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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  March 10, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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tickets are just ten bucks. there is a talk and q and a. it will be a lot of fun. hope to see you there. that's "all in" for this evening and this week. the "the rachel maddow show" starts right now. have an excellent weekend. >> you too. happy to have you all here. happy friday. the "washington post" has just broken news that robert mueller, the special counsel investigating the russian attack on our election in 2016 and whether or not the trump campaign was involved, robert mueller and his investigators according to the "washington post" obtained a personal letter written from president trump to president vladimir putin. a typed letter that reportedly has a handwritten postscript on the bottom. i don't know why robert mueller's team has been able to obtain this document. if you think about it,
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typewritten letter with a handwritten postscript that presumably only exists for the person who received it. right? but mueller somehow obtained it. anyway, the "washington post" has just broken that story. we have got one of the reporters who broke the news joining us in a couple of minutes. we have that ahead. in addition to that, i have some great news for you. you are getting a new yacht. it is a gigantic yacht. it's apparently worth a quarter billion dollars. not a quarter million. a quarter billion dollars. $250 million. this is the kind of yacht that is so big and expensive, it turns out, there is a person in the world who posts online under the name "dutch megayachts." and this person has put slo-mo pictures of your new yacht on the dutch mega-yachts page on youtube.
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and the pictures of your new yacht are so alluring, so inanimate object sexy that whoever this is has posted these pictures of your new yacht on youtube, i kid you not, with a barry white soundtrack. ♪ ♪ my days begin, and my nights all end with you baby ♪ ♪ ♪ it's your love, no doubt about it ♪ ♪ i wouldn't -- >> this is a thing that exists. did you ever see the steve martin remake of "pink panther." somebody says to him, are you ever lonely? and he says, not since the internet. [ laughing ] my whole favorite part about this is that this barry white soundtrack, sexy slo-mo footage of the yacht is not just from anywhere this is dutch
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so they have barry white singing sexily to it while it sails through the industrial port city of rotterdam. that's your yacht. and that's a big crane. i love this so much. the world is full of amazing people who do amazing things. mostly online. people have all sorts of feelings that you wouldn't expect. but the reason that we went looking for this footage today is because that yacht in that barry white-themed slo-mo movie does now belong to you. we have slightly less glamorous footage of the same yacht being boarded by local law enforcement officers in bali and indonesia this past week. it's a $250 million yacht called "the equanimity." it has now been seized by the fbi by u.s. federal agents and
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is being handed over to the u.s. government. so congratulations, u.s. taxpayer! hope you like your new boat. ♪ you also just became the proud owner of $60 million worth of proceeds earned by the film "wolf of wall street." the producers of the movie have now surrendered $60 million of what that film made to the u.s. government. so you own those proceeds now too. you apparently are also about to become the owner of some of the proceeds of the movie "daddy's home." starring will ferrell and mark wahlberg and you are also about to become the owner of some of the proceeds from the movie "dumb and dumber to" by stars a car that looks like a dog. in the case of those two movies, unlike "wolf of wall street," i don't know exactly how much of the proceeds you will get from dumb and dumber too and the dad one.
