the allegations started coming out there was a tweet about him -- the photo of him grabbing a breast or appearing to grope he said where do the hands go next in a tweet? that kind of sparked some backlash from those who say look, you have allegations that
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are over a dozen women have come out against you. >> yeah, true. i want to have you listen to what rnc spokesperson told me yesterday. take a listen, ladies. >> i look at the actions of the administration empowering women throughout the administration. lifting up women economically, unemployment numbers are lower than they've ever been. this is a white house that stands with women unmistakably. i understand people want to go to the past and relitigate a campaign issue but the american people elected donald trump as president of the united states and administration has stood for women. >> she made those comments before the tweet came out. how big of a disconnect to praise the president for being a champion of women and then for him to turn around and discredit these women who allege this kind of abuse? >> right, even though that statement came before the president's tweet, it came after the president's statement in the oval office in which he made a point to say, that porter --
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that was who was talking about on friday, said he was innocent. he made that point over and over again and never ever mentioned anything about the women in that statement. he consistently referred to porter and these allegations and porter's profession of professing his innocence. it's a huge disconnect but not surprising from the rnc because the rnc is an extension of the president, right? it serves to bolster the party and the president is the leader of that party. but, again, just going back to that statement on friday, i think really was just completely removed from the reality at hand. >> so -- >> i would like to quickly add to that. >> sure. >> this is a talking point that caylee and those meant to support the president repeatedly bring up, that he's empowering
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women. and you know, when he sides with those -- doesn't take the word of multiple women coming out and saying, you know, rob porter, abused of us when we were married, i don't see how that's empowerment right there. but -- >> especially when he tweets behind the scenes the republicans and campaign are constantly going what are we going to have to say next in their defense. i'm sure this tweet was caught them a little bit off guard. >> and even further, olivia, i'm looking at this "new york times" article on how the scandal that started with john kelly's handling of the allegations evolved to yesterday's tweet. here's the headline, gop squirms as trump veers off script with abuse remarks. there's no reaction for republicans overall, yes, you talk about the people putting
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out those talking points and spokesperson, but thsz semly been radio silence from the gop. what's that about? >> it's a strategy. if they don't want to upset the base by going against the president but also don't want to be associated with his sort of handling of the situation, it was almost cringe worthy watching the five different messages coming out about when they knew about the allegations of rob porter, what they did and how they addressed it. and you know, information is still continuing to make its way into the public purview. and the more that the white house continues to have five different messages, the worse it's looking. and you know, it's starting to make john kelly look like people question if his job at the white house is secure. >> the extent to which he's able to control the content of what's k coming out of the white house.
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>> unfortunately i have to let that be the last word because we have breaking news to share. thank you. this breaking news i'm talking about comes from russia this morning. a passenger plane has gone down. this reportedly was just leaving moscow when it crashed. there are no signs of survivors. let's get right to lucy c cavanaugh. >> they are not sure the cause of the crash but the plane went down in the moss ccow region shortly after takeoff. this was a russian made plane and took off from one of the three main airports in moscow serving the russian capital and it took off with 71 people on board. 65 people -- 65 passenger and six member of crew. you see the footage of the snowy field. we understand that the plane was lost. it disappeared from radar screen shortly after takeoff and believed to have gone down about 25 miles from the airport.
6:14 am
that's probably the footage you're seeing now that is where fragments of the plane were found. we've seen local air -- media air -- this video you're seeing now what looks like a piece of the plane painted yellow on the outside in the snow, unclear if there were any casualties among the people on the ground at the crash site. russian media said the jet belonged to the airline that was actually banned back in 2015 from operating international flights when surprise inspectors found someone other than the flight crew in the cockpit. the flight tracking website flight radar 24 tweets the aircraft was shown as descending 3,305 per minute and something went wrong quite quickly and enroute near the border with kazakhstan. and at the moment, we do know that russia's investigative committee is looking into all possible causes of this crash. >> this is not a rescue
6:15 am
operation. it is merely recovery i would assume looking at the scenes here, correct? >> they have not confirmed that as of yet. local media are unfortunately reporting that all 71 people were killed but that is not something we have had confirmed from authorities. you do see the pictures in front of you there. >> thank you so much from our london bureau. defending the accused, the president's tweet in support of his exstaffer's fighting domestic abuse allegations, a number of high profile democrats have come out against it and i'll ask will the gop condemn the president's words. jimmy's gotten used to his whole room smelling like sweaty odors.
