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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  April 10, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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that's it for me. i'll see you back here at 10:2:. fire and fury. president trump tweeting that attorney-client privilege is dead after the fbi raid on his personal attorney michael cohen. >> i have this witch hunt constantly going on for over 12 months now. actually much more than that. you could say it was right after i won the nomination. it's a disgrace. it's an attack on our country in a true sense. it's an attack on what we all stand for. >> final straw with the president blaming robert mueller. is he about to hit the firing line as leading republicans warn against any action. >> it would be suicide for the president to talk about firing
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mueller. the president said on this whole thing, the better off he would be. the stronger his presidency would be. >> attack mode. the president cancels this week's trip to peru for the annual summit of americas. while considering strikes against assad. russia is jamming the gps of americans. >> if it's russia, if it's syria, if it's iran, if it's all of them together, we'll figure it out. we'll know the answers kwiets soon. . >> everybody will pay a price. >> he will, everybody.
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good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington where president trump is furious about those raids on his private lawyer michael cohen's office and hotel residence. the president venting in rapid fire tweets this morning after airing grievances against the special counsel and justice department monday night in front of his military advisors. the search warrants on cohen was caught and executed by fbi agents and federal prosecutors in coordination with robert bhulerbhul mueller's team. a justice department decision to have the new york prosecutor take the case for now. the president has cancelled his trip to the summit of americas in peru. kristen welker joins me now. a lot of action at the white house today. the cancellation of this trip is a big deal. the vice president will take his place. it would have been his first trip to the region and we know
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he's furious about these raids and also possibly, most likely manning military action against syria and maybe some of syrian allies. >> reporter: that's right. a lot on the president's plate as he fumes over the fbi raid of his personal attorney. it's very significant that he cancelled the trip. it's an indication he is planning to take action at some point, potentially as early as this week against syria. this comes a year after the trump administration launched the air strikes against the air base in syria. we know he's been consulting with allies and really calling for some type of joint response to this. he continues those types of conversations today as he gets closer presumely to making a decision about this. president trump about to meet
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and will discuss what is happening right now in syria. that's why you see these reporters gathered behind me. you can see the president shaking hands with the amir. it terms of the second point that you raise, the thing that's got the president fuming today. the forecaact the fbi raided th hotel room and office space of michael cohen. the president lashing out calling it a witch hunt. saying attorney-client privilege is dead. a bit of fact check there. it's not necessarily attorney client-privilege in all cases. in fact, if it's believed that there is an sbents of a crime or covering up fraud, then
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attorney-client impressive lenl can be waived. that may be the instance of which this fbi raid occurred. a lot on the president's plate today. i know you're powering through it all. we'll see a photo opportunity once that pool goes in. let's talk about some of the details. rod rosenstein has to be one of the people consults and the new york times is confirming rod rosenstein personally approved this action by the fbi after mueller brought it to him. the decision being it was not within the purview of mueller's probe and it's been referred to the district attorney who is a trump appointee who replaced people that were fired. he actually hassen end date an
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he doesn't get a senate hearing. he's a former law partner of rudy giuliani. he is someone who they considered a loyalist and a federal magistrate had to approve those warrants as well. >> reporter: you get to the critical point here which is in order to get a search warrant for a lawyer's office, the bar has to be incredibly high. that is why, likely rod rosenstein had to sign off on this himself. it's also why you see the president gaining new momentum as he lashes out at rod rosenstein, the attorney general, jeff sessions as well as robert mueller who referred this case to law enforcement officials in new york saying, look, there may be some time of potential crime here but it doesn't fall within the purview of the russia investigation. all of this fueling the president's fresh attacks.
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notable when i asked sarah huckabee sanders whether the president is talking about firing mueller. she said the president's comments stand on their own. the white house has been very quick to dismiss, to tamp down any talk of firing robert mueller. in this case no such dee ninial been issued yet. it's possible we'll hear from president trump soon. >> very shortly. i want to ask you about tom who is the homeland security advisor. he was a key aide to the president and speaking about firing this resignation, quote, unquote was very sunday. we see him at a conference last night in georgia. we know he's been a top close aide and now out. it's clear this is john bolton's house cleaning.