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you are about to get some of it as a u.s. taxpayer. the reason you are now the owner of all of this new stuff you didn't own before is because of this guy. not the one on the left. the other guy. who is the prime minister of malaysia. if you are the prime minister of a country and hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars suddenly show up in your personal bank account, you better have a really good explanation for that, right? good evening. want to take you to moon township, pennsylvania where president trump is about to speak at a rally near pits burlg ahe pittsburgh ahead of the special election. this is a hotly contested election where polls are neck and neck in a district where president trump won by 20
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points. so the election also on tuesday may give clues on november's midterms and how they might go taking the pulse of the nation especially with the political environment ahead. so we's t see the president has arrived at the airport hangar in moon township. and he is revving up the crowd with a lot of president trump's base as you can's in those bases right there that we saw in 2016. of course this comes as he makes the announcement of tariffs on steele and aluminum which could appeal to voters in pittsburgh. we'll see what the president has to say and hoping to give a closing argument for rick saccone hoping that it will
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bring him a win, a race that we've seen a lot of money sunk into the republican candidate and even conor lamb outspending saccone 3:1 as we see president trump and we see once he became president how he energizes the crowd at these types of rallies. so at any moment the president is set to speak and we'll see how the president -- what he says, what he addresses in this final push for rick saccone and also with the headlines swirling about stormy daniels, the russia investigation, north korea as well with the new developments there that his lawyers are trying to get a deal there for him to actually speak in the mueller investigation with conditions everof a deadline. the president now takes to the
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podium. let's listen in. love this plac. hello, pittsburgh. that a on l hello pittsburgh! you know what, do me a favor, get out on tuesday. vote for rick saccone. and we can leave right now. come on. we don't have to spend anytime. great guy. i'm thrilled to be back in pennsylvania. where i went to school, went to college with so many hard working american patriots. you are great people. great. pennsylvania is the state that gave us american independence, american freedom, and what else? american steele.
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american steel. they have been talking about steel over the last little while, haven't they? and we are saving the steel and a lot of steel mills are now opening up because what i did. not all of my friends on wall street love it, but we love it because we know what it does 37 many plants have just announced that they are good paare expand opening, steel is back. it will be back. steel is back and lichl is back. aluminum is back. going to be back. pennsylvania is the state that gave us the 45th president of the united states.
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and i think we're doing a good job for you. i hope so. we're working hard. it is not easy. that washington, d.c., got a lot of evil there, but we're getting it out step by step. a lot of evil. a lot of bad people. a lot of bad people, a lot of fake media. look at them. a lot of fake media. i don't know if you saw it, but we've had a problem for years with north korea. president obama said it was the biggest problem we had. and south korea went there. we put very, very strong sanctions and lots of other things we've been doing. right in the first day i was in
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office. and south korea came to my office after having gone to north korea and seeing kim jung-un and -- no, very positive. no. after the mighting you may ini may have to do that, but now let's be nice. let's see what happens. so the south korean top people, top representatives, they walked out to a throng of these characters. big group. everybody wanted to find out what had happened. they just left north korea. and north korea is tough. they are testing nuclear weapons. they are doing a lot of -- this should have been handled by the way over the last 30 years, not now.
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but that's what we do. we handle things. and we did a great job on the olympics. president moon said without president trump, the olympics would have been a total failure. it is true. true. might as well say it. nobody else will say it, right? might as well say it. a little hard to celtic ketss when sell ticket when you think you will be nuked. but when north korea said we'd like to be in the olympic, everything said let's buy tickets, let's go. and it became a very successful olympics. honestly south korea did a great job and it was great to see north korea going and participating and there was a nice unity.
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x but when the south korean representatives who just left north korea came outside, a big throng of press, they announced that north korea, kim jung-un, would like to meet with president trump. this didn't happen, you know. they are saying well, obama could have done that. trust me, he wouldn't have did that. and neither would bush and neither would clinton. and they had their shot. and all they did was nothing. well, clinton gave away billions a billions of dollars. and as soon as they made the day, the following day they started working on making more nukes. so not the great deal. did you ever see the story where stree it is 1999, i'm on "meet the press," a show now headed by sleepy eyes chuck todd. he is a sleeping son of a bifrp
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o bitch, i'll tell you. and they showed it this morning. 1999. and i'm talking about north korea. you got to take them out now. and they have clinton saying we are pleased to announce we made a deal with north korea. you know how that deal turned out. we gave billions and lots of other things and we got nothing. but they show me young handsome, i said why couldn't i look like that today? i should have run back then, right? i should have run back then. i would have done this earlier. but they had me literally say g saying, a very good guy
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actually, but saying that we have to do something about north korea. that was what it involved. and then they have clinton giving everything away and here we are today with a man nuked up all over the place. but we have been very strong. and very vigilant. and now lots of good things i think are going to happen. but we'll see. but the funny thing, so they announce that he won't send missiles up anymore until through the meetings. well, think of that. we were getting a lot of missiles sent. i wouldn't say japan was thrilled. missiles flying over japan. they are very happen with what i'm doing. and who else could do it? honestly when you think, they are not going to send missiles up. think of it. they are not sending missiles up. and i believe that. i really do. i think they want to make peace. i think it is time. and i think we've shown great
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strength. that is also important, right? and i must tell you, president trump president xi of china has really helped us. because 93% of the goods come in through china.president xi of cy helped us. because 93% of the goods come in through china.xi of china has r us. because 93% of the goods come in through china. that is pretty powerful. they could have done more, but that is okay. they have done more -- china has done more for us than they have ever done for any other president or ever done for this country. and i respect that. because you need that. stop being the flow of goods. very important. and we put sanctions on. so they come out, white house, many of these same characters that i see those faces. i see those faces.