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not much reaction from republicans today on the president's apparent defense of accused domestic abusers, gop squirms as trump veers off script with abuse remarks. leonard lance joins me in the studio. thank you for joining me, i appreciate that. >> thank you, alex. i want to get the president's response to these abuse allegations. does this make you do what the new york times headline said, make you squirm? >> i add who sexual violence in any form, i've been involved in this issue for quite some time when i was in the state legislature i funded domestic violence shelters by raising the marriage license free and we should all condemn any sort of sexual violence. >> you have done that, but what
6:20 am
about the president? >> i hope that he would and i think he should do that and i urge him to do that. and the young man should never have been permitted to stay in the white house once there was any indication that this was a problem. >> and we should say john kelly says that within 40 minutes of him getting full picture, full story, he was gone. that said, the president's tweet, the way he chooses to communicate with the american people with some alarming regularity, depending on what time of day it is, do you agree with what he said there? he does not even go near the alleg alleged actions against the women and how they might have feel. >> no, i do not. certainly there was proof apparently given the photograph. >> what about others, we have plenty of democrats condemning the tweets but is there a reason why republicans don't? and if they don't, why don't they? >> i view these issues based
6:21 am
upon public policy and i have always abhorred sexual violence and will speak out whenever and wherever it occurs. >> this is you but your colleagues in the house, why do we not hear more of them coming out and saying exactly what you just did in direct contrast to what the president snez. >> i hope more do and i would urge night colleagumy colleague >> the main reason here the president didn't give any recognition to the sense of tone deafness in terms of sympathy towards the alleged victims and the president talks about giving those accusers due process, doesn't it work both ways? >> of course it does. i'm an attorney by profession and i believe in due process. due process involves both sides of any issue, let me repeat. there was evidence based upon the photograph and i think that person should have been removed from the white house once that evidence was available. >> do you worry that the
6:22 am
president's stance on these kind of issues may have a disaster effect for republicans come november? >> i think each of us will be judged based upon our own position and that is the case in the district i serve. i have a highly educated district and i'll be judged based upon my position on these issues. >> you came home and held a town hall yesterday in your district of new jersey and you got pushback from voters there on issues over the russia investigation and specific to that, there's a new poll out that shows two-thirds of americans would believe the fbi over the president, 71% say the fbi is just doing its job. it is not specifically out to get donald trump. where do you fall on that? are you more likely to believe the fbi or the president? >> i think that the fbi has a storied history and is a great organization. i think regarding the republican memo and the democratic memo, that both of those memos should
6:23 am
be brought forth to the public and i hope that the democratic memo can be brought forth as quickly as possible. there may have to be some redacti redaction, i understand that. but i indicated several weeks ago both memos should be made public. >> why do you think the president has yet to release the democratic memo? >> the president says there is sensitive information and that may be true but i want as much of that memo released as is possible. >> i spoke with the congressman yesterday who has seen both memos and he said in no uncertain terms because i pressed him, there is nothing in the democratic memo that would suggest compromising national security, revealing sources, methods, all of those things that the republicans have said they are concerned about. >> i have read both memos -- >> what do you think? >> i think that both memos should be released and i hope that the democratic memo can be released and i hope it can be released as quickly as possible. >> there are questions you mentioned possible redactions.
6:24 am
how much do you think in your estimation might need to be redacted? are we talking about one points, two points, 20 points? >> i'm not an expert because i'm not on the intelligence committee but i would prefer as much to be released as is possible. >> so i want to talk about russian meddling and reaction via this maris poll and what people think and how r how it's going to show up in the 2018 elections. most republicans and independents do not think russia will be meddling in the election later this year. 60% of democrats expect meddling. so where do you stand on that and what is the government doing to prevent it? >> alex, i think russia is likely to meddle in 2018 as it did in 2016. i think the russian government is a bad actor and one of the reasons i voted for the budget bill two days ago was that it funds the -- all of the
6:25 am
departments, including the department of homeland security, which is working on this issue and mike pompeo indicated that he felt there might be meddling and we have to make sure it doesn't occur. >> why is it you think that so many republicans don't see this? they don't believe it? >> i believe it based upon the advise of experts including those in the executive branch and including the cia director and i'm confident that what they are telling the american people and telling us in congress is accurate. >> i mentioned your town hall yesterday. what did your constituents express to you? >> my constituents want us to work out in a bipartisan capacity and bipartisanship is critically important. that's why there was a bipartisan agreement on the budget document, a majority of the republicans in the house voted for the budget document, many democrats did although not a majority of democrats but
6:26 am
there was wide bipartisan support. >> i know that there was a bit of pushback to you and your comments to those who pushed back on you and you said i'm forceful but i'm civil. in this extremely partisan time, does that -- do you worry that's not going to be effective anymore, to be civil and forceful? >> i think it's important to be both. and i think that civility is absolutely essential in the american tradition and i favor civility on both sides. and alex, i tried to lead by example, i'm not going to change my point of view which is civility and that doesn't mean that you cannot be forceful. i believe i've been forceful this morning in answering your questions and i will criticize where i think it is appropriate. i don't like to have epitthets hurled at me and i never hurled epithets to anyone else. >> i appreciate that kind of approach to the government.
