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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  March 3, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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this plan. the trump plan 25% tax on steel imported to the united states and a 10% tax on aluminum imported to the united states. the eu has already responded with proposed tariffs of its own targeting classic american-made goods like bourbon, blue jeans, motorcycles and orange juice in the states that the president has gained support since the 2016 election. now, the president's tariff proposal is also stoking concerns within his own party. some republicans say the move will kill jobs across the country and alricaalricalture. the united states has an $800 billion trade deficit because of oour very stupid trade deals and policies. our wealth is given to other countri countries -- decided on the trade war, the president, after becoming, quote, unglued by a series of events in his very own inner circle.
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including his anger at jeff sessions and chief of staff, kelly and hope hicks. joining me right now, i'd like to bring in phil rucker who is politics reporter with "washington post" with some breaking news for us. and, we'll also have a great team to reflect on the new reporting after that from the "los angeles time" curtis lee and kevin serilli and betsy woodruff. all-star team. but, let's now, as i was mentioning, get straight to philip rucker and you have some reporting on your website on "washington post" here and i'll read the headline very quickly. pure madness. dark days inside the white house as trump shocks and rages. two or three new pieces of reporting and if you can relate that to us. >> so glad to be here. we spoke with a number of white house officials over 20 folks inside the administration and other advisors who are increasingly concerned after the
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moves of the last couple of days. with the president's stability and control. there is a feeling that things are flying a little bit out of control here. there is a level of anxiety and volatility and darkness that aides say they have not seen since the middle of last year when there was a big turnover with the departure of reince priebus. part of this is because the president is feeling increasingly isolated with the departure coming up soon of hope hicks ho hicks. he has lost some of the personal support in the oval office. and also because of his reaction to the news coverage. they say every time he looks up at tv late at night, early in the morning, during the day he sees negative headlines, including about his son-in-law, jared kushner, and the scandals troubling him. it's unclear how they'll dick out of this, although it's noted
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that the president was in good spirits and having a good conversation with rudy giuliani. >> we're just speaking about here on msnbc and developing in that conversation and he also talked about tariffs and terrorism. >> that's right. he spoke at dinner last night with rudy giuliani, giuliani's wife, judith, as well as steve schwartz, the chairman of blackstone group and tried to convince them that these new tariffs he has announced the day before the white house were going to be far more popular than these gentlemen assumed. >> tariffs, okay, specific to tariffs. i just misheard that in the discussion specifically about trade. despite all of the responses we've seen from around the world, as well as within his own party, he also, i understand from your reporting, was asking aides or those around him, had jared kushner done anything wrong? >> that's right. he has seen a lot of coverage.
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the real drum beat over the last several days about jared kushner and his connection or the scrutiny, rather, he is receiving in the russia probe and he's been asking people inside the white house and others whether they think jared kushner or his company has done anything wrong. the president, of course, is defensive of his son-in-law, kushner. he hates the fact that he's being blungeened in the media and the president is frustrated that there are not many on cable news or else where in the media that are defending jared kushner. he feels like there is silence there and that has gotten under his skin. >> philip, you have been seen reporting about the attorney general reacting to the president's tweet coming out, again, jeff sessions at the brunt of that attack and the picture of the two of them having a meal together. he probably also seeing that on air on various channels and you also have some reporting on that. >> that's right. would not surprise you that the president noticed that picture
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on wednesday night and did not like it. he, in particularly, didn't like that it was being as an act of solidarity between sessions and rosenstein. the president over many, many months has had it out for his attorney general and mocking his attorney general and really taken issue with some of the decisions that he's made at the justice department. but wednesday night and again on thursday morning, raging to friends, vepti friends, venting about that photo. a show of disloyalty, according to the sources that we interviewed for the story. >> philip, i can't thank you, again. we've done this before on a saturday where you called in and chat about new reporting you are putting out there. we are glad you decided to spend a little bit of your saturday. philip rucker at the "washington post" thank you so much. >> thank you. you can all read it at >> great plug at the end.