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>> reporter: this was a shock to many. one of tom bossert's close aides was in our work space today. gave no indication this was coming. he's been e-mailing with colleagues. no indication he was about to depart. by all accounts this was a shock to tom bossert and all of those around him. he was seen as a stabilizing force here by a lot of folks. people who felt as though he did a very good job in handling the response to the hurricanes. he was out front and center in terms of dealing with those issues. he was here in the briefing room briefing reporters. he has clashed with a number of top officials including john kelly, the chief of staff, john bolton a hawk. this is some, tom bossert, who was a former official in george w. bush administration. the thinking is this is john
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bolton cleaning house, bringing in his own people and having a fresh start. s . >> it's a tough place you're covering now. thank you very much. >> reporter: thanks. >> president trump raising a few questions about what steps he will take, if any, against special counsel mueller, as kristen just reported. >> why don't i just fire mueller? i think it's a disgrace what's going on. i think it's sad situation when you look at what happened. many people have said, you should fire him. we'll see what happens. i think it's disgraceful and so does a lot of other people. this is a pure and simple witch hunt. >> witch hunt. he's been pushing to let the special counsel finish its work.
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>> andrea, it has been put forward and it's been introduced. my co-sponsor senator and i are pressing for chairman grassley to take it up in mark up in the judiciary committee and majority leader mcconnell give it time on the floor. in answer to the question why don't i just fire bob mueller, what the president should have said is because existing department of justice regulations prohibit the firing of the special counsel without cause. there are existing protections against abruptly firing the special counsel. the bill that senator tillis and i introduced would strengthen those protections and make it clearer what the remedy would be, on what time line, by what judges that strengthen the existing department of justice regulations prohibiting abruptly firing the special counsel without cause. >> he could do an enron because he could fire jeff sessions. he's hinting at that and he has
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every right to fire jeff sessions, his attorney general and nominate someone who might get confirmed. >> to be clear. he has the power to fire members of his own cabinet. if he's doing so in order to obstruct justice, that would continue. the pattern of behavior that robert mueller has been investiga investigating. whether or not the motivating cause for his firing or decisions would be to obstruct the special counsel's investigation. as we know in earlier stages of this when he abruptly fired the fbi director, the preponderate's representatives initially said it was for a different reason. it was for how the fbi director handle the investigation into clinton's e-mails. he said i fired him because of the russia thing. just to be clear, he could move forward by firing the attorney
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general and his recent tweets and statements suggest he might. if he's doing it in order to obstruct the special counsel investigation, if he's going it out of his anger at the appropriate legal actions undertaken against his attorney, the execution of a judicially approved warrant in compliance with the rule of law then frankly he's flirting with obstructing justice. >> how serious is it a step taken like the step to go after michael cohen's office, his hotel residence, a third site. how big a deal is this? >> because of the centrality, the importance of attorney-client privilege, this is an unusual and significant step. that's how we know that within the department of justice it was reviewed several times by several levels of the department of justice. not just the acting u.s. attorney but all the way up according to your reporting, rod rosenstein and for the search
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warrant to be executed, it had to be signed off on by a sitting federal judge. there had to be probable cause presented to that judge to believe that evidence of a crime or a fraud, which would this abregait the attorney-client privilege was shown to the judge to execute a warrant. >> i want to you about syria in a moment. first to the judiciary committee, you're one of those people listening to mark zuckerberg today and you have found some problems with your own facebook account. >> first thing this morning, i got a number of messages from long time friends who asked if i had a new family because there was a new facebook page for chris t.coons that had my face but the family of senator dan sullivan and a whole lot of russian friends. the timing of this was probably not great for mark and facebook.