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and for the first two hours, it was unbelievable. this is amazing, i can't believe this is happening. you because we go from like -- a lot of people thought we were going to war. and all of a sudden they come in and they say we're going to have a meeting and there is no more missiles going off and they want to denuclearize. nobody had heard that. nobody out -- but they said they want to -- they are thinking about that. who knows what is going to happen? who knows. if it happens, if is it didn't happen. i may leave fast or we may make the greatest deal for the world and for all of these countries including frankly north korea. that is what i hope happens. but the press for who hours is going this is fantastic. a certain anchor on cnn, fake as hell cnn, the worst, so fake.
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fake news. and their ratings are lousy by the way. and compared to fox, their ratings -- and a certain anchor, female, said this is really something. he would go down as a truly great president if this happened. okay. but all of them are saying this is amazing, did you hear what they said? they just said tdenuke, no more missiles, they want to meet with president trump. they couldn't believe it. the worst of them, cnn, msnbcs
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rate, and nbc which is horrible, the newscast is not doing well on nbc network. they are heading down the tubes. but listen to this, i did the apprentice on nbc for 14 seasons. i made a lot of money for them. arnold schwarzenegger failed when he did the apprentice and he is a movie star. martha stewart failed when she did the apprentice and i kept chugging along, every year it was a big hit. i dids at prentiss and gave them good raisings and they do nothing but kill me. nbc is perhaps worse than cnn. and mchltss in respect i schlsn. so they are saying denusk and all of the things that they
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can't believe because it is like five years ahead of schedule. before this they were saying this will never happen and you will never get them to stop with the missiles. and now they are saying they want to stop withes missi the m denuclearize. and they are like it is undeliverable. i said to my wife, it is amazing. they are really nice tonight. they are saying this is an incredible achievement. okay. then i get inup in the morning. some time goes by. same people are saying not that big a deal. anybody could have done it. obama could have done it. obama had a chance. no, no, they are saying obama. obama. obama. obama was driving you do you know. you take a look at those numbers before we took over, they were heading down. so let just say so i wake up, and it is nice and looking
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forward to watching in the morning. and i go -- literally, they are saying, well, clinton could have met -- clinton gave away the house. they got nothing. and bush got us into the middle east. we spent $7 trillion in the middle east over a 17 year period. $7 trillion as of three months ago. do you know what they did? that was like taking a big stone and throwing it into a hornet's nest. but we're bringing it back. isis? we have 98% of the caliphate of the land back. 98%. so i woke up and i saw all these reports that anybody could have done it. oh, yeah, sure. anybody could have gotten
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president she xi, president for life. and i was joking, i was at a actually, and ift was joking ani said president for life, that sounds good, maybe we'll have to try that. but i was joking. everybody is laughing having a great time. i'm joking about being president for life. a couple of them went back, donald trump with his dictatorial attitude now wants to be president for. >> referee: life. fake news. fake. horrible. but did you sees other day, 96% of what they do, all i do is good stuff. the economy is the best it's
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ever been. by the way, folk, some of you are in the coal world, your coal is coming back big, big, big. fw your steel is coming back. and what we have done with the 25% tariffs for those guys that dump the steel all over the place, and by the way, it is not good steel. you know what i mean. it is crap. but your steel is coming back. it is all coming back. and six months prior to the election in 2020, every one of those guy, we really endorse donald trump. we think he has to win. you know why? because if i don't win the election, their ratings will go so far down. can you imagine covering bernie
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or poke honecahontas? how about that? can you imagine some of them are actually smiling, but some just can't stand it, honestly. some of them, they can't take it. can you imagine having to cover elizabeth warren for four years? i was watching during the campaign and hillary was sitting right there. and pocahontas was up and she was so angry. we love each other. the women, the men. but she was so angry, i said i think she is losing the entire male audience and many of the women. she was going at it and hillary was going what did i do? but can you imagine if they had to cover some of these people that are running? i think any of them to be honest with you. i'd love oprah to win.