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>> betsy, kick this off for us. this is consistent with nbc news reporting and the title in our reporting unglued, right. you've had the chance, all three of you, to talk about that very topic and now we have it from the "washington post" and others saying pure madness. dark days inside the white house as trump shocks and rages. just another cooperation of a white house this week getting a little bit more concerned and a little bit more chaotic. >> that's right. these teng tensions of the administration are not just within the white house but between the white house and other agencies. one of the most important examples, of course, this massively important issue of tariffs. the commerce department put out a report where they concluded unless we put in some sort of tariff, tax punishment on steel and aluminum that overproduction would create a national security problem. but it turns out the pentagon actually doesn't agree with that. secretary mattis has communicated that he doesn't
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think that global steel and aluminum and instead increasing tension between the united states and some of its key allies including canada and japan is much more likely to potentially have impacts on our national security. so, while we're seeing within the white house a lot of tensions and very high emotions and this type of tension and this type of frustration goes between the white house and other major agencies, as well. >> what we have always seen here before, kevin, after these difficult times the president goes to a sounding board, right? he goes to one of his main resorts, in this case, he's in florida this saturday for a bit and he's asking folks that are around him, what do you think? and at least by the reporting that he's having a better day today. >> hey, richard, yeah. so, a couple things about the tariffs. first and foremost, everyone in the market world understands that china has been abusing the steel industry for quite some time here.
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so, the sources that i talked with on the issue of tariffs, the second point i'd make is that this is being perceived by investors in the wall street community as an opening bid bargaining chip. that's why you saw the reaction from wall street just a couple of days ago. a dip in it. wall street did not get a voice of approval on this. but, quickly, the third point that i would make is that there are industry groups within the united states who have been very vocal, most notably, the chamber of commerce, as well as other folks including the beverage industries and you heard from house speaker paul ryan and even house financial services committee two different factions of the republican ideology on the economic standpoint saying that they disagree with the tariff proposal. that said, i would also note the reaction with the european union suggesting that they would file complaints with the world trade organization. we should quickly note that south korea has said that they would move business into china and southeast asia, as well as,
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oh, yeah, russia. but this is a battle between the chinese and the u.s. it's an opening bid bargaining chip heading into other trade agreements. >> and we've brought up the discussion in the last couple of days, the very idea of what this will mean for florida. swing state with oranges, right? looking at bourbon out of kentucky. mitch mcconnell, wisconsin, harley davidson. what this means for those leaders and parties going forward. when we look at what is happening, california, the globe's seventh largest economy and manufacturer. what has been the response? >> concerns from across the board. we saw with this announcement, this off the cuff announcement by president trump. i mean, democrats and republicans alike have this idea of tariffs on steel and i think there is a lot of concern. just from looking at the president, some of his decision here could weigh into this very competitive race out in western
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pennsylvania. this congressional race that the president has talked about and maybe he's looking to cater to, you know, those west virginia or those western pennsylvania voters. but, i mean, a lot of concern for democrats and republicans alike on this issue. this is, again, the president a trend we're seeing with the president going off the cuff with making these announcements. we saw this shortly after the inauguration with his travel ban proposal. he didn't talk to his administration. many people inside his administration about it. also with the ban of transgender people serving in the military. many people did not know about this and this fits the pattern of the president really going off the cuff and announcing, you know, different deals without consulting people on his team. >> betsy, what happens next week? >> that's a really good question. the president doesn't actually have documentation already put together that's gone through the legal vetting process to implement these tariffs. the big question going into next week is what kind of carve outs are put in place when these tariffs come out, if they come out as soon as next week. potential carve outs could blunt