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it has subsequently been taken down. my experience is similar to many americans in talking with my staff, my own family, some aquantity tanss today. i've discovered lots of people have had the experience of a fake profile page put up and it sent out friend requests to a lot of their circle of friends. i'm going to ask whether he has control of this model he's built and the example here where 87 million americans had their personal information stripped out and shared with cambridge analytica. i think this makes as an important hearing. >> you're not a conservative republican from wyoming. >> not last i checked, no. >> now we have the president cancelling a trip to the summit
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of the americas. he obviously has syria on his mind, among other things. action that might be contempl e contemplated. i guess you're not a member of the gang of eight. you're not in leadership. you would not know if military action is being contemplated but do you think it should be briefed on the hill but good enough to do after? >> the only thing worse than a bad plan is no plan. part of why i think assad was encouraged to continue his murderous chemical weapons attack against his own people is because last week president trump was saying we should be withdrawing from syria. we should pull out american forces from syria. despite a bipartisan effort to request of the administration a plan for how to deal with ie roon a -- iran and iran's aggressive behavior. we don't have a clear plan. the president may well take
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military action against assad a year ago. i supported that action. this week, we will be debating the confirmation of a new secretary of state and the consideration of a new authorization of the use of military force. we have troops around the world. i was just leading a bipartisan congressional delegation to niger where late last year four americans were killed in combat against tryerrorists. i think the american people don't have a clear sense of where and why americans are engaging in military action and our president should deliver a plan to the american people. a clear statement of why he takes military action if he does and a diplomatic path for how we resolve the conflict in syria. a country where we have russian and iranian and syrian troops as well as our own. >> i know you've got to go but a quick question about tom bossert. looks like john bolton is cleaning house, if you will.
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>> it is concerning that john bolton seems to be swiftly moving towards an early retirement. several of the president's advisors among them. the previous national security team around the president included some folks like general h.r. mcmaster who were a leveling or balancing force with decades of experience in our military. john bolton is fairly seasoned and experienced. i'm concerned his positions have been to advocate for regime change and military strikes. he may be one of the few people to believe the war in iraq was a good idea. >> thanks for taking time for us. >> thank you. >> russia has been jamming the gps of drones over syria.
9:18 am
how can this affect our action? >> it has a real significant impact on u.s. military oern operations in syria. what this means is there's a signal that comes from a gps satellite that the drones receive that tells the operators back on the ground where the drones are, what their position is and tells the drone where to continue to go on its course. if the signal is interrupted which is what the russian military has figured out how to do, it can throw the drone off course and make the military operator not know where the drone is. it can cause a drone to crash. this keeps the military from seeing the surveillance of what ever area it is that this drone is supposed to be. it can impact intelligence what's happening on the ground there. >> could that be one reason of why we don't have the proof of who was responsible for the chemical attack? >> the u.s. military does not
9:19 am
have great intelligence in surveillance over all of syria. they are operating in an area right now that's in the lower valley. the area where this attack was over this weekend, this tragic chemicals weapon attack is down closer to the the mdamascus. it's where the u.s. military does not operate. >> stand by. the president is speaking. >> he's a great gentleman. he's very popular in his country. we're working on unity if that part of the middle east. i think it's working out well. there's a lot of good things happening.