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i'd love to beat oprah. i know her weakness. i know her very well. i was on her last show or one of the last -- i guess the last week. she had donald trump and donald trump's family. my, my, my, we've come a long way, haven't we. >> i'm now president and probably, you know -- but think of it. i know her weakness. wouldn't we love to run against oprah? i would love it. i would love it. that would be a painful experience for her. so we've created 3 million -- thank you, darling. oh, they are positive. i thought they were negative. they are positive. that is alleways the problem. we have a room that is packed. and if we have one person -- by the way that is a fan. but if we have one person that speaks, it is like a big deal the next day. so we have created 3 million jobs since election day.
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nobody thought that was possible. we've passed the largest tax cuts and reform in american histo history. we've created more than 300,000 new jobs alone last month. and you saw the numbers, yesterday's numbers jobs report was among the best numbers ever produced in the history of our country. in the history of our country. respe in fact my guys -- >> usa, usa, usa, usa! my guys gave me the number. because if you add the previous month which was adjusted upward
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by 52,000 jobs, they were low last month, it adjusted upward, so we are like over 36,000 jobs. and i said let me ask you, is that a mistake? if you get 160,000, it is good. we were at 360,000. so i looked at my guys i said is that a typographical error? but it was one of the best reports. and do you know the amazing thing? wages went up a little bit. you haven't had wages in 19 years. wages are starting to go up. think of it. wages. how good is that? wages starting to go up. african-american unemployment has reached the lowest level in history. the lowest. you know, i'm very proud of that. african-american unemployment reached the lowest level in history.
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and last month it went up a bit. and i made the mistake because any know it went up. but it wasn't hit tostoric. so i said in a different month and i said african-american unemployment is the lowest level in history. they killed me. because it was the previous month. but here is the good news. the new month brought it down to the lowest level. so now it is the lowest level. hispanic unemployment is the lowest level, think of that, hispanic unemployment is the lowest level in history. women, we love you, we love you, didn't we surprise them with women during the election? women won't like donald trump. have i really had that kind of a problem?
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i don't think so. but women won't like donald trump. it will be a rough night for donald trump because the women won't come out. we got 52%. and i'm running against a woman. you know that is not that easy. 155 million people are now employed. that came out this morning. that is the highest level of employment in the history of our country. 155 million. think of it. while the obama administration in its final year was losing 1,000 manufacturing jobs a month, we have created almost 300,000 new manufacturing jobs. think of that.
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the task for everyone here tonight is to make sure that this great american comeback continues. full speed ahead. we are doing things that are amazing. make america great again, right? make america great again, right? so you know what the new slogan will be. i won't tell you. we have to keep it secret except did you ever see so much press? wow. you know what the new slogan will be? because i can't use it in three years from now. i can't use it -- i can't go like in four years and say here is my slogan which is now 2 1/2 years we'll have to start thinking, right? getting close. we sancan't say made america gr again because i already did
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that, right? so our, no the my slogan, our slogan, this is a team, our new slogan will be, which i'm almost positive -- never like to go too far in advance, but let's assume it is going like it is going. by the way if we coasted for 2 1/2 years, we did a hell of a job. you know that. in fact i was telling some of the guys let's just coast because the stock market is up almost 40% since election day. think of that. almost 40 percent. and that is not rich people. you have your 401(k)s which are up 41%, 38%. i take pictures back with the policemen. i love the policemen, the firem firemen, they are gates.