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the affects -- the president himself are not interested in those carve outs. gary cohn working overtime to find some sort of way to soften the blow. the big question for next week, does the blow get softened? >> quickly to you, kevin, you laughed there. >> i totally agree with the sense in curtis that this helps him in the certain factions of his base. he is heading to pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, this helps him. i think this is just somewhat we saw on the trail. the pro-business community versus the grassroots populism is really at a head now with this policy proposal. >> curtis, you look at a map put up by economist, this is going tahurt more of his base than it is going to help, at least by the numbers. >> it's really interesting. we'll just have to see how this works and how it -- whether it helps the president or not. >> okay. it's going to be a week to find
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oout out if we get the policy all three of you cover so well for us. all great reporters and always fantastic to have you on. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> sure thing. >> appreciate it. in the days before president trump announced the proposal there trade tariffs, this tv ad focusing on the president's campaign promises about steel was released. take a listen. >> american steel. american steel. american steel. >> we heard the promises. >> wait until you see what i am going to do for steel. >> president trump. america's workers are counting on you to protect our jobs and defend our national security. it is time to keep the promise. >> the organization behind that ad is the alliance for american manufacturi manufacturing, a nonpartnership by united steel workers. for more on what they think of these new tariffs, let's bring in the president of that group scott paul. scott, you know, the amount of
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information coming into you and me and all of us in terms of what might happen on these tariffs based on what we know as of this hour, your reaction. >> richard, good to be with you. i expect the president to be true to his word. he indicated that he would get this done next week. he does have to sign the proclamation, so he has to sign a piece of paper that would indicate the tariff levels. the types of products they apply to, how strict they are. if there are going to be quotas. a lot of unanswered questions. we'll be watching the process very closely. and i will be the first to admit that the way it was rolled out on thursday was in elegant, but this is a move that has been telegraphed for a very long time. trump specifically promised these type of tariffs in a june 26 speech in western pennsylvania. i think if gary cohn was trying to prevent him from signing these papers, he is going to do it.
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>> what do you think would have been a better way to introduce the upcoming policy that we expect this coming week? >> well, look, i can't speak to what's happening inside the white house because i am not there. but i do know that the process up until that point has been quite orderly. an investigation that was ni initianis initiated in april and public hearings and a lot of information gathered from steel makers and steel consumers. the commerce department released a report in january. it was made public in february with very specific recommendatio recommendations. the meeting has had meetings with lots of lawmakers about this and a fair amount of outreach. so, the fact that this was coming is not a surprise. i mean, the timing might have. but the fact that this was coming was, i think, inevitable. >> there would be many that would say, you know, all jobs are important because they just are because we need to have one. and the flip side, those that
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look at this current debate of helping one group. those who are involved in steel manufacturing versus those who might be hurt. that work in steel consuming businesses across the country and the numbers on the latter are much greater than the former. how would you react to that? >> i don't think that's the comparison that is the right one to make. who is getting a fair deal in the global economy and who is not. there is no question that our market is the dumping ground for steel. we're the largest importer of the steel in the world. we've lost 15,000 steel jobs over the past four or five years when our economy has otherwise been healthy. china is not a rule follower. in this respect it spills over to other markets why you need a global solution for this and the steel consuming industries quite frankly have been getting a free gift from the chinese
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government. but it's come at an extraordinary cost to these steel towns. i just visited a steel town in coatsville, pennsylvania. been making military grade steel since 1810 and teetering on the brink of extinction because of these unfair trade restrictions. as secretary ross pointed out with his, i think, really infamous meme, it is true. the material cost of a can of beer is a fraction. and if you're going to pay a penny more for a six pack of beer, but you're going to save america's steel industry. one that can provide the armor plate for our aircraft carriers and for our abrams tanks and virginia class submarines. that is a deal most americans, those in the midwest and everywhere else is going to be willing to take. >> many states in the midwest watching this very closely. thank you, scott paul. appreciate it. conflicts of business.