9:20 am
we are working well together. i think it's working out extremely well. amir, thank you very much for being here. appreciate it. >> thank you very much, mr. preside president. i'm happy and honored to be here. our relationship has been more than 45 years. it's a very strong solid relationship. our aim and goal is to double it in the next coming years. our military corporation is very solid, very strong. as everybody know the heart of fighting terrorism is from a
9:21 am
base and thank god it's been very successful campaign against terrorist groups around our region. before i come here i was in t tam tampa. we met with the generals and it was very important visit and shows how strong our cooperation is between the armed forces. we see this maerpt htter has to immediately. this matter should end immediately. thank you very much. >> thank you. we have been working for a number of years now even before the terrorism. we're making sure that terrorism funding is stopped in the
9:22 am
countries that we are really related to because i feel related. those countries are stopping the funding of terrorism. that includes uae. it includes saudi arabia. it includes others. a lot of countries were funding terrorism and we're stopping it. it's getting stopped and fast. very important. you've now become a big add voe cat. we appreciate that. >> thank you. i want to make something very clear. we do not and we will not tolerate the terrorism. we have been cooperating with the united states of america to stop funding terrorism around the region. we do not tolerate with people who support and fund terrorism. i would like to thank the president for him being involved personally in solving the crisis. he's been very helpful and supporting us during this blocade. i'd like to thank the american
9:23 am
people for being very supportive. his role is vital to end this crisis in our region. thank you, sir. >> we're leaving now. thank you. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you you all. please exit. we're leaving. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. thank you all. >> the president not taking questions. what's really interesting is the president and the amir saying they agree on terrorism. on june 5th the president denounced kutar saying the country supported terrorism at the highest levels. they are patched this up. it's the home for the largest
9:24 am
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of one of my personal attorneys, good man. it's a disgraceful situation. it's a total witch hunt. i've been saying it for a long time. >> joining me now for more on michael cohen, president trump and deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, msnbc investigator tom winter and matt miller. tom, first to you opinion our best understanding of what was the initial reason for the approval of these unusual, to say the least, unusual searches of the personal attorneys hotel residence and office. >> i think the best analogy is it's kind of like you were driving a car. we had a period of time where robert mueller was driving the car. robert mueller gets to a certain point and he says this next
9:29 am
stretch of road here is not kind of in my purview. it's not something i'm really familiar with. let ve let's have the new york prosecutors and fbi agents take a look at this. the heart of the search surrounds stormy daniels and this alleged payment. why don't you take over the wheel, but aisi'm going to stay many the car. if we come across anything that may turn this investigation back to me, that's something i would like to have say in. we have seen this one in this case that we know is which is an investigation involving paul manafort and a banker from chicago, an alleged quid pro quo. we have a coordinated effort. we have something not in mueller's purview. he's going to bring in his new york prosecutors.
9:30 am
reporting here based on somebody with direct knowledge of the matter saying that rod rosenstein, directly okayed this action. that's his role because his job is to be the person who oversees the special counsel ee's investigation. he's the manager if robert mueller is the coach. >> matt miller with that great analo analogy. we know the guy driving the car is the u.s. attorney for the southern district. he's a former rudy giuliani partner, a trump appointee but he's an a 120-day appointment. come may he's out of work? >> yes. i think you have to ask the question at this point, after this raid will the president nominate him if you look at how trump behaves. it's unlikely he won't. after may 5th the chief judge for the southern district of new york will appoint a new u.s.
9:31 am
attorney. they will serve until they replace them. we haven't seen a nomination. it will be months and months that this new piece of investigation is overseen by a u.s. attorney that's no way appointed or has connection to the president. >> tom winter just to indicate the importance of this and why perhaps the president is so furious, it's his personal lawyer who are has been a part of the trump organization negotiating major deals. he's the keeper of all the secrets. >> i mean, president trump just because of the tsheer amount of properties he's has, his time on the nbc network, hosting a show, it's a lot of complicated business. if michael cohen is his person attorney, he's the guy that's going to have a real knowledge of how the trump orbit works. now a lot of those communications are protect eed attorney-client privilege and will be protected in this case. when you start to use your
9:32 am
attorney, possibly, to further conduct fraud or cover something up. none of this has been proven, that's something where the privilege no longer exists. that's what we saw yesterday and that's what's relevant to that search warrant. >> we should point out whether or not michael cohen did anything that meets that standard, matt miller, they would then have to prove with real hard evidence this the was aware of it and you saw what he said earlier this week. i didn't know anything about what hef was doing with that nondisclosure agreement. >> i think michael cohen, is in grave legal jeopardy. there are written rules that the department has to follow to pursue a swarnts like this but there's unwritten rules. this has to get approvals at senior levels inside the department. they had to determine that a subpoena would not work because he would with hold evidence or destroy it. they had to have probable cause that there was evidence of a crime they would find in the
9:33 am
search warrant. the justice department would not raid the house, hotel room and office of the the president's personal attorney unless they had serious evidence of wrong doing. i suspect much morning probable cause. if you're the president, you have to wonder if there's evidence that could implicate you but also if michael cohen really is in legal jeopardy, he's about the find himself in the same situation that mike flynn, rick gates and paul ma n manafort and does he have something that he wants to give prosecutors. trump's temper behind the scenes at the white house as the president was learning the fbi was raiding michael cohen's office and home. ♪ hey, sir lose-a-lot! thou hast the patchy beard of a pre-pubescent squire!