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a great. and they are always saying thank you very much, my 401(k) is up 41%. my wife thinks i'm a genius. that is good. that is what we want. we are so proud of this country. but our new slogan when we start running in can you believe two years from now is going to be keep america great exclamation points. keep america great! but we can only do that if we elect people who are going to back our agenda and fight for our values. and that is why we have to defeat nancy pelosi.
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and maxine waters, a very low iq individual. ever see her? we will impeach him, we will impeach the president. but he hasn't done anything wrong. doesn't matter. we will impeach him. she is a low iq individual. you can't help it. she really is. we will impeach him. but you have maxine waters and plenty of others. and i mean nancy pelosi, you can't have that. and conor lamb, lamb the sham, right? lamb the sham. he is trying to act like a republican so he gets -- he won't give me one votes. i don't know him. looks like a nice guy. i hear he is nice looking. i think i'm better looking than him. and he is slightly younger than
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me. slightly. no, i heard that. he is okay. he's all right. personally, i like rick saccone. i think he is handsome. and you did a great today. that was a great interview. here is the thing. we're dealing with people that want to obstruct. they want to stop us from doing things. we put an infrastructure bill in for on $1.7 billion. and i hear they want to stop it. they want to stop daca. daca is their issue. but i'm willing to go along. get it done. we have to get it done, right? and besides that, honestly, we need good great workers in our country because i'm bringing a lot of companies into this country. we're not going to have workers for it. we somewhere to briw have to br.
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but daca are good people and the democrats are trying to not -- i offered a deal that was so good you can't refuse, right? like the mob, i'll give you a deal, so good, you can't refuse. i gave them a deal they could not refuse. and i did it because i thought that they would refuse. and they did. and they are getting killed now by the daca recipients. but somebody like lamb, he will never vote for us. i appreciate his nice words about me. this is trump country so he has to say nice. he is smart. so he is saying nice things. here is the problem. as soon as he gets in, he won't vote for us. he will vote the party line. he has to. and if he doesn't, he will never go to a chairman of a committee. it is a whole crazy system. but he will vote the party line. but for getting your votes, he
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is talking about how much he likes tariffs, which is my baby. and i took a lot of heat over that. but all these kuchb countries a calling up. european union, they kill us. a lot of us came from the european union. they kill us on trade. so we put on tariffs and the european union is out there well, we're -- you you can't go any higher than you are anyway. and they have trade barrier. we can't sell our farming goods in there. they totally restrict us. so they say we want those tariffs taken off. good. open up the barriers and get rid of your tariffs and if you don't, we'll tax mercedes-benz and bmw. you want to have money come into our country? you you notice the cars are really the big item. that is the big money item.
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so all of a sudden it was like whoa, let's stop talking with this guy. we are like $100 billion down because we had stupid politicians. mexico, we're 130 build. that billion. nobody includes the vat tax. nobody ever talks about it.uild. billion. nobody includes the vat tax. nobody ever talks about it.d. billion. nobody includes the vat tax. nobody ever talks about it.bill. nobody includes the vat tax. nobody ever talks about it. that deal was wad tbad the day made it. nobody talks about it, but i talk about it. so we will either renegotiate nafta and i said we won't put the tariffs on mexico and canada. and came in a tod canada is really tough. they send in timber and steel. they send in a lot of things. but our farmers and in wisconsin
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are not treated well when we want to send things to them. hey, and i don't blame them. why should i blame them? because they just outsmarted our politicians for decades. and i don't mean obama. i mean all of them. since bush the first, and that includes a lot of territory, frankly ronald reagan. i didn't love his -- i thought he was great. i loved his style, his attitude, he was a great cheerleader for the country. but not great on the trade. for many, many years, they have been outsmarted. we used to be a nation of tariffs. when other countries would come to the united states, they had to pay for the privilege of taking our product, of taking our jobs. they wanted on to come in and sell our product, they had to pay. today in china, they sell a car to us, they pay 2.5%.