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we want to get back to what we were talking about at the top of the hour. president trump has been asking people close to him whether they believe his son-in-law and senior adviser jared kushner or his company have done anything wrong. npc sources saying special counsel robert mueller's team is investigating whether the company's search for real estate
2:21 pm
investing from foreign governments may have influenced white house policy, including putting diplomatic pressure on qatar after that country declined to invest in a kushner property. it's a bad week for the president's son-in-law and senior adviser if you're reading the headlines. he has still not been able to get full security clearance. and he also had his access to top secret classified intelligence revoked this week. this despite being tasked with middle east peace negotiations among other vital united states diplomacy objectives. joining me now nbc national security analyst, former assistant director for counterintelligence at the fbi and now chief operating officer at et risk management. a former federal prosecutor who also served during impeachment proceedings during former president bill clinton. good to have you both here to talk about these issues. frank, you see the reporting coming out of "washington post" and nbc news specifically
2:22 pm
related to jared kushner. the president asking and really questioning the confidence, in essence, of what his son-in-law may and may not have done. we also have the nbc reporting that was just mentioning. where do you think we're at with jared kushner? is he about to leave the white house? >> president trump is asking valid questions. he's asking questions too late. same questions that bob mueller has been asking. i think for the good of the white house i think president trump needs to seriously consider asking his son-in-law to step down. here's why. first, you have the security clearance issue. although the top secret clearance is gone, he still has a secret clearance and he still clearly has foreign financial entanglements that are causing problems with how he's perceived in meetings with foreign officials. secondly, even more importantly, the importance of quid pro quo. sitting down in essentially a
2:23 pm
government meeting even if i start out the meeting by saying i'm not going to discuss my -- they are thinking whatever transpires in this meeting is going to help or hurt us. that's a problem and that's why i don't think kushner is wrong for his position. >> to put out a map for you, the question, according to our reporting, mueller here now asking witnesses about kushner's business ties to qatar, as well as turkey, russia, the uae and china and all of those included. what sort of legal peril does he face based on this line of questioning that mueller we're hearing, is going through. >> well, the line of question is obvious, which is the motive for aligning themselves, perhaps with nation states other than russia from the beginning. we do remember that in december 22nd when flynn had a conversation with the u.n.
2:24 pm
resolution that affected israel. i think that maybe the focus on russia is only part of a bigger picture. i also think that when trump is asking do you think he did anything wrong, we're talking about mr. violation. i think that he wants to pretend to be ignorant of what's going on and i think that it tells you about something to his loyalty and there's only loyalty to one direction and it goes towards trump. he is never goiot going to do w and that includes his own survival more than anybody else. perhaps any family member. we don't know how he'll handle his own son. we saw how he tried to cover up on the june 9th memo that is denying it was about anything but adoption. there is a whole series of things and the conspiracy that is involved to become president is perhaps the leverage all these things and mueller is, no doubt, looking at it. looking back to when trump may
2:25 pm
have first made his arrangements for this to happen in this election year. >> i want to build on what you were saying there, john. to you, frank, on this. the mulultimate loyalty and commitment and if the president is asking about his own son-in-law about potentially being in areas of conflict with his own personal business dealings, let me add in what "washington post" was saying concern about jared kushner being manipulated or leveraged to get and get the outcomes that specific countries were going for, israel, china, mexico were mentioned in this "washington post" report. might that be a question now the president is really asking? should i trust jared kushner? >> he is now criminally exposed and the issue of trust is a very real one. is my own son-in-law about to cooperate and pressured because
2:26 pm
of debt and mueller's intensity to cooperate and inform against me. so, kushner has become a liability for the president and i'm thinking you're going to see him fade away in the relatively near future. >> we don't have any -- and we also don't know when the special counsel does have those -- we're cooperating with them. we don't always know that. >> we don't always know that. the policy so far on behalf of kushner has been to resist and deny. we've seen him a lot more recently giving statements so that kushner's not exposed in these discussions. at some point or another we have this closing gap between the president and his advisors closing in on the president. so, he's got to be, he's got to be very anxious. we have people who can talk about the money now. we have gates, we have flynn who may be responsible for some of the disclosures that lead us to these questions about what kushner was getting out of his
2:27 pm
dealings. and i don't think he's being manipulated. i think it's an equal partnership. he's been manipulating knowingly. that's what we'll find out. th >> denying any ethics violations. has met with numbers rather saying that kushner has met with hundreds of business people and has taken no part of any business, loans or projects with or for the family company since entering the white house job. frank, as you've been watching what mueller has been doing, where we're at in just this last week as we hear to what witnesses are saying to some reporters. does the president watch what's happening to jared kushner and say, this is getting too close. this is perhaps the playbook that i'll have to face soon coming from the spence koulcoun? >> look, i think we have reports now that kushner's father actually met with official os from qatar and hit them up for a
2:28 pm
loan which they rejected and then subsequently we see the president come out in favor of a blo block blockade look, it's not just my son-in-law, his father that is helping screw this up for me. again, i think he's going taho e have taco cut his losses here. he will have to get entangled and all the son-in-law exposure issues. >> this is the playbook trump may have to face at some point? is that what he's saying? >> i think so. as a kid, you see these movies in which the walls and the ceilings come down on the person. that's what's happening to trump. i think he's a coward. i think he'll quit and run in some fashion when that number is played. >> frank and john, thank you. super discussion there. up next, the nra versus big business.