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especially when inside another amazing machine. your an amazing machine. the lexus es. with standard technology like lexus safety system plus. the lexus es, and es hybrid. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. how concerned are you at this point that the president might fire mueller or rosenstein and what does the senate need to do about that? >> i'm not concerned he will fire mueller or rosenstein. he's not going to do that. >> the beginning of the end of his presidency. joining me now, washington post white house bureau chief phil rutger and washington post correspondent. phil, lindsey graham and others on the hill making it clear that the president should not fire mueller or rosenstein but he can still go after sessions, which
9:38 am
he's also been threatening stood and there are possibilities where he can replace sessions with a new nominee who could fire rosenstein or change the mueller probe. >> yeah, that's exactly right. we know inside the white house for the last sort of day or so the president has been really upset, fuming at what's been going on with these raids on cohen. he's talking inside the building to his advisors and friends and associates but about blaming rod rosenstein. we know he's talked about various points over the last year about perhaps firing and removing rosenstein. he's not acted upon that. some of the republican senators this morning have made very clear that would be a step too far. they would not tolerate and they certainly would not tolerate removing be ining bob mueller a special counsel which the president openly speculated about yesterday in that tirade with reporters in the white
9:39 am
house. >> phil and your colleagues at the washington post are reporting on the importance of this michael cohen raid. what are they going after? >> one really interesting thing is that cohen could be the nexus between the stormy daniels allegations and potential legal jeopardy and the russia probe led by mueller. cohen has a foot in both of those areas of trump's life. he's also the person who has known trump a long time, has been a fixer for him as a personal attorney. there's the potential that we may not even know what cohen has in his office and so from trump's perspective there's legal jeopardy and you could hear him fuming about the sense
9:40 am
of out ranl he's been targeted and the idea of who knows what they've got and what they might do with it once they have it. >> phil, you get the sense with the cancellation of the trip to latin america and south america and syria on the table now and his fury over this, this could be a climatic week. let me play a bit of the the lawyer for stormy daniels last night. >> when he took out the home equity loan, he had to have provided a purpose to the bank for that loan. i doubt he said it's to pay $130,000 to a porn star that we don't believe and she's lying. i'm fairly certain he didn't tell the bank that. the second potential trip wire is when he established the accounts for essential consultants. when he opened the accounts, you have to tell bank what it's going to be used for. again, i seriously doubt he told
9:41 am
first republic bank i'm using it to send $130,000 to a porn star that we think is lying. >> phil, those are some of the issues someone with a vested interest in this stormy daniels lawyer could be problems for michael cohen that they could be looking into. we understand the new york times reporting that mcdougal, one of the other women who has another legal issue, former playboy model who was involved, she says, with the president before he took office. that could also be something michael cohen was involved with. >> yeah, michael cohen's job for donald trump for many years was to handle his personal affairs as well as being involved in his international real estate empire. the have the to moscow in 2013 and so forth. this could be very problematic for donald trump for the president. remember, last week president trump told reporters on air
9:42 am
force one he did not know about that payment to stormy daniels. he said you would have to ask my lawyer, michael cohen. what if the fbi found documentation that shows he would have knowledge of that payment. that's a real problem for president trump. you mentioned the cancellation of this trip to latin america. the white house is saying it's because of possible action in syria. remember, the president authorized the last action in syria from mar-a-lago. he can make that decision anywhere in the world. i think the reason he cancelled this trip is there's so much personal crisis, he wants to be somewhere where he's comfortable. where he's at home and has his tv and phone nearby and can monitor and mansiage this situation from home high pressure. >> very good point. coming up, weathering the storm. can epa chief scott pruitt hold
9:43 am