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we sell a car in china, which by the way is almost impossible to do despite the tax, it is 25%. so why is that 25% and we're 2.5%? and that is why we have a trade deficit with china of $500 billion a year. it is no good. but we're changing it. and it takes a little while. i'm there is a year, a little more than a year, and we're chac changing it. we have to. we have a trade deficit with all countries of the world, listen to this number, if there is any children in the room please close your ear, we have a trade deficit of almost $800 billion. who makes these deals? so with mexico -- he says obama. honestly, in all fairness to obama, it is more than obama. it is plenty of people. believe me. plenty of presidents allowed that to happen. and people that work for the
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president. so we are going to get a lot of things straightened away. nafta is under work right now. and i think that they will be very good. and you saw what i did with the tariffs. they said we don't want to pay tariffs. i said let's make a deal on nafta. and if you make a decent deal, a fair deal for the american worker, the american people, we will -- you'll have no problem with the tariff. i said the same thing to the european union. i said look, you're killing us. we're losing $100 billion a year, you are not accepting our proper duct. they are not accepting our farm proper duct. i want to help the farmers.duct. they are not accepting our farm product. i want to help the farmers. so they banded together. why did they band together? to screw the united states on trade. and that is okay. they are allowed. actually here it would be called a monopoly, it wouldn't be allowed. but all those countries got
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together in order to do well on trade. people don't know that. you hear european union. sounds on innocent. it is not innocent. they are smart. $100 billion a year. they sell stuff into us, we charge them practically enough. we sell things in to them, up in one you you can't get it through the barriers. they have artificial barriers. that is not monetary, that is other things. vi environmental. so i said open up your barriers, get rid of your tariffs and we'll do this, we'll have a nice fair open -- and if you don't to that, that is okay. and so we have a lot of work to do. but i need people that can help me. and this guy can happy help me. this guy can happy really help me. rick saccone, and i have -- he has a tough race.happy really h
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me. rick saccone, and i have -- he has a tough race.appy really he. rick saccone, and i have -- he has a tough race.ppy really hel. rick saccone, and i have -- he has a tough race.y really help . rick saccone, and i have -- he has a tough race.y really help . rick saccone, and i have -- he has a tough race. really help m. rick saccone, and i have -- he has a tough race. look, it is a crazy time out there. crazy. but i think the republicans -- you never hear this. karen handel, is she here? did i dido a good job in atlant? karen was down, she started off with a whole group of people, and she had running for congress in atlanta, the atlanta area, right? so a young guy who spent $34 million, still the all-time world record, right? running to be a congressman. they make 150 bucks a year, he spent $100 million. somebody said you you may be here. that is so great. so karen was running with many republicans. like 13, 14 republicans. and karen was the one i wanted. but that is a lot of republicans.
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this guy was 58, which meant he would have won, no more runoff, right? and we came after him, right. >> we came after that guy and we found out a couple of like minor things. he didn't live in the district. they said he didn't live in the district, but nobody cares. i said really? let's try it on the voter. so anyway, you have to get 50 mch cain which case the election is over. less than 50, there is a runoff. karen was fantastic. but she was with so many republicans and he was the only democrat. so i broits hught him down. got no credit. brought him down from 58 to 48. so now he is in a runoff with karen. think of it. by the time karen and i finished
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with this guy, $32 million he spent and she spent like about $29 million less, right? she spent $29 million less. but by the time we finished, the winner easily by five points was karen handel. and they love the job she is doing and i think you you'll have a good victory now. but the people love you in your area and i hope i don't have to make speeches all over the place like last time. but we need karen and we need congressman saccone. we have to have him. nancy pelosi, maxine waters, the only chance she's got to become speaker is electing democrats. and you know, we don't have a big margin. it is just a very small. if you -- they are doing a number in your state.