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to get business done. american express open. >> donald, you know, is great at the one liners. but he's a chaos candidate. he'd be a chaos president. that was former governor jeb bush during a presidential debate saying donald trump would be a chaos president. some new report on "washington
2:38 pm
post" trump is now a president transition at times angry and increasingly isolated. he fumes in private that just about every time he looks up at the television screen, the cable news headlines. he voices frustration that son-in-law jared kushner has few on-air defenders. he revives old grudges. joining me now strategic communication for hillary for america and michael singleton worked on several presidential campaigns including now secretary ben carson's. let's start with you, adrian. the words of the headline which we did not, i'll read pure madness, dark days inside the white house as trump shocks and rages. and, again, this just coming out within the last couple hours. i was speaking with one of the authors. philip rucker. this is a new level of intensity, shall we say. the question is, what might be next and what does this mean to
2:39 pm
ruling, if you will, of administratin administrating? >> i don't know what is coming next. every time i think we've seen something that is impossible to occur in the white house, something more extreme happens. i think phil rucker covered the campaign. he has been covering this process, donald trump for a long time. so, for him to write this kind of headline or team of reporters to write this headline is pretty significant. looking at jeb bush and that debate brings back a lot of memories from some campaign trail. something that they reiterated over and over again is that she called president trump or at that time candidate trump unfit. that is something we reiterated time and time again. she did and our surrogates. we are seeing that come to light and it's very disturbing. i don't know how we'll survive three more years. >> it was also said that president trump when he was at
2:40 pm
mar-a-lago today or overnight had discussed this very issue of tariffs that we've been, you know, it's been in the headlines for the last 24 hours and that he felt a little bit more comfortable about how it might pass. so, you see, again, the president perhaps in chaos. perhaps in pure madness at the white house. but on the flip side finding some solaces, if you will. one of his territories, one of his properties. excuse me. >> we know gary cohn and steve mnuchin advised the president against this and from my perspective, i think the president should only go back a few years ago and study george w. bush. i believe it was around 2002 president bush's administration, very similar to what we see today. president bush passed tariffs and detrimental to the economy. over 200,000 jobs were lost. you saw a lot of oour adversaris and allies saying this was just not fair. this was objectionable.