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epa chief scott pruitt is in the bull's eye of the government's top ethics official. taking the unusual step of sending a letter to the epa raising questions about whether pruitt has violated ethics rules by using public office for personal gain. the actions at the center of the controversy includes his cut rate apartment rental tied to a high profile washington lobbyist. reports pruitt may have punished staffers who sounded the alarm over his actions. joining me is former epa administrator, former republican governor of new jersey. thank you very much. you were epa administrator before and during and after anything else, as i recall. did you ever have security detail of 20 plus people round the clock traveling with you everywhere you went? >> no. after 9/11, i finally had a security detail when i traveled abroad. i think there were three, maybe
9:48 am
four. they did travel with me when i went across the country but i think there were three of them. i didn't have them 24/7. i didn't have a special car, bullet proof car. if we went to any place might be problematic, somewhere they had a bullet proof vest but i never had to put it on but nothing in the office. nothing in the domestic united states. it would have been the overseas trips and it was a lot less. >> can you imagine a first class trip to morocco for a one day conference on exporting more natural gas where you stop in paris, spend the weekend in paris because you miss your 10:25 a.m. flight the flexion day so you pend two days in paris. two nights in paris and half day in morocco taking 7 aides and a large security detail all flying first class? >> i would have loved to have missed plane in paris and spent extra days there.
9:49 am
i do love it. first point is, it's not epa's business to promote certain forms of energy. you won't go to morocco for a conference on liquefied gas. that's not your job. your job is to encourage people to use the cleanest form and make sure it's held to the highest standard and protective of human health. not to go and promote a particular form of energy. that's not where you start. at the most i had one aide with me on most of my trips. not even two. i can't remember taking two in the security detail. the security detail was about three. sometimes the country's themselves would provide a security detail. i can remember having one with my first meeting that i went to and i saw the canadian minister of the environment and he had
9:50 am
nobody. i said how come you have nobody and i have these people following around behind me. he said nobody hates canada. >> there's larger question because it's said that the pres is so wedded to scott pruitt because he is deregulating, because of his positions on climate change, and that's why he has support from the republican base, from conservatives in the senate. and that as a result, that he is in his job for now at least despite all these ethics issues. >> well, i'm afraid that's the case. i think that's also looking at the fact they wouldn't get someone else through the appointment process so they would have to have an acting and the acting is never quite as authoritative as a formally confirmed cabinet member. and so they want to keep him there. he's doing what the president wants done. and unfortunately, to my mind, doing it a way that's very problematic for human health and the protection of the environment. think absolutely -- i think
9:51 am
actually what's going to happen is that they'll see that they didn't, in fact, do everything they needed to do from a legal perspective to roll back these regulations. >> to be continued. it's great talking to you. thank you so much, governor. >> good to talk to you, thank you. coming up, facebook messenger. mark zuckerberg preparing for his congressional debut. sfx: muffled whistle text alert. i'm your phone, stuck down here between your seat and your console, playing a little hide-n-seek. cold... warmer... warmer... ah boiling. jackpot. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, you could be picking up these charges yourself. so get allstate, where agents help keep you protected from mayhem... me. mayhem is everywhere. are you in good hands?
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with pg&e in the sierras. and i'm an arborist since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is
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ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future.
9:55 am
facebook ceo mark zuckerberg will likely face some tough questions from an unusual combined hearing of the senate commerce and judiciary adm committees on his company's failure to protect users information swept up in the cambridge analytica scandal. despite his move to charm senators ahead of today's testimony, rico's executive editor kara swisher says lawmakers should not take it easy on the social media giant's boy wonder. >> i think a lot of people with this boy genius stuff, he's 33 years old and he has two children. he's a billionaire who runs a major company. i think this idea that we sort of juvenilize these men from silicon valley, they don't have responsibility, is kind of ridiculous. >> let's get the inside scoop from anna sschecter, part of nbc's investigative unit.