6:27 am
that being said, this president, would you call him civil the way he does name calling and any number of other things? >> i do not like the name calling and i think moving forward the president should tweet less. i understand why he tweetds to speak directly to the american people, but some of his tweets are counter productive and i would urge him to examine that. >> all right, new jersey congressman leonard lance, thanks for joining me. >> whom to believe? 55% of americans side with robert mueller. 30% the president. how might opinions change if the president does indeed do a face to face interview with special counsel? we have legal thoughts next. >> and we see the light now of the olympic flame in pyeongchang south korea and it's now concluding the first weekend of events. according to a new sursurvey, 5 will watch at work. a quarter of employers say we'll let them watch olympics as long as it doesn't interfere with your work. but experts say the loss productivity will cost employers
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at the half hour, here's what we're monitoring, we have breaking news out of russia, where a plane has crashed near moscow killing everyone on board. 65 passengers and six crew members were on that flight. it was heading towards russia's border with kazakhstan, only fragments of the plane have been recovered. it is still unclear what caused the crash. the president tells democrats to go back to the drawing board with the rebuttal memo of the russia investigation, tweeting democrats need to redo their rebuttal memo and send back in proper form. while the dems on the house intelligence committee work on a revised memo with the department of justice, the republicans are hammering home points from their memo. >> my expectation is it that the american people will win through the employment of a second special counsel but that will require jeff sessions to do his job. the fbi and department of justice did not investigate themselves and the evidence we've uncovered wrong doing at
6:33 am
the highest levels of those agencies. >> does sessions have the authority since he recused himself from russia matters to appoint a second independent counsel? >> of course he does. there was no legal obligation for that recusal. >> is congressman gates correct? good sunday morning to you my friend. can jeff sessions appoint a second special counsel even though he recused himself from the russia investigation and should he? >> the answer is yes, i don't agree with that assertion we just heard in the lead-up to the question you asked me that there was no legal obligation. i mean if there wasn't an obligation why did he recuse himself? so the attorney general or deputy attorney general can appoint special counsel. so then the question is, should he, which you just asked me and the answer is, just say no. i'm going to use an old phrase from the prior drug war. because jeff sessions has shown he has ethical and moral and legal interpret tud to just say no to donald trump when it's
6:34 am
important and it's become so convoluted and the legality of what's going on has become lost in the political theater we talk about every week. if there's nothing to investigate, don't do it. if there is, sure, but the mueller investigate will continue on its train traveling at least separate and apart from any other investigations even if there is a special counsel appointed for a second investigation. >> with regard to the house democratic memo, why would they put classified information in the rebuttal for public release? this is something they would be conscious of. they are trying to protect national security not release its secrets. >> i'm mindful and respectful of the american intelligence community but here's the double standard and hypocrisy which stinks. we have the republicans memo that came out through nooun nunes and there's no redactions but in the democrats put the redactions in. here's something people don't know about. there's a little known rule that allows the democrats to do a closed door vote of the entire house of representatives and
6:35 am
they being the entire house of representatives can override president donald trump and release the memo in its entirety. the democrats are trying to be mindful of this admonition that there are parts that need to be redacted. what are you hiding in terms of the trump administration? let it out. let the entirety of the evidence so the american public can see and make a determination on its own as to whether there has been something untoward with the fisa court. >> it's my understanding that the democrats allowed the fbi, the doj to look at their memo before sending it to the president. had they had concerns at that time wouldn't they have made the changes before sending to the president? >> that's a good question. the answer is no, the white house is going to want to see it in its entirety. it's white house counsel don mcgahn who makes the decision whether or not it gets released.