2:41 pm
president bush two years later had to essentially apologize and say the world is better off with free trade. i think if the president is smart, he'll be studious and go back and study what occurred then. his biggest thing has been the economy. we're going to win and we're going to do well. if he continues with this, the economy is not going to fair well. if you look at the stock market, it shows that wall street is not on his side here and those corporations are going to have to pass that down to someone and that someone will be the consumer. >> we'll take a look at trade here and beating the drum on this. this is, again, not typically what we would see. i don't know where he got the advice from, but this is not consistent, at least with my ideology. >> again, we're seeing a decision that donald trump made almost solely by himself. we know he had a meeting earlier in the day with trade manufacturers and, ultimately, he made this decision without the advice and consent of his
2:42 pm
advisory team which is very, very disturbing. this is a huge issue. we did see the stock market take a major dive because of his decision. we had foreign governments who are already trying to figure out how exactly to grapple with this. so, you know, again, this is what the president -- this is how our current president of the united states reacts when he's angry. when he's upset. when he doesn't get his way. when his staff leaves. it's not the way you got to govern as president. it's very disturbing trend that we're continuing to see. >> going back to the article and the new reporting we've got so far since we've been on air, the "washington post," again, based on 2 offici2 officials, what wa said is that he was asking about his son-in-law, jared kushner. basically questioning the confidence that may or may not exist currently in the inner circle. >> well, look y think , i think
2:43 pm
to show that donald trump has no loyalty to anyone but himself. though jared kushner is his son-in-law, i think trump will ask himself what occurred in some of those business meetings that led to his family's company getting a $500 million loan. you look at was kushner asking for money for his family's company? there are a lot of variables and i'm almost certain the mueller team is looking into. if you're trump and try to distance yourself as much as possible from this, you're going to ask yourself, is this guy jeopardizing my presidency, if he is, he may have to go. >> what do democrats need to do here, adrian. as you know, the first primary in this country is happening wednesday on the great state of texas. >> in terms of messaging aspect, i mean, look, sit back and watch. donald trump is -- >> you mean stand back up to tuesday. >> no, no, absolutely not. from a tactical, political
2:44 pm
campaign standpoint, you got to organize. you have to get people excited and register to vote and that's exactly what's happening. that's also, richard, why you have seen 37 down ballot races since donald trump was elected president flip from red to blue. many seats flipped in districts that he carried significantly in 2016. >> for folks like yourself, you ought to be worried about the primary season as it kicks off now. >> i am. and you look at the numbers, just looking at polling data from real clear politics a few days ago and democrats are ahead on congressional ballots. i believe about 8.8%. so, you think about that and you think about donald trump's autocr autocratic style and embode ean educated individuals and more moderate leaning republicans who are just not in sync with president trump and his
2:45 pm
officials. a challenging election cycle for republicans and i can tell you if democrats take the house and all evidence indicates that they will, donald trump will have an even further difficult time of governi governing, which has already been pretty difficult as it is. >> 30 seconds here. the issue of gun laws and some of the criticisms that have been leveled towards your side of the aisle say, you know, democrats have not done well as they overpoliticized the issues that wrong times. >> i completely disagree with that. one thing we democrats have been saying and a lot of republicans, too. if not now, when? this is the time to come together. thoughts and prayers are only going to take it so far and we have to take action and that's what you're seeing happen, finally. >> great conversation. thank you. >> thanks so much. a daughter's defense. ivanka trump addresses the allegations and her empathy towards the accused. the nbc exclusive that you did not see. we will have it for you next. >> i believe my father. i know my father.
2:46 pm
i think i have that right as a daughter to believe my father.
2:47 pm
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2:48 pm
to protect us from enemy attack. the justice department just indicted 13 russians for sabotaging our elections. an electronic attack on america that the chief investigator called "warfare". so what did this president do? nothing. and is he doing anything to prevent a future attack? the head of the fbi says no. this president has failed his most important responsibility- protecting our country. the first question is: why? what is in his and his family's business dealings with russia that he is so determined to hide, that he'd betray our country? and the second question is: why is he still president? join us today. we have to do something.
2:49 pm
(vo)just one touch.ith with fancy feast creamy delights, she can have just the right touch of real milk. easily digestible, it makes her favorite entrées even more delightful. fancy feast creamy delights. love is in the details. an exclusive nbc news interview with ivanka trump is making some waves.