9:56 am
and jo ling kent on capitol hill. you've got a lot of chairs for a lot of senators. they all want a shot at asking questions. >> that's right, andrea, we expect 43 senators to ask mark zuckerberg questions today. he'll be sitting right here behind me. you can see they've already put out his name placard there. there's plenty of cameras already in place. they've had to add an entire set of tables and chairs here to accommodate for the high demand. we expect lawmakers to really focus today on the privacy aspect of your personal data. what happened in the lead-up to cambridge analytica. why has no one been fired yet? some of the main questions will also focus on privacy for users. talking about what users can expect going forward. and of course regulatory and legal questions surrounding facebook as a company and the way it makes money on your personal data. so there's a lot that's going to come to a head today. each senator will have about four or five minutes to ask questions. that means we expect this hearing to go for several hours, maybe even until 6:00 or 7:00
9:57 am
eastern. once he wraps today of course we will be getting more from mark zuckerberg tomorrow in the house hearing. they're already trying to roll out some small fixes to a lot of the concerns that have been raised here on capitol hill. this morning, there was a data bounty that was issued by facebook allowing users and hackers, the white house hackers, the good kind, to come forward and find issues with third party apps and flag that to facebook for up to $40,000 in reward. so there's a lot of small movement today by facebook but the real question is will that be enough and how will zuckerberg do in these hours of testimony ahead, andrea. >> joe and anna, i was talking earlier to senator chris koontz who is going to be among those questioning and he found today his facebook page had been altered and he had been replaced or combined with senator dan sullivan who's a conservative republican, so he had a whole name family and was getting all sorts of messages from people, do you have a new family.
9:58 am
i think you had an experience also. >> i woke up to a message from facebook that my personal data could very well likely have been passed to cambridge analytica. what was interesting about that message from facebook is that even my personal messages might have been harvested. now, the academic who actually created the app, he says that none of those messages were passed to cam britain analytica. also one note about chris coons, the senator, facebook says they have located all those fake profiles and taken them down. >> of course, there was some evidence some of his new friends were russian bots as well. >> that's exactly right. >> jo, when we talk about a long hearing at this level and with this intensity, zuckerberg has never done anything like this. >> that's right, andrea, he has done nothing close to this. in fact, zuckerberg has been very -- he's been infamous for avoiding interviews, doing very little especially in person, and now the company is trying to change that strategy, making him
9:59 am
available not only to congress but a little bit more to us journalists out here. because there's been such a long-standing strategy of avoiding answering questions, facebook is going to definitely feel the heat today from a variety of angles, from the policy, legal and research front, the financial front. we'll also be watching that stock price and seeing how analysts on wall street feel about how his answers play on capitol hill, because obviously a lot of the company, 90% of the company's revenue just about relies on advertising and that entire model is built on targeting you based on your personal data. >> and also -- >> anna, very quickly. >> i think we'll hear a lot from democratic senators about the cambridge analytica scandal. >> yes. >> and how that happened so we should be watching for that. >> indeed. i think it's going to be a suit and tie day. not a t-shirt and hoodie day on capitol hill. >> yes. >> we'll be watching, thanks so much to all of you. that does it for this edition of
10:00 am
"andrea mitchell reports. "follow the show online on facebook and twitter twitter, @mitchellroberts. craig melvin has it all next right here on nbc. >> good afternoon, craig melvin, at msnbc headquarters in new york. "the new york times" now reports the fbi agents who raided the office of the president's personal lawyer were looking for records about payments to two women who claim they had affairs with president trump. also, bad timing, as president trump weighs how the military should react to the suspected chemical weapons attack in syria, his homeland security adviser tom bossert just resigned and sources tell nbc news that as of last night, he had no plans to step down. and capitol grill. facebook's mark zuckerberg will be testifying. we'll ask a