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you see what they are doing with the congressional districts. hopefully the united states supreme court will take that case because this is horrible what they have done. they had state judges that are democrats change your voting districts. what kind of stuff is that? what kind of stuff? and it will make it very hard for republicans that are great republicans that would would - in-inly win as now it is all in court. the people of pittsburgh cannot be conned by this guy lamb. just can't do it. because he will never vote for us. he can say i love president trump. i agree with everything he says. you know what, i don't want to meet him. because anybody that says that, i might like him. and then rick will be very angry at me, right? no, he is going around saying it, but he won't do that stuff.
4:46 pm
he won't do it. there is no way that he is going for the things that -- he says i won't vote for pelosi. that could be possible. but most people are. most people are. but he says he won't do that. he will do there to steel, he will do that. well, the democrats are opposed to that. he is weak on crime, weak on the border, weak on the second amendment. but all of a sudden he got strong. and in terms of abortion, take a look at his record. it's amazing. he has come back. take a look at his record. but that is where he is going. so pelosi's party in congress is full of people who tell their voters one thing during the election and then go to washington and vote lock step. the one thing i noticed about them and i've been there now for 14 months, 14 months, can you -- have we done a lot?
4:47 pm
man. we have done more than any first term administration in the history of our country. we have. you take a look. regulation. tax cuts. federal judges. a great, great supreme court justice gorsuch. great. look what we've done. and you know what, we passed the biggest tax cut in the history of counsel. didn't get one democrat vote. didn't get one. and by the way how good is inth kicking in? remember? we passed -- we didn't get one democrat vote. and now they are all -- they are getting nervous. that is okay. but we didn't get one. and do you know what helped? when tate and tat&t and big com
4:48 pm
started paying thousands of b bonus bonuses. and that was not in the schedule, but they are paying the money out and people are getting the moechb. and we're so proud of that. but we also got read i have tid individual mandate from obamacare. xwask basically guts out obamacare. that will be next. that is where you pay a lot of money for the privilege of not getting health care. how that one made it through court, i won't -- but you pay a lot of money for the privilege. nobody talks about it because the tax bill is so massive. biggest one ever done. and we're calling it tax reform. this is where a nonpolitician like me is good. for 40 years, they couldn't pass
4:49 pm
anything. and how is it possible not to pass tax cuts? i don't know, we just can't pass. ray gab was teagan was the last. i said, well, what is the problem? well, sir, the tax reform is not easy. i said what a minute, do you call it tax reform? or do you call it tax cuts? and he said -- right? and he said no, sir, we call it tax reform because we're doing a lot of reform. and i said people don't know what reform means. neither do i. people want tax cuts. they don't -- they want tax cuts. they want tax cuts. and honestly, the word reform could mean you could triple your taxes. we'll reform taxes. i said nobody know what is it means. it could be really bad. so they said you know, we never
4:50 pm
thought of -- this after on 40 years. nobody out of it. so they said can you come up with a name? this is the tax cut cut cut bill. but i must must tell you and i think they were right. we call it the tax u.s. tax cut and jobs bill. which is nice. which is nice. we got it passed. we had unanimous in the republican party and unanimous for the democrats. by the way, you're going to have a great man running as a republican for the senate while we're here rick we should say it. sweet lou. he loves this state. he loves the people. we'll be out fighting for him
4:51 pm
very hard. he's going to be fantastic. we passed the tax cuts. after a presidential election the other side wins. you had a victory. you elected your president. you like me? i think so. like you too. i love you. i love you. is there anymore fun than at a trump rally? a lot of times i have to do like readings and they want me to go
4:52 pm
to -- if i go to small place and they have 2,000 people it's like why not open a stadium. other guys go out and get 50 people, they're satisfied. the fire marshal is fantastic. they had a lot of people out. he's great guy. .net want to get him in trouble. he opened up those doors and he let most of the people that were sent away. look at those corners. those cameras will never cover those corners. they're never going to cover -- they never show the crowds. it sounds like a penn state football game. it sounds like an ohio football game. i'll say to friends did you see my speech last night.