2:50 pm
dismissed a question of sexual misconduct against the president, her father and the reason why is raising new questions. nbc's peter alexander has the full report for us. >> reporter: it's what makes whb so difficult when she speaks as first daughter or senior adviser to the president. that question coming at a renewed focus this week. >> do you believe your father's accusers? >> i think it is a pretty inappropriate question. >> that response igniting a nationwide debate. even john mccain's daughter diving in. >> you have been your furtherer father's sur -- durrer surrogate and is there anything you thought was off limits. >> when you are in, you are in. >> during the conversation in south korea where she led the closing ceremony, here is how she navigated her dual roles when confronted about accusations of sexual misconduct against the president. allegations he's repeatedly denied. >> your father has been accused of sexual misconduct by roughly
2:51 pm
19 women. do you believe your father's accusers? >> i think it is a pretty inappropriate question to ask a daughter if she believes the accusers of her father when he is a a firmively stated that there is no truth to it. i don't think that is a question you would ask many other daughters. >> these are unique circumstances obviously. there hasn't been a situation where the accusations have numbered this many. to be clear. >> there have some similar parallels and i don't think you would be asking the same question. >> you think all of the women are making it up. >> i believe my father. i know my father. so i -- i think i have to right as a daughter to believe my father. >> what do you say to those who say your father routinely chooses to empathize with the accused over the accusers, rob
2:52 pm
porter, roy moore and other circumstances. how do you explain that? >> well i don't think that is true. i think that when there are cases of domestic violence as we saw recently, that cannot be condoned, nobody would condone that. and i think there is a -- a vast spectrum. and i think this is a really important conversation for us to be having as a society about what is unacceptable, unconditionally or what has to -- we have to be able to talk about and resolve moving forward. i think this is really exciting and important moment in time. and i think many people are being exposed for doing some really awful things. and i'm proud of the women who are standing up in the face of accusers with credible -- with credible evidence and credible
2:53 pm
stories. and we've seen a lot of those. a lot of them recently. >> so did your father do more to lead in this moment, broadly speaking? >> i think the whole country is having the conversation. >> including mostly sunny trump, a proud advocate for women who sided with voices in the me-too movement but exercised caution when the issue hit close to home. peter alexander, nbc news, the white house. >> next week is the kickoff of the 2018 mid-term election season. that is right. so what is being done to stop russia from interfering in that vote. a preview of the up coming races and an answer to that question next.
2:54 pm
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>> that theme song here on nbc only means one thing, the 2018 mid terms are almost here. it kicks off tuesday in texas with the first official prooinl of the cycle. you'll hear this morn, more than 600,000 people have casted ballots in early voting. texas is replacing five retiring congressman and one republicans an democrats and whether jeb bush can fend off. and texass democrats are making it clear they are trying to make a play for the state. they are fielding candidates in all 36 congressional districts.
2:58 pm
and keep an eye on bent o'rourke. now he is expected to win the democratic primary for the senate. to take on incumbent republican ted cruz in november. meanwhile, in pennsylvania, polls show a close race in a special congressional election there. democrat conner lam is taking on republican state representative rick sickon both are hoping to take the seat. and joe biden travels to the district near pittsburgh to campaign with lamb and russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election and fears of whether they will try and do it again. nbc news reports that the u.s. intelligence community developed evidence that state websites or voter registration systems in seven states were compromised by russian-backed operatives before that election. but all state and federal officials who spoke to nbc news agree that no votes were changed and no voters were taken off the rolls. but a major question remains --
2:59 pm
what is the trump administration doing to make sure this does not happen again? this week nsa director mike rogers testified he has not been told to con front the russian threat by president trump. >> have you been directed to do so given the strategic threat that faced the united states and the significant consequences you recognized already? >> no, i have not. >> but sen sthal-- essentially have not taken on the russians yet. we are watching them intrude oat election and spread misinformation and become more sophisticated and recognized and we're just essentially sitting back and waiting. >> it is probably fair to say that we have not opted to engage in some of the same behaviors that we are seeing. >> and that wraps it up for us this hour. right here on msnbc. i'm richard lui. stay for updates as it happens right here. and follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter.
3:00 pm
all--in with chris hayes is up next. have a good nice. tonight on "all in." >> jared has done an outstanding job. >> an nbc news exclusive. >> my name is jared kushner. >> the mueller probe is investigating whether or not the son-in-law is using foreign policy to benefit his own company. >> jared is a very successful real estate person. >> why jared kushner may be in trouble like never before and what did the president know and when did he know it? plus, the story behind the unglued president and his impulsive decision to start a trade war. incredible new deception from the white house chief of staff on the domestic abuse scandal and the massive popular uprising in deep red trump country. "all in"