6:36 am
it's like everybody has their hands in the mix. there's so much chefs in the kitchen at this point. if you want to release the memo and according to donald trump has no problem with the transparency, release the memo with redactions being respectful of the intelligence community and then allow again the american public to sit there and say, i buy this out of this memo or this but at the end of the day too, it's really a whole bunch of nothing in terms of what's being asserted by the republicans. >> always appreciate your insights katie phang, thanks for joining me. >> president trump's parade envy. what is behind his fascination. you were made to move. to progress. to not just accept what you see, but imagine something new. at invisalign®, we use the most advanced teeth straightening technology to help you find the next amazing version of yourself. it's time to unleash your secret weapon. it's there, right under your nose. get to your best smile up to 50% faster.
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affection and respect for the military. >> it's a fantastic waste of money to amuse the president. >> this is not about a dictatorship but the president wanting to honor the military. when we have plans we'll announce them to you. >> mixed reactions to the president's request for top pentagon officials to put together a military parade. the country has not held one since 1991. does that mean america is due for a celebration or is it just a waste of money? the executive editor kevin bear ron. what are your thoughts on a parade? >> who doesn't love a parade, right? a lot of people apparently. this idea has gotten a lot of blow back from the military and federal government and members of congress and even this week from the d.c. government.
6:41 am
remember, it takes a lot of approvals to put on a parade. the president can't just wave his hand and make it happen. washington is filled with a lot of democrats and d.c. council and board have pushed back on that idea. there's been a lot of ideas to move it to different cities and different bases and have small parades around the country. they have to have the same obstacles and same approvals. on the whole in yen this has not been a good idea that has gotten positive feedback much anywhere. >> what about the overall with the public, can you gauge reaction there? do you think you can score points with the american public? >> yes, i think there's a mixed bag there. i mean, to be real, people do love a parade. and i attended many military ceremonies over the years and a lot of people think we're long overdue for one of these, it's been a long, long 16 years of war. there are plenty of ways to do this without it looking like north korea and planes and
6:42 am
tanks. it could be about the people and veterans and really celebrate the military in a bigger way that's more sincere then say the nfl super bowl. but it's a delicate matter because it came from this president at this moment. >> interestingly, one of your colleagues over at defense one wrote, a big parade at this moment would make the last time a president conducted such an audacious military spectacle in 2003, george w. bush landed on an aircraft carrier to herald mission accomplished in iraq, make it seem quaint. >> that was written by derrick, who was the assistant secretary of defense under president obama. used to work for richard hol brook. his point was kind of the same. he's been to many military ceremonies but there are politics involved in this and probably won't be a great political moment for the president and for the democrats or others who want to oppose it, why give it to him? you know in his words he thinks the president will try to make this into a divisive issue,
6:43 am
either you support my parade or if you don't, or treasonous, like the people that wouldn't applaud at the lines in the state of the union address. >> your colleague wrote at the very end, the danger is this parade becomes yet another way for trump and supporters to use the military to divide the country, those that support it being seen as patriotic and those who don't as being un-american. it it's sowing division. >> a lot of folks are afraid could happen but you don't know. you could throw a parade and it could be treated respectfully but to get to that point there's a long way to go. even at the pentagon this week they were putting the brakes like sar a sanders did on the whole idea saying this is one idea. the president wants to honor the troops. we're going to present options, what the president does. everyone is kind of like winking and nodding a little bit like the idea of this actually
6:44 am
happening and coming -- really happening is still a long way off. >> what's your bet? what do you think the chances are it happens? >> i think it doesn't happen. maybe there's a much more robust fourth of july and veterans day this year or some other combination. the uso puts on events, there are television events, lots of ways to celebrate the troops and celebrate families and keep this out of the realm of the politics if that's the intention of this president. there's a lot different things we can do to march them down constitution avenue at the gigantic spectacle with donald trump in the middle of it. kevin bacon, thank you so much. >>. i meant baron. >> she whispered into hope hicks here, for first time we're hearing from kellyanne conway and her reaction to the president's tweet yesterday. and ahead on "a.m. joy", vote
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6:49 am
competence and work product and that's what the president did friday in his statement. and you could still feel horrified when you see pictures and con tell rain yus reports. the president's tweet was more generic. >> that was kellyanne conway. here's part of it. people's lives are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation. there's no recovery for someone falsely accused and life and career are gone and is there no such thing any longer as due process? joining me now, adrian elrod and michael singleton. with a good morning to you both -- >> good morning, alex. >> did you see that as being a generic tweet from the president? >> no, i didn't see that.