4:53 pm
yes. how good was i? how good? they say, good. i say did they show the crowd? no they didn't. he said, you noi whknow i could by the noise the crowd was really big. you can't hide that. can't do it. the democrats are the party of sanctuary cities. explain that one. they like protect criminals. they like to protect ms-13. how about that? how about that. how about ice. these ie g.c.e. guys are tough. they're not playing games. the only thing i hate to say
4:54 pm
this, not so political ri correct but the only thing these gang members understand is toughness. i hate to say it. they're not interested in genius. they're not interested -- tha s they're interested in somebody that's tougher than them. we have the toughest people you've ever seen. we're cleaning out. we're doing it. >> build that wall. >> we are building the wall, 100%. 100%. the president of mexico, who i think is really nice guy. it's been build the wall and i can't get through a speech without somebody because i was all set to say build the wall
4:55 pm
and thesered screaming. the president of mexico calls. we have a little sticking point. he call up and respectably because he's really a high quality guy. he called up and goes mr. president, we would like you to make a statement that mexico will not pay for the wall. i said are you crazy. i'm in the making the statement. i said are youis it a deal brea. he said yes. i said bye bye. what i told him is president, don't worry. it all comes out in the wash. we're going to put it into the nafta agreement. nobody's going to be talking too much about it. we'll make a much better nafta deal the wall. it's this.
4:56 pm
you don't even notice it. he said, we can't do that. we broke it up. he was going to come to washington. no way i'm going to say anything like that. i will say we will build the wall. we have to build the wall. we have to build the wall. the democrats are holding it back. we had a deal, 25 billion. i've got all the big builders. i know the best builders. save a lot of money on the airplanes. we save a lot of money on air force one, $1.4 billion we saved. 1.4. still too expensive. it's crazy. it's crazy. we saved a lot of money. i got boeing in. we saved 1.4 billion.
4:57 pm
that's worth a ten-minute meeting. i don't care how big the united states is. we're going to build the wall. we have to build the wall for people, for gangs, for drugs. the drug there's never been a problem like we have right now. by the way, like the world has, with drugs. you know what, we fill up these councils. they call them blue ribbon councils where we take melania, great first lady. she's great. she is great. you think her life is so easy, folks. not so easy. we put melania and other people on this blue ribbon committee. do you think the drug dealers who killed thousands of people, do you think they care who is on a blue ribbon committee.
4:58 pm
the only way to solve the drug problem is through toughness. when you catch a drug does he recall, you have to put them away for a long time. when i was in china and other places, i said, mr. president, do you have a drug problem? no, no, we do not. i said, huh. big country. 1.4 billion people. not much of a drug problem. i say what do you attribute that to? well, the death penalty. if you're a drug dealer, and you know you're going to get caught and you know you're going to kill people, you're killing our kids. they're killing our kids. we have heard time.
4:59 pm
we have companies coming back into the united states. you haven't seen them. a lot of people can't qualify because of drugs. what i said to the president. i said, you don't have much of a problem. no. they had a problem. if you go back 200 years ago, they know all about drugs. it was devastating to china. devastating. it destroyed china. i'm not going to let it destroy us. honestly, i don't know that the united states the ready for it. they should be ready for it. at a minimum you have to give long, tough. if you go to singapore, i said what happens with your drugs?
5:00 pm
no, we don't have a problem. we have a zero tolerance. he's not playing games. these guys don't play games. we have a different type of people. they don't play games. we have a zero teolerance polic. if we catch a drug dealer, death penalty. they don't have a problem. remember this, if somebody goes and shoots somebody or kills somebody, they go away for live and they can get the death penalty. one person. they shoot one person. they get the death penalty. they shoot one person, kill some person, knife one person. the person dies. they get maybe