6:50 am
i see that as being following his pattern of behavior where he defends people that he wants to keep on his staff and often times white powerful men who he wants to keep in his orbit. we're talking about somebody where there is photographic evidence that he domestically abused his former spouse. i think all of us do agree that due procession is part of what should happen but at the same time, when there's photographic evidence that is extremely difficult to dispute, due process has already been served. >> and that photograph was already out there. why no mention of the victims in the president's tweets? why not follow up with a nod to the victims and why no outreach from republican voices on this? >> look, i have to say, i am completely appalled by kellyanne conway reports -- she was
6:51 am
pregnant, lost a baby and became depressed and stayed with this guy, the first wife gave her a black eye. there are 4.8 million women in the country that are -- that experienced domestic abuse every year by a partner. and less than 20% of those women actually report that. so where is their due process. if you want to talk about due process, let's talk about those women. rob porter is a horrible human being and weak man. no man will put his hands on a women ever. for the white house to have this absurd remarks that have been coming out from officials that we didn't know or he tried to spin it or we weren't exactly sure because he was a good guy, that was woubaloney and do not it. >> i want to look at reports made by the "new york times," which have been inching upward. but then you have this habit of making the insensitive remarks. it does the party no favors with women you can presume. what kind of message does it
6:52 am
send to women voters? how can your party counter this tone did he haveneeafness? >> i was reading an article by brownstein and referencing a gallup poll from a week ago college educated white women are decreasing support for president trump. so i think this gives democrats a complicated but an opportunity potentially if they can get things in order to really challenge republicans in november. but i think if you continue to see this type of incidence where they completely fail on these type of issues, women will either stay home, republicans that is or they will vote for someone else, not a republican. detrimental to the party. >> if the president continues to tweet about this topic in this way, you have 52% of white women voters who voted for trump in 2016. what do they do? do you think they turn their backs on him? >> i disagree.
6:53 am
i think these women come out and vote and vote for democrats. we've seen this in down ballot races throughout the country in 2017 and special elections and i think we're going to see it more in 2018. women are coming out in droves. what i find to be actually very uplifting is that after secretary clinton lost in 2016, nearly lost to president trump, i didn't expect to see the year of the woman take place in 2017 and on through 2018. but that's what we're seeing now. women independents and republicans, does not matter the party affiliation, they don't like what this president is doing and don't like the tone coming out of the white house. and they certainty don't condone behavior where a senior aid supposed to be handling classified information and allowing him in turning a blind eye to stay in the job in the white house because they have such difficult time finding xpe staff. >> let's talk about hope hicks
6:54 am
because there are several reports saying that the president was upset with her. she's the communications director over her handling of this particular situation. then on friday, the president put out this statement and he gave it to the "new york times," hope is absolutely fantastic and with the campaign from the beginning and not ask for anything more. smart and very talented and respect d by all. why did the president feel the need to put this out there? >> well, i think the strategy is that she is the one member of his team that has been with him since the very beginning of his presidential campaign and been largely behind the scenes. you don't hear much from her even though she is communications director which is intding. but the fact she's come under scrutiny. he probably felt the need to come forward and defend her because she's one of the most loyal staffers. we'll see what happens with her. but again, you're talking about the communications director of the white house, typically is a
6:55 am
high profile person, out there on the stump speaking on behalf of the president. we don't hear a lot from hope hicks, i think he's trying to hold on to her and make it clear she's staying with him regardless of the situation. >> and i want to point out you were let's go by this administration and tweeted a national review column that mentions the reason for your depart tour, david french was the one who wrote the same administration that let porter linger for months is the administration that was adept at per using twitter for any evidence that potential employees criticized potus during the primary or general election, remember when shermichael singleton was fired for a single critical op-ed? what's your reaction to that? >> alex, it goes to tell you that the president likes loyalty over anything else. no matter how egregious the act is or the flaws of the person's character, if you're loyal to trump, you have a position in
6:56 am
his administration. i think the american people not only do we want competent people running our government working in the white house, we also want people who have good ethics and values and good morals. you're not seeing that from this administration which leads to the current division and divides we see throughout the country. >> it is extraordinary the reasons for your departure.adri you. >> why the departure of a high ranking justice department official could have major implications for the russia investigation? it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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that's a wrap for this hour. i'm alex witt. stay where you are, it's time for "a.m. joy" with my friend joy reid. >> you want to stop a four-star general who is running the white house who believes in chain of command, who makes a decision within 40 minutes because you hate donald trump? find another scapegoat. you might want to look at the last president. good morning, and welcome to "a.m. joy" fox news revived its tried and true tactic for getting the republican president out of a jam. blame obama. they found a way to blame the former president, who did not abuse women, much less his wife and face allegations of sexual misconduct or as


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